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Success Stories

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Fiction / Literature
...And Soldiers by Jules Lombard.,
"Book Two of trilogy. Book One is "Sons, Daughters and Wine Tasters." This fictional account of a series of bombings conducted by the equally fictional Soldiers of the Prophet is a multi-genre novel that combines terrorism, crimes, passion, revenge and romance. It literally explodes on the pages and is hard to put down once the reader is drawn into the plot and subplots. "

1. HELILOGGING IN A SUCKER HOLE by Bart Colantuono. from website.
"A fased-paced flying adventure novel by the pilot of History Channel's AXMEN, Bart Colantuono. Relying on the advice of his dead mentor, Matt Stark and his rogue crew of helicopter loggers battles eco-terrorism in order to save thier jobs and themselves."

2016 Earth Knell +1 by JT Duxbury.
"Earth Knell - refreshing fiction or foreshadowing? Review by: Steve Hack How would a government handle an asteroid hitting earth? Probably very close to how it is told in Earth Knell. 2016 Earh Knell+1 is a story with cold truth and realism not found in many fiction stories. I was refreshed by the common sense approach to how people in our society would act when faced with such a potential holocaust. Recommended for that rainy afternoon or winter read."

2027 , New Madrid, Missouri by Arlington Nuetzel.
"First Edition Autograph copies available ISBN # 1-4241-9300-1 Eight years after the Louisiana Purchase, the western frontier of the United States extended only to the Mississippi River. There, in the soggy, inhospitable delta of today's Missouri Bootheel, hardscrabble pioneers suddenly found themselves fighting for their lives against incredible odds."

2066 by Peter A. Brandt.
"The summer's cold wind blasted in Simon's face as he stepped out onto the front porch, turning to make sure the door was closed tight behind him. Heavy clouds of putrid yellow rippled across the sky, like the famed northern lights, which no longer appeared to delight and awe those lucky enough to see them. The wind, cold and foreboding, made the summers unpleasant. Simon's mother told him of summers she enjoyed camping and swimming at the lake. Simon shuddered. At minus 16 degrees, the thought of swimming in the lake seemed downright absurd. Of course before the deep freeze set in, anything was possible. "

3 a.m. (a collection of short stories) by Dallas Woodburn.,
"“Woodburn is a very gifted writer whose work celebrates the beauty and humor of everyday life. She is able to merge different cultures and generations in a thought-provoking and lovely way. I look forward to seeing more work from this very talented young writer.” – Laurie Stolarz, award-winning author of Blue is for Nightmare series “The writing is so wonderful you'll want to stay up reading until 3 a.m.!” – Julia McGuire, The Hudson Valley Literary Magazine “Woodburn's writing shines with both humor and poignancy. Her skillfully developed stories have amazing versatility. It's exciting for me to see writing this mature from someone so relatively young in age. I couldn't get enough of 3 a.m." -- Randy Powell, acclaimed author "

4 KM by Raymond P. Jones.
"2nd edition. Adventure in the Korean DMZ based largely on the author's experience."

9-11-11: The Tenth Anniversary Attack by Rocco Leonard Martino . .

A Banquet of Consequences by Nancy Walters Smith. 503 Dundee Circle, Dayton, OH .

A Bed of Roses by Cindy Hiday.
"A romance about the love-hate relationship between patient and physical therapist, and the tragedy that keeps them apart. "...nicely written love story showcases a promising talent..." Review by Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times "

A Birth At Dawn by Christie Silvers.
"A Birth At Dawn can be purchased at online book retailers, such as, and you may purchase autographed copies from the author's website. Stop by and see what Christie has in store for your reading pleasures."

A BOYISH GOD by Peter Alan Olsson.

A Bridge of Doom by Kurt Paul Hotelling. Any bookseller.
"Released April 2009 Nominated for EVVY Award - 2010 First book of an epic fantasy tetralogy. Second book released June 2010. Third book imminent."

A Brief Garland by Margaret Boland. Magnolia Mansions Press.
"All she wanted to do was pitch for the Boston Red Sox, but she was only a girl. But if you have a dream and hold it long enough, things can and do happen. Poignant story of a young girl's struggle for acceptance in the troubled sixties. "

A Call to Faith and Freedom by Shirley A. Roe. Allbooks Reviews Bookstore.
"A Call to Faith and Freedom is an exhilarating tingle packed read enacting a scrupulously crafted representation of seventh-century feudal Scotland. The period was a time when invading Christians employing barbarous and uncivilized torment at times including rape and death as they sought to coerce the conversion of the native Celts who were determined to be pagans by the Christians. This Scottish descendant found author Roe’s characters to be so genuine the reader expected to see them appear nearby. Throughout the breathless action Roe’s characters confront life changing situations, ups and downs, ardor and ruination which history shows were part and parcel of that time and era. The work is both edifying and enjoyable as writer Roe dispenses her knowledge of the Celtic faith in this drama centering around two Celtic clans. "

A Christmas Dream 3-Act Play Script by Billie A Williams.
"A Christmas Dream (the novel) has been acclaimed by reviewers as the new Miracle on 34th St. Now small to medium theatrical groups can present this play to their church, school or community through A Christmas Dream Script. Christmas is 'off limits' for Susan Quincey and her 4-year old son. A father he enver knew died in Desert Storm. He dreams of a Christmas of happiness for his Mom. He believes miracles can happen especially at Christmas. Kevin Dockter and A Santa try to help--is it enough? For More information or to request a PDF first Scene and more send me an email with your request."

A Christmas Present by Bill O'Shea. PO Box 129, Corfu NY 14036-0129.
"A depressed man on the brink of suicide is shown the true meaning of Christmas through a time-travel adventure with St. Nick, himself! "A Christmas Present" is a heartwarming celebration of the spirit of Christmas. As one reader puts it, "'A Christmas Present' captures the imagination with dazzling inventiveness... (it's) a celebration of faith for all to experience!" Complete ordering information is available on the web site."

A Circle of Earth by Patricia Weil.
"Set in Alabama between and following the two world wars, A CIRCLE OF EARTH tells the story of two characters' attempts to find happiness in a world where both lives and marriages are defined not by choice but by circumstance. At age seventeen Emma walks blindly into a marriage that is not a love match. Her plight becomes the attempt to exist within the confines of this relationship. The limitations of Henry's world are uniquely cruel, as he has a searching and eager mind. The effects of the Great Depression worsen his situation, resulting in his placement in the state mental hospital, where he forms an unlikely bond with a young psychiatrist--a Northerner of whom he asks "if Levy had ever loved a woman. Loved her so that the lobe of an ear or the shape of her mouth were little sights to almost hurt a man's heart."

A Conspiracy to Ponder by Margaret I. Williams.
"Purchase your copy now at"

A Conversation with My Mother about Sex, Boys and How She Married My Dad by Constance Banks. P. O. Box 2361, Houston, TX 77252.
"This book was written to encourage mothers to have the types of conversations mentioned in this book with their daughters, nieces, cousins, and even their sons and nephews. I think it will make a world of difference in shaping the self-image of a lot of young ladies if the person who gives them the facts about the most important topics in life (sex, the opposite sex, relationships, etc.) was also the person who loves them most, no matter how uncomfortable the conversation might be in the beginning. My prayer and hope is that this little book will encourage mothers to initiate these conversations with their young daughters and that it will encourage daughters to feel comfortable asking their mothers “hard questions.” "

A Door to Where or When by Rune macey. Infinity Publshing. Buy Books on the Web
"A science fiction collection of short stories of the 'twilight zone' type. Uncertain endings and not everyone wins. A must read for afficionadoes."

A Dream So Far Away by Shbrone Mims.

A Face in the Moon by Mitchell Waldman.
" A FACE IN THE MOON, the debut novel by Mitchell Waldman, has been receiving praise from critics and readers alike, such as Critic's Corner reviewer, Patricia Ann Jones, who has called the story "a Shakespearian-like tale with a twist," has praised the author's "rich characterizations and deft narration," and has called Waldman "an author to watch." Harriet Klausner, the # 1-rated reviewer for, has called A FACE IN THE MOON a "very sweet tale" and "an emotionally deep story that takes the reader so deep inside a lonely, sad young man readers will hold their breath knowing that they cannot escape until the book is finished...." Other readers and reviewers have called the author "a talented writer with a keen sense of modern conflicts and a real talent for developing believable, sympathetic characters," and Waldman has been lauded for his "smooth narrative flow," "supple prose style" and his "adept psychological portraits of the main characters in the novel and others populating their orld." A FACE IN THE MOON is a story about a young man's journey down the winding road of first love and self discovery; it's a story of two young lovers struggling to find each other and their ways in the world, having to overcome the obstacles of separation and madness. "

A Fair City by Daniel Weiss. P.O. Box 602, Keego Harbor, MI 48320.
"The center of this novel takes place in Dublin, Ireland and its "suburbs," where the main character, Mick, lives at Mrs. O'Malley's Boarding House. The novel takes us on a ride all over Ireland, from Dublin to Cork, from Glendalough to Killarney to Clifton. Many of the places mentioned and described are there. It is not quite James Joyce's Dublin, but Ireland is a wonderful adventure full of history, historic sites, and beauty. Capturing the essence of the community and culture in his richly alliterative work, Daniel Weiss blends humor, emotion and drama into the development of his characters lives. The country and culture form important backgrounds for characters Mick, Ethan, and Nina for which to gain perspectives on their lives and relationships. Living south of Dublin, Ireland, Mick, an expatriate, lives at Mrs. O'Malley’s Boarding House. He had left his home and family to start his life over, to attempt to find himself in his new adopted country and culture. At a chance meeting, he meets an American woman visiting Dublin whom he falls passionately in love. This begins a love story and an unfolding of all that Mick believed he had rebuilt. ISBN # 0974609609 "

A Fatal Affair by Pamela Crane.
"In this mesmeric prequel to Pamela Crane’s best-selling psychological thriller "The Admirer’s Secret," Hollywood icon Allen Michaels reveals the gory secrets of his mysterious past. When love leaves him battered and broke, how far is too far to avenge the promise of “til death do us part”? Unleash Allen’s hidden demons in this darkly riveting novella as he takes justice into his own demented hands… "

"A Forward Motion (Imprintbooks June 2003) is formatted like a DVD complete with a trailer, documentary, deleted scenes, and website listed soundtrack. It is a mainstream coming-of-age interracial romance set in the 70's. I just wanted to write a story that reflect my own experiences growing up on the Westside of Chicago in the 70's, including screaming over the Jackson Five. Thanks Dan for giving me the courage. "

A Freak's Journey by Steven R Roberts.
"Based on a true story, A Freak's Journey is the tale of a six-year old boy in 1890's London who is thrown out of his slum apartment while his Mum services clients. Broken and confused he runs away with a caravan circus which comes to his borough. With a new Mum in the circus he is challenged to become some kind of a freak to earn his keep. Jimmy grows into James as he learns to thrive on the circus life and along the way he falls for Caitlin the lion tamer's daughter. He is forced to run again to hide a secret and to avoid being fed to the lion's by Caitlin's father. Joining the British Army, James fights in three theaters of war for the queen but breaks a promise to Caitlin along the way and loses her love. After the Army James immigrates to America but he accidently kills a man in a fight and has to run again. A number of years later a long lost letter from Caitlin surfaces causing James to return to England to attempt a reunion. letter from"

A Fugitive's Wife by Abrendal Austin., Book Clearing House, Barnes and, Ingram books, Baker and Taylor.
"This is the first award winning novel(USA Book News,Best Fiction)in the Angela Jones series with thousands in circulation. Abrendal Austin, the author/producer is creating the script for "A Fugitive's Wife", a Tale of Humanity, Infidelity and Triumph of the Human Spirit, for her first feature film adaptation. The highly anticipated second book in this trilogy, "On a Clear Day You Can See L.A." will be available for a summer of 2007 release. Sincerely"

A Gift in the Sunlight: An Armenian Story by Kay Mouradian.
"This story is a journey back in time...a unique picture of life during the tragic Armenian deportations in the Ottoman Empire."

A Good Woman is Hard to Find by Darrell A.Cador. Family Affair Books, PO Box 5262 Hyattsville,MD. . and
"Name:A Good Woman is Hard to Find Author: Darrell A.Cador Paperback: 280 pages Publisher: Family Affair Books (2007) Language: English ISBN-10: 1424328942 ISBN-13: 978-1424328949 Price: $14.00 A Good Woman is Hard to Find was published by Family Affair Books in 2007. A Good Woman is Hard to Find is available at - "

A Hole in My Heart by Rose Jackson-Beavers, Edward Booker.
"A Hole in My Heart was co-written with then 14 year old Edward Booker. It is in its' third printing."

A Homeland For Eric by Ramsey Jackson. P.O. Box 1208 Oceanside, CA 92051.
"First novel from novelist Ramsey Jackson has drawn rave reviews from critics all over the country. Books are available publisher direct or through"

"There is humor, tears of joy and pain, and a plot line that will have every reader turning page after page to see what happens next to these ill-fated lovers. Readers will not be able to avoid identifying with the characters, for in each of our lives there is that first love that will always be remembered and cherished. And if you ever see him or her again.............. The book itself tells of the somewhat haunting experience of falling in love for the first time and never being able to remove it from one’s heart. "

A Little Bit of Larceny by Darlene Cox.
"In addition to "A Little Bit of Larceny," this past September I published "Web of Deceit." Both novels are light mysteries and were published through Outskirts Press. I expect to publish my third novel in Fall, 2010."

A Love that Kills by Bob Petrucelli.
"Fictionalization of a real-life true crime courtroom drama. Daughter kills policeman father with his own service revolver while he lies in a hospital bed dying of cancer. Is it murder? Is it euthanasia? Is it temporary insanity? "

A Matter of Time by Michael J Bowler.
""A Matter of Time" is a Silver Award winner from Reader's Favorite."

A Midnight Infatuation by Christie Silvers.
"A Midnight Infatuation can be purchased at any online book retailer and you may purchase autographed copies from the author's website. Stop by and see what Christie has in store for your reading pleasures."

A Miscellany; Essays, stories, poems and a play by Migel Jayasinghe. Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.
"Genre/category is more correctly Literary Collections"

A Murder On Mardi Gras by Jake Jasper. Http://
""Jake Jasper has natural talent as an author. This book had me riveted to my chair for many an hour. I couldn't put it down!" -- Xaviera Hollander, New York Times bestselling author of The Happy Hooker"

A New Day - A Journey of Faith by Mary Ann Sciavillo-Lopez.
"This is a fictionalized retelling of a New Testament story merged with the legend of a woman with a healing veil. Berenice, a Galilean woman, is inflicted with an incurable illness and is exiled by her hateful Aunt - her father's wife. Her loving father, Jacob, is unable to help his daughter, fearing for her safety. Berenice meets a blind boy named Asa. He tells her of miraculous healings by a Rabbi named Yeshua. Together, they venture to find Him. Follow Berenice and Asa on their journey of faith and healing. Witness the life of the sisterhood of women believers in service to Yeshua as his ministry grows. Feel their anguish as they witness the crucifixion of their Lord and how their lives changed upon receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. When Berenice discovers the imprint of her Lord's image on her veil, used to wipe His blood on the road to Calvary, where will her life take her? Book 1 - Sons Rise is the first book in the A Journey of Faith series and is also available on Amazon and the author's website."

A Passage for Mandolin by Matthew Iannucci. 71-22 Little Neck Parkway Floral Park, New York 11004.

A Piece of Normal by Sandi Kahn Shelton.
"This is the funny/poignant story of two sisters--one who is so together she's an advice columnist who even fixes up her ex-husband on dates, and the other a runaway tambourine girl in a punk rocker band--who return to share their childhood home and have to figure out how, and whether, to still be a family."

A Promise Fulfilled by Candy Falk. PO Box 793 La Center Wa 98629. candyfalknorthwest
"A Promise Fulfilled is a powerful novel about faith, love and following your dreams. The heroine faces many challenges that test her faith and fortitude. It is a love story set against the Vietnam war and a feud between the hero and heroines families. It was rated as one of the top ten Valentine Day reads for February 2011. All ratings on Amazon were positive."

A Ram In The Bush by Barbra Porter Coleman.
"Are you jealous are insecure. Are you an obsessive snooper. Are you or someone you know in an abusive relationship. If you answered yes, then this inspirational novel is definitely a must read book for you. Read how jealousy destroy a perfect home."

A Request For Closure by Wanda Y. Thomas.
"Take one self-absorbed sister whose distorted views on love leave her desire for a husband unfilled. Stir in one sassy New Yorker in pursuit of a dream in a town that leaves her thoroughly disgusted. Blend in one naive sister who abandons her strict upbringing for an unfettered life of happiness and fun. Add four gorgeous brothers whose objectives directly oppose those of the women. Pour the mixture into the town of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Set the timer to love and confusion. Then stand back and watch the relationship drama explode Paperback: 345 pages Publisher: Parker Publishing Publish Date: (May 15, 2007) ISBN-10: 1600430163 "

A River of Stones by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones. 5879 Cranston Cove, West Valley City, Utah 84128.
"New book! Order online. "

A Search For Donald Cottee - From Kiddington collier to Benidorm blogger by Philip Spires.
"A Search for Donald Cottee is a comic tragedy about individualism. Donald, nicknamed Donkey, is an internet Quixote. He and his wife, Poncho Suzie, have retired to Benidorm in Spain from their Yorkshire mining village. Don has cease his self-education and Suzie has turned the corner of her illness. Their new life is the La Manca camp site from where they pursue their eternal holiday. To record the precious experience, they blog. But they can never escape their Yorkshire origins. Episodes from the past reappear. Meanwhile, Don’s environmental campaigning and Suzie’s quest for business success fill their time. They discover that friends are transacting their own business. There is money in vice, more in property, even more in trading people. In a world where competition is the norm, where a dog’s only possible diet is another dog, Don and Suzie are determined to do good works, be honest and loyal to all, to support what is right. But then, in the final analysis, when the jigsaw of lives is broken apart, it appears that perhaps the pieces never did fit. So finally, still trying to do good, Donkey Cottee and Poncho Suzie leave us with an enigma."

A Search for Frances McGrath by AnnieMae Robertson.
"Please enjoy looking over my books, poetry and paintings. Links for ordering my books can be found on site. Thank you! AnnieMae"

A SEASON FOR JOY by Carolyn R Scheidies.
"A SEASON FOR JOY is a 19th Century novel of betrayal, faith, joy and love. In A SEASON FOR JOY, Joy, hiding a secret, fears giving her heart. When she does, will her secret's revelation, destroy her heart or will her faith bring forgiveness, hope and love? Scheidies said, “This is a story of the consequences of secrets and hiding the truth, something many of us struggle with to one degree or another.” "

"A novel about the Home Front during World War II, A SEASON OF WAR is available in Hardback and Quality Paperback. ISBN 1-4033-7677-8. The novel covers the major events that encompassed the War and is rich in deatils and fascinating facts as it tells an exciting story of arson, fear, friendship, and loyalty. "Noia is masterful in his description of life in a New England workingman's town during the height of World War II. If Jean Shepherd (A CHRISTMAS STORY) wrote a historically accurate American slice-of-life in a bygones-day novel but left out the satirical humor, Clay Noia's A SEASON OF WAR is what readers would have."--Davey Porter,Editor, The Lake Arrowhead Mountain News. An America that no longer exists is accurately and poignantly recreated in the telling of the story and will gladden and sadden your heart. The novel is also available at, Barnes and and bookstores everywhere."

A Silver Tongue by Marlene Taylor. P O Box 2574 Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004.
"A first novel by Marlene Taylor. Romantic, erotic, dark suspense; bizarre, is the only way to describe this contemporary story. Available via online publishing."

A Sleeping Giant by Sonny Maton.
"A fictional thriller concerning the development of the Shuttle at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Huntssville, Alabama, Cape Canaveral and Houston. Development of the Star Wars Satelitte Station, and possible Russian sabotage and creation of a Dooms Day device"

A Spark in Time by Linette Arthurton Bruo.

A Stab in the Back by Phillip C. Beebe. Keith Gilpatrick and Brian Furlong.
"When you think of all the strange things that have happened in your life, you tend to say 'It just can't get any stranger than that.' That's what the people of Earth thought. It was always suspected there was other life out there and it had been suspected that the Earth had been visited in the past. It had! And by a race of people now coming to seek our help. Who would think that an advanced race would need the help of a civilization several hundred years, if not thousands of years younger. Less technologically advanced. Yet, the Andromedians had sent their ambassador to enlist the help of Earth in fighting off the chains of oppression from a domineering race known as the Laxtor's. Their arrival is a gold mine of opportunity for the people of earth. Advances in medicine are freely given along with the designs for a better aircraft, that fly not only in the atmosphere, but are capable of achieving orbit without burning the usual mix of chemicals. At least that's what they say..."

A Stab in the Back by Phillip C. Beebe. Crystal Dreams Publications.

A Stranger Dead by A.P. Fuchs.
""If you had the chance to kill the Antichrist...would you take it?""

A Twilight Abduction by Christie Silvers.
"A Twilight Abduction can be purchased at online book retailers, such as, and you may purchase autographed copies from the author's website. Stop by and see what Christie has in store for your reading pleasures."

A Twist of Fate by Mark W. Johnson.

A VOYAGE BEYOND REASON by TOM GAUTHIER. PO Box 362 Janesville, CA 96114.
"The fictionalized, but fact based story of Ben Wade's record breaking 6 month sea voyage. Ben Wade, known as "coach" on the Survivor-Tocantins TV series, provided his journals as the source material. Review: "Gauthier weaves a compelling story . . ." LIS WIEHL, FOX NEWS Analayst ans author of Face of Betrayal."

A Woman Walking by Nancy King.
"The first few pages of my novels can be read on my website. All novels can be ordered from my website."

"I have 20 reviews on All but one are five star reviews. I also have four reviews on and one is a 4 star review and three are 5 star reviews. My book was featured along with others at the San Diego Main Library in honor of Local Authors. This is an historical novel about my hometown New Orleans."

"My book is a print on demand book and so far it is doing quite well. I have received 12 ***** reviews on and 1***** on barnesandnoble .com. The book is about my hometown New Orleans and the life of a young man who arrives in that city to rebuild his life. The time is 1809 and I have included many historical events that took place at that time plus several historical figures who were a part of the city at that time."

A World Of His Own - In The Land Of The Creoles by Arlette Gaffrey.
"This is the first book I published. Part of it was showcased in the Coronado Magazine. As a result of the book I was interviewed on a radio show out of Northern Californai called The Midnight Bookworm. Also on a radio show out of New York called Talk to Me."

Aahd & Aahder- Tales from the Aahd Side by Ken McCreless.
"Step into the mind of Ken McCreless, whose literary genius shines in this collection of General and Horror Fiction. A vampire who collects human teeth, a loner with a taste for Drano, and an ambulance company that will transport anything. All this and more await you in this "Aahd" collection of short stories. Turn off the TV, pour your favorite drink,and begin your journey into Aahdness. Don't worry, you're in good hands. "I find Ken has a wonderful talent for grabbing hold of you by the scruff of the neck and shoving your nose and, in fact, your entire person into his world of words. And do you know the best part? You don't even realize he is doing it until the very end." Connor Davidson, Author"

Aaron by Ivy Seijo.

Abandon All Hope by Tony Ford. 2733 Beltline Blvd. Columbia, SC 29205.
"Abandon All Hope is available in both hard cover ($24.99) and paperback ($7.99). Also, 1500 hard covers have been set aside and signed by the author. These are available for only a limited time. There is completely different cover art for each format."

ABBA, LET ME SERVE YOU by Ms. Rhode Flores Barceló. 26630 Santa Fe Dr. 24.
""ABBA, LET ME SERVE YOU" was published by PUBLISH AMERICA. Send an electronic postcard now! Abba, Let Me Serve You Rhode Flores Barceló Each one of the characters in this short story is part of my imagination, but at the same time the reality of life’s experiences; those things that touch us and make us what we become inevitably and in a very real way make up the main argument that is reflected in each of the pages not only of this book, but most importantly of our lives. Life grows, changes and colors the events that take place, touching the lives of others and molding the thoughts of the different characters because deep inside those of us who base our lives on the EMET, truth in Hebrew, of the Torah or Word of God and Messiah Yeshua, become the open book in which we make it possible for Messiah to write and to fashion our lives. I have written a third novel "Marina, my own private Jericho" which I have sent to a Messianic publisher and I am looking for a publisher. "

A-B-C by Steven J. Conners.
"The novel, A-B-C is a political thriller that explores how a third-party candidate with enormous will and unlimited resources tackles the major social, economic and political conundrums of our time. Millions are killed, yet a magnificent order comes from chaos. "

Accidental Felon by Gloria Wolk. amazon and other bookstores.
"Legal suspense--an innocent person is the target of prosecutors out to win convictions at any cost. Publishers Weekly's rare, high praise. Just published 8/15/2012, watch for more reviews. "

Accuser Of The Brethren by Tee Michaels.
"Currently entered in the Independant Ebook Awards Program. A young woman. A cunning madman. A key that ties them together. Enter a world of intrigue and illuison, and, if you dare, come face to face with the "Accuser Of The Brethren". The ultimate fiction/thriller is here and ready for immediate download. There's never been a stalking like this, nor such diabolical reasoning behind it. Visit website now and read free excerpt, synopsis, and testimonial. And you thought there was safety in numbers!!!! "

Acquisition by Robert W. Zinnecker.;;
" A Christian fictional work set against the background of the telecommunications industry, Zinnecker’s debut work convincingly portrays Wilson McCann grappling with the most fundamental issues of life as he tries to decide what truly is life’s most important acquisition. Zinnecker uses his own fifty years of leadership experience in the dynamic telecommunications industry to show its change from a regulated monopoly to a competitive industry and the effects of that change on Wilson McCann, once the CEO of Dynacom. After being vilified in the press when Dynacom is gobbled up by a rival for a lower than expected share price, McCann retreats from that rough and tumble corporate world to rescue his deceased uncle’s debt ridden farm and find a new purpose for his life. Acquisition is available on-line in paperback and e-book through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at for a maximum trade discount in quantities of ten or more. "

Across the Brazos by Ermal Walden Williamson. 521 W. Atlantic St., Branson, MO 65616.
"Third edition - 6,000 copies Western novel - $19.00 include S&H"

Across the Mountains by Jay Withrow.

Adelslverein - Book 3: The Harvesting by Celia Hayes.
"The Harvesting brings the saga of the Becker and Richter families in the Texas Hill Country to a triumphant conclusion in this final volume of the Adelsverein Trilogy. It's the grand story of a family building a life, a future … and building America. "

Adelsverein - Book One: The Gathering by Celia Hayes.
"From the Old World to the New - The Adelsverein settlers came to the far Texas frontier. They brought their hopes and their children ... and a will to survive! Adelsverein: The Gathering is Volume 1 of the Adelsverein Trilogy , a saga of family and community loyalties, and the challenge of building a new life on the hostile frontier. The year is 1847, and they have come from Germany to Texas in, under the auspices of the "Mainzer Adelsverein" - the society of noblemen of Mainz, who seek to fill a settlement in Texas with German farmers and craftsmen. "

Adelsverein - Book Two: The Sowing by Celia Hayes.
"Adelsverein: The Sowing - Continues the epic story of how one family of German immigrants became American, through the wrenching tragedy of the Civil War! "

Adirondack Detective by John H. Briant. PO Box 1154, Old Forge,NY 13420. located at
"Ist Edition;272 Pages; Engaging Novel of frightening crime adventures: It is also a tribute to a very special place on earth and a testimony of enduring love for the connected communities that thrive in the Adirondack Mountains of NY State./FICTION/Published by Chalet Publishing March 29th, 2000. Orders will be filled immediately. Retails at $14.95 plus S&H, plus tax if applicable. Multi-colored cover. Ed Dee former NYPD Lieutenant and Author of Nighbird and Little Boy Blue states: John Briant writes from the heart. He weaves his twenty-eight years with the New York State police with his love of the special world of the Adirondacks. He makes you love the place as he mesmerizes you with a story you can't put down. A good read."

Adventure of an American Girl in Ancient China by X. L. Woo.
"The book was entered into a contest and got the comments from the judge in the following: What a delightful combination of sci-fi and fantasy--sure to please readers of both. It is intriguing how the heroine, Linda, after finding herself in a foreign country complicated by the fact it's in a much earlier time period than the one she is from--manages to extricate herself from all of the interesting complications and difficulties that block her way. All these obstacles made the book interesting and entertaining. The reader keeps turning pages to find out how Linda will escape from each dilemma that she finds herself in. All of the characters are fascination. I was't completely satisfied with the ending. Frankly, I think it could have been developed even further. Despite this suggestion, I'm sure readers will enjoy reading this most imaginative story. Anyone who loves to read time-travels will enjoy this book. "

Adventures of Tibby - Nature's Awesome Extraterrestrial Guardian by Mark McCall.
"Here you go world, ready or not! Tibby, a cat-like extraterrestrial from the Spirograph Nebula in the constellation Lepus, has arrived to protect and perfect the twenty-first century flaws of flora and fauna within Florida’s Everglades. Tibby is a wild and awesome example of what can happen when a supernatural power takes control of life in a way never before imagined — and always in a benevolent manner. Readers young and old alike with an interest in fantasy fiction will find this book — the first in a series of “Adventures of Tibby” books — to be a fast-moving, adventurous, and delightful read. "

Aeon Pneuma (Eternal Spirit) by Rowena Portch. PO Box 1300, Belfair, WA 98528. Http://
"Aeon Pneuma is the 4th book in the Spirian Saga. It is available in all ebook formats as well as in paperback. "

Afghanistan A Collection of Stories by Abdul Rahman Rahmani.

