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Success Stories

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Self-Improvement / Self-Help
...But I Might Need It Someday! How to organize your life and WIN the clutter battle once and for all! by Patty Kreamer.
"Thank you, Dan! This is my first book and I couldn't have done it without you. Now the world will be able to find things the second they need them...not three weeks later! ...But I Might Need It Someday! offers easily understood solutions on how to organize your life and effectively eliminate clutter and chaos once and for all. This book finally spells out the basics of organization in an easy-to-read, fun style. Discover surefire maintenance ideas that will keep you living in organized bliss with little effort. You have nothing to lose but the clutter! "

101 Secrets To Living An Organized Life by Janet M. Taylor. 1735 Market Street, Suite A423, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
"ISBN: 978-1-4327-5530-0 “101 Secrets To Living An Organized Life” is a must read if you have decided it is time to get organized. Learn trade secrets from Janet M. Taylor, who has over 17 years experience as a professional organizer how you can regain control of your environment (tip #34-store out of season clothes underneath the bed), conquer the clutter in your home (tip # 15 open mail by trash can), office (tip # 62 color code files) and life (tip #44 lay your clothes out the night before). She hopes that her book will encourage readers to know that they control their clutter and that their clutter does not control them. "

101 Truths For You: Truths to Encourage and Guide You Along This Journey Of Life by Meleny Thomas.
"101 Truths For You is not just a book to read, but one to apply to your life. There are various aspects of life that we must be truthful about in order to live an effective life. This book is meant to provoke the readers to thought and encourage them to live a fulfilled life. To learn more about the author and the book visit Our mission is to encourage individuals to raise the B.A.R- Believe, Achieve and Receive- in their lives. "

101 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills Instantly, 4th Edition by Jo Condrill and Bennie Bough, Ph.D.. P.O. Box 100903 San Antonio, TX 78201-8903.
"Effective communication skills are the mark of an achiever! "A great book to read--an even greater one to follow. Bravo!!!" The Honorable Stella Guerra Nelson, Former US Assistant Secretary of the Interior. Over 90,000 copies in print; translated by publishers in 12 countries into 10 languages, including Korean, Spanish (Mexico), Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Indonesian, Turkish, Croatian, and Japanese. Audio books in English and Spanish."

21 Empowering Seeds by Coach Zev.

21st Century Samurai, The Secret Path to Success and Fulfillment by Seymour Rifkind. 2970 Maria Ave. Suite 207 Northbrook, IL. 60062.

37 Sexy Makeover Secrets for Success by Michael DeMarse. 2020 Post Oak Blvd Houston Texas 77056.
"Instant Glamour(R) in just five minutes. be sexier and more successful with these treasured secrets. 37 sexy makeover secrets and more. 5 minute makeover secrets, how to attract your soul mate, skin care, haircare and much more. 700 left in print, ebook available from web site. will be featured on national televison with a infomercial. Write us an have the opportunity to have your testimonial on TV. "

40 Minute Power Resume - The Only Resume You Will Ever Need by Beverly Hill. 283 N. North Lake Blvd. Suite 111 Altamonte Springs, FL 32701. or
"First edition: easy-to-follow; 30 job eliminator tips; keyword lists; samples;Peanut Butter Principle for quantifying your accomplishments"

5 Cool Ideas For Better Working, Living & Feeling by Michael Angelo Caruso.
"The first book in the series contains five cool ideas on over 60 topics including how to lose a headache, how to save time and how to give presentations."

7 Keys to Changing -- Your Life, Health and Wealth by Linda McNeil. P.O. Box 280234 Lakewood, CO 80228.
"Amway purchased 170 of "7 Keys to Changing!" This is the second edition, 5000 in print, 1998, Publisher: Open Mind Publishing; Writer's Digest Certificate of Merit, 1998. $12.95 + $3 s/h; 144 pages. At the end of each of the 7 keys the reader is asked some questions and given workbook space. Guaranteed to create real change for good - if the reader is really ready to lose weight, quit smoking, spend differently. "

7 Little Known Secrets the Banker Won't Tell You! by Darrel R. Walrod.
"A book for your children about avoiding debt & bankruptcy, For many of the rest of us, it is too late! Don't let them make the same mistake, PLEASE!"

7 Little Known Secrets the Banker Won't Tell You! by Darrel R. Walrod. Trafford Publishing, Victoria, B.C., Canada.
"In an never-ending cycle of "credit temptations" & debt, the author and his friend Igor tell all of what to do, and not to do, if you want to save & prosper. From overspending ways to "back up" against the proverbial credit wall, bankruptcy, and back to respectability, this tale is a real eye opener, packed with wisdom on "tightrope" of personal finance. A good page-turner for those new to the pitfalls of credit cards & debt."

9 Habits That Will Make You Rich by michael ager. 924 winding trail lane richmond va 23223. magerph24@gmail. com.
"First of its kind written for teens. "

9 Steps for Reversing or Preventing Cancer and other Diseases: Without Surgery, Drugs or Changing your Diet by Shivani Goodman Ed.D.. 280 Hauoli St., A17, Wailuku, HI 96793, USA.
"can be currently downloaded at at a pre-publiation reduced price of $9.95 A copy of the book by xerox may be ordered from Dr. Goodman directly at the above address for $29.95 plus $8 shipping and handling. Here is what Jack Canfield co-author of NY Times best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul says about the book: Foreword By Jack Canfield I met Shivani Goodman at the Maui Writers Conference where I teach each year. I had just spotted Shivani’s first book, Babaji: Meeting With Truth, in the hands of a good friend of mine and was inquiring where I could get a copy when, at that very moment, Shivani passed by and my friend invited her to join us. Shivani asked me if I would be interested in experiencing a five-minute exercise that had recently helped a physician heal his colon cancer within one week. “Absolutely,” I responded, always being open to experience something new that might be of use to others. “Let’s meet in 10 minutes,” I added. As I was walking to meet Shivani, I spontaneously pointed to two other people I knew and said, “You and you, come with me.” There were about eight people present as we sat together on the far corner of the patio as Shivani guided us through her exercise. When I opened my eyes at the end of the five-minute experience, I was feeling total bliss. “The Five Minute Cancer Cure,” I said to Shivani, “that’s what I’d call it.” I added, “That’d be a good name for a book.” Then I learned that what Dr. Goodman is up to is in alignment with my deepest values of empowering ordinary people to lead extraordinary lives. She has devoted her life to preventing pain, sickness and suffering. "

A Busy Person's Guide to a Life You Love, 9 Quick and Easy Ways to Create and Find Time to Enjoy Your Best Life Possible by Jamie Novak. P.O. Box 9949, College Station, TX 77842.
"ISBN 1-58939-292-2 $15.95 260 pages paperback "

A Caregiver's Journey - Finding Your Way by Karen L. Twichell. 202 La Jolla Lane, Newport Beach, CA 92663.
"More than a million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Someone will be introduced to the wrold of caregiving for each and every new patient. Add thousands of AIDS, stroke, heart disease and Alzheimer's cases and you discover that there is an entire community of caregivers who have many of the same fears and concerns as the patients they care about. Written for those often forgotten when illness strikes, A Caregiver's Journey is powerful, truthful and most of all, helpful."

A Dolphin in Front of You by Pete Davey. Ocean Publishing, P.O. Box 1080, Flagler beach, FL 32136-1080.
"A Dolphin in Front of You is a simple, to-the-point career guide for anyone wanting to become a professional dolphin trainer. Pete Davey’s 17 years of experience with all types of animals allows him to provide easy-to-follow steps that shed light on this fascinating career choice. With Pete Davey’s humor and to the point writing style, this little book is perfect for dolphin trainer aspirants of all ages. $9.95, ISN 097672913X"

A Guide to the Hidden Wisdom of Kabbalah by Rav Michael Laitman PhD.

A Jackass at Every Turn! How to Act Like an American When Everyone Around You Will Not! by Bear Brooks.
"America is out of control. Political correctness rules the world. Irresponsible people make the rules. Government wastes, whining politicians, party line voting, our failed education system, judges making laws, and all we do is keep ignoring the abuse being dealt to us on a daily basis. We are being abused by our own ignorance. Who is going to get you next? What are you going to do???"

A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss by Elaine Williams. P.O. Box 100, East Jewett, NY 12424.
"A widow's journey through loss, grief and renewal. OnWings Press"

A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss by Elaine Williams. OnWings Press, P.O. Box 100, East Jewett, NY 12424-0100s.
"A widow's journey through loss, grief and renewal. Interviewed June by US News and World Report."

A Legacy Driven Life by Adil F. Dalal.

A Lesson Learned by Richard Jones.
"Exposing the illusions of a vicious, violent, drug trade called "the game" With a focus on helping anyone who is thinking about entering it to realize that the game ain’t what it appears to be."

A Life Beyond Limits: Overcoming Private Pain by Nataki Suggs. Xpress Yourself Publishing,P.O. Box 1615 Upper Marlboro,MD.
"A Life Beyond Limits: Overcoming Private Pain was published by Xpress Yourself Publishing in June 2007 and consists of 80 pages. The cover and Interior Designed by The Writer’s Assistant. A Life Beyond Limits: Overcoming Private Pain Nataki Suggs ISBN-10: 0-9792500-9-9 ISBN-13: 978-0-9792500-9-5 Publication Date: June 1, 2007 Publisher: Xpress Yourself Publishing Trade Paperback Price: $10.95 Book Link "

A Peace of My Mind: A Therapist's Guide to Handling Anger and Other Difficult Emotions by Diane M. Berry, MSW, LCSW, JD with contributions by Terry J. Berry, MSW, LCSW. P. O. Box 411, Manitowoc, WI 54221-0411.
"A complete manual for handling the most powerful and destructive of our emotions. Properly handled, anger can motivate and empower us. Inappropriately unleashed, it can destroy lives and relationships. Written by a husband and wife team with more than 20 years faciliating anger management and family violence treatment groups, A Peace of My Mind is filled with real-life examples that help illustrate the most common problems resulting when anger is handled destructively and the rewards you can expect for learning and practicing a few simple skills that will change your life. Over 2000 copies in print. First edition. "

A Personal Tao by Casey Kochmer.
"A poetic journey helping people to discover their own nature."

A Release From Within by Shareta Berry. .

A Time For Us: A 6-Part Course To Inspire Us To Take Time Out For Ourselves by David Stoddard - The Unmotivated Motivational Writer.
"Ebook edition only. Available for download. TABLE OF CONTENTS * Introduction * Lesson 1 - Just Who Are You? * Lesson 2 - It's Your Story * Lesson 3 - Where Have You Been? * Lesson 4 - It Takes Time To Get There * Lesson 5 - The Bigger ? For Success * Lesson 6 - How Will U Make It Happen? "

A Women's Journey to Wellness: Mind, Body and Spirit by Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis. P. O. Box 5091, Capitol Heights, MD 20791.
""A Woman's Journey to Wellness: Mind, Body and Spirit will give you the recipe for better living and personal development. For personal and professional development workshops or seminars on topics relating to women's issues, contact Dr. Lewis."

Above All Else by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld.
"A World Champion Skydiver's Story of Survival and What It Taught Him About Fear, Adversity, and success. Endorsed by Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Melody Beattie and Jerry Lynch"

Achieving Objectives Made Easy! by R.P. Le Blanc .
"Paperback: 140 pages Publisher: Cranendonck Coaching (January 7, 2008) Language: English ISBN-10: 9079397032 ISBN-13: 978-9079397037 Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 6.1 x 0.3 inches Shipping Weight: 7.2 ounces"

Acting Your Dreams (Using Acting Techniques to Interpret Your Dreams) by BenTousey.
"Sigmund Freud said that dreams are the royal road into our unconscious. They are the often-neglected tools that can be used to understand our internal unresolved conflicts. Ben Tousey has creatively provided a novel approach to discover the personal symbolism that is manifest in our dreams. As all dreams contain drama, it is interesting that a systematized drama method is used in this book. I am sure many will find this a very useful method to bring clarity out of the fog of dreams that often have left us wondering. Raymond E. Vath, MD Clinical Assistant Professor University of Washington Department of Psychiatry"

Addiction Collateral Damage by Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis. 819 Isar Ave NW Palm Bay, FL 32907.
"This is the sequel to I Am Your Disease. More true stories told by the people who suffered the collateral damage of a loved one's addiction. True stories about addiction."

After Thoughts by Daniel K. Fitzgerald. TwinWorlds, Inc.

All the Power Rests With You by Suzanne Stutman, Ph.D.
"All the Power Rests With You opens a world of imagination and creative expression which children can use for their own individual empowerment and self-awareness.Launched in June 2005 by Heartbeat, South Africa, an organization that administers to children affected/infected by HIV/AIDS. The book’s author, Dr. Suzanne Stutman, is a survivor of childhood abuse. Through her teaching, her poetry, and her work with various child advocacy organizations, Dr. Stutman has overcome her personal tragedy and uses her talents to help others recover and rebound. Endorsed by The Philadelphia Children's Alliance, The International Health Awareness Network and Heartbeat South Africa."

Aloha Self-Esteem? by Alicia Emamdee.
"Aloha Self-Esteem? is created specifically for teen girls and the challenges they face with regards to their self-esteem in our society today. Written as a fictional love story, the book provides ways to help increase self-esteem and gain self-confidence. Told from the main character’s point of view, this charming and quirky story of self confidence, self discovery, friendship and love will leave the reader feeling motivated, empowered and inspired."

Ask Chuck/I went to a seminar, now what? by Charles Newsome. Outskirts press. Outskirtspress/ask chuck

Attitudes, Beliefs, and Choices by Dr. Alexandra Delis-Abrams. PO Box 920, Ketchum, Idaho 83340.
"Newly published."

Awaken to the Source of Wealth in You™: Reconnect to Your Personal Power to Achieve Ultimate Success by Diana DeMar. P. O. Box 55741, Sherman Oaks, Ca 91413-5741.
"I'm an author, speaker, and inspirational teacher in the field of self-development. In 2009 I originated The Source of Wealth in You™ book series. Awaken to the Source of Wealth in You™: Reconnect to Your Personal Power to Achieve Ultimate Success is my first book from the series; 1st Edition; Published February 1, 2010. Mr. Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual has been a life and career savior. I read it and followed his advice. Thanks, Dan, for saving me time, money, and for making such a difference in our lives! Best Regards, Diana DeMar "

Awesome Hair by Karen Marks. P.O. Box 66327, Rosville, MI 48066.
"AWESOME HAIR AN AID TO GROWING HAIR AND KEEPING IT HEALTHY FOR VERY DRY AND TIGHTLY CURLED HAIR TYPES I believe that dry and tightly curled hair types have the potential to grow their hair long and have beautiful, AWESOME hair. And how my hair grew didn't involve spending a lot of money and buying expensive products. CONTENTS OF THE BOOK: Should you Really Clip Those Ends? How to Deep Condition Your Hair Finding the Right Beautician Shampoos and Conditioners for Dry Hair Hair Oils Proper Care for Dry Hair Going Natural "I Rather Straighten My Hair" List of Resources See video clips of my hair growth from 1991 to 1996 (on my website). "

Balance for Busy People: Managing Your Health, Money, Time, Space, and Relationships by Avis M. Russ, MBA, MS, RN. 20547 Old Cutler Rd., PMB 114 Miami, Fla. 33189.
"Balance for Busy People is a book that everyone will want to give to the people in his/her life. The concept of balance has been talked about for years, but never has there been a more common-sense approach to mapping out a plan to live the life you've always dreamed of! Balance for Busy People gives you easily applied strategies to: assess "ground zero", improve your general physical and mental well-being, increase your personal bottom line, organize you home or office, manage your time and enhance important relationships."

Bathrooms Make Me Nervous: A Guidebook for Women with Urination Anxiety (Shy Bladder) by Carol Olmert.
"Urination anxiety – the fear of using public or private bathrooms if someone else is nearby – can affect just about every aspect of a sufferer’s life, from ordinary considerations (“how much liquid can I risk drinking today so I won’t have to urinate”?) to matters of potentially serious consequence (“if I can’t produce a urine specimen for an employment screen, I won’t get hired”) Former shy bladder sufferer, Carol Olmert, shares her extensive knowledge about battling and conquering this type of social anxiety condition (paruresis). She offers strategies for coping as well as detailed exposure-based protocols for full recovery. "

Battlescars: Life the battlefield, Fate the enemy, And one TRUE story of deliverance by Tim Hutchinson. P.O. Box 270852, St. Paul, MN 55124.
"Stopped on the way to attacking his high school with an assault rifle, Tim Hutchinson spent years on the wrong side of the law always one step from prison or the grave. “Battlescars” is the shocking TRUE story of one teen’s battle against gangs, firearms, drugs, the KKK, and more. Now in his remarkable memoir Hutchinson details all the violence that surrounded him, all the hate that consumed him, and how he turned it all around and survived. Hutchinson is now happily married with children, an EMT credited with saving two lives, and an expert on teen violence. “If I would have been able to read this book beforehand, I probably wouldn't have shot those people. It would have helped me to learn from someone whose life was more screwed up than mine, and was able to turn it around.” -Charles Andrew Williams (Charles Andrew Williams went on a six-minute shooting spree on March 5, 2001, killing two people and wounding eleven. He is currently serving a 50-year to life sentence in a California prison.) ORDER FROM PUBLISHER, OR AT AMAZON.COM "

Battling the Witch by Storm Kai.

BECOME EXCEPTIONAL, Reaching personal greatness: A true-live story based on two guiding principles. by Dr. Barbara Warren. or 1800-839-8640.
"New Book Demonstrates The Need For Exceptional Modern Role Models And How They Can Be Fabricated The Highness the Dalai Lama, Prince Albert of Monaco and many others endorse Angelika’s adventurers quest, who is the protagonist that exemplifies the psychological lessons of this self--help book. Angelika embodied the typical shy, deprived, and withdrawn mountain girl from a village in the Austrian Alps that was to become a role model for countless people. Now, more than ever before, most people would like to know how to stand out from the masses and turn into positive heroes of modern times. Exceptional individuals are not born but they are created, therefore life can be sculpted and cast for greatness. The author Dr. Barbara Warren demonstrates how the brain is able to construct new behaviors. A design for Peak Performances is established, Forward Frustrations are planned to encourage discipline, Specific Adversities are explored to build the character, while lost values are refreshed to picture the nobility of Moral Fiber. "

BeDoHave by Miami Phillips. P.O. Box 863507; Plano, TX 75086.
"Philosophically sound with practical applications for the 21st century new world, BeDoHave by Miami Phillips is a mental and emotional adventure into the unknown realms of the greatest mystery of all…Yourself. Based on three basic, yet pivotal guiding principles, to Be, to Do, and to Have, this systematic approach to mankind’s inner-selves will awaken the long dormant echoes of developmental insight. BeDoHave allows you to inventory yourself while asking, “Where do I want to be?” Then with a structured step-by-step analysis and implantation of a plan, you’ll begin your journey to become the person you always wanted to be. Along the way, you will learn to strengthen your strong points and minimize your weaknesses. Each new successive section of the book builds on the previous success already mastered. As soon as you have accomplished to be, the handbook is structured to develop - to do and then to have automatically becomes a logical conclusion of to be and to do. To order your copy today, please contact, fax your information to (866) 223-7289 or visit or "

Before the Disaster: Surviving Disasters Through Spiritual and Physical Preparedness by Claudette Spencer Jones. .
"Before the Disaster is an EBook available on and through author's website. It is a step by step guide covering how to prepare for everything from weather catastrophies to nuclear events. The release date was Friday, March 16, so no awards yet. This comes fromsomeone who survived the worst hurricane in the history of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hurricane Marilyn of 1995. And no, I wasn't prepared. "

Beginning Again: Facing the Changes in Your Life with Courage and Hope by Julie Ilkanic Butler. 19397 Wyatt Road, Sonoma, CA 95476.
"Dan, I couldn't have done it without you. Your book is always within reach. "Beginning Again" is about dealing with deaths, births, relationships, health concerns, careers, moves, retirement. It contains personal advice, insightful stories, symbolic poetry, creative reflections and journal activities to inspire and guide readers through all the changes in life. My first novel, which Dan's book also guided me through, is called "Shadows on the Mountains" and is an inspirational story of how a turbulent family finds peace."

BELIEF THERAPY, A Guide To Enhancing Everyday Life by Daniel L. DeGoede, Ph.D. with Danae Drews, CAS. P.O. Box 786, Lake Elsinore, CA. 92531-0786.
"BELIEF THERAPY is currently in it's third print, has received over 35 national endorsements, and several reviews! THANK YOU DAN! We never could have made it this far without The Self-Publishing Manual or your consultation."

Believe The Dream by Emmanuel Sodipo.

Believing in Yourself 101, A Preparatory Guide to Permanent Weight Loss by Andy Rosengard. PO Box 535 East Brunswick, NJ 08816.
"First Edition, 300 copies in print. About the Author Spend some time with Andy Rosengard and you'll come away thinking, “Gee, he's just an ordinary guy.” And that he is. He is not some famous diet doctor, nor is he a personal fitness guru. Andy is simply a highly motivated individual who begins each day with a positive outlook on life. His intention, in writing this book, is to help people understand that what goes into their minds in the way of “Believing in Yourself” is more important than what goes into their stomachs. Andy resides in East Brunswick, New Jersey, with his wife Susan, and their two children. "

Best Impressions How To Gain Professionalism,Promotion and Profit by Dawn E. Waldrop. 17749 Lexington Lane, Cleveland, Ohio 44136.
"Creating Visibility Today for Tomorrow’s Business Professional Presence - Subtle Yet Powerful As humans we get different energy levels from our attire that affects our communication.Just as you feel the difference so do your clients. What creates these subtle yet powerful differences? An authentic image empowers you to be your professional best and reap financial success! "

Best Impressions: How to Gain Professionalism, Promotion and Profit by Dawn E. Waldrop.

Beyond Intent: Crossing the Threshold to Your Dreams by Gary Spinell.
"You can also select my first book, It Was YOU, All Along. Both books are available on Amazon in print and for Kindle, and in ebook format on my web site. Warm regards, Gary Spinell"

Beyond Limits: 21 Days to Personal Transformation by Mark M. Rostenko. Soaring Falcon Press, Ltd. P.O. Box 129, Nederland CO 80466.
"ISBN 0-9700416-3-2, First Edition If you've ever been stopped by fear, if you've ever been too scared to pursue your fondest dreams and heartfelt ambitions, here is the book for you. Learn how to transform your fear from enemy to ally and use its power to move you closer to your dreams instead of letting it stop you. Beyond Limits will teach you how to harness the power of fear to create personal breakthroughs and transform your life in any direction you choose. Take part in the 21-Day Challenge, a dynamic program that will leave you armed and inspired with the freedom and power to create a life you love. "

Beyond The Veil Of Mortality by Theodosia McLean.
"A Pathway to A Better Life of Wealth, Success,Great Health and Financial Stability.Go Past what the Eyes can see. This is the latest highly anticipated motivational & inspirational self-help book from Brooklyns Author Theodosia McLean. Beyond the Veil of Mortality will show readers how to rise up and live beyond the thought form of the mortal self. It will take them to a level of consciousness where they will be able to move their thoughts and beings past what the eyes can see and truly come into contact with the world beyond the veil of (illusion): mortality"

Biofeedback Without Machines by George E. Soroka. Century Book Distribution, Inc. 814 Boon, Traverse City, MI 49686.
""Biofeedback Without Machines means that we can become the instruments of dramatic and positive change in our own lives. The most significant thing we learn from biofeedback is that we can reclaim the creative process as our own, and in this way develop a truly effective strategy for living based on self determination." Mike Marchetti, Ph. D. Physicist"

Blame Game. How To Win It. by W. R. Klemm, Ph.D.. Ingram.
"Think of "Blame Game" as "debt relief" for the high hidden costs of excuse-making. This book presents a five-step program to 1) recognize when you are making excuses, 2) move away from denial and deception, 3) take responsibility, 4)re-program the brain, and 5) run the program. Endorsed by leading psychologists. Release date: July 24, 2008."

Boomers Really Can Put Old on Hold by Barbara Morris, R.Ph.. PO Box 937, Escondido, CA 92033-0937.
"Boomers Really Can Put Old on Hold has been endorsed by Florence Henderson, Phyllis Diller, Julie Newmar and other notables. It's probably the only book on achieving agelessness that has been written by someone actually going through the aging process ultra-successfully. It's controversial and will appeal to those willing to march to a different drummer to achieve their goals."

Born to Be (a simple 4-step method to reconnect with your special abilities) by Stephen R. Bastien. 600 Davis St., Evanston, Illinois 60201.
"“BORN TO BE”---$21.95 (20% discount if purchased through Dan Poynter's website) Fact: We are all born genetically unique. We are born with special talents. Unfortunately most of us disconnect from those abilities at an early age. Born To Be will help you discover: How and why you disconnected from those abilities! How to reconnect with just the right combination that makes you----you! How to turn your inborn abilities into just the right occupation that will open the door to the life you’ve always dreamed of! "

Born To Spend: Overcoming Compulsive Spending by Gloria Arenson, MS, MFT. 1429 Las Positas Place Santa Barbara CA 93105.
"This is a New Edition of the book. that updates the information in the original version."

Born To Spend; Overcoming Compulsive Spending by Gloria Arenson. 1429 Las Positas Place Santa Barbara, CA 93105.
"This is a New Edition that includes ways to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to achieve greater success in overcoming this widespread problem."

Breaking Free from Boomerang Love -- Getting Unhooked from Borderline Personality Disorder by Lynn Melville. P. O. Box 2036, Santa Maria, CA 93457.
"Through daily readings and affirmations, the reader is led into an inspirational, experiential journey as seen through the eyes of a partner to someone suffering with borderline personality disorder. Breaking Free from Boomerang Love progresses from the silent withdrawals to the exploding rages of the BPD, from the fearful, walking-on-eggshells to the ultimate healing and empowerment of the partner. The message is applicable to all relationships -- lovers, family members, friends and work associates. Boomerang Love describes how the partner of the borderline personality disordered person repeatedly leaves the relationship, only to return to it, again and again, desperately trying to fix an illness they don't even know the name of and which only the BPD can fix, with professional mental health help. Many books have been written by mental health professionals about borderline personality disorder. Boomerang Love is the first written by a BPD's partner about the disorder and the experience of living with it. Poignantly illustrated with Ashleigh Brilliant's famous "Pot-Shots", Boomerang Love is a book the reader will return to time and time again -- to be uplifted, encouraged and empowered. "

Breaking Free: Fire Your Boss, Toss Your Alarm Clock, and Double Your Income With a Smooth Transition Into Self-Employment by Brian Armstrong. Lulu Enterprises, Inc. 860 Aviation Parkway Suite 300 Morrisville, NC 27560.
"Are you spending 8 hours a day (1/3 of your life) doing something you don’t truly love? Its time to go after your dream by quitting your job to work for yourself! This book is your complete reference for deciding if it’s the right time, walking you through the tough steps, and setting you up with a game plan to take you all the way to your goal. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or just fed up with your current job, you will refer to this book over and over again."

Breathing Space: Living & Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society (MasterMedia, trade paper, 209 pages, 4th printing). by Jeff Davidson.
"The breakthrough book for a time-pressed generation. Major features in USA Today, The Washington Post, Boston Herald, Chicago Tribune, and 75 other newspapers, plus Executive Female, USAir, Office Systems 98, Leaders, and Mens Health. Explains why the information age is not here yet; for now, most people are drowning in the over-information era. If you face too much paper, too much to read, or simply too much to do, this book will change your life. Get in control of your space, and control of your time and life will follow. ISBN 0-942361-32-6 "

Bring It On! Women Embracing Midlife by Christine Carter Schaap. PO Box 434, Rockford, MI 49341.
"Paperback, 182 pgs, ISBN:0-9748443-0-6, $14.95/ Bring It On! Women Embracing Midlife takes a fresh, upbeat approach to the transition women make at midlife, guiding you on the path to living a productive life with passion and purpose - no matter what your age! Author Christine Carter Schaap prepares you for the changes and unique challenges you face as a midlife woman and helps you make positive, life-changing choices for flourishing during the second half of life. Filled with real-life stories to motivate and inspire you, Bring It On! lays the groundwork for living an authentic, fulfilling and abundant life. "Powerful and can really change your life!""

Brushing The Cobwebs From The Sky: Awakening to Passion and Purpose by Mary Knapp.

Building Better Speech Manual - A guide to speech and language development and intervention by Jessica Nappi-Silletti. 464 Penn Avenue North Forked River, NJ 08731.
"This manual is fantastic for parents and educators. easy to read and includes activities, sound targeted word lists and developmental charts. "

Building Self Confidence with Encouraging Words by Judy H. Wright.
"People who have Confidence and Courage stand out from the crowd. They have a look of success about them. They have had adversity and rough times along the road,just like everyone else, but have learned to separate what happens to them from who they are. Building self confidence is a learned skill just like riding a bike or playing the piano. You can learn to change behavior and belief systems. Judy H. Wright aka Auntie Artichoke, family relationship coach and author of over 20 books, invites you to review and rate this latest book. Anyone from ages 9 to 99 can benefit from the simple steps and guidance offered in this book."

Caesar: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told By A Dog by Clementina Marie Giovannetti . 1417 Sadler Rd., Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034.
"Unforgettable Story Told by a Dog Celebrates Inspiration, Hope, Grace, Forgiveness, and Most of All, Love… Stunning. Deeply sad. Genuinely awe-inspiring. These are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind when reading Caesar: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told By A Dog. You won’t be able to put it down, you will never forget it, and you will be awed, time and again, by the love and devotion Clementina displays to her beloved Caesar. Nonfiction; Hardcover; 584pp $24.95 U.S.; $26.95 CAN.; ISBN: 0-9765334-3-X "

Capturing the Human Condition by Daniel K. Fitzgerald. TwinWorlds, Inc.

Career of Gold by Don Bracken., Barnes and Noble, BArnes and, Borders, Waldenbooks.
"The full title is: Career of Gold. Defeat Age Bias by Re-Careering For the Second Half of Your Life. 10,000 in print"

Change Thrivers --Your Resource Guide for Making Change Work by Afsaneh Noori. PO Box 291277 Tampa, FL 33687-1277.
"“Change Thrivers is an effective blend of theory, experience and practical exercises that are fun and fulfilling. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to live life with power, awareness and self-determination." Cara Gubbins, Ph.D. Award-winning author of The Dolphins of Hilton Head and Co author of Power Stories: Everyday Women Creating Extraordinary Lives “I would rank Afsaneh Noori’s book, Change Thrivers in the top 10! The impact of her personal experiences, the insightful exercises and the thoughtful quotes throughout, make this a book that gets you involved and empowered to make change happen for the better. Do yourself a favor and get into this book today.” Susan List Mike, MD Psychiatrist and Co-Founder of Joyful Genius, Where Moms Start Smart! "

Change your Attitude Change your Life by Dennis S Brown. P.O. Box 740905 Houston,TX 77274.
"Third Print!! Great easy reading for all ages!!"

Change Your Life Right Now by Iris Fanning.
"You can change your life right now to create the life you dream of. This workbook approach helps you understand: How your age can help predict your next step; What the cycle of change is and how you can maximize the process; How to evolve, not just change; How empowering questions can help you discover your strengths, resources and get in the flow. Additionally, you'll receive an A-Z plan to change any area of your life you can think of. You'll receive step by step plans, action steps and assessments to chart your progress. You never have to settle again. The author, Iris Fanning, has worked 20 years in the human growth and development field. She's earned two degrees in Psychology, Counseling and Guidance. Iris has counseled for 20 years and Coached for 5 and has graduated from Coach University and is a member of the Graduate School of Coaching. She has helped thousands change their lives and really knows how to help you get what you really want."

Changing Course: Navigating Life after Fifty by William A. Sadler, Ph.D. and James H. Krefft, Ph.D.. 3414 E Jamison Pl, Centennial, CO 80122.
"First edition, 292 pages. Changing Course shows how people can redefine aging and retirement and thus grow creatively in their fifties and beyond. This self-help book's main purpose is to help people plan for the second half of life as mindfully as they prepared for their careers. Based on over twenty years research, the book is filled with practical lessons and ideas for shaping a new way of growing older. The book is most timely for Baby Boomers seeking fresh alternatives to conventional models of aging and retirement. Changing Course is a completly different way to look at the rest of your life."

Chapters - Living With an curable Disease by Matthew Butner.

Chess Saves The World/Life Strategies for My Son by H. T. Wynn.
"How to use winning Chess strategies for life success. "

Choosing the Color by Meri Lee K. Testa. 3730 stock road Monroe, Ga 30656.
"I had my book, Choosing the Color published by Outskirts Press in 2007. My book is a self help book/Christian in nature. It was written for those who suffer from depression. I lived thru clinical depression for almost one year and came out of it not unscathed. I am a stronger person, stronger in my faith in God than I was before my struggle. I hope that for those dealing with depression or families dealing with a loved one that is depressed, they can gain insight into this disease and a sense of hope, there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. My book is listed on Amazon thru Outskirts Press, Inc. M. Testa- "

Cinderella's Secret/How you can find your happily ever after by Angela S Sullivan.

Circles in the Sand by E.J. Samadhi Whitehouse. OR
"First edition, self-published, and has been received beautifully. Reviews from several bestselling authors as well as major magazines {all on web site}. This was first my personal journey from fear to love, but soon became a woman's journey... women resonated with many of the themes throughout which has been a colossal gift to know that we all touch each other's hearts with the universal journey of discovering SELF-LOVE. A personal memoir of a woman’s emotional and spiritual journey—from troubled teenage years in the ‘70s to spiritual enlightenment in the new millennium. Her soul wounded, the author travels through several Middle-Eastern countries—an odd choice for a woman on a quest for sexual and self-identity, healing, and escape from her family—particularly her father. Without family support, she struggles to find spiritual wholeness, love of self, and her own truth. "

Claim Your Power and Succeed and Everything With Little Effort by Sari Gealy. PO Box 3163. LOGANHOLME QLD 4129 AUSTRALIA.
"This manual has been approved by a Psychologist and tested by mothers who feel they need help to move forward in any area of their life. Weight loss without gyms and time consuming regimes, solving relationship issues, beginning a business, tapping into your own psychic power, self-hypnosis, quitting a habit and more..."

Claim Your Power and Succeed at everything you do by Sari Gealy. PO BOX 3163 LOGANHOLME QLD 4129 AUSTRALIA.
"This book is for anyone who wishes to bring a positive change in their life. Make your dreams come true when you discover the simple changes that can affect your destiny. Learn your own psychic ability that can help you."

Clementina's Love Story: Diary of a Healer by Clementina Marie Giovannetti . 1417 Sadler Rd., Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034.
"“My hands were still coupled over my face when I began to feel the warmth of a “light” radiating upon me. I slowly parted my hands to see what it was. My eyes gazed upward. I’ll never forget for as long as I live what my teary eyes saw. She was one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, visions of Truth that I have ever seen. It was an Angel of God kneeling before me.” — excerpted from Clementina’s Love Story: Diary of a Healer. ISBN: 0-9765334-1-3 Hardcover 245pp $24.95 + $4.80 s/h"

Coach Yourself for Success by Brian E. Bartes. PO Box 700424, Plymouth, MI 48170.
"“Finally, a Simple, Step-By-Step Recipe for Achieving SUCCESS... Without Hiring an Expensive Coach!" In Coach Yourself for Success you will learn 10 simple, yet powerful and tested principles. Think of it as your own personal recipe for success. Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll discover: - The first step you must take today before you can achieve success in anything. (Page 7) - What less than 10% of our population is doing…and most of them are millionaires and billionaires! (Page 12) - How you could be wasting up to three months of every year…and what to do about it. (Page 19) - The one thing you must do with your goals…or you’ll never be satisfied or fulfilled…even if you achieve your goals. (Page 32) - 6 types of people you’ll want to surround yourself with. (Hint: They’ll make your life as easy as cutting butter with a hot knife!) (Page 38) - How to quickly and easily design and live the life of your dreams, using a simple (yet powerful) formula. (Page 50) Take action today, and try Coach Yourself for Success. You’ve got nothing to lose…and so much to gain!"

Coming Here: Learning to Live in America by Rezzan Erten. Nonetheless Press, 20332 W. 98th St., Lenexa, KS 66220.
"The reader gets the impression of a private conversation with Ms. Erten as she shares the treasures and wisdom from her own life experience in order to make the way smoother for others coming here. This book should be in the hands of every prospective visitor to the U.S., both short and long term. There is information for those who are just beginning to consider the move as well as for those who are already here. There is help for the student, the academic researcher, the business professional, the householder, the houseguest--in short, for every person. First Edition 3,000 in print 1-877-250-BOOK (2665) toll-free ordering"

Coming to Your Senses by Sally Veillette. 1629 McGilvra Blvd E, Seattle, 98112.
"1st edition: 2003 Printed: 3000 Awards: Silver, Body/Mind/Spirit Category, ForeWord Magazine, Finalist, NAPRA Awards, Small Press Category "

Common Sense Life Lessons by Henry O. Adkins, M.P.A.,SWA. P.O.Box 940572, Plano, Texas 75094.
"This book is a down home common sense message through stories of life lessons and experiences which have helped to shape the person I have become. Each story ends with a common sense conclusion and a common sense way of resolving difficult situations and issues. It is my hope by reading this book that one will have learned how to cope with COMMON SENSE LIFE LESSONS. Henry O. Adkins is a College Professor and Keynote Speaker. "

Conflict is for the Birds! Understanding Your Conflict Management Style by Gayle Wiebe Oudeh and Nabil Oudeh. CCR Publishing, 810 - 170 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P 5V5.
"Rich with candor and humor, this book offers a hands-on, solutions-oriented approach to turning conflict into an opportunity for problem solving and growth. Includes a questionnaire to assess your personal conflict management style."

Conflict Resolution and Mediation: Your Opportunity to Learn and Grow by Frank Ranger MA.
"Published in April, 2010, this book is a revealing look at some obvious, yet mostly unnoticed, attitudes, fear, frustrations, doubts, and wonderments of what went wrong during a discussion. The prespective of this book on interpersonal relationships that are a mystery to most people. simple, yet practical methods of skill development are presented in an eaxy to understand manner; providing opportunities to assess your own conflict styles, and your temperament to deal with stress and conflict."

Conquer the Losing Attitude of Job Hunters by Tom Laurie.
"free eBook on 07/13/2012, 7/15/2012"

Conquering Chronic Disorganization- 2nd Edition by Judith Kolberg. Squall Press, P.O. Box 691, Decatur, Ga 30031.
"Chronic disorganization is disorganization that undermines a person’s quality of life and recurs despite traditional self-help efforts. Conquering Chronic Disorganization is filled with real-life stories of individuals who used simple, innovative and fun organizing methods proven in the field to end clutter, mismanaged time and paper pile-ups in the home or office. 75,000 copies sold. Required reading professional organizers certification exam; Top 5 rating in its category; featured book Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, Recommended Reading Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine. Foreign Rights: Korea "

Conscious Calm: Keys to Freedom from Stress and Worry by Laura Maciuika, Ed.D.. Tap Into Freedom Publishing, 4096 Piedmont Ave, Suite 365, Oakland, CA 94611.
"Also available through online booksellers."

