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A List of Parachute Products from Para Publishing

Skydiving Books
978-1-56860-087-1 Parachuting, The Skydiver's Handbook
1-56860-028-3 Skydiving, A Multimedia Reference
978-1-56860-057-4 Parachuting Manual with Log
978-1-56860-068-0 Parachuting Manual for Accelerated FreeFall
Parachutes Books
978-0-915516-35-3 The Parachute Manual, Volume I
978-0-915516-80-3 The Parachute Manual, Volume II
978-0-915516-85-8 The Parachute Recovery Systems Design Manual
Ratings Books
978-1-568600-06-2 Parachute Rigger Study Guide
978-1-56860-008-6 Parachute Rigger Study Guide, interactive
978-1-568600-05-5 Parachute Rigging Course
Hard-to-find Reports
AFAMRL-TR-83-081 Human Strength Capabilities for the Operation of Parachute Ripcords and Riser Releases
PR-404 Pull Force Capabilities for Parachute Ripcord Release
PR-420 Determination of Parachute Ripcord Pull Forces During Free-Fall
PR-401 Student Equipment Standard Survey
PR-402 Navy Repack Cycle Extension Program
PR-405 A Philosophical Basis for the Use of High-Performance Gliding Parachutes in Ejection Seat Aircraft
PR-406 In-Flight Ejection Seat Test Using the Aircrew Gliding Escape System (AGES) Parachute
PR-407 Basic Performance, Design, and Construction of Ram-Air-Inflated Gliding Parachute Wings
PR-408 Advanced Recovery Systems Wind Tunnel Test Report
PR-409 Gilding Parachutes
PR-410 Development of Special Parafoil Airfoils for Steep Descent
PR-411 Wind-Tunnel Investigation of Ram-Air-Inflated All-Flexible Wings of Aspect Ratios 1.0 to 3.0
PR-412 An Introduction to Deployable Recovery Systems
PR-413 Technical Standard Order System, a Guide for Manufacturers
PR-414 Technical Standard Order Procedures published by the FAA
PR-415 How to Get a TSO For Parachutes
PR-416 Army Parachute Incidents
PR-417 The Aerodynamics of Parachutes
PR-419 Aerospace Standard 8015
PR-421 Parachute Patents
PR-422 Airdrop Equipment & Techniques-Foreign
PR-423 MC-4 Ram Air Free-Fall Personnel Parachute System