AFTER by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 74,745 WORDS SYNOPSIS: The story of the aftermath of the dying off of almost all the population of the world, and the people who survived. TIME FRAME: From 2006 until 2050. "

Aftermath I: The Fight for Survival by James A. Graves Jr.. Keith Gilpatrick and Brian Furlong.
"In the aftermath of an asteroid that hits Earth in 1998, the story begins in the year 2006, following the adventures of members of the North American Air Defense Agency, Base One. Since all military resources must be turned to the task of providing aid and food to the survivors, the North American Air Defense Agency stands alone to guard against airborne terrorist attacks. While flying a reconnaissance mission, Skip Scott is forced down and captured by the terrorist group, Bushmaster. There, he meets the love of his life, Lieutenant Ahana Cohen, fighter pilot for his captors. But he also discovers something else, and it's not what he expected at all."

Ain't Much of a War by Frank Grzyb. Pocol Press, 6023 Pocol Drive, Clifton, VA 20124.
"Without pretension, this all-too-real collection of fictional tales about Vietnam highlights the sacrifices made by young men and women in time of war. Indeed, author Grzyb admits he wishes some of them were real. With illustrations by Alexandre Kouznetsov."

Alcatraz The Lost Pearl by Aleshia Robinson.
"Fifteen year old Alcatraz is being chased. Born and raised in a loving family, she suddenly fnds herself fending for her life on the streets of Los Angeles. Consumed with anger, hurt and confusion, Alcatraz turns to the spiritual realm to find life's answers. While experiementing with pagan spells, Buddhist chants, and yoga sutras, she continually encounters a spirit who claims He is God. The Truth she learns from this spiritual quest introduces her to the unexpected world of divine healing, acceptance and unconditional love."

Aleutian Fury by Wm. J. Veigele.
"First edition. A story of naval action in the North Pacific during World War II."

All About Mary: A Mick Hart Mystery by Lawrence Christopher. Civic Center Station, P.O. Box 55346, Atlanta, GA 30308.
"Using Poynter's Self Publishing book as a guide, I published a romance mystery of the misguided life of Mary Jane Jenkins who was a thick sister described as being "a cheeseburger away from two-hundred pounds." She was a pretty , young single mother of two, who abused, misused and much loved. Oh for Mary, don't you weep. She's dead. Her fiance Perry Rogers is arrested for killing her. Private Investigator Mick Hart is called in by Perry's mother to prove her son is innocent. All About Mary is how P.I. Mick Hart tries to solve the case and in the process he encounters all of Mary's former lovers who are now the suspects in her murder. "

All That Glitters by Jackie Sonnenberg. http://www,
"All That Glitters, the debut Urban Fantasy/Crime from Jackie Sonnenberg tells the story of a jewelry thief with the ability to get by undetected. The only trace he leaves behind is candy at the scene of the crime...the media dubbing him "The Candy Caper." He won't give up until he finds the item said to be possessed with ancient powers... but does it exist? Order on Amazon: And Barnes and Noble: Visit Jackie's Facebook page:"

All the Voices of the Wind by Donald James Parker.
"2nd Edition"

Altered Destiny Series by Sherylynne L Rochester.
"Urban Christian Fiction that will alter your destiny!"

Always a Bridesmaid by Renea Overstreet.
"A long-ago summer fling turns into a sizzling affair for Gail Hardy causing a major conflict in her new spiritual quest. Get your copy of Always a Bridesmaid a novel by Renea Overstreet Available at ISBN: 0-595-32067-8"

Always Yours (Lagos Girl Romance Series) by Somi Ekhasomhi.
"Sophie is young, beautiful and runs her own magazine in Lagos, Nigeria. She has everything, except Michael Ade-Cole,the man she has loved for more than five years. it didn't work out with him before but she's ready to try again, only now he's engaged to someone else."

Amalgam, The Valaran Chronicles Book 1 by Byron A. Wells.
"Amalgam is my first novel, and I am looking forward to many more. It has been well-received with good reviews."

Amanda by Christine D. Patterson.
"1st Edition Mystery, Crime and Suspense Novel About this book: Amanda is a masterful novel about love, death, honor, and betrayal. The story takes place in the sleepy little town of Orion Bay. Orion Bay was a fishing town that was in need of improvements. That is until a young and handsome man named Michael Brooks came to town. He began to work for Watson Enterprises. In one year, Michael was named Architect of the year. He had three best friends who also worked for the firm. Their names were; Jason Hampton, Brain Pines, and Reggie Carter. There was nothing that Michael friends would not do for him. Little did his friends know, Michael had a dark and twisted side to him. Michael would lead the whole town into a world that would change everyone's lives forever. Come take a ride with me to Orion Bay. Once you walk into this once sleepy town, you will never be able to leave. Your taxi is waiting."

Amazing Grace by Valerie Allen.
"Alex Hillock, loving husband and devoted father, disappeared nine years ago. His wife, Grace, refuses to believe he abandoned his family. She believes in love everlasting. Friends and family are unsure what to believe. She is suddenly contacted by an attorney from Ft. Lauderdale with startling news. Grace leaves the rural home she shares with her mother, and takes her two children to find out the truth about her beloved husband. She has no idea the harm this decision will create for those she loves."

AMELIA by Harvey Mendez and Christie Shary. 28 Winnebago Dr. Cherokee Village, AR 72529-4012.
"4th place in national contest in 2000. EPPIE finalist in 2004. E-book and paperback. Action, mystery, suspense, history A good read"

Amelia Earhart, Young Air Pioneer by Jane Moore Howe. 3842 Wolf Creek Circle Carmel, IN 46033.
"Number one in the Young Patriots Series of fictional biographies for young readers. Winner of Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year Award for 1999 and selected as an Outstanding title by the Parent's Council."

American Odyssey by Brian M. Gelinas.
"In brief, the book weaves an engaging tale of three less-than-fortunate teenage boys who run away from their troubled lives in a depressed New England factory town to seek what they feel is the justice in life they deserve after having experienced more than their fair share of hard knocks. A tumultuous cross-country journey ensues that affects each one in unexpected ways, forever changing their lives. It’s a straightforward story based on today’s countless headlines of teenagers either in emotional trouble, on the run or committing any number of crimes, and it should strike a chord with many of today’s younger generation. It's written to appeal to both adults and mature young adults, with the primary target audience being the latter."

An American Gaucho by Robert Fetner.
"If you like Westerns and Civil War stories you will enjoy this book. It starts in the Civil War and carries over into the plains of Argentina with the Gauchos or Argentine Cowboys. An action packed shoot'em up read!"

An Eye for an Eye by Jason Hodges.

An Illegal President: A Novel by Pat Lawrence.
"A political suspense thrillerd ripped from the headlines. E-book available everywhere. Excellent reviews."

An Illogical, Improbable, Incredible Love by Terry Mae.
"This is the first in the "Love" series, followed by the sequel "An Enduring, Endearing, Extraordinary Love." There is also a companion series, beginning with "From Earth's Sorrows," then its sequel, "To Heaven's Joys.""

An Unlikely Suspect by Lisa Long Martelli. 888-280-7715.
"A gripping, richly woven, multi-faceted mystery with a psychological core and a splash of romance. Ranging from embezzlement to murder, there are a series of crimes in this intriguing novel, but just one common denominator: Lauren Shaw. On the surface, she is a caring, bright, successful young executive. But what stirs beneath her sedate facade? What demons lie in wait? Set predominately in southern NJ and Philadelphia and on Catalina Island, CA, this frighteningly plausible tale has uncommon depth and originality, taking readers on a thought-provoking journey through the battlefields of depression, the entanglements of romance and the complexities of the human condition. Ultimately inspirational,this suspenseful books celebrates the courage of survival and the strength and perserverance of love."

Angel of Death by Joseph John Bruno. 2310 Pinehurst St..
"A serial killer is terrorizing New York City in Angel of Death which can best be described as NYPD Blue meets Hannibal Lector. Detective Bill Kelly is in charge of this good-news, bad-news case. The bad news is that the killer is slashing his victimÕs throats and decorating their chests with the Colombian necktie, where the tongues of the victimÕs are shoved down their gullets and pushed through the gaping hole in their throats. The good news is that the victims have all been drug dealers, and John Q. Public is in absolute no danger of becoming the killerÕs next victim. Detective Bill KellyÕs daughter is a drug addict, and heÕs torn between doing his job as a New York City cop, and the realization that dead drug dealers might not be such a bad thing after all. A Vietnam veteran, Joe Bruno started out in the newspaper business in the mid 70Õs as a sports columnist for the New York Tribune and later for the Times Herald Record in Middletown, New York. BrunoÕs articles have appeared in numerous publications including Penthouse Magazine and Ring Magazine. BrunoÕs article presently appear at,,, and Boxing World Magazine. Angel of Death is available online from (1-877-823-9235), as well as from Barnes&, and The price is $12.95 plus shipping and handling. "

ANGEL TRAILS Double Lives by SOMA VIRA Ph.D. Alliance Book Company, Toll Free 1 877 767 0057.
"From James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Midwest Book Review: Vira Soma has an excellent command of the language of writing. Each phrase, each word is full of meaning and emotion. Her characters find each other; each carrying his or her own secret passion, and connect an intricate plot full of politics, religion, philosophy, intrigue, and love. Double Lives is the first of a series that shows promise and ingenuity. It is a delightful read, and casts the mold for the furtherance of a genre that has much appeal. There is room in the science fiction mold for fresh and new ideas. Soma flawlessly presents her own world; a world where problems can be solved, where a higher purpose is sought, and where characters learn from their flaws and mistakes. "

Angelicus The Fall of Zarathustra by Jorge G.Solana.
"Angelicus The Fall of Zarathustra by Jorge G.Solana Format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback cream ISBN: 978-1-4327-9886-4 Cover Price: $19.95 Pages: 308 Category: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic Available at: Distributed via: Ingram, Baker & Taylor Published by: Outskirts Press, Inc. Receive up to 50% off at: Publication Date: Apr 12, 2013 Extensively researched, Angelicus concocts three distinctive stories coming together in a shrewd, surprisingly portent finale. The opening tale is the prelude to the XVII century epic "Paradise Lost" The second and third stories take place in the present day after the much feared end of the Mayan calendar, when the world as we know it was evidently not destroyed, yet unknown to humankind its ending inaugurates the beginning of a new era, one in which Indigo and Crystal aura individuals have the chance to steer humanity into a new age of awareness, coexistence, and respect for our planet, much to the regret of the Evil forces agelessly devoted to preventing this from happening and therefore fiercely committed to sparing no resource, trickery or tactic to continue the war started since the original fall of the Beast. In due prophesy, the Middle East will be their chosen scenario to bring about Armageddon."

Angels of Interstate 29 by Donald James Parker.

Anita's Legacy: An inquiry into First Cause by Gurpur M. Prabhu. Viresh Publications, P.O. Box 2439, Ames, IA 50010-2439.
"First edition, 5000 copies. Critics have praised the book: read reviews on the book's web site and also on and "The writing manifests the scientist's keenness for detail and the artist's ease in the realm of imagination. The blending of facts and fiction, scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom is simply superb." -- Dr. Prem Kumar"

Another Part of Me by Nazirah Mottenon.

Ant Cook and the Giant Sangoma by Glen Greenway. Outskirts Press.
"Teenage book about a boy at boarding school struggling to make sense of life in an environment tainted by the supernatural, evil teachers and bullies. He has two great friends who help him to struggle through adversity in a world of magic."

Antithesis by Allison Crews. Post Office Box 414.
"Tally Ho! - Antithesis is a rated PG action packed romance set in the south in the foxhunting world. This is the first book of the Antithesis Trilogy - Order and read reviews at or visit my website."

Archangels to golden swordsmen by Jeffrey Dent. Barnesand

Artists&Thieves by Linda Schroeder. see web site.
"Debut novel"

As Many Hands As God by Brian Ames. Pocol Drive, 6023 Pocol Drive, Clifton, VA 20124.
"As Many Hands As God is the fourth short-story collection by critically acclaimed literary fiction author Brian Ames. The book’s 19 stories survey wide-ranging landscapes – both tangible and psychological – in posing the questions: If there is a creator, and if that creator intervenes in human affairs, how does that intervention come about? "

As The World Turns for a Gangsta Bitch by Andrea Hayes.
"This is my 1st edition.The sequel is in the making."

Ash: Return Of The Beast by Gary Val Tenuta.
"ASH: Return of the Beast is a supernatural crime thriller, a tale of revenge steeped in the occult and inspired by a little known fact about the death of Aleister Crowley, the notorious occultist the British press once called "The Wickedest Man In The World". Crowley's body was cremated in 1947 but the urn containing his ashes mysteriously disappeared. Its whereabouts has remained a mystery… until now. The timeline shifts to the 1990s when a Seattle “death-metal” rocker with the unlikely name of Rodney Duckworth bursts onto the scene. Suddenly, the city's clergymen are mysteriously dropping dead… one at a time... nine days apart. Seattle police detective, Brian Kane, and Rowena Ravenwood, a female FBI agent, are on the case. But is it really murder? Where's the evidence? And what is the disturbing secret that Detective Kane is holding so close to his chest? The entire human race is threatened and the clues to help solve the case are in desperately short supply. Worse yet, so is the amount of time left to stop this reign of terror before all Hell breaks loose. And - according to Special Agent Ravenwood - that's not just a figure of speech. "

Assassin of Dreams by Ariel Barrington & Stone Vale.

Assault on the Senses by Michael P. Ferrari.

Auria's Guardian, The Journey Begins by Loyette and Lupi. Loyette and Lupi Productions
"Self-Published,POD, Oct,2002. Formats:paperback, hardcover and ebook. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and all the top online bookstores. "

Autumn Under The Papagalos by J.B. Preston. Major booksellers & (ISBN #: 1420821237).
" 'Autumn Under The Papagalos' is an adventure-romance novel that takes place while in search for the legendary gold mines of Costa Rica. Existence had become stagnant in the small Midwest town where Melissa had grown up living a sheltered life, and losing her disloyal boyfriend to another woman, the only person left to have an emotional impact on her since the loss of her parents in a fatal plane crash several years earlier. Little did she know that her decision to visit a high school friend in Central Florida would change all of that, disrupting the delicate comfort zone to which she had become accustomed. Melissa had never expected to find herself catapulted into an entirely new world of adventure, intrigue, peril, the rain forests of Costa Rica, and the man who would take her there. Papagalos - the cool winds that blow down from the north of Costa Rica, flushing through the body, invigorating like a tonic reaching down from the heavens to exhilarate and rejuvenate the senses. "

Avatar: The Shaman of Change by Leah Bloom., .
"Romantic Suspense Haunted by nightmares of his mother's slaughter at the hands of an FBI agent, Col. Renata Starr, USMC, returns to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation after fifteen years to try to find peace. While rejecting his path of this community's sacred vision, it is there that he meets and marries Alliyah Jacobs. But destiny awaits him as the former FBI agent remains on the hunt for him and his family. The turmoil of a trial exposes secrets of a horrifying truth. Based on the historical battles between the American Indian Movement and the FBI."

Avenging Victorio by Dave DeWitt. 925 Salamanca NW, Los Ranchos, NM 87107.
"AVENGING VICTORIO, a historical/western novel. A rag-tag group of Apache warriors, led by an elderly man, took on the U.S. Army’s Ninth Cavalry in revenge for the death of the great Apache war chief Victorio. Using guerilla warfare, evading the Cavalry and the Buffalo Soldiers, they won! By best-selling author Dave DeWitt."

Averil, My Anchor by Dick Reynolds. Epoch Press, 8356 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63132.
""While celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary in Italy with her husband Mark, British-born Averil Holloway learns that her ex-husband, an IRA terrorist serving a sixteen-year prison sentence, will soon be eligible for parole. the prospect terrifies her because he had vowed to seek revenge for her divorcing him. Meanwhile, while touring Italy, Mark serendipitously meets the son of his college sweetheart who had broken off their courtship because of irreconcilable religious beliefs. The chance meeting causes Mark to confront conflicting desires: Forget about this meeting or contact Joan, who still lives in his hometown of St. Louis, and settle the unresolved issue of their traumatic breakup. the Holloways return home, but Mark, an airline pilot, finagles a temporary assignment in St. Louis and resumes his love affair with Joan. A tangled web of deceit, family crises, and a brutal attack by Averil's former husband threaten the bond of Mark and Averil's love in this tale of a modern marriage." Reynold's 30 stories have appeared in many publications. One of his stories was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 1998."

Awakening Women by Angela R. Brown.
"A fictionalized account of the author's life growing up in and overcoming abuse."

Aware of My Hide by Dennison Rey.
"Available in paperback for $9.95 Available in hardback for $14.95 Available in e-book format for $3.00"

Axiom-man by A.P. Fuchs. Coscom Entertainment, 16-317 Edison Ave., Winnipeg, MB, R2G 0L9 Canada.

Axiom-man Episode No. 0: First Night Out by A.P. Fuchs. 16-317 Edison Ave., Winnipeg, MB R2G 0L9.
"The messenger has fled, leaving Gabriel alone with mysterious abilities he knows little about. The things he can do, the powers—the options are limitless. But only if he knows how to use them. As he embarks on the path of discovery, Gabriel must try to understand why he was chosen to receive the most powerful of all gifts and, with the help from no other, come to a decision as to what to do with them. Even if it takes the death of an innocent to convince him."

Axiom-man Episode No. 1: The Dead Land by A.P. Fuchs.
"A young boy goes missing. Taken, in the middle of the night. No clues. Nothing except the remnants of a black cloud, like the one coughed up from inside the Doorway of Darkness. A black cloud that takes Axiom-man to a world not his own. A dead world, where a gray and brown sky shrouds an entire city in a miasma of decay. The streets are empty. The young boy is nowhere to be found. Those he does find...are dead. And walking."

Axiom-man: Doorway of Darkness by A.P. Fuchs. 16-317 Edison Ave., Winnipeg, MB R2G 0L9.
"The clock to doomsday begins ticking when Redsaw goes on a murderous rampage throughout the city. And Axiom-man is the only one who can stop him. The cosmic battle of the ages takes a dark turn in Fuchs's new novel."

Babes in Bucksnort by Davis Aujourd'hui.
"Don't miss out on all the action. The first book in the series is The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude. There, you'll meet the good sister, an irreverent nun who has some unique spiritual views that differ from those of the Pope. She's a great believer of "to each, one's own." She loves her Marlboros and her bourbon. She's also constantly at odds with her Reverend Mother who just happens to be a reformed prostitute."

Baby Daddy Drama:Let the Games Begin by A.G. Fielder. PO Box 8061, Elkridge, MD 21075.
"How much drama can one woman take? Crank it up to fifth gear with five women, their good-for-nothing men, toss in some innocent kids, and you’ve got a recipe for Baby Daddy Drama. Meet Deja Collins, Angie Wilson, Pauline Watkins, Maxine Kincaid, and Mekhai Davis, the fantastic five, thirty-something, wild and whimsy, hip-mammas with baby daddy drama who have one thing in common: MEN and the drama that comes with them. Living amidst the glitz and glamour that surrounds their professional lives, these women manage to devote their time and energy to raising their children who were products of relationships gone bad, while dealing with the mayhem brought about by the fathers of their kids. ISBN-10: 1606105299 ISBN-13: 978-1606105290 "

Back Bay Boston Basement by Carrol Wolverton.
"ISBN: 1-4137-2244-X $19.95. Riveting mystery of prejudice and survival set in the west fring of Boston's Back Bay. Listed on's "Essential Boston Reading List.""

Backroom Confessions by Rose Jackson-Beavers. P.0. Box 2535, Florissant, MO 63033.

Backwater by Morris L. Striplin. Multi-Media Publications Inc., Box 58043, Rosslynn RPO, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 8L6. Fax: (905) 986-5777, Phone: (905) 986-5848.
"Josh Wagner became the pride of Backwater even before his was born. His ancestors had helped settle Southeastern Louisiana. And his great-great-grandfather had been granted the first license to practice law in the state. As a result, his name had been mentioned in court records for over a hundred years. True to form, and as predicted by his father who himself had become one of Backwater's most respected and wealthy attorneys, he begins to live up to his advanced billing by the time he graduates from high school by his popularity and prowess on the football field. A weekend visit home from college brings a chance meeting with an old high school acquaintance, Ellen Pike. Searching for something to say, he asks her to join him for a weekend in New Orleans. Much too both their surprise, she accepts. During a wildly wonderful weekend in the Crescent City, they both recognize that they have finally found what they have so desperately searched for in each other."

Bad Vibrations by Dan Anderson. Local brick-and-mortal and internet book stores.
"Bad Vibrations (ISBN 9781601455437, a humorous mystery by Dan Anderson, is available for purchase. It is already a multiple literary award winner: the Rockway Press Best Novel Prize in their International Writing Competition and a Florida Writers Association Lighthouse Book Award in the mystery-suspense category."

Bad Vibrations by Dan Anderson. P. O. Box 616869, Orlando, FL 32861.
"Bad Vibrations is an unforgettable romp through the seamy noir underbelly of Southern California, and shows how much fun reading can be in the hands of an irreverent craftsman. It describes the humorous pursuit of a serial killer on the loose in La La Land, but you may die laughing before the next victim is found. It has won 3 literary awards: The Florida Writers Association First Place award in the Published Mystery category The Rockway Press Best Novel Prize in its International Writing Competition The FWA Lighthouse Book Award in the Mystery/Suspense category"

Bad Vibrations by Dan Anderson. Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
"This humorous mystery is the winner of multiple awards. It received the Best Novel prize in the Rockway Press International Writing Competition, and won a Florida Writers Association Lighthouse Book Award in the Mystery-Suspense category."

Baglady by Author: Christina Manolescu, Illustrator, Mary Fitzpatrick. 1192 Egan Street, Verdun, Quebec, Canada, H4H 1W7.
"First edition. ISBN: 1-894967-31-3. Short-listed for the East London, UK, Stories Competition, sponsored by News International, 1998. Published by Prince Chameleon Press. A dark-humoured romp from the 'sixties to the millennium, tracing the hilarious and somber fortunes of Ashley Grimes, a heroine of our times. 280 pages, 6" by 9" paperback, 10 black & white illustrations. List Price: $25.00 Canadian. $20 U.S. "

Baker Street by Daniel Paul Johnson.
"Indie Book Awards Finalist 2009- Next Generation Indie Book Awards"

Barefoot Through The Goathead Patch - The adventures of a precocious little boy by Ken Jarman. PO Box 6298, Whittier, CA 90609.
"First edition, 288 pages, hardcover On a mission to unravel the differences between boys and girls, a mischievous little boy learns just enough along the way to get himself into one hilarious predicament after another. He stumbles across what may be a magical passageway into a girl’s heart, but learns the path is thorny and fraught with danger. He takes his plight to the local barbershop’s good old boys for advice. After entertaining themselves with his misfortunes, he’s given advice in verse further complicating his life. The laugh is on them, however, when they find the boy teaching them a thing or two about women. "

Be Paranoid Be Prepared by Dina Rae.
"ASIN: B007U00VFW Thriller, short story, stripper, bouncer, Kindle free June 22, 23 it's free. A James Martin adventure and short story. While working in a strip club, James falls in love with a stripper. She is not what he expected."

Beacon on the Hill by Linda Kenney Miller. Harper House Publishers, P.O. Box 682286, Marietta, GA 30068-0039.
"A son of ex-slaves raises himself up to become a doctor and the personal physician to Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver at Tuskegee - the racial hotbed of the South. Based on John A. Kenney, M.D.'s personal papers and journals dating back to 1897, this is historical fiction at its best. Kenney goes on to become one of the most important African American figures of the 20th century and an unsung hero. This is his story..."

Beacon on the Hill by Linda Kenney Miller.
"WINNER of the 2008 USA Book News Award for Historical Fiction.Details at First edition, 3000 in print."

Bear River Spirit by Payton Lee - Historical Romance Author.
"Historical Romance Author who returns history to the historical romance."

Beast of Bengal by Elaine Pinkerton. Pocol Press, 6023 Pocol Drive, Clifton, VA 20124.
"As World War II rages in the Pacific, U.S. and British soldiers fight their own battles in the steamy jungles of Burma. But, in an American military hospital in Calcutta, something terrible is amiss. This historical fiction features the internecine battles for Indian independence between those advocating the violent removal of Westerners and those loyal to Mohandas Gandhi. "

Becoming Bestemor by Dr. Jeanne Hounshell. PO Box 25226 Yuma, AZ 85367.
"First edition, Just released. Novel based on the lives of real family who immigrated to the united states in the 1860s. Follows their lives and the lifestyle of immigrants to the midwest."

Bedtime Stories: The short, long and tall tales of a sleepwriter by Barbara Worton.
"" I enjoyed every delicious page of Barbara Worton's book, Bedtime Stories, but also found it deeply disturbing, since she writes better half-asleep than I do fully awake." Ed Begley, Jr., Actor & Activist"

Before the First Snow: Stories form the Revolution by Walter M. Brasch. 4000 Alan Shepard St., suite 150; Sacramento, Calif. 95834.
""An exceptional writer." —MICHAEL BLAKE, Oscar® winner for screenplay of Dances With Wolves "First-rate fiction that explores and contemplates modern American history, culture, politics and journalism. A rare combination of excellent fiction-writing and deep thought. What Brasch and his characters have to say about the intermingling of corporate and government power alone makes this book worth reading. You can’t put it down while reading it, and can’t forget it after you’ve finished it." —DAN RATHER “A beautifully-written and powerful look at humanity and the reverence of life as seen through the lives of a social activist who never lost hope, and the reporter who covered her story." — HEIDI PRESCOTT, senior vice-president, Humane Society of the United States "

Before the Season Ends by Linore Rose Burkard.
"Winner of an Indie Excellence Finalist Award, 2007 Winner of FaithWriters Seal of Excellence, 2007 "

Beguiling Bundle by Jean C. Keating. 209 Matoaka Court, Williamsburg, VA 23185.
"This second in the mystery series featuring NASA engineer Genna Colt and her Papillon Sky is by the award winning author of Amorous Accident"

Behind The Columns by Arlette Gaffrey.
"This is my second book and it just came out in December 2009. "

Behind The Screen by Stormy Steele.
"Dan Poynter's Self Publishing Manual was the first book I ever read on self publishing. Although my book is fiction--a romance novel I was still able to use Dan Poynter's advice. The manual was like a blue print for me. My publishing experience was a great success! I started off with a small print run of 2200 copies in February of this year and I am nearly sold out! My novel is now available in major and independent bookstores nationwide. I am currently working on a literary magazine to help other aspiring writers and independent publishers. This has stemmed from the hundreds of emails I receive on publishing and writing. Dan's Self Publishing Manual is definitely worth having. "

Believe Like A Child by Paige Dearth.
"Read the first 11 pages of the novel go to: How To Order: ABOUT THE NOVEL: Alessa is just seven years old when her uncle rapes her for the first time. As the years pass, his sexual appetite becomes more voracious and his perversion more twisted, until the abuse has become almost a daily ritual. At the age of sixteen, after the death of her only friend, Alessa finds herself at the mercy of her real-life monster, with no relief in sight. She flees her home to escape this hell, only to find herself descending into a more dangerous one. Alone and helpless in the streets of North Philadelphia, she encounters more human predators who want to take over her life and devour her. About to hit rock bottom, Alessa manages to break away from her new tormentors and finds refuge in a shelter for homeless and abused women. Wherever she goes, however, trouble keeps seeking her out, until she meets three people who change the course of her life forever. But as she begins to settle down, a ghost from the past comes to haunt her again. "

BEN SOLOMON A Bastard Prince Denied A Throne by Don Clifford. Barnes &
"A good action-adventure story with historical overtones dating back to 1000-900 B.C."

Beneath The Badge by james campbell.
"Five Star rating at Barnes & Noble"

Benedictus - A Troubled Man of God by Edward G. Schultz.
"Recently published."

Benjamin Cole by Kyle Dickerson.
"Only 1150 initial copies in print of this debut novel by author Kyle Dickerson. It is a fast paced novel, full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat."

Best Friends: The Beginning by Edward & Eunice Vought. 3189 E. River Rd, Marion, OH 43302.

Best Bet in Beantown by G.S. Rowe. Pocol Press 6023 Pocol Drive Clifton, VA 20124 703-830-5862.
"The year is 1897. The place: Boston, Mass. Star short stop Herman Long has just been beaten and left for dead, alone and in the locker room of the Boston Beaneaters National League base ball team. But, whodunnit and why? It's up to ne'er-do-well Will Beaman, who stumbles across Long while trying desperately to secure a front office position with the ball club, to solve the case. Filled with romance, numerous red herrings, exciting game reportage, and shady characters, Best Bet in Beantown dives deeply into the sordid world of 19th century base ball. ISBN 1-929763-14-X, $17.95, 200 pages."

Best Time of Year by Brad Forge.
"This is a story of violence, lies, and love in the old west."