Conscious Courage: Turning Everyday Challenges into Opportunities by Maureen Stearns. see website.
"Royal Palm Literary Award Winner ~ 2004"

Conscious Finance: Uncover Your Hidden Money Beliefs and Transform the Role of Money in Your Life by Rick Kahler, CFP, and Kathleen Fox. PO Box 9101, Rapid City, SD 57709.
"Chronic money troubles arent about money. Whether you are rich or poor, your behavior around money can generate significant pain and chaos in your life. More financial knowledge alone isnt the answer, because money choices are based on emotions rather than information. They are not governed by logic and facts, but by our deep-seated  and deeply unconscious  emotions and beliefs about money. Conscious Finance will help you become aware of these hidden beliefs and learn to make more balanced financial choices. While it includes essential information on investing, budgeting, estate planning, and asset protection, it goes far beyond strategies for solving immediate money problems. Its goal is to help you learn to use money as a valuable tool rather than seeing it as your master, fearing it as your enemy, or trying to use it to meet needs it cannot fill. Conscious Finance is the first book to blend exterior and interior aspects of money in a self-help format. It is designed to help you understand and permanently change the underlying emotional issues that keep you making the same money mistakes over and over. It encourages you to discover your own hidden attitudes about money and learn to make financial choices that nurture and support your life aspirations and goals. In a practical, personal way, this insightful book offers a plan for building a comfortable and productive relationship with money. It will guide you along a new path toward fulfillment and prosperity that is far deeper than just financial success. "

Control for Life Extension. A Personalized Holistic Approach by Valery Mamonov, Ph.D.. 3 Hoyts Lane, Rome, ME 04963.
"Website was under construction, but it is available now."

Cracking the Glass Darkly by Robert Egby. P.O. Box 354, Chaumont, NY 13622.
"First edition,a book for all ages. It focuses on finding true happiness in a helter-skelter world. Laced with simple, practical exercises, fascinating anecdotes, you will find the power to dissolve the negative ego, discover the Here and Now, and reveal the path to unconditional self-love and Cosmic awareness. Offering review copies to other authors and publishers willing to post reviews at and B& "

Creating Amazing Abundance How Good Things Come To You by Gina Rizzo.
"This depth of knowledge and study has culminated in her new book, ‘Creating Amazing Abundance: How Good Things Come to You’. Throughout the text, Rizzo utilizes her own personal experiences to great effect, detailing how she allowed her own dreams to slip away or take a back seat due to other stresses or struggles in her life. As a result, the author and Holistic Educator learned about the damage that guilt and fear can do and how these feelings can negatively affect their ability to achieve their full potential. My aim with ‘Creating Amazing Abundance’ was to offer resources, practical tools and information to assist others in living their best lives. Too often, we let fear stop us in our tracks – but not anymore.” Synopsis: Do you feel frustrated that no matter how hard you try you never seem to make any progress? Do you often compare yourself to others and feel that you have less? Does it make you feel jealous? Are you surrounded by people who can’t seem to stop complaining? Do you regularly complain about too much debt? Do you get frustrated or sad when you can’t afford to buy things for yourself or your loved ones? "

Creating Your Own Destiny / How to Get Exactly What You Want Out of Life by Patrick Snow. P.O. Box 10864 - Bainbridge Island, WA - 98110.
"Third Edition released in May and have sold almost 10,000 copies within first year since being released. If you want "more" time, money, freedom, health, love, and happiness in life, then this book is for you! Can contact author at (800) 951-7721"

Creating Your Own Way To Happiness by Robert Bruce & Lee Ann Kirby.
"Liana Metal, Reviewer (Mid-West Book Review) This book is a guide for those who seek kelp to reconstruct their life. Written from a Christian perspective it encourages people to believe in themselves and go on with their lives. Many people do not like making changes in their lifestyle, the authors state. This book will help them to reconsider their lifestyle and become happy again. The authors address many important issues such as marriage, divorce and death and try to make readers use their advice throughout the book to enhance their life. The book is in a format of a workbook rather than a conventional book so that the reader can make notes at times and follow their own progress. There are ample references to the Bible that help the authors to illustrate their points. It caters to everybody within the Christian religion who wish to transform their lives and feel happier and more fulfilled. It is written in a clear style that can be read by people from all walks of life. "

Creating Your Own Way To Happiness by Robert Bruce & Lee Ann Kirby. escrooge@comcast.nete.
"Liana Metal, Reviewer (Mid-West Book Review) This book is a guide for those who seek kelp to reconstruct their life. Written from a Christian perspective it encourages people to believe in themselves and go on with their lives. Many people do not like making changes in their lifestyle, the authors state. This book will help them to reconsider their lifestyle and become happy again. The authors address many important issues such as marriage, divorce and death and try to make readers use their advice throughout the book to enhance their life. The book is in a format of a workbook rather than a conventional book so that the reader can make notes at times and follow their own progress. There are ample references to the Bible that help the authors to illustrate their points. It caters to everybody within the Christian religion who wish to transform their lives and feel happier and more fulfilled. It is written in a clear style that can be read by people from all walks of life. "

Creating Your Own Way To Happiness by Robert Bruce & Lee Ann Kirby.

Credit Cards Finance System - Mini Bank System by Jacob Saki. 37311 47TH ST. E. #54.
"5th Edition"

Damaged Goods: Adults Can Heal from Childhood Trauma by Suzannah L Crowder.
"Damaged Goods: Adults Can Heal from Childhood Trauma tells the story of one woman's triumph over the torturous past that haunted her for three decades. Real-life advice is given on how you, too, can heal from childhood trauma."

Dear God, How Can I Finally Love Myself? by Barbara Rose.
"Amazon Self Help Bestseller Amazon Spirituality Bestseller"

Dear Mom: Women's Letters of Love, Loss, and Longing by Deborah Berger, Ed.. or
""Dear Mom: Women's Letters of Love, Loss, and Longing is emboldening, soothing, heartbreaking, inspiring. It's hard to put this book down, but once you do, you'll pick up a pen." - Ariel Gore, author of The Hip Mama Survival Guide "...Dear Mom calls to the child in all of us, to remember the force that shapes who we are....these daughters show us how our own truthful words can heal and transform us at last." Michele Weldon, author of Writing to Save Your Life"

Debug Your Mental Software/Change Your Mind, Change Your Life! by Jay Arthur. 2244 S Olive St, Denver CO 80224.
"Still making the same old mental mistakes over and over again? Are you still struggling with past traumas, limiting beliefs, or internal conflicts? Isn't it time to debug your mental software? Using the simple tools in this book, you'll learn how to: 1) debug your mental software to eliminate the mental barriers to your success, 2) upgrade your existing software for effortless achievement, and 3) install the strategies of genius. And it can happen in a matter of minutes, not years. You'll find that when you change your mind, you change your life."

Decision Making in a Nutshell: How to Make Decisions that Stick. by Freddy Davis. 321 Anton Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32312.
"Dr. Freddy Davis has come up with a plan, in his new book Decision Making in a Nutshell, that gives a step by step method for making decisions stick. Davis doesnt believe that a person can implement these kind of deliberate decisions in life just because there is a desire to do it. Internal and external resistence is so strong against change that soemthing else is needed to hold us accountable - a system. He discusses a six step system that can be applied to any decision to make it a reality in a persons life."

Defeating the 8 Demons of Distraction: Proven Strategies to Increase Productivity and Decrease Stress by Geraldine Markel, Ph.D..
"Are distractions sabotaging your efforts to get ahead? Do you feel like you're constantly plagued by technology or interuptions by others? Lurking around us are forces--labeled demons--that interrupt our flow of attention and psychic energy...and it's time to fight back! This book is designed to arm worksforce employees, independent professionals and family managers with simple, but powerful strategies to defeat demons such as the Technology Demon, the Unruly Mind Demon, the Others Demon, the Stress Demon and 4 others."

Desirable Power by Jacob Korthuis. PMA Institute, 3143 Hanging Moss Circle, Kissimmee, FL 34741 or faster via Website.
"It explains the PMA technique as a self-help method, and an important tool for professional coaches. It shows how to control the hidden drives behind our belief systems, decisions, and behavior $29.95"

Destination Life: Journey to a Life of Prosperity, Fulfillment, and Abundant Blessings by Sandra Rhodes.
"Read It, Feel It, Live it. ISBN # 978-1-4401-7058-4 soft cover $15.95 ISBN # 978-1-4401-7060-7 hard cover $25.95 ISBN # 978-1-4401-7059-1 E-Book $6.00 Order on my web "

Diagonally-Parked in a Parallel Universe: Working Through Social Anxiety by Signe A. Dayhoff, Ph.D.. P.O. Box 340, Placitas, NM 87043.
"Because more than 20 million people in the U.S. alone feel anxious in social situations - from work to sex - Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe provides clinically proven methods for your successfully coping with them. Written by a psychologist/ex-social phobic and based upon the expressed needs and concerns of hundreds of social phobics, this is the insider's scoop and life-strategy approach to your significantly alleviating your social pain and effectively working toward your potential and achieving your goals. Without the inspiring, practical, and expert advice of Dan Poynter, this book would likely be 'as-yet-unpublished.' He has my vote for Publishing Mentor of the Century!"

DIARY OF A PALM READER by Myrna Lou Goldbaum. P.O. Box 19081. Boulder CO 80308.
"I am a Palmist (50+ years), a Psychic and an award winning Author. This book contains 42 palm reading sesions taken from my sessions from 1956 to 2003. there is something for everyone. UFO's, Mayors, holocaust victim, cancer survivor, love hate relationsips, ghosts, love lost, love found, and many more stories to keep the reader interested. "

Directed Dreaming - Success From the Subconscious by Evelyn Grazini.
"Do you ever get the feeling that you should be doing something but you don’t know what it is? Is it possible to always be in the right place at the right time? And, what are those persistent dreams trying to tell you? Answers to these questions are revealed in Directed Dreaming. You will discover exactly how to access and control your dreams, and when you do that, you control your destiny! "

Discover the Genius in the Mirror - You are an Einstein waiting to be discovered by S Lakshmi Narasimhan. 19, Hudson Ct, Jersey City, New Jersey 07305.
"Paperback: 202 pages Publisher: Outskirts Press (February 14, 2012) Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1432782061 "

Discover Wealth Hidden In Your Salary by Dexter L. Jones.
"Dexter L. Jones is the author of nine books including such titles as "Hidden Riches of Secret Places, Money Answers All Things, Your Keys to Everything, From Poverty to Riches (co-authored with Brenda Sawyer)and more. He is President of Dexter Jones Enterprise a company that specializes in helping individuals to better manage their money, financical planning and showing indiviudals how to start their own business. He is a sought after speaker and resides in Goldsboro, NC. He has shown individuals how to use the full potential of their money and make their money work for them instead of against them."

Discover Your Soul Potential: Using the Enneagram to Awaken Spiritual Vitality by Kathy Hurley & Theodorre Donson. 12262 W. New Mexico Ave., Lakewood, CO 80228-3928.
"This book has been selling well because it cuts through the maze of principles for spiritual growth and transformation available today and guides the reader to the core or human greatness."

DO WHAT YOU DON'T WANT TO DO, Achieving excellence as a procrastinator by Dr. Barbara Warren/Angelika Drake., or 1800-839-8640.
"A third of our population suffers the humiliating consequences of not being on time, not being structured, not upholding a routine, and not being self-motivated. They loose their jobs, their marriages crumble, while friends and society at large condemn their behaviors. People that don’t live up to our cultures expectations are banned to the fringes, where their identity and integrity plunges into a vast space of shame and guilt. This group of people is absolutely sure there is something very wrong with them The author, Barbara Warren, Ph.D. and twin sister Angelika Castaneda have researched the topic for over 20 years, which has given them the opportunity to uncover a clear-cut theory. Their students and clients distinguish between Feeling, Blended and Thinking individuals and learn about when to Feel and when to Think, about when to Feel Time or when to Think Time. They get in touch with their Three-Fold Persona, and learn how to carry out the 60% of the obligations they don’t want to do. this unique work has helped people to feel good about who they are because they have streched beyond what they thought was possible for them."

Don't Die With Your Helmet On; the Power of Personal Responsibility by Dr. Tom Olson. 103-Silverthorn Way Nw, Calgary, Ab Canada T3B 4K2.

Don't Eat the Marshmallow...Yet: The secret to sweet success in work and in life by Joachim de Posada and Ellen Singer.
"Book of the month, New York Times Translated into 15 language with international sales of 2 million copies. "

Don't Freak Out - Speak Out; Public Speaking With Confidence by Ruth Bonetti. PO Box 422, The Gap, Queensland, 4061 Australia.
"Contents: 1. You are not alone; How top performers conquer nerves 2. Taming the tremors; How to channel the adrenaline rush into positive energy 3. Brain, breath, body; Harnessing your physical powerhouse 4. Your voice is your instrument; Enhance the natural voice to project with ease 5. As others see you; Positive body language and presentation skills 6. Preparing your speech; How to polish your words for impact 7. Countdown to performance; A checklist to ensure you'll be right on the night 8. You're on! Take centre stage and enjoy your time in the spotlight ---- Endorsements: The teacher said "Now I want someone to come out to the front and address the class about..." Do you remember freezing and praying "Don't pick me...don't pick me". Funny how that fear of public speaking has been with us for so long! "Fear no more," I say. For Ruth Bonetti has written another book to help overcome those butterflies, fears and knots in your stomach. The symptoms of stage fright are similar whatever the platform or audience. Ruth Bonetti learned to conquer them in her long international career as a professional musician. She has applied her wealth of presentation experience to her speaking and writing. I commend Don't Freak Out - Speak Out to both amateur and professional speakers. It's a great book. -- Max Hitchins World President and Chair, World Federation of Professional Speakers, 2000 20 ---- For more information go to her website: Reviewed by Mary Nemet in Australian Music Teacher magazine ---- In her book Dont Freak Out  Speak Out. , Ms Bonetti provides useful information to help those who are not as confident as they would like when it comes to public speaking. Dont Freak Out  Speak Out has already climbed to number one on the Mary Ryans Bookshop list which is published in the Sunday Mail. - Focus magazine, Queensland Published by Words and Music, 2001; 3rd edition 2002, 4th edition, 2005 "

Don't Freak Out - Speak Out; Public speaking with confidencePublic Speaking With ConfidenceDon't Freak Out - Speak OutPublic Speaking With ConfidenceDon't Freak Out ý Speak Out; Public Speakin by Ruth Bonetti. PO Box 422, The Gap, Queensland, 4061 Australia.
"Contents: 1. You are not alone; How top performers conquer nerves 2. Taming the tremors; How to channel the adrenaline rush into positive energy 3. Brain, breath, body; Harnessing your physical powerhouse 4. Your voice is your instrument; Enhance the natural voice to project with ease 5. As others see you; Positive body language and presentation skills 6. Preparing your speech; How to polish your words for impact 7. Countdown to performance; A checklist to ensure you'll be right on the night 8. You're on! Take centre stage and enjoy your time in the spotlight ---- Endorsements: The teacher said "Now I want someone to come out to the front and address the class about..." Do you remember freezing and praying "Don't pick me...don't pick me". Funny how that fear of public speaking has been with us for so long! "Fear no more," I say. For Ruth Bonetti has written another book to help overcome those butterflies, fears and knots in your stomach. The symptoms of stage fright are similar whatever the platform or audience. Ruth Bonetti learned to conquer them in her long international career as a professional musician. She has applied her wealth of presentation experience to her speaking and writing. I commend Don't Freak Out - Speak Out to both amateur and professional speakers. It's a great book. -- Max Hitchins World President and Chair, World Federation of Professional Speakers, 2000 ý20 ---- Ruth Bonetti is well placed to write this book and offer the fruits of her experience in the public arena. Ruth is the author of a number of very helpful books, such as Taking Centre Stage, and Confident Music Performance. In these she addresses the issues of nerves and offers practical, holistic solutions for the symptoms that can unsettle even the most accomplished performer. Her main message throughout is that we are far from alone in these experiences. Don't Freak Out, Speak Out is essentially a book that helps us to help ourselves through a wide variety of challenges and situations. The fears and worries that plague the novice can be overturned, once it is understood that the panic that threatens to overwhelm us is in fact, raw energy. This handy little 65 page book does not promise that you will never feel nervous again. It does however teach you how to recognize the symptoms of anxiety and face them positively. Learn how to channel the adrenaline rush and turn it to maximum use - as a source of power to lift your presentation to an exciting and enriching performance. You can! The first Chapter deals with how famous performers (from Winston Churchill to Nicole Kidman) have dealt with nerves. It seems that the most highly creative, thoughtful performers suffer more than their more mundane counterparts. Far from being a disorder, nerves are a natural response to a pressured situation. Fears can be surmounted and experience breeds confidence. In succeeding chapters Ruth addresses the power of positive body language, how to enhance the natural voice to project with ease, how to prepare a speech for maximum impact, and most importantly of all, how to really enjoy taking centre stage. Envisage yourself succeeding and strive for excellence rather than perfection. Even if this book does not chase all of the fear-gremlins away, it will empower you to be poised and confident in any situation. With amusing and apt illustrations by John Harrison, Ruth's book exudes an endearing wit, empathy and above all, pragmatic advice on how to really succeed. Creating communication confidence is undoubtedly Ruth's hallmark. For more information go to her website: Reviewed by Mary Nemet in Australian Music Teacher magazine ---- In her book Donýt Freak Out ý Speak Out. , Ms Bonetti provides useful information to help those who are not as confident as they would like when it comes to public speaking. Donýt Freak Out ý Speak Out has already climbed to number one on the Mary Ryanýs Bookshop list which is published in the Sunday Mail. - Focus magazine, Queensland Published by Words and Music, 2001; 3rd edition 2002, 4th edition, 2005 "

Don't Let an Old Person Move Into Your Body by Jim Donovan. PO Box 63, Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972.
"Are you ageless – full of energy and ready to go – no matter what your birth certificate says? Or does the prospect of middle age leave you deeply concerned about what lies ahead? Don't Let an Old Person Move Into Your Body shows you how to make the rest of your life, the best of your life — whether you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or beyond. In this powerful book you’ll learn how to live every day with passion, purpose, power, and prosperity — no matter when you were born."

Don't Toss My Memories in the Trash-A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Seniors Downsize, Organize, and Move by Vickie Dellaquila.
"Vickie Dellaquila draws on her experience as a professional organizer and senior move manager to share her most valuable tips on downsizing and moving. Here is a book that will help you downsize, organize, and move in an organized, efficient, and caring manner. With her background in healthcare and social services, Vickie brings expertise and warmth to helping seniors face the physical and emotional aspects of moving to a new home. Whether you are a senior embarking on this new chapter of your life or are helping family members or friends downsize and move, this book is your roadmap."

Dr. Cat's Helping Handbook: A Compassionate Guide for Being Human by Cat Saunders, Ph.D.. Heartwings Foundation, P.O. Box 30712, Seattle, WA 98103.
""Dr. Cat's Helping Handbook is a treasure. Its carefully gathered quotes alone make the book worth having. Cat has created a work of truth, power, and beauty." --Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom."

Dragon Fire: Finding Your Personal Best by Robbie Alexander.
"What causes a person to lose 10 pounds only to gain back 20? What's the difference between an Olympic athlete and a multiple gold medalist? How come, in your industry, there are people far less qualified than you making all the money? The answer is that these people have a champion's mindset. They live a life of constant achievement. In this book, you'll learn the processes that will set you up for becoming a "champion of life" and then take on my challenging "quickie" fitness training sessions on an action packed FREE DVD. What happens next, your level of achievement, is all up to you. "

Drive Yourself Happy: A Motor-vational Maintenance Manual for Maneuvering Through Life by Rhonda Hull, Ph. D.. P. O. Box 1667 Port Townsend, WA 98368.
"Is life driving you crazy? Learn how to make life a joy ride rather than a destruction derby by reading DRIVE YOURSELF HAPPY: A Motor-vational Maintenance Manual for Maneuvering Through Life. With the foreword written by Richard Carlson, and endorsements by John Gray and Mario Andretti, Rhonda uses car analogies and common road signs to help us make happiness accessible whatever our circumstances. “To me, this book is a breath of fresh air. It speaks right to the heart of the matter: how to use everyday life as a “vehicle” to enrich your life. This is a fun, creative, and extremely useful guide will help keep things in perspective and keep us pointed in the direction toward happiness...It’s a useful tool in your journey of life. Read it today and, before you know it, you’ll be driving yourself happy!" -- Richard Carlson, Ph.D., Author of the #1 best seller Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff...and it’s all small stuff "

Drunks, Drugs & Debits: How to Recognize Addicts and Avoid Financial Abuse by Doug Thorburn. PO Box 7777, Northridge, CA 91327-7777.
"First edition, 10,000. Dr. Forest Tennant, an addiction expert with 25 years experience, says, "This is the most comprehensive, fascinating, stimulating and easy-to-read book on addiction ever.""

DYING: Finding Comfort and Guidance in a Story of a Peaceful Passing by Judy K. Underwood, Ph.D.. 515 S. Sherwood St. Fort Collins, CO 80521.
"Long-time therapist Judy K. Underwood, Ph.D. had neither training nor experience in end-of-life issues until faced with a client's request to help her die well. Kris was only 56 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. She wished to live her final months in love, peace and acceptance. They worked together in a conscious, mindful manner to create a peaceful passing. Kris wanted her story told in order to help others. The intimate details of this story serve as a useful guide for caregivers and anyone with a terminal illness. This book provides comfort and companionship to readers regardless of age, diagnosis, spiritual or religious practice."

Dynamic Components of Personal Power by Jim Bouchard. San Chi Publishing, 10 Jordan Avenue, Brunswick, Maine 04011.
"A unique perspective on personal development by a martial arts master and teacher. Jim's philosophy is that personal power is the key to success...start with the power! This is a companion to the author's seminars."

Dynamics of the Self by Louis Eagle Warrior.
"Achieve results using our self help law of attraction books. We also have seminars that guide you to wealth, health and complete fulfillment."

Earthquake Prepared: Securing Your Home, Protecting Your Family by Joel Leach. Studio 4 Productions, P.O. Box 280400, Northridge, CA 91328.
"This best-selling book is by an author who lived through the 1994 Northridge earthquake that did more than 20 billion dollars worth of damage! It uses simple instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams to show how to protect both your family and your valued possessions—everything from hanging pictures and artwork to your computer, television, and refrigerator. The appendix lists manufacturers of specially designed earthquake-resistant products complete with manufacturers’ addresses, telephone, and fax numbers."

Easy Enrichment: Thinking Outside The Green Gelatin Box by Trina Boice.
"This is a great brainstorm book of ideas to plan an enrichment evening for women once a month. It especially appeals to LDS women who are members of the Relief Society."

Elder Organizer: A Journal of Information for Family Elders by Joanne Hill. 3006 Amen Corner, Riverhead, NY 11901.

Empowered by Empathy: 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit by Rose Rosetree. 116 Hillsdale Dr, Sterling, VA 20164-1201.
"This first edition is America's first how-to for empaths, presenting a spiritual side of empathy and insights into a range of abilities. Take a look at the listing on my website and/or Be patient, too, since publication isn't until Nov. 30, 2000. :-) Dan, thanks for the opportunity to list our book. Yes, we use and recommend The Self-Publishing Manual."

Encore! Encore! Seniors(50 Plus) As Entrepreneurs: Their Time Has Come by Joe Wasylyk.
"If you have been down-sized from your job OR found out that MLM and Internet businesses are not for you, I have written and self-published this new book to empower Adults 50 and Up to become business or social entrepreneurs through Lifelong Learning and Micro-Business Training. My social mission is to eradicate Seniors Poverty around the World. "

END YOUR STORY, BEGIN YOUR LIFE: The Revolutionary Practice That Sets You Free by Jim Dreaver.
"This is a 165 page e-book available for $10.95. "

END YOUR STORY, BEGIN YOUR LIFE: The Revolutionary Practice That Sets You Free by Jim Dreaver.
"End Your Story Begin Your Life is an inspiring, life-transforming guide to the depth of inner freedom also known as awakening, enlightenment, or self-realization. Through his words and his presence on every page of this eBook, Jim Dreaver teaches the revolutionary three-step practice that helps you stop identifying with the stories inside your head (which aren’t real), and awaken to your true nature, to the peace, love, and creative joy within you..."

"Language: SPANISH. THESIS IN PSYCHOANALYSIS. Using Marihuana Herb as a tool to do Regressions and heal Depression. "

Every Day A Victory by Margaret Glendinning. POB 1631 San Marcos TX 78667.
"A little inspirational book to lift yourself out of the doldrums and back into the world again."

Excape From The Human Race by The Doctor. The Lone Doctor Publishing Company, P. O. Box 70, Sharon Center, OH 44274-0070.
"Excape From The Human Race is a book about life and death; everything in between and beyond the extremes. First edition with 3,000 in print. 270 pages 81/2 by 11. ISBN:0-9673583-0-2 Publication date January 1, 2000 "

Exceptional Life / Living the Life You Were Meant to Live by Kurt DuNard. P.O. Box 680367, Franklin TN 37068.
"This manual is the ultimate tool for creating balance, achieving purpose, and living a long happy life. In short, it gives the secrets to creating an Exceptional Life. "This is the book I recommend to people who not only want success but also meaning, happiness and significance." --Robin Crow Edition: First Specifications: Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5,240 pages Price: $19.95 Numbers: ISBN 0-9765838-8-7 Library of Congress Control Number: 2005932686 Tel: 800-745-6273 "

Excuse Me Let Me Speak...A Young Persons Guide to Public Speaking by Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome.
"Excuse Me! Let Me Speak… “is a child friendly workbook” that walks children through the simple steps they need to become confident, bold, professional public speakers. If you want your child to be a leader… If you want your child to stand out… If you want your child to communicate effectively…"

Expert Women Who Speak...Speak Out...Vol.2 by Joan Kulmala, Co-Author.
"Inspiring Women - Innovative Solutions! Expert Women Who Speak provides women with information and strategies that meet the challenges of their lives. As one of fifteen co-authors - all professional speakers and experts in our fields, we share our collective wisdom. Like you we are women with busy lives. We have tailored our suggestions and solutions to fit with the realities of life in the workplace and at home. We provide the tips and tools that will help you to excel, make your dreams real, and assist you in uncovering hidden talents, and inner resources. Discover how-to: * Fly Like An Eagle on your own inner power. - Author - Joan Kulmala * Stay cool when 'your pants are on fire'. - Author - Arleen Jorgenson * Become a champion in your work and daily life. - Authors - Penny and Vicky Vilagos - Former Olympic Champions To discover more hidden treasures place your order today at ! "

Facts of Life: ten issue of contentment by Michael C. Graham.

Fall Into Freedom: An Affair Inspires One Woman's Search For Truth by Diana Marie Weitzel, M.A.. PO Box 1121, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007.
"First Edition, Hardcover, 371 pages, $24.95 (20% discount from website) Order toll-free: 888-360-2617"

Fate, Chance or Divine Design by Joyce Dunn. 8615 Franklin Street, Omaha, NE 68114.
"Also available on See web site for book reviews."

Feed the Good Dog by Paul McCabe.
"Feed the Good Dog, a book by Paul McCabe, is full of enriching quotes, and incorporates ingenious chapter summaries that capture the essence of Paul’s motivational messages. With obvious respect for his readers, Paul offers advice that is equally insightful, accessible and actionable. Like a conversation with a great friend, Feed the Good Dog is infectiously engaging and entertaining. A must-read for anyone in search of courage, balance, awareness and purpose. "

Feng Shui To Go by Clarke, Marki. P.O. Box 1180, Hiram, GA 30141.
"Harmonize your life with the incredible powers of nature - even if you know nothing about Feng Shui!"

Fighting the Demon of Suicide by Coach Doug Merrill.
"This is the true story of Coach Merrill's survival of mental illness, depression, and suicide. Coach Merrill takes us on a journey that walks us through his personal account of surviving multiple suicides as a young boy, a student in high school, and as a coach and teacher. Coach Merrill tackles the sensitive issue of mental illness with honesty and compassion and will leave his readers with the most of human capacities "hope"."

Find A Way: A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Life by Dennis McCurdy.
"Find a Way is a valuable guide to helping you live the life you want. Simple and practical steps to set you on the right path to acomplish your dreams. "

Finding Forgiveness: A 7-Step Program for Letting Go of Anger and Bitterness by Dr. Eileen R. Borris-Dunchunstang. 6450 East Hummingbird Lane .
"Finalist for "Books for a Better Life Award""

Finding Forgiveness: A Seven Step Program for Letting go of Anger and Bitterness by Dr. Eileen R. Borris-Dunchunstang.
"Throughout our lives we are put into situations calling for forgiveness. We hear about betrayals and abuse and people having affairs. How we choose to handle these situations will affect the quality of our lives. We can choose to hold on to the anger and bitterness and remain a victim to our circumstances or choose another path, that of forgiveness, which will bring a release of our pain and guilt. This is what Finding Forgiveness: A 7-Step Program for Letting Go of Anger and Bitterness is about. Finding Forgiveness takes the reader through a step by step forgiveness program to learn how to forgive and heal their emotional pain. It tells stories of incredible individuals from the person next door to one of the holiest men in the world, His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Each story teller shares their struggles and eventual triumphs in being able to forgive and how they where able to transform their lives. Anyone who picks up this book will be touched by the people they meet who have shared their stories on forgiveness. Readers will finally understand the true meaning of forgiveness and what a gift forgiveness offers the world. "

Finding Love After 50: How to Begin. Where to Go. What to Do. by Tom Blake. 2957 Calle Frontera, San Clemente, CA 92673.
"The author has written more than 650 columns for Orange County Calif. newspapers on the topic of middle-aged and senior dating. He's the dating after 50 columnist for Yahoo! Personals. Important book for widows, widowers and divorced Boomers. Book endorsements by Mark Victor Hansen and John Gray. "

Finding Purpose after Abuse by Kathleen Schubitz. PO Box 160243, Altamonte Springs, FL 32716-0243.

Finding the Balance in Your Breath: A Focused Energy Work Guided Meditation CD Album by Jeanie Marshall. 1223 Wilshire Boulevard #300, Santa Monica, CA 90403.
"This guided meditation gives you the relaxing break you need to regain your balance and enhance your personal empowerment. Twelve years ago I self-published my first book and a year later a second book, following every step of Dan Poynter's book. Last year, I published this and five other voice-over CD albums. I discovered that in the publishing world, this CD is a "book." I purchased the latest edition of Dan's book to keep me on target."

Finish What You Start by Craig S. Copeland.
"The Top 1% get things done, and their methods have been distilled into five simple principles. Using them, you can create dynamic results for successfully reaching your goals. This easy-to-understand valuable guide is your blueprint for taking your personal and business objectives to fulfillment."

First Wives' Tool Kit: A Survival Manual by Carol Kreit. Advocate House, a division of A Cappela Publishing, P.O. Box 3691, Sarasota, FL, 34230-3691.
"Endorsements: "Carol Kreit presents clear, specific strategies. First Wives' Tool Kit is concise--no wasted words. The ideas are highly practical. This book should be immensely helpful to any woman undergoing a difficult life change." Muriel T. Reid, MSW, LCSW, Family Therapist "This book should be required reading for any woman facing change in her financial, social and/or emotional life. The words cut to the chase in giving honest, heart-felt advice." Alice Hecht Giedekier, CFP & First Vice President, Prudential Securities "Finding memory on life's demanding journey is the everyday call to greatness. Carol Kreit equips the reader with a tool kit that is nourishing, transforming, and spiritually renewing." Sister Frances Rafferty, S.C. President, College of St. Elizabeth"

Flight by Daniel K. Fitzgerald. TwinWorlds, Inc.

FLY WITHOUT FEAR by KRS Edstrom. P.O. Box 8584 / Universal City, CA 91618-8584.
"FLY WITHOUT FEAR - "If the thought of boarding a plane makes you queasy, Fly Without Fear will help you regain your confidence. KRS Edstrom could even calm down a strong cup of coffee." - Doug Ordunio, Sr. Prod. DMX Inflight “Thank you for relieving a normally stress-filled situation for me. I literally drifted off the plane, having floated down like a feather. Even my ears were unscathed – no pain or popping! Now that’s what I call relaxed.” - Emily Halligan “I am a frequent airline traveler who has a fear of flying, especially in less than favorable weather conditions. I found listening to KRS Edstrom’s program to be most effective in overcoming my anxiety. It’s not just the words she says, but it’s how she says them that makes it so effective. I have tried numerous other audios to no avail. Despite the turbulence from a thunderstorm we encountered, I remained completely relaxed. In fact, I actually fell asleep during the flight – a first for me.” - Matthew Wikler, M.D. “Many thanks for your great efforts! I have been advising my passengers to use your techniques. I have more relaxed passengers now.” - Captain William H. Noyes, Hawaiian Airlines This effective new CD is a Book of the Month (BookSpan) selection for several of their catalogs, including Doubleday and One Spirit (cover placement! Many favorable reviews include the New York Post, Chicago Tribune, Milwaukee Journal, Fresno Bee, Desert Sun, Richmond Times, Tampa Tribune, Library Journal, Today's Books, Foreword, Midwest Book Review, Audio World, Booklist and many others. “Fly Without Fear” includes calming meditations with soothing music for boarding, take-off, in-flight and landing along with a highly effective pre-flight "dress rehearsal" exercise. This welcome new travel tool transforms an anxious flight into a "spa-in-the-sky." Added bonus - this CD imparts skills that can be applied to any fear or phobia - something you can appreciate the rest of your life! Suggested Retail: $16.95 CD Time: 73 minutes (10 tracks) ISBN: 1-886198-14-4 Soft Stone Publishing P.O. Box 8584 / Universal City, CA 91618-8584 Phone: 323-851-8623 Website: Distributed by: Ingram "

Forget That Diet And Eat What You Need: The Tao of Eating by Elizabeth Terp.,

FORGIVENESS:The Mystery and Miracle/ Finding Freedom and Peace at Last by Annette Stanwick. 6620 62ave NW.
"1st edition, 2000 in print, publishing date Aug.07 This book is the amazing account of the author's healing journey following the tragic murder of her brother. Lead to publicly forgive her brother's murderers in the courtroom, she found unexplainable freedom and peace. Written as a model for healing from any painful situation the reader is lead to process their own painful struggles with the thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter. It has already helped many readers find freedom and peace again from their painful hurts and losses."

FORGIVING DAD: A Therapist's Journey To Forgiveness by Anthony T. Campo Ph.D.. PAGE 1 PUBLISHING, PO Box 181, Killington, Vermont, 05751.
"complete details at"

Free e-book, by Don Diebel.
"Download this free e-book featuring 27 Chapters on how to successfully meet, attract, and seduce women in nightclubs. You must have this book, if you go to nightclubs! "

FREE YOURSELF FROM WORRY -- It's not a part of God's plan for your life by R.L. Hill.
"Worry is unnatural, unnecessary, and not at all what God desires for us. Discover real life attitudes and practices that will free you to live the life you deserve. The book is published by Outskirts Press; it has been nominated for an EVVY Award; and the author has been invited to appear on the TV network morning show, "The Balancing Act" "

Freedom at Your Fingertips: Get Rapid Physical and Emotional Relief with the Breakthrough System of Tapping by Ron Ball, 20 Co-Authors, Foreword by Dr. Joseph Mercola. Inroads Publishing, PO Box 357, Fredericksburg, VA 22404-0357.
"We all have barriers, beliefs and blocks that show up in our lives as physical and emotional limitations. This book introduces you to a simple, elegant and powerful self-help tool called EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques. With EFT, by simply tapping with your fingertips on certain acupressure points on your face and body, while you concentrate on whatever bothers you, EFT helps clear the energy blocks of negative, uncomfortable emotions and beliefs. EFT surprises people with its undeniably wondrous results. Using EFT, typically a problem or condition is gone or greatly diminished in just a matter of minutes."

From Across The Ocean To Electromagnetic Energy in Motion to Waking Up in Light by Sophia Santucci.

From Death Do I Part: How I Freed Myself From Addiction by Amy Lee Coy.
"Amazon Kindle top 100 in three categories: Alcoholism, Drug Dependency, Substance Abuse."

From Desperation to Dedication: Lessons You Can Bank On by Troy Evans. 3104 E. Camelback Road, #436.
"From former bank robber to professional speaker and author. In todays ever-changing world, the emotional drain can be intense and disillusionment can lurk around every corner. Troy Evans story serves as an example of what happens when we as human beings have the strength to believe. Readers will walk away with real insight into overcoming adversity, adapting to change, and pushing themselves to realize their full potential. Troy shares his stories of failure and success to demonstrate the power that we all have within when we have the strength to believe and the vision to see the potential in not only ourselves, but also in our personal and professional relationships."

From Desperation to Dedication: Lessons You Can Bank On by Troy D. Evans. 3104 E. Camelback Road, #436.
"Read the unique perspective of an individual who spent 7.5 years in Federal Prison for armed bank robbery, and who now is a professional speaker and author. While incarcerated, Troy earned two college degrees, both with a 4.0 GPA and placement on the Deans and Presidents List. Gain isight into overcoming obstacles, adapting to change and pushing yourself to realize your full potential- Troy's history of struggles and accomplishments will show you how!"

From Desperationo to Dedication: An Ex-Con's Lessons on Turning Failure into Success by Troy Evans.
"Former bank robber turned professional speaker and best selling author gives you insight into overcoming adversity, adapting to change and pushing yourself to realize your full potential. This is Troy's second book and is available in hardback. "

From Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life: A Woman's Journey through Divorce by Donna F. Ferber, LPC, LADC.
"From Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life: A Woman’s Journey through Divorce is chock full of wisdom and advice for any woman experiencing the pain and disappointment of divorce. Donna F. Ferber, LPC, LADC has drawn on her twenty years of experience counseling women through this difficult process to create a comprehensive guide comprised of 365 one page essays that offer inspiration, insight and information. Whether you use this invaluable book as a directory for help on a specific topic or as a day to day companion, Ex-Wife to Exceptional Life offers the tools, guidance and emotional support for handling all aspects of divorce. "

FROM GRUNT TO GREATNESS... by Michael Charest.
""FROM GRUNT TO GREATNESS...A different kind of self-help book" is the introductory book under the "Umbrella of Life" series. This book introduces the reader to Griffin, a lovable, chubby, English bulldog who is also the FGTG ambassador. The theme of the series is based on loving ourselves now as we pursue our personal best. FGTG is serious and hard-hitting, but written with humor and love as we follow Griffin and the author through life's every day challenges. The stories and 20 beautiful illustrations translate into lessons you will remember long after finishing the book. Won't you join us on the path from Grunt to Greatness! "

From Heartbreak To Happiness: An Intimate Diary of Healing by Aurora Winter. order online at Aurora @
"Get your FREE ebook! Visit: DR. WAYNE DYER said, "I read every page of this beautiful diary -- it touched my heart and I know it will impact yours." This beautiful hardcover book makes a great gift for anyone dealing with death, divorce, breakup or another loss. Distributed through Ingram and New Leaf, or purchase online at"

From The Ashes Reborn (A Woman's Journey Back to Self-Love) by Peggie Kirkland.
"From The Ashes Reborn (A Woman's Journey Back to Self-Love)is a collection of poetry crafted in four unique partts. It traces a woman's journey from dependence to independence, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is sure to be life-altering."

