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$ell More eBook$ - How to increase sales and Amazon rankings using Kindle Direct Publishing by Lucinda Sue Crosby and Laura Dobbins.
"Digital publishing has opened doors for self-published writers that were not available even three years ago. Take advantage of this opportunity. This book outlines: How to market your ebooks online How to navigate and plan/implement proven selling strategies for the best results How to reduce marketing costs and product overhead costs We’ll also cover: KDP promotions that can improve your rankings – we’ll show you how KDP’s revenue opportunities – you’ll learn how to take advantage The art of Free Promotions and how to keep the “Book Buzz” going "

(K)New Words by Gloria Pierre. 501- 30 Esterbrooke Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M2J 2C4 Canada.
" This book contains over 1100 words you know but don't use often. Redefine your communication using these words to sound smarter and to better express your thoughts/ideas in business and personal relationships. "

1001 Best Things Ever Said about Work (and the Workplace) by Ernie Zelinski.
"No doubt few things spice up an article, a book, a conversation, or a speech more than a well-chosen quotation. Given that work is one of the most written and talked about subjects in Western society, there should be a free e-book of great quotes and sayings about work and the workplace. This is the free e-book that you have been waiting for. There are 1001 quotations about work and the workplace on its illustrated 236 pages."

13 Lucky Steps to Writing a Research Paper by Kelly Garbato. Peedee Publishing, 7111 W 151st St., St. 113, Overland Park, KS 66223.
"13 LUCKY STEPS TO WRITING A RESEARCH PAPER walks you through the process of choosing, researching, and writing about a topic in just - you guessed it - thirteen painless steps. A must for college students, this step-by-step handbook guides you through the entire process, from the time you receive the assignment until the day you (finally!) hand it in."

2002 Deluxe Celebrity Address List by Celebrity Addresses Online. 8721 Santa Monica Blvd. #431, Hollywood, CA 90069-4507.
"Contains over 13,000 accurate celebrity addresses for fans, businesses, and charitable organizations. Write your favorite star and receive free autographs. A great way to get blurbs for your books from notable personalities! Both a printed list and online database are available on our Web site."

21st Century American English Compendium by Marv Rubinstein. Schreiber Publishing, 51 Monroe Street, Suite 101, Rockville, MD 20850.
"Everything the formal dictionaries don't tell about the odds and ends of the greatest language in the world - American English. Now in its second revised edition. From the Wisconsin Bookwatch: "Now in a thoroughly updated and expanded second edition, Marv Rubinstein's 21st Century American English Compendium is an impressive assemblage of American proverbs, expressions, slang, and colloquialisms. Enhanced with a British-U.S. English Glossary; foreign words used in American English, abbreviations and acronyms, this imminently portable guidebook is ideal for translators, interpreters, writers, editors, publishers, as well as school and community English language and linguistic reference collections.""

A Guide to Chicagoland Magazines by M.E. Waszak. P.O. Box 10923, Chicago, IL 60614.
"A Guide to Chicagoland Magazines is available in print, ebook download, and CD-ROM. ChicagoWriter offers exceptional resources for enterprising professionals. We're the e-resource for Chicago's writers, editors, and publishing professionals."

And He Restoreth My Soul by Darlene J. Harris. 812 5th Street Rising Sun IN 47040.
"And He Restoreth My Soul is a powerful anthology and takes a poignant look into sexual violence and how spiritual intervention can “restoreth” one's soul. Utilizing the skills and talents of over thirty contributors, this long overdue work of God is dedicated to the infinite number of men and women who are striving towards restoration of the soul after being sexually victimized in some way. This resource anthology can be purchased from any on-line bookstore."

Boomerang Customer Service - the kind that makes them want to come back by Don Lucky. 306 - 9th Street, Pacific Grove, California 93950-3513.
"We all talk Customer Service. Here is a means to start the "ball rolling": BizTip Customer Service Booklets These booklets can help a business cultivate relationships that keep Customers coming back for more of your brilliance. Plus, you can place your own Logo on them, thereby, imprinting your Brand commitment. The booklets are 3.5 x 8.5 and you'll find that they are… Handy Cost effective Easy reference Superb Training tools Save you money and time Empower employees Very practical You'll learn some great tips along with ideas on improving Customer Service and growing your business. "

Cómo Vivir y Prosperar en Estados Unidos / How to Live & Thrive in the U.S. by Donna Poisl. PO Box 32215, Tucson, AZ 85751-2215.
"Book in both English and Spanish for immigrants. Subtitle: Consejos para ayudarlo a adaptarse y hacer su vida mas fácil / Tips to help you fit in and make your life easier"

Contact Any Celebrity by Jordan McAuley. 8721 Santa Monica Blvd #431, Los Angeles, CA 90069-4507.
"Contact Any Celebrity includes over 30,000 celebrity contacts you can use to request autographs, solicit donations for your nonprofit, get endorsements for your product and service, and more. This directory is your #1 source for accurate celebrity contact information."