Bet On The River by Len Carrier. 26 Stonebridge Drive.
"3rd printing, printed to order, listed in Outskirts Press Bookmarks, excellent reviews by fellow authors. This is a tale of murder, betrayal and espionage--a story of an ex-CIA agent swept into a vortex of political forces over which he has little control. It is also a love story, a treatise on poker, an account of who really wrote Shakespeare's plays, and a surprise ending that will leave you gasping, "


Between Lions and Lambs by N.T. McQueen. 3336 Tualatin Way Rancho Cordova, CA 95670.
"950 in print Available at"

Between the Lines by Sarah Elizabeth Schwersenska. Multi-Media Publications Inc., Box 58043, Rosslynn RPO, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 8L6. Fax: (905) 986-5777, Phone: (905) 986-5848.
"Tate Publishing is the fastest growing publishing company in the country, and it is run by none other than the sexy ice queen herself, Alexandra Tate. She started the company over ten years ago on nickels and dimes when her father refused to get his work published. After his death, she made sure his work went to the top, right along with her company. Alexandra was also an avid reader, her favorite author being the erotica novelist Sterling Morris. Miss Tate spent many nights alone with his books, always ending up in glorious nights of self-gratification. When Sterling's publishing company sells out, Alexandra vows to do whatever it takes to get Mr. Morris into her company...and into her bed. This is surely a story to keep readers interested as it takes you on a ride through the glamorous lifestyle of the rich and famous, the devious and ruthless. Get a taste of the sex, money and power that come along with being at the top."

Beyond Beautiful by Jan Bornstein.
"May be ordered on or my web site."

BEYOND CONVENTIONS by Judith Petres Balogh.
"A romantic novel of the 19th century. The inheritance of an unusual necklace and of an Arab-Norman mansion on the other side of the globe takes 20th century Rowena to Italy, where she discovers the unusual love story of her grandparents."

Beyond Ophir by George B. Markle, IV. Books OnQ, Post Office Box 2410, Lakeside, Arizona 85929-2410.
"Full review and author profile on the web page. Web page links to secure shopping cart, offering immediate signup for "ClubQ," which entitles you to 10% off all purchases and the 11th book free."

Beyond The Ashes by Deborha Parham. P.O. Box 1388, Pine Lake, GA 30072.
"1st Edition, 500 in print, 1st self-published work by new author, Christian fiction, 300 pages, approximately 96,000 words, published by KNB Publications, LLC"

Beyond the Edge by Phillip C. Beebe. Crystal Dreams Publications.

Beyond the Edge by Phillip C. Beebe. Keith Gilpatrick and Brian Furlong.
"A motley group of scientists leave on a daring mission to explore the outer edge of the universe aboard Galileo, a spaceship built using the latest experimental technologies. What will they find when they get there? Will the theories prove correct? The scientists soon get distracted from these questions, as they find a murderer in their midst... Yes, murder is alive and well in 2467."

BEYOND THE FOG by JOHN GLEN JONES. 110 N. 2nd Ave. #76 CHULA VISTA, CA 91910-1142.
" The story of a proud and industrious Native American people in the early 16th century, living on the Channel Islands. The stories of the Chumash are told to the reader and villagers by the last generation of the Eagle family, Lone Eagle. His family protected the islands for two hundred and fifty-four years. The book is full of discovery, excitement, intrigue, action, and love. 300 pages-1,080 copies in print @$20.00 each which includes sales tax, and S&H. ISBN 0-615-12508-5"

Beyond the Legend by Jo Ann Mason.
"after a major life changing event the author used her love of medieval literature and writing as a form of therapy to accentuate that anyone can come out of the darkness. During a time when pagen and christian beliefs intermingled, when churches were springing up around the mystic and magic that still prevailed Mordred, the evil son of King Arthur, is given the chance to start a new life and redeem the old one. "

Beyond the Summit by Linda LeBlanc. 7122 Xavier Way, Westminster, CO 80030.
"First fiction about the Sherpa tribe that makes climbing Everest possible."

Beyond the Summit by Linda LeBlanc. 7122 Xavier Way, Westminster, CO 80030. http://www.beyondthe progress

Bird in Tree by Michael Reilly.,,
"About Bird in Tree: Valerie Mastropietro is 19, going on 20. Fresh from rehab, she’s just glad to have escaped her adolescence with her sanity, if not her dignity, intact. Now she is pretty sure she will be okay—that no one ever again will make her do things she does not want to do. But enter Cornelius Prince, a clairvoyant classical and jazz pianist, whose life has been all about trying to avoid meeting her. About the author: Michael Reilly’s short stories and essays have appeared in publications including Alaska Quarterly Review, Confrontation, The Glens Falls Review, and Ouroboros. "

Birthright / Book One in the Shepherd's Moon Saga by J Anne Fullerton. 5019 South L St, Tacoma, WA 98408.
"First in a series of paranormal historical fiction featuring werewolves in a vividly reimagined steampunk Victorian Australia. Finalist in the 2012 USA Best Books Awards, cross-genre fiction "

BJ by Kimile Aczon.
"Denise and Wesley are a couple of modest means. Denise becomes pregnant, forever changing their lives and the lives of five strangers. At the exact moment of conception, Denise and Wesley and the five strangers are all sent spiraling into a long descent of bizarre and supernatural events, that one day brings them all together . . ."

Black Boxes by Joseph Hawks.
"Dear Mr. Poynter; I purchased your book,"The self-publishing Manual. First Books Library is the closest I could come to "self publishing" My age (70) and sickness prevented me from doing everything myself. Thanks for your encouragement. All best wishes, Joe Hawks"

Black Lily: Have No Mercy III by Kam Ruble.
"The mayor of Mt. Pride, Colorado, appears to be beloved by all. Or is he? It is only natural that this man of wealth and prestige has enemies. Enemies who Have No Mercy when it comes to taking him down. When Mayor Richard Alan Eckhard is missing, is it because of foul play, or did he disappear on his own? Where is he? Is he dead or alive? It is top priority for Mt. Pride's top detectives, Joe Warner and Eddy Konklin, to find the answers to these questions. Once again, Mt. Pride's finest have their work cut out for them as they investigate this Missing Person's case. Do not blink! The bizarre conclusion just might surprise you. "Revenge is never so sweet as when Kam Ruble takes us on a tale of murder, mayhem and mystery. As with the previous Have No Mercy books, this one is no exception and will keep you riveted to your chair until the last surprising page," states Dallas Hodder Franklin, Editor, BLACK LILY is the third novel in the HAVE NO MERCY series. "

Black Market Medicine by Cassandra Collins. 918 Fairway Dr. Baltimore, MD 21286. http:/
"This novel affirms the fears that many people in this country have regarding reduced quality of healthcare. The story produces a group of ordinary people who become extraordinary. "

Black Rosebud: Have No Mercy II by Bobby and Kam Ruble.
"A small rural area of Nebraska carries a dark secret of years gone by. This communities citizens of yesteryear were once so prejudiced against blacks that they hung an innocent man for murder just because of the color of his skin. Rusty, the local police chief, is reminded of this terrible injustice when he tries to piece together how the executed man's grandson is involved with a thief who has committed several local burglaries. While looking for answers, Rusty finds himself involved in homicide and trying to locate the identity of the mysterious farm girl. Harriet Klausner relates, "BLACK ROSEBUD is a powerful crime tale that provides readers with a slice of rural Midwest." BLACK ROSEBUD is the second novel in the HAVE NO MERCY mystery series."

Blackmail by Bob McElwain.
"From the first descriptive page to the final wrap-up, this novel grabs your attention much like a "Die-Hard" film. Jack Collier, a "been-around-the-block" experienced private investigator takes on a case involving a stunning TV reporter who is being blackmailed for an indiscretion in Las Vegas many years ago. He's (Jack) one of those "characters" that every man wants to be and every woman wants to love. Nancy Hayes, a Reader "

BLESSED TRINITY by Vanessa Davis Griggs.

Bliss by Loure' Bussey.
"An exciting,unforgettable romance novella from award-winning, best-selling author Loure' Bussey"

Blood & Chocolate by Vince Ferraro.
"LET THE GAMES BEGIN ! When the extremely wealthy founder of a major candy company dies, his last will and testament leaves everything to his two children, with a condition. They must compete in a complex challenge to earn their inheritance and it’s winner take all. Private Detective Kelly Bloodsworth gets involved when the game escalates into industrial espionage and murder. Kelly must overcome many obstacles as she tries to help an old friend get out of trouble while dealing with those that are prejudiced against her because she is openly a lesbian. "

Blood and Water by Linda Armstrong-Miller.
"Learn more about Blood and Water, now awailable. Touched will be available by March 26. "

Blood Covenant by Marilyn Lamb. 12 Cumberland Street, Barrie, Ontario Canada L4N 2P4.
"Though well received by editors in major publishing companies, Blood Covenant was turned down by marketing departments because of its unique premise. For more information and an excerpt, visit the web site listed."

BLOOD FEUD by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 35,857 WORDS SYNOPSIS: Two Texas Rangers, a retired rodeo cowboy and two brothers of a slain Ranger, go into Mexico to take vengeance on the drug runners who killed the Ranger. TIME FRAME: Present day. "

Blood in the Ground by Robert Paul Blumenstein.
"Blood in the Ground is avaiable in three formats: Hardback, paperback, and ebook, which includes Kindle and Ibook editions. Plenty in stock. Reviewer James A. Cox has this to say about Blood in the Ground: The world of spirits lurks to overwhelm the world of humanity. “Blood in the Ground” is a modern fantasy and third book in Robert Blumenstein’s Ascension Trilogy following the success of Peyton Costello apprehending Opossum. But Opossum does not take a loss gracefully, and his plots will continue to lurk, as Peyton must act fast or face his wrath. “Blood in the Ground” is a riveting read that should prove hard to put down. "

Blood Kiss by M. Kenyon Charboneaux.
"Self-published in PDF, Blood Kiss, was called by one reviewer "an erotic vampire story" and the lead character "not the same old same old vampire". Another reviewer called it "a dark gem". It was No.1 on an Internet best sellers list for 3 weeks in 2003. My work was pirated and the only legit outlet for it is my site -"

Blood of the Dead - A Zombie Novel by A.P. Fuchs.
"One year ago, the world came to an end. First came the rain. Then came the screams. Then came the undead. The Haven became the only place in the city free of the walking dead. A place of community. A place to be safe. Now, things have changed. The zombies are coming to the Haven, seeking out the remaining survivors of the human race. Joe Bailey prowls the Haven’s streets, taking them back from the undead, each kill one step closer to reclaiming a life once stolen from him. Billie Friday and Des Nottingham soon have Joe to thank for their lives. As the dead push into the Haven, the trio is forced into the one place where folks fear to tread: the heart of the city, a place overrun with flesh-eating zombies. They soon discover they are not the only humans there. After meeting an old man with a peculiar past, Joe and the others must make one last stand against the undead or unwillingly meet the same fate. A desperate escape leads them to a place thought impossible to exist and to a discovery that will shake the future. Welcome to the end of all things."

Blood of Their Sons by m.e.b.smith.

Blue Jean Clouded by Heather D. McGee. Eve's Eye Press, P.O. Box 5003, Glendale, CA 91221-1003.
"First edition February 2000 On-demand: 100 in print at a time"

Blues in the Wind-ReVisited by Whitney J. LeBlanc. PO Box 429, St. Helena, CA 94574.

Boarding Call by G.D. Harding.
"The Wash-a-Shores are trying to win their first Nantucket championship. In the process they are individually coping with growing up and questioning whether to stay on island, or to trade it all in for the stability of life on the mainland. A novel like no other, Boarding Call lets us inside the minds of the characters, and then lets us all watch together as the story unfolds. "

Body Traffic by Alex Domokos and Rita Y. Toews.
"Thanks to the tips, research links and contacts we received from Dan and the parapub website we wrote a crackjack of a book! Body Traffic has been short-listed for the Margaret Laurence Book Award, one of Canada's coveted awards. Rita Toews"

Bombs Of Eastbourne by william saint.
"Bombs Of Eastbourne Fiction Novel I50 pages written by william saint Us Poety Anbassador 2007/Nevada Visit onine shop Skatescity To buy Novels"

Bone Walk: The Journey of Thomas Shepard by Kevin Howe. 226 Division St., SW / Sublimity, OR 97385.
"First edition, limited 5,000 run. Nominated for Hugo Award and World Fantasy Convention Book of the Year Award. Also under consideration for a major motion picture by two film producers (Universal and an independent). Description: Thomas Shepard is a shy but gifted warehouse keeper in a small, largely forgotten medieval village. Thomas’ simple life of grain and ledgers is shattered when objects of stunning beauty begin to appear in his village and people begin to disappear or die. At the heart of the mystery is an indecipherable book that has fallen into the hands of Varden, the high lord’s counsel. Frustrated by the failure of three previous envoys, Varden manipulates his naïve master to select Thomas as the one who will next venture into the vast Western Wood in search of the answers that will determine the fate of his village. Paired with two unlikely companions, Thomas is plunged into a world of mystery, danger, and terror where he encounters the deadly, nearly insane Bone Eaters, the mysterious Tree Walkers, and learns the terrible price of beauty."

Bonneville Stories by Mark Doyon. Pocol Press. 6023 Pocol Drive. Clifton, VA 20124.
"In Bonneville, Virginia, good people lose limbs, fight lightning, and slip into sinkholes. They pitch over bicycles, tumble off ladders, and expire without warning. They spin the wheel and take their chances. It's all in a day's work."

Book I: In the Light of the Passing by K.C. Berg.
""An ingenious work of fiction and romance!", Manuela Pop, " . . . nearly slept through a college class because of it. It's that enjoyable. Definitely a novel to read," Yoli the Wanderer, Pennsylvania, USA " . . . I was unable to put it down. This story is very well written and I found myself laughing and crying as it unfolded," J. L. Beaumia, Wisconsin, USA "This story has it all . . . I think almost anyone would enjoy this adventure of the human spirit," Jeanne B., Wisconsin . . . and "Book II: Brinda's Promise" will be released in late October!"

Book of Earl Series by Wally Badgett A/K/A/ MC Tin Star. Holmlund Distributing, 1612 Tompy St., Miles City, MT 59301.
"Award winning cowboy cartoonist, Wally Badgett has a series of true to life western cartoons, taken from the everyday life of a rancher and cowboy. Wally has been there and it shows in his work. See yourself in every cartoon and situation. A perfect gift for the cowboy or wantabe on your gift list. Just $9.95 each plus $2 S&H."

Book of Redemption by Evon Smith.
"If controversy sells, then Book of Redemption will be a blockbuster! An elderly priest has been found dead. The police investigation has begun by the LAPD to determine whether Monsignor Leland committed suicide or died at the hands of another. Monsignor Leland had been accused of molesting young boys many years ago, though no charges were ever filed. A Los Angeles Times staff writer, Marco Vori, is writing an investigative series regarding the priest sex abuse in the Catholic Church when Monsignor Leland contacts him to provide information regarding his investigative series. Now the priest is been found dead and Vori is missing. Days later, Marco's best friend, Elizabeth Pearson, begins receving e-mails from the dead priest asking her if she's received "the book." Elizabeth eventually stumbles upon the evidence that the monsignor was trying to reveal to Vori. Having such damaging information in her possession, Elizabeth has to run for her life from extremely powerful individuals who act to ensure that the truth never comes to light."

Book of Wrath by Robin Coe.
"What happens when an immortal begins to question his role in the balance of light and darkness? From the time of creation, Famine has followed his immortal path, spreading hunger, starvation and misery on humanity. We see through the eyes of Famine as he begins to challenge himself, his siblings and their collective jobs. Is he a puppet of his unknown creator, or does he have a choice in his role? Do the others have the answers he is looking for? Follow Famine as he interacts with fellow immortals in his quest for self-determination."

Born Evil by J.P. Ransom. Bijou Publishing Inc., P.O. Box 2251, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729-2251.
""Born Evil," won a 2004 American Authors Association Award! A rollercoaster ride of a thriller! Before you can recuperate from one thrill-filled scene, you're plunged into another! This fast-paced thriller will keep you turning pages! "

Bound by Loyalty (Book 1 in Victoria Chronicles) by J. Robert Whittle.
"This is my 4th published novel and the first in my 2-book (so far) Victoria Chronicles. This book became a Canadian bestseller mainly through personal sales at outdoor markets and craft shows but is now distributed across North America. The 2nd book in series, Loyalty's Reward has had extraordinary sales in its first year (2004). Thanks for your great books and support, Dan."

BOY - A Story Based On True Events by Nathan Zen-Sapien. Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Parker CO 80134.

Branchwater by Steven Maus. 2453 E. Hermosa Dr. Tempe, AZ 85282.

Bridge Across the Ocean by Randy Boyd. PO Box 68406.
"Second time around even better. Using all that we learned from Dan's books and website, West Beach Books presents Randy Boyd's second novel, a story of friendship between a black gay man and two straight white teenage boys. Since his first book, Uprising, people have been asking for Randy's followup. It's here!"

Broad Reach by Wendy Bartlett.
"Broad Reach was published with a writing award received by Wendy Bartlett in 2007 at the SF Writers' Conference. It was for her Mystery novel, not yet published. Wendy had a beautiful table display of her new book at the 2008 SF Writers' Conference. I would call this book Action-Adventure, and it will appeal to both men and women."

Broad Reach by Wendy Bartlett.; Amazon; Barnes & Novle.
"Wendy Bartlett won Runner-Up at the 2007 San Francisco Writers' Conference. Part of the award was a self-published novel with iUniverse. Wendy recently published Broad Reach in 2008 (which has a five-star review on Amazon). The watercolor of a sailboat on the cover is also by Wendy. A great read!"

Broken Gourds by Beresford McLean. P.O. Box 28677. San Jose, CA 95159.
" “This is a story about healing, about triumph, about humanity . . . McLean does a good job of showing readers that good books have a way of presenting the same old lessons in different shades of humanity.” - Critique Magazine "

Broken Promises: When Shattered Dreams Become Reality by Diana Carter. 94 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd S, Pontiac, MI 48342.
"This is the second book in the three book series."

Broken Vows by Naiomi Pitre.
"2nd edition printed June 2006 Lulu Press Curiosity can kill more than just a cat… What happens when a man’s own insecurity sparks a jealous flame? Is it really true that deep down inside, every woman wonders about experiencing a secret rendezvous with another woman? Can a strong marriage survive, despite a tangled web of lies and betrayal? Dominic and Yvonne are enjoying a loving marriage until Dominic’s suspicions, fueled by his own self-loathing from lacking a steady job, cause an emotional explosion with more than just two casualties. Infidelity and sexual exploration intertwine and result in an unpredictable twist of fate. "

Browne Candidate by Nicole Givens Kurtz. Keith Gilpatrick and Brian Furlong.
"Aurora Browne begins her latest assignment with the Williams as she has with every other assignment since she was sold into slavery at the age of eight by her mother. She performs her duties as a candidate, women who produce children for wealthy women who can not. When Browne meets Bain, the Williams' butler, she learns of a world beneath New England Tre. It is a place of freedom. As her love grows for Bain, will she risk her life for freedom? The last attempt almost cost her life, and Browne has the scars to prove it."



Burning Off The Old Seed by Margaret French. POB 1631 San Marcos TX 78667.
"A story of Mary Ann, who finds release from her rage in a southwestern canyon."

Burnt Edges - A Novel by Dana Leipold.

Byte-Sized: A Collection of Flash Fiction by Janice Abel.
"ebook only; Full list of contributors include: Janice Abel, Erik Adams, Ben Bellizzi, Eleanor Bennett, Thor Benson, Diane Brenner, Terra Brigando, Michael Canterino, Leonard Crosby, Marci Daniels, Dustin Davenport, Aaron DeLee, Nick Harmon, Kevin Lichty, Susi Lovell, Joshua J. Mark, Kyle Martinez, Jean Medeiros, Diana Peterson, Preston Randall, Ryan Taft, Ling E. Teo, Jennifer Virškus, Pavelle Wesser"

Cabin Fever by Kristie Leigh Maguire.
"The beautiful and sexy Marcie Treyhorne is a steel magnolia who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Marcie's story began in DESERT HEAT. Her saga continues in CABIN FEVER. Marcie leaves the blistering heat of the desert but the searing passion she carries to the northern Nevada mountains will melt the deepest of winter snows. If you were on the edge of your seat in DESERT HEAT, just wait until you read CABIN FEVER! Don't miss reading CABIN FEVER for the shocking conclusion of Marcie's story that began in Desert Heat! "

Cabin Fever by Joe Bob Newman. (Cabin Fever/Joe Bob Newman).
"Larry and Fran are in love and married, just not to each other. Cabin Fever is their beginning. They meet, fall in love and the adventures begin. Larry is constantly having to rescue Fran as she continues her "Walk on the wild side." Such as; Fran is taken hostage by drug dealers, after she stumbles on their operation. They threaten to kill Fran and Larry must find a way to rescue her. Larry and his Navy SEAL friend Ron, take on the druggies in a wild shoot out and then must deal with the drug Lord himself. Cabin Fever is book one of the Rescue Me series."

Call of the Loon by Joan West. Books by Joan, 1004 San Felipe Lane, Lady Lake, FL.
"Woman's summer read. Meagan leaves successful law practice in Phila. to return to home on the St. Lawrence for quieter life and marriage and family. It's not as easy as she hoped. Call of the Loon is also available as an e-book from Kindle and Nook. Cover price $12.95. Order direct from me at address above for $10 incl. shipping. 181 pages"

Camp Dakota: Year One by S. S. Hostinsky.
"We are in our first edition and are starting with 30 books, and hope to expand from there. The story, 'Camp Dakota: Year One' is about a man and his son who set off to open up a summer camp in honor of their deceiced wife and mother; but with 28 campers and 4 counselors, you can only imagine what go's wrong."

Captive Souls by Bonnie Lea Elliott. listed on
"Captive Souls is a very unique Novel and it took me ten long years to get it written and published. I never gave up and now that it is published and available I won't give up on promoting it. As I did for writing the book, I shall do for the promotion of it.Learn and re-learn and keep putting it out there. Bonnie Lea Elliott"

Captive Souls by Bonnie Lea Elliott. Amazon/Barne and Noble/Tower books: online.
"Captive Souls a Mystery, Paranormal and Suspense read. Please see customer reviews posted on Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites."

Captives and Prisoners: A Jen Rice Novel by Cheyenne Moon.

CARBON: 3S109LC3 by Bill Bishop. P.O. Box 257, Rapid City, SD 57709.
"In Bishop's own words, "CARBON is the fusion of scientific, religious and metaphysical understanding drawn from a broad spectrum of sources modern and ancient with a focus on the origins of the human species and its place in the universe." Armed with an intriguingly fresh perspective on humankind and the universe, CARBON welds the power to captures imaginations. Driving the growing popularity of CARBON are countless scientific discoveries that are making the universe as viewed through the lens of the CARBON Chronicles more plausible everyday. Discoveries about the true nature of the carbon element, discoveries confirming the existence of planets circling distant stars, of the mysteries of quantum physics and the Multiverse, of unexplained objects in our own solar system, of ‘lost worlds’ filled unknown species in distant rainforest, of separate evolutionary branches of intelligent hominids on our own planet, and yes, of the possibility that humankind may well be alone in universe, despite the scientific odds against it. CARBON takes readers on an action packed ride across the universe and brings them face-to-face with the meaning of life itself. Finding the revealed truth buried deep within the CARBON universe is well worth the price of admission. "

Casey: The Promise by Ivy Seijo.

CAT 5 by R.D. Dilday. P.O. Box 10265 Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.
"A ROLLER COASTER RIDE OF WEATHER GONE WILD! Advanced warnings are mysteriously withheld when a storm of epic proportions threatens an unlikely American city. Suspecting foul play, one man risks everything by going public with the truth. "Moves like a Texas twister through a trailer park...terrific!" - bestselling author, William Hoffman Trade paperback: ISBN 0-9748905-1-0 $14.99 U.S., (201 p.), R.D. Dilday Available at booksellers or through our website: "

CATALYST by Bob Harvey.
"The first FULL COLOR novel - Portrays the wonder of animal sensory perception and the joy of pet co-habitation against the insanity of greed and humanity's destructive footprint. Book I of the ME&YOUTOO Tetralogy "

CATALYST by Bob Harvey.
"“Every now and then a book comes to us that BLOWS US AWAY. The story is a thriller with all the suspense moments that keep building toward a climax. What makes this highly unusual book unique is its interior design...The result is startling and mind altering to say the least. Catalyst has richly deserved our FIVE HEART rating. This was a true watershed moment for me as a reviewer. I became firmly hooked as a fan and an admirer.” Bob Spear, Publisher/Lead Reviewer, HEARTLAND REVIEWS For complete review: "

Catapult by Elliot Edmund Stearns. Boosk OnQ, Post Office Box 2410, Lakeside, Arizona 85929-2410.
"Finalist in the 1994 Hemingway First Novel Contest! Full review on web site, which offers link to secure shopping cart. On the shopping cart page, you can immediately sign up for ClubQ and received 10% off of the cover price, plus the 11th book of your choice free."

Catspaw by David L. Fey.
"With his past rapidly catching up with him, Deke Tanner finds the trail to clear his name leads to Red-Eye Swamp in the bowels of Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin. He's distrusted by the Cajuns, wanted by the law, and faces certain death from drug dealers, the mob, hired assassins, and Jo Beth Delaney, a sinister demolition expert that holds the key to his future. It's a game of Catspaw and the players are greed, murder, deception and revenge."

Caught In The Rain by L.C. Martin. Publish America www.authorsden/lcmartin
"A romantic suspense set in the rugged coastal area of Southern California. First printing by Publish America available at: and"

Celebrity by Kathleen Squire-Merolla.
"Check out my four novels now available. Two are available through amazon in "E" format for Kindle."

Cellini's Revenge/the Mystery of the Silver Cups by Wendy Bartlett. 4849 Grizzly Peak Blvd.
"This novel won RUNNER UP in the San Francisco writers' competition in 2007. It is available from June, 2009. It is a murder mystery about an American woman, Catherine, who in her youth was put in Holloway Prison for the murder of her husband. At 65 she decides to return to England and, using DNA, to catch the real murderer. However, once in England, she feels forced to invent a far cleverer method of finding the murderer. It is also the 400 year history of the astrological silver cups made by Cellini, and their journey across the years from Italy to Cornwall to London, and how Catherine finds the cups in England. This book is published by iUniverse and is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and also iUniverse."

Chancing Roulette by Melissa Swaim. www.PublishAmerica
"First edition. Erotic Suspense. Who will spin the wheel, take a chance, or pull the trigger? "

Change of Heart by Jack Allen.
"This is the first in a series of adventures about Josh McGowan, a Navy Intelligence operative with his own Code of Honor. In "Change of Heart", Josh is assigned to escort back to the U.S. a former KGB agent busted out of prison by the CIA. She is the key in a former KGB Colonel's plan to return the Communist Party to power, and Josh is the one who must pay the price."

Changing Planes by Laurie J. Brenner.
"Changing Planes: “Joy, Happiness, Love, Insight – terms so overused these days that we think we know what they mean, since to some extent, we all feel some of them at times, right? In “Changing Planes,” Laurie’s near-cinematic journey brings you face-to-face with all of these in a movie your Heart reads."

Character Sketches by Mary-Ann Archibald. P.O. Box 46033 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA, B3K 5V8. info@citadelhill,com.
"Character Sketches, a little ebook of fiction, comprised of a short story, poetry and excerpts from the forthcoming book: Monkey Burgers ISBN 1-894589-01-7"

Characters of Lust by LeBlanc. 10647 Hillwood Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70810.
"Second printing due to popular demand. Best Seller three months in a row at "The Roots Bookstore.""

Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man by JD Tynan.
"First Edition"

Charlotte by Ivy Seijo.

Charmed Passage by Jean Hackensmith/Kathe Birch. same as above
""Charmed Passage" is a time-travel romance, published by Port Town Publishing in Superior, WI. The first book in the "Passage Trilogy." The trilogy follows the "life" of an ancient Haitian amulet, that has the power to transcend even time itself. Three separate heroines will be the "rightful owner" of the charm and will travel into history to follow their destinies and their hearts."

Cheating on Someone by Ame Ai. 7401 Eastmoreland Rd. Apt 107, Annandale, VA 22003.
"This book is about a relationship between the one who makes goals and the one who makes holes. Two loves who grew up in the sheltered, imaginative, and far-off world of college moved in together, never realizing how different things would be, never realizing the difficulties of staying in love. This book is also about the romance and tragedies that come along with an age-gap relationship. A Vietnam War veteran and a black adoptee meet in Indiana, and they take a liking to each other. They are not just ships passing each other in the sea of life; they actually hook-up despite doubts that the relationship will work. The feelings between them are intense, making each day, each week, each month more intense than the last. But they become separated by distance. And more doubts emerge as to the longevity of the relationship. The question: How long can they last in their own little world until they start to see the world around them? "

Chelydra Serpentina by Dan Sanders.
"This is a story about an experiment in rapid evolution that went awry and led to violence and death before being stopped."

Chess Master by Boris Zubry. Rutledge Books, Inc., P.O. Box 315, Bethel, CT 06801 .
"The year is 2005, three years after the former Soviet states of Russia and the Ukraine have been accepted into NATO. The world has been enjoying an unprecedented era of peace and to celebrate, the United States is hosting a large-scale international military exercise. What the countries of the free world do not know is that Russian General Kutko plans to use the occasion of the staged war games as his opportunity to set in motion a diabolical scheme. If "Operation: Master Plan" is successful, the Soviet Union will be restored to its former glory and the Western powers will be annihilated. A trusted aide to Kutko recognizes the imminent threat to world peace and enlists the help of an American general and a small force of Israeli commandos in a courageous attempt to thwart the power-crazed Kutko's play for world domination and revenge. 'Chess Master' is a riveting novel of international intrigue that brings the world to the brink of World War III. "

Cheyenne Sunny Day McLain by Kenneth E. Morris. 6194 Hwy K, Troy Mo 63379.
"Had very good reviews. Most readers said this should be made into a movie. Very interesting epic novel. You won't want to be it down."

Cheyenne Sunny Day McLain by Kenneth E. Morris.

