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Parachuting, The Skydiver's Handbook

By Dan Poynter

"I am impressed with Parachuting Manual with Log. I urge you to get a copy, especially if you are active with students or novices." - Parachutist Magazine

"Parachuting Manual with Log is jammed to overflowing with a wealth of aviation knowledge." - Survival And Flight Association's SAFE Journal

" . . . it is clear, concise . . technically precise." Private Pilot Magazine.

"A fine and handy manual by a fine and successful writer." - The Spotter Newsmagazine

"The Manual is a necessity at every drop zone." - Skydiving Spotlight

"PML is standard issue at our dropzone to all incoming static line students. The moment they register, they are handed the PML with their name written in it, the DZ phone number and address stamped in it, and given a brief reading assignment to keep them involved until class starts. Perhaps that's why we order them from you several hundred at a time." - Michael Turoff, I/E, Skydive Houston.

"It is hard to believe that a pocket-size booklet on parachuting could offer the novice and the experienced skydiver so much useful info. One reason is that the text is written by a pro and goes right to the point. The clear text is enhanced greatly by easy-to-grasp drawings and schematics that demonstrate the right way to do everything from getting out of the aircraft to landing on rough terrain." - Aviation/Space Writers Association's AWA Newsletter

Parachuting Manual with Log is the most successful book on skydiving ever written. Through 20 years, 15 printings, several extensive revisions and three major editions (the change from round canopies to ram-air and conventional containers to piggyback and now the addition of Accelerated FreeFall training), more than 400,000 are in print.

  • PML has also been featured in Fallschirm Sport Magazin, CanPara, Skydiving, Swoop Newsletter, Publishers Weekly, Planeur, Relative Wind, Sportspringer, Der Flieger, Sport Parachutist, Rambling on and many other periodicals.

  • PML has been selected for transcription into Braille by the Florida Department of Education

  • PML has been translated and published in a Spanish language edition.

  • PML is stocked by all major parachute dealers as well as by the U.S. Parachute Association. It is used as a training text by skydiving schools world-wide.