Dressing Nifty After Fifty by Corinne Richardson. through
"Creating the perfect wardrobe is easy with Dressing Nifty After Fifty, the definitive guide for women to a simple, stylish wardrobe. Author Corinne Richardson, a retired attorney, writes extensively, consults with clients, and hosts workshops on the many ways to simplify and organize one’s life and possessions in the second half of their lives. "

English Grammar Basics by L. Anne Bromwell. Outskirts Press.
"the reference book that belongs on your bookshelf between your dictionary and thesaurus "

English Grammar Basics by L. Anne Bromwell. .
"ENGLISH GRAMMAR BASICS The reference book that belongs on your bookshelf between your dictionary and thesaurus. The simplest, most straight-forward explanation of the English language on the market today. "

English Idioms And Expressions For Foreigners, Like Me! / I Thought I Knew English, But I Didn’t Know That! by Reza Mashayekhi.
"Selected as one of the finalists in the "2011 National Indie Excellence Book Awards!" in the "Reference" category. This is a collection of English idioms, expressions, sayings, etc., with examples, and a number of humorous illustrations. Some interesting expressions from other languages and cultures are also included. It's meant mainly for foreigners, but can be a fun gift for anyone and on any coffee table. It is available at Amazon and other major locations in both print and ebook formats. Please refer to the website to order or for more up-to-date information on available formats and points of sale, or call 858-342-8505. "

Federal Personnel Guide P.O. Box 42578, Washington DC 20015-0578.
"Ever wonder why the Federal Government and the Postal Service don't publish employee handbooks for the millions of people who toil for them? Wonder no more. Such a book DOES exist -- and it does a better job than any government publication. It's the Federal Personnel Guide, updated every year with the latest plain-English explanations of the rules and regulations on pay ... benefits ... retirement ... and much more. And that's not all. You'll discover comprehensive, up-to-date directories of federal agencies and departments, agency benefits officers, agency personnel officers, OPM e-mail addresses, federal websites, a new directory of lawyers who will represent you in grievance cases, and much much more. The GUIDE has been in publication annually for a quarter-century. It is truly an "employee handbook" for civilian federal and postal employees, helping you avoid the pitfalls and enjoy a more successful career and retirement. Order it NOW at "

Federal Prison Where Inmates Stay &Convicts Run, a survival guide and reference by Tracy W. Humble. 6405 Colbert St, New Orleans, LA 70124.

Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide and Keepsake by Mark Askew. Barnes and Noble.
""Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Guide and Keepsake" by Mark A. Askew, (2011) ISBN 1461124239 I believe close knit family life is the key to happiness, health and sustainable living. A close knit family contributes to a successful community. For that reason I wrote the complete family reunion event planning guide workbook and keepsake. A family heirloom for generations to come. The keepsake features include a signature of ownership page, an event details page, an event planning journal and a family recipe compiler complete with sections to record the history behind the family recipe. Other keepsake features include an heirloom record, family tree worksheets and other genealogy worksheets. The reunion planning workbook includes planning tutorial for individual planners, groups and committees. There is also a follow-up notes section, event planning checklists, step by step timeline planner, 4 separate theme planners, recommended games and activities, itinerary, survey letter and luncheon, dinner program. Worksheets also include site evaluation, possible locations anc activities, committee organization and departmental forms. Review the book at"

Free Anthologies and Ebooks by Sam Vaknin.
"Free anthologies of articles and essays in psychology, economics, international affairs, philosophy, and other topics. Free download. "

From Prison to Paycheck: What No one Ever Tells You About Getting a Job by Pam Hogan. Community Press, P.O. Box 31667, San Francisco, CA 94131.

