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Parachuting, The Skydiver's Handbook by Dan Poynter and Mike Turoff is the one and only how-to, where-to basic-to-advanced skydiving manual.

This up-to-date book covers all training methods in great detail: static line, accelerated freefall, Instructor assisted deployment and Tandem. It traces the history of the parachute up to modern skydiving, year by year. The chapter on emergency situations is absolutely fascinating. Full of statistics, it reveals the best solution to every possible emergency situation. The book goes on to coach you in your freefall progression, from the basics through advanced relative work and free style, and in flying your canopy, from the basics to advanced canopy relative work. The equipment chapter is lengthy because this is where Dan Poynter has always been strongest. He tells you all about your gear, what to look for, what repairs you can make and when to take it to a rigger. Another chapter covers special jumps: at night, into the water, BASE, para-ski, high altitude, Smokejumping, with cameras and much more. The Appendix directs you to the action by listing clubs, drop zones, equipment companies, books, magazines and videos.

Never before has so much skydiving information been available in one place-and it can be yours.

The Skydiver's Handbook. Completely revised, ninth edition, softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 408 pages, 260 illustrations, four-color cover. Over 82,000 in print.

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Author Information: Poynter, Turoff
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ISBN: 978-1-56860-087-1
Cover Price: $19.95

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“This is only up-to-date basic sport parachuting handbook and it is highly recommended.”
—The Next Whole Earth Catalog.

Skydiving, A Multimedia Reference (CD) by Will Morris, Mike Turoff and Dan Poynter is Parachuting, The Skydiver's Handbook plus 56 minutes of brilliant full-motion video, lots of color photography and stunning sound. You will see freestyle, skysurfing, competition, the ESPN X Games, BASE jumping, equipment, training and more . . . all with video. See the best from Mike McGowan, Norm Kent, Joe Jennings and other outstanding freefall photographers. Read the best articles from Parachutist magazine. All text is fully searchable and hyperlinked. With words, color, motion and sound, you aren't just reading about skydiving, you are there. PC with CD drive and sound required.

In order to play this CD with XP or VISTA click on this link and save file to C:/windows/system and then play CD.

Skydiving, A Multimedia Reference.

Reviews and Testimonials
Author Information: Poynter, Turoff
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ISBN: 1-56860-028-3
Cover Price: $29.95

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“This handy volume falls into the "Everything you need to know about..." category and is required reading for everyone who wants to jump out of and aeroplane.”
—Flight International.

Parachuting Manual with Log by Dan Poynter is a compact, yet complete pocket-sized condensation of the first-jump course. Use it to practice boarding, spotting, exits, body position, count, malfunction recognition, emergency procedures, canopy control, and landing emergency situations. There are freefall tables and regulations and well as explanations of parachute nomenclature and function. A brief log in the back of the manual allows you to record your first few days of jumping. If you are new to the sport, you need this book. If you are a jumpmaster or instructor, your students need this book. Used by skydiving schools world-wide for the static-line and Tandem courses.

PML. Completely revised, ninth edition, soft cover, 4 x 6, 24 pages. More than 260,000 in print.

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ISBN: 978-1-56860-057-4
Cover Price: $2.95

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“Well-written, this volume is profusely illustrated with photos and drawings. A useful addition to the public library collection.”
—Choice magazine.

Parachuting Manual for Accelerated FreeFall Parachuting Manual for Accelerated FreeFall by Jan Meyer covers the components of the AFF dive, step-by-step with photos and instructions on exits, hand signals, the dive sequence for each level, flying and landing the canopy, emergency situations & procedures and much more. There are eight log pages to record initial jumps. Jan Meyer, an AFF Instructor with an MS in physics, has more than 5,500 jumps.

PML-AFF Course. Revised fourth edition, soft cover, 4 x 6, 36 pages, more than 38,000 in print.

Reviews & Testimonials
Author Information
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ISBN: 978-1-56860-068-0
Cover Price: $3.95

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