From Work To Retirement: How to create an active, fulfilling life by Don Cameron. New Learning Horizons, PO Box 362, South Perth, Western Australia 6951.
"• Paperback: 242 pages • ISBN: 1 920783 35 0 • Dimensions: 215 x 140 mms • R.R.P. AU$24.95 • First published August 2005 "

Fund Me Please! Scholarship Book for the Seiously Broke Scholar by Mrs.Rolanda Pruitt. 3809 West Polk Street, Chicago, IL 60624-4000.
"1st printand 1st edition"

Funky to Fabulous: Surefire Success Strategies for the Savvy, Sassy and Swamped by Eli Davidson. 269 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 248, Beverly Hills, Ca 90212.
"3,000 in print distributed to the trade by Midpoint Trade books Endorsed by 5 NY Times Bestselling Authors Funky to Fabulous animated video created by 3 time Emmy winner and composer of Color Purple"

Gathering Our Divinity by Linda Sedesky.
"Gathering Our Divinity, a gentle mix of angst and truth, provides answers to our most profound questions about our existence together on this planet. Step by step, Ms. Sedesky guides us on a poignant healing journey to uncover our truths. Her style of asking pertinent questions, in a search for powerful answers, is unique and refreshing."

Get A Grip! Overcoming Stress and Thriving In the Workplace by Bob Losyk. P.O. Box 290957, Davie, FL. 33329.
"First edition, published by Wiley & Sons. Now available in bookstores, and Advance praise gives rave reviews and testimonials from bestselling authors and business leaders. See for reviews. Price $19.95US-28.99CAN-$13.99 UK/softcover/215 pages."

Get Over Him Girl: The Moving On Manual by Lakelia DeLoach.
"Four heartbreaks and a divorce later, Lakelia “Byrd” DeLoach refused to play the role of “the bitter woman” or have a rerun of her past love scenes. She wanted to find what she was looking for, which meant first getting over her ex-husband, then no longer looking for her father in men she dated, and finally realizing herself worth and truly knowing what she wanted this time around. Getting over the breakup seemed to be the greatest challenge of them all. Lakelia created a step-by-step process to get over a breakup while giving a brief rundown of her most recent breakup: Her divorce from her husband. This book is designed to help women get over a guy after a breakup and move on with her life. This book will also help women really see what they want, need and deserve in order to help them move on successfully, healthy and peacefully, and to learn from their mistakes."

Get Over Your B.S. Belief System: Change Your Belief System and Transform Your Life by Shanon Nelson.
"Get Over Your B.S.(Belief System) will invoke you to change your belief system if it is hindering your growth. Rather than provide a litany of “to-dos” as many books do, the author has shared her story of triumph, a gripping story line which makes it easy to retain the book’s lessons and insights. There’s suspense, emotional drama, some light-hearted parts and even some touching moments – all cleverly intertwined with spiritual concepts. There’s life lessons for women and men at the end as a reminder of the importance of discovering truth in your life as you continue on your journey and there’s hope that your life can and will change for the better when you change your mind!"

Get Smart! About Modern Career Development by Michelle L. Casto. Get Smart! 5403 Everhart Rd. #115 CC, Texas 78411.
"Get Smart! About Modern Career Development: A Personal Guide to Creating Your Life's Work (2000) is a comprehensive career guide for the 21st century. You will learn about: smart career decision making, becoming an entrepreneur, the 6 stages of career development, how to market your skills, and much more! Written by career coach and speaker, Michelle L. Casto, this is the only career book you will ever need! Chock full of inspirational quotes, journaling, and reflection exercises. "

Get Smart! About Modern Career Development by Michelle L. Casto. 5403 Everhart Rd. #115 CC, texas 78411.
"Get Smart! About Modern Career Development: A Personal Guide to Creating Your Life's Work. (Get Smart! Publishing) This comprehensive career development guide for the 21st century will help you make a smart career decision, change paths easily, and understand the dynamics of the modern world of work. Includes chapters on self-marketing and the 6 stages of modern career development. The only career book you will ever need!"

Get UNstuck! The Simple Guide to Restart Your Life by John Seeley M.A.. 3419 Via Lido 375 Newport Beach, CA 92663.
"Paperback edition, audiobook edition or Spanish edition. Also published in India, and distributed worldwide"

"Have had many positive statements from writers and seniors. Book is entered in the 'book of the year' awards. This book takes a negative subject and puts a positive spin on it. It is possible that the best is yet to come!"

Gettysburg's Leadership Lessons for Lawyers (and Non-Lawyers too!) by Jay Jorgensen. History Attic Books, Inc., P.O. Box 971, Woodbridge, N.J. 07095.
"This book appeals to anyone interested in the Civil War, the law, leadership, or self-improvement. Recounting over 150 stories from the epic Battle of Gettysburg, this book provides important lessons of leadership that apply to everyone. Award winning author Jay Jorgensen, a lawyer and judge, interprets these vignettes to provide valuable insights into how people can better deal with every day situations in a forceful, positive manner."

Girl Get That Child Support : The Baby Mama's Guide To Tracking Down A Deadbeat, Finding His Cash & Making Him Pay Every Dollar He Owes You. by Cathy Middleton, Esq.. 225-16 Merrick Blvd., Laurelton, N.y. 11413. None
"Girl, Get That Child Support is a self help book designed to assist single mothers who are seeking to make the men in their lives accountable to their children. The book is in its' first edition "

Go for No! by Richard Fenton.
"In its 3rd edition, over 25,000 printed. Has sold via word of mouth with virtually no advertising or savvy marketing of any kind only from our offices and web site."

GO HOME - A Guide to Achieving Your Goals While Dealing With Life's Inconveniences by Alexander Folk.
"If this 54 page book gets into the hands of enough people it could change the world! You owe it to yourself and your children to read this book. It explains how simple God created life, how it's impossible to fail and how easy it is to find your passion in life. It even answers the ultimate question, "What is the Meaning of Life?" it's perfect for teens and adults."

Go MAD - The Art of Making A Difference by Andy Gilbert.
"This is the 2nd Edition of Andy Gilbert's best seeling book. The original Go MAD book (updated 2005) and a great introduction to the Go MAD Thinking System. Each of the seven key success principles are explained in-depth and related to practical examples. An easy to read personal effectiveness book. "

God Provides the Sacrifice: Women Discuss Making Their Hardest Decisions by Yvonne L. LaMar, Ph.D..
"What is the Hardest Decision You Ever Had to Make? This is the first question posed to the women who were interviewed for God Provides the Sacrifice. The results are stunning and the women are hard to resist."

God Provides The Sacrifice: Women Discuss Making Their Hardest Decisions by Yvonne L. LaMar, Ph.D..
"What is the hardest decision you ever had to make? That question is posed to women from all walks of life in Dr. LaMar's revealing and enlightening account of women's decision making."

Going to the Next Dimension by Dr. Kenneth M. Young. PO Box 2042 Winter Park, FL 32790.
"First edition, featured in Charisma June 2007, issue; Theme: FullGospel Baptist Church Fellowship Convention, 2007"

Good Grief For Kids, A Journal To Help Children Cope With Their Grief During Times Of Loss by Katherine Dorn Zotovich. P.O. 6173 Los Osos, Ca. 93412.
"Journal Keepers Publishing provides quality creative journals and journal products for the young and the young at heart. Specializing in children's journals and parent companion journals. 1,000 in print. "

got homophobia by Azaan Kamau. 4570 Van Nuys Blvd Suite 573 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.
"As a writer and a lesbian who has experienced homophobia & bullying first hand, I felt it was my duty to address the issues so that no more children feel suicide is the only answer. America, we must save our children!"

GPS Your Best Life- Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style by Charmaine Hammond and Debra Kasowski.
"GPS Your Best Life, Charmaine Hammond and Debra Kasowski Getting where you want in life can be as easy as getting in the car and going for a Sunday drive. Bestselling author and transformational speaker Charmaine Hammond teams up with fellow speaker and founder/CEO of the Millionaire Woman Club, Debra Kasowski, to bring you a unique method for getting clear and achieving what you want in your life, your career, your relationships. GPS Your Best Life gives you simple, practical strategies, accompanied by down to earth assessment tools. This book will put you behind the wheel to guide you from figuring out what revs your engine and what’s blocking your view, and following your unique road map to your desired destination while learning to navigate the obstacles and road blocks along the way. You don’t have to be a motor head to appreciate the GPS step-by-step approach. Whether you’re trying to determine what you really want in life, to clarify your goals, or how to get where you want, GPS Your Best Life will help you map your destination and put you on the road to personal fulfillment, happiness, and success. "

Grief Expressed When a Mate Dies by Marta Felber. 419 Salem Vista Ct., Winston Salem, NC 27101.
"Ben Franklin Award Winner Third Printing"

Grief: The Lonely Road/A Widower's Journey Toward Hope by Marvin Petsel.
"This 1st edition book is the author's story of his wife's death and that of seven other men. It is an easy read and includes support information for those in the similar situation. Grief is painful, this book can help ease the pain. "

Growing Up Is . . . !!! / Growing Up Is ... Not Just For Kid !!! by Glen Bartholomew. P.O. Box 17565 - San Antonio, Texas 78217.

Handbook for Humans: A Comprehensive Synthesis of Paths to Personal Growth by James Sloman. OceanBlue Publishing 98 Main Street Tiburon, CA 94920.
"A personal and spiritual growth manual synthesizing the wisdom of dozens of traditional paths on subjects of health, happiness, success and peace. 1st Edition ISBN# 1886779058 "

Happiness is Everything! by Chris Crawford.
""There are an infinite number of ways to lose a day, but not one way to get it back." Don't wait until it's too late! LEARN HOW TO BE HAPPY RIGHT NOW! LEARN THE SECRET TO ENJOYING LIFE!"


HE LIVES, A Living Testimony by Sharon Pellom. PO Box3870, Decatur, Ga. 30034.
"This book was birthed from a daddy’s last words to his daughter. He spoke these words, "He Lives" to her as he lay dying. The spirit of the words entered into her heart. Living her life as a Christian she began to see from age 17 until today how Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are with her. The Book “He Lives, A living Testimony,” contains 17 stories witnessing moments when God shows up and shows out in her life. She has come to know that if you Ask, Seek and knock, “He Lives, and Life Is Eternal”. This is not the End. Surrender, Depend, Rest and Obey. "

Healing and Freedom Through These Sacred Tonemasters by Jacqueline Harris. 14625 Baltimore Avenue, #230, Laurel Maryland, 20707.
"First Edition"

Healing By His Design by Jan Small. 40167 Blanchard St, Fremont, CA 94538-2805.
"Healing By His Design is a workbook about designing your feelings and giving them to God to heal. You do not have to be an artist to enjoy this book. There are forteen lessons, lots of illustrations from people who did the exercises and stories about the illustrations. Healing By His Design is in its second printing."

Healing by HIS Design by Jan Small. 40167 Blanchard St, Fremont, CA 94538.
"Healing By HIS Design is a workbook that guides you through a process of designing your feelings, understanding them, and giving them to God to heal. No art experience is required to do the lessons. It is a fun, enlightening, positive and creative way to better understand yourself."

Healthy Attitude Smart Choices: Living the Life You Choose by Rashun Jones. P.O. 36651 Oklahoma City, Ok 73136.
"First Edition Published 2006 Healthy Attitudes Smart Choices gives you insight, tools and strategies to build a positive healthy outlook in life. Don’t let negativity weigh you down. Equip yourself with knowledge, skills, positive affirmations, competence and confidence to meet all of your challenges, no matter where, what or who they are."

Healthy Lifestyle Path of Wellness by Pamela Holtzman.
"Released only one month and sold over 200 copies by word of mouth. Being considered for the Benjamin Franklin writing award, winners to be announced in April, 2011."

Heart Magic,Keeping Love Alive & Well by Maria J. Andrade, M.F.T.. 680 Napa Ct, Claremont, CA 91711.
""Heart Magic, Keeping Love Alive & Well," helps people become successful in their love relationships. Learn how you can establish the "8 Select Principles" found in healthy, loving partnerships and the important communication "dos and don'ts" for getting along through the years! (Available in Spanish)"

Heart of the Soul: Spritual Lessons for Lasting Happiness by Aretta Swanson & Ian M. Smith. 630-554-9931 .
"Heart of the Soul is about living life on purpose and experiencing our birthright of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. This compelling book shows you how to see with your heart, and how the simplest of acts and thoughts can transform your life. Drawing from the wisdom of the spiritual masters and their own personal journeys, the authors provide profound and revealing insights into how we all can live in a way that enhances our relationships with friends, family and self. This understanding provides a deeper realization of our connections with the Divine Spirit that is present within and guides us through each day. Change your thinking, change your life! Heart of the Soul challenges you to experience your life at its fullest... after all, that's what you deserve!"

HERBAL VADE MECUM: 800 Herbs, Spices, Essential Oils, Lipids, Etc. - Constituents, Properties, Uses, and Caution by Gazmend Skenderi. 144 Wheaton Place, Rutherford, NJ 07070.
"SHORT DESCRIPTION This Vade Mecum (concise and portable reference book) is intended to serve as a quick-reference for professionals and lay people interested in properties, uses, caution (contraindications, side effects, possible interactions with drugs), and active constituents of Botanical Ingredients used mainly in Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries, and Family Practice. Botanical Ingredients (approximately 800) are grouped in short Monographs (657) and cover a large number of the most commonly used Herbs, Spices, Essential Oils, Resins, Balsams, Fixed Oils, Fats, and Gums worldwide. Included are Beta Glucans and some Medicinal Mushrooms (shiitake, etc.), Bromelain, and more. Monographs are listed alphabetically (Acerola to Zedoary) according to the Common Names of the plants from which they are derived. At the end of the book there is a Therapeutic Checklist where botanicals are classified according to the organ systems and disorders (Nervous Disorders: anxiety, insomnia, etc.; Gynecologic Disorders: premenstrual and menopausal syndromes, etc.; Etc.). In the Various Effects and Uses are listed Immunomodulants, Antioxidants, Potassium and Vitamin C Supplements, and Skin Care, Cosmetic, Flavor and Fragrance Ingredients, and more. It also includes Glossary of Medical Terms, Glossary of Chemical Terms, References, and the Index (Monographs, Common Names, Latin Botanical Names, Disorders and Various Effects and Uses). AUTHORS BIO Gazmend Skenderi is a consultant in Natural Products. He graduated from the Tirana University with a degree in Pharmacy and soon after became qualified in Pharmacognosy and Phytopharmacy. His career includes collecting and cataloging Medicinal and Aromatic Plants; teaching and researching in Pharmacognosy and Phytopharmacy; and sourcing, QA/QC and Marketing of Natural Products. He has written three other books and a number of scientific and popular articles on Natural Products."

Hope is Like the Sun: Finding Hope and Healing After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death by Lisa Church. HopeXchange Publishing 26 Towne Centre Way #731 Hampton, VA 23666-1999.
"Hope is Like the Sun follows the author and four of her friends as they navigate the difficult journey through pregnancy loss. This book will help you to understand and work through your grief by using practical and simple strategies that can begin healing today."

Hot T.I.P.S. on Public Speaking by Dr. M. Tina Dupree. P.O. Box 540821, Opa Locka, FL 33054.
"Thanks Dan for showing me how to make my book, "Hot T.I.P.S. on Public Speaking," more profitable. Several years ago, I heard Dan Poynter speak on self publishing. I was, at that time, selling Hot T.I.P.S. as a 26 page booklet. After attending Dan's session and reading his book, I went home and immediately expanded it to 76 pages and now it's selling a lot more. Dan showed me how. Thanks, Dr. M. Tina Dupree, The Chicken Lady"

Hot Tantra Sex Games: Sexual Healing with Tantra by Barbara Price Galvan. 5418 Wellcrest Court, Galloway Ohio 43119.
"Using an inclusive, empowering approach, this book explains how every woman, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, or auto, can use Tantra to transports sexuality from simply doing the act to actually being there at a higher level of conciseness. This book will take sex from ancient times into modern times. You have the ability to change your sex life with games and this book will give you the tools and the means to do so. Come visit the website and download a free positions wheel to get you started adding spark and fun to your sex life, but most of all achieving a great sex life. ISBN:1-929452-22-5 $19.95"

How I Retired at 26! by Asha Tyson.
"This self-published national bestseller with over 50,000 copies in print continues to change lives around the globe. Tyson, who was homeless at 17 -- rose to be one of the country's most sought after leading authorities on personal growth and success. "How I Retired at 26!" provides an eye-opening practical process for living the life of your dreams at absolutely any age! (Now available on audio at -- read by Asha Tyson herself. Get your copy now!)"

How I Retired at 26! A step-by-step guide to accessing your freedom & wealth at any age by Asha Tyson. 23309 Ford Road, Division 151, Dearborn Michigan 48128.
"I am quite thrilled at the results we have gotten with our first title. Reading "The Self-Publishing Manual" made me instantly savvy regarding the whole approach to this industry. We went to print 8 times inside of 7 months! By the 7 month, "How I Retired at 26!" was a national best-seller. The media was swarming, and we were turning away booksignings with large book retailers simply because time wouldn't permit me to serve everyone. Truly, I am grateful to Dan Poynter for his wisdom, insight and wonderful contribution to this profession. Thanks Dan!!!"

How To Be A Happy Lesbian: A Coming Out Guide: by Tracey Stevens, K. Wunder LPC.
"Recommended on TV by Sue Johanson on the Sunday Night Sex Show, and in her book "Sex, Sex, and More Sex," this book contains everything an emerging lesbian or bisexual woman needs to arm herself in today's world. Along with chapters on anatomy, safer sex, communication, romance and making love, this guide includes information on what is a lesbian and how to accept yourself if you are one; advice on coming out and where to get help if you need it; the language of being lesbian; where to go to meet others who are lesbian and the art of knowing who is and who isn't; a chapter on lesbian and gay role models; and a section listing the top lesbian films from 1928 to the present. Perfect for any woman who is coming out as lesbian or bisexual, or as a gift for a woman who is questioning her sexual orientation, the soft cover edition has a 5 star rating on Amazon. This book is also available from our web site as an instant downloadable Ebook edition with four free bonuses, including membership to our online support group, which has over 650 members worldwide. ISBN: 978-0-9719628-0-4 "

How to Be CEO of Your Own Life by Rebecca Everett. 4735 Clairemont Sq. #165, San Diego CA 92117.
"Self-directed, in-depth workbook and compelling text so you discover who you are and what you're really meant to do. Entrepreneurs, business owners and already succesful readers find it focuses their efforts and takes them to the next level - fast."

HOW TO BECOME A BILLIONAIRE AND KEEP IT FOREVER by Dr. True. Visit the author's webpage at

How To Get Over A Past Relationship Faster Than You Think by Stewart Marshall Gulley. or
"First edition Book explains the challenges a person have in overcoming a past relationship using very logical thought. It also explains how to step into the future without feeling guilty because of what happened and the opinion of others."

How to Give your Best Speech or Presentation Ever by Greg Ferguson.
"Nervous about giving a presentation? Have no fear! This book guides you through a foolproof, step-by-step process for giving great speeches or presentations—every time. Giving a fantastic presentation is not difficult if you know the steps that great speakers have used for centuries. From Aristotle to Barack Obama, great communicators have used the same steps to deliver their messages to mankind, and you can, too! People who have followed the steps and strategies in this book have found that they are far more prepared and less nervous about speaking than they ever knew they could be. You can, too. Get ready to give your best presentation ever!"

How To Handle Your Man- for wmen wanting to improve their relationships by Ron Jackson. P O Box 2478 Kankakee, IL 60901.
""Yes indeed, a book you will read over and over again..... so simple, but with meaning in every word. Ms CL Jones, N. Augusta, SC "This book helps point out the relationship fallacies and suggest ways to identify and change them." Dr. G. Abbo Chief Psychiatrist, Abilebne, TX "The author is still a fool, but I am proud of him." Mrs L Sampson (Ron's mom)Kankakee, IL "A must read." Kankakee City News-Taylor Publication. "Good things come in small packages. In just 124 pages, Jackson expresses his views clearly, specifically, interestingly. How To Handle Your Man is one fine, valuable, helpful book." Leon Fletcher, Emeritus Professor of Speech Monterey Peninsula College. Book is available through website: Ron published this book using step-by- step article from "Writers Digest, Nov 2000 by Dan Poynter. Besides a self-publisher, Ron is now a self- shipper, receiver, promoter, clerk,distributor. "

How To Heal From Years of Criticism, Insults, Abuse and Rejection by Ronda Degaust. 287 Lacewood Dr. - Unit 103, Suite 291 - Halifax, NS B3M 3Y7.
" "This is not just another 'solve-all-your-problems-by-thinking-positive-self-help-book' ... readers will reap the rewards of (Ronda's) journey to healthy, conscious and joyful living ... she clearly leads the motivated learner through a series of powerful exercises designed to heal the wounds of the past. Here's to your life potential!” - Patrice M. Perillo, M.S.S., L.C.S.W. Life Coach Core Values Living --- “The "How To Heal" book was such an easy read, yet full of amazing insight! Ronda's transparency helped me to process and somehow simplify my own painful past. The workbook strategies had a HUGE impact on my willingness and ability to heal ugly, old emotional wounds. It's also helpful in preventing current situations from becoming ‘old wounds’. Every therapist should recommend this book!” - Jackie Brendel, California --- “For days after reading this book my mind continued to connect past incidents where negative beliefs were formed. Every moment spent helped me put those limiting negative beliefs behind me. Wow - what an impact this book has made on my life – let the changes begin!!” - Michele McQuaid Timberlea, NS Canada --- "I recommend you read this book.” - Johnette Carli, BSW, RSW Long-term Child Protection Worker"

How to Heal Your Heart and Soul From Divorce by Tammy Lynn.
"If you think your life is over, think again. When a marriage ends, it can be a time of emotional turmoil, overwhelming sadness, confusion, and uncertainty. Though the road to recovery is both long and difficult, it can also mark the start of a more rewarding and fulfilling life. How to Heal Your Heart & Soul from Divorce is a very personal book written by one who has been through the pain, and through diligent effort, has emerged victorious. Tammy Lynn addresses the fears and challenges you may be facing, and provides tools you can use to take back all the pieces of yourself that you have lost. Tammy Lynn holds a Master’s degree in both accounting and health services administration. She currently works as a Financial Analyst for the Network of Care at The Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado. She resides in the town of Parker, Colorado, and is the mother of three school-age children. "

How To Hypnotize Yourself Without Losing Your Mind by Wayne F. Perkins. 18662 North 42nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85050.
"1st edition, publication date Jan 1999 ISBN 1-55212-220-4 Price $26.95 US This is a textbook/workbook that allows the reader to experience self-hypnosis and direct it toward personal goal achievement. The book includes free internet resources for support and discounts on Wayne Perkins workshops and products. This book is rapidly becoming a textbook for hypnotherapists and others in the health care industry."

How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle by Paul Kyriazi. 12335 Santa Monica Blvd. LA/CA 90025.
"Written up in Music Connection Magazine, web site and available from"

How to Remember Not to Forget by Joan Who? and Adam Rosensomething by Joan Houlihan and Adam Rosenbaum.
""How to Remember Not to Forget by Joan Who? and Adam Rosensomething" shows you how easy it is to improve your memory by teaching you how to identify and overcome the forces that prevent you from holding onto information you want to remember: the Memory Busters. * Information overload * Inattention * Mindless repetition * Unhealthy habits * Stress * Depression "How to Remember Not to Forget by Joan Who? and Adam Rosensomething" is published by iUniverse and is printed on-demand."

How to Survive Your Diet and Conquer Your Food Issues Forever by Linda Moran. Betterway Press Suite 157 76 North Maple Avenue Ridgewood NJ 07450.
"This internationally selling book parts ways with traditional diet books and even with conventional self-help. Author Linda Moran respects her readers' ability to find their own 'food wisdom,' which they may have lost in the course of their dieting lives. Based on principles of cognitive therapy and endorsed by cognitive therapist and author Dr. Michael R. Edelstein, this book reaches the hearts and minds of anyone who has ever had an eating disorder, food issues, or are just plain sick of the dieting mentality, but would still like to be the right weight. "

How Will I Achieve My Goals?: Six Simple Steps to Proven Success by Regina R. Carver.
"First time author. Do you have a goal? Learn 'How' to proceed after setting a goal. A short read and easy process outlined to keep you moving fowrad and stay on track. Book also available on and Facebook page:"

Hypoglycemia: The Other Sugar Disease by Anita Flegg.,
"Hypoglycemia is now in its second edition and is selling well all over the world. The second edition was fun because it was a chance to use what I learned through publishing the first one. Plus, I got to add a comprehensive workbook that walks you through changing your diet to feel better."

I Am Your Disease (The Many Faces of Addiction) by Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis and Heiko Ganzer.
"This is one of four books I've written on drugs and addiction. It contains stories by parents who have lost a child to this disease and information about what to look for, etc."

I Am Your Disease (The Many Faces of Addiction) by Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis. 819 Isar Ave NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907.
"This is the first of my four books on the devastation of drugs and addiction. Real stories told by real people. Learn about this by reading all the stories."

I Can! by Dr. FF Bascombe. P O Box 1831, Mount Dora, FL 32757.
"This intereactive book is loaded with color pictures and games. The reader is encouraged to write ideas utilizing words of action that begin with specific aphabets. The book is also available on CD with the song "I Can." This upbeat tune will have the reader humming all day long as the subliminal message of purpose is planted into their spirits. This book is cool, motivates, and is nugget-full. "

I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power by Joel Vorensky.
""I Dare to Heal with Compassionate Love" received a Gold Certificate of Excellence from San Diego Book Awards Association, five star reviews from Midwest Book Review, Writers' World, and a Great Work Review from Mindqest National Newsletter 2001 and 2002. "I Dare to Heal with Spiritual Power received a Best Book Award 2005 from USA Book News, in the New Age, Non-fiction Genre."

I just got a job in sales! Now what?" A Playbook for Skyrocketing Your Commissions by Todd Natenberg. 711 W. Gordon Terrace, Ste. 106, Chicago, IL 60613.
""This powerful, practical, fast-moving book gives you a series of proven techniques you can use to get your sales career off to a fast start. - Brian Tracy, Author, Turbo Strategy "Not only is this a must read for new salespeople, it's a terrific solution for an experienced salesperson in a slump who needs to get back to basics." - Roger Dawson, Author, Secrets of Power Negotiating "If you just got a job in sales, then you just better buy this book. Rather than 'just got a job,' you'll 'just make some sales.' This book informs, inspires, and presents practical real-world information that converts sales goals to sales contracts." - Jeffrey Gitomer, Author, The Sales Bible "Awesome! Todd's playbook is more than theory -- it contains a wealth of valuable, practical ideas. Told from the perspective of someone who has learned the job inside and out, his book should be required reading for anyone starting out in the field of sales." Todd Natenberg, President, TBN Sales Solutions, increases commissions for salespeople and profits for businesses through customized training and consulting. He establishes structures and procedures in all facets of the sales process, through workshops and individual one on one sales education, to teach reps to control their own destiny, to impact the bottom line. "Customers do not care how much you know until they know how much you care; Sell how you want to buy," Todd says. "

If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer! by Barbara Rose.
""Having just directed and produced the film version of Conversations with God, I was deeply moved when I read Barbara Rose's beautiful and compassionate book. Her love and wisdom infuse every page with insights and encouragement about moving beyond the dark nights of the soul that we have all experienced into a fully realized spiritual life. I loved this book and I believe that you will, too." - Stephen Simon Film Director/Producer (Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come) Co-founder Amazon Religion & Spirituality Bestseller Amazon Health, Mind & Body Bestseller Amazon Self Help Bestseller "

IF GOD WAS LIKE MAN: A Message from God to All of Humanity by Barbara Rose.
"Amazon New Thought Bestseller "

Ifs, Idioms and Images by Daniel K. Fitzgerald. TwinWorlds, Inc.

Illumination: Inspiring Stories About Finding the Silver Lining by Karen Wheeler Hall. P.O. Box 80512, Austin, TX 78708.
"Illumination is a collection of true stories about things that happened to people that they thought were bad at the time, but which they later realized had actually turned out to be good. The powerful stories in this book will inspire you to stay positive when disappointing or painful events happen and to discover good outcomes to the hard times in your life. Story contributors include Bill Rodgers, 4-time Boston Marathon champion and Jill Kinmont Boothe, subject of the movie The Other Side of the Mountain. Includes a glowing testimonial from Luci Baines Johnson, daughter of former President Lyndon Johnson. ISBN 1-4137-6322-7."

"I'M JUST NOT HAPPY elevates vague thoughts and feelings of unhappiness to consciousness, specificity and action-oriented solutions. Put your self in charge. Get out of your mental rut, change your thinking and understand your self and your partner. When your partner refuses to listen, make changes or go to counseling, you take charge."

I'm not that way anymore by Bernice Jepson.
" Bernice Jepson – Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota Speakers Bureau Diversity Speakers 218-334-4284 16117 440th Ave Frazee MN 56544 Bio: Bernice Jepson is the published author of ’’I’m Not That Way Anymore'. Her book deals with child abuse, child molestation, and domestic violence. This story is unique because she is quite candid about the abuse that was done to her and the abuse she is responsible for against her children. Bernice has several high profile endorsements for her book; The National Defense Foundation for Children USA; The Organization Silent Witness which was founded by the late Senator Paul Wellstone and Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota. The last endorsement is from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center in Encola PA. Besides the endorsements Bernice has participated in the annual Authentic Voice Workshop that was held at the University of Minnesota in 2004. After speaking at the workshop Bernice was asked to join the team of speakers at Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota because of the huge impact she contributed that day with her speech. Bernice was the Event Chair for the concert that Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota held on August 23rd featuring Cici Porter. The event had a profound effect on everyone that attended. She has had numerous radio and newspaper interviews. A few examples of her success are WWJC out of Duluth Minnesota; Hiyaah Power Inc. from Richmond Virginia, Northland Morning Magazine out of Duluth Minnesota an ABC affiliate, KDAL which is also in Duluth Minnesota. Women's Radio that is based in Oakland, CA will be offering their support for getting the word out about her text. Bernice did a radio show out of New York about her mission against abuse on the program called EVERYTHING GOES? ON WNYE FM (NYC Gov't educational radio station). McHenry County Woman Newspaper that is based in the state of Illinois which has a circulation of 150,000 is doing a full page layout featuring Bernice because the editor and publisher feel very strongly that Bernice’s contribution will change the way a lot of people think regarding abuse. Bernice was asked to be on Channel 3’s television program Inspired People because of the impact she is having locally on abuse issues. Bernice is now writing for the Ohio Homicide Victims Organization on a regular basis as a writer. She is on the Peace Clinic's websites with her text. They have offices nationally and abroad. The Peace Clinic bestowed their Peace Clinic Award for 2005 to Bernice for her work against abuse. She will be working with a local organization called Lakes Crisis Center in Detroit Lakes Minnesota giving lectures on domestic violence. Diversity Speakers which is based in Dallas Texas employees speakers that have over come abusive situations and they will be featuring Bernice as a speaker nation wide and perhaps over seas starting in the fall. She is now in contact with local senators, congressmen and state representatives to get stricter laws passed in regards to child abuse. Bernice is obviously commanding attention and getting it. She engages the audience and is able to hold their undivided attention. "

I'm Still Here by Venus Perez. 850 Longdale Avenue.
"Now available book-I'm Still Here by Venus Perez-The History, Testimony, Education, Outcomes, & Strength of people living wigh HIV/AIDS. For Orders visit our shopstore at: or by email at: "

Income Ideas for Seniors by C. Mazza, I. Moras and M-L Winther. P.O. Box 690, Upton, MA 01568.
"A brand new resource available now for retirees and those thinking of their retirement years, and looking for ways to supplement their income. This book is the result of many seniors needing to age in a productive and active way. Packed with ideas for paid activities and inspiring testimonials from ordinary retirees that are now living fulfilled, this book is intended to help seniors take steps to feel useful and be rewarded for what they want and can do."

Individual Power – Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth and Your Life by Barbara Rose.
"Amazon Personal Transformation Bestseller Amazon Self Help/Spiritual Bestseller "

Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth, and Your Life by Barbara Rose. 13401-9 Summerlin Rd. # 191 Fort Myers, FL 33919.
"My purpose in this book is to hit home with you, my new friend, my reader. To hit home with truth that will engage your mind, challenge your perceptions, and stir your soul into uncharted territory. Then you, too, can awaken and reclaim your very own self. From your personal relationships to your career, from your place in society to your personal growth Individual Power shows you how to have a life better than the one in your wildest dreams. Whether you’ve reached the top of the heap or lost it all…whether you’re happily married, hopelessly in love, or unbearably lonely… whether you’re secure in your faith or trembling with uncertainty…Individual Power will show you how to identify what you need to fulfill your life – and how to make it happen. "

Influence in a Nutshell: How to Influence and Be Influenced Well by Freddy Davis. 321 Anton Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32312.
"People often think of the concept of influence in terms of what sales people do to sell their product. That is certainly one component of it, but it is so much more. Influence is, simply, one element of the broader process of communication. Everyone uses it all the time. It is just that some people also do it professionally. Used well, influence makes our lives and our world better. Used wrongly it can make our lives miserable. Influence in a Nutshell looks at the concept of influence from both sides - from the side of the influencer and the influencee. With the knowledge contained in this book, those who influence will learn to influence well, and those who are influenced will not be manipulated."

Inner Coach: Outer Power by Keith Varnum. 11248 N. 11th St., Phoenix AZ 85020.
"After the author cures himself of blindness, he discovers a fresh, breakthrough secret to physical healing and a unique key to getting everything you desire—money, love, success. Chock-full of riveting true escapades, 48 firsthand stories show how miracles flow when you follow your inner guidance. Varnum’s innovative approach empowers you to create more security, health and financial power in your life."

Inner Coach: Outer Power by Keith Varnum. 11248 N. 11th St., Phoenix AZ 85020.
"1st edition, 20,000 copies in print"

Inspired Desires Using Inspiritation to Attract Your Desires by Gina Rizzo. Amazon or ebook on website.

Intentional JOY: How to Turn Stress, Fear & Addiction into Freedom by Lynn Telford-Sahl.
"First edition. "The Hit book Intentional JOY..." New York Daily News Addictions & Answers column, Jan. 16, 2009 "

Intentional JOY: How to Turn Stress, Fear & Addiction into Freedom by Lynn Telford-Sahl. 3430 Tully Road, Ste. 20-284, Modesto CA 95350.
"First edition 2009 "Lynn's wisdom is hard earned. She's been into the abyss herself, and shows you how to to climb out of stress, fear and the addictive habits (shopping, TV, food) we use to make ourselves feel temporarily better." Bill Manville, New York Daily News Columnist, "Addictions & Answers"

Invent Your Future by Russ Peak. PO Box 207, McMinnville, Oregon, 97128.

Invest With A Genius by Michael Levy.
"How do you calculate your Net Worth? Do you add up all the money you have saved plus all your solid assets i.e.: House, car collections etc. Then do you take away all debt items, taxes due, loans etc. So what is your Net Worth? Are you worth Millions or are you mired in Debt? Would you like to find Your REAL NET WORTH? Shall we to explore what you are really worth? • Are you happy? • Are you sad? • Are you healthy? • Are you suffering a sickness? • Do you worry? • Are you anxiety free? • Are you disliked? • Are you Loved? • Do you feel victimized? • Are you as free as the Breeze? All these questions and many more will make you realize what you are really, really, worth. But the big question is; How are you going to get the correct answers to all the things that will come into your life in the future? How will you deal with the unknown? Michael Levy has penned a book entitled "Invest With A Genius." If you do not read it, you may not have any choice in what happens to you when devastation's arise that you cannot control. It gives wonderful advice on stock market investments, but it also reveals an authentic philosphy for life If you do read the book then you will be able to decide whether the information you have digested in Michael's informative new book can make a difference in your life. You will recognize what actions you can take to improve the life for your family and friends. • You will be able to determine your True Value to yourself and everyone you come in contact with. • You will be able to see life in a true perspective that will make your decision making simple and prosperous. • You will be able to locate the genius you were born with and live life with a guide that knows every bump in the road ahead. Is that worth a little of your time to read "Invest With A Genius?" Is your life worth an investment in yourself? Do you wany to locate the causes of mistakes you make and the effects they play in your every day behavior. Do you wish to exist in peace and contentment? Do you want to invest in the stock market wisely? Then how much is it worth to you to find out the secret to an authentic life? How much is it worth to find your true Net Worth? ******************* Since Levy moved to Florida in 1992 he has penned four books and his articles and poems are published by many web sites, journals and magazines. He has made appearances on TV both in the USA and Great Britain and has been a guest on hundreds of radio stations. He is a speaker in the prestigious John Tempelton Bureau. His charismatic approach to life philosophies is thought-provoking, intelligent and of optimal help to anyone who desires a sincere, prosperous life. His latest book "Invest With A Genius" which was submitted for a Pulitzer Prize, is now available at all bookstores and "

Invinceable Principles by Vince Poscente. 2528 Elm Street #200, Dallas, TX 75226.
"A timely examination of life’s important principles. Twelve essential tools for life mastery. Each chapter will educate, inspire and explain with simple elegance the principles that lead to fulfillment and peace of mind. Recommended For: Managers, Entrepreneurs, Salespeople, Parents, Teachers, Students, Newlyweds, Athletes. People wishing to take their lives to a new level personally and professionally. 306 pages - Hard or Soft Cover"

Invisible Cloak: Know Thyself-The Woven Thought Design by Ute Sonja Medley. Market place
"This is my first non-fiction book on this subject. Mission of this book is to awaken the audience to a concept that most likely pertains to us all. The analysis is based on concrete examples, including the numerological profiles of Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, and Oprah Winfrey. I not only discovered a numerical pattern in my life but in theirs as well. Our life experiences are intertwined with our numerological profile. Consequently, if you know yours and other’s numerological profile, you’ll better understand yourself and the other person, and you place yourself in a unique position. You’ll be able to anticipate certain choices, actions and reactions being made by the other person. This tool can even be used as a mediating tool in the interactions with family members, co-workers, employers, CEO’s, and presidents. See also"

Invitation to Wellness: A Message of Hope about Mental Illness by Jeanette C. Keil. 2604 B El Camino Real #378; Carlsbad, CA 92008-1214.
"COMMENTS: INVITATION TO WELLNESS: A MESSAGE OF HOPE ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS, ISBN# 0961623012, $12.95 by Jeanette C. Keil. Jeanette Keil’s fictional account of mental illness is unique and thought provoking. It is a book of hope, a much needed perspective in the mental health field, and presents a fresh look at the dynamics associated with mental illness. Written in the form of a fable, this fictional story is based on fact. Revealed are the harsh realities most people with mental illness and their families endure. The cast of characters in this fable includes a young woman, a psychiatrist, a homeless man, a social worker, a young man diagnosed with schizophrenia, his mother, a spouse of a woman suffering depression and a minister. All receive a mysterious invitation from “A Concerned Friend” to meet and discuss the subject of mental illness. As the story unfolds, the reader ventures into their worlds to see the challenges of mental illness. As they relate and mutually support each other, each finds hope. Also available at"

Inward Journey -- Endless Joy: How to find happiness at the center of yourself by Nicola A. Hines. 4042 Whipple Place, Charlotte, NC, 28215.
"Book Description: Our hearts can mirror an emotional scrapbook; it can become laden with pain, silent tears and regret. Our physical sight can fool our spiritual eyes, hiding a promising lighthouse filled with hope, guidance and placating peace. And our minds can mimic a diskette and become over-loaded with unpleasant details we call memories. When we find ourselves at intersections like these, we need an emotional and spiritual boost. Inward Journey-Endless Joy will encourage you to succeed in all that you do, rejuvenate your self-esteem and reassure you of your self-worth. Written by a woman who understands the valleys, highways, and roller coasters of life, this book offers self-rewarding suggestions on how to: Unearth your passion, flourish your faith, transform past worries into present meditative thoughts, abandon co-dependency, nurture your dreams, banish self-defeating behaviors and tap into a wealth of happiness at the center of yourself. Copies of the book will be available from Barnes &,, or directly from the publisher. Price: $9.99, ISBN: 0967947510, Binding:Hardbound, Pages:106 Wholesaler/distributor: Ingram Book Co. "

irregular therapy: one man's struggle to find meaning, money and a soul mate by Ron Wyn. P.O. BOX 5013, Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089-5013.
"1st Edition, 2011 Wyn House irregular therapy is a raw, ribald, cautionary tale of what could be anyone's roller coaster ride to a new life. Powerfully honest and unblinking, the author describes his healing journey without glossing over the troubling bits. His despair over repeating the same mistakes time and again led him to powerful techniques and practices for de-patterning his life that turned out to be simpler than he could have imagined, and which anyone can learn. It was tough at first, but it got easier as he went along, and the result was transforming: from anger to understanding, from rejection to acceptance and, yes, from bedmates to a soul mate."

ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual by Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP. Online at
"Our book and spin-off products help security professionals advance in their career. Those who protect national secrets for defense contractors or Department of Defense agencies can continue their education and move up in their careers. While others are uncertain about their employment, those with professional certification are secure."

It Started With Pop-Tarts®...An Alternative Approach to Winning the Battle of Bulimia by Lori Hanson.
"Dan thank you for continuing to update the Self-Pub Manual! As a first time author it was a huge help in learning the jargon and tricks of the trade. It Started With Pop-Tarts 1st Edition, 2008. Contrary to popular belief counseling and medication may not be the solution to eating disorders. As a recovered bulimic, Lori Hanson will identify and show you five key strategies to overcome an eating disorder. Hanson’s book demonstrates how individuals suffering from eating disorders can use their personal power to overcome their behaviors holistically through self healing. She provides a bridge to gaining control of ones life. "

It's Only Dinner by Rone de Beauvoir. 11601 Shadow Creek Pkwy Ste 136.
"This new book is already in its second print addition."

It's Time to Dance: A Guide to Emotional Freedom by Rebecca Hintze. 34899 Williams Gap Road, Round Hill, VA 20141.
"2nd Edition, includes a workbook section"

It's Time To H.E.A.L.;Helping,Educating,Answering,Learning - A New Way To Live Your Life...After Abuse by Heather Mesaric. R.P.O. Long Branch Box 48522 M8V 4Y6.
"Sexual abuse occurs far more often than is ever reported. The ordeal is usually concealed because the victim feels guilt or shame and sees no way out. It's much easier to "bury the truth deep within oneself" than to expose the ugly reality. NOW, is the time for those suffering from the affects of abuse to heal themselves and live life fully. It's Time To H.E.A.L. offers women strategies through life enhancing affirmations, intense journal exercises and powerful reflections. Following the guidelines will help abused individuals learn to love and accept themselves while they overcome the emotional and physical struggles that linger long after abuse has ended. The author candidly reveals her life story and painstakingly unravels the journey she took to rebuild her life. Walk with her through the sadness, fear and tremendous courage of a woman determined to conquer her past. "

It's Time to Invest in Yourself by Dr. Marthenia 'Tina' Dupree. PO Box 9906 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310.
"5,000 in print. Award of Merit Writers Digest Self Publishing contest."

It's Time to Invest in Yourself by Dr. M. Tina Dupree. P.O. Box 540821, Opa Locka, FL 33054.
""You've invested countless dollars and time in other things, now It's Time to Invest in Yourself." This motto is the model for which Dr. M. Tina Dupree, The Chicken Lady, has written this book. In it she gives nine ways to invest in becoming well balanced in your personal, professional and spiritual life.""

It's Your Life - Who's In Charge? How to Become the Leader in Your Life by Neil Fiore. 1496 Solano Ave., Albany, CA 94706-2148.
"First edtion, 1,000 in print, Boardroom Reports "Top Ten Self-Help Gurus"; psychologist, author, speaker, former paratrooper with 101st Airborner, former Manager with Johnson & Johnson, and former Economic Analyst with Shell Oil. Author of best selling "The Now Habit: Overcoming Procrastination While Enjoying Guilt-Free to Play""

Join the Golden Rule Revolution - Practice One Habit Each Month of the Yearn by Elaine Parke. Caring MEDIA International, 3-5B Furnace Drive, Zelienople, PA 16063-9719.
"6” x 9” trade paperback - 288 pgs. LCCN: 00-1990199 ISBN: 0-9677460-0-0 WARNING: This book is habit-forming. May cause a happier life. A refreshing year-round recipe, not for chicken soup, but for inspiring a revolution of caring. This is a book with a PLAN. Helps us forge random acts of kindness into the Golden Rule by practicing the same 12 qualities of Golden Rule Living at the same time. Enjoy 365 days of heartwarming quotes, poems, anecdotes, and action-tips for Golden Rule living coordinated into twelve monthly themes. Twelve colorfully “cued” reminder bookmarks are included. Each month has its own personality that highlights the qualities of its special message. Based on marketing principles that shape buying habits, the call-to-action habits include “Lend a Hand” during January, “Resolve Conflicts” in March, and “Take Care of Our Environment” for April. This is finally book that HELPS us all more than TELLS us all how to lead a happier life. One reader said, “It already makes me feel like I belong. What a great way to belong - by being a better person.” "

Join the Golden Rule Revolution - Practice One Habit Each Month of the Yearn by Elaine Parke. Caring MEDIA International, 3-5B Furnace Drive, Zelienople, PA 16063-9719.
"6” x 9” trade paperback - 288 pgs. LCCN: 00-1990199 ISBN: 0-9677460-0-0 WARNING: This book is habit-forming. May cause a happier life. A refreshing year-round recipe, not for chicken soup, but for inspiring a revolution of caring. This is a book with a PLAN. Helps us forge random acts of kindness into the Golden Rule by practicing the same 12 qualities of Golden Rule Living at the same time. Enjoy 365 days of heartwarming quotes, poems, anecdotes, and action-tips for Golden Rule living coordinated into twelve monthly themes. Twelve colorfully “cued” reminder bookmarks are included. Each month has its own personality that highlights the qualities of its special message. Based on marketing principles that shape buying habits, the call-to-action habits include “Lend a Hand” during January, “Resolve Conflicts” in March, and “Take Care of Our Environment” for April. This is finally book that HELPS us all more than TELLS us all how to lead a happier life. One reader said, “It already makes me feel like I belong. What a great way to belong - by being a better person.” "

Journal Buddies: A Boy's Journal for Discovering and Sharing Excellence by Jill Schoenberg. Hillman, MN.
"Simple but powerful, this AWARD-WINNING book is no ordinary journal. Journal Buddies is an invitation to experience a journaling adventure and to expand your creativity and express your feelings. Most of all, it's an invitation to strengthen your self-esteem, build healthy relationships and create a positive outlook on life. To add to the excitement, you complete this unique journal with the help of your buddies - your friends, Mom, Dad, teachers, grandparents, cousins, mentors, even your pet or your imaginary friend. You've never experienced a journal like this! "

Journal Buddies: A Girl's Journal for Sharing and Celebrating Magnificence by Jill Schoenberg. Hillman, MN.
"Simple but powerful, this AWARD-WINNING book is no ordinary journal. Journal Buddies is an invitation to experience a journaling adventure and to expand your creativity and express your feelings. Most of all, it's an invitation to strengthen your self-esteem, build healthy relationships and create a positive outlook on life. To add to the excitement, you complete this unique journal with the help of your buddies - your friends, Mom, Dad, teachers, grandparents, cousins, mentors, even your pet or your imaginary friend. You've never experienced a journal like this! "

Journey of a Dogman by Annemarie Schoone.
"A book not for the faint of heart. A live interview with a Dogman/Angelic God who delivers a message to humanity, how to become awakened, and with proof that the Dogmen exist, who they are, and what their mission is."

Journeying on Holy Ground----Christian Strategies to Reach Your Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Destiny by Billy Arcement, MEd & Jodi Moscona, JD. 36570 Swamp Rd. S., Prairieville, LA 70769.
"Journeying on Holy Ground---Christian Strategies to Reach Your Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Destiny is truly a “Life Manual” for anyone wishing to improve every dimension of their life---Spiritual, Family, and Career. Each page is filled with “How To’s” to help readers think deeply about their approach to successful living. And as noted author and Physiologist, Dr. Wayne Sotile, says, “It challenges readers to move beyond quick-fix strategies and to begin living in harmony with their highest values.”"

Just Do the Small Stuff...Simple, Effective Ways to Be Safe by Kelly Rudolph. 7486 La Jolla Blvd., #572, La Jolla, CA 92037.
"One edition, 3,000 in print published 2003; very few left. This popular book teaches people how to avoid becoming victims of crime."

Just for Today/For Women That Do Too Much by Mari Peck. P.O. Box 781142, Wichita, KS 67278.
"Inspirational book for busy women. Self-published Nov. 2006. "

Kicking Depression's Ugly Butt by Robert Westermeyer, Ph.D.. 1610 Long Leaf Circle, St. Louis, MO 63146.
"New July 2004"

Kink Phobia, Journey Through A Black Woman's Hair by Ella Joyce.
"Over 4,000 copies sold at book signings,The National Black Theater Festival in Winston-Salem, N.C., and The Los Angeles Book Festival. Have helped lots of Black women grow their hair healthy and strong without chemicals. Have helped bi-racial women understand their hair and their children's hair a little better. Especially helpful for those seeking a fresh hair start without relaxers. Now available for ebook download at website. Resourceful and entertaining education about African American Hair Care laced with humor and drama derived from author's personal experiences. Recently, the author read from the book "live" and in person at a Black History Month celebration event presented by the corporate offices of Toyota in Torrence, California, to help promote cross cultural awareness between employees regarding African American Hair. It was presented under the subject, "Everything you always wanted to know about Black Hair and was afraid to ask". The audience was employees consisting of women, men, black, white, asian, latino, old and young. People were laughing, responding, and it promoted a feeling of goodwill and understanding among the diversified audience of employees. Available in either ebook form or autographed paperback copies only."

Kink Phobia, Journey Through A Black Woman's Hair by Ella Joyce. MSTHINGPRODUCTIONS.COM
"available as download (with bonus free photos), or premium-priced autographed copies. Learn the secrets of natural haircare for African American women making transition from relaxed hair to virgin hair care. Written with humor, poignancy, and most important - instruction."

Kink Phobia, Journey Through A Black Woman's Hair by Ella Joyce.
"Learn the secrets to handling African American hair with love, and ponder a deeper understanding concerning the hair "psyche" of American Black people. This book is very popular with Black women, and used a guide for those deciding to move from chemically relaxed hairstyles into natural, beautiful, kinky hairstyles guiding them through the process with photos, anecdotes, and personal thought encouragement. Written by celebrated Black American Actress, Ella Joyce from the popular TV Series "Roc" and "My Wife & Kids". This book is available in paperback (while supplies last), and available for download."

KNOW YOURSELF: A Woman's Guide to Wholeness, Radiance & Supreme Confidence by Barbara Rose.
"Amazon # 1 Personal Transformation Bestseller Amazon Self Help/Self Esteem Bestseller"

Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't by Michael J Losier.
"Curious about why you attract negative events and people in your life? Do you automaticly attract great people and events to you and don't know why? Then the Law of Attraction book is the resource for you. This how-to book will teach you. "

Leading People the Black Belt Way: Conquering the Five Core Problems Facing Leaders Today by Timothy H. Warneka. P. O. Box 20, Cleveland, OH 44092.
"From rising stars to seasoned veterans, LEADING PEOPLE THE BLACK BELT WAY offers a new approach to leadership, one that combines the strength of Emotional Intelligence with the power of the revolutionary non-violent martial art of Aikido. Here's what people are saying about LEADING PEOPLE THE BLACK BELT WAY: *************** "Being deeply aware of yourself and your surroundings, called mindfulness, is a major predictor of effective leadership and management at all levels. Tim Warneka's adaptation of martial arts philosophy and practice awakens the reader to fascinating and helpful techniques to increase your mindfulness." RICHARD E BOYATZIS, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Psychology and Human Resources at Case Western Reserve University and ESADE, and co-author with Daniel Goleman and Annie McKee of the international best-seller, Primal Leadership, and more recently with Annie McKee, Resonant Leadership. **************** "LEADING PEOPLE THE BLACK BELT WAY is a valuable addition to the literature and is certain to impact many people's lives." - RICHARD STROZZI-HECKLER, world famous leadership coach and author, BEING HUMAN AND WORK, and many other books **************** "Building upon the principles of Aikido, this book is a highly practical guide for leaders in all walks of life." - EDWIN C. NEVIS, President, Gestalt Insternational Study Center"

Learning For Profit by Daniel J. Sitter.
"Profit from every learning opportunity, for therein lies your ability to earn more income! If you want to earn more money, you first have to learn additional skills to enable you. Maximize your return on your study and learning efforts by learning faster than ever before. Learning For Profit is a must-read for anyone desiring to get ahead. It's the "users-manual" you need to learn anything faster, in a simple, focused, step-by-step manner. "

Leaving the Lone Ranger Mentality ALONE by Brenda A. Jenkins. ARIEL Connections, P.O. Box 22, Royal Oak, MI 48068.
"Former Lone Ranger Brenda A. Jenkins offers biblical truth to those seeking answers to escape the unhealthy struggles they face resulting from the sin of self-sufficiency. With insight that only comes from having been there, she provides practical, easy to follow steps in walking away from the kind of imbalance independence that isolated and hinders personal growth and relationships. "

Lessons from a Headhunter with Heart by Patricia A. Comeford, Esq & Gina Sauer, Esq . 15 South Fifth Street, Suite 1000, Minneapolis, MN 55402.
"Published in April 2006, this book has already received significant local and national media attention. Unlike the many "how to find a job" books, this "quick- read" provides the reader with spiritual and inside advice from a headhunter--all designed to help the reader break down self-imposed barriers that keep one from finding career fulfillment. Read a sample chapter at . "

Let's Talk Intuition/121 Questions & Answers to Help You Use More of Your Inner Guidance Every Day by Darlene Pitts.
"How do I trust my intuition? Can my intuition help me reduce stress? How do I use my intuition to find a good relationship? In Let's Talk Intuition, intuition consultant Darlene Pitts answers these questions and many others clients have asked her over ten years, to show you how quick and easy it is to use your intuition at home, work, school, and play right now. She describes the ways your intuition helps you save money, time, and energy in twenty-eight areas of life, including career, finances, health, and relationships. Included is her three-step process to ask your intuition questions about any life situation and sense accurate answers. 248 pages, 2nd Edition"

Leveraged to the Hilt? by William Keating. 15349 Baileys Lane; Silver Spring, MD 20906.
"This book is all about the education that's needed to become debt-free and more importantly to stay debt-free. It includes a CD-ROM which contains a variety of software programs. The software programs are designed to provide the information needed to make sound financial decisions."

Life 101 For the Young & Young at Heart by Caren A. Adams. BookSurge, LLC, 5341 Dorchester Road, Suite 16, North Charleston, SC 29418.
"REALISTIC LIFE SOLUTIONS FOR THE YOUNG AND YOUNG AT HEART. Life 101 for the Young and Young at Heart, is a fresh and revealing approach to many of lifes daily challenges. This no-nonsense novel provides insights from not blaming others for our shortcomings; living life for the moment; never giving up; simplifying our daily livesand, using her own life experiences, has outlined practical solutions. Finally, someone has dared to say, How do we do this? The Author has composed a candid, realistic and life applicable novel for any reader worldwide. The author makes the assumption that everyone, from young adolescences to seniors, are seeking simple and practical solutions to lifes daily challenges. The format of Life 101 is easy to follow and the how-tos so logical that readers will find themselves nodding and wondering, Why didnt I think of this? Preliminary reviews have been positive: " I have enjoyed reading your book and it has inspired me to begin taking inventory of my life. " This is such great advice for any reader. " I like the anecdotes, it makes for entertaining reading. While our experiences are unique, Adams has focused on those with which we share commonality. The author ponders, is it possible to stop blaming others for our own shortcomings? According to Adams, we need to take control of who we are but she does not stop there. Rather, the author discusses personal situations in which this and many other lessons have been learned, and lays out the course of action that helped in understanding the behavior. Then, solutions are applied in a practical manner to the problem. Insights into career, finances, well-being, and other lessons are revealed. It is as if all the wise men and women were putting their experiences to words for the whole world to share. The author has the readers ask themselves Why should I do this? and then maps the route that will guide the reader towards clarity. How to do this takes the reader step-by-step through the process of clarification and, ultimately, the attainment of the skill. Along the way, facing and dispelling obstacles that impede our growth. Life 101 takes the reader on lifes journey. The author, Caren Adams, has a Masters from Pepperdine University and a Business Diploma from Southwest London College, England. Her business background is extensive, covering everything from airlines to manufacturing, with a number of diverse industries in between. In this premier novel, Life 101 serves as a reminder to all that we can live happier, healthier lives& and can begin the process today. You may obtain this 222-page book from bookstores, as well as directly from the publishers for $13.99 retail, plus $5.86 shipping (and any applicable sales taxes). Contact BookSurge, LLC, 5341 Dorchester Road, Suite 16, North Charleston, SC 29418 Toll Free: 1-866-308-6235 or 1-843-853-8310, Website: Email:, Life 101, for the Young and Young at Heart by Caren A. Adams. All New soft cover, 5.5 x 8.5, 222 pages, four-color cover. ISBN 1-59457-835-4, Retail Price $13.99. A review copy and/or a photograph of the book or any other information are available from publicists Amaca Publishing, division of Amaca Investments, Inc. P.O. Box 4104, Burbank, CA 91503, Phone: 1-818-425-5118 "

Life After MPD by Debra Lighthart, Ph.D.. HC 32 Box 6505, Wasilla Alaska 99654.
"First Edition. Only 1000 in print. A biographical book that is spiritual inspiring, empowering, and moving. Professionals in the field call it a roadmap to healing from Multiple Personality Disorder. Midwest Book Review September 2002 issue. “Life After MPD by educator and licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor Debra Lighthart is a deeply personal and revealing account of one woman’s affliction with Multiple Personality Disorder, the nightmare childhood that fractured her personality, and the long road to recovery. Profound, reverently reflecting a faith in God, and gut-wrenchingly real and straightforward in its description of how abuse can lead to psychological trauma, and uplifting in its recounting of the journey to wholeness through the gradual accumulation of trust. Life After MPD is recommended reading for psychology students, counseling practitioners, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in multiple personality disorder conditions.” "

Life After MPD by Debra Lighthart, Ph.D.. HC 32 Box 6505, Wasilla Alaska 99654.
"First Edition. Only 1000 in print. A biographical book that is spiritual inspiring, empowering, and moving. Professionals in the field call it a roadmap to healing from Multiple Personality Disorder. Midwest Book Review September 2002 issue. “Life After MPD by educator and licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor Debra Lighthart is a deeply personal and revealing account of one woman’s affliction with Multiple Personality Disorder, the nightmare childhood that fractured her personality, and the long road to recovery. Profound, reverently reflecting a faith in God, and gut-wrenchingly real and straightforward in its description of how abuse can lead to psychological trauma, and uplifting in its recounting of the journey to wholeness through the gradual accumulation of trust. Life After MPD is recommended reading for psychology students, counseling practitioners, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in multiple personality disorder conditions.” Order your copy today. $19.95 + $5.00 S/H "

Life After MPD: A transcendental text for patient, professional, or loved one for treating and understanding Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder by Debra Lighthart, Ph.D.. HC 32 Box 6505 Wasilla Alaska, 99654-9718.
"Life After MPD is a glimpse into Multiple Personality Disorder and life after it. It is about understanding, accepting, and healing. The road to recovery is difficult and painful; but possible. Life After MPD is a journey shared with hope and encouragement for you, your client, or someone you love. Everyone needs hope, encouragement, and support especially when they are on a path of healing. Life After MPD offers that promise. It also offers wisdom, insight, understanding, and is a gift of assurance and support; use it and share it. 19.95 plus 5.00 s/h"

LIFE CYCLES: Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness by Christine DeLorey. 5680 NW 74th Place #102, Coconut Creek, FL. 33073.
"Christine DeLorey's LIFE CYCLES takes numerology out of the unknown, emotions out of denial, and free will into today's evolving consciousness."

Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives by Christopher Gergen and Gregg Vanourek.

Life is God: Notes on the Psychology of Human Adjustment by Olasupo Laosebikan.
"first edition; 500 copies in print "This book (by a US-trained African psychologist who has worked for many years in both continents) is electrifying, thought-provoking, faith-bending. It will challenge your views of the world, Religion, Education...Read it and it may very well change your life for the better.""

Life Lessons: A Guide to Creating and Living Your Best Life by Brian E. Bartes. PO Box 700424, Plymouth, MI 48170.
"What are the most important lessons that every child should learn, and every parent and grandparent should teach? Those contained in Life Lessons. Whether you are looking for the keys to success in life for yourself or for others in your life, this book is a wonderful instruction manual for creating and living a great life. By learning and applying the lessons contained in this book, you will greatly increase your likelihood of achieving success, however you define it."

LifeChimes: A Collection of Simple Truths by Robyn Austin, M.Ed.. PO Box 18350, Tucson, AZ 85731-8350.
"LifeChimes: A Collection of Simple Truths is a small book with a big message: stop zapping your energy! Filled with more than 30 simple truths, or LifeChimes, this palm-size book will help readers to reclaim their time and energy so that they can live their life's purpose."

LifeExcellence Treasury of Quotes by Brian E. Bartes. PO Box 700424, Plymouth, MI 48170.
"British politician, novelist and essayist Benjamin Disraeli wrote, "The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations." Short enough to be read in one sitting, Bartes designed "LifeExcellence Treasury of Quotes" as a place to visit again and again...whenever you need a little inspiration."

Life's Ride or Fall...You Make the Call/Thoughts, Stories, Lessons Learned and Actionable Ideas to Help Create the Ride of Your Life! by Gary Greenfield. .
"A focused, multi-dimensional approach to help people searching for motivation and direction so they can connect where they have been and where they are to where they want to go in life."

Life's Ride or Fall...You Make the Call: Thoughts, Stories, Lessons Learned and Actionable Ideas to Help Create the Ride of Your Life! by Gary Greenfield.
"First Edition Rated 4 Stars by ForeWord CLARION Reviews"

Life's Spices From Seasoned Sistahs, A Collection of Life Stories From Mature Women of Color by Vicki Ward, Editor. PO Box 1462 Brentwood, Ca. 94513. and www.nubianimagespublishing
"Published in 2005, this is the first edition of a collection of stories and poems from women of color across the country, designed for all women and describes the trials all women encounter in life. Themes include self-esteem, death and dying, mothers, relationships, and more. It has been awarded three awards, ForeWard Magazine's Silver Book of the Year Award, Los Angeles Black Book Expo Best Anthology, and Honorable Mention from the Indepent Publishers Assoc. "

Lighting Your Path! How To Create The Life You Want by Joanne Victoria.
"First edition, 12/2003 Testimonials: Joanne Victoria's book "Lighting Your Path!  How to Create the Life You Want" is a glowing guide to clarity of choice.    Not only does Joanne propose clear, straightforward suggestions, she walks right beside you, the reader, cheering you on to a bright future.                   -- Linda Jay Geldens                      Writer/editor/researcher ~~~~~~~~ Joanne has done a wonderful job of sharing her wisdom and insights in how to walk a little different path and live a better life. Refer to this book again and again, and let its message sink deep into your heart, mind, and soul. You will be better for it! Mark LeBlanc Author of Growing Your Business! Joanne Victoria is a writer who speaks to organizations, associations and conventions on creating the life you want."

Little Book of Becoming - The Primer to Living Inside Out by Laurie J. Brenner.
"Laurie J. Brenner shares her inside understanding of the law of attraction. She and her husband built their three story dream house with no experience using nothing but the law of attraction and the sweat of their brows. Inside she details the nitty gritty of the law of attraction and how it really works from the inside out."

LITTLE Notes on taking the next step: A primer on Not Really retiring. by Frank A. Little.
"This is my third book in the LITTLE Notes series, on Management, Motivation, and Lifestyle Change. I've been using Dan Poynter's parapubs since my first efforts in 1994 (LITTLE Notes from the office: Some do's, don'ts and basic observations that have made difference)-- and they have proven to be the quintessential resource for self-publishing. It's easy to motivate when you're being motivated. Dan Poynter is my source of publication motivation!"

Live Happily, Ever After... Now! 9 Simple Steps to create the life YOU want! by Terry M. Drake, LSW, NBCCH. 6 Helvetia St. Wellsboro, Pa 16901.
"Live Happily, Ever After... Now! uses age old, time tested secrets (found in NLP, the Law of Attraction, Positive Psychology and Ericksonian Hypnosis) to teach you how to create the life you want. Filled with professional, personal and historical examples that demonstrate how it's done. 1st edition, currently 500 in print."

Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up: 5 Step Action Plan by Roger Ellerton.
"This e-book integrates three effective and compatible strategies for success, with principles from NLP. Together, they become an easy to use and powerful five-step process that makes a difference in how you identify and achieve your dreams. "

Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up: NLP and Common Sense for Coaches, Managers and You by Roger Ellerton PhD, CMC. Trafford Publishing, 6E - 2333 Government Street, Victoria, BC, Canada V8T 4P4.
"Listed as one of the top 100 favorite books in the Ottawa Canada Public Library"

Live Your Dreams Let Reality Catch Up: NLP and Common Sense for Coaches, Managers and You by Roger Ellerton. Trafford Publishing, 6E - 2333 Government Street, Victoria, BC, Canada V8T 4P4.
"A basic introduction to neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a reference book, and tips and techniques for those wanting to get the most out of life. A great resource for individuals, managers, coaches, parents and those in the helping professions – anyone looking for personal improvement or assisting others with personal change. Excerpts have been published in NASA’s Human Resources newsletter (Work/Life Navigator) "

Living an Extraordinary Life by Robert White. 1461 South Ulster St., Denver, CO 80231.
"Now available in a revised, second edition deluxe soft cover"

Living Life As If Thinking Matters by Dr. R. L. Wysong. 7550 Eastman Avenue, Midland, MI 48642. .
"We are all born on the starting line of life with blank mental slates. Then each of us has our mind filled in by parents, schools, peers, and experts. The result is a society stuffed with given beliefs, none of which we own, and—as you will learn in this book—most of which are wrong. Although important questions are often debated, there seems to be no satisfying solutions. Instead, shortsighted agendas prevail, money dictates decisions, and ethics seems a thing of the past. We all sense this misdirection and can feel helpless as the world spirals out of control. Since ultimately everything in life happens because of the way we think, solutions depend upon thinking too. That does not mean playing the victim and relying on others, but reaching within to see the sense, goodness, and direction that lie there. Dr. Wysong helps readers tap into their unlimited resources and take control. All of life’s important topics are discussed in this encyclopedic, wise, and helpful book. If you would like to understand life better, be healthier, happier, have meaning, contribute to a better world, and avoid some bumps and bruises along the way, this is your guidebook. "

Living The Good Life by Dr. Charles M. Wood, II. Woodland Press LLC, 118 Woodland Dr., Chapmanville, WV 25508.
"First Edition, 208 Pages, Softcover "An impressive self-improvement book; completely Christian-based, and it's an enjoyable read. I couldn't put it down." - Richard Osborne, newspaper publisher. At various times popular music recording artists will release a special grouping of CDs, or box-set, that represents their biggest hits and most creative moments. The titles are probably familiar to us all: “The Best of the Eagles” … “Phil Collin’s Greatest Hits” … “B.B. King’s Best of the Blues.” Because of their content, these albums rise quickly to the top of the charts, as fans listen again and again to their very favorite music, musicians, and singers. In much the same way, this important volume by Dr. Charles M. Wood, II, could also be titled, The Best of Dr. Charles Wood. Likewise, it’s a book that includes some of his most creative writings. Charles Wood is a master communicator, an accomplished teacher, and a gifted writer with an impressive stockpile of rich stories, reliable anecdotes, and exquisitely crafted words, which most often leads the reader to inner reflection and self-evaluation. A distinguished professor at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, he teaches classes on a variety of topics such as religion and psychology. He has authored several textbooks and currently writes a popular weekly inspirational newspaper column. In addition, he still finds the time to listen to and advise countless local residents — members of his church or not — through personal issues and family crises, as a respected Christian counselor, listener, and trusted friend, although he never charges for his counseling services. Since Dr. Wood recently celebrated his 40th-year milestone in Christian ministry, I believe that this compilation of stories will stand as a worthy memorial to all those years of service and a testament to what he is really all about. So, with delight I highly recommend Living the Good Life to you. Here is a grouping of stories, thoughts, and reflections, which will sometimes make you laugh or possibly shed a tear as you read them; but with no doubt, these offerings will help you grow during the process. Without question, it’s a volume you’ll want to read again and again. "

Living the Life of Your Dreams - The Secrets to Turning Your Dreams into Reality by Marilyn Tam.
"Winner of Global eBook Awards ebook of the Year in the Inspiration/Visionary category. An inspirational Self Help book to help you attain your dream life - great personal stories and secrets to success from experts and the author, a global business leader and humanitarian. Available in print and all ebook formats - at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iPad etc."

Living Your Chosen Eulogy: Choosing to Live Your Most Honorable Self by Kian Dwyer. 764 Lake Ridge Drive St. Paul MN 55129. to order visit
"2004 new release. If you like Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, or Dr. Phil, you'll like "Living Your Chosen Eulogy." It's beyond "self-help," a book on "world-help." It shows how we can live better lives and in doing so we help ourselves and others to become our best selves. This ripple effect automatically betters the world. Author Kian Dwyer encourages us to think about how we would want to be remembered in the end but living that way today. The book redefines kindness, illustrating how each of us is an indispensable, critical link in the chain of values that betters the world. The author puts a wholesome twist to the saying "living the good life." Her book awakens the heart and soul, and inspires daily integrity by making readers aware of their best true selves. Through anecdotes, commentary, and exercises, the author shows readers how to tap into their own set of beliefs, values, talents, and skills. This awareness will determine the meaning of their lives as they learn to live with purpose and intention. Kian Dwyer has been a guest a few times on FM107.1 Ian Punnett Show and the Ruth Koscielak Show. The author gives a portion from the sale of books to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation."

Living Zen/ A guide to Awakening by Master Jay Ingram. 3714 Nolt Road, Landisville, PA 17538.
""Best Zen book ever written" Famed Zen Master Jay Ingram uses personal stories and traditional transpersonal methodology to communicate how life can become good and pure and fun through Zen, tantric yoga, and chakra awakening. "If you're going to read one Zen book in your lifetime, then this is the one.""

Lom's Words of Wisdom to the College-Bound Male by Jim Lombard.
"This is the 1st Edition on the issues young men face in college and in the years beyond --- basically studies, girls and alcohol. Humorous and hard-hitting. I'll send Mr. Poynter an email separately that gives himn some free publicity on his self-publishing book, which is how I wrote and self-published mine. Jim Lomenick aka Jim Lombard LomsWords, LLC PO Box 448 Alpharetta, GA 30009-0448 770-883-2715"

Lom's Words of Wisdom to the College-Bound Male by Jim Lombard.
"Do you know a young man that has just graduated from high school and is heading off to college, which event will probably be his first time away from home for an extended period of time? Are there some issues you need to address with him before you turn him loose? Some issues you might have forgotten to bring up in your "talk"? Then you need to purchase "Lom's Words of Wisdom to the College-Bound Male - 46 Facts of Life and Common-Sense Responses to Issues You Will Encounter In Your College Years and Beyond". This is THE HANDBOOK he needs on issues and situations he will face in the coming years, with common-sense advice on how to deal with them, particularly in the areas of studies, girls and alcohol."

LOSE THE DIET - Transform your body by connecting with your soul by Kathy Balland. Atlas Books, 30 Amberwood Parkway, Ashland, OH 44805.
"Lose the Diet is the Winner of the following awards: National Indie Excellence Awards: Winner in the Diet category, Second place in the Editor's Choice category and Finalist in the Best New Non-Fiction category. Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Winner in the Diet/Nutrition category, Finalist in both the Self Help and Health/Wellness categories. Beach Book Festival: Winner in the Health category New York Book Festival: Wild Card category - Honorable Mention "

Loss and Found: Surviving the Loss of a Young Spouse by Gary and Kathy Young. PO Box 8728, Calabasas, CA 91372.
"Survival manual written by two national support leaders who were widowed young. Good support for any grieving situation, regardless of cause, plus valuable resource for friends and family. Free newsletter and advice can be found on the website. Sequel: "Losses and Gifts" will be out soon. Written from the lay perspective, the book is accessible, informative, the only book of its kind."

LOVE The Young Adult's Road To A More meaningful Life by Malick Kouyate. 3040 Terrace Street/ Pittsburgh PA 15213.
"A newly self-published book. No awards yet."

Loving With Passion: Your Guide to the Joy of Sexual Intimacy by Donald Etkes, Ph.D..
"Everyone, it seems, wants to love with passion-many of us simply don't know how. In this frank, straightforward guide Dr. Donald Etkes treats lovemaking as a joy to be experienced and shared. The result is a book that goes beyond the usual sex manual to consider sexuality and sensuality in all their many dimensions. Includes practical matters like freeing time for good sex in two-job households and playful delights like sharing sexual fantasies to add dimension and zest to lovemaking. Dr. Etkes helps couples to communicate gain understanding and break down the barriers that limit sensual love. "

Loving Your Age At Every Age-In the Good Times and Hard Times by Sandy Paris.
"Just imagine the freedom of living the youthful age you have consciously created--instead of the limited biological age you’re given. Imagine looking in the mirror every morning and feeling twenty or thirty years younger. Myth? Blue-sky wish? Sandy Paris, author of Loving Your Age At Every Age--In the Good Times and Hard Times, says it’s reality. Through her refreshingly common-sense stories and down-to-earth strategies, Paris demonstrates the power of youthfulness she lives every day, and anyone can achieve. ( $15.00) To purchase "Loving Your Age At Every Age ($15.00) You can also contact Sandy at "

Loving: Tapping Your Spiritual Source by Dr. Catherine Corona. 637-B South Broadway #310, Boulder, CO 80305.
""Loving: Tapping Your Spiritual Source", 4 weeks to increase your capacity to love and be loved is a wonderful interactive book. It includes a remarkable CD with quided meditations, said "to be one of the most beautiful meditation CD's ever recorded". The book supports a 4 week course of 5 daily practices to deepen your experience of loving. The practices are currently being studied by a research team investigating the physiological effects of the practice of loving. Visit the website at to order. A great value at $22.95. Published by Infintie Horizons Press, released March 2003"

Managing Stress with the Word of God by Dr Miriam Kinai. Box 203 Nairobi 00517 Kenya.
"Teaches you how to effectively manage stress by combining time tested principles from the Word of God with medically proven techniques. Topics covered include: *What is stress? *The body's response to stress *How do I know I am stressed? *Biblical principles & Medical techniques of managing stress "

Man-Power: Dare To Discover Yourself by Herb Tillman.
"This is a book that is bound to change your destiny! Order "Man-Power: Dare To Discover Yourself" today and be prepared to start a new chapter in your life!"

MARCH FORTH:My Journey through Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery from Breast Cancer by Marci A. Schmitt.
"Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award Winner - 1st Place in Self Help Genre"

Marketing Your Consulting and Professional Services (Wiley, hardcover, 3rd edition, 304 pages). by Jeff Davidson.
"More than 61,809 sold to date. A perennial seller and for good reason; this is required reading if you want to stay competitive and run a profitable firm without breaking your back. Twenty-six chapters lead you step-by-step in analyzing your business for marketing advantage, defining your services in value-adding benefits and features, developing print-related promotion that builds your image and reputation, prospecting for high-potential new clients, and selling your solutions in a professional manner. "Best Books of the Year" selection by Training News and Library Journal. ISBN 0-471-13392-2 "

Master Of Service by Norman Lacasse. ISBN:978-1-4535-8248-0

Mastering Self-Motivation by Dr. Michael Provitera. PO Box 821653, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33082-1653.
"NEW BOOK REVEALS SECRETS FOR PERSONAL EXCELLENCE IN ANY JOB CLIMATE In today’s economic climate, college grads will need more than just their diploma to get noticed amidst the throngs of new job-seekers, they need to be marketable. Dr. Michael J. Provitera’s new book Mastering Self Motivation: Preparing Yourself for Personal Excellence shows individuals how to achieve personal success in any job climate, by transforming themselves from ordinary to extraordinary. Dr. Provitera is the owner and president of Motivational Leadership Training, lending his expertise as a consultant for organizations, executives, as well as educational and governmental institutions. # # # "

Masters of Motivation: Classic Words of Wisdom By Three Men Who Inspired Millions to Success by Compiled and Edited by Bob Garner. P.O. Box 6001, Los Osos, CA 93412.
"Considered a "must read" by business leaders and a "roadmap for success and life" by scholars, "Masters of Motivation" unites - for the first time - the classic works of James Allen, P.T. Barnum, and Russell Conwell in one, updated and gender friendly volume. Compiled and edited by Bob Garner, a successful entreprenuer and motivational speaker, Bob is living proof that what you will discover in this unique collection, works."

MATURITY: Evolution of the Self by Justin L. Petaccio. 1448 Hancock Ave., Apollo, PA 15613.

Maximize your mind: Peak your potential by Marlene Caroselli, Robin Wilson. 324 Latona Road, Rochester, NY 14626.
"Want to perform better on job interviews? Wish you could think better on your feet? Eager to develop your memory? Seeking to demonstrate your leadership skill? Trying to cope with change? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, you may find the answers you need in a new book abailable by calling 800-876-4636. Having conducted training for Eastman Kodak, Xerox, Bausch and Lomb, Mobil, and a host of other organizations around the country, the co-authors of Maximize Your Mind, Peak Your Potential affirm the importance of optimizing potential. "By his own estimate," notes Marlene Caroselli, "Einstein was using only a quarter of his brain power. Scientists estimate the rest of us are using only 10%! With 90% of our cerebral capacity untapped, we're wasting our minds, our opportunities for joyful living--in short, we're wasting our lives. But...if you have willingness and ten minutes a week, you can reverse this trend." The author of 50 business books, she partners with Robin Wilson, a personal development coach, who asserts, "There is no substitute for action in achieving your goals. If you don't move, you'll never get where you want to go." Topics covered include Memory, Problem-Solving, Listening, Creativity, Concentration, Learning to Learn, Reasoning, Organization, Quick-Wittedness, Originality, Seeing the Big Picture, Verbal Fluidity, Persuasion, Decision-making, VIsioning, Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Resolution, Time Management, Leadership, and Coping with Change. Have a self-prophecy you want to fulfill? These authors/seminar leaders will show you how! "

Maximize your mind; Peak your potential by Marlene Caroselli & Robin Wilson. 317 Squareview Lane, Rochester, NY 14626.
"This small book (64 pages) has BIG ideas for anyone seeking to maximize his/her brain power. There are hundreds of user-friendly tips for improving Memory, Concentration, Leadership, Integrity, Coaching, Integrity, Creativity, and much more. This is not just a book to read--it's a book to use again and again. Use it for yourself, your family, your staff, your co-workers and anyone else who wants a personal coach that will educate, challenge and inspire."

Meditation for Enduring Happiness by Michael McCartney. 4980B County Road One, Consecon, Ontario, Canada, K0K 1T0.
"Are you always happy? Really happy? This book helps the reader break through to Enduring Hapiness."