Children of the Sea by Anne Ruby. P.O. Box 2600, Petaluma, CA 94952.
"First edition. Young Adult Fiction. Who are the Sea People? And what do Sea People have to do with the legendary lost continent of Atlantis? From the well-researched metaphysical and spiritual information to the snippets of true-life archaeological and scientific knowledge to the speculative portrayals of death, Children of the Sea challenges the reader to question who we are as human beings."

CHILDREN OF THE TURTLE by Jacques L. Condor-Maka Tai Meh. Dynamic Writers of Arizona
"a collection of word portraits of over fifty Native American tribes.The items cover, art, history, culture, legends and myths."

China's Exploding Powers: The Unmasking of China's Strategy to Take Over the United States by Gary W. Gee. Clandestine Publications, P.O. Box 4044, Huntsville AL 35815.
"First Edition Midwest Book Review(Five Star): posted on Amazon"

Choices by Katrina L. Burchett. Kapri Books, 12620-3 Beach Blvd. #315, Jacksonville, FL 32246.

Chosen: A Spiritual Battle of Epic Proportions by Edward R Murphy. Amazon & Barnes and Noble.
"ebook edition on Barnes and Noble"

Christmasville by Michael Dutton. Linden Park Publishers, 51 Bateman Ave., Newport, RI 02840.
"Mr. Lionel knows. Mr. Bachmann, the station master knows. And Mary Jane is on her way to find out... "Christmasville" - the perennial Christmas novel, occurring each year, every year, on a 4 X 8 model train platform. " this age of Harry Potter and Chris Van Allsburg, the magical realism of the novel should prove very appealing to readers, both young and old." ForeWord Clarion Review. "Christmasville could easily be the next holiday classic. From children to seniors, this book is for everyone who has ever wondered about other worlds and the power of Christmas magic." Steven Manchester, Author, Pressed Pennies. "

Chrysalis: a novel by Althea Horner. Monbijoun Press, PMB 256, 3579 East Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, California 91107.
"MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW WRITES: "CHRYSALIS is a richly textured and complexly layered psychological novel that thoughtfully rings true to a dilemma prevalent in our urban, dysfunctional culture of evolving gender roles and deepest human needs." This book would not have gotten off the drawing board without the help I got from your book on self-publishing."

City of Refugees by Geraldine Birch.
"Set amid the beauty of Sedona, Arizona, City of Refugees is the story of a middle-aged reporter searching for God amid the rubble of her life as she writes profiles of the various characters who inhabit the New Age community. ISBN:0-7596-5432-8"

Clavis by Edward O'Toole. Crystal Dreams Publishing, W1227 East County Rd A, Berlin, WI 54923.
"Reviewed by Paul M Strickler, "

CODE 936 by Bill Kimbrell.
"CODE 936-an International Thriller. James Cantrill has the day from hell when he is unexpectedly fired. But hell gets hotter---he"s kidnapped and smuggled into Puerto Rico where a brutal, global conspiracy unfolds"

CODE 936 by Bill Kimbrell, Jr.. PO Box 24885, Lexington, KY 40524.
"CODE 936, an International Thriller, is a riveting expose' of the IRS tax code, managed healthcare, corporate greed, medical fraud, torture, corporate corruption, torture, and more. James Cantrill thinks he's having the day from hell when he's suddenly fired. But, hell gets hotter-- he is kidnapped, hustled onto a corporate jet, and smuggled to Puerto Rico, where an international conspiracy unfolds. Powerfully evocative and steeped in international intrigue, it is also a story of love, undaunted courage, and spiritual triumph."

Code Name Rustler by Douglas E. Sipple & Charlws T. Wolstenholome. 109540 S.Parker Road - 515, Parker Colorado 801343. www.blacklabpublishing,net
"Available in e-book formats through, Barnes &,, (Canada). Paperback available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Outskirts Press,Inc, Ingram, Baker & Taylor"

Code Name: ORION'S EYE by Tom Gauthier. PO 362 Janesville, CA 96114.
"WWII historical fiction. Strong reviews by and others"

Code Name: Silence by Kirstin van Dyke. 8750 SE 155th Avenue #59, Happy Valley, Oregon 97086.
"Thanks to "The Self-Publishing Manual," Kirstin van Dyke was able to self-publish "Code Name: Silence" in December 2009. "Code Name: Silence" is a YA superhero, sci-fi fantasy novel that Kirstin started writing when she was 15. The first edition has sold more than 200 copies and it has received excellent reviews. Many re-printings are expected in the future as "Code Name: Silence" continues to grow in popularity. Thank you, Dan Poynter!"

Coffee in My Cup a Tale of Love and Murder by Ella Monet.

Comes The End: A Futuristic Thriller by William Creed. House Of Stuart, 64155 Van Dyke, Washington, MI 48095.
"Comes The End is an intelligent, fascinating, and frightening account of alien visitation. William Creed has crafted a compelling look at the why and what-ifs of outer space visitors to our planet. When down-on-his-luck reporter Andy Moore stumbles onto the story of his career, he quickly realizes that what he thought was a comet falling to earth is something much more sinister. Moore blows the lid off a story the government has intended to keep to itself: It appears another life force is hurtling its way toward the earth. Moore is catapulted into the spotlight. His career revived and his bank account refreshed, he still has no idea of the implication of the forthcoming even he has reported. He pairs up with a former rival, Tommy "TJ" Jenkins, who is also a reporter hot on the story. As Andy and TJ undergo preparations for viewing the arrival of the aliens, questions go through their minds. Are these beings from deep space-the long awaited visitation from an alien world? Or are they from the depths of hell, simply masquerading as aliens? Is this the dawn of a new and wonderful era of humankind, or a seduction of men's minds and souls into hell? Is this the beginning of forever-or the beginning of the end?"

Comment devenir millionnaire en trois saisons à Manhattan by Roger Geaniton. Gamma Press International P.O.Box 4436 Hollywood FL 33081.
"L'aude des années sixties. Des rêves plein la tête, Kennedy et la lune à bout de bras. Et pourtant, la désillusion américaine va bientôt prendre le monde à la gorge. Frank Grondin quitte Haïti pour New York. Il tente sa chance... Il découvre les coulisses des USA. Le pays de la philosophie du cowboy. Une ville indifférente. Une sosiété cloisonnée. Des criminels. Des politiciens. Des financiers. Des loups et des requins. Réussir, gagner sans aucun scrupule. Wall Street, la mafia, et une armée de pions ignorants. Businessman en devenir, Frank devra s'accrocher pour ne pas perdre son âme... Tout en dévoilant les dessous historico-politiques des USA et d'Haïti, l'auteur signe un roman initiatique."

Commonwealth Trust by Amelia Jestings.

">Winner of the 2000 GOLD MEDAL AWARD from the Southern Writers Guild for BEST MYSTERY/THRILLER >"A FIRST-RATE THRILLER PACKED WITH NAIL-BAITING SUSPENSE--READS LIKE GRISHAM WITH AN EDGE!" --The Raven Book Reviews >"Company Confidential pulls back the curtain and confirms your worse fears about what goes on behind the scenes of big business. Glenn Stevens is the Hannibal Lector of the corporate world. Establishes McCrory as a significant talent. Not to be missed." --Brian Bain, author of THE EIGHTH METHOD >"Tom McCrory has penned a first novel of startling twists and unnerving turns." --Wicked Company Reviews"

CON by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 17,021 WORDS SYNOPSIS: The journey of a young man from the backwoods of Ohio, through a life in New Orleans and to managing a Creole plantation. TIME FRAME: From the War of 1812 to the Civil War. "

CONDOR TALES, Alaskan Stories of the Supernatural by Jacques L. Condor-Maka Tai Meh. Dynamic Writers of Arizona
"a collection of thirteen short stories based on Native Alaskan and Canadian First Nations legends of the unexplained and supernatuiral"

"Author is donating 25% of profits from sales of book to help victims of domestic violence."

Confessions of a Cattholic Schholgirl by Michelle Kane.
"October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. You can help support this worthy cause with a purchase of Kane's book. The author donates 25% of all royalties from sales of this book to domestic violence shelters and centers."

Connected Hearts by Danice Akiyoshi.

Controllers by H.M. Murphy. Meta IV Pubs, 10920 Baymeadows Rd., Suite 27 - PMB 111, Jacksonville, FL 32256.
"First edition - novel that asks "What if a cult controlled several govenment agencies? What if no one knew who was behind the cult? What if you found out?" 5,000 in print."

Conversations with American Women Writers by Sarah Anne Johnson.
"Interviews with some of the foremost contemporary American women fiction writers. A great book club selection or companion book. Sena Jeter Naslund describes the origins of Ahab's Wife in "a vision and a voice." Ann Patchett mourns the ways in which the reality of a novel may fail to live up to her conception of it. Andrea Barrett, a winner of the National Book Award and the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, nevertheless characterizes herself as "a very clumsy writer" in her early drafts. The seventeen women interviewed by Sarah Anne Johnson are some of the most popular and accomplished writers at work today-award winners, critically acclaimed, popular with book clubs. Steeped in a thorough knowledge of each writer's work, Johnson's questions range from technical issues of craft to the nurturing of fictional ideas to the daily practice of writing. The authors offer insights into their own works that will delight their fans and also provide practical advice that will be cherished by aspiring writers. From Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's reflections on her experience of immigration to Lois-Ann Yamanaka's insights on the question of a character's voice, these interviews combine the personal with the professional experience of the writing life. --This text refers to the Paperback edition. "

COOSA by Jack Prather. Book Stores Only.
"Dogwood Publishing AUTHOR JACK PRATHER RELEASES NEW BOOK COOSA is the fictionalized account of the life of Black Cloud, a Cherokee boy who grows up to be an early civil rights visionary. Born in 1780, Black Cloud works to build a large and successful cotton plantation in Coosa County, Alabama. The experience of freeing his own slaves makes Black Cloud aware of the importance of human rights and equal citizenship for all slaves. To achieve this seemingly impossible goal in the pre-Civil War South, he makes the extraordinary decision to run for US Congress. He endures many hardships because of his choice, including threats on his life. Black Cloud's story lay dormant until the 20th century, when the author first learned of it from his own grandfather. Woven with the author's own story, which includes growing up in Coosa County during the Great Depression and through World War II, COOSA relates an inspiring narrative filled with both sadness and humor. Rooted in fact but written as dramatically as a novel, COOSA is sure to win the admiration of history buff and fiction fan alike. "

Countdown to Action by Joan Marie Verba. P O Box 1363, Minnetonka, MN 55345-0363.
"Thunderbirds™: Countdown to Action! by Joan Marie Verba is a Mom’s Choice Award® Silver Recipient and National Best Books Award Finalist. After his wife dies in a tragic accident, astronaut Jeff Tracy turns his grief into a dream: to create an organization which will rescue people that no one else can reach. He asks his five sons to give up promising careers to build the base, operate the machines, and serve in his organization. But he finds that in order to make his dream a reality, it will require sacrifice, courage, and determination...far beyond what he, or his sons, ever expected. Thunderbirds TM & © 1964 and 2009 ITC Entertainment Group Limited. 'Thunderbirds' is a Gerry Anderson Production. Licensed by Granada Ventures Ltd. All rights reserved. "

Crater County: A Legal Thriller of New Mexico by Jonathan Miller.
"A page-turning story of the modern day New Mexico outback where nothing is as it seems, where senior proms are held at truck stops and where the D.A. suspects the defense lawyer of a triple-murder. 5.5 x 8.5, soft cover, 288 pages, ISBN: 0967392047"

CREATURE OF DEATH by F. Lee Hayslip. 6036 NW 47.
"In the 1890's a vicious black panther invades a small mountain community seeking revenge. Nathen Plenty, who has escaped from this CREATURE OF DEATH, in the past, is asked to pursue this predator but he refuses. This all changes when his loved one is threatened and he goes after him with a passion. They meet for the last time, and one of them must die. This book won second place in the best novel of 2006 in the Oklahoma City Writers Inc. contest. "

Cremator's Revenge by Margaret M LeNois.
"A real psycho-thriller for those who enjoy being scared to death. It is a war between street people and the homeless against a retort operator who has a grudge against people whom he feels should not live. And with no bodies it is the perfect crime, and who is going to miss those street people who wander everywhere? "

Cremator's Revenge by Margaret M LeNois.
"This psycho-thriller is a walk on the dark side of life. The murders are fictitious, but the manner of the lifestyles of the street people/homeless is all true. The author spent years getting her knowledge of them and her characters are based on many of the people she had worked with. Cremator's Revenge is the story of a war between a retort operator and the streeters of Daytona Beach, and it is a book that will keep you turning pages."

Cri du Couer by M. Kenyon Charboneaux. Xlibris for trade paperback.
"Cri is a mystery set in New Orleans with a supernatural underpinning. Published by Xlibris in 2000, before they became an author mill - ie when it was the Net arm of Random House, ie I have never paid to have my books published. You can also buy it on my website in PDF. Won a First Chapter Honorable Mention while writing it. My other books are also at my site in the Bookstore section. My work was pirated - my site, Xlibris and Amazon are the only legit outlets."

Criminal Justice by Barbara J. Olexer. 9752 SE 43rd Ave., Unit D, Milwaukie, OR 97222.
"Large Print. Having unjustly lost her children to the state, a woman seeks criminal justice."

Crippled Dreams by David Rehak. 1746 Dailey Rd., Wilmington Ohio, 45177 USA.
"Crippled DreamsBy David Rehak ISBN Number 1-932586-12-1 Price: $9.95 Alex falls madly in love with his brother's lover, but will she return his feelings? Can she too overlook his crippled condition and be serious about him?"

Crosshairs by Russ Heitz.,,
"This is the first in a series of suspense novels set in a rural, mountainous area of north-central Pennsylvania. It features a newly-elected and inexperienced county sheriff named Jesse Eichenlaub and his small staff as they try to track down a serial killer whose choice of victims seems to defy logic."

Crosshairs by Russ Heitz.,,
"This is a fast-moving crime/suspense novel set in the forested, relatively primitive, hunting & fishing area of north-central Pennsylvania. It features a newly-elected and inexperienced sheriff who is suddenly confronted with a series of murders that appear to have no connection at all, at first."

CROSSHAIRS: A Novel of Suspense by Russ Heitz.
"What happens when a new and inexperienced small-town sheriff who hates guns runs into a serial killer in the wilderness areas of north-central Pennsylvania? My fast-moving suspense novel CROSSHAIRS was chosen Best Novel of the Year by The Infinite Writer and has received numerous positive reviews for its ability to keep the reader turning its pages long after bedtime has passed. "

Crossing to Samarkand by Marilyn Ekdahl Ravicz. Amazon, Outskirts, usual on-line. ommanemr@gmail. no
"This adventure covers trade, murder, and of course love among the great caravan leaders crossing the Silk Road during the early days of the Tang dynasty, that's the early 8 th. century. There's excitement, but also rich details about the life of the time and impending change. The author is a professional Cultural Anthropologist. "

CrowHeart by John Gist. P.O. Box 217 Mills, WY 82644.
"Set on the unforgiving plains of contemporary Wyoming, CrowHeart is the tale of the Daniels ranch and an attempt to re-invent the clan in the 21st Century. "A complex tale with intricate characters, this darkly haunting novel will keep you reading until the very end." Booklist "An extraordinary work... priceless... from an author who shows worlds of talent." Writer's Choice Literary Journal. "Brooding, intense and brilliant, Gist is working at the rarely-attained level of art." Fearless Reviews ( "CrowHeart is a ranch held together by blood, lust, guilt, and the property's legacy...Dallas without the glamour." Publishers Weekly "

Crude Bedfellows by Sean Hewitt.
"Check out the reviews on"

Cry Of The Werewolf by Richard P. Haesche. 87 Kennedy Drive, Colchester, CT 06415. In Process
"Only a dozen books remaining @5.99 each plus mailing. A werewolf bites a human and that human then becomes a werewolf. But, if the victim is a pregnant mother, does she pass that lycanthropic syndrome on to her unborn fetus? Not much horror in this thriller but suspense enough to keep the reader on the edge of their seat to the very end."

"Paper Back, 308 pages. Amazon, Barns and Noble, Target books. Read outline at Outskirts Published March 19th 2007 Many in Print. "

Cuerpo Mortal by Ana Maria Costa Alongi.
"Epic fantasy book on the final days of Pompeii, available in Paperback and E-book. "

Curse of Atlantis:Jamestown by M. Paul Hollander.
"Ebook available at Outskirts Press. Kindle and paperback editions at Amazon. Paperback at Barnes and Noble. Check out M. Paul Hollander on Facebook."

Curse of Atlantis:Roanoke by M. Paul Hollander.
"Ebook edition available at Outskirts Press. Kindle and paperback also available at Amazon. Paperback available at Barnes and Noble. Check out M. Paul Hollander on Facebook."

Cybernetica by Michael J. Cavallaro. 27 West 20th Street, Suite 1102, New York, NY 10011 / 212-727-0190 .
"The debut novel from author Michael J. Cavallaro that explores the technological future of mind control by following two con-artists into a futuristic world where humans are mentally controlled by a technology called sublimation, designed to subliminally influence both human thought and the course of events themselves. Hailed by Entertainment Today as "an intensely ambitious first novel," Cybernetica is a sci-fi suspense novel that provides a remarkably gripping, vivid, and intimate depiction of future conspiracies. *To order from distributor, contact Midpoint Trade Books at OR visit the website at "

Daddy's Girls by Suzanne Gold.
""Beautiful and haunting, —a wonderful discovery!" —Margaret Lucke "You look up from these pages seeing life more deeply. " —Suzanne Noe Daddy's Girls tells a rich yet simple tale of love, madness and spirit, as seen through the eyes of its three women. Overlapping vignettes and flashbacks form a vivid patchwork of life’s defining moments as a mother and her two daughters struggle to cope with the dark forces lurking beneath their family’s typical middle-class veneer and learn to love one another. The story is fiction with a dash of magical realism, but the inspiration is autobiographical. Daddy’s Girls is published by Xlibris through print-on-demand technology, the new wave in publishing. Available from your local bookseller through Ingram under the usual terms. The ISBN number is 0-7388-3658-3 for hardback ($25) and 0-7388-3657-5 for trade paperback ($16). Read Chapter One at "

Dallas, City With No Limits by Robert Helm. 1535 Kingsley Dr., Dallas, Tx, 75216 . None
"This is a book about Dallas, Texas on the black side. It is a work of fiction based on some facts. It is a pictorial book about Dallas, Texas during it's early years of black awareness. The tale is about a black undercover cop who has to deal with crooked cops, prostitution, murder, snitches, homosexuals, pimps, hustlers and stuff players. It is also a love story."

Dallas, The City With No Limits by Robert Helm. robert helm1535 kingsley dr.dal. tex.75216. Math pav author robert helm

Damaged by Bernadette Y. Connor. 700 West Avenue I Apt A202.
"I would like this book"

Dance in the Key of Love by Marianne K. Martin. Bywater Books, PO Box 3671, Ann Arbor, MI 48106.
"Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, it picks up the life of a minor character introduced in Dawn of the Dance."

Dance with Your Heart: Tales and Poems That the Heart Tells by Shirley Cheng.
"The tales and poems held between the pages of Dance with Your Heart are filled with inspirations, lessons, and magic. Most of the stories take no more than a few minutes to read, and yet they allow the reader to discover and visit worlds never before visited. Inch alongside a tiny snail as she goes through a journey of self-discovery in The Gift of Uniqueness, and learn that cooperation is the key to working successfully, yielding desirable fruits in the story, The Raging Sun and Rain. The poems range from thought-provoking to inspirational; their language is simple yet lyrical, and they are written with sincerity, clarity, and that rarest commodity: wisdom. Be prepared to be touched, taught, and tickled by these stories and poems. Dance with your heart; it takes only a free spirit and an open consciousness. Feel the full spectrum of emotions emitted by the words within. Be ready to laugh, to weep; and when you close the book for the last time, you will do so a changed person, so prepare yourself to take flight."

Dangerous Love, 2010 A.D. by Skip Stover.,
"Dangerous Love is a Romance/Suspense novel that takes place in the year 2010 A.D. Visit the web site and read the prologue and an excerpt. You can also see the excellent trade reviews from CBS radio and Author's on the Rise. You can contact Skip for booksignings and readings and information on his latest novels, a Chiller/Romance. Skip also had a book of Love Poetry, Solitary Thoughts, wings of a love available at Amazon and All the Solitary Thoughts proceeds go to The Baltimore Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore, MD. "

Dark Day of the Soul by Dave Hart.
"Logline: A kind working man hides his friendship with a fugitive POW until their discovery forces them to flee into the seclusion of New York's Adirondack mountains."

Dark Moon Over Berlin by Christina Brett.
"This is a compelling story about a woman with a quest. Margaret Stapff is a history teacher turned secretary turned spy that is put in the very bowels of Hitler's Berlin to serve her country and also to bring back her lover, the only man she could ever love, who just disappeared. History and fiction mingles together to bring you an excellent story, with the wit and great dialogue that Brett is famous for."

Darkside of Debonair by Barbara Davis. POB 917, Fenton, MO 63026.
"2003 Benjamin Franklin Award Finalist - Popular Fiction DARKSIDE OF DEBONAIR The Bushmeat Trade By Barbara Davis Hazel-eyed beauty, MacKenzie Blankenship, hires handsome, professional hunter Jon Corbett and two trackers; Zawawi and Mhinga, who are skilled in tracking and survival. Along with, Buster (a dog), they set out to locate four scientists who are studying what chimpanzees are eating that may prevent them for developing AIDS. A love interest develops between Jon & MacKenzie. Resentful, Zawawi is also tormented by his past, and his sons, Valli & Khosa. They have turned away from their Maasai legacy to work as hunters for a French logging concession. The search party’s trek quickly turns into a struggle for survival as they uncover Francois Dubois’s highly organized poaching operation and its connection to the missing scientists. The story explores various aspects of the bushmeat black-market, and it’s effects on endangered animals, the environment, and medical research – including the search for the cure of AIDS. Barbara undertook a multi-media ten-state tour last fall and she is now booking 2003 personal appearances and interviews, locally and nationally. DARKSIDE OF DEBONAIR is available at Barnes & Nobles Booksellers and online at To find out more information on the Busmeat Crisis and Barbara’s personal appearances, she invites you visit her website:"

DAVY JONES:Heavy Weight Champion of the World by Carl A Chase. 3807 Monte Vista Place-Alexandria, va.22309. Http://OutSkirtspress>Com/Bookstore

Days in Midgard: A Thousand Years On by Steven T Abell.
"Original stories based on Viking myths, and probably not what you expect from that. These started out as stories told in performance by the author. Aimed more at adults, over the heads of most children. People who know the myths tend to like this book a lot. See for synopses and performance information. See the Amazon listing for independent reviews."

Days of Death-Nights of Service by Mac Mc Cormick. Amazon.Com. .
"This book of positive essays/vignettes clearly shows readers the deep level of commitment found in American Funeral Service today. Roughly based on his own experiences as an "undertaker with old fashioned values in today's fast food scoiety", funeral director Mac Mc Cormick offers a collection of touching and-decidedly not morbid- human interest stories. The second section of the book -"Funerals of the Famous" offers new information about the lives, deaths and funerals of several American celebrities. Critics have called it "a good read"; and said that Mc Cormick pulls you into the story."

Dead Game - An Emily Stone Novel by Jennifer Chase.
"In her independent efforts to catch child killers, Emily Stone discovers the evidence that the cops can’t — or won’t — uncover. Now, this covert investigator is back on the hunt for the world’s most sick and twisted murderers. But even with help from ex-police detective Rick Lopez, this time she’s facing her most dangerous opponent yet. The headlines in the San Jose Mercury News blare updates on a serial killer who seems able to slaughter with impunity. Men, women — it doesn’t matter; the victims serve only to satisfy a perverted need to kill. The killer watches the moment of death on multiple computer screens, over and over again. The only connection is that they’re all devotees of the latest video-game craze — a sophisticated brain-puzzler called EagleEye. "

Deadly Duplicates by Margaret M LeNois.
"Deadly Duplicates is the story of twin sisters, but it is not your ordinary tale of a good twin/bad twin. They live 1300 miles apart. One is psychotic with a grudge against surgeons and when she kills doctors, her twin kills people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time randomly by twin telepathy. As with all of Ms. LeNois' novels, the story is fast-paced and you are unable to put it down until you have read it all. "

Deadly Duplicates by Margaret M LeNois.
"Although there have been books and movies out about the good twin/bad twin, there is none like "Deadly Duplicates". Can you guess which is which, and how it will end, especially when the detectives who are trying to find the murderers are the women they love?"

Deadly Perception by Vicki Long.

Deadly Secrets by Leon Mintz. 223 W. Cornell Avenue, Pontiac, MI 48340-2725.
"Deadly Secrets is an Arthurian epic that takes place in Armorica (modern-day Brittany, France). The first seven chapters of Deadly Secrets are available on-line. The website has actual photos of locations portrayed throughout the novel along with various myths and legends that influenced Deadly Secrets."

Dear Jacob. . . Love, Viva by Helene McHeffey Webb. PMB 314, 1726 Gregory, Sunnyside, WA 98944.
" From Sweden in 1899 to America and finally raucous Butte, Montana, Viva, never gives up hope as she proves herself to be a survivor. $21.95+ tax and shipping"

Dear Jacob. . . Love, Viva by Helene McHeffey Webb. PMB 314, 1726 Gregory, Sunnyside, WA 98944.
"The life of an exceptional woman, 1899 through 1929. Her story follows her from Sweden to Butte, Montana: from being an immigrant child to becoming a successful physician."

Dear Lizzie - A Civil War Novel with the letters that tell the story. by William H. Jacobs. 117 West Outer Drive, Canyon Lake, TX 78133.
"This is the first of five novels based on the authentic letters written by Edwin B. Campbell to Lizzie Lewis during the 1860-1865 time period. The second, Dear Lizzie - Alone in Glory will be released in early 2002."

Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel: World War II through the Eyes of a Radio Man by Mark Stuart Ellison and Eli Ellison.
"A 2005 winner of iUniverse's Editor's Choice Award, Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel: World War II through the Eyes of a Radio Man is a 90-percent-true novel combining actual wartime letters, a love story, and extensive historical research. Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel is based on the experiences of late co-author Eli Ellison, a former U.S. Army Air Corps sergeant who served in the 327th Fighter Control Squadron in Western Europe from 1943 to 1945. Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel's endorsers include historian Hans Trefousse; senior Israeli diplomat Rabbi Dr. Gerald Meister; and Dr. Stanley Michalak, a senior associate at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia. Originally published in 2004, Dear Mom, Dad & Ethel was revised for a second edition which was released in 2006. "

Death At Willow Creek Mine by J.D. Savid. John D.Davis P.O. Box 674 Moss Landing, CA 95039.
"Amazon review: four stars After reading this little book..."There is a lot to think about" a quote from a highly respected and renown reviewer."

Death Game by Cheryl Swanson.
"Published December, 2006. Thriller. In second edition. Excellent reviews...ForeWord Magazine, Habitual Reader, Midwest Book Review, Richmond Review. "

Death in the Desert by R.L. Coffield. 18620 Moonlight Mesa Rd. Wickenburg, AZ. 85390.
"Newly released, controversial. Diabolical villains, innocent victims, and noble but engaginly flawed heroes weave their way through a tangle of mystery and intrigue as heated as the Sonoran Desert itself. A completely satisfying read that will leave you clamoring for more."

Death of a Loser by Jack Eiden.
"George had gambled a million and lost. Now he was going home, not as the returned hero with two million to save a business, but as the goat who had dreamed he could save that business on the green-felt tables of Las Vegas. He faced the dismay of his family, the wrath of his Board of Directors, and certain prison. He dreamt of what might have been and of a red-haired call girl who had made it all seem right. The siren call of suicide was seducing him."

Death on Route 37 by Reginald Gray.
"At a quiet bus-stop on the outskirts of a fictional English town a double-deck bus is held up and robbed at gunpoint. During the robbery the bus driver is shot and killed. Why hold up a bus? Why kill the driver? These are the questions Detective Inspector Harty and his team need answers to but have to follow several twists and turns before finding those answers in the very last chapter."

Death Takes a Flyer by Barbara J. Olexer. 9752 SE 43rd Ave., Unit D, Milwaukie, OR 97222.
"Large Print. Second printing of Marge O'Connor mystery set in logging camp in the fifties."

Deep Quest - The Entry by Richard Thomas Bennett. 11609 W. Vliet Street, Wauwatosa WI. 53226 .
"An underwater adventure based on a true story of Richard Bennetts 50 years in the commercial & sport diving industry. Travel to frozen northern Canada in search of four missing fishermen involved in a national theft ring. Dive to a bone crushing depth of 238 feet in 1969 to set a diving depth record. Or be there when a homicide takes place just 60 feet above our intrepid adventurer. "

Defending Infinity by Ken Janjigian. Pocol Press, 6023 Pocol Drive, Clifton, VA 20124.
"Defending Infinity is a tragi-comedy by Ken Janjigian. Van Arakalian has been playing it safe for many years. He has a proper job, a loving fiancée and suburbia is calling. However, soon after his father’s death, his life veers towards cataclysm. He quits his job and returns to bartending where he befriends an eccentric and seductive group of artists. Meanwhile, Van is dealing with insomnia. During sleepless hours he obsessively keeps a surreal and spontaneously written journal, which he refuses to read. Van’s fiancée finally demands that he examine the real issues catalyzing his erratic behavior, but Van is suddenly more focused on starting a new life of travel and creativity. Ken Janjigian is also the author of Trapped Doors (Pocol Press, 2005), a collection of novellas set in San Francisco. He lives in the Boston area and teaches English at Harvard University Extension and Northeastern University. "

Defiance Rising by Amy Miles.
"Defiance Rising is a newly published teen romance for Amazon Kindle. Downloads are only $1.89. Defiance Rising is the first book in a trilogy Amy is currently working on. Will also be published through Barnes and Noble, Smashwords as well as offered as print-on-demand."

