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Dan Poynter: Helping People to Make a Difference-One Presentation at a Time.

Presentation Honorariums for Dan Poynter, CSP.

Keynotes & workshops up to two hours $6,500
Half-day (seminar) $7,500
Full day (seminar) $8,500

Save money by hiring Dan for more than one presentation.

Flat-Rate Travel Expenses

The fees below include round-trip coach airfare (upgrades are made with points) to the program venue, Santa Barbara transportation, en-route and on-site meals, gratuities, and ground travel between the airport and the destination hotel.
      Southern California: $300
      Arizona, California, Nevada and Oregon: $550
      U.S. & Canada: $950
      Outside of U.S. & Canada: Plus expenses, including Business Class or First Class air fare.

To Promote your event: Hire Dan Poynter to take part in your event and we will supply regional emailing lists (at no additional charge) to help you promote it. Just let us know which ZIP codes you plan to draw from.

Plus, your event will be added to the Calendar in our Publishing Poynters newsletter to more than 36,000 authors and publishers.

 To make more money on your event: Dan Poynter's books and other learning tools (see are available at quantity discounts. Fulfill your educational mission and make money for your treasury by selling Dan Poynter's products in the back of the room. You can make 20% on each sale! Or, make a quantity purchase at a 40% discount and give one or more books to each attendee.

 Guarantee. If I fail to show up on time (this has not happened yet), I will return all fees and pay you $500. You can count on me.

How to contract for speaking: Just contact Para Publishing at the address below or call during business hours. We will discuss your requirements and design a stimulating presentation to fit the needs of your group. Provide a budget and we will design a program to delight your audience.

A written agreement will be sent.

Para Publishing
Dan Poynter


  Contacting Para Publishing LLC. Email:
  Telephone: +1-805-968-7277; Fax: +1-805-968-1379
  Postal Address: PO Box 8206-240, Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206 USA.
  Street Address: 530 Ellwood Ridge, Santa Barbara, CA 93117-1047 USA.

Some relevant numbers: SAN 215-8981: Fed ID 95-6532235: Duns 09-141-9358: ISBNs 0-915516 and 1-56860.