Men Don't Listen by Wayne L. Misner. 10 Wayne Court, Edison, NJ 08820.
"Women say, I can't get him to open up! He just doesn't listen! I know there is something inside but, I can't get it out of him. There's a big misconception that men do not want to hear. It is more accurate to say, they do not dare to feel. The title tells us this is a self-help book. The author has us climb inside of the head of men to decode the secrets they hold onto. Misners goal is for the reader to have the relationship they have always dreamed of. Finally, help for the male and female interested in improving or saving a relationship. It is written for anyone who has been frustrated by the male-female relationships and wants guidance with understanding the opposite sex. Use these proven methods to finally understand how to get him to communicate. While the title of this manuscript is sure to draw female attention, this book is for men as well. The author speaks to each group independently at times and other times to both in general. Target readership would include married couples, people recovering from divorce, singles in relationships, singles frustrated by male-female differences, couples trying to save a relationship, and anyone studying interpersonal communication skills. This is a worthy self-help publication written with heart, not theory, and is a clear and well organized book that provides couples with all the ammunition they need to put their lives together back on a positive footing. The author deals with various aspects of relationships, dealing with commonly encountered problems at appropriate length. He writes with an impressive gender neutrality: the manuscript deals with mens and womens attitudes and needs in equal depth, rarely offering a value judgement (men are wrong to want this, etc.). This inclusiveness is perhaps the books key strength: the book can be read by partners, each of whom will feel the author is speaking to them and will therefore take notice of what is being said. As the author covers men and their emotional suppression, we see how unfortunately in our society, men are taught not to express their feelings and whats even worse, to not even know what they are. And so, when they are attempting to communicate with women or an important partner or a family member, its very hard to listen because men dont have the language or the inner experience to match up with what women, children or adolescent are typically saying to them. Here Misners point and analysis suggest how to overcome that. It is very, very important and extremely helpful to illuminate the inner workings of the male psyche to help women gain insights that will open channels of communication with the men in their lives. Misner examines the ways in which society dictates the behavior of men, so that men themselves can better access their emotions and get in touch with the true self that is often obscured while trying to conform to societal expectations of manly behavior. Through his approach Misner facilitates a fluid dialogue between the sexes that will break down the barriers that impede reciprocal understanding. Misner often appeals to womens more sensitive (and in some ways less vulnerable) nature to suggest strategies that will nurture trust and openness in men. Couples who read this helpful and accessible text can hope to enhance the quality of their lives. Not only does Misner provide ways in which men and women can improve the quality of their relationships, but he also offers fresh approaches to time management and interpersonal skills that will alleviate stress and bring love and success into their lives. Another contribution was that the author included so many wonderful, terrific lists about whats fun, comfort things, whats playful, finding the child inside yourself, etc. Going back to very basic pleasures that people can share and that can enhance a relationship. "

Mindfulness and The Art of Choice: Transform Your Life by Karen H. Sherman, Ph.D..
"Here's what reviewers are saying: From Rebecca's Reads: “Mindfulness and the Art of Choice” offers insight into the cyclic emotional and behavioral patterns so many people encounter. Dr. Karen Sherman's step-by-step guide gives readers the opportunity to explore their pasts, govern their present and embody their future….Dr. Karen Sherman offers a guidebook of choices that can help lead the reader to a happier, more fulfilled life that reflects the person within. From Reader Views: There are many books on the market that cover the same issues as Dr. Sherman, however, there isn't one that is as concise and to the point as “Mindfulness and the Art of Choice” is….Dr. Sherman simplifies everything for us through her explanations and exercises – to a point where “Mindfulness and the Art of Choice” becomes truly a self-help book. This book is highly recommended for anyone that is considering choosing to have “the good life.” Find out more at:"

Mindless Stupor by Everett Beal Rph. 1217 Highway 246 Dillard,Ga.30537.
"Mindless Stupor will be available after the first of the year, more than apt in Febuary of 2008."

miracles within by ben raffi.
"Self healing made simple, many testimonials, simple exercises and instant results. Satisfaction guaranteed."

Mom Minus Dad: The Essential Resource Guide for Busy Adults with a Newly Widowed Parent by Jamieson Haverkmapf.
"Mom Minus Dad (pub. date 5/9/08) is the only resource guide available with more than 500 resources for adults who lose a parent. The book provides readers with practical advice on ten major parent loss topics along with more than 500 valuable and time-saving resources including Web sites, companies, government resources, U.S. laws, books, and nonprofit organizations to assist the twelve million sons and daughters who lose a parent every year. The author shares how she and her sister—both in their early thirties—found success and managed struggles during their journey after their father’s death. To order the book go to after 5/9/08."

Motivate Everyone/Family, Friends, Co-Workers (Even Yourself)! by Jay Arthur. 2244 S Olive St, Denver, CO 80224.
"Describes the five styles of mental motivation: Achiever - Problem Solver, Leader – Follower, Innovator – Processor, Doer – Thinker, Evolutionary - Revolutionary. You'll learn how to detect and use them to get people moving toward useful outcomes without alienating anyone. "

Motivation That Works by Zev Saftlas. 1339 E 37th St, Brooklyn NY 11210.
"What People Are Saying About Motivation That Works& Zev Saftlas has created a powerful 7-step system for achieving success in any endeavor you choose. This fail-proof system will keep you motivated and on track. If you are willing to work the system, the system will definitely work for you. - Jack Canfield, Co-author, Dare to Win, The Aladdin Factor, The Power of Focus and the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series. I know this stuff works. Ive lost over 25 pounds using this program. Now I have more confidence and discipline than Ive had in years. If youre interested in really losing weight, get this book. Start utilizing the motivational techniques elucidated within, and youll soon be getting similar results. I guarantee it. Curt Hawkins, Kansas City, KS This is a great book: It gives you the ideas and inspiration you need to realize your full potential. - Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Achievement This must-read book is a success manual that will help you achieve any of your goals! - Dr. Tony Alessandra author of The Platinum Rule and Charisma This is a substantive book loaded with ideas & strategies to help you do more, have more, and give more. - Nido Qubein, author of How to Be a Great Communicator Motivation That Works is a must-read, containing a wealth of techniques, quotes and stories that will put you on the UNSTOPPABLE road to success! - Cynthia Kersey, author of Unstoppable Motivation That Works is a great, practical how to guide that will help you live your dreams! Read it and apply it! - Mike Litman, author of Conversations With Millionaires Finally a book that has distilled centuries of seemingly challenging topics into quick and easy steps. The stories are simply the best part of this soon-to-be classic. - Peggy McColl, Author of On Being a Dog with a Bone and founder of A truly breakthrough book. I thought it was going to be the same old material on goal-setting, but I'm delighted to report this is one of the best motivational books I've seen in a long, long time. - Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author of Spiritual Marketing If you are serious about achieving success in life I highly recommend you read Zev's book. If you only apply a fraction of what he's teaching and sharing, I'm certain you'll experience great success! - John Assaraf, New York Times Best-selling Author of The Street Kid's Guide to Having it All A marvelous distillation of just about everything ever said or thought about motivation, with the sole aim of putting the reader on a path to success. Everyone talks about the power of goal-setting, visualization and self-belief to turn around your life, but "Motivation That Works" goes deep into the how and why of motivation, delivering a blueprint for personal success that would be hard to beat. -Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of 50 Success Classics and 50 Self-help Classics Not just the same old same old. With this marvelous book you really will get results! - Jean Marie Stine author of Motivation 101 and How to Write a Best-Selling Self-Help Book Motivation That Works is a concise, empowering book that ensures your success. Zev's energy flies off the pages and sparks us to actionto achieving whatever goals we hold most sacred. - Sandy Tritt, founder of Inspiration for Writers "Excellent, down to earth advice, which when applied will change your life." - Anne Collins, founder of and creator of the "Anne Collins Weight Loss Program, The Best Value Weight Loss Program on the Internet" Zev Saftlas has PASSION to inspire the greatness that lies within every human spirit. Don't miss this opportunity to soak in that passion and ignite your own!" - Brian Biro, Internationally recognized speaker and author of several books including Beyond Success To make things happen, we must motivate ourselves and motivate others. This book shows how to make things happen. - Dan Poynter author of The Self-Publishing Manual and founder of Para Publishing Motivation That Works is an extremely practical guide that could change the way your life works. It is filled with examples of universal laws and how to use them. Read this book and you'll quickly learn how to grow through your problems rather than just going through them. - John Harricharan, award-winning author of the bestseller, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat It's all here! If getting yourself going is a problem in your life, reach for your wallet now. Not only are the right steps to motivate yourself to do anything included in this book, but it's inspiring as hell, too! I couldn't put it down. Get it, mark it up and watch yourself take the actions that used to scare the daylights out of you. Motivation That Works is a laser-focused tool that does one thing great: It gets you moving and keeps you moving. - Mike Brescia, author of Today Is Your Day To Win, and founder of "

Movie Therapy, Moving Therapy! by Fuat Ulus, MD.
"The book has been published in April 2003. It may be reviewed at"

Moving Beyond Depression by Brandt Reed. P.O. Box 6474, Ventura, CA 93003.
"A booklet that in a concise and easily understood way helps people work through their depression. It also contains 10 action steps that can create an ability to live a more happy, contented life. Second edition now in print."

Muliebrity: Qualities of a Woman by Joni Arredia. P.O. Box 351030, Toledo, OH 43635.
""If you want to master the qualities of being a woman with confidence, verve and vitality, read this book." -Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, New York Times #1 Best Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul Series"

My Concrete Umbrella by Cherry Parker. P O Box 80187 Green Bay,Waitakere 0643 Auckland New Zealand.
"My Concrete Umbrella by Cherry Parker,soft cover and e-book. My husband drank a bit more than most and slowly over the last eight years increased the quantities to excessive and harmful amounts. I tried every way I knew to help and support him. Eventually I realized he was going to drink no matter how hard I tried to “help” him. For change to happen it had to come from me. When I left he had a good managerial position, nice home, family, friends and health. In two years he lost everything. I wrote about my experiences in the hopes that either a partner or a drinker may be helped. Those of us who live with an alcoholic partner are isolated, stressed and disheartened.We live on a roller coaster ride of hope and despair,love and loathing,embarrasment and anger,dreading each day.Our partners are morphing into someone we don’t recognize. We need to know that others have trudged along the same path. Somehow there is huge relief in knowing that another person understands how we feel. With some difficulty we need to learn to give the drinker back full responsibility for their actions and the ensuing consequences. "

My Keyboard for a Cutting Board - Adventures in a French Kitchen v1.0 by Laura Pauli.
""Part luscious food-porn and part letter home from abroad, Laura Pauli’s first book is both engaging and compelling, telling the story of her initial experiences cooking in France after leaving a corporate cubicle job in Silicon Valley. Culled from her blog, and letters she actually wrote to friends and family, it shares her story - including descriptions of food that make the mouth water, and far less appetizing descriptions of things like the shoebox apartment she rents, that could fit inside one room of her former residence in the Bay Area. ~M. Bartell, Bibliotopia" "

My Way Out, One Woman's Remarkable Journey in Overcoming Her Drinking Problem and How Her Innovative Program Can Help You or Someone You Love by Roberta Jewell, Foreword by Linda Garcia, MD. Book Clearing House, 46 Purdy Street, Harrison New York 10528.
"The riveting story of a woman's relentless search to free herself of her addiction to alcohol and the successful, integrative program she developed after two decades of research. Her innovative system has turned around the lives of many similar highly-functional problem drinkers and is now garnering the attention of the medical community. Publication Date: March, 2005."

MYTHS AND REALITIES OF REAL ESTATE SALES by Dan D. McGinnis. P O Box 71988 Phoenix Arizona 85050-1017.
"Ideal for the novist or Realtor of many years of experience. A basic realistic "HOW TO" book. Read this book and increase your sales. Success versus failure. written by a Realtor who has sold homes for over 25 years and is SELLING REAL ESTATE NOW!"

Naked & Not Ashamed: A Journey to God's Mirror by Crystal St. Marie Lewis.
"Author Crystal St. Marie Lewis lives with a rare, appearance-altering skin disease that stole her joy and stifled her Christian witness for more than 20 years. Lewis's self-image changed when God began to reveal the dramatic differences between His perception of her worth and her faulty self-perception. In Naked & Not Ashamed: A Journey to God's Mirror, the author performs a full Biblical exploration of self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-love. She discusses God's instructions for breaking free of past bondage through the proper application of scripture. Lewis leads her readers to what she refers to as the Mirror of God, which is the spiritual place in which His holy image is reflected by every believer. Naked & Not Ashamed: A Journey to God's Mirror imparts the will to overcome. Through her candor, her touching story, and God's truth, Lewis catapults her readers to the kind of confidence every believer should possess. This Christian self esteem book is available at"

Names and Faces Made Easy by Jerry Lucas.
"You can also order Doctor Memory Products via our toll free order hotline 1-877-479-MIND (6463)."

Natural Body, Natural Shape: Develop a Strong Self-Image, Good Health, & Ageless Grace & Beauty Through Yoga by Barbara B. Moroney. 16213 East Mercer CIrcle.
"Silver EVVY Award Winner"

Never Say by George Olds & Ian Taylor. 59 Cavell Ave, Toronto, ON Canada M4J 1H5. or or
"Communicate your way through a controversial world! Over half a year on Books For Business's Sales & Marketing top ten bestsellers list (currently at #1 again), this engaging, easy-to-read book follows 3 'students' in the not-so-fictional future, tackling issues that are in the news today. They attend the Institute for Serving the Public's Information Needs - affectionately known as 'SPIN College' - where they get interviewed by the 'Reporter From Hell'. They learn to spot and STOP the PR-Speak and the Bureaucrat-Speak and replace it with MediaSpeak - the common-sense language of professional spokespersons. Play "The Spin Doctor's Game" to avoid the traps of negative messaging. Use "The One-Minute Power Message" template to tell the world who you are, what you do, and why you do it. See why 6 colleges and universities, and several mid-sized cities have purchased this book to help with their communication needs. "Entertaining, enlightening and highly engaging. Good story telling. You've got a winner here." - Barb Mekelburg, APR, Fellow CPRS, Public Relations instructor, Red River College "Like having a media trainer in your pocket." - Kathee Muzzin, PR Canada "Required reading. A fabulous new book by the city's foremost experts in dealing with the media." - Andrew Matte, The Town Crier "Excellent tips. Breezy, weaving style. The content overwhelms." - Harvey Schachter, The Globe and Mail "Everything you need to be a polished spokesperson for any cause or organization." - Wendell Davidson, Senior Corporate Trainer "Before you open your mouth to answer a question [at a meeting], read this book! A must read." - Stewart Carley, President, H R Learning Response Buy direct from the authors at or from NEW!!! Now available at"

NEW DIGS...Abandoning the Bog of Bitterness (One Survivor's Surprising Guide to Reclaiming a Merciful Heart) by Pamella Ann Miller.
"Phases of abandoning bitterness are SIMPLY AND UNIQUELY DEFINED. Fully illustrated, this COLOR PAPERBACK WORKBOOK is an engaging handbook, with journal space, to use and recommend over and over again. Proposes separate roles for God and humanity related to forgiveness. Focuses on supporting those offended in working through their pain as the pathway to a merciful heart. Check out this book's easy read, down to earth flavor!"

No Time to Grieve A Survivor's Guide to Loss and Healing by Judy Strong. www.BookHouse
"No Time to Grieve is a primer that offers the reader pertinent information for solving the problems of the bereaved.It takes the reader through both the practical and the emotional steps needed to move from mourning to new life. Simply and clearly written, it covers topics such as services, finances and probate. It then proceeds to give support and insight for managing problems. It is an invaluable tool for grievers and helpers."

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D..
"Enjoy Powerful and Satisfying Relationships . . . in All Areas of Your Life Price: $17.95 - Trade Paper 6x9 - ISBN: 1-892005-03-4 Most of us have been educated from birth to compete, judge, demand, diagnoseto think and communicate in terms of what is "right" and "wrong" with people. Even when we are well-meaning this can be disastrous to our relationships--both personal and professional. Nonviolent Communication helps you develop relationships based upon mutual respect, compassion, and cooperation."

Nothing: Uncovering Our True Nature by James Sloman. OceanBlue Publishing 98 Main Street Tiburon,CA 94920.
""Nothing" is a mind-mirror which demystifies the essence of the mind and the context in which it resides so that our true nature can be revealed. 2nd Edition ISBN# 1886779-15-5 "Nothing" was awarded the Design Award of the Printers of the Carolinas. "

November Mourning by Mary Jane Cronin.
"1st edition of 500 copies 2008"

Now O' Clock by William Garcia.
" Now O Clock : The Essence and Enigma of Time. The title of the book Now O' Clock simply reaffirms what each and every one of us expereince every living moment of our lives ... the present. Now O' Clock is an inspirational self-help book that takes readers on a journey from now in "Time" and towards their own and last inevitable "Now", some 'time' into the future. It is about "Time" as being the pure essence of life and about life as being a "Doing" proposition. The author states that we seem to have a conflicting relationship with "Time" and "Modernity", modernity being a powerful driving force that mostly serve as a big distraction from doing "Now-to-life." We really need to SLOW DOWN. There seems to be no time for "Now" when, in reality, "Now" is all there is and all we have.The idea of tomorrow is only an expectation of an imaginary time to come. "Now" is as real and as fleeting as it gets. We need to realize that we do not run out of "Time"; We simply run out of "Life". 1st edition P.O.D."

Oh Fair Maiden by Clementina Marie Giovannetti . 1417 Sadler Rd., Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034.
"Often, after a soul incarnates on earth, it quickly forgets who it really is, and perceives itself exclusively as a physical form. The individual unknowingly spiritually falls asleep and begins to function daily on a superficial manmade level, severing its day-to-day communication with God and its own true spiritual self. The person goes through life robotically without meaning, purpose, or direction. Oh Fair Maiden will gently melt away your fears, sorrows, and day-to-day stress, allowing God’s loving presence to heal you spiritually, emotionally and physically. All you need to do is listen to the Four-Minute Transformational CD as often as you like – God will do the rest. ISBN: 0-9765334-0-5 Hardcover 212pp with CD $24.95 + $4.80 s/h"

One Day Credit Repair by Gary Bowen. 6835 NW 11th Court, Margate FL 33063 Tel (954) 605-5868 Fax (954) 974-5179.
"One Day Credit Repair is the only credit repair book out which shows the brand new legal loophole.This new loophole allows you to remove any negative credit in days even if it's not paid. This loophole is so big that 112,000,000 American's who suffer from bad credit can all recieve a second chance in days. So fix your credit soon before the powerfull banks close the loophole. Infact American Express helped keep One Day Credit Repair off the market for over a year. To order Tel (954) 605-5868 Fax (954)974-5179"

One Less Victim by Doug Setter. #1-435 Shiles St. New Westminster, B.C. V3L 3K6.
"ISBN 141203396-9 Take charge of your own personal safety. For anyone threatened by bullies, thugs, thieves, robber, swindlers and a host of other predatory criminals. This book is for you. Since his days as a 98 lb. teenager, the author has escaped beatings, robbery attempts and even an attempted sexual assault. This book arms the reader with the knowledge of both victim (what-did-I-do wrong?) and criminal (Can-I-get-away-with-this?)mind sets, as well as how to get the upper hand and keep your health, wealth and sense of humor. "

Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations by Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D.. P.O. Box 1081, Bonsall, CA 92003.
"All 5 star reviews on amazon. Published in Portuguese and Korean. Several hundred people around the world are trained to lead a Cosmic Kitchen workshop."

Organize for Disaster: Prepare Your Family and Your Home for Natural or Unnatural Disaster Squall Press, P.O. Box 691, Decatur, Ga 30031.
"Summary: Organize for Disaster: Prepare Your Family and Your Home for Any Natural or Unnatural Disaster is a lifesaving book. It advocates preparing for disaster as part of everyday life rather than as an urgent event. It includes first hand accounts from people who have survived disasters and expert advice from emergency officials. There are simple instructions for doing a family communication/evacuation and escape plan, shopping lists for purchasing disaster provisions; storage ideas; checklists, tips and helpful forms. The book is a ‘good-read’ as well as an excellent ready-reference. "

Our Earth And Beyond, Book I, A Message From The Universe to 21st century Earth by Jan Rosamond Adler with Ron J. Oberon. Ron Oberon & Associates, LLC 150 S. Glenoaks Blvd. #9342 Burbank Ca. 91502.
"Collectors' First Edition "Our Earth And Beyond" Book I, ISBN 978-0-615-13526-7, pages 386, price $22.95. July 2007, 5000 in print. Followed by "Many Planes Above" Book II,ISBN 978-0-615-14580-8, pages 386, price $22.95. These are Universal Books of Knowledge to help change the World and get on with your Life. Why we are on Earth and where we go from here. What is the purpose of Life? Visit our website, click on Order Books or make a no charge Healing request to help you center and balance your Life. "

Out of Darkness by Arthur Buchanan. 43 Oakwood Ave. Suite1012.
"Book on overcomming Mental Illness and showing all what it's like to have a mental illness and how to deal with your own or another family members illness. Has a quote on front cover by Zig Ziglar! Are you ready to walk Out of The Darkness and into the light forever?"

Overcoming Child Sexual Abuse by Karen D. Doughty.

Overcoming Schizophrenia Through Diet and Lifestyle by Matthew Kraus.

Overcoming the Superwoman Syndrome by Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis, et al. Professional Women Publishing, P. O. Box 333, Prospect, KY 40059.
"This is a dynamic twenty-five chapter book dedicated to overcoming guilt, dealing with stress, and living a more calm life. Authored by twenty-five consultants, coaches, and international professionals, this anthology is a must read for women who are desiring a more peaceful life and who wish more information on emotional, mental and physical wellness."

Overcoming You: by Robert C. McMillan. P.O. Box 249, Highland, MD 20777.
"Poised to be a Best Seller. An entertaining, transparent and soul searching book that forces you to embrace your dreams and life’s obstacles while empowering you to take action to change. The timeless lessons and truths inside have been proven, tried and tested. -Maynard G. McAlpin Managing Director Aetna Robert McMillan is a man on a mission and his book is a must read for individuals, teams and corporations who want to perform at their best and go from ordinary to extraordinary! Robert illustrates that the biggest fight for success and greatness is not you against the world but it is you overcoming you! -Willie Jolley Award Winning Speaker and Best Selling Author --Testimonials This is a testament to the profound link between storms, opportunities and success. Robert illustrates that without storms, success and greatness is limited; the greater the storm, the greater the opportunity and the greater the success. -Greg V. Billups, President and CEO Systems Maintenance and Technology INC. (SM&T) "

Pastor/prophetess by Abimbola Cole Idris. 283a victoria park road, Hackney London E9 5DY. abimbola_coleidris@hotmail
"The book is called "How to become a millionaire in a way that is Dignifying to God" this book will give the reader the motivation,inspiration, and power-packed ideas that he or she needs to bring his or her legacy to life. it shows you a super successful way of generating money in millions, inspire change, and help the needy. The mission of the book is to turn millions of ordinary people into multi-millionaires in a way that is pleasing to God. The writter is a respectable woman of God, she is an editor, a speaker, trainer, coach and consultant on prosperity, healing and wealth creation "

Patterns: Removing the Mask ISBN 0-935861-01-7 by A La Lansun. By Mail: 16631 E. El Lago # 313, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268-9749. Buy Online:
"Just released: First Edition (256 pages) See our website for cover information, table of contents, first chapter. Like the Transactional Analysis concept of the Parent-Adult-Child in all of us, this book presents patterns of awareness an evolving ego experiences for review to help us eliminate the emotional and mental debris we've collected and express more of our real self in our life. Increases understanding of yourself and others."

Patterns: Removing the Mask ISBN 0-935861-07-7 by A La Lansun. 16631 East El Lago Blvd. # 313 Fountain Hills, AZ 85268. or
"Patterns: Removing the Mask. > This book presents theoretical personality patterns that an evolving ego may experience. The challenge: to recognize and consciously alter our own ego behavioral patterns that block expression to our talents and abilities. You'll also see others with more insight. >Written with Lansun's exceptional clarity, you'll read it with relish..and occasionally a little 'pickle' when it hits close to home. >For more information and an except see: "

PAWS of WISDOM-Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From Our Pets by Sofia Steryo-Bartmus. 21900 Londelius, West Hills, Ca 91304.
"Softbound edition-136 pages, 5.5x8.5 $16.95 The book points out that sometimes all we need to do is pay attention to what our pets teach us.Through her many life experiences, the author became acutely aware of the "Wisdom" that is available to all of us if we would only take the time to observe and apply it daily so that we can enjoy a more fullfilling life. This is the story of a dog, named Bunny, who lived her life to the fullest despite a chronic illness and the joy, love and happiness she shared with her family. Also contains a Resource Guide on identifying illnesses and caring for our pets."

Permission to Nap, Taking Time to Restore Your Spirit by Jill Murphy Long. Permission Books POB 770089 Steamboat Springs, CO 80477.
"The author's first book in the Permission Book Series won numerous awards including The Chicago Book Award, The Publishers Marketing Association Benjamin Franklin Award and has been on the Top 50 Best Sellers since its release in 2002. Permission to Nap is in its fourth printing."

Permission to Party, Taking Time to Celebrate and Enjoy Life by Jill Murphy Long. Permission Books POB 770089 Steamboat Springs, CO 80477.
"If Hallmark had its way, we would only celebrate a handful of holidays. Best selling author, Jill Murphy Long, delivers 101+ innovative ideas for theme parties, easy decorating and simple recipes to host smashing successes for whenever or whatever the reason. Party Goddesses unite or join us! "

Permission to Play, Taking Time to Renew Your Smile by Jill Murphy Long. Permission Books POB 770089 Steamboat Springs, CO 80477.
"The second book in the Permission Book Series rolled out with 20,000 copies including a 2005 Permission to Play 12-month wall calendar printed by Portal. The author's mission is to spread the love of play, rather than having to "work out" or "exercise" and be healthier, happier, and stronger because of this time spent having fun. Motivational tips disguised as bribes, tricks, and charms will help Americans get started playing every day and encourage those already playing to take it to the next level. "

Phoenix Rising: 12 Golden Keys to Unlock Your Depression by Anthony J. Schwarz. PO Box 20536.
"Paperback - 184 pages (June 2001) The Phoenix Group; ISBN: 0970874707 Price: $15.95 USD Ordering: 888-934-7755 In this self-help approach to regaining control of your life, you will discover a step-by-step process that's easy to follow - even for those at the lowest point of depression. This handbook shows the way out, giving hope to those who suffer from affective disorders (depression and manic depression), and better understanding to those who love and care for them."

Piece a Cake by Euneata Payne.
"Heartfelt, Fun and Insightful. Euneata draws on her personal experiences to uncover life lessons to help anyone who hopes to become a better person. Ms. Payne inspires her readers to develop greater Strength, Courage, Performance and Integrity. The author promises that her book, Piece a Cake, will take you on a special journey -- one that will be sweet and satisfying just like your favorite Piece a Cake."

Pinch A Penny Till It Screams: Everything You Wanted To Know About Frugal Survival Skills But Didn't Know Where To Look by Madeline Clive. Lucerna Publishing, 2936 34th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55406.
"This book is for anyone struggling to find ways to stretch their money for living expenses. It contains many references to books by other authors who have extremely valuable information and inspiration, and go into great depth in the various areas discussed in this book, such as food, clothing, shelter, transportation, utilities, insurance and more."

Pinstripe Suits to Prison Blues by Michael R Holley. PO Box 7517 Lakeland FL 33807.
"1st edition printing by Createspace/Amazon POD. "

Pinstripe Suits to Prison Blues: How an Entrepreneur went from Millionaire to Bankruptcy and Prison by Michael R Holley. PO Box 7517 Lakeland FL 33807.
"1st edition, 2500 going to print in December, available on my website and Amazon mid December 2014. Those that are members of the Para Publishing family of self publishers that would like a manuscript to review please request via email."

Plan To Retire On Full Pay by Thomas C. Holmes. 111 So Tejon St. Ste 100.
"A complete retirement planning guide for the consumer. 1. Determine the dollars necessary to retire comfortably 2. How to save and invest strategically. 3. How to avoid taxes when taking distributions 4. What to do if the retirement funds in a retirement account are needed. 5. Important news for employers. How to stay out of court when the employee determines that there is not enough money to retire. 6. How to use the magic power of compounding to hit the retirement target."

Planning Today for Success Tomorrow: Helping Students Choose Their College or Trade School Major and Career by Dr. Moses McCutcheon, Jr.. P.O. Box 47945, Los Angeles, CA 90047.
"ASTONISHING ANSWERS TO UNSPOKEN QUESTIONS REVEALED! PARENTS, COUNSELORS, TEACHERS: Use This Unique Education and Career Planning Guide for YOUR Middle and High School Students. SET-UP YOUR OWN SCHOOL-TO-SUCCESS PROGRAM IN YOUR HOME, IN SCHOOL, OR IN YOUR ORGANIZATION . . . CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT! STUDENTS: What Will You Do After High School and later in YOUR Life? If you don’t know, this book can help! This life and career guide teaches students how to decide what they really want! Knowing what you want is the first principle of success! STUDENTS: Turn Your Life Purpose, Your Desires, Interests, Talents, Passions, and Special Abilities into a Career! Moses McCutcheon, Jr., Ed.D. has received many awards for his School-To-Success work. With a doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University and more than 20 years of experience as an educator, trainer, and personnel-management analyst, Dr. McCutcheon is a Certified Life and Career Guidance Coach/Consultant and Certified Motivational Seminar Leader. PLANNING TODAY FOR SUCCESS TOMORROW was written for parents and others to help students to plan for a successful life. See book reviews on website at "

Play or Pay: 77 Ways to Have FUN or Suffer the Consequences and End up Paying the Price by Susan Schanerman.
"First edition. Available through Baker & Taylor or publisher."

Podium Paranoia: Transforming Fear Into Knockout Presentations by Malcolm O. Munro. P.O. Box 1820 Germantown, MD 20875.
"Podium Paranoia: Transforming Fear Into Knockout Presentations (2nd Edition) If so, youre not alone, According to statistics, it's stronger than the fear of dying followed by financial ruin, spiders and snakes. Over 41% of people have some fear or anxiety dealing with speaking in front of groups. Fortunately, help has arrived! In this book, youll learn: · The Big Eight reasons people fear public speaking and how to conquer them · Proven techniques to identify and improve your speaking style · Easy ways to leverage your personality and connect to the crowd · 6 Common Recipes for Disaster and how to avoid them · 5 reasons NOT to use PowerPoint® in your next presentation · 3 powerful methods to deftly handle a hostile audienceQuit being afraid and take control! This book will show you how to combine preparation and practice into a one-two punch that will both inform and impress your audience! Youll approach the podium with a newfound confidence and actually seek out opportunities to speak! The world is ready to hear your presentation so dont make it wait any longer! "

Positive Power Secrets from A to Z by Laura Turner Lynch.
"An introduction to the ABC's of personal transformation."

Positive Power Secrets from A to Z by Laura Turner Lynch.
"Tap into a power that leads to happiness, health and success! Its easy as ABC with "Positive Power Secrets from A to Z" ! "

Power and Wisdom: The New Path for Women by Priscilla V. Marotta, Ph.D.. 300 NW 70th Ave., St. 302, Plantation Florida 33317.
"CEO of the largest woman-owned business in the United States and a nationally recognized psychologist combine forces to present the concepts of Positive Power. Identify the power robbers, learn the power lessons, find out why feminism needs a face lift, and activiate your unique feminine talents. Self-assessment questions, real-life stories, and specific affirmations give you a step-by-step guide to unlimited success in your life. Directories of women networking organizations and interesting web sites are included in this value-packed book."

POWER IS NOT A 4-LETTER WORD: HOW WOMEN CAN CLAIM PERSONAL POWER TO GET MORE OF WHAT THEY WANT IN THEIR LIVES by Isabel L. Kersen, PhD. Isabel L. Kersen, The Power Edge, Harmon Cove Towers, Suite 330, Secaucus, NJ 07094.
"Newly-published book garnering rave reviews from readers. Best endorsement: People ordering copies for friends and relatives."

Power Manners - How to Use Your Personal Skills for Business and Social Success by Shannon Smith. suite 704,115 George St., Oakville, ONTARIO, Canada L6J 0A2.
"Manners are back in Style! Good manners are an essential element in any personal portfolio and a clear differentiator in business and social encounters. Polish up your manners.... increase your success! It's what Hemmingway called Grace Under Pressure. Purchase POWER MANNERS now!"

Power Manners - How to Use Your Personal Skills for Business and Social Success by Shannon Smith.
"Power Manners is a beautifully illustrated, 220-page hard cover book. But don’t expect this book to be about some stiff, inflexible code of conduct. Instead it’s full of juicy information and insider-tips that you won’t find elsewhere. Sound advice about how to use good manners to add the polish that leads to personal power, turning every encounter into a compelling expression of self –confidence. Using universal truths as her baseline, Shannon has added her life experience and her expertise as an international image strategist to his book about best behavior. In it you will discover: • How to dress appropriately • What International Protocol really means • The secret behind effective presentations • The difference between manners & etiquette • That gossip can be good • When the kiss and when the shake hands • How to survive meetings RANK YOURSELF! Find out how well mannered you are when you check our chapter quizzes. And then learn how easy it is to • Impress others without being fake • Schmooze with the best • Get out of embarrassing business situations and ensure you’re on everyone’s invitation list. ENJOY THE ADVENTURE OF PAWE MANNERS With it you’ll have the power to transform yourself from UNNOTICED TO UNFORGETTABLE! "

Power of Life: Use It or Lose It You Decide by Rashun Jones. P.O. Box 36651, Oklahoma City, Ok 73136.

Power Passages by Greg Hickman. PO Box 187 Conroe, TX 77305.
"Power Passages contains 100 motivational memos designed to help unlock and unleash that winner inside you. Each Power Passage covers a short but sweet motivational or inspirational topic and is designed to provide a quick motivational boost to your day. There's little doubt that we could all use a little help in staying focused, motivated and super charged in today's hustle and bustle world. These motivational and inspirational passages are designed to be read in just a minute or two - providing that needed external spark to recharge your batteries and reset your circuits for 24 hour positve power. "

Powerful Attitudes by Michael Murphy.
"This is the first edition. I've sold over 10,000 copies. Not sure to the exact number."

Powerfully Recovered! A Confirmed 12 Stepper Challenges the Movement by Anne Wayman. 1880 Harbor Is. Dr., San Diego, CA 92101.
"A ground breaking book explores two myths that have grown up in the 12 Step Movement, the myths of never ending recovery and of perpetual powerlessness. The author is convinced the 12 Steps offer the best chance for lasting recovery and shows how the myths developed and damage both individuals and the movement as a whole. She then suggests what those in recovery can do about them. Download first 25 pages FREE. Available at website, Amazon and other online bookstores. (Thanks Dan, I've 'lived with you' for years.)"

Preparing for College Admissions: The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Students by Carolyn Croom Baker. 80 Curtis Drive, New Haven, Connecticut 06515.
"Preparing for College Admissions clarifies and dmystifiers the unknown components of the college admissions process and leaves you with a quiet sense of well being, knowing that you have done the best for your future. Preparing for College Admissions shows parents and students, in simple steps, how to organize the process, how to select the college that is the best match, and where to find the money to pay for a great education. This book has answers."

Preparing for College Admissions: The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Students by Carolyn Croom Baker. 80 Curtis Drive, New Haven, Ct. 06515.
"An interactive values based guide for parents and students through the maze of the college admissions process. Information on college selection, applications, scholarships and financial aid included. Underlying philosophy is that college owes you more than a diploma and skill set. College should nurture and help student uncover talents and build character strength."

Pretty Smart: Lessons from our Miss Americas by Penny Pearlman.
"2009 Finalist: Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2009 Finalist: National Indie Excellence Awards Pretty Smart illustrates the universal truths about achieving success through the inspiring stories of the women who became Miss America."

Procrastination Nation by Gloria Arenson. 1429 Las Positas Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.
"Stop putting up with putting off! This is a simple step by step guide to freedom from procrastination. First edition, May 2008 Published by Brockart Books"

PSYCHOLOGY OF HAPPINESS by Robert Elias Najemy. Biblio Distribution, A Division of National Book Network Inc. 15200 NBN Way, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214 Tel. 800-462-6420, .
"Greek version has sold 20,000 copies. Newly published in English. ISBN 0-9710116-0-5 "

Pull The Cord! Discover Who You Really ARE! by Francine Poelstra. PO Box 7842 Stockton, CA 95267.
""Incredibly moving and insightful, This is profound advice for coming years. It is everything your mother would have taught you if only she's known." --Christine Harvey, Author "Francine is all about love. Open to her message and you will find the love and inspiriation in your own heart." Marcia Weider, Author Told as a metaphor for skydiving Francine shares the insights she received while skydiving with her son for his 21th birthday. She has developed 3 simple steps into a system that provides insight and power into discovering who you really ARE. You won't want to miss this one."

Pulling The Punches-defeating domestic violence by Luke Daniels. 29 Myddelton Street, Islington, London, EC1R 1UA, UK.
""Domestic violence is one of the most distressing experiences that can happen to a man or a woman. This wise informal and above all people-centered book should be required reading for any pearson who has a problem with violence temselves and for all those affected by it" Claire Rayner,OBE "Luke daniels is an expert on violence-who uses it, why, whom they hurt, what violence achieves and the ruinous consequences. he is also an expert on change-on who needs it and how to do it. The book brings together years of experience of working with people who use violence. It reveals his clarity, his calmness, his unyelding determination and above all his generous humanity. Read it, use it, allow yourself to be changed by it" Beatrix Campbell, OBE"

Queen of the Urban Jungle by Angie Trelstad.
"Available now! Formal release, January 15, 2005! The Woman's Urban Survival Guide. If you were to buy one book for you or the women in your life, it should be this one."

Queen of the Urban Jungle by Angie Trelstad. 7500 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Ste. 9-131 Las Vegas, NV 89128.
"The Women's Urban Survival Guide Queen of the Urban Jungle is not about self defense, it is a lifestyle."

Questing France by Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed.. PO Box 1640 Burlington ON Canada L7R 5A1.
"Questing France is a very personal, first hand account of how one woman deals with marital infidelity. It poses some serious questions about marriage, betrayal, trust, friendship and family relationships. Through self exploration and inspiring travel experiences, Marilyn applies her expertise as a marriage and family therapist to her roles as a wife, mother, sibling, friend, and business woman. Her story reveals how behind the roles she plays she struggles to find strength and support to be her authentic Self. Like Marilyn’s first book Questing Marilyn, this self-help book is packed with inspiration and thoughts worthy of group discussion. Questing France goes much farther than detailing wonderful travel adventures. It challenges reader to look deep within and question beliefs and values about what is really important in life to bring about happiness and great personal satisfaction. This is something many of us could use more of to live happier, more enriched lives. "

Questing Marilyn by Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed.. PO Box 1640 Burlington ON Canada L7R 5A1.
"Travel to explore your life and self. Questing Marilyn: In Search of My Holy Grail, Personal Growth Through Travel, chronicles the experiences of author and therapist Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem, as she tours historical and sacred sites in Britain and Ireland. Questing Marilyn is as much a voyage of the inner soul as it is a wander through Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury, Tintagel, Mousehole, Bath, Kilkenny, Dublin and more. Marilyn’s book shows that vacation time is the perfect time to reflect on the personal aspects of one's life, the feelings one has about his or her life, and what one can do to be happy. It will help you examine how your beliefs influence your life. It will help you learn to be Self responsible and to make choices that enhance your relationships. It will also equip you with methods and coping mechanisms to develop a deeper relationship with your Self. Excellent for discussion! "

Reality Creation 101: Mastering Manifestation Through Awareness by Christopher A. Pinckley, cpt. amazon.
"“This book gives you the tools, knowledge, and awareness to completely revamp your unconscious mind to create the life you really want.”-T. Harv Eker author of #1 NY Times best seller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind “Sometimes in order to create what you want, you have to get rid of what you don’t want. I like this book because it addresses the difficulties that people can face in life. It doesn’t take the reader for granted.”-Dr. Joe Vitale author of #1 best seller The Attractor Factor “Reality Creation 101 is a beautifully written book with a practical step-by-step process for a more fulfilling life. Regardless of where one may be on the spiritual path, new insights will certainly be found.”-John Randolph Price author of #1 best seller The Super Beings "

Reasoning Backwards: Sherlock Holmes' Guide to Effective Problem Solving by Gregg Young. Young Associates, Inc., 2911 Highbrook Dr., Midland, MI 48642.
"American students don't learn any problem solving skills today, but since 2008, Japanese students do. "Reasoning Backwards" gives high school and college students access to best practice problem solving techniques for the first time, so they can leave school with the advantage of already knowing how to solve problems quickly and completely. Official publication date is March, 2011."

