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The Parachute Manual

The Complete Parachute Encyclopedia

Here is everything there is to know about personnel parachutes from the earliest round models to the latest, most advanced gliding wings:

  • Repair
  • Design
  • Rigging
  • Packing
  • Loft layout
  • Regulations
  • Rigging tools
  • Manufacture
  • How to get a rigging certificate
  • All personnel parachute assemblies and parts
  • Materials: fabric, tapes, webbing, thread, hardware, etc.
  • Manufacturer change notices/updates and FAA Airworthiness Directives
  • References, resources and much, much more

Volume I covers all parachutes through 1984 plus historical information, round canopies and U.S. military parachutes.
Volume II covers all parachutes since 1985 plus more on "square" ram-air canopies, sport piggyback harness/container systems, new materials and construction techniques.

"When it comes to parachute rigging and repair, this book is the Bible." —Sandy Reid, Rigging Innovations.

"Here is an outstanding and exhaustive study of ram-air parachutes." —Theo Knacke, parachute designer.

"Dan Poynter has contributed more to parachute literature than any other author." —Dan Tarasievich, Past President, Parachute Industry Association.

Dan Poynter is a parachute designer, master parachute rigger, pilot and teacher of parachute repair with over 1,200 jumps. Since 1962, his mission has been to improve the industry through the publication of helpful and useful information on parachutes. To date, he has contributed 100+ books, including revisions, and more than 200 magazine articles on parachutes.

These handy references will provide you with everything there is to know about parachutes.

Table of Contents

Chapter One
Parachute Regulations

Chapter Two
The Parachute Rigger's Certificate

Chapter Three
The Parachute Loft

Chapter Four
Parachute Materials

Chapter Five
Personnel Parachute Assemblies

Chapter Six
Parachute Component Parts

Chapter Seven
Maintenance, Alteration & Manufacturing

Chapter Eight
Parachute Design & Construction

Chapter Nine
Parachute Inspection and Packing


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