Gold and Where You Find It by Gabe G. Kubichek. Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Outskirts Press.
"“Gold and Where You Find It” By Gabe G. Kubichek ISBN: 1-59800-531-6 $12.95 (Dealer’s discount 40%) “Gold is where you find it.” The old-timers used to say, and it is a fact, but one need to know where to look for it. These days the gold is over $600.00 per ounce. Gabe G. Kubichek is an old experienced gold seeker, who with his brother Matt done gold prospecting throughout the western United States and eastern and western Canada. His book tells the novice gold seeker where to look and how to get it out. The book is available from Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and from the publisher; Outskirts Press, Inc. 10940 S. Parker Rd.-515, Parker Colorado 80134. Phone: 888-672-6657 Thank you for your support! Gabe "

Grammar Done Right! Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition by Karen L. Reddick. 7431 S. Ireland Circle, Suite B, Centennial, CO 80016.
"Get more Grammar Done Right! with the revised & expanded 2nd edition offering over 50 new grammar, usage, and style tips. A quick and easy reference tool."

HANDS-ON ENGLISH, Second Edition by Hamilton, Fran Santoro. Portico Books, P.O. Box 6094, Chesterfield, MO 63006.
"Hands-On English provides quick access to the basics of English and makes grammar visual by using symbols to represent parts of speech. Information is clear and concise, and concepts are reinforced by illustrations. Ages 9-Adult. At the website you'll find a complete table of contents, sample pages, information about companion products, and free resources."

Health Care Research Done Right: A Journal Editor Shares Practical Tips and Techniques for High Quality and Efficiency by Kathleen Fairman.

Heather's Internet Career Resource Guide, The Ultimate Job Search Resource for Professionals by Heather Wieshlow. 23974 Aliso Creek Road, Suite #175, Laguna Niguel, CA.
"Second Edition 2007-2008 This resource guide is the most comprehensive collection of websites for professionals seeking a job."

"into some question concerning your qualifications for a clearance. In addition it points out how you can challenge a turned down application for a clearance. You should know now that only the government can issue a security clearance. In order to get a clearance you have to work for the government or work for a civilian contractor that does work for the government. You can also get a clearance in the military or if you are a government appointee who requires a clearance. "

How to Get an Apartment in NYC for FREE! (2006-2007 Edition) by Kalim Fleet, Mario Hyman. P.O. Box 1081 Yonkers, NY 10701.
"3rd Edition, 2500 in print"

International Directory of Hemp Products and Suppliers by James Berry. The Message Co. 4 Camino Azul Santa Fe, NM 87505.
"A complete directory of the burgeoning hemp industry, listing manufacturers, growers, distributors, retailers and more, plus indexes by country and state and by product. This book can be used as a guide to find sources to purchase products; find suppliers for a store, mail order catalog or other business; find fabric and other raw materials to become a manufacturer; or just to get new ideas and learn more about hemp. $29.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling."

Links and Factoids by Sam Vaknin.
"Anthology of fascinating historical and scientific facts and links to relevant Web sources. UPDATED EVERY FRIDAY! "

LSAT THE LOUCAS WAY by Basil R. Loucas. or contact me . in progress
"July 30,2013 Good afternoon to everyone. Accordingly, my purpose in writing my book is to inform individuals interested in becoming attorneys that they must be positively sure that they are ready to enter a very disciplined world, obtain the required educational foundation that one needs to be successful in law school, and look deep within themselves to see if they have the necessary personality to be successful in their legal studies, the proper procedure to follow upon completing their bachelor of arts (BA) degree in applying to law school, and a heads-up approach on how to properly handle the reading comprehension section of the LSAT. Very truly yours, Basil R. Loucas "

Mariner's Employment Guide by James Laurence Pelletier. 126 Western Avenue, Suite 266, Augusta, ME 04330-7249.
"The demand for workers in the maritime field is at an all time high. The “Mariner’s Employment Guide” is the most comprehensive resource and complete navigation guide to maritime employment available. The book is highly recommended by an impressive number of experienced professionals in the maritime industry and associated organizations and educational institutions and training centers. The book is best summarized by the comments of professionals in the field."

Medeival to Modern English Dictionary by Revelation-Inisght Publ.. 2186 Duval Ct Haines City, Fla 33844.
"Volume 1 of the "Research Essential" Series. ISBN 978-0-9800981-7-4 "

Motorcycle Dynamics by Vittore Cossalter. 8421 Midland Drive; Greendale, WI 53129.
"Motorcycle expert and veteran Harley-Davidson engineer, Tom Spehert, introduces the English language version of Motorcycle Dynamics. A detailed how-to guide that highlights the physics of motorcycle motion and function, this book is a must-have for engineers, racers, serious technicians and advanced enthusiasts. Researched and written by renowned Italian professor of applied mechanics, Vittore Cossalter."