Deja vu All Over Again by James Strait.
"From the author of "Weird Missouri"..."

Deja Vu and the Phone Sex Queen by Michael McIrvin. J-Press Publishing, 4796 126th St., N., White Bear Lake, MN 55110.
"McIrvin’s witty absurdities shape a critique of American culture and society that is unforgettable for its wit and biting irony.Zeke Reilly’s adventures are like nothing else in recent fiction. Zeke, himself an amazing character, like someone escaped from a Dickens novel to America, where he has gone terribly wrong. An exceptional book by a highly individual writer."

Delta 7 by John Cathcart.
"Awards: -- 2009 President's Award from the Military Writers Society of America -- 2009 Branson Stars and Flags Book Awards, First Place in the Fiction category Synopsis: John Carter has a problem. His old friends seem to be disappearing. A former Attaché, Carter spent years in Latin America as a US military liaison into the strange, secret, and violent world of drug trafficking. Trusted with power and secrets, he served his country with honor and assumed his fellow officers did too. But as one after another turns up dead, Carter realizes that nothing is what it seems. Set against the turbulent backdrop of Cartagena, Colombia, Delta 7 is one man's journey through lies, murder, drugs, sex, war and revolution to find the truth... at any cost. Visit the Delta 7 website at for more information, reviews, and to read the first chapter. Delta 7 is available for purchase from, Barnes & Noble, and many other online retailers. "

Destiny by L.C. Martin.
"A romantic suspense that sweeps the reader from the streets of New York to the sultry beaches of Key West. A four star review from Love Romances, Destiny will not disappoint. A must read for those who like a bit of mob intrigue with their romance. Available this April in Trade Paperback. ISBN: 1-59146-049-2"

Destiny's Godchild by Diana M. Johnson. PO Box 8312, Van Nuys, CA 91409.
""Your life will change the course of Frankish history." So saying, the Master sends Young Egar to seek his destiny. Egar can earn his living with the harp music, juggling and sleight-of-hand taught him by the Master. But, change history? How can that come to pass? With the exception of Egar the Magician, this book, set in early medieval France, tells the story of real people from French history, including the earliest known ancestor of the great king, Charlemagne. Diana M. Johnson received the coveted 1999 Book Publicists of Southern California IRWIN Award in Fiction for Destiny's Godchild."

Destiny's Warriors by R.M. Putnam.
"Fantasy novel, 744 pages in length details and excerpt on my website. Or, check Short synopsis: Ferrin Collins, archaeologist living in modern day Belfast, awakes, in ancient Ireland! Ferrin meets a Druid called Wolf, who tells him the tale of Destiny’s Warriors which is about survival in an ancient, harsh world of magic, horrific monsters, bloody human sacrifices and the brutality of war. "

Deuces Are Wild by Jan Bornstein.
"The last of the Song Trilogy. This book continues with the journey through life of Jenna and Scott Tenny. After the birth of their only child, life gets even more complicated. We have love, heartbreak, betrayal, kidnapping and murder. The ending will leave readers stunned."

Deviant Desire by Steven Kirby.

Devil in the North Woods by Walt Shiel. Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC, 28151 Quarry Lake Rd, Lake Linden, MI 49945.
""Shiel’s compassionate writing creates a community of bright, supportive, and determined people, whose characters develop and deepen as the fire grows." (Historical Novel Society) “Written with the pace of a thriller, 'Devil in the North Woods'is a grim but fascinating read, building a bonfire of the dusty pages of history.” (Northern Express Weekly) "Thanks to the writing ability of Walt Shiel, this catastrophic moment of history leaps off the written page and into the hearts of readers." (In the Library Reviews)"

Devil's Island by Frank de Sales.
"Paperback | 240 pages ISBN: 978-0-620-40362-7 Summary What happens when a portal into hell opens on a tropical island hosting an exclusive resort for the super rich and powerful? This is the scene that greets a young banker and his fiancé who have come to revive their floundering relationship, and a would-be penitent who arrives after killing London’s most notorious gangster. The new arrivals soon realize that the sole objective of the island is the satanic corruption of the world’s most privileged. They are subjected to haunting visions and possession and are ultimately forced to choose between giving in to temptation or joining forces with the stubborn resident priest who relies on the Latin sacraments and holds a deep seated mistrust of anything modern as he battled to protect his flock. Good and evil do battle using their souls as the battleground, with surprising results, in this darkly humorous tale."

Devil's Island by Frank de Sales.
"What happens when a portal into hell opens on a tropical island hosting an exclusive resort for the super rich and powerful? This is the scene that greets a young banker and his fiancé who have come to revive their floundering relationship, and a would-be penitent who arrives after killing London’s most notorious gangster. The new arrivals soon realize that the sole objective of the island is the satanic corruption of the world’s most privileged. They are subjected to haunting visions and possession and are ultimately forced to choose between giving in to temptation or joining forces with the stubborn resident priest who relies on the Latin sacraments and holds a deep seated mistrust of anything modern as he battled to protect his flock. Good and evil do battle using their souls as the battleground, with surprising results, in this darkly humorous tale. "

Diary of The Other Woman by Sabrina Allen.
"Softcover; 106 pages"

Different Strokes - The gods are not to blame by Ike Morah.

Dillon's Dream: Water & Earth by Dr. Shawn Phillips. 5654 Bienveneda Terrace, Palmdale CA 93551.
"Last year I had finished up my first full-length novel. I couldn't get a single literary agent to even read the query letter, and didn't know how to proceed. It was July 2009 and I was on a long plane ride, working on editing my novel. I got into a discussion with a successful businessman who had published his first book using 'The Self-Publishing Manual.' I bought a copy and now I have my own company and an exciting, epic sci-fi/fantasy novel that just was released last week (printed and distributed through Lightning Source Inc). It is now available at Barnes & Noble, our site, Amazon, along with 30,000 other wholesale distributors and publishers. All I can say is….thanks for making my dream come true! Shawn -Author, President, Rocket Scientist "

Discoveries/A Journey Through Life by Shirley Ann Parker.
"Like the flash and dart of dragonflies, other busy lives surround ours as we prance unaware through our own world. Whether describing mountains, countryside, coast or town, Shirley Ann Parker is a visual and humane writer with a delightful sense of humor. Each absorbing story portrays a powerful sense of place, even when life's smaller crises are held up to the light. It is the everyday challenges that define us, after all. From the joys and exasperations of everyday living to magical realism, from Old Man Shever to The Refuge, these 17 stories weave a colorful tapestry of life's discoveries. Laminated perfect bound paperback."

Divas Have Dilemmas Too! by Asia.

Doctor Margaret's Sea Chest by Waheed Rabbani.
"Publisher: YWO-Legend Press, UK. 436 pp Doctor Margaret’s Sea Chest, is Book I of a trilogy of historical fiction novels set during India’s struggle for freedom—Azadi—from the British Raj. The Books weave a tale of international intrigue, conflict, and poignant love between interesting characters of that era. In 1965, a century old sea chest is discovered in a hospital in Delhi. An American doctor, Sharif, is entrusted with the task of locating and returning the trunk to the owner’s relatives. Sharif tracks down Doctor Margaret’s descendants in Grimsby Canada. Her diaries and other artefacts are found in the coffer. Margaret, born in New Jersey, becomes, in 1850, one of the first American women doctors. She travels with her Canadian husband to serve in the Crimean war. There they face hardships of battles, and also endure other conflicts. From events leading to and after the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade, Margaret meets a Russian officer. The surprise ending events of Book I leave Margaret in a quandary, on whether to seek vengeance or continue on her journey to India."

"It is a fantastic book that gets the reader inside a Nazi's head. A MUST-READ for freethinkers, mystery lovers, romance readers, and everyone else. Read the excerpts online(, and then I am sure you'll buy it in a second! It is the most exciting novel of all!"

Dog Days in Bedlam by David James Trapp.
"Set in the lawless days just before the Genesis flood, two young lovers, Hershel and Ofra, flee from Orion, the evil king of Aipotu. This is a martyr's tale, and a moving story of love, courage and faith. The book is filled with multiple ironies about the "truths" of history, the obsession with legacies, and the shamelessness of spin control. "

Doggy Style by Jane May. www,
"This is my first novel (one of a two book deal with Kensington). It tells the story of a New York couple's relationship as seen through the eyes of their dog. I met my agent, Evan Marshall, at one of his book signings (How to Get your Novel Published). "

Doggy Style by Jane May. will be available October 2006.
"This is my first novel. Doggy Style is about the demise of a Manahattan couple's relationship as seen through the eyes of their dog - a mutt with trust issues and attitude problems. "

Dominant Jean by John Anthony Obholz. .
"Outskirts Press, Inc. has published Dominant Jean by John Anthony Obholz. The author's most recent book to date is a 6 x 9 paperback in the action and adventure fiction category and is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The webpage at was launched simultaneously with the book's publication Dominant Jean is the ultimate chase novel. 321 pages in length, Dominant Jean is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the action and adventure fiction category. With U.S. wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and pervasive online availability through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere, Dominant Jean meets consumer demand through both retail and library markets with a suggested retail price of $18.95. Additionally, Dominant Jean can be ordered by retailers or wholesalers for the maximum trade discount price set by the author in quantities of ten or more from the Outskirts Press Direct bookstore at ISBN: 9781432771546 Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream SRP: $18.95 For more information or to contact the author, visit "

Domo 17 -- Book One of The Jamazi Chronicles by Donald Neal McKay. Nonetheless Press, 20332 W. 98th St., Lenexa, KS 66220.
""This novel has a strong, powerful and intriguing narrative, beautifully balanced with the authentic feel of Russia. At the back of it all is the definite feeling that an uprising is a razor's edge away; yet the author has a twinkle in his eye as he lets us participate with the mysterious Jamazi and his talented assistants to fight evil forces within the system...It's an escapade not to be missed! I look forward to the next Dr. Jamazi investigation." --Jenny Lohmann, Shropshire Reviews 3,000 in print First Edition 1-877-250-BOOK (2665) toll-free ordering "

Don't Blame Me/The Convict Chronicles by Jonathan Z. Queen.
"Prisons are a breeding ground for thieves, rapists and murderers to congregate and plot ways to become better criminals. This stereotype is glorified by many authors who write about the violent and predatory prison environment while never touching on the emotional and human side of a convict…until now: Asikari Publishing and Authorhouse present Jonathan Queen’s Don’t Blame Me: The Convict Chronicles; a collection of short stories that will take you on a journey behind the walls and barbed wire fences of America’s Prison system and into the hearts and minds of its convicts as well as their loved ones. "

Don't Go Alone! by Margaret M LeNois.
"A mystery psycho-thriller about a philandering CEO who travels for business and loves his ladies along the way, until everywhere that he goes women are ending up dead. Can you figure this mystery out? I doubt it. It definitely is for those who try to guess the endings of mysteries."

Don't Go Alone! by Margaret M LeNois.
"This story is a mystery thriller and one that people have a hard time figuring out until the end. The story is about CEO Michael Bannigan who must travel for his company, but women start ending up murdered at each hotel that he visits. He also has a problem with a women he had loved and who had a nervous break-down and now stalks him; his wife is having him followed due to his womanizing; and he has a new love whom he knows nothing about."

Don't Mess With Earth by Cliff Ball.
"Advanced humans, calling themselves Terrans, leave a highly corrupt and mostly primitive Earth to search out a new planet to inhabit. Once on a new planet, they begin exploring the rest of the galaxy and begin watching over their more primitive human cousins back on Earth. Some Terrans are well known in human history, people such as King Arthur, Galileo, Genghis Khan, and Amelia Earhart. The Terrans come across an alien species, called the Ragnor, that experiment on other species for no reason other than that they can. The Ragnor discover Earth by accident and start their abductions and experiments on the first set of humans they come across, the colonists on Roanoke Island. The Ragnor continue to cause mayhem and mischief on Earth, eventually getting shot down over Roswell, New Mexico. Once the humans on Earth figure out they're being manipulated by both sides, President Truman has the United States embark on a plan to pay back both the Terrans and the Ragnor with the technology created by Area 51. Once the plan is initiated, will Earth succeed in its payback or fail gloriously?"

Double Dealing by Christina Brett.
"If Liz Bennett's life had been a movie for television the hand that reached for the blue envelope that had just come in the mail would have moved in slow motion, right before her world collapsed around her. A story of murder most foul, of romance and new beginnings, with wit and great dialogue --- one of those stories one cannot put down."

Double Play in Beantown by G.S. Rowe. Pocol Press, 6023 Pocol Drive, Clifton, VA 20124.
"The third installment in the Will Beaman Baseball Mystery series, this book picks up in 1901 with the protagonist testing his baseball team loyalties between the National League Beaneaters and the upstart American League entry Boston Pilgrims. This time, amateur detective Beaman feels compelled to solve the murders of young women."

Down There/ The James Adventure Series Vol III by Marc J Loranger.
"This book is Volume III in an adventure series I developed. All copies are 1st edition. Available in eBook as well through Nook and Kindle."

Down to a Sunless Sea by Mathias B. Freese.;;
"Down to a Sunless Sea plunges the reader into uncomfortable situations and into the minds of troubled characters. Each selection is a different reading experience -- poetic, journalistic, nostalgic, wryly humorous, and even macabre. An award-winning essayist and historical novelist -- The i Tetralogy, Mathias B. Freese brings the weight of his twenty-five years as a clincal social worker and psychotherapist into play as he demonstrates a vivid understand of -- and compassion toward -- the deviant and damaged. "Mathias B. Freese has the ability, without mawkisnness or sentimentality, to delve into the darkest struggle of life." -- Tracy-Jane Newton, editor, "Dare to observe shadow dwellers limelit by sometimes austere, always weird and deep Freese,tune your taste 'for a dose of Freudian sauce,' and don't be too daunted by the tinge of suspicious ash in the sunless air." -- David Herrle, editor, Subtle Tea."

Downside road by Jerry Turner.
"Gladys Blackstone, shop assistant in a bakery, is thrilled when Roy Jenkins, the delivery man, asks her out on a date. Handsome, debonair, well-educated, a real gentleman, he’s everything an impressionable young girl could hope for in a boyfriend. Gladys is excited about Roy’s obvious interest in her, but her parents are worried, given that Roy is so much older. And there’s more to Roy than meets the eye. Suffering from the after-effects of World War II, he is plagued by nightmares and headaches and the memory of a young Resistance worker whom he was unable to save. He finds it hard to settle into civilian life, drifting from one low-paying job to the next. When Gladys finds herself pregnant, she and Roy marry, and their wedding is a splendid affair. But their life together is anything but splendid—marred by carelessness, dishonesty, debt, and poverty—and they have five children, whose childhood balances precariously on an unstable foundation. Based on a true story, Downside Road is a gritty and realistic family saga that is both poignant and beautifully told."

Dragon Tamer by Cole Barton. Trafford Publishing, 2333 Government St. Victoria B.C. V8T 4P4, Canada.
"Dragon Tamer is an action-packed thriller about a global criminal conspiracy to markett and ancient Mayan drug. And only one man, a veteran DEA agent can stop them."

DRAW by JREAL. Real Ink Publishing P.O. Box 87954 Canton MI 48187.
"New Title From Real Ink Publishing Called DRAW Classic Uraban Fiction Series. You wont be able to put it down. Order Your Copy Today!!"

Dream Away by Sylvia L. Gregg. Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Rd-515, Parker, Colorado 80134.

Dreams: An Incomprehensible Aspect of Communication by Evenson Dufour. Outskirts Press, Inc. 10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Parker, CO 80134. 1-888-OP-BOOKS.
"Fresh New Look at Age Old Mystery, Dreams, Published by Outskirts Press Outskirts Press announces the latest highly anticipated body, mind, spirit and dreams book from West Palm Beach, FL, author Evenson Dufour. Dreams: An Incomprehensible Aspect of Communication by Evenson Dufour. The author's most recent book to date is a 6 x 9 paperback in the body, mind, spirit and dreams category and is available worldwide on book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The webpage at was launched simultaneously with the book's publication. “Bright, young, and ambitious, Evenson Dufour desperately wants to be a model of a free thinker. If you haven't read Dreams: An Incomprehensible Aspect of Communication yet, you should rush to get this book.” "

Dreans of Reality by Sylvia Hubbard.
"Skye realizes she is part of mind controlling substances drug research being illegally injected into unsuspecting women. The drugs invade her life enveloping her in a world she never thought she could experience and a love too good to be true. Check it out and download a FREE BOOK IN PROGRESS. (Available in ebook AND tradeback)"

DRIFT by Steven Paul Mark. www/

Drift by P.D. Andersson.
"A Danish coastal village of 950 AD is torn in two by competing claims – Bjorn, who buried his beloved wife Freya six months past, refuses to accede to her brother Svein’s predatory demands. Their struggle for power sends Bjorn and his men on a Viking journey he never foresaw . . . where he learns that desire, set adrift, brings both reward and risk."

Early Frost by Ray Hoy.
"Jack Frost is a man with a murky past. While blessed with incredible mental and physical toughness, he is cursed with a conscience and a fierce loyalty to friends. J.T. Ripper, Frost's alcoholic Doberman, has no such problem. Ripper was born pissed. The two find themselves fighting for their lives in Las Vegas when Frost's best friend, a "semi-retired" Syndicate boss, asks for help. All hell breaks loose. "A street fight of a novel from start to finish!" ––The Sandman, The Black Rock Hotel "Early Frost is a hold-your-breath page-turner." --Patricia Lucas White, A Wizard Scorned"

ebony marshal by Sean Chandler. branded black publishing p.o. box 950781 okc, okla 73195.
"I used the self-publishing manual religiously the first time that I published my book. The instructions were easy to follow, and I achieved much more than I thought I would for my first time out. Mr. Poynter is a great teacher, and his book is a godsend."

Echoes of Yesteryears by Ike Moah.

Ecotopia by Ernest Callenbach.
"Self-published in 1975, later taken up by Bantam, 9 translations, almost a million total sales. "

Ecotopia Emerging by Ernest Callenbach.
"Self-published in 1981, now in 4th printing "

Eden-459 by Martin J. Stab. See website.
"The Midwest Book Review: Inspired by author Martin J. Stab's personal UFO sightings, Eden-459 is a thoroughly "reader friendly" science fiction yarn about the creation of an international space station, along with a space ship which can carry astronauts on a one-way mission to a new planet. Alien infiltration on Earth, and plots of destruction for the trailblazing mission, lead to murder, murmurs of mutiny, and worse aboard the space faring vessel, -- all the while, a great asteroid is threatening to obliterate the Earth. An exciting adventure that stretches past cosmic limits, Eden-459 is recommended reading for any science fiction buff. "

Edward Maret: A Novel of the Future by Robert I. Katz. Willowgate Press, P.O. Box 6529, Holliston, MA 01746.,
"An innocent man is framed by jealous pretenders to his inheritance and to the hand of his fiancee in Robert I. Katz's first novel, Edward Maret: A Novel of the Future. Edward is "disappeared" by the authorities and turned into a cyborg slave, only to return years later to exact a transmogrifying revenge. Publishers Weekly--February 26, 2001 I've been invited to the Long Island Science Fiction Convention (ICON), the Baltimore Science Fiction Convention (Balticon) and have numerous readings/signings set up. My book has been selling steadily since its release and has gotten very favorable reviews. "

Edward of Planet Earth by Nicholas Eftimiades. 12609 Springloch Ct., Silver Spring. MD 20904.
""Edward of Planet Earth" is a madcap adventure that spoofs modern life, from organized religion to the traffic control system. Two hundred years in the future, Edward Temple, a "uniquely ordinary person", becomes caught up in an zany world where self-aware super-computers are as argumentative, egotistical, demanding, and emotionally needy as the humans they serve. Everything is fair game as Edward navigates befuddled governments, psychotic software, greedy corporations, overly attentive robots, and romance. And of course jelly donuts find their way into the story. "

Eight O'Clock Blues: How one employee challenged a corporat giant and suffered the consequences by Candy Stevans. Book One Publishing, Inc., P.O. Box 80781, Rochester, MI 48308-0781.

El Almidón del Kaiser by Arturo Darío Valdés Herrera.
"It is a historical novel based mostly in real stories of the authors family. You can look at a video trailer in:"

El Midnighter by Efren D. castro.
"The Hispanic "Deer Hunter"."

Elizabeth and the Observatory by Daniel Jay Hultine. W4032 Skyline Road. DanielHultine@Facebook
" My name is Daniel Hultine. I have reworked H.G.Wells The War of the Worlds to bring it up-to-date while remaining in it's original 1898 time period. I created two characters basing them around the main astronomer in H.G. Wells novel The book was released last year by Outskirts Press. "

Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals by Peggy McAloon & Anneka Rogers.
"Elle Burton is an ordinary kid...or so she thinks. On her tenth birthday, she encounters a tiny fairy-like being who enters Earth through a reflection of Elle in the water. The creature comes from a world called Fiori and entices her to become a to help them protect the children of Earth. Being a guide seems like the opportunity of a lifetime. Elle has always loved helping others, and now she'll have magical assistance. She will also get to go through the Reflective Portal into the beautiful land of Fiori. But not everybody wants her to succeed. Elle confronts the loss of her own father in Afghanistan, bullying, and physical child abuse in book 1. A renowned child psychologist, Catherine Gruener, has prepared a two-page discussion sheet for parents to use to open the lines of communication with their children using the characters in the book. This is a free download from the Books tab on the website. The book is available in paperback and ebook at Amazon and other online retailers and bookstores everywhere. The book is 274 pages $13.95 for softcover and $2.99 for ebook. ISBN 978-1-62787-056-6 for the paperback and ISBN 978-1-62787-090-0 for the ebook"

Emily's Hope by Ellen Gable.
"Honorable Mention award in Religious Fiction in the Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2006."

Emma by Brett Campbell. P.O. Box 932, Naas, Co.Kildare, Ireland.

Emma by Brett Campbell. Suite 44 The Stables, Kill, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Engines of Corruption by Larry Maisner.
"This work of fiction is a chilling reminder of the power brokering by criminal interests that could be infiltrating your government. Even as you read the book!"

Equinox - Six Declinations by Richard S. Freeland.
"2nd Edition. Available as an ebook from DragonLyre Publishing, the Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other retailers. Available as a .pdf from DragonLyre Publishing."

ESCAPE FROM AUSTRALWITZ by A W Halligan. Suite 6E, 2333 Government St. Victoria, BC, Canada V8T 4P4.
"This is the first edition. It is a mystery / thriller for young adults on up. The Australian Aborigines could possibly be the oldest culture on Earth. Find out about their black magic and soul stealing rituals."

Espresso Fiction: A Collection of Flash Fiction for the Average Joe by Kaj Anderson-Bauer.
"ebook only; Full list of contributors include: Kaj Anderson-Bauer, Eleanor Bennett, Roy Buck, Brian Cooper, Jacqueline Delibes, Shawn Duyette, Christopher Hackbarth, Richard Helmling, Walter Holland, Sean Lefler,Danilo Lopez, Catherine A. MacKenzie, Monica Martinez, Debra Mathis, Melanie McDonald, Peter McKenna, Melissa Mendelson, Brandon Meyer, Shelley Muniz, Ryan Moll, Brittany Newell, Vincent Rendoni, Allie Rowbottom, Jessica Simms, Louise Farmer Smith, Simone Stedmon, Clare Tascio, Ling E. Teo, Valerie Tidwell, Lauren Tolbert, Gina Wohlsdorf, Meirav Zehavi"

Even Odder: More Stories to Chill the Heart by Steve Burt. 29 Arnold Place, Norwich, CT 06360.
"2003 Bram Stoker Nominee/Finalist and runner-up to Harry Potter (young adults category). Over 6000 in print. First in Stories to Chill the Heart series by The Sinister Minister, popular school visitor."

Evermore:The Evermore Trilogy Begins by Michael Casher.
"This Print-On-Demand science fiction thriller has been favorably reviewed by TCM as "...a dream for sci fi die hards...""

EverWing by MJ Grothoff.
"This is book one of eight with book two arriving in the next couple months. We also are working on a comic book series along with a weekly web comic. Come check us out on our website -"

Every Best Gift - a tale of the ages by Vynette K Holliday.

Ex-Appeal by Jordan Michaels, Debra Clayton.
"Would you sleep with your best friend's ex? That's the question that 27-year old Sidney Foster has to answer when she falls in love with her best friend's ex-husband. When it comes to love, who and what are you willing to sacrafice for it?"

Eyes Up, Heels Down by Karen A. Stansbury. Lakeland Terrier Press, LLC.
"(Legal Fiction) What is a psychic vampire? A Connecticut attorney exposes the behind the scenes nonsense that goes on in divorce litigation! (The only people who win are the lawyers). Attorney Emma Carbury of Stay Balanced! is transforming her life. She moves to a town on the Connecticut coast and opens a law firm with her friend Denise. Her divorce trial, a mortifying waste of time and money, is pending in Superior Court, and her husband is descending to new levels of betrayal. There is a very interesting doctor at her rowing club, but Emma is astonished by the fact that she may be attracted to her horse's new trainer, who is a woman. Emma is discovering, as the year progresses, that psychic vampirism is very real."

Fables & Foibles by Howard Jarmy. (see website).
"Characters doing things you might never expect them to do. Whimsy with warmth, 80 pieces, quirky, thoughtful looks at dancers, musicians, a lonely prince, a cardigan-wearing monkey, racing pigs, commuters, do-gooders, Shakespeare, Zeus, Sir Arthur Sullivan, detectives, a loving ghost, a kidnapped dog, alien football players, islanders, buyers, sellers, Christmas drivers...and more. "

Fables & Foibles: Stories and Essays by Howard Jarmy.
"Short stories and essays, imaginative, whimsical,ofbeat, quirky,fun to read. Read about Greek gods, tango dancers, engineers, musicians, commuters, do-gooders, inventors, belly dancers, islanders, detectives, ghosts,royalty, dreamers, elephants, Shakespeare, Sir Arthur Sullivan, and on and on. Eighty pieces in the book. Website tells how to order."

Fables & Foibles: Stories and Essays by Howard Jarmy.
"Reviewer: "What a pleasure to be in the presence of sly, unbridles wit. Jarmy lets his imagination fly off to the land where almost anything is possible and almost everything is funny." Read about do-gooders in a jungle setting, a cardigan-wearing monkey, the world's oldest man, an English teacher's kidnapped dog, a nervous woman at a wild party featuring a male go-go dancer, a pianist at Carnegie battling a drippy nose, a flying pickle barrel and a commuter launched thru the air by a giant slingshot. Imagination, whimsy, warmth, and fun with an understanding of human nature and the emotions that drive us all. Thoughtful, quirky, offbeat pieces to read again and again with pleasure."

Faith's Turbulent Journey by Allison M. Brown.
"This is my first book. Publication: Mar 31, 2006 Pages: 188 My goal via this book is to inspire people to capture the real feeling of true faith. "

Falling Down by David T. Boyd.
""Falling Down, was without doubt one of the best books I read this summer. I read this book at work in one day. The author really made each character come to life. A must read book!" - K. Horton, Maryland "

Falling Roses by Rosemarie Piemonte.
"What happens after you’re hit by a car, in a coma, and awake to your favorite celebrity sitting beside you? Gabrielle coughed in his face and then did what Johnny had asked--she waited. After moving to Long Island with John, Gabrielle realizes he still has to get rid of his ex--Bernadette. While John sticks to the plan, a pregnant Gabrielle is abducted--twice. Will John and Gabrielle ever find true happiness? How many years will it take to get rid of Bernadette? Or, will Bernadette bury them in a coffin first? A book of Romance, Suspense, Drama, Secret Baby, and Love Triangle, all wrapped into one. Some content may not be suitable for younger readers. Falling Roses is primarily a Romance. "

Falling Roses by Rosemarie Piemonte.
"Falling Roses, a romance novel, by Rosemarie Piemonte received not only 5 Angels by Fallen Angel Reviews, but also a Recommended Read. Falling Roses is a book of romance, drama, secret baby, a love triangle, and rock and roll, all wrapped into one. To learn more and to read the review, visit the author's website. "

Falling Roses: In the Dark by Rosemarie Piemonte.

Falling Roses: The Years Between by Rosemarie Piemonte.
"Falling Roses: The Years Between is primarily a romance with a suspenseful twist that will keep you entertained and guessing from cover to cover. The sequel to Falling Roses (AuthorHouse, 2005), The Years Between will let you discover more romance, suspense, drama, a secret baby, and a few love triangles all wrapped into one."

False Witness by Larry Buttram. 9185 Matthew Dr. Manassas Park, Va. 20111.
"It is the summer of 1963 in rural East Tennessee. Ethan Ward, thirteen, is enjoying his summer vacation. On a trip to a friend’s house--on a hot and dusty country road--he sees two black strangers shoot and kill a Deputy Sheriff. They escape leaving him the only witness. The men are never caught, and for years Ethan lives in fear of their return. Then, in a chance meeting six years later, he learns that things are not always what they appear, and that good and evil aren’t divided along the color line."