Rebellion with Purpose - A Young Adult's Guide to the Improvement of Self and Society by Richard Sidy. 380 Raintree Rd. Sedona AZ 86351.
"Dan Poynter's workshop helped us to expand this book in the form of a free Guide which is available from our website."

Recipes for Fabulous Sex: 75 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life by Ronald Russell and Rebecca Smith. 2967 Michelson Suite G225 Irvine, CA 92612.
"10,000 in print"

Reclaim Your Life by Jim Donovan. PO Box 1147, buckingham, PA 18912.

Refired not Retired by Phyllis May. 1800 Atlantic Blvd. A-312, Key West, FL 33040.
"1st edition 1000 printed"

ReFIRED, not Retired...reignite your zest for life by Phyllis May. 1800 Atlantic Blvd. A-312, Key West, FL 33040.

Reflections by Daniel K. Fitzgerald. TwinWorlds, Inc.

Reflections On The Art Of Balance by Edward Bonapartian.

Reflective Empowerment/Empower Yourself by Philip Guy Rochford.
"Reflective Empowerment was selected as the “Walsh Seminars Award for Best Personal Growth Book of the Year (2010). The book provides a backdrop to enable you to design the precise life you want. Empowerment is the strength within you to be and do what you intend and visualize. Reflective Empowerment shows you the process of empowering yourself."

Release Your Magical Child by Amber Deann . 2510 Barbera Way, Rancho Cordova, Ca 95670.
"Release Your Magical Child by Amber Deann You are your hidden emotions Use them to create your future. Do you know how to overcome depression? Do you know how to use its wisdom to enrich your life? Join Camillia on her heart warming journey to reconnect with her inner child and discover emotional intelligence and inner peace. A new world will open for you. Life will get easier. "

Release Your Magical Child by Amber Deann . 2610 Barbera Way, Rancho Cordova, Ca 95670.
" Release Your Magical Child is the journey of an adult survivor of childhood trauma to find her Inner Child and God. Aided by faeries, angels, archangels, her childhood reincarnated dog, nightmares, and dreams, she is reintroduced to the pleasant and unpleasant experiences of her abusive childhood and the love and wisdom of children. Amber Deann, the author, is self publishing and self marketing this book. You can order the book through her web site. She currently has 500 copies of the book for sale. "

Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century by Carol Tuttle. Bookstores Nationwide.
"2nd Edition 17,000 in Print Available on CD Rom Excellent Review by Midwest Book Review 1st Edition one of the most successful POD books to date, 8,000 sold. "

RETURN - Past Life Regression and You by Dr. Georgina Cannon.
"Reviewed by Shirley MacLaine and featured on her website. The author is an international award winning teacher, board certified hypnotherapy clinician and author."

Revolutionary Agreements: Twelve Ways to Transform Stress and Struggle Into Freedom and Joy by Marian Head. Pathway Book Service, 4 White Brook Road, Gilsum, NH 03448.
"Publication Date March 2005. ISBN 0-9759796-3-9 Revolutionary Agreements reveals principles thousands have used to create greater inner peace and fulfillment in and out of the workplace. Real-life stories illustrate the power of these simple agreements, guiding individuals and teams to reduce unnecessary drama, create more joy in relationships and gain greater emotional freedom. "A great book! 'Revolutionary Agreements' is a series of powerful and profound life messages that can open up a world of possibilities for you." --Brian Tracy, author, "Million Dollar Habits" "'Revolutionary Agreements' will empower millions of us to model the change we want to see in the world." --Barbara Marx Hubbard, author, "Conscious Evolution" "What's so 'revolutionary' about 'Revolutionary Agreements' is its head-heart connection. It is a profound collection of practical things to do about who and how to be to be all that we desire, dream and deserve." --John Milton Fogg, author, "The Greatest Networker in the World""

REXOLOGY: The Way of a Warrior in the New Millennium by REGINALD W. DAVIS.
"This book was twenty-years in the making. It ask the question, “With all the different thoughts, beliefs, religions, and sciences; how do you know what path to follow in order to find self-actualization (The fulfillment of your total potential) and spiritual-fulfillment (Having values and beliefs, as to right and wrong, such that you are willing to live or die for)?” This is a book of esoteric knowledge. By definition, this is knowledge of the few. However, if you can hear and understand it may unlock your full potential. It will help you to develop, or become more aware of who and what you are."

Risk It! How to Overcome Fear & Make Smart Changes by Nelson, Reva.
"Understand your self and others in how to take risks wisely/ Risk cycle, inspirational interviews/ $14.95 U.S., $16.95 Can. plus $5. tax, shipping 2nd printing, very helpful book! Keynotes & Conferences"

Room for Change: Practical Ideas for Reviving After Loss by Susan W. Reynolds.
"Syndicated blogger with and contributor to Living With Loss magazine brings to life a innovative and practical grief recovery tool to those in grief and those that work with them. Take a look"

Rules of Relaxation by Dr Miriam Kinai. Box 203 Nairobi 00517 Kenya.
"Assert yourself... Breathe deeply... Cast your burdens... Drink herbal teas...Establish social support... Formulate realistic goals... Guard your heart...Have complementary hobbies... 130 simple ways of managing stress to ensure that it will never distress you."

Rules of Relaxation by Dr Miriam Kinai. P.O. Box 203 Nairobi 00517 Kenya. www.almasihealthcare,com
"This book teaches you the A to Z of managing stress from Assert yourself, Breathe deeply, Cast your burdens, Drink herbal teas to Optimize stress, Pamper yourself, Trust God, Veto worry, Work out and Zap job stress. Rules of Relaxation covers it all with 130 simple but effective strategies you can incorporate into your life to help you cope with stressful situations without getting distressed. "

Rules of the Game (How to overcome struggle and start living) by Elfreda Pretorius. P.O. Box 84015, Trafalgar RPO, Oakville, ON. L6H 3P1.

Running on Plenty at Work: Renewal Strategies for Individuals by Krista Kurth, Ph.D. and Suzanne Adele Schmidt, Ph.D.. 800-877-2693, ext 2.

Sacred Transitions: Taking a More Conscious Role with Dying by Julie M. Milne, PhD.
"The Reader Views Literary Awards for 2012 - first place in the Body/Mind/Spirit category "This book moved me to tears, lifted my heart with hope, and even more solidified the knowing that I have to not only live but to die consciously. This book is a treasure!" Dr. Darren R. Weissman, Developer of The LifeLine Technique."

SAD- Suicide- Alcohol-Drugs by John Mitchell. 140 e. stetson #159.
"A must read Drug book that has many favorable reviews --see"

Saddle Sense - Uncomplicated Reflections On Managing People & Relationships by Mike Purcell.
"This "info-tainment" book focuses on teaching readers the simple yet time-proven principles of leadership from a cowboy perspective. It contains 12 chapters, each focusing on one particular leadership principle, in an easy-to-read, 128 page format. As a bonus, it also contains 12 original cowboy story poems written by the author, each one relating to the principle discussed within the chapter which it introduces. Reader feedback often produces comments like, "Very practical. Easy reading. A must read for any manager regardless of experience. I would also add a must read for business owners with employees. I wish we'd had it 10 years ago." "

Safety Plan for College by Michael A. Hodge.
"First edition book with outstanding reviews as a "must have" book for all attending College."

Savannah's Black "First Ladies"Vol. I by Pamela Howard-Oglesby & Brenda L. Roberts. P.O.Box 1981, Savannah, Georgia, 31402.
"Read about the accomplishments of courageous African-American women in Savannah, Georgia who were pioneers - the "first" in their career fields to break the glass ceilings set forth by race and gender. These stories were written to capture the history of women that would have been lost, and to inspire girls and young women to pursue their dreams in spite of obstacles they may face. Savannah's Black "First Ladies", Vol. I was named a "2010 Best Books Finalist" in the African-American Studies category of USA Book News."

Searching for Success by Billy Arcement. 36570 Swamp Road South, Prairieville, LA 70769.
"First Edition. 2500 in print. Readers have found this book to be a down-to-earth, practical easy to understand process to becoming more successful. Using the book as suggested by the author (answer the questions posed and take action when required) will quickly bring positive results. Success is a process and "Searching for Success" develops this process to completion. "

Second Bloom: 10 Steps to Reinvent, Rejuvenate, and Realize a New Life by Anne Marie Smith & Michelle Gamble-Risley. 11230 Gold Express Drive, #310-340, Gold River, CA 95670.
"This book is for women wanting or needing to make a change in their lives but don't know how or to what. The book walks readers through a unique process to help them create a vision for their new lives and a plan of action for how to get there. (1st Edition, Kaabrah Publishing, January 2009)"

Second Life, Second Chance: A Teacher's Chronicle of Despair, Recovery and Triumph by Anthony Aquan-Assee. Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.
"My first book, "Second Life, Second Chance: A Teacher's Chronicle of Despair, Recovery and Triumph" describes my recovery from a severe Traumatic Brain Injury with an emphasis on my time in the Trauma Hospital. This book won an award in the "2009 Eric Hoffer Book Awards" in the category of Legacy Nonfiction. Read the review in the US Review of Books by going to: "

Secrets from the Sofa- A Psychologist's Guide to Achieving Personal Peace by Dr Kenneth Herman. iUniverse 1-800-288-4677.
"In this groundbreaking self-help guide a board-certified psychologist shares his proven secrets to promote greater self-confidence, effective coping skills, and improved quality of life. Paperback $16.95 A must read for readers seeking a meaningful life."

Secrets of the Hidden Job Market: Change Your Thinking to Get the Job of Your Dreams by Janet White. 6213 Monahans Court, Plano TX 75023.
"The world's first metaphysical approach to job hunting, "Secrets of the Hidden Job Market: Change Your Thinking to Get the Job of Your Dreams" will revolutionize your job search. This book will shatter your negative assumptions about job hunting, and give you an entirely different perspective about the process of getting hired and yourself. Once you read "Secrets of the Hidden Job Market: Change Your Thinking to Get the Job of Your Dreams," you'll never look for a job the same way again."

Secrets of the Hidden Job Market: Change Your Thinking to Get the Job of Your Dreams by Janet White. 6213 Monahans Court, Plano, TX 75023.
""Secrets of the Hidden Job Market: Change Your Thinking to Get the Job of Your Dreams" is the world's first metaphysical approach to job hunting. If you can change your thinking, you can change your life."

Secrets of the Jungle: Lessons on Survival and Success in Today's Organizations by Dr. Shirley Peddy. 4833 Saratoga, PMB 602, Corpus Christi, TX 78413.
"4,500 in print. This book was written in 1996 and continues to sell. It's the ideal book for any one who wants to be successful in the business world."

Seduction of a Soul Mate by Daniel K. Fitzgerald. TwinWorlds, Inc.

See Sally Kick Ass: A Woman's Guide to Personal safety by Fred Vogt.
"This comprehensive book contains over 650 tips for everyday safety. It has 130 pictures illustrating highly effective self-defense techniques. If you only buy one self-defense or personal safety book, this is the one to buy! This award winning book is being used as a textbook at Valencia College in Florida. See more book details at The book is available at most major bookstores. "

Seeing Beyond the Wrinkles (2nd. ed): Stories of Ageless Courage, Humor, and Faith by Charles Tindell. Studio 4 Productions, P.O. Box 280400, Northridge, CA 91328.
"Recent recipient of the Gold Award from the MATURE MEDIA ASSOCIATION for its outstanding content and presentation. This new edition (revised and expanded) consists of 70 real-life short stories about people’s feelings and experiences through which the author shows us that there is no reason anyone should fear aging. Of interest both to seniors in their post-retirement years, as well as those who care for a loved one. Recover the joys of the golden years!"

Seeking Self: an inner journey to healthy relationship by Stephan McLaughlin, Jr. . PO Box 241209, Memphis, TN 38124.
"Seeking Self is a journey that takes us down an inner path to our own answers and wisdom. First Edition Print Run: 5,000"

Self Creation: 10 Powerful Principles for Changing Your Life by Yvonne F. Brown. JAD Publications - 3180 N. Lake Shore Drive - Suite 8F - Chicago, IL 60657.
"Disputing the notion that life's changes just happen to us, the author guides us towards independently establishing our own internal reasons for making life-changing transitions. What follows is a delightful self-discovery of the power that our self-shaped and ever changing dreams truly hold. The success of America is based on the ability of its people to redefine themselves and create the future. The time is right to rebuild your skills and redesign yourself into the person you have always wanted to be. In her presentation Yvonne said "you don't have to take life the way it comes to you, you can define the future you want and build it using the the principles set forth in this book. I have delighted in seeing the success of others who have used these approaches." "As for me", she continued "I achieved my dream of writing and publishing this book by following the strategies in Dan Poynter's 'The Self-Publishing Manual'. What about you? What dreams do you hold in your heart?" "

Self-Esteem for Old Broads by Sher Pensiero & Kathy Opatka. 389 Felgar Road, Somerset, PA 15501. Website under construction
"Self-Esteem for Old Broads is a hands-on workbook containing 155 Power Charges designed to help women regain possession of their time, life, and positive self-esteem. This ultimate self-help book for all age groups--but specifically the over-forty woman--was written by two former college roommates whose lives and careers redefine the phrases "personal growth" and self-made woman. The power charges are arranged in a jounralistic style that encourages women to live the life they were meant to lead...that of a kicking, screaming in-charge OLD BROAD. Price: $15.95 plus S & H. "

Selfmatters by Dr.Jeff McGraw. 35.halton st.toronto,ont.M6J 1R5.

Senior Moments, Getting The Most Our Of Your Golden Years by David W. Silva. 57 Oakstone Ct Santa Rosa, CA 95409.
"I am just beginning to sell my book, so there is not much to say except that it has been well recieved the first few weeks. Kay Trout Gave it a good review on the March MidWest List. I will we able to add to this in a few weeks"

Senior Morments, Getting The Most Our Of Your Golden Years by David W. Silva. 57 Oakstone Ct. Santa Rosa, Ca 95409.
"First Edition approx 500 copies in print "In his book Senior Moments, Getting The Most Our Of Your Golden Years David Wayne Silva writes charming, personal narratives that encourage readers to trust him and his advice. Silva Also asks readers to think of their own experiences in each situation which adds an element of interactivity to this already well written book." Writers Digest Judges Commentary "A Fantastic book to ponder and learn from! Highly recommended Reading.""

Seraphim Blueprint: The Power of Angel Healing by Ruth Rendely.
"This book outlines the revival of an ancient angelic healing system that empowers people to take healing to a whole new level."

Seven Steps to Riches/How to Program Your Mind to Get Whatever you Want by Daniel L. Betz. P.O. Box 79006, Pittsburgh, PA 15216.
"1st Edition Published January 2000"

Seven Steps to Riches/How to Program Your Mind to Get Whatever you Want by Daniel L. Betz. P.O. Box 79006, Pittsburgh, PA 15216.
"1st Edition Published January 2000... A practical "how to" guide for utilizing the most powerful skill set in the Universe and harnessing all available resources to get whatever you want. What would you like to have? This fascinating new book shows you how to get it."

Shadows of the Mind by Pam Randall.
"Full of mystery and spirituality...!!! Shadows of the Mind, by Pam Randall Available upon order: Oder through Trafford Publishing "

Shatter Your Speed Limits / Fast-Track Your Success and Get What You Truly Want in Business and in Life by Wendy Lipton-Dibner.
"#3 Amazon Bestseller - top 5 across 4 categories (success/self-help, leadership/management, marketing/sales, business management). Tells the engaging and inspiring story of 4 people who get everything they truly want in business and in life by applying a simple, yet powerful formula."

Shattered Masks: 7 Masks We Wear by Lyman A. Montgomery, III. 135 Lightner Lane.

SHEER WILLPOWER, Faith displaces hopelessness with optimism by Mavis Brown-Ekue.
" "First Edition 427pages "The book is more than an account of my quest. It is interspersed with narratives, ponderings on religion, on philosophy, and on morality. The book is also a supported reflection on time, memories and the earlier period of my life, and on the distance and nearness of my past. I wrote this book to inspire all who read it.Significant achievements can occur to those who have the courage to overcome disappointment in order to pursue their dreams. """

Shining Moments: Finding Hope in Facing Death by Georgia Lang Weithe. PO Box 57, Lone Rock WI 53556.
"In Shining Moments: Finding Hope in Facing Death, Georgia Weithe provides an intellectual rationale for the importance of coming to terms with death, an emotional glimpse into what it's like to sit vigil while someone we love is dying, and spiritual directions for how to create an atmosphere of comfort and safety to support the dying person and help them let go. Shining Moments is a valuable resource for all who have an intellectual curiosity about death, for friends and family members of loved ones who are in the final stage of life, and for Hospice and other end-of-life care professionals who assist them with their journey. The book shines a positive light on death to help us accept its presence in our lives, and has been endorsed by the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Foundation and well-known authors Dr. Bernie Siegel and Dr. Gerald Jampolsky."

Shop for a Day with Jaci Rae - How to Get Almost Anything for Free or Next to It by Jaci Rae.
"Jaci Rae will show you how to save on pet supplies, travel, cars, houses, baby items and food and clothing and much more. In addition, Jaci Rae will also show you how you can purchase name brand gifts and other goods for sales tax only. "

Sign Language of the Soul: A Handbook For Healing by Dr. Dale Schusterman. PO Box 126, Great Falls, VA 22066 .

"SILENT THINK TIME (STT) describes positive thinking, scientific body energy studies, breathing & physical exercises, ego release, aids in silencing the 'noise chatter', how to set a STT area, and also has sayings, poems and affirmations to stimulate your inner mind. STT is for students, parents, coaches, clients, employees, veterans, & inmates. Karen has 5 college degrees, was a teacher, artist, business owner & traveler of 42 countries. Check it out on Amazon or BN or Outskirts Press."

Simple Meditation/A Spiritual Connection for Transforming Your Life by Curt Remington.
"Meditation can help you do much more than just reduce stress. It can activate that inner spiritual part of you that is already calm, content and wise. Through Simple Meditation, you will discover easy steps to connect with the replenishing peace and beauty of nature. The exercises and information will help you to improve your relationships, tap into psychic abilities and use quantum energy to release blocks to your health and happiness. The final chapters include powerful steps to examine your life, consider its direction and transform your life."

Simplicity and Success: Creating the Life You Long For by Bruce Elkin.
"Learn how to simplify your life and amplify your success in what truly matters to you. Written by internationally acclaimed coach with 30 years experience in living simply yet successfully. A great gift books for friends and family!"

Sixty Seconds To Success by Edward W. Smith. PO Box 8106, Englewood NJ 07631.
"Sixty Seconds To Success is a collection of short, action oriented tips on how you can run your life even better. Each page contains one tip, plus space for you to write notes on what actions you plan to take as a result of reading the tip. So each page provides you with something you can do RIGHT NOW, that is guaranteed to help you move towards your goals. These tips work, regardless of who you are, and where you are in the process of attaining the life you want. In addition, by writing the steps you plan to take, as a result of this tip, you etch this tip into your mind and make a commitment to follow up on this new knowledge. This has the effect of giving you hope and improving your morale, along with your performance. Sixty Seconds To Success is based on one segment used in the Bright Moment, radio and TV show, plus the Bright Moment Seminars. Each of these open with the One Minute Motivator, which is one of the tips found in Sixty Seconds To Success. So Sixty Seconds to Success is a collection of One Minute Motivators that has been used in one of these venues. Sixty Seconds To Success, can be used in several ways. It can be read for tips to jump start your performance right now. It can also be used as a workbook to plot steps for you to take in order to prepare yourself for the next level. The book is endorsed by Brian Tracy and many others. 144 page paperback $13.95 "

Slaying the Addiction Monster by Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis. 819 Isar Ave NW Palm Bay, FL 32907.
"Facts and information about addiction from people who have suffered through it and from leaders in the addiction field. An educational look at addiction. Very informative and enlightening."

SO GROWS THE TREE - Creating an Ethical Will - The legacy of your beliefs and values, life lessons and hopes for the future by Jo Kline Cebuhar, J.D..
"(Publication date: October 23, 2010)Your wisdom didn’t come easy. It’s taken a lifetime to validate your beliefs and values, to reflect on your life lessons and to envision your hopes for the future. In SO GROWS THE TREE, Jo Kline Cebuhar shows you how to create and share an Ethical Will, the unique expression of what you stand for. "

So, You're In The People Business by Les Schmidt.

Some Day Never Comes by Kerry LePage.
"Also available at "

Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose by Kathryn Andries. P.O. Box 2071, Palatine, IL 60078.
"Soul Choices:Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose is the most comprehensive guidebook to understanding your life mission. This is the first book to teach the top 6 methods of self-awareness; past lives, astrology, numerology, iris analysis, palmistry, and birth order. Full of unconventional ideas, thought provoking questions and engaging activities, this book will propel everyone to examine their life's mission in a new light. Read this book and count yourself among the many who have created more abundance, self-awareness, and rewarding careers from practicing the life purpose method. (There are 1000 copies in print. The book is available from New Leaf distributing.) "

Soul Promises by Daniel K. Fitzgerald. TwinWorlds, Inc.

Soul-Full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness by Maureen Whitehouse.,
"First Edition, Soul-full Eating: A (Delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness is a fun, provocative and profoundly insightful read that illustrates how anyone – no matter what their faith, religion or personal philosophy – can become a spiritual master at mealtime. How? It’s Simple: Eat with love what’s grown with love, prepared with love, and served with love. Soul-Full Eating artfully illustrates how a deep sense of fulfillment can be found from eating foods that resonate with your Soul. The book is full of engaging personal accounts intertwined with substantial cutting-edge nutritional and spiritual information which is backed up by exhaustive, comprehensive research. "

Spell Success In Your Life: A Roadmap for Achieving Your Goals and Surviving Success by Peter Colwell. P.O. Box 1841, Germantown, MD 20874.
"1st edition. 2,000 in print. Published by Dreams Unlimited Press, my small publishing company in Germantown, MD. Foreword by Les Brown. Endorsed by Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, and Willie Jolley. Three five-star reviews on! ISBN 0-9717268-0-9"

SPIRITUAL SURVIVAL FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT: Practical Insights, Practical Tools by Cary A. Friedman.
"SPIRITUAL SURVIVAL FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT is designed to provide spiritual fortification for law enforcement officers who are faced with a barrage of experiences in the course of their careers which challenge their most deeply held personal beliefs. Jam-packed with exercises, tools, and insights, this practical guide restores inner peace and clarity. A 'must have' for all new and seasoned law enforcement officers!"

"This is my first self-published book. I've sold over 10,000 copies since its been published. I'm a retired Federal Agent with over 25 years of Law Enforcement experience. "

Stepping Off the Edge, Learning & Living Spiritual Practice by Sandy Nathan.
"First Edition AWARDS: Finalist: Benjamin Franklin Awards 2007 Finalist: Bronze medal winner IPPY Awards 2007 Finalist: 3 categories 2007 National Indie Excellence Awards WHEN YOUR INNER VOICE SPEAKS, DO YOU LISTEN? STEPPING OFF THE EDGE, Learning & Living Spiritual Practice, reads like a good novel, while teaching the great truths of humanity. A powerful tale of insight and spiritual unfolding, this book will take you to new realms of thought and feeling. "Your Life is Your Spiritual Path" -Sandy Nathan "

Stitch Your own Silver Linings by Christine L Conroy.
"A breakthrough guide to helping yourself to happiness - no matter what. Learn how the author found profound happiness through the experiences of her mother, sister and daughter - The 'conroy women' each of whom were diagnosed with cancer. Be wrapped in the warmth and sincerity of the author as she shows you how to smash through adversity and find your own happiness and success. "

Stop Marrying Mistakes:Using Principles to Claim a Healthy Relationship by Dr. Kevin Skinner and Lisa J. Peck.
"If you or a friend is caught in the trap of marrying the wrong type of person, Stop Marrying Mistakes is for you. It takes you from piecing up the pieces, to how to uproot stress, to red flags in dating, to parenting issues, and how to successfully remarry."


Stop Struggling and Start Living: The Rules of the Game by Elfreda Pretorius. Ingram, Baker & Taylor, etc. or email us.
"Through the story of Sam, a man who is about to give up on his career, on his marriage – on life itself – the book shows readers how to use the Law of Attraction and other universal laws to improve their life."

STOP VERBAL ABUSE by Dr. Jay Grady. P.O. Box 801184 Houston Texas 77280.

Stop, Drop & Re-Balance: A Self Renewal Manual by Paul Frazer.
"Need to put out the fires in your life? Need a formula for self-renewal or to know what makes you tick? This simple, step-by-step approach for more balance & rejuvenation will make you unstoppable."

Street Negotiation: How to Resolve Any Conflict Anytime by Tristan J. Loo. Synergy Institute, 2100 E. Grand Ave. Suite #34, Escondido, CA. 92027.
"ISBN 1-58961-435-6. Street Negotiation is a practical guide to getting what you want in life without stepping on other people. Author, Tristan J. Loo, is a former police officer and an internationally recognized expert in conflict negotiation who guides you through his six-module method for defusing conflict and reaching agreements."

Strength in the Storm: Creating Calm in Difficult Times by Eknath Easwaran. P.O. Box 256, Tomales, CA 94971.
"The daily pressure of a busy lifestyle, an unexpected crisis, or ongoing anxiety about the state of the world – we can face any of life’s challenges by learning to draw on the deep resources within us. Easwaran offers a range of practical, time-tested skills for thriving in tumultuous times. Special features include: * Introductions and an afterword by Christine Easwaran * Real-life stories showing how people are using Easwaran’s skills – and benefiting from them today * A practical workbook at the end of each chapter with Key Ideas, Points to Practice, and Inspiration"

Stub Out The Habit - Quit Smoking Without Cravings Or Regrets by Jennifer Clare.
"Stub Out The Habit is available in both print and ebook forms from"

Success for the Diet Dropout: Proven Strategies for Women who want to Stop Hating Their Bodies by Nikki Goldman Ph.D..
"In this book, Nikki Goldman Ph.D. offers you a breakthrough program to change your destructive eating patterns. Why not lose the harmful preoccupation with food and fat which has been driving you to try yet another diet and fail? Because it is a complete system, it shows you how to succeed where limiting diets don’t. Let your body emerge in its natural beauty, not the idealized image that continues to sabotage your efforts to be slim. You’ll learn to reconnect with your body’s wisdom for the natural need for nourishment, not the external dictates of a diet. Would you like to give up the humiliation and failure from dieting that ultimately triggers you to gain more weight than you lost? Dr. Nikki teaches you: • When ice cream calls out to you, turn to the ‘Body Talk’ technique to quiet the voice. • How to condition yourself to enjoy food when you’re hungry and forget about it when you’re not with the ‘Food Meditation’. • How to get the psychological edge to stop cravings permanently with ‘The Paradox’ technique. You’ll emerge as a graceful swan and shed the ‘ugly duckling’ feeling. Finally you’ll win at the losing battle and find happiness and comfort in your own skin. Bring out the matches because you’ll sigh with relief when you set fire to all those destructive diets. You’ll love the thrill as you throw away the bathroom scale. Won’t it be wonderful to see your body change naturally as a result of your new inner peace? Nikki Goldman, Ph.D., National speaker, award-winning writer, and therapist. Her weekly column, “Ask Dr. Nikki” appears in several California newspapers. Her award-winning books are educational tools in schools across the nation. She has lectured at such renowned institutions as the University of California Medical School and the United States Navy, and is a frequent guest on radio talk shows. Behavioral Consultants Press P O W A Y, C A L I F O R N I A"

Success Is A Matter Of Choice & A Mustard Seed Of Faith by Audrey Bell-Kearney. 2089 Madjar Rd., Zebulon, NC 27597.
"1st edition. The author will take you a journey that she took to over everyday obstacles, to start living the life that she loves. This is a great book for anyone who want to become successful on their own terms. When you order you will get an autographed copy."

Supercharged!: Live on the edge. Hold nothing back. No fear. No regrets. by Freddy Davis. 321 Anton Dr., Tallahassee, FL, 32312.
"Dr. Freddy Davis has come up with a plan, in his new book Supercharged!, that mimics the scientific communitys use of superconductors and calls it living a supercharged life. Dr. Davis shares, I believe that the principle of superconducting is not just for electricity; it is for human life as well. I believe we were all created to conduct meaningful and exciting lives. We humans are like the conducting a natural state that allows us to be useful and somewhat productive. But we were made in such a way that it is possible for us to reach a superconducting state -- to be truly supercharged. It is when we achieve that level that our lives are able to explode with the purpose, meaning, and joy that we were created to experience."

SuperWisdom - Seven Vital Secrets for a Rich and Purpose-Filled Life by Tom Russell. PO Box 326, Payson, AZ 85547.
"First edition. 6x9 softcover, 165 pages, includes original art. "

Swim Lessons: Ten Secrets for Making Any Dream Come True by Nick Irons.
"Winner of the IPPY award for best Self-Help book. Finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award, and ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award. "

Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain For Sales Success by Jerry V. Teplitz, J.D., Ph.D., Tony Alessandra, Ph.D. with Norma Eckroate. 1304 Woodhurst Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454.
"Switched-On Selling is a proven leading-edge technology that will immediately rewire the default settings for all parts of the sales process to balance your brain for optimum success. And it starts working as soon as you finish each chapter! For the first time in book form, sales guru Dr. Tony Alessandra combines with Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz to present Dr. Teplitz's revolutionary seminar that has been hailed as a breakthrough experience by thousands. You will learn the easy-to-do powerful Brain Gym System to create selling success."

TAHNKYOUOLOGY--How The Art of Saying Thank You Transforms Your Life! by Cheryl Russell. CR Productions, 303 Broadway Suite 104-17, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.
"Create the life you desire with thank you thoughts, words and actions to transform your health, relationships, peace of mind and more. It's simple. It's powerful. It's THANKYOUOLOGY."

Take Back Your Life NOW! Master the Ten Traits of Today's Healthy Woman by Dr. Barbara McFarland and Steve Wuest. Healthy Inspiration, 899 Old Course Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45245.
"High profile endorsements. Former ABC medical correspondent, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, iVillage resident physician Dr. Holly Atkinson, former Senate Majority Leader, Bob Dole and Lifetime TV’s fitness guru Denise Austin have praised Take Back Your Life NOW! Master the Ten Traits of Today’s Healthy Woman and would like to see a copy in every woman’s library."

Talking to Yourself: Changing Your Life Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Dr. Pamela E. Butler.
""A very good book. I like it" was the comment of John Bradshaw when he introduced the first edition of Talking to Yourself to his seminar audience. Selling over 50,000 copies, Talking to Yourself teaches how to end negative self-talk and create a supportive dialogue with yourself. A five step method takes one from toxic Drivers, Stoppers, and Confusers to a new language of self support. Published also in Japanese, Chinese and French, Talking to Yourself is a simple, yet powerful way to change your life through Cognitive Behavior Therapy."

Tearing Down The Wall by Sharon M Katzman.
"*Second place in the Body/Mind/Spirit category for Reader Views Literary Awards 2010 *Finalist in the Self Help: Motivational category in the USA Book News National Best Books Awards 2010 *Outskirts Press Nominee for the 2011 EVVY Awards "

Teen Success: Ideas to Move Your Mind (2nd Edition) by Beatrice Elyé. PO Box 5057, Scottsdale, AZ 85261.
""An admirable book, filled with ideas, quotes, and suggestions to get minds working and jump-start lives." -The Book Reader"

Teflonmind: Sex, Money, Life and Detachment by Richard Shiningthunder Francis. 5100 Liberty-Fairfield Rd. rmfrancis@juno,com.

Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook by Judy Colbert.
"Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook lists plenty of ways to prevent, stop, and live with tantrums. Although most children go through a tantrum stage when they have a vocabulary of about 100 or 200 words, some tantrums are caused by allergies. Whether it's an inhaled or consumed allergen, the child doesn't feel well, loses sleep, is irritable and ripe for the slightest thing to be upsetting enough to cause a tantrum. There are, obviously, countless other reasons for tantrums and then, no apparent reason (at least not a reasonable reason). Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook also goes through the "be prepared" aspects of shopping, traveling, dining out, and other places that seem to be tantrum magnets. The book is ideal for anyone -- parent, relative, daycare operator, teacher, flight attendant -- who deals with and loves children. It is available for $8.77 US at Judy Judy Colbert, ASJA, SPJ Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook (under reconstruction) 443-292-8253 "

Temple: Self Discovery Through Truth by Allana Todman-da Graca.

Ten Commitments of Networking: Creative Ways to Maximize Your Personal Connections by Larry James. P.O. Box 12695, Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2695 & major book stores.
"This book reveals the single most important ingredient for successful networking. It can help you increase your personal effectiveness by developing a network that supports you and your goals. The success strategies in this book will increase your productivity, profitability, and personal prosperity. If you would like to have Larry James personally sign this book to you, call: 800-725-9223"

Ten Smart Moves for Women Who Want to Succeed in Love and Life by Dianna Booher. 4001 Gateway Drive, Colleyville, TX 76034.
"Today’s women face pressures, issues, decisions, and lifestyles quite different from the lives they saw modeled by their own mothers. This book, based on research conducted among successful women of various ages and backgrounds, presents those smart moves that help women achieve both personal and career success and feel calm, content, and accomplished. Trade Life Books, hardcover, 228 pages"

Tend To Your Garden Within by Shervin Hojat, Ph.D.. Available on and
"This book arose from many years of searching by the author to uncover his spirituality and life’s purpose. The catalyst for this book was his father’s fatal accident in 2006. Thoughts, emotions and “aha” moments are documented through poems and short essays. Readers can identify with the author’s spiritual journey to delve into their own layers of beliefs, thoughts and emotions to experience their own “aha” moments which resonate within. A novel and reflective writing style provides the reader with a fresh and thought-provoking view of life as we experience it everyday. Each writing is a glimpse of what possibly the reader or someone else in their life may be experiencing."

Tes Sante'- Your ultimate self-help guide to living healthy and weight loss by Fatmah Azam Ali.

The 10-Minute Tidy: 108 Ways to Organize Your Home Quickly by Shannon McGinnis.
"First edition of my first book in a 4 book series on easy ways to be better organized at home and in the office. First run of 1000. Now looking for an agent. Ready to run a second printing early next year. Enjoy this easy to read, digest, and implement book on how to become better organized!"

The ABC's of Widowhood by Pat Nowak. 8130 Hidden Harbour Drive W. Holland, Ohio 43528.
"The definitive guide to life before and after a death is a book that everyone must read before a death and is imperative counsel when the time comes. Endorsed by the Ohio Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, this compelling guide is not a book in the traditional is a dictinary for living"

The Addiction Process: A Systemic Cultural Condition by Bob Colonna. iUniverse Books.

The Art of Creating a Meaningful Life: One Day at a Time by Chantal Beaulieu Lynch. Omega Business Transformation Inc., 460-21 10405 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5J 3S2.
"Released in March 2008. 500 in print. Book on Self-Growth, Inspiration. "

The Balanced Woman: A Christian Woman's Guide to Balanced Living by by: Dietta L. Stewart.
"The Balanced Woman is a simple and direct guide for today's busy woman that will touch you deeply and leave you feeling more in control of your life. It is a must read if your days are full whether you work outside the home or not."

The Best-Selling Guide To Dream Interpretation by Clementina Marie Giovannetti . 1417 Sadler Rd., Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034.
"According to Dream Interpreter and best-selling author Clementina Marie Giovannetti, your dreams are coming true right now. By changing the outcome of those dreams, and the role you cast for yourself, you can regain control over your life and destiny. In her book The Best-Selling Guide To Dream Interpretation, Giovannetti helps readers remember their dreams, interpret them, and choose their outcome. This book also deals with nightmares and recurring dreams, as well as deja-vu, out-of-body, lifeafter- death, and near death experiences. ISBN: 0-9765334-2-1 Hardcover 213pp $19.95 + $4.80 s/h"

The Birthday Princess Handbook by Linda M. Sacha.
"Dazzling the national market in 2007, The Birthday Princess Handbook is inviting women to reclaim their crowns and celebrate themselves like never before!"

The Birthday Princess Handbook by Linda M. Sacha.
"THE woman's guide to reclaiming your crown! Hot off the press - February 2007"

The Black Man's Little Book of Success Secrets: 7 Spiritual Secrets for Breaking the Curse of Poverty by Larry E. Coleman. 3534 N. Norfolk Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46224.
"1st addition. Published by Athse Publishing. 2nd addition due out later this year. African American self-help/motivational material."

The Body Love Manual - How to Love the Body You Have As You Create the Body You Want by Elizabeth . Peaceful Planet Publishing, Inc. P.O. Box 4886, Carmel, CA 93921.
"The Body Love Manual is a revolutionary book that offers a non-diet approach to releasing excess weight by learning to tap into the wisdom of your own brilliant body. Without dieting or denying yourself any of your favorite foods, the book offers 10 keys to achieving your natural and ideal weight, permanently. It guides the reader to understand the difference between their physical and emotional appetites and learn healthy ways to deal with stress rather than turning to food. It is the only book on the market which offers a 30 day program specifically designed to help the reader(s) make the shift from compulsive/habitual eating to developing the skill of eating in alliance with their bodies by practicing as a “team” rather than going the more challenging route of shifting ingrained behaviors all alone. "

The Book for Math Empowerment by Sandra Manigault. Godosan Publications, Inc.; P.O. Box 3267, Stafford, VA 22555.
"Many years teaching mathematics at the college and high school levels have taught me that about 1/3 of the population has a problem with math. Unfortunately, it is hard to succeed without it! The Book for Math Empowerment has been a tremendous blessing to hundreds of readers. With this book they have received the support and psychological help they need to succed in America's toughest subject. Written for parents, teachers, and students, The Book for Math Empowerment breaks through barriers and makes math easier. Motivational and inspirational reading. There is also a children's version of the book available on my website."

The Book of Encouragement by Amy Gibson. 1103 North Prairie View Lane, Pontiac, Il 61764.

