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Designing Recovery Systems

Here is everything there is to know about recovery systems from the earliest models to the latest, most advanced parachutes. This incredible compilation of parachute design information provides you with tools to evaluate, select, design, test, manufacture, and operate parachute recovery systems. They range from simple, one-parachute assemblies to multiple-parachute systems. All aspects are discussed, including the need for parachute recovery, the selection of the most suitable recovery system concept, a computerized approach to parachute performance, force and stress analysis, geometric gore design, component layout, material selection, system design, manufacturing, and in-service maintenance. In short, this is the last word in technical design manuals for recovery systems.

"Theo Knacke has made major contributions to Sandia's high performance parachute programs since 1954 through his publications, design manuals, parachute short courses and generous advice. This excellent design manual adds even more stature to his international reputation as a parachute expert."
-Randy Maydew, Manager, Aerodynamics, Sandia National Laboratories (retired).

"This book provides the necessary tools to evaluate, select, design, test, manufacture and operate parachute recovery systems, laying stress on contemporary practice. A 'must' for parachute engineers."
-David Cockrell, University of Leicester, England.
Recipient of the 1989 AIAA Aerodynamic Decelerator Award.

"Here is an outstanding and exhaustive study of round parachutes by the pre-eminent engineer in the field."
-Dan Poynter, author, The Parachute Manual.

Theo Knacke is the parachute engineer's engineer. He spent a lifetime working in all phases of parachute research, development and application in both Germany and the United States. He was the authority on escape systems, landing deceleration canopies, aerial delivery clusters, personnel parachutes and spacecraft recovery systems. Mr. Knacke served as Chief of the Technical Staff for both the Gemini and Apollo Spacecraft Landing Systems. He was known worldwide for his lectures sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and hosted by the University of Minnesota.

This handy reference will provide you with everything there is to know about parachute engineering and design.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter 2
Parachute recovery system definitions and descriptions

Chapter 3
Units of measurement, technical tables, and symbols.

Chapter 4
Aerodynamics as related to Parachutes

Chapter 5
Parachute characteristics and performance

Chapter 6
Design of parachute assembly and components

Chapter 7
Design of parachute recovery and landing systems

Chapter 8
Parachute recovery systems applications



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