Family Secrets by DeAnn Daley Holcomb.
"Jennalee will never forget the day she learned the shattering truth about her identity. The words from her adopted father ring in her ears. “Your Aunt Charlene knew everything; she arranged it all.” Set in Texas, Family Secrets is a heartbreaking and romantic journey of three generations of women. At Charlene’s House of Style, there are secrets shared, gossip galore, and lifetime bonds of family and friendship formed with more than hairspray. Family Secrets is the first novel by award-winning journalist DeAnn Daley Holcomb. The captivating Charlene has designated herself as the town’s fashion expert and social counselor. Charlene must learn to relinquish control and let destiny take its course. The lovely Emma Cherie finds the courage to leave her abusive husband so that she may take a chance at finding happiness with her one true love. The young and beautiful Jennalee is sworn to secrecy about the identity of her birth father. Jennalee turns to the strong and handsome Lance Forrester to soothe away her heartache. Shock and anger give way to humor and happiness, and the discovery of how lifetime experiences reaffirm how important it is to live each day to the fullest. Purchase autographed copies from"

Family Secrets by DeAnn Daley Holcomb.
"The Eric Hoffer Award - Finalist Set in a small Texas town, Family Secrets follows the incredible journey of three generations of women and they explore their hopes, fears and dreams. For the young and beautiful Jennalee, it’s coping with the shattering truth about her identity as she finds comfort in the arms of the strong, smart and handsome Lance Forrester. For the sweet and kind Emma Cherie it’s finding the courage to leave her abusive husband so she can take a chance at finding happiness with her one true love. For the lovely and captivating Charlene, it means learning to relinquish control and let destiny take its course. Purchase information on website"

Fancy by Vanna B..
"-Winner - 2012 Philly Hip Hop Awards "Best Author" -Nominee - 2013 AAMBC Awards "Female Author of the Year" -Nominee - 2013 AAMBC Awards "Reader's Choice" -Nominee - 2013 Urban Literary Awards "Debut Author of the Year" -Kindle best-seller"

FAR ABOVE RUBIES by Cynthia P. Gallagher.
"Based on a true story, this historical novel tells of a Dutch woman caught in the nightmare of Hitler's regime when she volunteers to accompany her six stepdaughters to Auschwitz. Available through, "Home of Tomorrow's Bestsellers." accepts only agented works and strives to be a clearing house for new authors to ultimately win traditional print publishing contracts."

Far Above Rubies by Cynthia Polansky.
"Based on a true story, FAR ABOVE RUBIES, recounts the experiences of a Dutch woman who voluntarily accompanies her six stepdaughters to Auschwitz. Nominated for the 2001 Frankfurt E-Book Award and the 2002 EPIC Award. Available in trade paperback and electronic formats."

Fatal Addiction by Everett Beal Rph.
"Published 9/30/06 I have had 26 book signings autographing 30 books many times. I normally do semi lectures to interested readers and addicts.At least 25 guests have said."God bless you for writing Fatal Addiction and six told me the book saved a family member's life. I sacrificed 30 months at 8 to 15 hours a day.I also relieved the pharmacist in detox centers to learn more about substance abuse. I joined in the fight against substance abuse.Seems to be a losing battle but when I hear the good messages that I have saved a life then it's worth it."

Fatal Addiction by Everett Beal Rph. 253 Wynnwood Drive C1 Griffin,GA 30224. Click here: Everett Beal (author) on AuthorsDen
"First edition, Author of the month, Jada Award, International contest Available world wide web outlets for books. Twenty-two book signings. Many are asking about a sequel? "God bless you for writing Fatal Addiction." Others, "Sis would still be here if she read this book." Prisoners have written Beal to send FA to help them. Doc Beal spent thirty months, writing FA. He worked in detox centers for a year. Thirty years as a pharmacist fully qualifies him to know what he is sharing. Members of the medical team said they read from cover to cover before putting FA down. Beal plans on Fatal Addiction becoming a movie. Some have said, " Don't get hooked on drugs, get hooked on Fatal Addiction. This book will hold your attention from cover to cover with addiction, abuse, execution, terrorism, murder, rape, junkies, cons, pushers, (isn't that enough for one book) well I must not leave out, there's a beautiful love story running like a thread throughout the book. Doc Beal sacrificed his time to write Fatal Addiction to join the cause and help fight drug abuse. When he autographs Fatal Addiction; My intentions are to open the eyes of America. For Addiction knows no classes nor boundaries. Everett Beal Rph"

Fatal Addiction by Everett Beal Rph.
"ADDICTION KNOWS NO CLASSES NOR BOUNDARIES Addiction and abuse walk hand in hand and the end result is poverty. Yes, I felt sorry for the patients I saw who fell from grace, lost their jobs, lost their homes and lost their families. All were contributing factors and crime soon developed to support their habits. Substance abuse does take charge. Sometimes the mother is left to take control of the family and try to be patient with the father. And often both parents picked up the habit together. Grandparents took over from there. "

Fatal Addiction by Everett Beal Rph.. 1217 Highway 246 Dillard,Ga.30537.
" FATAL ADDICTION by Everett Beal (Novel based on true happenings) Rape, murder, and execution where justice prevailed. Drugs are controlling the direction our world is turning. Addiction from habit forming drugs presents a stage for terrorists to develop their plans to destroy addicts in America. Homeland Security, pharmacists and an unknown hero could prevent this explosive catastrophe. JadaPress International award third place 2006"

Fate of Heart by Mary Mongiovi.

Father to the Man by Barbara J. Olexer. 9752 SE 43rd Ave., Unit D, Milwaukie, OR 97222.
"Large Print. A father and his teenage daughter grow up together. "

Fault Island by David H. Swendsen. 503 Tumbling Hawk, Acton, Ma. 01718.
"Mix together, man/woman-against a lion and then a hammerhead shark. Throw in a diabolical new Nazi organization that has already begun to institute their plan -to take over the world- by placing nuclear bombs into the most vulnerable Faults throughout the earth.A love afair, an island war, all begins and ends on this island 500 miles off the coast of Chile, right at the 25,000 foot deep ocean Fault, which just erupted in March of 2010,causing Widespread damage and deaths on the Chile mainland. "

FEETS ( A Civil War Novel ) by James Gholson, Jr..

Finding Angels by Kelli James Klymenko.
"Herakleopolis, Egypt ~ 4235 BCE Nehkre Sentia, the keeper of ancient mysteries, was entombed alive in an act of gruesome violence by the priests of the Kher Heb. Her name was removed from all known tablets and scrolls. Manhattan, New York ~ 2005 AD Statues are found with the inscription "Nehkre Sentia." Finding Angels ~ is the first installment of the Spirit Exodus Trilogy. In the process of becoming a feature film, Finding Angels chronicles the interconnecting journeys of seven individuals, guided by an ancient spirit ~ Nehkre Sentia. Gabriel, haunted by her presence since early childhood, accepts his destiny and attempts to fulfill it ~ along with his sister Monica and her friend Regina, he races against time and the unknown, now aware that they are being secretly monitored by elite groups that desire to thwart the spirit's plan. Guided only by visions and dreams, these travelers journey across entire countries only to meet by chance where they join with four more, and together embark on a spellbinding quest resulting in realizations of spectacular lost truths. "

Fireships & Brimstone by Richard A. Minich. All Esox Publications P.O. Box 493 East Aurora, NY 14052.
"Limited edition hardcover collectible book by the author of three other musky fishing books "

Firestorm by Michael Archer. P.O. Box 128, Glendora, CA 91740.
"Firestorm is a story of adventure, intrigue, and romance in Central America. Facing bankruptcy, the high-tech American wildland firefighting company Firebombers Incorporated journeys to Central America in hopes of winning a long-term firefighting contract. Instead, they become embroiled in an uprising engineered by ruthless druglords against the democratically-elected government. A group of the firefighters and a small contingent of U.S. artillerymen (that’s a long story) are besieged at a remote telephone relay station. What are the chances that they can hold off a druglord army of over 5,000 for two days? An Air Force AC-130U gunship flying over the middle of the Gulf of Mexico is running out of fuel. Too far from land in any direction to safely touch down, unable to refuel in the air due to battle damage, what can the firefighter transport pilot manning the controls (that’s another long story) do to get the crew home safely? And who exactly is the mysterious new commander of the 701st Firejumper Company, John Standing Bear? “In FIRESTORM, Mr. Archer offers a story of excitement and high drama… and what the author delivers exceeds expectations. The concept is interesting and intriguing. Both internal and external conflicts are skillfully interwoven, creating a seamless story with a powerful impact. Pacing throughout the book is quick, with building tension driving the plot to a satisfying ending.” – Writer’s Digest “Firestorm is action-packed and will keep the reader enthralled throughout” – Julie Herath, The Nashville News "

First and Second Assignments by Ike Morah.

FIRST BITE by John Harrington Burns. 891 W. Yosemite Dr. Meridian, ID 83646 USA.
"In FIRST BITE, Burns stretches his limits yet again to create an eminently satisfying read. Moving stories of human tragedy and triumph. A fine sense of humor and a subtle wit. Ventures into the supernatural, science fiction and mythology. His story-telling hand grows surer with each book, and he's told me more are on the way. I'm not at all surprised, and I'm thrilled to hear it. He's a rising star in short story writing, and he only gets better with each book. And, to carry on with what I said in my previous review, you'll find more ideas in these two short story collections than you'll find in the careers of many novelists. Burns can give you an entire world in a few broad strokes and then move on before the paint is dry. -M. LaRocca"

"Novella plus colllection of short stories dealing with first dates. "

First Year by Barbara Schnell.
"First Year is an amusing look at a young woman's plunge into marriage and a new way of life. "...sidesplitting comedy...guaranteed to generate smiles." Romantic Times "...engaging and believable...Stevie is an appealing heroine." Kirkus Discoveries. Selected Editor's Choice by iUniverse ISBN 0-595-28826-x"

Fish Farm by Louis Romano.
"Debut novel of Louis Romano. Dan Rattiner of Dan's Papers in the Hamptons, New York called it "extraordinary." Available on Amazon.Com in paperback and Kindle!"

Flashes of the Other World by Julie Ann Shapiro.
"Flashes of the Other World is a quirky story collection where magic realism, traumas and the absurd meet. From talking spirits to wine bottles and dimes that have their say it’s one wild, surreal world. === Bio Julie Ann Shapiro is a freelance writer, short story author and novelist. Visit her website: http://www. to learn more about Julie's writing and publications. "

FLASHING MY SHORTS by Salvatore Buttaci. .
"Flashing My Shorts is a collection of 164 short-short stories that run the gamut from humor to horror and everything in between! Available at in paperback and Kindle and published in 2010 by All Things That Matter Press, Flashing My Shorts is the ideal book of quick reads for folks on the go. Salvatore Buttaci, author of Flashing My Shorts"

Flight by Genevieve Sesto. Century Book Distribution, Inc. 814 Boon, Traverse City, MI 49686.
"An enthralling first novel...plays with language in new and exciting ways. Fascinating twists and turns of an engaging plot. One is soon drawn into a ring of mysteries fraught with danger...when someone disappears. Renaissance Magazine Clever dialogue and fast-paced suspense create a bold new story of many women...the women who search- and the women who hide. The novel's prose is tight and crisp, the turns of plot effectively manipulated to create suspense...a wonderfully engrossing first novel. Prof. Andrew M. McLean, Univeristy of Wisconsin"

Flirtin' with Jesus by Robert Paul Blumenstein. 436 Walnut St, 11th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106.
"Have you ever wondered why present-day man finds it a challenge to relate to the life of Jesus? The action-packed novel, Flirtin' with Jesus, has the answer. Though far from a "religious" presentation, this book does offer spiritual food-for-thought. It is an exciting read and offers many hours of entertainment. Yet, John Williamson of Throttle Magazine does issue this caveat: "It's [Flirtin' with Jesus] not for the faint-hearted. Loaded with graphic and colorful scenes, chock-full of bizarre characters with strange, and possibly dangerous obsessions, this novel is a roller-coaster ride of the imagination. Think David Lynch crossed with P.T. Barnum-- it's wild!" Order from author's web page:"

Fly on the Wall by Robin Coe.
"On a date with his coworker, Jaylin dies and finds himself in a surreal afterlife world where he gets to choose to be reborn over and over. He learns that he must attend an orientation that will in turn prep him for choosing his next reincarnation on Earth. While his guide, Dorian, attempts to counsel him, he fumbles through the shorter lifespans of various earth creatures and learns a little more about life than he thought he did. Torn between completely starting over and staying put in this new realm, Jaylin does his best to avoid the commitment of another human life."

Flying Between Heaven and Earth by Gina E. Jones.

Flying Dragon by Capt. H.C. Loetzerich. barnes&noble.
"Readers reviewed this book at barnes&noble, rating it five stars"

Follow Me To Glory by Will Hutchison.
"Story of a young Scottish nobleman coming of age in Victorian England, and as an officer in the Scots Guards in the Crimean War. Available on amazon sites in US, UK, Canada & France. Finalist - ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year 2006 "

For Honor/An Adventure of What Might Have Been by Kat Jaske. 6395 Dan Blocker Ave. #101, Henderson, NV 89011.
"This story may change your life. Can one woman save a country? Can she do it as a lady musketeer, fencer, in 17th-century France, and can she and the musketeers grant a hero's final wish? Selected by Las Vegas high school as featured book for 2006 Reading Incentive Program."

For Love & Liberty by Jerry A. Robbins. P. O. Box 153, Princeton, Mo. 64673.
"For Love & Liberty is the story of the New York spies during the American Revolution. Vivid history seen through the eyes of one Continental soldier turned spy, it tells the tale of the unsung heroes of the Revolution, without whose 'peculiar' service and sacrifice it is doubtful we could have won our independence. For a discount, order at our website through Barnes and Noble. For Love & Liberty is also available through"

For Love of Teddy by J.A. Fulkerson. 3930 S. Dalmont, Hobbs, NM 88240.
"When a high school senior decides to help shut down teenage drug dealers, he does so in a very unusual way. But to Michael Kilpatrick it's worth the danger to save his mentally challenged brother, Teddy, from their threats."

For the Love of a Child by Wilburta Arrowood. P O Box 869, Liberty, MO 64069-0869.
"For the Love of a Child opens with widow Margaret Ceradsky attending her twenty-two-year-old daughter's funeral. A man is responsible for Angela's death, and Margaret intends to track him down and make him pay. She researches how to find a missing person and sets her plan in motion, but, she is a drapery maker, and she has to work. Her first job after the funeral is to replace the draperies at a local church. There she meets a man who will love her, and she learns to love God. Her struggle to please God proves more and more difficult each time a piece of her search falls into place, even after she quits actively seeking. If she finds the fiend who killed her daughter, will she be able to forgive? Could a just God really expect her to? Margaret's journey toward the Lord will make you cheer, cry, and cheer again. I hope it's a story you won't want to miss. To order send $14.85 which includes shipping & handling to: Wilburta Arrowood, P O Box 869, Liberty, MO 64069-0869 OR order via PayPal off my website at "

Forced Intervrntion by Douglas E. Sipple & Charles T. Wolstenholme. 109340 nS. Parker Road - 515, Parker , Colorado 80134. www.
"Available in e-book formats through, Barnes &,, (Canada). Paperback available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Outskirts Press,Inc, Ingram, Baker & Taylor"

Fossil Rocks by Barbara J. Olexer.
"Take a former country star, add a beautiful mining magnate, stir into a tiny town known for its fossil beds and stand back. It’s an explosive mixture! Wesley Callaghan was a star ten years ago, now he’s an itinerant ranch hand. Yelisa MacKenzie has inherited her family’s mercury mine and operates it herself. One night at the local bar, they are both in the audience when a small band takes the stand. The leader recognizes Wesley and persuades him to sing a couple of numbers. Yelisa is intrigued and electricity crackles between them. Complications set in when Wesley’s current girlfriend causes ructions. Wesley decides to reactivate his music career and life is very exciting. An unexpected baby girl brings them a hefty dose of reality – she isn’t Yelisa’s but is she Wesley’s? Then Yelisa gets herself trapped in the mine when an explosive charge detonates too soon, and the excitement is nearly terminal. Fossil Rocks! Published in December, 2007. "

Fossil Rocks by Barbara J. Olexer. 9752 S.E. 43rd Avenue, Unit D, Milwaukie, OR 97222.
"Large Print Edition"

Fountain's Glory by Micah OBrien. P.O. Box 2552, New Smyrna Beach, Fll 32169.
"Fountain Lindsey is in midlife and feels a need gto do something different from the norm -- something for which he will be remembered. With his dog, he sets out to sail,and, in his mind, to said around the world."

Fourth Group of Assignments - The avenging ghost by Ike Morah.

Francesca of Lost Nation by Lucinda Sue Crosby.
"A Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention for General Fiction, this novel is a fun, fast-paced read suitable for the entire family. The book is penned by Roy Roger's Goddaughter and Pretty Woman actress Lucinda Sue Crosby."

Frankenstein REC by Costas Zapas. Greg Athan.
"published June 2014 Paperback ISBN: 978-618-81313-0-9 eBook Kindle ISBN: 978-618-81313-1-6 Optioned for feature film in development"

Frantic by Frances Lynn.
"Frantic, a novel about the nostalgic early '70s was published by Eiworth Publishing, a POD publisher. It's available from Diggory Press and Lulu. "

Freedom's Menace by W. Laurence Willis. 233 Loggers Trail, Bldg.C, St. Louis, MO 63026.
"The enchantment and beauty of Hawaii comes to life in this action packed novel of political intrigue. Just as the international struggle to surpress terrorism, the real menace, China, steps from the shadows and takes a lethal swipe at the United States. Agent Trevor Brice is called in to learn the secret of China's power. The secret is hidden in the most unlikely of places, inside Hawaii's most famous volcano, Kilauea."

Freshman Mom - A Novel by Karen Gorback, Ph.D..
" "Karen Gorback's contemporary fiction novel, Freshman Mom, is a feel-good story that works," says Jack Magnus in his review for Readers' Along with five-star reviews, Freshman Mom has been honored as a finalist in the Readers' Favorite International Book Contest. This light-hearted story of a single mother who goes back to college, despite loud objections from family and friends, is available in paperback and Kindle formats at and at Barnes and It is also available through Outskirts Press at Hear Karen read a selection from Chapter 1 at The audio excerpt is beneath the synopsis. "

FROG by Jeffrey Barbieri.
"In a house where mockery is a key survival skill and mom is no where to be found, Benjamin and his 3 brothers must learn about life - and themselves- on their own. LETS FIND YOU chronicles his remarkable upbringing in a singularly unique family. "

From a Gentle Lantern by Larry Maisner.

From Earth's Sorrows by Terry Mae.
"Sequel: "To Heaven's Joys" & a companion "Love" series by Terry Mae are also available. Print copies may be ordered through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, etc. E-book versions are available from the publisher, Outskirts Press of Denver, CO "

From the Ashes of Madness by James Dawson.
""From the Ashes of Madness" is a 306 page romance/mystery/adventure in both CD and PDF versions."

From The Dead by John Herrick. Order at online retailers or visit
"A preacher’s son. A father in hiding. A guilty heart filled with secrets. When Jesse Barlow escaped to Hollywood at age eighteen, he hungered for freedom, fame and fortune. Eleven years later, his track record of failure results in a drug-induced suicide attempt. Revived at death’s doorstep, Jesse returns to his Ohio hometown to make amends with his preacher father, a former love, and Jesse’s own secret son. But Jesse’s renewed commitment becomes a baptism by fire when his son’s advanced illness calls for a sacrifice—one that could cost Jesse the very life he regained. A story of mercy, hope, and second chances, From The Dead captures the human spirit with tragedy and joy. “Eloquence with an edge. In a single chapter, John Herrick can break your heart, rouse your soul, and hold you in suspense. Be prepared to stay up late.” — Doug Wead, New York Times bestselling author and advisor to two presidents"

Frozen Moon: A Jenny-Dog and the Son of Light Novel by D.M. Greenwald. Amazon;; Outskirts Press.
"An exciting, critically acclaimed novel about an amazing man who uses rescued dogs to rescue people. You won't be able to put this book down."

Fruit Fly by Janice Tucker. Unison Media Group, 351 Pleasant St # 354, Northampton, MA 01060-3900.
"Fruit Fly Tucker, Janice ISBN: 1-932764-00-3 Unison Media Group Paperback $12.95 192pp Fruit Fly, a light-hearted fictional love story centers around the life and eccentricities of Kate Kendall, a woman in her late forties, and her best friend Alex Renault, a gay man in his thirties. The college town of Northampton, Massachusetts comes to life with its unique setting and colorful array of characters. Kates previous history with men has left her untrusting and paranoid of heterosexual relationships until she meets a visiting architect who, against his better judgement, finds himself fascinated with Kate and her friends. Meanwhile, Alexs flirtatious teasing with a handsome construction worker blossoms into true love."

Full Moon Morning by Barbara Bitela.
"Full Moon Morning: A Shanghai Survivor’s Story, is a tale based on the true life adventure of a young boy (Dieter Ludwig) during World War II Shanghai. This Shanghai saga presents a telling and courageous display of one boy’s tenacity, faith and street smarts through the most harrowing of circumstances during the Japanese occupation. A STARMAKER ROLE FOR THE RIGHT YOUNG TALENT: AGENT FOR AUTHOR AND SCREENWRITER IS ED SILVER - CONTACT EDSILVERAGENCY.COM"

Full Moon Saturday Night by John Ellis.

Gambling for Good Mail by Evelyn Cole. 1748 Deer Canyon Road, Arroyo Grand, CA 93420.
"For a Really Good Time, Read . . . Readers Everywhere are Raving about Gambling for Good Mail Deanne Goodwin of Cayucos, California writes, "I finished your book. What a great, fun and chockfull of insights read. You are a smarter and even sexier writer than I was aware. I barely put it down." Kay Van Horn of Dover, Delaware writes "I roared laughing. What humor! It was by far the best thing I've read this year." And Nixson Borah of Atascadero, California writes, "Wow! You really captured Orange County!" "

Gangster Space Aliens by Lee Brooks.

Gantlet: A Love Story by Lee Travis.
"Based on the true story of the author's 10-year battle for the custody of his only child, Gantlet has received five star reviews from men, womem, grandparents, psychologists and lawyer-- all of whom state that they found the grippling tale "hard to put down.""

Gantlet: A Love Story by Lee Travis.
"Fourteen years in the writing, this based- on-a-true-story novel traces the terrors and final triumph of a 10-year custody battle between a father and lawyers, a second husband, and a millionaire psychotic grandmother. Laced with allusions to great literary figures, the novel is a hard-nosed, and highly imformed, look at a national tragedy."

Gavacho by Dennis Willaim O'Keefe. 1461 Kervon Ct. Eugene, Or. 97405.
"Gavacho is a journalistic thriller investigating illegal immigration and drug smuggling across the U.S./Mexico border. It is the first of a series featuring reporter/columnist Danny O'Hara. "

Gerald and the Wee People by Greta Burroughs. PO Box 9, Green Sea, SC 29545.!/pages/Greta-Burroughs/187320551317744
" Two teenage boys respond to a plea for help and literally fall into another world. They become involved in a war and come up with some clever plans to temporarily prevent an evil force from entering the village of the wee people. Unfortunately, time is running out, the gates are getting weaker and the weapon stash is dwindling. Something else has to be done to stop the war completely. Gerald, Vernon and six companions embark on a quest to defeat the crazed forest god who is set on destroying all the inhabitants living on that world and put an end to the war. They follow a path described in an old prophecy but things do not go as planned. The clock is ticking…. Available in print and digital editions at and "

Getting Filthy Rich by David Pereda.

GETTING OUT THE GAME by Omar Powell. 5041 Bradley Blvd #4,Chevy Chase MD 20815.
"Great Book written by first time author Omar Powell.Based on true events and experiences.Real recognise real.GROWING UP IN THE STREETS>BUT NO MATTER WHAT:EDUCATION COMES FIRST."

Getting to Lamma by Jan Alexander.

Ghettoway Weekend by Lawrence Christopher.
"Lawrence Christopher's MF Unlimited book titles include All about Mary, Dog ‘Em and Mary’s Little Lamb, all are Mick Hart Mystery novellas. LAWRENCE’S fourth fiction title, Ghettoway Weekend, is his crossover to romantic urban literature. Speaking of crossing over . . . HE WROTE A WHAT? LAWRENCE not only wrote but also illustrated The Tickle Fingers: Where is Pinky? - A read-a-long, sing-a-long children’s book, for ages three and up. "

Ghost and the Ghetto by Seveer. 815 Sheridan Park Court Bexley ohio 43209.

Gift of the Bambino by Jerry Amernic.
"Gift of the Bambino is a love story that is peripherally about baseball. Babe Ruths first home-run ball is the axis on which this tale of triumph and adversity turns. It is at times both heart-wrenching and heart-warming, and a thoroughly enjoyable read. - W. P. Kinsella (Shoeless Joe/Field of Dreams) Considering baseballs enduring popularity, Gift of the Bambino has the makings of a family-oriented Hollywood movie, a cross between The Natural and Field of Dreams. It will make the perfect gift for a young baseball fan. - The Wall Street Journal If this picks up any momentum, it could be the sports version of The Da Vinci Code. - L. A. Daily News Amernic makes a good case for baseball magic. This nostalgic look at the golden days of baseball is worth picking up. - The Oakland Tribune The Toronto rookie novelist has created a captivating tale of baseball and life in bittersweet notes. - The Seattle Post-Intelligencer The subtitle of this book should really be baseball as a metaphor for life. A boy and a grandfather form a close relationship owing to their common love of baseball. The plot revolves around Babe Ruths first home run in 1914 and the quest for the remains of that magical ball. This coming-of-age yarn is perfect for young adults and readers who are young at heart. - Library Journal I had absolutely no idea how enjoyable a journey it would be meandering through the pages of this touching yarn of a boy and his grandfather, their mutual love of baseball, and the games greatest performer, George Herman Ruth. - The Toronto Sun This tale inevitably spurs the word heart-warming. Amernic generates a sepia-tinted Field of Dreams nostalgia. The truly moving scenes show the loving counsel of old age, the awakening of a young mind, and a friendship that spans generations. - The Globe and Mail Nothing quite captures the whimsical fancies of young and old the way baseball does. From that place in the heart comes one of the most touching novels youll ever read, Jerry Amernics debut, Gift of the Bambino. - Carol Nashe, Talk Show Hosts "

Gilded by Catherine Karp. Coachlight Press, 1704 Craig's Store Rd., Afton, VA 22920.
"Winner of the Hollywood Film Festival's Book Award. In 1897 New England, the mistreated wife of a popular small-town mayor finds her life altered by a hatmaker who loves his lady customers far too intimately. "The love triangle...builds to a juggernaut of suspense." ~THE HISTORICAL NOVELS REVIEW; "[The heroine's] spirited resilience and increasing self-awareness give her great depth, and make GILDED a fascinating read." ~INSCIPTIONS MAGAZINE "

Girl from the Gutter by Monica Madison.

Glow From From a Gentle Lantern by Larry Maisner.
"Theodore Selig, MD: street brawler, music man, physician, medical director. He carries a savage childhood guilt through to manhood. But, a rich broth of love, admiration, and concern stirred by friends and lovers, steers him towards his goal of founding a childrens' clinic. His glorious leap toward absolution appears about to be scuttled by shadowy rogues. But Theodore is by no means the conventionally equipped physician."

GOD IS REASON by James L. Rushing. 541 S. Coast Hwy Laguna Bch CA 92651 .
"A novel about the discovery of the identity of God. To know Reason is to know God."

God's Own Crop by Judith Lane.

GOLD FIRE by Ed Mitchell. California Coast Publishing.
"International Thriller. 1st Edition, Trade paperback. Ed Mitchell, National award winning author and charter founding member of the International Thriller Writers Organization, is proud to announce the release of his third contemporary thriller in June 2007 at the ITW Thrillerfest conference in New York City, on 12 July 2007. "

GOLD LUST by Ed Mitchell. California Coast Publishing, 17595 Vierra Cyn Road Suite 407, Salinas, CA 93907..
"National award winning thriller: Iraq war hero, Nolen Martin, returns home to help his foster family. But a Ruthless international conglomerate stalks the former soldier while the FBI attempts to prevent Nolen from exposing the government's illegal weapon site in northern California. Trade paperback version of debut novel. Order toll free: 877-773-9769 "

GOLD RAID by Ed Mitchell. California Coast Publishing 17595 Vierra Cyn Road, Suite 407 Salinas CA 93907.
"Thriller: The history of gold and rich mines is rampant with theft and double-crossing. And when there is a vein of gold as thick as a person's arm, then partners, government officials, lovers, family and friends can become cutthroat enemies. After discovering a massive gold vein, Nolen Martin and his fiancée attempt to outwit a powerful international mining conglomerate, disloyal partners, and the Japanese Yakusa, all determined to destroy them. Order via toll free number: 888-773-9769"

Gold Rush 2000 by Ed Mitchell. California Coast Publishing, PMB #407, 17595 Vierra Canyon Rd, Salinas, CA 93907.
"Ruthless international conglomerate stalks Desert Storm hero, Nolen Martin, to steal the massive, gold vein he discovers in northern California. Simultaneously, the FBI attempts to arrest Nolen to prevent the inevitable gold rush from exposing the government's illegal weapon site. The author read Poynter's guide, then picked a publisher and they worked as a team to published a top-quality book that is selling well and gaining great reviews. Order via toll free number: 888-773-9769 "

Gone Home for Angels by Allen F. Mahon.

Good Times and Bad by James R.runner. 391 O'Gara st, Medford, OR, 97501.
"A collection of ten novelettes and short stories. Some serious and some fun, but all highly readable. Proofed and proofed and proofed. First edition, about 800 left. Rave reviews by local readers. 320 pages."

Graven Images: The Averillan Chronicles Book II by Barbara Reichmuth Geisler. Order Dept. 155 Cypress Street Fort Bragg, CA 95437.