The Broke Man's Survival Guide: 50 Clever Strategies to Use When You Are Unemployed, Underpaid or Just Dead Broke and Can't Pay Your Bills! by AM Harris. Amhar Publications Group, P.O. Box 735, Matteson, IL 60443.
"There are hundreds of "debt rehab" books floating around your local bookstore that detail ways to get out of debt and clear your credit. These types of books provide great information to people who have the financial means to repair their indebtedness. But what about the people who do not have the means? What about the people who are seriously and desperately broke? What do they do in the meantime? The Broke Man's Survival Guide answers these questions and many more by offering unconventional, yet real life options to consider when you literally don't have "two nickels to rub together." "

The Business of Breaking Up - Your Personal Guide by Bhairvi Johnston. PO Box 30443 Chinook RPO, Calgary, Alberta Canada T2H 2W1.
"This unique book is like no other on the market to support individuals through a life change such as divorce or separtion with a married or common law partner. This useful Guide includes tools, lists, suggestions and ideas that will walk readers through the many important administrative, logisitcal, financial and emotional details that need to be considered and dealt with to protect your privacy and future. The book covers everthing from personal accounts, debt, assets, household belongings, children, pets and friends. It's an all encompassing workbook that is easy to read and follow. It's a must have! "

The Busy Woman's Pocket Guide to Safety by Carla M. Thompson. PO Box 772 Garden City MI 48135.
"Thanks to Dan Poynter's resources I was equipped with the knowledge to self publish my book which enabled me to sell it at a more affordable price to the women who need it. Personal safety is a very passionate topic for me and now other women can benefit from my investment in the book publishing world. People are always thanking me and complementing me on how professional it looks. This is my first publication and it was a feature on Fox 2 Detroit News! I would encourage anyone that wants to write a book to get all of Para Publishing's resources. You could make a majore difference in this world. Thanks for helping me keep women safe Dan!"

The C.A.R.L.A. Concept™: How to Raise an Issue, Prove Your Point and Communicate with Confidence & Clarity by Laura Benjamin. P.O. Box 63352, Colorado Springs CO 80962-3352.
"Summary: Ever had difficulty getting your point across? Laura Benjamin's C.A.R.L.A. Concept(TM) is a 5-step communication tool that will help you: -shorten the line outside your door -debrief a critical situation -conduct risk assessments -facilitate gap analysis -raise a concern without being labeled "not a team player" -pitch a persuasive point -heighten credibility -get better results through better decisions -develop self-determination skills The C.A.R.L.A. Concept(TM) is a universal training tool for first responders, search & rescue, legal and human resource professionals, frontline managers, sales and service reps, educators, and fundraisers. "

The Cherished Self, How to give back to Yourself when you're living a life that takes all you've got by Michelle Morris Spieker. 31878 Del Obispo #118-311 San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675.
""The Cherished Self" is a path of 15 simple principles that will help you on your own individual personal journey, teaching you how to experience self-compassion and effectively change every area of your life. This easy to follow, well-written step-by-step guide is like having your own personal life coach." review from Awareness Magazine January, 2000"

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Stress (Alpha/Macmillan, oversized trade paper, 266 pages). by Jeff Davidson.
"This witty and reassuring step-by-step guide is for anyone who has ever said, "I'm so stressed out!" Included are self-tests for identifying sources of stress, and tips for de-stressing the home and office. Also included are tips on time management and organization, as well as easy-to-follow exercises for de-stressing the body and mind. 38,673 sold to date. ISBN 0-02-861086-5 "

The Complete Single Father by Elaine Fantle Shimberg & Michael Shimberg. 611 West Bay Street, Tampa, FL 33606.
"First edition. Help for dads who are either divorced with kids either full time, shared, or partttime or widowers. Practical info written by a single dad with two kids."

The Compliment Quotient: Boost Your Spirits, Spark Your Relationships and Uplift the World by Monica Strobel.
"Would you like a simple tool to keep an upbeat attitude during your busy days? Are you feeling taken for granted in your relationship and long for more intimacy and connection with all those who are important to you? Do you want to make a difference in the growing negativity around you-- in an easy, meaningful way? Author Monica Strobel reveals why and how to harness the power of giving more and better compliments-- to enhance all of your relationships, especially with yourself. Humorous and heart-felt, for busy women everywhere. Light-hearted and life-changing. Amazon, B&N, Tattered Cover. As seen on NBC, CBS, FOX, COSMOPOLITAN, The Denver Post, Dr. Mommy Family Talk Radio, and more!"

The Control Freak's Guide to Living Lightly - Manifesting a Life of Total Trust by Gail Barker and Gail Nielsen. P.O. Box 278 Station Main, Strathroy, Ontario N7G-3H4 Canada.
"The Control Freak's Guide to Living Lightly has been endorsed by Fortune 500 coaches and several best-selling authors in the self-help, spirituality, and coaching fields. The book has been praised for being simultaneously fun to read and life-altering. The Control Freak's Guide to Living Lightly is the first in a series. The second in the series, The Control Freak's Guide to Mindful Management, deals with power and control issues in the business world."

The Courage to Win: A Revoluntionary Mental Toughness Formula by Lisa Lane Brown. Suite 106, 527 - 15th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2R 1R5.

The Course They Forgot to Offer by Tom Healy.

The Crabs of Santo Domingo: The Power of Working Together by Carlos Conejo. 1560 Fremont Drive - Thousand Oaks, CA 91362.
"ISBN: 0-9706218-9-2 Carlos' new book unveils more effective ways to improve your business and personal relationships and provides answers to tough questions such as: Have you ever wondered why some people are so difficult to get along with? Have you ever been "miffed" at damaging comments directed at you? Have you ever wondered why family members or people from a similar background, or same racial or ethnic group don't seem to want to help you out? This 132 page book is designed to help you discover more effective ways of leveraging relationships and more effectively working together. "

The Edge: How to Find and Balance Yourself in an Unbalanced World by T D Kruser.
""TD Kruser offers frank discussion of life altering influences. He does not stop with helping readers find balance he explains why we need balance.... I've read a lot of self-help books. This is one of the best." Reader's Favorite Reviews (for more info, three 5-star reviews available on"

The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out by Julie Murphy Casserly.
" The narrative is personal and compelling as Julie draws on her own history of an often conflicted relationship to money, which had its roots in her upbringing as one of 12 children, and her parents’ attitudes that money was in short supply and hard to come by. The book is also filled with relatable composite anecdotes based on the wide variety of individuals and couples she’s worked with over the past decade as a Certified Financial Planner® and expert on wealth accumulation and management. The book is designed to be helpful – some might say life-changing – for people of all ages and financial status. Whatever the reader’s starting point, whether they are in the early, middle or late stages in the game, he or she will gain a much clearer understanding of their relationship to money, and, armed with that knowledge, be able to create a life of abundance. Readers will learn how to recognize their true dream life and the steps they can take to make it a reality. "

The Fat, Lazy American by Dr David Robinson. 1094 New DeHaven St - Suite 100, West Conshohocken PA 19428. {search site with book title}
"2nd edition, copyright 2006, Infinity Publishing, $12.95"

The Fear Factor by Akeem Shomade. 72 Peregrine House Hall Street London UK .
"The Fear Factor is full of spiritual gold nugget, counselling, encouragement, salvation tools and spiritual armour for dismantling the stronghold of fear. It challenges readers to put aside their past failures or successes and reach out for bigger and better things. Do not allow the bad news being circulated about the recession stifle your professional and spiritual creativity. It has just been revised and re-released in America by a major Christian publisher in USA Bridge-Logos. Invest in The Fear Factor and discover tools to enable you enter the New Year without fear. "

The Feeling Soul - A Roadmap to Healing and Living by Mark Linden O'Meara. Suite 378-2906 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V6K 2G8.
"This wonderful book is designed to encourage, support and uplift people to rise above their adversity and negativity to learn a better way to deal with life. Drawing on countless personal experiences, Mark shares from the heart his challenges from childhood and his problems with relationships within himself and others. With practical advice and workable solutions, Mark shows that focusing on gratitude, compassion and empathy can help people recover from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments. He truly is a man who ‘walks his talk’"

The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge: 5 Principles to Transform Your Relationship with Money by Ted Klontz, Ph.D., Rick Kahler, CFP, Brad Klontz, Psy.D..
"In the timeless traditions of The Tao of Pooh and Who Moved My Cheese, three noted experts reveal how the wisdom in Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, can eliminate the #1 stressor for most Americans- money. The premise is simple: Money isn't the problem; its the relationship we have with money that matters. The root of Scrooges miserly existence was not an anemic cash flow but an unhealthy belief system about money. Through profound quotes from A Christmas Carol, case studies of real people with modern money woes and advice from the authors, the book provides a practical plan to make money your servant rather than your master. Based on the approach featured in The Wall Street Journal readers will learn to: recognize how unconscious Money Scripts may be keeping them trapped; come to terms with how their net worth affects their self-worth; discover their authentic goals and values; look at new ways of permanently changing self-destructive behaviors around money, and how to leave a family legacy of financial wellness. "

The Floor is not an Option!/Simple Solutions to Eliminate Clutter by Sheila G. McCurdy. Go to Amazon or
"Award winning book from Writer's Note Magazine. A new edition of updated or revised chapters will be coming in the fall of 2007 or early winter of 2008."

The Freedom of Letting Go by Donna Clark Goodrich.
"Book discusses how to let go of grief, failure, success, children, material things, people who have hurt you, fears, doubts, worries, etc. Ends with The Land Beyond Letting Go."

The Full-Figured Style Workbook by Cynthia A. Sliwa.
" “Full-figured” is not a single body type, and style has nothing to do with size. If you’ve been frustrated finding clothing that fits and flatters, or if you simply want to upgrade your image, The Full-Figured Style Workbook is for you! This book will help you find practical solutions to your dressing challenges, select styles that flatter your shape and proportions, and utilize jewelry and accessories to give you a stylish edge. Author Cynthia A. Sliwa, AICI CIP, created this workbook as a resource and visual guide for the students in her workshops on plus size style. "I have admired this curvy woman's genius and dedication in the realm of style and fashion for the plus woman for many years now. Without a doubt, Cynthia brings an expertise and fundamental knowledge of HOW to style plus size curves... we are not just speaking of 'trends', but how to style YOUR unique curves in such a fashion that the world cannot help but stand up and take notice." Valery Amador, Creative Director, PLUS Model Magazine "

""This is so exciting. I feel for the first time that I'm planning my life the way I want to live it.? "I never knew there were rules for life" "THE GAME OF LIFE changed my life with my parents and the life of my parents with their parents." "I never knew what my real problem was...I just thought it was my addictions.""

The Goal Keeper by Andrea Renaud. 23852 Pacific Coast Hwy. #265.
"An intrapsychic tool to organize goals and get to know yourself. CDrom "

The God Within - You by Daniel K. Fitzgerald. TwinWorlds, Inc.

The Golden Guru: 10 Spiritually Based Principles to Success, Fulfillment and Wealth by Greg Roadifer, MBA. PO Box 23307, Billings, MT 59104.
"Are you interested in Success, Fulfillment and Wealth? The Golden Guru is the first in a series of Guru books that have been purposely written in simple parable format to allow the wisdom to shine through. Learn strategies to uncovering your internal wealth or self-worth and principles to grow your external wealth or personal finacial position. If you want to feel like a million bucks and possible acquire a million bucks then you need to follow the 10 steps outlined in this book. Buy The Golden Guru now! ISBN 0-9700414-3-8, 155 pages, $14.95"

The Golden Pool of Abundance: A Guided Visualization Meditation CD Album by Jeanie Marshall. 1223 Wilshire Boulevard #300, Santa Monica, CA 90403.
"This beautiful guided meditation (our most popular) leads you in a marvelous journey to the infinite source of abundance. Twelve years ago I self-published my first book and a year later a second book, following every step of Dan Poynter's book. Last year, I published this and five other voice-over CD albums. I discovered that in the publishing world, this CD is a "book." I purchased the latest edition of Dan's book to keep me on target."

The Happening by Daniel K. Fitzgerald. TwinWorlds, Inc.

The Happiness Bug by Shelley Sykes.
"The Happiness Bug is a best selling book co-written with Dr Edward de Bono on How to catch the happiness bug every day. Happiness is an attitude and the successful have learnt how to focus on opportunities and enjoy the present. Shelley's stories, tips and tools are practical, effective and inspirational."

The Happiness Solution: Finding Joy & Meaning In An Upside Down World by Alan Gettis, Ph.D.. Dr. Alan Gettis, 117 Kinderkamack Rd., River Edge, NJ 07661.
"Chosen by as the best mental health/psychology book of 2006."

The Happiness System for Women by Alexandra Watson.
"Amazon best-selling"

The Happiness System for Women by Alexandra Watson. Available on Amazon.
"‘Happiness is about knowing who you are and what you want in life. This book takes you on a vibrant and exciting journey to the center of your soul.’ John Gray, Ph.D. Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus "

The Happiness System for Women by Alexandra Watson. Holly House, Church Road, Sunningdale, Berkshire, UK.
"Alexandra's book has been hailed as the new Mars/Venus phenomenon by BBC TV, John Gray himself says of the book 'This book takes you on a vibrant and exciting journey to the center of your soul'. Its aim is to demystify happiness by taking the reader through her highly acclaimed step by step system. Out since May 2005 the book has already received rave reviews and continues to make an impact in women's media on both sides of the Atlantic."

The Healing Spot: Discovering Your Ability To Heal Yourself by Jan Phillip Holland. The Healing Dome,Inc., 1913 Upper Brush Valley Rd, Centre Hall, Pa 16828.
"ISBN 0-9706278-8-2. $14.95 plus6% sales tax in Pa. Shipping and handling $3.00 In The Healing Spot, Jan Holland takes us through the journey of self healing his own metastasized melanoma. Today, Jan is in excellent health and he shares the insights and wisdom he has gained not only from his own experience with cancer, but from those he has helped with Hypnotherapy and Energy Work. Holland, a life-long engineer, teaches us the five major causes of dis ease, pain, and disease. He gives an in-depth discussion of how to use healing techniques such as hypnotherapy, affirmation, visualization, and working with Angels and Guides, invisible cords, lost soul parts and lost body parts. Self-love, believes Holland, is the most important factor. If you or someone you love is experiencing pain or disease, this book may indeed provide the answers you've searched for far too long. "

The Idea Journal by Vernon Myers.
"Got Ideas? Get The Idea Journal. The Idea Journal is a 115 page book designed to help you pursue your goals and ideas. Learn how to stimulate your creativity and inventiveness. Learn about ideas and how you are an idea generating machine. This book is great for students who want to get focused on their goals and dreams. Adults can use this book to make the most of their lives. The Idea Journal is available in two formats: the e-book version (immediate download) is available at for $14.99 (Paypal accepted) or the soft cover version is available for $24.99 plus $2.00 postage by sending check or money order to CYD Group, P.O. Box 1008, Minneola, FL 34755. "

The Immigrants' Daughter by Mary Terzian.
"Winner, Best Books 2006 Award Finalist: Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards, both books in multicultural nonfiction category. Sixteen Five star reviews on Nominated for the Global Ebook Awards (2012)."

The Immigrants' Daughter - A private battle to earn the right to self-actualization by Mary Terzian. or online bookstores, or
"The Immigrants' Daughter by Mary Terzian. ISBN 1-59113-773-X, Paperback/e-book. Growing up in Cairo during World War II and the political upheavals thereafter, caught in the jaws of two cultures and learning to adapt to modern life in an immigrnt community, author struggles and eventually overcomes the hurdles faced by women in the Middle East and elsewhere. Through education in a local English high school, exposure to foreign culture, determination and will power, she shapes her own destiny, rather than accept domesticity and subjugation. "Fascinating journey in search of herself and the meaning of existence...humor, fiction, depth...and irony are all intertwined in a story that is delightful to read." S. Michael Saad; Watani International. "...captivating, heartwarming, and unforgettable book." Richard Blake, Reviewer, "

The Impostor Syndrome: How to Replace Self-Doubt with Self-Confidence and Train Your Brain for Success by John Graden. 800 South Gulf View Blvd. Clearwater Beach, FL 33767 #804.
"The Impostor Syndrome is the feeling that you are not as smart, talented, or skilled as people think you are. It’s a nagging feeling of self-doubt that you will be discovered as being a fake. “Your ability to realize your full potential requires that you release your ‘mental brakes.’ John Graden’s excellent book, The Impostor Syndrome shows you how to eliminate self-sabotage on the road to success.”  -- Brian Tracy - Author “The Way to Wealth”"

The Incidental Guru; Lessons In Healing from a Dog by Cindy Stone. 260 Blantyre Avenue, Toronto, ON, M1N 2S1. www.incidentalguru.lcom
"This is a book about what I learned from my adopted streetdog who was aggressive and stubborn. I didn't expect that in healing my aggressive dog I had so much to heal in myself. As a psychotherapist I had successfully managed the holes in my being that my aggressive dog revealed to me. Now, my dog Harry is wonderful and loving pet. My next book to be released in fall of 2005, Dogs Don't Read Self Help."

The Invisible Girl: Uncovering Repressed Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Sandra J. Dixon, PMHCNS-BC. PercyHouse P.O. Box 17035 Urbana Il. 61803.
"The Invisible Girl is a riveting personal story that captures your attention with both terrifying and humorous accounts of living in the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse. It breaks frontiers in what we know about repressed memories. The final chapter is a user-friendly guide designed to alert and enable parents and professionals to better recognize the red flags of abuse and to properly intervene to protect children. 1st Edition. Published Dec. 2008. It is a 209 page softcover, with an 8 page color insert of photos and drawings, and an 8- page bibliography. "

The Journey by Daniel K. Fitzgerald. TwinWorlds, Inc.

The Journey Within: Two Months on Kibbutz by Todd Natenberg . 711 W. Gordon Terrace, Ste. 106, Chicago, IL 60613.

The Joyful Organizer's Guide to A Joyful Move by Bonnie Joy Dewkett.

The Key to Job Success in Any Career by Frank B. Leibold, PhD..
"I have written a book: The Key to Job Success in Any Career: Developing Six Competencies that Close America's Global Skills Gap. Leibold, Frank B., PhD.(2010), Denver, CO: Outskirts Press I was fortunate enough to win a 2011 EVVY Award as Best Book in Self-help genre and the book was also voted as the Best NF published by Outskirts Press. The book is also endorsed by ASTD, Conference Board, NAM, Harvard and the Commission on Education for the states. I have been working on promoting the book through seminars (AMA, SkillPath, ASTD) etc. "

The Lavender Seller's Fortune by Esmerelda Jones.

The Law of Attraction Discovery Series by Christine Sherborne. PO Box 1218 Runaway Bay, QLD 4216, Australia.
"The Law of Attraction Discovery Series has six independent titles. Format: Audio CD The Quantum Factor Life Enhancement Series consists of thirteen titles. Format: Audio CD Stock available in USA and Australia"

The Law of Attraction Discovery Series by Christine Sherborne. Colourstory Pty Ltd, PO Box 1218, Runaway Bay, QLD, 4216, Australia.
"Do you want to take a step beyond “The Secret”? Unlock the hidden secrets of the Law of Attraction in these Fascinating recordings. This Incredible new range will give you all the tools you need to achieve a more prosperous and abundant life! Discover the secrets of the Universal Laws, and start living your life in tune with the Universe instead of working against it’s natural flow. This audible CD series consists of six titles: Powerful Tools for Activating the Law of Attraction Using the Law of Attraction to Guide Your Destiny Creating Prosperity with the Law of Attraction The Law of Attraction and Other Universal Laws Explained Using the Law of Attraction for Success Using the Law of Attraction to grow Great Relationships USA Distributor - APG Books - Nashville "

The Libertarian Way - Libertarian Pleasures of the Body, Mind and Spirit by Robert A. Meyer.
"eBook only. $17.59. Discover personal libery and freedom. Free yourself from pain and suffering. Enjoy Libertarian pleasures of the body, mind and spirit. Also receive 2 free reports. 1. The Individualist Challenges the Absolute Moralist. 2. How to Win the Drug War."

The Light: A Book of Wisdom by Keidi Keating.
"The Light is a book to help people reawaken their Inner Light and transform their lives. There are 22 contributors including Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marci Shimoff, etc. 2000 books are currently in print. Available from, and in paperback and Kindle formats. "

The Little Inspiration Book, ideas to empower women by DEB. Trafford Publishing, Suite 6E, 2333 Government Street,Victoria, BC, Canada, V8T 4P4.
""The Little Inspiration Book is a treasure. No matter who you are or where you are, there is something in here that will help you remember who you are - right now!" - Christian Northrup, M.D. Author of Women's Bodies Women's Wisdom (Bantam, 1998) "A sweet book full of ideas and resources for living a more fulfilling life." - Jack Canfield Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul "The Little Inspiration Book is filled with practical and doable suggestions to help women make the most of each moment and each day." - Kristine Carlson, author of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Women *** Deb, 1974- The little inspiration book : ideas to empower women / Deb. ISBN 1-55369-420-1 1. Women--Conduct of life. 2. Inspiration. 3. Success--Psychological aspects. I. Title. BJ1581.2.C272 2002 158.1'082 C2002-901779-3 Pages: 100, 6" x 6", soft cover, perfect bound Price: $12.99 U.S./ $19.99 Cdn. "

The Magic Cow- A Gift by Helaine Gitomer. 118 Sunnymeadow Lane, Reist. Md. 21136.
"Far more than a children's story the Magic Cow-A Gift is a parable that reaches people of all ages. Boundaries, expectations, and the meaning of friendship are some of the issues illumined by this modern fable. This story gets to the heart of what we realistically can and cannot expect from friendships in our fast-paced, overly busy and commitment-phobic society."

THE MIND OF CHAMPIONS by ALEX K. MFUM. Champions Press, P. O. Box 16293, Worcester, Mass. 01601, USA.
"In Volume 1, you will find 1,007 Champions' Daily Wisdom Principles that will help you discover the thought patterns, daily attitudes and practices of CHAMPIONS. This is an encyclopedia for life. It is timeless and applicable to all who desire to win in life. Life is lived in WISDOM!"

The Mini-Retreat Solution / How to Relax & Refresh - Anytime, Anywhere by Julia James. SPARK Publishing, P.O. Box 19178, Vancouver, BC V6K 4R8, Canada.
"Thank you, Dan for all your support in publishing The Mini-Retreat Solution! The Mini-Retreat Solution offers readers more than 80 different ways to deeply relax themselves and recharge their energy – anytime, anywhere - in just minutes. ISBN 978-0-9813343-0-1 $21.95 (print) $14.95 (e-book) visit to order your copy!"

The Mishandling of Brokeness, The Survial Couse Syllabus, Black Issues Spiritual and social ills by Dr. Terry D. Dixon. 409 Skinners Ct Cambridge MD 21613.

The Missing Mother Handbook (eBook) by Carna Zacharias-Miller.
"How to heal childhood abandonment and rejection with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)"

The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life by Renee Peterson Trudeau.;; IPG is the trade distributor.
"Supporting women in reconnecting with who they are, enhancing emotional well-being and creating balance from the inside out, the Guide is an award-winning title that has received rave reviews from national best-selling authors such as Richard Carlson and SARK as well as natinally-recognized doctors, therapists, coaches and women's empowerment experts. Women around the U.S. are starting/joining Personal Renewal Groups using the Guide at"

The Naked Desk: Everything you need to strip away clutter, save time & get things done. by Sue Brenner. 925 Freedom Blvd. #16, Watsonville, CA 95076.

The Natural Way: An Inquiry Into Happiness by James Sloman. 98 Main Street Tiburon, CA 94920.
"1st Edition ISBN# 1886779-17-1 This book explores the connection between happiness and "the natural way." Its emphasis is the uncovering of the loving intelligence within each of us."

The Path to Emotional Healing: Be Happy Living Now by Robert Moment.

The Penny-Pinchg Hedonist: How to Live Like Royalty with a Peasant's Pocketbook by Shel Horowitz. PO Box 1164, Northampton MA 01061.
"The world's only book on how to have fun cheaply. Learn to save thousands of dollars on travel, dining, romance, entertainment, kid activities, and more."

The Phoenix's Guide To Self Renewal - A Daily Food Diary and Exercise Journal to Guide, Motivate and Inspire You On Your Weight Loss Journey by Melissa Alvarez.
"2nd Edition, Multiple 5 star reviews Mrs. Alvarez's book, The Phoenix's Guide To Self Renewal, is sure to hit home with anyone who has had to deal with the feelings and emotions caused by excessive weight. As you discover the situations that caused her to face her inner self and how she conquered the causes of her weight gain, you will learn what has worked for her and enabled her to lose 30 pounds in seven weeks and keep it off for two years. The chapters she has written are very motivational and inspirational. She touches your heart with her realizations and honest feelings in regard to her own weight, while energizing you with her positive outlook. The Phoenix's Guide To Self Renewal was originally designed for her own use but was published due to the large local demand for the book. This is not a weight loss plan but a journal with motivational chapters to be used with any plan you are using to lose weight. Now available as a printable eBook and comb bound print book. "

The Planets Align So Rare: Twelve Dimensions to the Human Potential by Ray Sette with Carlo DeCarlo.
"Book Description The world around us is teetering on the edge between annihilation and salvation. And we, the people, have the power within ourselves to tip the scale one way or the other. Global changes are necessary, but we must first look to change ourselves, reach our human potential as individuals, before we can affect the community around us. In The Planets Align So Rare, you will discover that all of our human potential already lies within the fabric of our being; we only need to choose to make it real. Learn how to: empower yourself; achieve your personal and professional potential; live a happier, balanced life; and help create a more peaceful, loving world. By learning and implementing these life-changing ideas, you will undergo an emotional and spiritual evolution that will radiate outward to others. We are all leaders of this world and thus responsible for the global evolution that must take place to ensure humanity's survival."

The Power of a Millionaire Mentality by Rick Solano. The Solano Group, Inc..
"Written in 1992 in 4th edition in 2000."

THE POWER OF CONSTRUCTIVE LOVE, How to Live Your Dreams by Susan Ann Darley. DeVorss & Company: 800-843-5743.
"Susan is an empowerment coach who helps people honor their creativity and market their creative projects through private consultations, teaching and public speaking. You may reach her at (626) 355-3017 or (800) 769-7403. "

The Power of Face Reading by Rose Rosetree. 800-345-6665.
"Selected by One Spirit Book Club, this how-to has been translated into many foreign editions and remains one of the most popular books ever in the field of physiognomy. Rosetree's system of Face Reading Secrets (R) is based on the premise that "God doesn't make junk," with accurate interpretations of cheeks, ears, noses and other face data, lavishly illustrated by Robin Ludt."

The Power of Personal Branding: Creating Celebrity Status with Your Target Audience by Timothy O'Brien. 515 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 1800 Los Angeles, CA 90071.
"There are two things which can catapult you and your business into the limelight over night. Technology is one and a compelling personal brand is the other. The Power of Personal Branding is a no nonsense, tell it like it is book which reveals exactly what we need to do to create the Lance Armstrong or Oprah Winfrey personal brand with our own target audiences. "

The Power of the Entangled Hierarchy by Dawn Singleton. 808-494-0342.
"DNM Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine When Dawn Singleton's teenage daughter suffered two gymnastic accidents, she had no idea that this crisis would lead her on a path not only to help her daughter to heal, but to transform her own life's calling. The Power of the Entangled Hierarchy is the inspiring, powerful testimony of Dawn’s experience learning to use quantum biofeedback, particularly the Indigo biofeedback technology. Dawn’s in-depth discussion of quantum biofeedback includes her daughter’s case history and course of treatment, as well as enlightening and insightful information about quantum technology and the ways in which modern medicine repeatedly fails patients with traumatic brain injury, who are frequently misdiagnosed with psychiatric or emotional disorders. Offering hope for miracles, Dawn’s remarkable book is a gift to anyone who is searching for a new, different, integrated path to healing."

The Practical Guide to Figuring Yourself Out by Patricia J. Honiotes, M.S..

The Principles Office: A Living Dictionary by Jeffrey Eaton Ashley Capen. 6 spring lane, Plymouth, Ma. 02360.
"A daily meditation book with the focus on principles for successful living. Each day has a word, definition, personal experience or another person who represents the principle, and a suggested activity or direction for the day."

The Quantum Factor Life Enhancement Series by Christine Sherborne. Colourstory Pty Ltd, PO Box 1218, Runaway Bay, QLD, 4216, Australia.
"The quantum factor life enhancement series of recordings use powerful natural techniques to help you to make profound changes in your life, enabling you to visualize, plan and achieve the future you want. They work by tapping into the vast natural resources available to you in your own mind. All the information is absorbed into your sub-conscious mind, whilst you are in a relaxed and receptive state, without any effort whatsoever. The series uses four techniques to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the course - Visualization, Meditation, Hypnosis and Affirmation. Their easy acceptance into your sub-conscious is ensured by the use of background Alpha and Theta Rhythms. There are 13 titles. The USA distributor is APG Books - Nashville"

The Quiet Victory by S.B. Stinnett.
"Useful information in story form for people looking to improve their understanding of money and wealth."

The Resilient Spirit by Eileen McDargh.
"Self-published after 9-11. Original art work on every facing page. Has been bought and used from South Africa to San Diego. Companies buy it and give to employees. Also part of a lecture. "

The Rest of Your Life by John-Roger, D.S.S. and Paul Kaye, D.S.S.. 3500 West Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018.
"Winner, National Indie Excellence 2008 Spirituality Finalist, Foreword Magazine 2007 Book of the Year -Body/Mind/Spirit Finalist, Next Generation 2008 Indie Book Award - Self-Help"

The Rise of Powerful, Influential, and Caring Women by Phil Watlington. 2305 West 121st Street, Leawood, Ks. 66209.
"It is a great time in history to be a woman. It is the age of women--time to be a risk taker, change maker, global thinker, and woman in-charge."

The Second Chance Revolution: Becoming Your Own Boss After 50 by Edward G. Rogoff & David L. Carroll. 1375 Broadway, Suite 600, New York, NY 10018.

The Secret of Successful Failing by Gina Mollicone-Long. 999 3rd Avenue, Suite 3800, Seattle, WA, 98104-4023.
"This is a book for anyone who has ever stumbled in life and would like to know how to reframe these stumbles in a powerful way. Hidden inside every failure is exactly what you need to get what you want. Here is what Mark Victor Hansen (co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series) had to say about the book: "Finally! A book that reframes failure as a powerful tool that can actually be used to get what you want. This is a must-read!". You can see a video testimonial from Mark at "

The Sequoia Seed by Karen Wright. PO Box 141551, Spokane Valley, WA 99214.
"21st century citizens are a determined breed. We work hard; we play hard. We strive to have it all. But, on the backside of life’s rat race many of us are wearily disillusioned and wondering why we’re really here. Owning possessions gives way to finding purpose and achieving status surrenders to attaining significance. Author Karen Wright eloquently and insightfully turns our dispirited heads from the what is of our lives to remind us that our true destiny is magnificence – we’ve merely gotten derailed. The Sequoia Seed is a treasure map that will guide you back to the inner wisdom you’ve forgotten and put your feet solidly on the path to creating the life you’ve always hoped yours to be."

The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love: A Blueprint for World Peace by Kaushal Aras. PO BOX 9084.
"“I envision a world where respect, listening, and trust are restored to the planet.”- Kaushal Aras A Message from Kaushal Aras I was inspired to write The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love based on a question I received at one of my workshops. I was asked if peace would ever be possible. My answer to this question was “Yes- when a critical mass of people around the world actively makes peace a priority.” Although this question has undoubtedly been asked many times before, at that very moment I was suddenly struck by the fact that people need a system to follow to become part of the solution. The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love is my contribution towards providing that blueprint for others. The book is about loving others unconditionally and giving for the sake of giving without expecting reward. It also offers practical guidelines that people can follow to spread this message to the people around them. The Seven Symphonies of Extraordinary Love is my way of contributing to the world. I am hoping people will join me in spreading this message of love for the goal of world peace. "

The Seventh Sense, The Key to Effectiveness in Life and Business by Brendan J. Cunningham.
""...a blueprint for success." Victoria Kelley, R.Sc.P International Centers for Spiritual Living "A Must Read….The Seventh Sense unlocks the intuition within us and gives us the inspiration, courage and tools to fulfill our greatest dream, reach our goals, and find the inner peace and happiness that is our birth right. Brendan J. Cunningham provides the missing pieces that will jolt your world and change your life. With intelligence, sincerity and style this book has strength and class. Eloquent, inspiring, thoughtful and often humorous you will view your reality from a more expansive and powerful perspective. I highly recommend this book for those who want more success in the business world and more happiness in their personal life. Brendan J. Cunningham has truly given us a blueprint for success." "In 6 weeks, I have utilized the principles in this book to effectively make changes in my business strategy and business identity." Gary Occhino, PGA Professional Golfer "

The Shift: Moving from Victim to Exploratory Self by TJ Watkins. 191 Mahonia Circle Sacramento CA95835.
"YOU ARE ALREADY WHOLE AND COMPLETE. STOP TRYING, DOING, THINKING AND SEEKING. JUST BE AS IS, PRESENT IN THIS MOMENT. First time author TJ Watkins shares new insights into how and why we are the creators of the pain-filled outcomes in our lives. His intriguing and accessible approach compels the reader to make the shift that is necessary for us to see the truths that lie beneath the surface of everyday life. When this shift occurs the mind moves from the conditioned to the exploratory mind mode. This book explores every mainstream conditioned mind pattern that indoctrinates us into believing that we need to become other than what we already are in order to be more and that we are somehow separate from one another. It challenges even the most sacred pillars that society has built to protect itself from its fundamental insecurities. The book promises no material gain, just an opportunity to see aspects of yourself that are currently hidden by your conditioned mind. YOU ARE INVITED ON A JOURNEY TO DISCOVER YOUR ESSENTIAL LOVE-BASED SELF. "

The Single Mom's Little Book of Wisdom: 42 Tidbits of Wisdom To Help You Survive, Succeed and Stay Strong by Cassandra Mack.

The SMART Guide to Public Speaking by Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome.
"The Smart Guide to Public Speaking is a guide for late teens to adults which will help them master the skill of public speaking. This book has thirteen chapters that cover the fear of public speaking to the art of listening. It is full of helpful exercises that will enable you to grow in confidence and to prepare engaging speeches. We are currently teaching public speaking in a college in Long Island, NY using this book and feedback about the book has been wonderful. "

The Sobering Truth--What You Don't Know Can Kill You by Jeff Herten, MD.
"The Sobering Truth is also available on Amazon and Barnes &, but if you order from our website, shipping is FREE. It is also available on Kindle, Nook, Apple & Kobo. Our distributor is Greenleaf."

The Sobering Truth--What You Don't Know Can Kill You by Jeff Herten, MD.
"The Sobering Truth can be ordered from our website (free shipping within the US), through Amazon or Barnes & and is available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo & Apple. Our distributor is Greenleaf."

The Soul of Success; 7 steps to monetary and spiritual wealth for a rich meaningful life by BZ Riger-Hull. Inspiros RR 2 Box 1140 E Vineyard Haven MA 02568.
"Stop living on automatic pilot… get conscious and get what you want! This treasury of practical wisdom contains easy to apply action steps that will significantly reduce stress, dramatically improve your profits, and deeply enrich your vital relationships. First edition paper back 192 pages ISBN 0-9721137-9-7."

The Stone Soup Proposal; The End Time Reversal of Wealth by Justin Case.
" Our group of over 100 people working together over the last 25 years have put together a company that is employee owned. We also provide Corporate Forms in Part III of the book so you can start your own corporation with our help. Presently we are working for shares in the corporation which claims and explains how to make $5 Tillion or more in public domain patents, processes and methods that have been withheld and supressed by the government, banking, Oil and the press. You have your choice in what you want to do. We are asking students to ask their teachers and professors to make available their accredited courses which we will offer work for shares to get an education or change fields. The sudents get a 10% finder's fee. Our website has been listed as a site to visit on Goerge Noorey's Coast to Coast AM nationwide. Goerge took over for Art Bell when too much government pressure came down on him but he still puts in an appearance from time to time. Yesterday July 17, 2005 we wrote the producer of the program explaining why we would be good for their listeners. If we are granted that privilege we can expand our base and foundation of workers and make this world a better, safer and cleaner place to live in. May God richly bless and keep you and yours. Sincerely, Art O'Shea"

The Stories Of Our Lives -A Story Of Healing Through Dreams And Intuition by Edward Bonapartian. 44 Van Heusen St Albany, NY 12205.

The Tool by Larry Hawes. PO Box 1681, Vista CA 92085-1681.
"Second edition of an 'Inner-Active' communication tool to add balance and focus to your life. About the author: Larry Hawes is a self-professed PHB (Participating Human Being). His writing style has been described as that of a surfer who found God. His simple way of describing difficult concepts makes his writing enjoyable and easy to read. He resides in Southern California where he runs his own business, and has been studying and practicing the Tool for 16+ years. "

The Traffic Accident Manual - The Only Step-by-Step, How-To Book That You Absolutely Need, BUT...Hope You'll Never Use. by Laurie A. Phillip. Right Direction Publications, PO Box 67, Drain, OR 97435.
"No one ever expects to be in a traffic accident; much less injured in one. After all, accidents always happen to other people... So why take time to plan and consider what you will do, how you will react, what safety and legal precautions you should take if it probably won't happen to you? BECAUSE IT CAN, AND PROBABLY WILL! Every driver, especially the new and young drivers in your family, should be prepared with the basic knowledge and tools needed to deal with an accident safely, effectively and comprehensively at the scene and later. Every driver should know: -What to do at the scene, right away and later.. -What to keep close track of.. -What courses of action are available.. -How and when to seek legal help.. -What their rights are.. -What complications could arise from your actions or non-actions.. -And SO MUCH MORE! The Traffic Accident Manual is designed to enable the accident victim to participate fully and positively in the legal process and to achieve the best possible legal and financial outcome. "

The Truth about Being an Extra/How to Become a Good Background Actor by Jo Kelly. 19315 Champion Ln, Huntington Beach, Ca. 92648.
"As a veteran background actor and the widow of the late actor Jack Kelly (Maverick) I have written a book to help new people coming into the biz to do it the right way and avoid the pitfalls and scams I encountered. Jo Kelly"

The Truth about Being an Extra/How to Become a Good Background Actor by Jo Kelly. 19315 Champion Ln, Huntington Beach, Ca. 92648.
"This is an uncorrected proof for promotional use. 1000 printed by August 2 Productions, Montgomery Village, Md. 20886"

The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide by Debra Sanders-Steele.

The Ultimate Success Journal by Dr. Steve Cagen. 39 W. Jordan Street Brevard, NC 28712.
"A unique lifeplanning system you use as a daily planner."

The Way of Doe, The Journal of A Near-Holy Woman by Mesa Doe. pmb 258, Rio Bravo Blvd SW, Albq., NM 87105.
"First edition will be ready for purchasing October 1, 2000. "

The Wisdom of Emotions / Building Genuine Happiness and Finding Inner Peace by Dr. David F. Coppola. Choose Love Press, 195 Giralda Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134.
"To watch a book video trailer, visit: To read excerpts from the book, go to:"

The Worrywart's Prayer Book by Allia Zobel Nolan.
"Worried over big things, like the economy, earthquakes, nuclear annilhilation, global warming, terrorism? Or maybe you're anxious over the usual concerns...things like falling elevators, food poisoning, the return of polyester? If you obsess over other things that need to be turned off, put out, opened, closed, switched on, filled up or emptied,get a grip with THE WORRYWART'S PRAYER BOOK, winner of the Best Devotional of 2009 from A Peek At My Bookshelf blog, now in its second printing. "

There Are No Simple Rules for Dating My Daughter by Laura Buddenberg and Kathleen McGee. Boys Town Press, 14100 Crawford Street, Boys Town, NE 68010.
"A first date. A first kiss. These are the moments of youthful romance that make a girl’s heart sing. But the tune is entirely different for parents who have to live with the exaggerated emotions and outrageous behaviors that come with dating. This book tackles the most common and contentious issues that pit parents against daughters – age, clothes, curfew, driving, gifts, money, intimacy, even the Internet. Real-life dating stories are used to illustrate how teens, and sometimes parents, can lose sight of what dating is supposed to be about – socialization, self-discovery, friendships, and plain fun. Item No. 19-019."