My Emergency Survival Source / Quick Reference and Basic Guide to Emergency and Disaster Survival by KJ Madaras.

Names Names Names by Hugh L. McEntire.
"Over 24,000 proper names taken from actual crossword puzzle clues. Both First and Last names listed in a single alphabetical list. ISBN # 978-1-6024735-7-7"

Names Names Names -Crosswords Who's Who by Hugh L. McEntire.
"A unique list of over 24,000 names taken from actual CROSSWORD PUZZLE clues. First and last names in a single alphabetiacal list."

Names Names Names, Crosswords Who's Who by Hugh McEntire.
"A MUST HAVE REFERENCE for those tricky proper name clues."

New England Court Records: A Research Guide for Genealogists and Historians by Diane Rapaport. Quill Pen Press, c/o PSSC, 46 Development Rd., Fitchburg, MA 01420.
"Winner, 2007 Benjamin Franklin Awards (presented by PMA, the Independent Book Publishers Assoc.) for Best History Book, Best Reference Book, and Finalist for Best New Voice in Nonfiction. The first comprehensive guide to New England's state and federal court records, 17th to 21st centuries."

Police Encounters: The Guide To Handling Encounters by George W. Gordon & David Walker. P.O. Box 3223, Syracuse, NY 13220-3223.
"George and David's Guide is long overdue and as real as it gets. In this one of a kind book, with over 248 pages of information, the authors enable you to discover vital information concerning your constitutional rights and police encounters, and how you can protect yourself etc. All broken down in practical and easy to understand Q & A form. In addition, a 37 page Appendix containing the entire US Constitution, sample advice of rights and waiver forms etc..... "

Public Cable 1.0; Building Specification Section 13410; Electronic Wire & Cable by Armand Cable. Armand Cable 75A Lake Road #118 Congers, NY 10920.

Reading Thomas Merton: His Life and Work by John Laughlin, PhD. xlibris bookstore,
"An essential reference for students of Merton's thought. Reading Thomas Merton: A Guide to His Life and Work by John Laughlin is a scholarly, meticulous, involved, and informative examination and survey of Thomas Merton and his literary work. Part I focuses on Merton's life in detail, and Part II is a complete, annotated bibliography of nearly all of his writings. From listings of Merton-related web sites to the best places to find Merton's books to key quotes from Merton's works, Reading Thomas Merton is an invaluable and essential reference for students of Merton's thought and writings. Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI."

Saskatchewan Trivia Challenge by Robin and Arlene Karpan. Parkland Publishing, 501 Mount Allison Place, Saskatoon, SK Canada, S7H 4A9.
"Saskatchewan Trivia Challenge includes over 240 intriguing questions about Saskatchewan's first, biggest, best, records, famous folks, oddities and other cool stuff. National best-seller. 5.5 x 8.5 inch, paperback, 192 pages, 85 black and white photos, $14.95 CDN, $11.95 US. ISBN 0-9683579-2-X"

She Said: A Tapestry of Women's Quotes by Patricia Morgan . 1411 25 A St. SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3C 1J8.
"Tapestry of Women's Quotes is a thoughtful gift for expressing appreciation or affection to a sister, daughter, mother or friend. "

Shop for a Day with Jaci Rae - How to Get Almost Anything for Free or Next to It by Jaci Rae.
"Jaci Rae will show you how to save on pet supplies, travel, cars, houses, baby items and food and clothing and much more. In addition, Jaci Rae will also show you how you can purchase name brand gifts and other goods for sales tax only. "

Short Cut to Medical Terminology by Dorothy Bley. P.O. Box 21522 Chattanooga, TN 37424.
"More than 300 Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining forms plus over 400 abbreviations and conditions. Compiled by a Medical Terminology Instructor, Short Cut to Medical Terminology, is a quick reference for any health care professional, especially students."