Graveyard Eyes by David Chacko.
"Graveyard Eyes, David Chacko's twelfth novel, draws aside the curtain for an intimate look at a society that is as old as any on earth, and as sophisticated, yet veiled even to its citizens. Istanbul, incredibly ancient and intensely modern, is the subject tantalizingly revealed. The murder of one of its most successful and liberated businesswomen is a scandal in its own right, but one that steadily grows as Inspector Levent turns his trained eye on the things he knows best and the people that no one really knows well. "

Graveyard Eyes by David Chacko.
""Rich imagery, social commentary, and characterization adds meat onto a plot that forms a worthy skeleton for this story. Combining a good detective story with the suspense of a thriller, this book keeps you on the edge of your seat. You’ll not want to put down until the very last pages have been read. A well-written, exciting read." - TCM Reviews "

GREEN PASSIONS by Elaine Shevin. Elaine Shevin.
"first edition.1500 in print. GREEN PASSIONS:Romance/Suspense A young, American,single woman in a foreign land becomes involved in government corruption,black market,drug trafficking,deforestation and a home for abandoned children,while finding love. Her hazardous journey leads to an ultimate decision and self discovery."

Greetings From Jamaica, Wish You Were Queer by Mari SanGiovanni. Bywater Books, PO Box 3671, Ann Arbor, MI 48106.
"Greetings From Jamaica is a runner-up award winner in the annual Bywater Prize for Writing."

GRIMM by Howard Hopkins.
"Eppie award nominated finlaist, Fictionwise #2 Bestseller. A horror novel."

Grog Wars by Anne SweazyKulju.
"Who will win the war for love & beer? New Release, "Grog Wars," was chosen Book of the Week at Look4Books, and was 1st Place Winner of the online writing competition @, March 2013. Grab a "tasse," have yourself a hist'y fict, and ...Let the battles begin!"

Guardian Of The Dragons - A Mage Is Born by Gary and Isabel Walbourne.
"First book in series: "Guardian of the Dragons - A Mage Is Born". Garig learns about his family's dragon, but why won't it protect him from a school bully? 188 pages of fun reading for 8 to 13 yr olds. Five Star Review from Reader's Favorite! We are getting ready to publish Book 2: "Guardian of the Dragons - A Mage's Quest", once the cover is done."

Guitars & Cadillacs by Sabine Keevil. 161 Dunn St., Oakville, ON Canada L6J 3E4.
"Two editions are available-a standard edition & a limited 1st edition. 4,000 in print (3,000 standard & 1,000 Limited)."

Gypsy of the Sea by Helen Dean Brewer. Order Dept. 155 Cypress Street Fort Bragg, CA 95437.

Haiti and the Lost City of Atlantis by Daniel R.Haubrich Jr AAS. 24 Woodland Ave.Franklinville,NJ 08322/USA.

Hamfist Over The Trail by G.E. Nolly.

Hanging on a Twisted Line by Jona O. Scharf. or order through Barnes and Noble.
"A collection of deviously twisted shorts to fire the imagination.... Suspense, mystery, humor, romance, ghost; a stimulating mix of genres. Thought provoking and fast paced, they provide punchy satisfying reads for those with busy lifestyles."

Haudenosaunnee by Don Atkinson. 877 Killeen Ave. Ottawa ON K2V 2X8.
"FIRST NATIONS LAUNCH GUERILLA WARFARE ACROSS CANADA What would happen if the First Nations got so fed up--so angry after decades of being denied what they percieve to be their just claims to land, resources and self-government--that they decided to really go on the war path? HAUDENOSAUNNEE, a powerful new novel from Don Atkinson, author of NATIONS WITHIN, answers that question."

Havana Confidential by David Pereda.
""Cuban-born author David Pereda is an international management consultant, writer, industry leader and speaker.... In "Havana Confidential" the author takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of twists and turns, never being able to second-guess the plot line. Entertaining and exuberant, this suspenseful novel exhibits true life's relationship in an unexpected setting." - Miami-Dade Public Library System"

Have No Mercy by Bobby Ruble.
"This is a new mystery/thriller written by a first time author with a legitimate background in police investigations. Bobby Ruble's credentials make him a great storyteller, making his fiction seem like non-fiction. HAVE NO MERCY is the first in Bobby's mystery/thriller series where Detective Joe Warner becomes the character that ties all of the mysteries together. "

Haven by C.J. Slayton.

He Needed Killing (book 1 in the Needed Killing Series) by Bill Fitts.
"Cozy mysteries with a southern flair. With southern style and a geek’s love for 21st-century technology, university retiree James F. Crawford embarks on a new career as a private investigator. If you like the leisurely pace, attention to detail, and well-drawn characters of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe books, give the Needed Killing Series a try. Crawford’s drink of choice is scotch. He’s more Archie’s size than Wolfe’s. And his only household companions are a dog named Tan and a cat named The Black. But like Wolfe, he’s a foodie who uses deductive reasoning (plus the occasional hunch) to solve mysteries, and he doesn’t suffer fools gladly."

He Needed Killing Too (book 2 in the Needed Killing Series) by Bill Fitts.
"Cozy mysteries with a southern flair. With southern style and a geek’s love for 21st-century technology, university retiree James F. Crawford embarks on a new career as a private investigator. If you like the leisurely pace, attention to detail, and well-drawn characters of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe books, give the Needed Killing Series a try. Crawford’s drink of choice is scotch. He’s more Archie’s size than Wolfe’s. And his only household companions are a dog named Tan and a cat named The Black. But like Wolfe, he’s a foodie who uses deductive reasoning (plus the occasional hunch) to solve mysteries, and he doesn’t suffer fools gladly."

Heart Land by Caroline Miller.
"Heart Land is a fictional memoir of a boy growing up in rural Ohio between 1930 and 1940, a time of social and historic importance that still resonates in American political life today. With a beautiful style that is arresting from the first page, Miller draws a humorous and sometimes poignant tone. At heart, the story is brilliantly driven by distant memories, evoked from photographs found in an album when the family at the center of the book gathers for the mother's funeral during the height of the Vietnam War. Heart Land is destined to be a true classic of American literature. "

HELIOS by Dean Cambourakis. cambourd@gmail.oom.
"First edition, 200 copies in print."

Hell Creek: 65 million years in the past, the journey begins by Lisa M. Graziano and Michael S. A. Graziano.

Hell Creek: 65 million years in the past, the journey begins by L. M. Graziano and M. S. A. Graziano.
"1st edition many reviews: see website see website for author appearances see website for details of the dinosaur paleontology behind the book. "

Hello, my name is James by R.M. Hamilton.
"Synopsis: James Schilling is a twenty-something man trying to find his way in life. The one great thing in his life is his best friend Frank. He has his back in any situation. James wants more out of his boring ordinary life. When a situation arises at work, he decides to make more out of his current life to be someone. While searching for his life's true calling a family issue unfolds. He decides to track down his estranged father who had left him when he was ten years old. James must decide to fix his past or let it be. He struggles with work, his family, and a possible new relationship at the same time trying to figure out where his life will lead him. Will he find love? Can he track down the man who had left him at an early age? Most of all will James discover who he is truly meant to be in his life?"

Help! Meow . . . Meow . . . by John Rickey.

Her Phoenix Heart by Cindy Hiday.
"A contemporary story about renewal of the human spirit and a second chance at love. "One of the best contemporary romances I have read this year. The only thing that I felt was missing is the recipe for Tyler's Pizza Soufflé. It sounds scrumptious!" ~Tracy Farnsworth, Romance Reviews Today "

Her Promise by Shenetta Marie.
"FIYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, June 27, 2012 By zannypoohThis review is from: Her Promise (Kindle Edition) Her Promise is about sex, lies, murder and betrayal. Promise and Divine share a love that is not easily broken. There are twist and turns that would have you wanting to flip page after page. I really enjoyed the characters. They are so loveable. Once I started reading this book I could not put it down. Every time I went to put it down to go to bed there were something that grabbed my undivided attention where as I couldn't stop reading. This book is definately a 5* read. If you like the hood love type book than this book is a must read for you. Great Job Shenetta Marie. I'm looking foward to reading more and more from you. Zaneta Powell ~BSFB~ "

He's Fine...But is He Saved? by Kimberley Brooks. .
"Mr. Poynter, I used your book, The Self-Publishing Manual, to self-publish my first novel, He's Fine...But is He Saved? in December, 2004. It sold over 10,000 copies in less than two years and acquired national distribution in both CBA and ABA markets. I recently signed a two-book deal with Kimani Press, an imprint of Harlequin. Thanks again!"

Hey, Stoopid! by Judith Lane.

HIDDEN TREASURES by John Harrington Burns. 891 W. Yosemite Drive, Meridian, ID 83646 USA.
"An anthology of short stories. Critics Comments: ...with all the emotion and spinning of characets to make this a rue masterpiece of art. Sensitive as Wm.Saroyan and as Intense as Stephen King.-C. Zoning, Producer. Magnificent, roaring piece of work. A roller coaster of anticipatory emotion...and then the murder. It was really beautiful. B.Chadwick, NY Daily News. I recommend 'The Cleavage Stuffer. A fascinating occupational report.-N. Hart."

Hidden Valley by Mary Higginbotham.
"This is a children's book. The story begins when Eric, an orphan, wanders out of his village. Eric has an unusual talent. He can talk to animals. He is adopted by a mother bear and the two of them are led into "The Hidden Valley" the valley is full of magical people and animals. To reach my book, please type in my name to pull the book up quickly on Amazon"

HILL COUNTRY by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 26,211 WORDS SYNOPSIS: An undercover FBI agent, living with the Mafia. TIME FRAME: From the late 1960’s through the 1970’s. "

Hippie Chick Reunion by Kathryn Barber . 4890 quill court palm harbor florida 34685.
"A bold step in contemporary fiction, Hippie Chick Reunion weaves present day spiritual practice and theory into a traditional sisterhood-styled beach read. Available Now at or by calling 888-266-6001. "

Hitting Bottom by Richard Ilnicki. 1250 So. Pinellas Ave. #508, Tarpon Springs, Fl. 34689. none

Hollywood Money by ROBERT PHILLIPS. none.

Holy War by Max Woosley.
"Nationally syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker said of Holy War, "eerily prescient... a one sitting page-turner". Holy War's ranking has held at or above 3,000 on for over one month. Holy War has sold several thousand copies its review has appeared in over 300 newspapers."

Homage to a Princess 50 Poems Eulogizing the Life and Death of Diana Spencer, PRINCESS OF WALES by Patrick P. Stafford.

Honey Lump by Chandler Fox.

Honor Bound by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 33,647 WORDS SYNOPSIS: The story of the climb of a young oilfield worker, up through the ranks of the oilfield business to United States Congressman. TIME FRAME: Through the 1970’s "

Hooker by Dean Hovey. J-Press Publishing, 4796 126th St., N., White Bear Lake, MN 55110.
"Hooker Dean Hovey’s second novel, is set once again in rural Pine County, Minnesota. A young woman, haunted by a decision she made in her very early life, grief ridden and obsessed with guilt, decides to try to rectify the mistake and reshape her life. She makes a phone call. The call turns out to be another tragic mistake. Under-Sheriff Dan Williams and his deputies must put their investigative skills to work."

Hotel Stories by Mike Tyler.
"The Art Cannot be Damaged announces the publication of HOTEL STORIES (TACBD, distributed by Ingram Books, 2008), by celebrated New York poet, Mike Tyler. The eleven interconnected tales inspired by his residence at New York’s acclaimed Carlton Arms Hotel, are written in Tyler’s vibrant, trademarked style and bound in a beautifully designed hardcover edition with illustrations. In this climate of change, Tyler has discovered that a hotel’s transitory nature highlights some permanent qualities. We are all here temporarily, so what lasts?"

How the Hart Breaks by Alysia Lyons.
"There has to be more to life than lame tabloid articles, rumors and always being in the spotlight," Isabel Hart tells her manager at the closing of her fifth year of fame. After much debate, Isabel decides to put her career on hold and enroll at NYU. Finding a balance between her successful, fast-paced music career, her new dreams for a college education and a normal life away from the paparazzi become more difficult as she lets down her guard and falls in love with a handsome college student. Will Isabel overcome her fears of true love, or will she learn "How the Hart Breaks"? "

How the Hart Breaks by Alysia Lyons.

How The Lion Swallowed the Moon by Eliza Hemingway. 2968 Arbutus Street, Chemainus BC Canada. V0R 1K1.
"A small book of fantasies and lies, and one story based in fact. How the Lion Swallowed the Moon is a story of how the sun and moon came into being, how they fell in love, had baby stars and created the world. Leos and Cancers will love this one. How the space Woman Came to Earth is an unsophisticated visit of how a female alien visited earth one morning before lunch among the daffodils in Beacon Hill Park in Victoria on Vancouver Island. For the child in all of us, discover the alien's surprising message. Sebastion's Secret is based on facts about the first Viking settlers in Canada. Travel with Sebastion as he goes out with a bag full of treasures to find a trustworthy man. The tale of the old Viking settlement must be recorded for eternity. This is Eliza's sixth book. For more information about her and the Chemainus Literary Festival visit her web site. "

Huckleberry Finn Grows Up by Sam Sackett.

Humans Need Three Hands by Drats.
"Exaggerist Edutainment presents Humans Need Three Hands by Drats Based on a real-life story that never really happened! HN3H It's Spreading! US = Ultimate Species? Paperbacks at, then simply search for the title and author in the Store search window, or goto Spread the word about this paradigm-shattering work of literary fiction, while helping The Earth.* Watch our YouTube ad at (or search the web for videos by title and author.) eBooks available at AMAZON.COM under Kindle Books, and at Barnes and Noble Nook Books. Search by title and author or goto What is fiction? Drats, B.A., M.S. Exaggerist Edutainment Will Human Nature Destroy Nature and Humans? The less you know, the smarter you feel. *All proceeds after costs used to save wildlife. Thank you. "

Humorous Beat: Actual Funny Police Stories by Officer Bob Morrissey. 5659 SE Ault Avenue, Stuart, FL 34997.
"39 Actual funny police stories gathered during the authors thirty three years on the Toledo, Ohio Police Force."

Hunger and Other Stories by Ian Randall Wilson. Hollyridge Press PO Box 2872 Venice, CA 90294.
"A first collection of short stories from literary author Ian Randall Wilson. These are tales of difficult relationships between fathers and sons, between lovers, between friends. Fourteen stories which "despite their restlessness," North American Review editor Robley Wilson says, "glitter with persistent hopes.""

Hunter's Choice by J. C. Hager.
" "A powerful and intelligent thriller." -Steve Hamilton (author, Alex McKnight novels) "

Hunters in the Fog by Robert Riddle. Outshirts Press.

Hunters of the Shadows by Mark Haeuser. Multi-Media Publications Inc., Box 58043, Rosslynn RPO, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 8L6. Fax: (905) 986-5777, Phone: (905) 986-5848.
"Meet Darius Creed, a Gypsy Prince kept alive for over 1,000 years by Gypsy witches to protect mankind from vampires, werewolves, and other undead creatures. Armed with charmed knives and silver-buletted pistols, he roves the earth hunting down evil. Along the way, he meets Jacob Reid, a martial arts instructor who possesses the sword of an ancient samurai warrior who was another who stalked through the night, protecting the world from the undead. Jake is soon recruited to be a Hunter of the Shadows -- a secret society of vampire-killers who have been busy throughout the ages as the undead spread their kind around the world. Aided by gypsy witches who call upon ancient magic to fortify the hunters, and a Roman Catholic priest possessing ancient Church artifacts, they come face to face with an aggressive band of vampires in America, seeking to usurp the influence and authority of the Old-World Council, a group of powerful and ancient vampires who rule all vampirekind. These young upstarts are aided by a voodoo priestess and gangs of goth vampire wannabes in their quest for world domination."

Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever by Judith Marshall.
"Winner of the Jack London Prize awarded by the California Writers Club and recently optioned for the big screen."

Hypatia's Feud by Nicholas Fourikis. book and e-book.
""Hypatia's Feud" is a literary novel based on the life and times of Hypatia of Alexandria - 370-415 AD (CE). It is available as a paperback or e-book from Hypatia was the foremost woman astronomer / philosopher who lived and died as a humanist among religious zealots. The Dark Ages followed her death at the hands of Christian monks. "

I Apologize by Bradley Booth. 231 North Ave., Suite 317; Westfield, NJ 07090.
"Title: I Apologize Author: Bradley Booth Genre: Fiction, Mainstream, Contemporary Romance Format: Hard cover edition, 5.5 x 8.5 Season: Summer 2009 Publication: June 1, 2009 ISBN: 9780982211199 Price: $29.95 Buy:"

I Hated Heaven: a novel of love after death by Kenny Kemp. Box 71395 Salt Lake City, UT 84171.
"When Tom Waring finds himself in Heaven after promising his wife April that if there really is an afterlife, he'll return and tell her, he's overjoyed and wants to return immediately with the good news. The only catch: it's against the rules. Now Tom must make a fateful decision: should he risk everything -- even his own immortal soul -- to keep his promise to April? Finalist in the "Visionary Fiction" category for the 1999 Independent Publisher's Association competition (the "IPPYs"). We are on our third printing and have just made a deal with a major Hollywood film producer to make "I Hated Heaven" into a motion picture!"

I love You: When Love is Not Enough by Brian Bowman.
"David has a few old scores with his former gang that need settling. The only problem is that he can’t do this alone. He needs his wife, Felicia to help him. Although the things her husband asks her to do are completely against her beliefs, Felicia can’t pass up a chance to prove her love to him. As the two love birds travel down a bloody path of revenge, they attract the attention of Columbus’ number 1 homicide detective who also has a few scores to settle with the same gang. Meanwhile Daniel, leader of the YBE is steadily losing his control over the gang as different members keep turning up dead. I LOVE YOU guarantees to keep your mind wondering, heart beating, and nerves jumping. BRIAN BOWMAN, author of the urban horror novel MY BROTHER’S KEEPER brings you this tale of love, betrayal, murder and revenge while still managing to scare you half to death."

I Was So Much Older Then by Ed Davis.
"Third edition from Disc-Us Books, this coming-of-age novel depicts Danny Cahill's growing up in southern West Virginia in the 60s and 70s, a harsh life lived under hostile condtions. But this poetic first novel also reveals that even in the smallest, darkest corners of this world, hope remains. Hope of friendship amidst betrayals, of courage in the face of brutality. Hope of the wisdom that may be gleaned in unexpected places, and that hardships may forge the inner strength necessary for us to grow into who we are ultimately meant to become. "

If You Can't Trust Your Uncle Sam by Barbara J. Olexer. 5662 Stevens Forest Road, Suite 136, Columbia, MD 21045.
"When murder erupts in a Washington, D.C. suburb, Wrin Veersil is hired to solve the questions of who did it and why. With her assistant, former Marine Claude Newhouse, Wrin sets to work and ties the case back to a nasty situation in southern Oregon created by the machinations of the federal government. Suspects include angry farmers and assorted bureaucrats. Wrin Veersil is 26 ½ inches tall, which is sometimes inconvenient, but her diminutive height is unrelated to her stature as a working investigator. Wrin is smart, tough, and tenacious."

Ignoring Binky: The Life and Times of Victor Evertor by Beverly Red and Mitch Hall. POB 135, Vergennes, VT 05491.
""Ignoring Binky is a delightfully imaginative story about corporate greed, told thorugh the experiences of one mogul, combining outrageous comedy with serious social criticism. I'm confident that readers will not only enjoy it, but they will be provoked to think about what is going on today." Howard Zinn, author, A People's History of the United States"

ILLS OF THE GAME by Stacy W. Moore. P.O Box 682, New York, NY 10021.
"This is the best urban fiction novel to ever be published for the streets. The first edition was 1000 print to leak to the world in 2010. Now with the buzz in the prisons, streets and churches. We are ready to release May/June book 1 & 2 for the market. "

I'M COMING FOR YAH! by Robin L. Anderson. Barnes& Nobles, or Borders online book stores..
"Hi, I am the Author of two books that I would like to get out into the open for everyone to read and enjoy. Also,I look foward to expanding a wide growth book sales ahead. I have many other Novels that I've written already for readers to enjoy and would love to share my created stories with the world. There are two action fiction drama Novels, that I would like for you to read and the first one is called (A Sin At Birth). You can purchase this book directly from the Authors Website here at: (http:// The second book is called (I'M COMING FOR YAH!)and this can be purchased at your online Barnes & Nobles,, Borders and mant other bookstores around the world or also from the Authors Website. Go here for your viewing of the site. http:// ( Both books are Hit Tales Novels. I personally Thank You For Your Support Today!"

Imaginary Friends by Yolanda Jackson.
"Horror novel"

Immoral Conception by Ruthie Tate. 4926 Chappel Hill Drive, Missouri City, TX 77459.
"Ruthie is an award winning author with a gift for exploring the complexity of human relationships. "

In Her Presence: A Husband's Dirty Secret by Nancy Weaver. Time & Chance Publishing, P.O. Box 488, NY, NY 10116.
"This is a first edition, with a publication date of April 2004; and there are currently one thousand books in print. Books can be purchased in several places including via the web at:, or at A & B Book Distributor, 223 Duffield St. Brooklyn, NY 11201, Telephone: 718-783-7808, or at Hue-man Bookstore, 2319 Frederick Douglas Blvd., NY, NY 10027, Telephone: 212-665-7400; and at Time & Chance Publishing, P.O. Box 488, NY, NY 10116; or by calling 718-370-3655. "In Her Presence: A Husband's Dirty Secret" has been submitted to Essence Magazine for review. Fans of "In Her Presence: A Husband's Dirty Secret," are calling for the sequel, which will be forthcoming soon. "

In His Image: Book One of The Christ Clone Trilogy by James BeauSeigneur.
"More than six months on the Best Sellers List. Author James BeauSeigneur takes you to the origins of a conspiracy that will change the world forever. On the Shroud of Turin, Professor Harold Goodman makes a startling discovery: a cluster of cells, still alive after 2000 years. Based on his discovery and the theories of real-life Nobel Prize winner, Francis Crick, Goodman sets about to prove that the man on the Shroud was actually a member of an alien race, four billion years advanced to life on earth. The incredible plan to prove his theory: clone Jesus! The cloning of Jesus from the cells found on the shroud sets in motion forces which trigger worldwide cataclysms, precipitating the end of life as we know it and ushering in a New Age for the planet."

In Name Only by Ellen Gable.
"Gold Medal Winner, Religious Fiction, 2010 IPPY Awards; Amazon Kindle Top 100 Bestseller"

In Search of A Quiet Place, The Jade Sheldon Story by S. L. Givhan. 436 Walnut St. 11th Fl. Philadelphia, PA 19106.
"Intriguingly serious, but lighthearted observance of a Black woman's gradual rise to fame and fortune... Print On Demand Publisher. Resellers discount available. A 222pg. Urban Fantasy. Help make an authors dream come true!"

In the Company of Fishers by Ken Boire.
"Described as "Exceptional." Featured in two full color coast-to-coast publications. Ken Boire also wrote Inherit the Tide. "

In the River's Mist by Dean Ream.
"This is a fascinating story or the Ozarks of the past. Filled with laughter, pathos, self-caused predicaments, human frailties, and creativity. All the way through I felt the touch of a modern day Mark Twain. --Ruth Elliott, former president of the Springfield Chapter of the Missouri Writer's Guild."

In The Wash...The Rona Shively Stories by Rebecca Benston.
"New from PublishAmerica."

Indian Summer of Love by L.M. Levy. 1462 42nd Ave San Francsico, CA 94122.
"ISBN: 0-7596-8444-8 - It is the summer of 1967. Sam, an intelligent, well educated, sensitive, middle-class Jewish boy, leaves the Bronx, college, his family, his friends and sets out to find himself and his place in the world. He is twenty. He rides out to California, high on his freedom, his youth, marijuana and life in general. Full of joy and optimism, he heads straight for the San Francisco Haight-Ashbury district where he follows impulses and instinct to experience life wherever he finds himself. "

inherit the tide by ken boire. Internet sources such as amazon, borders, barnes&noble.
"Nominated for the EVVY prize and the Oregon Book Award. Attained the top 2% rank of Internet book sales. Autographed copies available from the author at Autographed copies ordered direct from the author are available at the cover price including shipping and handling."

INHERITED by Bernadette Y. Connor. P.O. BOX 27708, Philadelphia, PA 19118.
"Derrick Dawes is a handsome bachelor who loves his freedom and dates heavily. His world is flipped when he gets a call from the hospital informing him that his wife has left their newborn twins. Derrick is given several options; take them home for three months until paternity can be established through DNA without the mother's contribution, acknowledge paternity and give them up for adoption or ignore the call and be charged with abandonment. Read an excerpt of this work of fiction by master storyteller Bernadette Y. Connor by visiting "INHERITED" ($15.00 / ISBN 09715838-4-6)available in paperback and ebook at BEE-CON BOOKS ONLINE."

Innocence Lost Innocence Taken by S.M. Leblond. 2633 Shirley St. Harrisonburg, V.a. 22802. Lost Innocence Taken

Innocent People by Jamilah Kolocotronis.
"Innocent People follows an American Muslim woman in the year after 9/11, reflecting her concerns about her family and her efforts to reach out to the non-Muslims in her small midwestern town. First edition, 2003 Young adult fiction "

Innocent War (revised edition), Behind An Immigrant's Past Series Book 1 by Susan Violante.
"Innocent War obtained 2009 Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention, Placed 16 on 2009 Cyrus Webb's best 100 Non-Fiction Books of the Year, and got a Five Starts review from Reader's Favorites. *** Growing up under WWII Italian survivors was not easy. For Susan, the hardest part was the feeling of alienation as she desperate tried to relate to her parents to no avail. Through the years Susan was able to relate with her mother, but her father remained an enigma until one day he gave her five tapes containing his memoirs. Based on Nino’s first tape, Innocent War is a boy’s adventure, showing a child’s point of view through the war’s hardships, dangers, and tragedies, combined with his own humor, innocence and awakening as he grows up. Join Susan as she gets to know her father, and finds herself within the family she thought she knew. "

In-Sight by Gerard D. Webster. Outskirts Press.
"Creative Arts Council - second place - 2009 Award for Fiction Reader Views - 2009 - Winner for Southeast Regional Fiction Readers Favorite - 2009 - Silver Award - Fiction/suspense"

Intimate Voices by Ivy Seijo.

Intwine by Christine Moss. Adamantine Publishing House, PO Box 6338, Burbank, CA 91510-6338.
"Intwine is the first in a series of romantic science fiction books due to be released on June 15, 2010 but has already gone viral via social marketing and email with nearly 200 books pre-ordered -- all through word of mouth!"

Intwine by Christina Moss. PO Box 6338, Burbank, CA 91510.
"I was able to get my science fiction novel from idea to print within a year -- and that year included exhausing all "traditional methods" of getting published. Thank you for your manuals on self-publishing! You've helped me tremendously. You've given me the confidence and knowhow to get my stories into print creating a groundswell of interest and pre-orders, even before the book itself was published. I really can't thank you enough!"

Invisible Enemies by Lynda D. Brown.
"I just received my proof copy of this book from Lightning Source and they did a great job. I took the copy to work with me, and sold one and my supervisor is ordering a copy for our library. I work for St. Louis Public Library in Missouri. This is book one in a five book series. I'm ordering 50 copies and most of those are sold via pre-orders! Thank you Dan, because of your book, I started my own publishing company. Please check out my website and you can see the front and back cover. The cover really sells the book! My graphic designer/author also uses Lightning Source, so she uploaded my files for me. I will soon be releasing the E-book!"

Ion by Mark Martin. Amazon,Barnes&Nobel and Outskirts Press. na
"Deep in the Minego Forest a daring rescue mission is underway."

ISCARIOT! by L.J.Peterson. The Rockcross Press PO Box 309 Harrisville. Mi. 48740.
""ISCARIOT" if a tale of terror and turmoil caused by a man of the First Century Ad. who was an "Osama bin Laden of his time.""

It was just a dream but it seemed so real by Jerry Morrow. 2602 Westerland Dr. Houston Tx 77063 Apt C44.
"Dream is successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not yet understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is known as sleep."

IT’S NOTHING PERSONAL by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 39,268 WORDS SYNOPSIS: An ex-Desert Storm soldier’s boss is roughed up by the Mob, and he decides to make them pay. TIME FRAME: Present day. "

It's a Known Fact by Anthony E. Newman. contact via email.
"A florilegium - a mix of poetry and prose, fact and fiction, sardonic comment, nonsense and utter nonsense. Soft cover, A5, 102 pages. ISBN: 0-9694407-5-8 '. . . and with this innocuous little spell you are transported in a twinkling to the purported vanishing point of reality. But it doesn't end here, it goes on and on . . .'"

It's About Time by Tony Sampson.

IT'S COMING by R . C. Beckom.
""IT'S COMIN'" is R,C. Beckom first self- published novel, with hopes of more novels to come. This story kicks off showing how some people with a wicked heart captured some other people of a difference color against their own will, and forced them to submit to a way of life that could never really, trully have real meaning for them, their families,nor their way of surviving, they where being force to live in a way not fit for being a Human Being. Did they overcome the aggression?How? read "IT'S COMIN'" There are also a variety other stories in this novel, this is a "Trilogy" This book is also sold as an E-book, so be sure to make it a point to take a look at this site and perhaps you will get a few pointers on how you can get to see your "Voice in Print." Yes. even you can learn stuff about printing, publishing,getting published or getting self-published even. Sounds Great? Give Us A Look and Change you life forever."