There Is No Key To Happiness, The Door Is Always Open by Marc Gohres. AuthorHouse, 1663 Liberty Dr, Bloomington, IN 47403. marcgohres@NeedNoKey.Com. http://www.NeedNoKey.Com
"I am taking control of my life and demanding results. It also means I am striving to achieve my personal best because I have experienced for myself the confidence, self-love and respect that it produces. I then find myself striving to achieve my best because I have discovered what it brings out in me. And it feels fantastic. I no longer strive for excellence because of a reward, I strive for excellence because I am full of pride and have come to understand that you can only keep what you give away. "

There is Power in Living: An Inspirational and Practical Guide to Living by Dustin Vaughn Warncke.
"Paperback price: $14.95 E-book Price: $8.95 Size: 6 x 9 Pages: 184 ISBN: 0-595-18072-8 Publication Date: Jul-2001 On-Demand Printing through "An exciting practical and spiritual guide to help you to get what you need and want out of your life." ________________________________________ Do you want to change or improve your life? Do you want to achieve your dreams and find meaning in your life? There is Power in Living by Dustin Vaughn Warncke is one of the best guides available because it presents both spiritual and practical tactics to help improve your life for the better. In this book, Warncke explores many topics such as: · Discovering happiness and inner peace · Learning how to leave the past behind and learn from it · Exploring how to achieve your goals and follow your dreams · Finding meaning in living and loving · Understanding yourself and other people · As well as much, much more Dustin Vaughn Warncke has helped hundreds of people improve their lives and define ways to achieve their dreams. This book combines many insights and experiences together with popular psychology to prove that there is truly power in living... "

There is Power in Living: An Inspirational and Practical Guide to Living by Dustin Vaughn Warncke.
"Paperback price: $14.95 E-book Price: $8.95 Size: 6 x 9 Pages: 184 ISBN: 0-595-18072-8 Publication Date: Jul-2001 On-Demand Printing through "An exciting practical and spiritual guide to help you to get what you need and want out of your life." ________________________________________ Do you want to change or improve your life? Do you want to achieve your dreams and find meaning in your life? There is Power in Living by Dustin Vaughn Warncke is one of the best guides available because it presents both spiritual and practical tactics to help improve your life for the better. In this book, Warncke explores many topics such as: · Discovering happiness and inner peace · Learning how to leave the past behind and learn from it · Exploring how to achieve your goals and follow your dreams · Finding meaning in living and loving · Understanding yourself and other people · As well as much, much more Dustin Vaughn Warncke has helped hundreds of people improve their lives and define ways to achieve their dreams. This book combines many insights and experiences together with popular psychology to prove that there is truly power in living... "

TheTruth by Charlynda M. Sim. 3604 Longbow Drive #4.

Think Yourself Smokeless/ Empower Your Mind Control Your Behavior Stop Smoking Forever by Marvin H. Berenson, M.D. and Roberta Edgar. Crescendo Publishing PO Box 388, Ashland, OH 44805.
"Authored by Marvin H. Berenson, M.D and Roberta Edgar, the new stop smoking program, Think Yourself Smokeless uses mental imagery to help smokers overcome their addiction to nicotine. The three-part kit includes: (1) an instruction manual, (2) a motivational journal to record progress and reinforce commitment, and (3) a guided imagery meditation tape "

Thinkin' Outside The Barn! And Steppin' Into Fresh B.S. by Dan Ohler. Box 396, Sangudo, AB T0E 2A0 Canada.
"1st edition Anecdotes, challenges, and how-to exercises to become aware of, and change your B.S. (Belief System) that controls your life. Create greater happiness and success NOW! Read the stories, accept the challenges, and choose to make some changes to your beliefs, attitude, and behaviour. See more at "

This Affair is Over! Essential Reading for Any Woman Involved with a Married Man by Nanette Miner, Ed.D. and Sandi Terri. PO Box 1819 Bristol CT 06011.
"Now in its second edition, This Affair is Over! serves as the support system that women who are involved with married men are sorely missing. It's an eye-opener because the reader realizes that "her story" is every woman's story. The lines are the same, the activities are the same, only the names are changed. A 10-step process for getting one's life "back in order" rounds out the book."

This Is Not Your Father's Body; Fitness Health and Nutrition For Middle-aged Men by James Judd. see web site: or ISBN 1-55369-193-8 .
"James Judd's THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER'S BODY: FITNESS, HEALTH AND NUTRITION FOR MIDDLE-AGED MEN presents a comprehensive overview of issues, facts and suggestions designed to help middle-aged men take a proactive approach in caring for their bodies. It does this by blending references to exercise, diet and other factors which can affect an individual's quality of living. "

Thoughts on Needs by Daniel K. Fitzgerald. TwinWorlds, Inc.

Thrill Your Soul: Inspiration for Choosing Your Work and Relationships by Rose Rosetree. 116 Hillsdale Dr, Sterling, VA 20164-1201.
"This video on easy-to-learn aura reading techniques for clarity on life choices already has received publicity internationally, and it isn't even published yet! (Comment sent 9/1/00) Copies are available, however. See website for details. Dan, thanks for the opportunity to list our book. Yes, we use and recommend The Self-Publishing Manual."

Through the Veil: Discovering Sacred Relationship by Jerry and Richela Chapman.
""From all the books I have read and reviewed, this has to be the best so far. Never before have I read such an awesome book." Ian Hendersen "There are no 'magic' instant paths to loving, lasting relationships, but there are certainly paths that guide you to the wisdom of how to do it. This is one of them. It's filled with profound spiritual information..." Lee Carroll, author of the Kryon series of self-help books "

Transform Your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hope by Ligia M. Houben. 7800 SW 57th Ave. Ste 215B Miami Fl 33143.
"This book contains the Eleven Principles of Transformation. This system can help you transform any loss or transition and change your life."

Traqnsforma tu perdida. Una antologia de fortaleza y espernza by Ligia M. Houben.
"For the last decade I have been dedicated to work with people as they go through grief and transitions. This book is a tool to help you go through your loss and find hope and strength again. This is a book about losses (death of a loved one, health, job, divorce...) and the possibility of transformation. As one transforms one's loss or transition one can change one's life. This book is in the process of being translated into English. It will be available by the end of June. Please let me know your thoughts Ligia M. Houben Life Transitions Consultant-Coach Fellow of the American Academy of Grief Counseling"

Troubles of Being a Girl by Lane Kennedy.
"Great new novel featuring a real, "EX". An Ex-drug addict, ex-model, ex-anorexic... Find out how an ordinary gal gets along in anything but ordinary Los Angeles. There is also an amazing website that emphasizes the trials and tribulations of being a girl in today's society! First edition!"

Trying Not to Remember: lifting the veil of silence off childhood sexual abuse by K Marie.

Understanding Serenity: What Thoughts are you giving up your Happiness For? by Jane Nelsen.
"This is the 5th edition of a book formerly titled "Understanding: Eliminating Stress and Finding Serenity in Life and Relationships" and then, "From Here to Serenity." Jane Nelsen is the author of the popular Positive Discipline series."

Un-Jobbing: The Adult Liberation Handbook by Michael Fogler. Free Choice Press, PO Box 1027, Lexington KY 40588.
"UN-JOBBING acknowledges that, in many ways, jobs are literally robbing people of their true lives. "Making a living" has become "making a dying." Can one live without full-time, unfulfilling employment, doing what you truly want to do, and still make ends meet? With guts, information, and inspiration UN-JOBBING: THE ADULT LIBERATION HANDBOOK says YES!! $14 (postpaid) (800) 318-5725."

Unleashing Your Brilliance: Tools & Techniques to Achieve Personal, Professional & Academic Success by Brian E. Walsh PhD.
"Whether a corporate learner or college student, the reader is given many tips on how to go beyond conscious learning to more easily absorb information. The content has been designed to appeal to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. Each chapter can be reviewed with both a crossword puzzle and an online introspective tool. This enables a deeper integration of the material. In easy-to-understand language, the author explains how the brain processes information, how learning is affected by emotions and core beliefs, and how innate brain wiring can be altered both intentionally and unintentionally. Ideal for corporate learners, college/university students, home-schooling parents. "

Use Cash To Buy It! by Karolina V. Linares. PO Box 70031, Baltimore, MD 21237.
"Use Cash To Buy It! is in it's first edition, 500 printed. I printed such a small run, due to major changes I will make for the second edition. My message is of timely essence and needed to be available now. Use Cash To Buy It! is a quick read, no-nonsense, self help "get out of debt" book with humor, whit and pizzazz! Great for the evergrowing population of misguided young adults with credit problems in the USA."

Useful Strategies in Everyday Life by X. L. Woo.
"This book provides with means how to deal with awkward or dangerous situations, like how to escape from a fire in a room, how to avoid being robbed at ATM machine at night when you need urgent money, etc. "

Wading Through The Crap by Hot to Start Living the Successful Life You Have Always Wanted. Post Office Box 19239, Sacramento, CA 95829.
"In this book James L. Clark tells you how to unlock your full potential and achieve unlimited success. You'll tell everyone it is the best thing that ever happened to you! In a refreshingly honest, exuberant, and conversational style, personal development and leadership expert, James L. Clark offers you practical advice and techniques on how to start experiencing the extraordinary quality of life that you deserve by mastering your mind, your actions, and your goals. With excitement and enthusiasm, he teaches you how to communicate with yourself and others and how to develop passion for life so you can live victoriously and reach your full potential. James L. Clark has proven through his books, tapes, and seminars that you can accomplish anything you want by harnessing the power of your mind, choosing to raise your standards, and taking action in the direction of your goals. By applying the tools and the wealth of knowledge you will gain from these pages, you will be able to achieve far more than you ever thought possible. In this book you will learn: - How to figure out exactly what you want and how to get it - How to understand and instantly control your emotional states - How to get out of a mental rut, create new thoughts, and discover new ambitions - What keys are most important in unlocking your success and personal power - What things are absolutely required if you are going to reach your full potential - How to reprogram your mind and eliminate negative beliefs forever - How to eliminate obstacles that can get in the way of your success - How to duplicate the success of people that you respect and admire - And much more Wading Through The Crap is your guidebook to what works; it is a revolutionary text that let's you get down to business without having to spend countless hours trying to figure out what does and does not lead to success. In this book James L. Clark will show you step by step how to perform at the highest levels possible while developing mental fitness, attaining self confidence, and earning the friendship and support of others around you. Wading Through The Crap will help you reshape your world into what you want it to be."

Wake Up! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now! by Gary A. McAbee.
"WAKE UP! 42 Ways to Improve Black America Now! is a call-to-action for all people, including African Americans, who want to improve their lives today. This book is broken into six categories: History, Education, Self-Motivation, Self Improvement, Communication, and Support. This information is directed at African-Americans; however, regardless of race, gender, origin, or economic status, everyone can all learn and apply the principles in this book to become more successful."

We Codependent Men-We Mute Coyotes by KenP., Bob T., Carrie C-B. 43 Eagle Mead Place, The Woodlands, Texas 77382.
"This is the first and only work written by codependent men FOR codependent men. Here you will learn how to identify your own codependency or that of a loved one, and more importantly, how to grow past it. Tremendous support from academia, professionals counselors, and treatment centers."

Wealth On Any Income - 12 Steps to Freedom by Rennie Gabriel. Amazon.
"Wealth On Any Income is an award winning book and was a #1 seller on Amazon in April of 2002. In this book you will learn from someone who has gone from broke to multi-millionaire how to: End the constant struggle with money and overcome what is stopping you from creating wealth. Become rich on any income, even if you are in debt. Handle emergency spending without a financial disaster. Create the action structure to set and achieve any goals. Wealth On Any Income covers both the emotional and practical tools to move from debt to financial freedom."

Wednesdays at the Fluff 'n' Fold/ A Caregiver's Oasis by Elizabeth Cabalka. Healthy Insights PO Box 438 Annandale, MN. 55302-0438. or
""A caregiver's challenges may not show up on a lab-chart. Yet they are equally real and often go unnoticed by the outside world." So many lives are touched by cancer. Nearly everyone experiencing the journey called cancer has a partner, spouse, or loved-one there beside them experiencing the journey in their own unique way. Yet, the caregiver's stories are not often told. They need to be told. Here is a caregiver's story of life in the midst of disease… Are you caring for a loved one with cancer? Have you walked this road already and now seek to make sense of all you experienced? In this book you will discover: * A caregiver's challenges are not often visible to the outside world. Learn how to identify a caregiver's challenges and discover ways to cope and grow through each experience. * A caregiver requires care too, most often self-care. Learn ways to remain healthy in the midst of disease. * Blessings come in odd packages. Learn how to discover and be open to the blessings that lie in the unlikely place called cancer. “Elizabeth has succeeded in sharing The Ultimate Experience in Personal Growth. You are about to understand something you have probably never been able to imagine. I have thanked her for what I learned, you will too.” - Bob Proctor, author, You Were Born Rich “So often we search for the meaning of life, then we realize that Life is Life… and if we want more it is up to us to create it regardless of what we face. Elizabeth shares how she created more life in the face of her husband's cancer and death.” Mark Shearon author, Good Grief: Making Sense Out of Death, Dying and Funerals. “With precise guidance Elizabeth takes you on a real-life journey of intense disillusionment, self reflection and profound inner awakening. A great book for anyone looking for the true meaning of life altering events!” Andreas Moritz, author, Freedom from Judgment “We can all learn from Elizabeth's raw honesty and heart-felt sharing of her personal journey as the wife of a cancer patient. Take the opportunity to learn how to live every day fully and passionately in the face of disease.” Tina Shearon, author, Begin living your life... As You Wish! "

Welcome to the Professional World by Gary R. Martin, Ed.D.. Massey-Reyner Publishing, PO Box 323, Wallace CA 95254.
"Written by Dr. Gary Martin, Professor and Assistant Dean of Engineering at the University of the Pacific, this book is a one-of-a-kind manual to help young adults entering their first career or job. Provides ideas and insights and valuable specific information re: money, work ethic, finances, relationships, whistle-blowing. Great Gift Idea! "

Welcome to the Professional World by Gary R. Martin, Ed.D.. Massey-Reyner Publishing, PO Box 323, Wallace CA 95254.
"Written by Dr. Gary Martin, Professor and Assistant Dean of Engineering at the University of the Pacific, this book is a one-of-a-kind manual to help young adults entering their first career or job. Provides ideas and insights and valuable specific information re: money, work ethic, finances, relationships, whistle-blowing. Great Gift Idea! "

What Are Your Dreams Telling You? 3rd ed. ISBN 0-935861-04-1 by A La Lansun. By Mail: 16631 E. El Lago # 313, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268-9749 . Buy Online:
"Just released October 2005: Expanded third edition (224 pages). See our website: for cover and back coverinformation, reviews, table of contents, and first chapter. "This book succeeds." "

What Are Your Dreams TellingYou? 3rd ed. ISBN 0-935861-04-1 by A La Lansun. 16631 East El Lago Blvd. # 313 Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.
"This is the third edition of this very popular book at a special third-print price. Some reasons/reviews why it's made it to a Third Edition: >"...Lansun explores, delineates and describes some of the ways in which dreams serve our needs...this book holds answers to many questions I have been asking for years. Instead of rigidly telling me what my dream symbols mean, Lansun places the tools in my hands with which to discuss these meanings. In dreams I am talking to me, and with this book for the first time I have found a way to understand my own language...This book succeeds." The Sedona Times Book Review of the Second Ediion >"Of all the dream books I've read, this was the best...easily understood conceptions with regard to working out dream interprettion." ---V.Brennan, Drexel Hills, Pa. >"...In this excellent guidebook, A La Lansun has shared her techniques to encourage meaningful communication with the High Self. We can only be the wiser for her generosity." ---Brad Steiger, The Love Force: Star People Series" >"...has solved to my complete satisfaction many mysteries of the dreams I have encountered.---Ruth Ryden, Payson, AZ. >Check out special price, cover, table of contents and first chapter on "

What I Will...I Can ! Self Empowerment by Joseph Giampapa, M.A..
"In this fast paced world of "sound bytes" five second commercials, etc.This powerful Guidebook was designed for people on the go, on a plane, between meetings, etc. ( Can actually be read in a single sitting.) The twenty one Key Principles are powerful and life affirming. Read Often. ( Rave Reviews because ...this book Works !)"

WHAT I WILL...I CAN ! Self Empwerment by Joseph Giampapa, M.A..
"Powerful, easy read, book designed to help anyone desiring a more successful and fullfilling life. This book helps empower the reader, showing how our "uniqueness" is actually our strength and how the sub-conscious is the "programming aspect" of our being. Through humorous examples and stories, the reader finds helpful ways to not only change one's "conscious thinking" but to actually "re-program" for the life you desire."

What Should I Say? The Right (and Wrong!) Words for Life's Sticky, Tricky, Uncomfortable Situations by Shelly Burke, RN. 42887 G. G. Road, Genoa, NE 68640.
"Avoid foot-in-mouth moments and confidently face difficult people and uncomfortable situations knowing what to say and do, and just as importantly, what not to say or do. "

What to do When the Police Leave: A Guide to the First Days of Traumatic Loss by Bill Jenkins. WBJ Press, P.O. Box 28382, Richmond, VA 23228.
"After his 16 year-old son was murdered during a robbery attempt, Bill Jenkins found that there were no books available to guide him and his family through the maze of grief, loss, and the legal system. There was simply no definitive resource written by survivors of traumatic loss specifically for survivors of traumatic loss and the caregivers who work with them. Now in its second edition (and with a lot of guidance from "The Self-Publishing Manual") "What to do When the Police Leave" is being used all over the U.S. and Canada and is quickly being recognized as one of the best resources available for bereaved families dealing with the sudden loss of a loved one. Available online at and other online booksellers, major bookstores, and distributed to the book and library trade by ACCESS Publishers Network."

What Your Mom And Dad didn't Know They Were Teaching you by Monty C. Ritchings.
"First Edition was releaed in November 2006 . 550 copies. Available in most book stores in Greater Vancouver BC or online. Second Edition is expected in the fall of 2007."

WHATEVER! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into M by Beverly Mahone. P.O. Box 11037.
"Read the book that was featured in the New York Times and on the best seller's list. Whatever! shows you the humorous side of menopause and growing older."

WHATEVER! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into M by Beverly Mahone. P.O. Box 11037 Durham, NC 27703.
"Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age is a book about growing older. It's inspirational with a humorous flavor and covers topic such as middle age dating, hot flashes and menopause and raising children. It has been endorsed by fellow baby boomer, renowned author and poet, Nikki Giovanni, whose comments grace the back cover. The book has been described by everyone who reads it as enjoyable and they felt as if they were having a conversation with a girlfriend. "

WHATEVER! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into M by Beverly Mahone. P.O. Box 11037.
"Whatever! is a humorous and inspirational look at growing older. First edition"

What's A Girl To Do In A Big City If She Can't Dance? by Taylor Sparks. Iuniverse, Inc, 2021 Pine Lake Road, Ste. 100, Lincoln, NE 68512 .
"In the indispensable female guide to life What's A Girl To Do In A Big City If She Can't Dance?, author Taylor Sparks takes a serious yet humorous look at the seven crossroads that most women come to in their lifetime and shows you how to recognize and acknowledge common areas of difficulty: -How to love your body for the shape it's in-right now. -The necessities of female relationships. -Heal yourself of the "pick-me syndrome" and have valued relationships with men. -Career stagnation and discovering your intentions. -When to seek council and why. About the author: Taylor Sparks is the Principal Encourager of Sparks & Associates, a Professional & Personal Development Company and is Certified in Human Behavior Studies. "

What's Your Sabotage? The Last Word in Overcoming Self- Sabotage by Alyce Cornyn-Selby. Beynch Press 1928 S. E. Ladd Avenue Portland OR 97214.
"Self-sabotage is when you say you want something (lose weight, save money, career goals) and then go about making sure it doesn't happen. You're not STUCK with this behavior. All behavior is a message; unfortunately it's in code. Crack the code with this book. How would your life be different if you didn't sabotage yourself? Microsoft, Boeing, the FBI and New York Times have all hired the author to demonstrate the method in this book. (Author lost 100 pounds using this method.) $15.95 hard bound. 1-800-937-7771 or web site or Amazon."

What's Your Sabotage? The Last Word in Overcoming Self-Sabotage by Alyce Cornyn-Selby. 1928 S. E. Ladd Avenue Portland Oregon 97214.
"Sabotaging your career or your business? Know you're supposed to promote but just can't? Procrastination, being fat, financial's ALL self-sabotage. Find out why others do it. Unlock the code of why YOU do it. Field-tested method for overcoming self-sabotage. Included: chapter on attitude (succeeeding with a bad one), how to recognize and avoid people who may sabotage your efforts. "

When Death Comes a Knockin' by Vanessa A. Johnson. POB 9 Ama, LA 70031.
"Publisher: Book Haven Publishing- March 2005 Author Website: Price: $17.36/Retail US Paperback: 168 Pages ISBN: 1-4116-2470-X When Death Comes a Knockin’, is a self-help, inspirational book about loss and grief. It is a personal book that will guide those who are grieving to do so at their own pace through areas of shock, expressions of their grief, and will help them deal with questions, doubts, guilt and fears they are experiencing over the loss of a loved one. By facing overwhelming emotions of loss during grief people wonder if they’ll ever feel okay again, and can leave them depressed, angry or even ashamed when their grief doesn’t disappear quickly or happen in neat, orderly stages. In my book the person grieving is shown how to take small steps towards the recovery process. "

When It's Been Miserable: Overcoming Workplace Pains and Obstacles by Johnissia Stevenson.
"Thank you to Dan Poynter for all the great tips on self publishing. The books can be ordered from my site or from"

When It's You Against Them: Keeping A Positive Attitude Despite It All by Kathy A. Eubanks. 51613 Sass Rd, Chesterfield, MI 48047.
"Would you like to enjoy life more? Do you want to wake up and look forward to the day - instead of dreading it? Do you want to be more successful and achieve more of your goals? This book is your guide to having a more positive outlook on life! It is available in paperback (ISBN 0-9785900-1-5), e-book and 2CD audio set. "

When Life Blows You Down by Bill Dyer.
"2004 Ben Franklin Award Winner Best New Voice (Nonfiction)"

When Life Blows You Down; 11 1/2 Ways To Get Up and Thrive When The Winds of Change Howl by Bill Dyer.
"2004 Ben Franklin Award Winner Best New Voice, Nonfiction This book lifts your spirits and helps you triumph over life challenges and unpleasant changes. After being robbed and shot at an ATM on his way to work, Bill Dyer discovered a gift in his apparent tragedy. He learned 11 ½ Ways to be your best during difficult times and get more of what you want in life. You take lessons Bill learned the hard way, and easily apply them to get extraordinary results at home, work, and in your relationships."

When We Reach the Edge, Where Do We Go For Support? by Brenda A. Jenkins. ARIEL Connections, P.O. Box 22, Royal Oak, MI 48068.
"Biblical counselor Brenda A. Jenkins brings wisdom to leaders near the edge of burn-out, She says, "For the high achievers, survivors, and overcomers who feel they have many people depending on them, anxiety sets in and they get to a point of being ineffective in their work. Many times we don't recognize we are at the point of falling.""

When You Need a Timeout by Barbara Mitchell, DCH.
"First edition. Paperback. 117 pages Stressed?!! Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms. Identify your physical, emotional and environmental stressors. Take the quiz, "Can You Handle That?" to understand your coping style and learn the five keys to real stress relief."

Where's the Map? Create Your OWN Guide to Life after Graduation by Beth and James Hood. PO Box 1004, Kamuela HI 96743.
"Where's the Map? Create Your OWN Guide to Life After Graduation is a fun, interactive guidebook for high school and college students and recent graduates, which provides them with a simple model they can use to "map out" a successful, satisfying life—ideally, the life of their dreams! The book comprises a series of exercises designed to help young people identify their skills, interests, hopes, dreams, and values, which will help them find and create educational opportunities, career prospects, and living situations that are a match to who they are and what they want out of life. Rather than tell our readers what they should do, the book asks them to truly engage the questions and come up with their own answers."

While I Was Learning To Become God by Roxana Jones.
"ReadersFavorite 2011 NON FICTION GENERAL Gold Award “Even with the imposed reality that surrounded her, Sybil Vaughan was able to empower herself, change her thoughts and heal her heart. She was born to make a difference but she could only do so when she realized that, this difference was her. This is the true story of a woman whose resilience made possible her transformation.” Are you willing to keep reproducing the past as your present, or, are you ready for inner change and a life where the possible future is the only present there is?"

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Discover The Purpose Of Your Life by Keith Leon (foreword by Jack Canfield).
"1st edition"

Who's in Charge Around Here? Taking control of your life and making positive changes by Christopher L. Saffici, Ed.D.. 631 Vincent Blvd., Alliance, OH 44601.
""Christopher Saffici does a masterful job of sharing profound truths of successful living and working in an uncomplicated, user-friendly manner. Sprinkled with engaging examples, quotes, and analogies, this book will uplift, empower, and motivate you. Pick up this book and save a lot of money on consultation fees!" Dr. James E. Strohl, Director, Center for Psychological Development Who's in Charge is a roadmap for anyone striving to achieve their professional and personal success-anyone looking for a better life: *physically *in family relationships *financially *professionally *spiritually *socially "

Why African American Fear Doing Business In Nigeria by Gerald Walker. P.O. Box 4622 Cedar Hill, Texas 75106.
"First Addition, 2800 printed - This book is about why African Americans should do business in Nigeria and how I was able to build a multi-million business in 3 years in a country that everyone is afraid of."

Why It Works! The Science Behind Manifesting Everything You Desire by Deborah Baker-Receniello.
"Have you been searching your whole life for the SECRET to HAVING IT ALL? NOW, YOU FINALLY FOUND IT! In this book you will be introduced to scientific principles that can change your life in an instant. It all applies to you whether you believe or not…regardless to your culture, occupation, religion, finance or past. Learning to make use of these physical laws can and will change your life exactly as you design them"

Why Positive Thinkers Have the Power/How to use the Powerful Three-word Motto to Achieve Greater Peace of Mind by Ken Bossone. PO Box 951687 Lake Mary florida 32795.
"1st edition...8ooo in print....Seven time winner-Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award/2008 Business Book of the Year Author is President of World Positive Thinkers Club....President Bush, Governor Sarah Palin, Bill Belicheck,Andy Reid, Dwane Wade, Lance Armstrong, Larry King and hundreds of business people have a copy of Kens book..."

Why You Really Can Memorize Scripture by Dr. Daniel Morris.
"My book, Why You Really Can Memorize Scripture, will be free in the eBook form from March 29 through April 2 at"

Wind Of Change In The Air: Can't You Feel It? by Olayinka Joseph. P.O.Box 721791, Houston Texas 77272-1791.,
"Wind of Change In The Air - Can't You Feel it? Discover the three things that inhibit you from making a change in your life and how these three inhibitors can eventually determine whether you succeed or fail in life. Change is an opportunity for something better to happen. Whether you like it or not, change will happen. Whether you ask for it or it is forced upon us, you must be willing to change. The ability to be aware, accept and embrace change is the one skill that separates successful people from the ‘also-rans.’ "

Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time by Jaci Rae.
"Dr. Dale Helman (California) "Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time by Jaci Rae is the best and only book I have ever seen that embraces men and does it with their interests in mind. I read this book cover to cover two times and found the information extremely useful and pertinent. It's fascinating and compelling, but most of all informative.""

Wisdom for the Soul: Five Millennia of Prescriptions for Spiritual Healing by Larry Chang. P O Box 3183, Washington DC 20010-0183.
"“You can live by the words in this book, and you can feel good that humanity has offered such profound reflections.” ~ Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul "... beautiful and empowering book. I know it will benefit many ..." ~ Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul "At long last, an abundance of universal wisdom, beyond the boundaries of Euro-America, becomes easily accessible. " ~ Malidoma Somé, author of Of Water and the Spirit and The Healing Wisdom of Africa There’s a fresh take on an old standby, the book of quotations. The difference with Wisdom for the Soul is in the selection and organization of the quotations. Each has been chosen for its universal application and poetic quality, grouped into one of 220 themes. While the usual subjects, are represented, the collection encompasses newer psychological territory such as Actualization, Avoidance/Denial, Chaos/Uncertainty, Polarity, Synergy, Unconscious, and more. Although the primary aim of the collection is self-help for the individual, with extensive cross-references to factors that foster or deter growth and well-being, the material will appeal to the quotation collector, speech-writer, and the general reader. First edition, hard cover with dust-jacket, 7 x 10, 824 pages, ISBN 0-9773391-0-6, $49.95. "

WISDOM FROM THE BATCAVE: How to Live a Super, Heroic Life by Cary A. Friedman.
"A touching celebration of humanity's ongoing quest for nobility, greatness, and integrity, as observed through the Batman's cowl. With an earnest, conversational style, Cary A. Friedman, a rabbi and consultant to the FBI, reminds us what it feels like to enter the mysterious depths of the Batcave for the first time as a wide-eyed child, and illustrates how we can carry with us the artifacts found therein to the real, complicated, often troubling world. Charming, spiritual, and inspirational, this book unabashedly embraces the fantasies of the Batman mythology, and translates them into simple earnest truths for the everyday superhero."

Women Reworked - Empowering Women in Employment Transition by Heather Resnick. P.O. Box 964, Thornhill, Ontario Canada L4J 8G7. and
"Bold, often humorous, visionary book of empowering, inspirational stories by women in U.S. and Canada who jumped high hurdles to achieve their goals. A value added, practical, comprehensive resource guide of government, non-profit and other sources (U.S. and Canada)that assists both women and men to achieve their career dreams rounds out this rewarding book. Heather Resnick was featured on national radio and in the Chicago Tribune. Part of the proceeds of the book will be donated to Family Abuse Crisis Exchange (FACE) "Helping Families Help Themselves"."

Women Taking Charge: 5 Steps To Succeed In Life And Work by Paula Leslie. Essential Life Strategies, 415 CAmbridge Avenue, Suite #22, Palo Alto, CA 94306.
"Women Taking Charge offers women practical tools to create balance and overcome frustrations to take charge and succeed in their life. The author, Paula Leslie, LCSW, BCD, is a psychtherapist, speakerand consultant. She specializes in women's holistic health and offers workshops and retreats for women. "

Women Taking Charge: 5 Steps To Succeed In Life And Work by Paula Leslie, LCSW, BCD. Essential Life Strategies, 415 CAmbridge Avenue, Suite #22, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Essential LIfe Strategies
"Women Taking Charge: 5 Steps To Succeed In Life And Work offer tools for women to succeed in work and personal life. Includes "5 Step Taking Charge" steps and Case Histories. Holistic approach (mind/body/spirit). The book is being used as a foundation for ongoing women's groups in my psychotherapy practice. Workshops/retreats are also offered with an emphasis on concepts from the book."

Womens & Lemons: Your Time is Now by Janice L. Walker.
"#1 Amazon Bestseller International Bestseller Book for the woman in her 50s and any other Mature Woman. This book helps women to see the unlimited possibilities on the horizons just waiting for them at this Quintastic time their lives."

Words To Know For Work, Essential Language to Know and Use in the Office by Margaret Dennison.
"Words to Know for Work is a small informative book laid out in alpha order, clearly outlining definitions of words used at work. This powerful book is broken into several sections: A-Z, 0-9, structures, titles, domains, and keyboard tricks. It's exactly what a new office/clerical worker needs to have to understand the jargon used in the workplace. Informative for entry-level workers, high school and college students or for women going back to work."

Work for a Living and Still Be Free to Live- Revised for the New Millennium by Eileen McDargh.
"This is the 7th edition. Revised for the new millennium. When it was first published (Prentice Hall-1985) made news as the first book that explored work/life balance and authentic work. CA Press Women awarded it top non-fiction. "

WORKBOOk 4 the SOUL by Deborah M. Robinson. www.iUniverse,,
"A must read!"

Wrinkles Are God's Makeup: How You Can Find Meaning in Your Evolving Face by Rose Rosetree. 800-345-6665.
"In the 5,000-year-history of reading faces for character, this is a landmark book because it uses comparison photos to explore how faces change over time. They're more meaningful than you would have guessed, with insights galore. And this book teaches you how to do this soulful form of face reading."

Yoga Practice Demystified - Four Simple Yoga Guidelines to Wellness by Sophia Santucci.

You and Your Lawsuit: An Insider's Guide to Saving Money by Viktoria Morgan. 2419 E. Harbor Blvd., Suite 147, Ventura Ca 93001.
"First Edition: Viktoria Morgan holds a BA in Political Science and an AA in Business Administration. Over the last twenty years, she has worked her way from a part time “Girl Friday” to a top grossing paralegal. She has worked for both large and small firms in the areas of intellectual property rights, plaintiff’s personal injury, family and domestic law, insurance defense, and complex civil litigation. She has taken her years of experience and created this very useful workbook for any person to easily understand what to expect while involved in any type of lawsuit as well as provided dozens of tips on how to save thousands of dollars on your legal bill. "

You Are Better Than Your Best by Lionel L. Nowell, III.
""You Are Better Than Your Best" is a logical, concise, yet insightful self-help book that is saturated with the wisdom Mr. Nowell acquired as he traveled the path to his personal success. This book is truly a must read and it will challenge and motivate you to do more, and accomplish more, in every aspect of your life. ***Important Note: Help yourself while helping others! All of the author's proceeds from "You Are Better Than Your Best" will be donated to various charities to help young people achieve their dream of going to college.***"

You Are More Than Enough/Every Woman's Guide to Purpose, Passion & Power by Judi Moreo.
"1st edition, Hardcover, 2007 copyright date,& 3,000 to be in print soon. Comments about Judi's book by Montel Williams, Linda Armstrong Kelly, & others. Some topics discussed: recognize and release fears, thoughts, hopes, & ideas into positive actions,spark your creativity to overcome obtstacles, motivated yourself to set positive goals,& use your imagination to visualize and fashion the future you want and need. Many book tie-ins are available as well. "

You Are The Healer: Discover Your Miraculous Potential to Heal Yourself & Others by Gene Krackehl. PO Box 374, Katonah, NY 10536.

You Are the Money by Wes Hall. P.O. Box 11904, Omaha, NE 68111.
"Stop chasing the money and start letting the money chase you, says author Wes Hall in his new book, "You Are the Money." "Paper money is the trick that has been played on us all - anytime you transfer power from your self onto an inanimate object you take the power from self and empower the object. Self development equals wealth development(tm) you are the money." "

You Can't Smell the Roses When You're Pushing Up Daisies by Virginia Sandford. 1735 63rd Ave. NE, Tacoma WA 98422.
"A book written mostly for women over 40, and a great seller here in Pacific NW. Reader will laugh a great deal and cry a little while relating with the author. No lecturing, but includes what the author learned in two or three one-liners (usually wise, but funny) at the end of each true story. After reading, many order additional books to give to women friends and family. Readers tell me it's a "keeper." "

You Don't Have to Learn Everything the Hard Way--What I Wish Someone Had Told Me by Aunt Laya Saul.
"Written with young adults in mind, this book is treasured by readers of all ages. It's an easy read, written in a conversational tone. It's honest and direct with "change your life" gems of timeless, wisdom. Got friends or loved ones who could use some support? Share this book with them! Excellent endorsements including Mark Victor Hansen (...Youll love it!, Cynthia Kersey (...Every adult should buy a copy for the young person in their lives, and get one for themselves, too.), Bob Burg (...Should be read by every young adult and his or her friends.), Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program ® (...You wrote in a manner that kids will keep on captured the issue and will help their hearts.), members of the clergy, and teens who wont let go of their copy!"

You Drive, I'll Laugh by Jenny Herrick with Kathy Hoeschen Massey. 2829 So. Cypress - Sioux City, IA 51106.
""Hold on tight! This little book will take you along for one uplifting ride! This is a great read for yourself or a friend or loved one who needs a lift. Written by a woman who's been there, done that and will tell you just how she did it all through the use of humor! Give yourself the green light to enjoy life - speed bumps and all - and stop worrying about your (mile)age!"

You Lost Your Marriage Not Your Life, How to Get the Life You Want Your Way by Barbara Miller. and
"This is the first edition of You Lost Your Marriage Not Your Life. It is a special message to women who have experienced the shock of losing their marriages and lifestyles through divorce. Barbara takes the reader through her own journey of divorce, denial and grief and the path that lead her to a life of peace and joy. Barbara will help you accomplish your goals with ways to take control and gain a new sense of power as you enter your best life yet-your way!"

Young and Debt Free by Nana Osei. P.O Box 4732 Largo,MD 20775.
"Young and Debft Free: Practical Advice for the financially challenged is a very candid collection of testimonies, advice and references from fellow twenty-somethings on: Financial struggles How to increase your income Student loans How to deal and conquer credit card debt How to conquer post college disappointment How to use other people’s money to start your own business How to find money to go back to school How to accumulate 1,000,000 dollars How to clear your credit And much more! "

Your Legacy of Love: Realise the Gift in Goodbye by Gemini Adams. 1422, 19th Street, #E Santa Monica, CA 90404.
"Great reviews, a feature on the Book Channel and now the Royal Mail are launching a press campaign around the book in the UK! Watch this space for the US edition.....coming soon!"

Your Life Your Way: The Essential Guide for Women by Lynn Hull and Julie Molner.
"A self coaching book written by two certified life coaches to help women make changes that will improve their lives and have a positive impact on their families, community and their world. "

Your Life Your Way: The Essential Guide for Women by Lynn Hull and Julie Molner. 42211 Garfield Road, #171, Clinton Township, MI 48038.
"First Edition, 2008 A guide for women approaching fifty years or older who set aside goals and dreams because of everyday responsibilities and interruptions. The book is full of effective exercises, tips and techniques that also apply to women of all ages (and men too). Readers are encouraged to set the book aside and reflect and/or journal their thoughts. The main message is that nothing is impossible, it is never to late and we are never too old! In other words: "NOW is the time to tap into your deep energies and walk through the door to a life richer than you've ever imagined." The authors are both certified life coaches and guide readers step by step to gain clarity on their current life circumstances and habits, discover their inner resources, make new and positive choices, manage fear and celebrate. Yes, celebrate themselves; celebrate life!"

Your Seventh Sense/How to Think Like a Comedian by Karyn Ruth White & Jay Arthur. 2244 S. Olive St, Denver CO 80224.
"Want to be the last comic standing? You can! Learn how to think like a comedian and find the funny in everyday life. For the last seven years Jay Arthur, a master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been studying and reverse engineering how comedians think. With his co-author Karyn Ruth White, a standup comedian and professional speaker, they have refined the process and come up with the essential skills of how to think like a comedian."

Your Way Home – The Psychology of Place Inside and Out by Lou & Bruce Stewart. PO Box 341, Covington, LA 70434.
"This book explains how to bring your home with you wherever you go, and once you're there, how to enhance your living and working spaces. "

You're Not the Boss of Me: Empowerment Strategies for an Imperfect Workplace by Frances O. Thomas.
"A not entirely tongue in cheek guide to three categories of bad bosses with particular emphasis on how to handle bullies."

YouVestigate, Don't Speculate-See What You Have Been Missing... by Wyndell C. Watkins, Sr.,.
"YouVestigate, Don't Speculate is a self-help and protection book for professionals and anyone who deals with people, places and things. This book shares proven professional concepts and technology that help the user by providing an easy to learn and repeatable process for: problem solving, decision making, conducting all types of investigations and confronting Liars, Schemers and Deceivers."

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