So I Was Thinking About Adoption by Mardie Caldwell. PO Box 1130 Nevada City, CA 95959.
"Nationally recognized authority on adoption, Mardie Caldwell, C.O.A.P. has assisted in over 1,800 successful adoptions nationwide. Author of a number of award winning books, Caldwell has made over 150 appearances on television, including NBC's The Today Show, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, PBS, BBC, and Dr. Laura. She has been featured on numerous national radio shows and is widely sought for print articles. "

Talk Radio for Authors by Francine Silverman .
"Talk Radio for Authors (Infinity Publishing 2007) is an intimate look at 230 talk radio shows, both Internet and terrestrial, that welcome guests. The shows are divided into 40 categories, each with all the relevant information a guest needs to make contact with the right show. "

Talk Radio Wants You: An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited by Francine Silverman . .
"Talk Radio Wants You was published by McFarland & Co in 2009. "

Talk Radio Wants You: An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited by Francine Silverman. .
"Talk Radio Wants You is for anyone who wants to be a guest on radio. It provides all the information one needs before contacting a host - most importantly, the show's theme and guest criteria. The word "intimate" in the subtitle refers to the fact that it's the only book that gets inside the host's head to learn what he or she thinks about the best and worst guest and why some guests get invited back. "

Taxes, Stumbling Blocks & Pitfalls for Authors by Nash Black. 101 Evergreen Road, Jamestown, KY 42629.
"This book is about federal taxes for authors."

The 4-1-1 on Life Skills by Michele Sfakianos, RN, BSN.
"This is a book about the basic life skills needed for every day living for adults of all ages. It is an excellent reference and self-help techniques type of book. "

The American Panorama:: A Comprehensive Guide to the Culture of the United States by Michael H. Collins. Outskirts Press, Inc. 10940 S. Parker Rd - 515 Parker, CO 80134.
"Quintessential Guide to the U.S. The American Panorama Published by Outskirts Press Oxford-trained historian and international humanities instructor Michael H. Collins’ new field guide to understanding America today is an easy to use, but comprehensive work perfect for anyone visiting, immigrating to or studying the United States. November 22, 2011 – Denver, CO, and London, UK – Veteran writer, reviewer and university instructor Michael H. Collins announced today the release of The American Panorama, A Comprehensive Guide to the Culture of the United States, published by Outskirts Press. Collins’ meticulously researched new work is based on the premise that in today’s globalized world, everyone needs to understand at least two countries: theirs and the United States. The American Panorama is the essential guide to America. Collins offers a readable and reliable resource for understanding the many different elements that make up America’s unique philosophy. By challenging preconceptions about America and reaffirming her strengths, the author provides a balanced, objective analysis of the country invaluable to either a summer tourist or an applicant for citizenship. The American Panorama gives a solid exposition of the U. S. Constitution and details the workings of the American government. "

The Best Little Scholarship Book in the World:The Reference Book of Future College Scholarship Champions by Dale Clifton, The Scholarship Doctor. P.O. Box 729, Dayton, Indiana 47941.
"How do students win college scholarships usually the first time they try? A former teacher and national scholarship judge shows you how. Dale Clifton’s new book is a must read. It is a virtual road map leading to hundreds and thousands of scholarship dollars. “It is the best book written on winning college scholarships in 30 years.” Many parents believe that high family income and a grade point average in the “C” range will disqualify students from winning. “WRONG!” says Dale. “There are thousands and thousands of scholarships where GPAs and family incomes are not disqualifiers.” Dale’s book also describes the best way to avoid application mistakes, how to assemble the “app” to gain top recognition from scholarship committees and how to use the Internet.”"

The Celebrity Black Book 2007 by Jordan McAuley. 8721 Santa Monica Blvd. #431, Los Angeles, CA 90069-4507.
"Jam-packed with over 55,000 celebrity addresses (all verified by the U.S. Postal Service's National Change of Address System), the new Celebrity Black Book 2007 is perfect for fans, nonprofits, authors, designers, and business professionals who need to reach public figures. All types are included: movie, television, music, and sports stars plus politicians, authors, models, directors, producers, world leaders, religious figures, and more. Direct from Hollywood, this book is compiled annually from the files of Contact Any Celebrity at"

The Celebrity Black Book: Over 40,000 Celebrity Addresses by Jordan McAuley. 8721 Santa Monica Blvd. #431, Los Angeles, CA 90069.
"Need to contact a celebrity? Now you can! "The Celebrity Black Book" contains over 40,000 accurate celebrity addresses of movie, television, music and sports stars, as well as politicians, authors, models, directors, producers, world leaders, religious figures and more! "The Celebrity Black Book" is perfect for: * Fans - Most celebrities will respond to autograph requests with signed photos, letters, CDs, posters and more! * Nonprofit Organizations - Many charities use "The Celebrity Black Book" to get autographed items from celebrities and then auction them off at fundraising events! * Authors, Designers & Business Professionals - Get publicity and endorsements for your books, products and services!"

The Fine Art of Executive Protection-Handbook for the Executive Protection Officer by A.Hunsicker. Universal Publishers.
"The number of incidents and crimes carried out by terrorists and criminals, such as physical threats, violent attacks, assassinations, kidnapping and hostage situations are increasing by the minute worldwide. Each incident is a constant and ever demanding challenge to the law enforcement and the personal security professionals in particular. A detailed, but understandable manual for the Executive Protection Officer is a priority and the answer to those challenging situations. The Fine Art of Executive Protection is a detailed, but understandable manual for the Executive Protection Officer providing answers to those challenging situations."

The GMAT Advantage with Professor Dave by Dave Scalise.
"Reviewer: K.R. Williams This is the bible for GMAT prep.Without question, this book has the most extensive coverage imaginable. I packed the CD around--since it is cross platform I could use it at work on the Mac. The depth of problem analysis is astounding. I didn't realize there were 8-9 different types of questions in Data Sufficiiency. My problem is I didn't have a clue about how to attack these. The strategies in the book were very useful and helped me guess intelligently when I was stumped. My scores went up dramatically.The verbal (grammar) tutorial is superb. It's a great review for someone like me who hasn't studied grammar since grade school. In the end it's been invaluable in working out the sentence correction problems.The reading comp section is hardest for me and I take too much time on these questions. The book had insights, exercises, and sample passages that really helped my pacing problem. Follow the study plan in the book and be prepared to put in 4-5 weeks before the exam. Get other CDs and take more exams. Download the PowerPrep and take those exams. I'm averaging close to 630 so I am ready! "

The Green Lantern: A guide for Achiving the American Dream 1093 Broxton Ave. PMB #509 Los Angeles, CA 90024-2831 . N/A
"What do you do when your at the end of your Rope? When you think you have nothing left to Live for? That was the Position I was in when I decided to write this book. Back in 1995 I happened to have been watching an epsode of The Rush Limbaugh Show on which he showed a picture a of a college student who was protestiog the cuts in educational grants that would cost him $1000.00 in funds preventing him from getting his Masters degree. The next segment I Saw showed a cover story that Rush was contating on had a woman who had rescued a lost dog and got $1000.00 reward money. that she was going to spend on education. Rush went on to remark that maybe the first guy should go out and find more lost dogs. At the time I was recovering from a complete nervous breakdown and felt I had nothing of value to offer anyone. These Segments saved my life by inspiring the book. In it I've listed thirtysix Common Sense Ideas that can help anyone achieve their American Dream. Book price $8.00 ( $10.00 w/ customised personal message.) "

The Healthcare Professional's Adoption Guide by Mardie Caldwell. PO Box 1130 Nevada City, CA 95959.
"A Resource guide for clinicians, social workers, and healthcare providers, covering the many aspects of adoption today. "

The LSAT Advantage with Professor Dave by Dave Scalise.
"Reviewer: Jason Rosenberg from San Francisco, CA The LSAT Advantage allowed me to prepare successfully for the LSAT. This book was my primary source for studying for the LSAT and it proved its worth. The format of the book allowed me to digest the complex LSAT material in a manner that was agreeable to my schedule and strengths. I was able to work at my own pace and focus on the elements of the test that I felt I needed extra work on. Thanks to Professor Dave's strategies I scored 22/25 on the Logical Reasoning. The practice problems and explanations proved to be very valuable. Overall, the book and CD-Rom created a comfortable setting to prepare for the LSAT. The supplemental chapters on Law School and the application process in general provided a valuable "big picture" to the entire Law School preparation. Thanks again Dave! "

The Silicone Elastomer Handbook: A guide to applied silicone elastomer technology by David M. Brassard. 1670-C Enterprise Pkwy, Twinsburg, Ohio 44087.
"It provides a thorough tutorial of silicone technology. It offers formulations and strategies, troubleshooting and problem solving guide, advanced processing techniques, 27 page glossary, case histories displaying problems and solutions, 144 figures and tables, and property and conversion charts. It is based on a short course that the author teaches at the Akron Polymer Training Center at the University of Akron. The book is currently selling for $795.95."

The Translator's Handbook by Morry Sofer. Schreiber Publishing, 51 Monroe Street, Suite 101, Rockville, MD 20850.
"Interested in a successful translation career or freelancing? Here is everything you need to successfully develop your skills and sell your services in one of the fastest growing fields in today's global village. In this book, now in its third revised edition, you will discover how easy it is to: DEVELOP your own language and writing skills in the translation field. CREATE your own base of professional translation tools. SELL your services to organizations, agencies, companies and the many hundreds of sources of translation work in today's world. About the author... MORRY SOFER is one of the leading experts in the country in the translation field. Author of book translations, founder of a highly successful translation company, lecturer on translation topics, the author has successfully trained hundreds of translators over the past 15 years and continues to advocate the cause of translators and the translation profession in the United States and around the world."

The Write Stuff:A Modern Guide to Personal Stationery & Weddings by Marjorie Maxfield. 10807 Pine Bayou Houston, Texas 77024.
"Marjorie Maxfield is a national wedding, etiquette and personal stationery expert, author, publisher, and successful Texas businesswoman. As a national wedding etiquette and stationery expert, Marjorie is a spokesman for Bridal Showcase, the leading bridal show production company in the United States. In 2009 and 2010, she will appear as a guest speaker at Bridal Showcase productions in Washington, D.C., Richmond, Virginia; Baltimore, Maryland; Denver, Colorado, and her hometown, Houston, Texas. She is a professional guest speaker, She has recently been featured on television on the Houston CBS affiliate. She is a columnist for Brilliant, a luxury Texas magazine. Her recently published book," The Write Stuff: A Modern Guide to Personal Stationery & Weddings," presents a witty, insightful and savvy view of wedding, etiquette and personal stationery for the today’s bride, in a changing society. "

The Writing and Revision Stylebook by Gregory Heyworth, and Rosette Liberman.
"Practical and user-friendly guide to editing essays and business communications.Corrects grammar and punctuation, teaches logic, polishes style. 1000 exercises with answers and explanations. Up-to-the-minute electronic citation forms. Each chapter a complete lesson."

Ultimate Italian Trivia: A Treasure Trove of Fun and Fascinating Facts by Scott Paul Frush. P.O. Box 1849, Royal Oak, MI 48198-1849.
"- Financially sponsored by the National Italian American Foundation. - Foreword by Frank D. Stella, chairman emeritus of the National Italian American Foundation."

Up Words for Down Days by Allen Klein. See website:
"Wise and witty words to help your spirits soar. Over 700 quips, quotes, and anecdotes to amuse, inspire, and uplift."

What Should I Say? The Right (and Wrong!) Words for Life's Sticky, Tricky, Uncomfortable Situations by Shelly Burke, RN. 42887 G. G. Road.
"It's happened to all of us--that painful moment of blurting out the wrong words in an attempt to say something in the midst of an uncomfortable situation. Say "good-bye!" to foot-in-mouth moments with "What Should I Say? The Right (and Wrong!) Words for Life's Sticky, Tricky, Uncomfortable Situations." The book presents more than 100 potential difficult situations and the right words to say, whether you need to comfort, challenge, question, or encourage. The practical hints and godly principles contained in "What Should I Say" will give you the tools to face any situation with confidence, and assure your message will achieve its purpose. "

What Should I Say? The Right (and Wrong!) Words for Life's Tricky, Sticky, Uncomfortable Situations by Shelly Burke, RN. Shelmar Publications, 42887 G. G. Road, Genoa, NE 68640.
"Avoid foot-in-mouth moments and confidently face difficult people and uncomfortable situations knowing what to say and do, and just as importantly, what not to say or do."

What's the Rule?/ A Simple Guide to Perfect Punctuation, Great Grammar, and Superb Sentences and Style by Kathy Sole. PO Box 7302, Kingston, WA 98346.
"2nd Edition, 2005 If you have ever searched for a punctuation or grammar rule and had trouble finding it or understanding the explanation, you'll love this book! What's the Rule? gives you a complete reference guide to English punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and writing style issues user-friendly rules, written in plain English and numbered for easy access color-coded sections, tabbed for quick reference examples to illustrate the correct use of every rule Plus--a spelling guide, a glossary of writing terms, and an extensive list of commonly confused words (with shortcuts for remembering them) One reviewer described it, "I see it as the Webster's Dictionary for business people--destined to be a desktop staple in offices all over the country." "

Yearbook of Experts by Mitchell P. Davis.

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