It's In The Eyes by Charles Toftoy.
"Two national awards:m #1 Best Book Cover, #1 Best Book Video Trailer. Reviews on Book video trailer at"

It's In The Eyes by Carles Toftoy.
"This is a new fiction-thriller. It can be ordered through the publisher( or All reviews so far have been 4 and 5*s. An obsessed professor,sometimes sleuth, along with his highly skilled Alpha Team put their lives at stake, clock-ticking, to pursue killers of local University coeds."

It's My Turn by Roz Schroeder. 1-800-873-2003 Attn: Donna.
"It's My Turn is about a woman turning fifty.She is part of the baby boomer generation and having a hard time believing she has been around for so long. As she looks back on her life, she realizes she is still living in the past. She desperately wants to look forward and finally finds a reason to do so. "

Jackson & Jenks, Master Magicians by Dan Frischman. J.J. Ross Books, P.O. Box 1764, Burbank, CA 91507-1764.
"1st edition, hardcover, 240 pages, published 4/09. 4,400 in print. Author is the actor who played "Chris" in Nickelodeon's "Kenan & Kel" sitcom. Earlier, he was "Arvid" on ABC's "Head of the Class." He began his career as a professional magician, "The Great Houdanny." More info on Dan: "

Jaguar's Mirror by Mary Ann Mogus. PO Box 594 Greensburg PA 15601.
"First edition, trade paperback, part of a alternate history series, first in the series. Story set in an alternate universe of sixteenth-century Mexico."

Jake A Murder in Brooklyn by Alan M. Guy., Kildle, Kindleprime.
"This murder mystery is very Character driven about a Manhattan detective solving the murder of his now retired former detecting partner of 17 yrs. See web site for full summary"

Jake Harwood by Harvey Mendez. 28 Winnebago Dr. Cherokee Village, AR 72529-4012.
"Jake Harwood, a burned-out former marshal, whose wife left him, rides west on his way to California. In the New Mexico desert, he happens upon an overturned stagecoach after an Apache attack. He rescues seductive Jessica Raymond, the sole survivor, half-buried beneath the stage. She is from New Orleans where she escaped from Blackie Le Font, a shrewd gambler, who killed her father. Jessica talks Jake into taking her to California. Along the way, Maco, a fierce Chiricahua Apache, named after Geronimo's grandfather, captures them. What happens then is an exciting adventure."

James: The Circle of Friends, Book III by L. Diane Wolfe.
""James is the third in the series and follows a young man dealing with the effects of child abuse. Aimed at adults/young adults, Wolfe’s fiction series focuses on overcoming and is meant to inspire as well as entertain. Wolfe also does seminars on publishing & promoting, manages an online writer's group, and contributes articles to various websites & newsletters. Please see website for full details and ordering information.""

Janice Story by Josephine Durand. Chicago IL 60621.,,, www.barnes&
"1st edition, print on demand.This is a true story of my life at a time of sadness, love and forgiveness.How God took me from nothing and made something wonderful."

Jazzis' love by YumYum Bean.
"Thank you for taking interest in my first fictional novel. Jazzis love is a story about a young woman who has alot of great things going for her but still finds corruption surrounding her life. she tries to find out her true identity and in the process she looses her memory causing her to be out of her original element. Jazzis love is beautiful on the inside and the outside but still has alot of unstable emotions that she suppresses this tale will take you on her personal journey through her eyes to see how she is trying to overcome all of the negativity that surrounds her. I hope this is a story that will grab your attention and you will enjoy reading."

Jen-Zen & The One Shoe Diaries by Julie Ann Shapiro.
"ISBN: 978-0-7443-1391-8 Jen-Zen and the One Shoe Diaries is a Cinderella story filled with love, lost shoes and a fun dose of wackiness. Brad Lynberry is haunted by the memory of Jen-Zen and becomes obsessed with photographing shoes – but only singular shoes! Find out what happens in this story where boy meets girl, loses girl and becomes unraveled. With clues appearing from chapter to chapter you'll be rooting for Brad and clamoring to solve his girlfriend, Jen-Zen's riddles and the messages in the shoes themselves. "

Jerusalem 3000, THE POISONER'S AGENDA by Olivia Rodan Jacobs. or Outskirts or
"This contemporary mystery thriller interweaves background for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, exploring the motivations of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish protagonists. "

J-Hawk Nation by Mark Reinsmoen.
"Published in June of 2013"

Jill 9 by JD Tynan.
"Finaled in the Wisconsin Romance Writers Write Touch Reader Award!"

Jimmy by Gerald T. Richards. 1099 Baywood Ln, Hercules, CA 94547.

J'Nita's Family Tree by R.S /Brown.
"J'Nita's Family Tree is author's second book. The story is about family and ancestry. "

John's Colorful World by Margaret S. Campilonga. Chicken Soup Press, Inc. PO Box 164 Circleville, NY 10919.
"A projected series of twelve books, with three already published. The Yellow Lion, Blue Frogs and The Green Giraffe all teach children, ages 4-8, a color vocabulary. Rhyming story about the adventures of little John and the strange animals he meets. Ten nature facts about the animal involved are included at the back of the book. Great reviews in New York Teacher, Midwest Book Reviews and NYSRA, the New York State Reading Association."

JOSHUA by David M. Besaw. Trafford Publishing, Suite 6E, 2333 Government St., Victoria, BC, Canada V8T 4P4, Phone 250-383-6864.
"Joshua was released in Dec,2001. It is an exciting, philosophic and engrossing friction, embracing Jewish history, the Middle East politics, apocalyptic beliefs and international espionage and terrorism set in Iran and Canada as the millenium draws to a close. It is a novel suited for the world we know today arising out of the terrorists' attack of September 11, 2001 in the USA. The story is an epic adventure impelled by espionage; it is about Joshua Golderger posted in Iran, his physical journey of survival in a land where he is caught up in an intricate web of espionage, his escape from Iran and his journey of self-discovery."

JOURNEY BACK by Dan Martin.
"JOURNEY BACK is scheduled for publication by a small press, American Book Publishing, on May 22, 2006. For a review please go to Please visit my website at I have learned alot from Dan Poynter's newsletter"

Journey from Eastern Parkway by Arleen HOnig.
"Journey from Eastern Parkway is a new and sizzling, nice n' naughty novel. It is commercial fiction that holds the readers interest from beginning to end. This is a fun read featuring a mature heroine and spans over 50 years of her life with vignettes of colorful characters, corporate corruption and a fantasy love affair. "

Journey Within: A Tale of Astral Travel by Robert Ross. Century Book Distribution, Inc. 814 Boon, Traverse City, MI 49686.
"The Ultimate Quest! How far will a person go to discover his true identity? In this case, thousands of years and multiple lifetimes. For the Truly Adventurous. A page turner for those who like their fiction fast, earthy, heady...not to mention romantic."

Joy and Paine by Debra Clayton. GenNext Publishing, PO Box 670, Anderson, SC 29622.
"Hip-hop dancer, Joy Phillips, is still reeling from the after-effects of a failed engagement when she meets handsome, successful, Systems Analyst, Paine Michaels—a man on a mission to find his future wife. They are instantly drawn to one another. Nevertheless, Joy is a little hesitant about succumbing to her feelings, and giving love another try. Paine, however, is thoroughly convinced that the beautiful, reluctant dancer is destined to be his future bride, and wastes no time in initiating his plan to capture her cautious heart and make her his. But when Joy is hand-picked to tour as a backup dancer for hip-hop recording artist, and known womanizer, Avery Houston, one seemingly innocent night on the town with the star spawns an unspeakable secret—a secret that could very well destroy a love that has barely had a chance to grow. Will Joy and Paine's fragile new love prove to be strong enough to withstand the crushing blows of the ultimate betrayal, or will it buckle beneath the weight of her terrible secret? "

Just A Stone's Throw by Mantle Hood. P.O. Box 2433 Ellicott City, MD 21041-2433.
"A novel dramatizing the current struggle between the sacred Hindu and secular values of traditional Bali and the overwhelming forces of foreign capital and commercial over-building. The deathly struggle between Balinese students and Mafia money"

Just Another Sunday: A Novel by Elizabeth Good.

"1st Edition"

Justice! Justice be Damned! by C. M. Bertone. P.O. Box 845, Eufaula, OK 74432.
"1st Edition, can be signed by author if you desire. ISBN 0-75968-334-4. This captivating psychological mureder mysterty is set iun Linwood, NJ in 1962. This is a town where prejudice, hypocrisy and secrets are rampant."

Justice! Justice be Damned! by C. M. Bertone. P.O. Box 845, Eufaula, Oklahoma, 74432.
"This is a first edition, signed by the author."

KABLOONA, Betrayal In The High Arctic by Raymond J. Doucet. I-Proclaim
"A documentary/fiction tale of murder, sex and political intrigue in The High Arctic among the Inuit where several countries, inlcuding the U.S., Canada and Russia are competing over sovereignty rights and unfettered passage through The Northwest Passage amid public concerns over warming weather patterns."

Kabuki by Brett Campbell. Suite 44, The Stables, Kill, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Kabuki by Brett Campbell. P.O. Box 932, Naas, Co. KIldare, Ireland.

Kaleidoscope by Paul Gehrman.
"A novel about the rise and fall of religious fundamentalism. The book contains strong freethought themes and presents an inspirational, post-religion view of humanity."

Keeper of the Waters by David Burton Flint. 1283 Lower White Oak Rd. Marshall, NV 28753.
"I have personally bought a copy of David Flint's first book for each of my six siblings. As a New York State expatriate. I'll keep this on my list of favorites, obviously written by a well-read and hyper-literate author, this gets a "two thumbs up." T.Candall Flint's books will capture your pioneer spirit, and you cannot help but become a part of the story. My congratulations to you. David Burton Flint, and thank you for creating this exceptional piece of history. Melinda Galardy"

Keeping the Promise by Alyce Godbey. 401 S. 4th St. Boonville, IN 47601.
"This book is Historical Fiction. Based on a true story, about a woman I knew. Born in 1914, it is her life story through its many twists and turns for 90 years. The setting is LeFlore County Mississippi in the midst of the Delta during a time when cotton was king and life was hard for the common man. She goes from riches to rags to riches while trying to raise two emotionally disturbed children, the loss of her family fortune and marriage to the wrong man. Good fortune finds her but not without a long hard struggle. "

Kelly Black Book : Suspense and Mystery Novel Online by Kelly Elliot.
"Entangled-A kelly black book is a online mystery fiction novel that showcases suspense and mystery thrillers of the famous African American author, Kelly Elliot. This novel is a perfect blend of romantic fiction, urban fiction and a great deal of suspense and mystery ends it a distinct flavor. It’s a treat for those avid readers, who read African American books online."

Kenny's Summer by Ed Going.
"African-American history told through the interactions of a young man and his grandfather. Quarter finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. "

Khalifah / A Novel of Conquest and Personal Triumph by John Elray. Aardwolfe Books, PO Box 471, Aiea, HI 96701. http:/
"Khalifah is the story of how the son of Muhammad's arch-enemy took over the Muslim empire in the seventh century AD. Largely accurate historical fiction. Translation rights have been sold around the world and we are concluding a deal to sell the mass market rights. ISBN 0-9707776-2-0"

Kim's Confessions by Wilson Awasu.,,
"Finalist USA Book News Best Books 2010 award"

King of Diamonds by Don Strachan.
"First edition. A lighthearted fable about baseball, sexual healing, frogs and biodiversity, set in a parallel universe. "

Knightly Tales : Book I by Jeff Silvers.
"Knightly Tales is a fantasy story but has enough adventure and romance to appeal to those that are not die hard fantasy fans. All characters are very well written and well developed. Currently only Book I is available. Book II is finished but waiting for a more widespread sale of Book I before publishing. Book I is also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Comments from all readers have been extremely favorable. The format is unique as it was meant to hopefully become a series on the secondary market. It is an easy read and has more 'meat and bones' than distracting 'fluff'. Although the storylines may seem straight forward at first glance, the reader will quickly realize there are stories within stories and a mystery strewn among them all. Read the book, live the story. Chivarly is not dead!"

KnorraSky the Deception by R.A. Knowlton.
"2009 Next Generation Indi Book Awards Finalist for Fantasy "

Kungfu Masters by X. L. Woo.
"This is an interesting detective story describing three private girl detectives who fight with a drug-dealing group, using Chinese traditional kungfu. The minute description of kungfu movements is unique as never been written before in other novels. Just check it online for details."

Ladies of Class by Marjorie Owen.
"NOW AVAILABLE at In the book Ladies of Class, Richard Hayward’s promotion and move from the big city life to the sleepy town of Burshill, England, has been shattered. Sir John Bury needs a murder solved. Clues take him from Burshill to California, Paris and London and back in time. As the story progresses the plot thickens. Richard Hayward's reputation as the youngest officer to be promoted to Detective Chief Inspector precedes him. Richard hoped his recent transfer and move to Burshill would allow him a quiet convalescence from a broken leg. But his peace was soon to be shattered by a phone call from Sir John Bury, the Chief Constable. "

Ladies of Class by Marjorie Owen. Vintage Romance.
"Ladies of Class will be published November 15th 2007 by Vintage Romance."

Ladies of Class by Marjorie Owen. Vintage Romance Publishing P.O. Box 1165 Ladson SC 29456-1165.
"Ladies of Class will be in print July 30th 2007. Check out the excerpt on the web site"

Lafayette's Gold - The Lost Brandywine Treasure by Gene Pisasale.
"Set in the beautiful Brandywine Valley, Lafayette's Gold is a mystery thriller linking lost treasure, shady antique dealers, the mob and heroes from the Battle of the Brandywine. This book will appeal to history buffs, treasure hunters and anyone wanting to learn more about the American Revolution."

Laney - The Brookehaven Vampires by Joann I Martin Sowles. .
"Laney is a YA paranormal romance. It is the first release in The Brookehaven Vampires series: As Laney’s sophomore year of college begins, so does an unbelievable adventure–including a love she didn’t know she longed for. She soon learns that Oliver is not ordinary, nor is the rest of his family, including a sister who openly hates her and a brother who will stop at nothing for revenge. As she fights for her life, and Oliver’s love, Laney discovers that the fictional world of vampires isn’t so fictional after all. Nobody is safe, especially Laney, Oliver’s most important priority, and he will stop at nothing to protect her. With her mortality at risk, and a commitment revealed that she, without a doubt, knows she wants, Laney’s life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn… What would you give to be with the one you love? Would you give it all, including your life? "

Laredo by Jeff Wagner.
"Laredo is a western tale about young love, danger, deception, and drama. It has it all! The story pulls the reader in! First editions are now available. The book would be similar to those written by Louis L'amour or Janette Oakes."

Last Assignment by Steven L Herman. Firelight Publishing, Inc. 226 Division St., SW Sublimity, OR 97385.
"Lewis Cody, a News Wire Service journalist, is expelled from China under a seldom-used Chinese law that prohibits foreigners from having relations with Chinese nationals. Cody sets out to discover who it was that set him up and what follows is a delightful jaunt around the world as Cody is transferred from one locale to another. Based loosely on some of the author's own world-wide journalism experiences, LAST ASSIGNMENT is an entertaining series of vignettes that includes a true flavor of travel in the Far East and culminates in an unexpected turn of events. "I can confirm with enthusiasm that LAST ASSIGNMENT's adventures of a foreign correspondent mirrors the true stuff!" --Albert E. Kaff writing in the Overseas Press Club Bulletin "

LAST BREATH by David H. Swendsen. 503 Tumbling Hawk, Acton, Ma. 01718. Weebly
"State Police Lt. Tom Provens becomes the lead officer sent to investigate a desparate 911 call. The police response to the call leads to the discovery of three, beautiful,young girls found dead in a large mountain-top Massachusetts mansion.The investigation ballons into a large scale, state and federal law enforcement agency effort, to come down on this brutal, multi-nation, child, sex-slave protitution ring. "

LAST CALL by William Renny. 3604 W 80th Ln, Merrillville, IN 46410.

Last of the Wanderers by Sanjay Sonawani. Century Book Distribution, Inc. 814 Boon, Traverse City, MI 49686.
"The modern man is still a wanderer, wandering in his mind, as it were, in the quest of psychological settlement. Last of the Wanderers, in the guise of the astounding tale of the Kushan is, in reality, a journey through the realm of human society, its strife, its agonies and affliction- physical and psychological, of a society in the pursuit of imaginary goals. It is a poignant depiction of the tormenting transformation of a wandering society to a civilized one."

Last Passage to Santiago by John F. Rooney.
"Available at Amazon and all major book sites."

Lazarus Milkshake by Steven Gibbs. 735 H Bragg Drive Wilmington, NC 28412.
"An unusual dive into the unknown qualities of modern America, with subtle blends af fate and cynicism. The abnormalities of averages is exposed throughout this unusual exploration of fiction. First edition still available. Has received great reviews from across the country."

Leaves In Her Hair by Heather Starsong.

Lee and Eli's Quest by WC Hargis.
" See all my reviews, also this book was a finalist in USA Book News best book awards Review by S. Christiansen In his first novel, W.C. Hargis, proves to be a prolific storyteller in the style of early century western writers. The story is based on two key characters: two young men each from different worlds, both escaping abusive pasts and destined for better lives. A story of the hardships of the rugged frontier following the end of the Civil War. A story of friendship and loyalty. I highly recommend this book to both male and female readers alike. This book can be bought through any on line book store such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble"

Lee and Eli's Quest by WC Hargis. Barnes and Noble. yhtt;//'squest

Left Me Wondering...will I ever walk this path with a man? by Christina Heidi Beiderbecke.
"This is a Christian Chick Lit novel."

LEGEND (Bosses of The Land) by Shenetta Marie.
"Bosses of the land, August 28, 2012 By Gloria G. ""gadget queen"" (Baltimore, Maryland) - This review is from: LEGEND (Bosses of The Land) (Kindle Edition) I love this book. Ms Marie where do you find these real men? Legend is the man. Why did you end it like this and when is the next installment? This book like Her Promise have to be read more then once because they are so good. Hurry up and do the sequel. "

LEGS by Angela Lam Turpin.
"Trina Kay knows she has it all: a smart, sexy boyfriend and business partner, a closet full of designer clothes, and a multimillion dollar mansion overlooking Silicon Valley. But things spiral out of control once her boyfriend, Tom, puts up a billboard of her legs to advertise their real estate business. Furious with Tom's decision to exploit her body, Trina flees to Sonoma County where her best friend, Val, lives. She plunges into her new life with a fierce determination to succeed by opening her own real estate brokerage and starting to date. Things don't work out exactly as planned. Trina's living in a luxury apartment she can't afford with bills she can't pay. And the one nice man she's met has driven away before she could get his number. On the brink of bankruptcy, Trina finds a job working for Ms. Lashay at Smart Loans during the beginning of the mortgage crisis. Just when things couldn't get worse, the past threatens to collide with the present, and Trina is forced to make difficult decisions that will change her life and those around her forever."

L'Entrepot by Roger Geaniton. Gamma Press International.

L'Entrepôt by Roger Geaniton. Gamma Press Intl POBox 4436 Hollywood FL 33081 USA.

Less Than A Shadow by David Chacko.
"Five Stars - Midwest Book Review Less Than A Shadow is a suspenseful murder mystery by David Chacko. It begins with the murder of a prominent journalist in Istanbul and escalates into a drama involving the Turkish Mafia, a lethal hidden secret, and a terrible threat about to change the Middle East forever at a terrible blood price. An exciting novel that combines action with a labyrinth of motives and deadly perpetrators, Less Than A Shadow is very highly recommended reading for mystery/suspense enthusiasts and documents David Chacko as a gifted author who pays particular attention to background detail and character development making both his stories and his characters come alive in the "mind's eye" imagination of the reader. Midwest Book Review "

Lessons from an evil mind by Shawna Lynn. 36604 santolina drive Palmdale, Ca. 935502.
"Trade Paperback; 978-1-4500-7528-2 Trade Hardback; 978-1-4500-7529-9 e-Book; 978-1-4500-7530-5"

Let It Go: an Urban Greek Tragedy by Sean M. Cleveland.
"Very well written work of fiction. 5 star reviews on and target online. About Love. relationships and betrayal"

Lets Find You by Jeffrey Barbieri.
"New Jersey Male Author Of The Year 2009"

Let's Find You by Jeffrey D. Barbieri.
"NJ Author Of The Year award 2009."

Letters From Pemberley: The First Year by Jane Dawkins. PO Box 164 Circleville, NY 10919.
"A wonderful continuation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Has received numerous good reviews from Austen fans and scholars, as well as a review in Publishers Weekly."

Letters From the Past by Rita Kroon. 684 Birch Lane N. Shoreview, MN 55126.
"First edition historical fiction"

Letters From Wheatfield by Patrick Shannon.
"Quirky people and events in a tiny Montana town."

LEURS RACINES sont LÀ by Roger Geaniton. Gamma Press International PO Box 4436 Hollywood FL 33081 USA.
"Des nouvelles fantastiques. Des personnages émouvants pétris d'authenticité tantôt acerbes,tantôt touchants, amusants, vous introduisent dans l'univers pathétique d'un pays trop souvent peint à grands coups de préjugés et de clichés."

Liaisons for Laughs: Angie & Ella's Summer of Delirium by Robert Scott Leyse.,
""Some friendships are bonds that can't be broken. 'Liaisons for Laughs: Angie & Ella's Summer of Delirium' tells the story of two best friends in a frank and entertaining method. A hilarious and endlessly entertaining collection of stories about the little things of life, 'Liaisons for Laughs' never stops its assault on the funny bone. A fine and entertaining novel, 'Liaisons for Laughs' is a choice pick for fiction readers." -- Midwest Book Review "...we absolutely love Robert Scott Leyse’s Liaisons for Laughs: Angie & Ella's Summer of Delirium. His first book release is fun, steamy, and intelligent." -- Ian and Alicia Denchasy, LA Weekly "Fun and eroticism don’t go together nearly often enough. They do in Leyse tit for tat. This is clever, humane, word-sensual writing." -- Kris Saknussemm, author of Zanesville and Private Midnight"

Liberty & Death by John Anderson. Sundew Press, 149 Cliffside Drive, Wilmington, NC 28409.
"In the spring of 1942, two German special operations teams were landed in Florida and New York. Both teams of four were quickly apprehended, tried and convicted by military tribunal, and six of the eight team members executed. The capture of the teams was portrayed in the media as an FBI triumph, but the truth was very different. Cover-ups were justified in the name of avoiding public panic. Indeed, the story of a third team of agents was never told. In fact, or maybe fiction, it is finally told in the novel, LIBERTY & DEATH. At midnight, July 4, 1942, a U-boat puts four men ashore on an uninhabited island on the southeastern coast of North Carolina. Their target is the newly-reactivated Wilmington Shipbuilding Company. With the help of a sleeper agent, the team gathers information and moves on the target. The story follows the team’s sabotage efforts, the confused reactions of law enforcement, and the awakening of a dormant, centuries-old organization in response to the threat to their community. "

Life and Money Heist by Andy Schoepp.
"If a man can reverse death does that make him a god? Book number two in a trilogy. Paperback: $15.95. Hardcover: $26.95. "

Life Can Definitely Kick Your Ass! Here Comes AIDS and HIV by Victoria Warren.
"See or Close Your Eyes. AIDS is here to stay. Each year the death rate increases. Know the truth. Be armed. Prepare your kids. If you love someone, give them this novel. Save their live."

Lightland: A Supernatural Thriller by Kenny Kemp. 677 E. Union Garden Ct., Midvale, UT 84047.
"My eighth book! It all began 10 years ago when I read Dan's SELF-PUBLISHING MANUAL and then published my first novel I HATED HEAVEN. A memoir followed (DAD WAS A CARPENTER), also self-published, which won the Grand Prize in the 1999 Writers' Digest National Self-Published Book Awards. Within days I had a top-flight agent who secured a six-figure reprint deal with publishing giant HarperCollins within two weeks! HC soon signed me to a three-book historical fiction series, which I'm currently concluding. All along, though, I continued to self-publish my more personal and quirky books, which have provided me greater satisfaction than the big pay checks I've received from HC. Thanks, Dan, for getting me started!"

Like Litter in the Wind by L.M. Ross.
"This is a first edition work of African-American fiction, in the literary genre. It has received very positive reviews since its April 2013 publication. "

Like Madness With Coffee by Melissa Swaim.
"an engrossing novel of lust and latte. Only $10.95! Read it today with your next cup of coffee. Its just as hot."

Lilac Moon : A Connecticut Mystery Novel by Shelly Frome . Shangri-La, 3 Coburn Hill Rd., Warren Center, PA 18851-0065 USA.
"Description This chilling mystery unfolds in remote Connecticut hills. A series of creepy pranks has driven impressionable thirty-something actress, Katie, to distraction. One rainy evening, her habitual jog results in a near-fatal fall into a camouflaged cistern. Drifting past consciousness, she calls for her lifelong friend Sarah. Soon Sarah, a features reporter from New Haven, learns of Katies plight, discovers her in a near-coma, and promises to intervene; only to discover herself nearly overwhelmed by bizarre suspects and her own psychological turmoil. Trying to prod state troopers into action, Sarah learns of a trio of dubious revivals: production of Dark of the Moon, restoration of a vineyard, and evangelical crusades. As the plot thickens, goings-on eventually lead to murder, and Sarah unwittingly becomes a player. ". . . memorable rich characters . . . two central figures you really care about who induce you to keep reading till the compelling finish . . . Lilac Moon truly captures the whole Connecticut/Berkshire ambiance . . ." - Nanci Race, Features Editor The Artful Mind Great Barrington, Massachusetts Are you ready for our first murder mystery? Well Sarah wasn't, when she discovered death under the lilac moon! ISBN 0-9719496-5-4 Cloth Bound Price $22.50 US"

Lily's Sister by Karen J. Hasley.
"Supported by nine 5-star reviews on Amazon, a prominent northeastern Ohio newspaper selected LILY'S SISTER as one of the top 20 books by local authors in 2006: "Hasley's impeccable writing makes LILY'S SISTER a satisfying read from beginning to end." Akron Beacon Journal, 10/15/06) Other genre websites agree: "LILY’S SISTER is one of the best historical romances I have read in a long time." ( "LILY'S SISTER...shows a piercingly lovely (and achingly realistic) glimpse of a life lived and loved well." ( "

Linked Through Time by Jessica Tornese.
"Available in kindle and paperback. Exciting first in a time travel trilogy. "

LIPSTICK by Eliza Hemingway. PO Box 544 Chemainus, BC, Canada V0R 1K0.
"This is a small book, five and a quarter by four inches with 52 pages. It contains one story by Eliza and one poem by Jim Bennett of The book is intended to be read over coffee or lunch; then mailed on to a birthday friend. Why send a card when you can send a miniature novel for the same price?"

Lipstick Traces by Kaththea Azzurra Rowland. Multi-Media Publications Inc., Box 58043, Rosslynn RPO, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 8L6. Fax: (905) 986-5777, Phone: (905) 986-5848.
"Miss Z is the typical 20-year-old girl with acting aspirations. A chance encounter with a brooding rock star catapults her into a chaotic world of hedonism. As the glitter fades, she's forced to face the sordid facts concerning her lover, her friends, and her family. Through travels that take her around the globe, Miss Z desperately attempts to hold onto her relationship with her famous lover despite his addictions and neglect towards her. Soon, Miss Z has to decide whether it's more important to save him from his self-destructive tendencies or give into them herself. This is a tumultuous journey of a young woman who discovers love, betrayal, and deception."

Lisa & Her Many Men and other stories by Tweety Byrd.
"Lisa has her life turned around. There are still other people who have problems to be solved and these stories tell of them."

Living in the City by Rita Marie Keller., Inc; P.O. Box 2399; Bangor, ME 04402.
"Excerpt, author contact, and ordering information at website. "

L'Landra's Tale: A New Day for the Dauntless by Leandra Martin.
"You can also order books on or or email me at the above address if you would like a signed copy. "

Look No Further by Marina Snow. Order Dept. 155 Cypress Street Fort Bragg, CA 95437.
"BAIPA 2005 Best Fiction Award"

Look Not Upon Our Sins by Georgette Symonds. Paradise Found Publishers, P.O. Box 1064, Largo, Fl. 33779 .
" Look Not Upon Our Sins “A wonderful novel that truly captures Ireland. I was deeply moved by her descriptions. You will immediately fall in love with the passion of Bridget Donahue. I hope it becomes a New York Times Best Seller!” Andy Cooney Irish American Entertainer and Recording Artist It is an Irish style Roots meets A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Like Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes this is the compelling story of an Irish family. However, it is seen through the eyes of three generations of women showing the complex dynamic relationship between mother and daughter and between sisters. It’s been said that the Irish experience is mute. That there is no one to write for the Irish, no one to speak for them”. Look Not Upon Our Sins does just that. The backdrop covers everything from the Great Famine to the heart wrenching crossing over the Atlantic Ocean on coffin ships as Irish ancestors died trying desperately to reach for a new life in North America. It’s Bridget’s story as she brings her 3 daughters to 1927 Brooklyn, to a place and lives they were ill prepared for. "

Lori: The Circle of Friends, Book I by L. Diane Wolfe.
"Launching the series, the first book in The Circle of Friends follows a young woman determined to swim in the Olympics, focusing on chasing a dream and the value of love & friendship. Aimed at adults/young adults, Wolfe’s fiction series focuses on overcoming and is meant to inspire as well as entertain. Please see website for full details and ordering information."

Lose Weight - While We Scam by John A. Haskett. Suite 204 - 69 Nanaimo Ave. East, Penticton, BC, Canada V2A 1M1.
"Third in mystery series featuring Mike Shant, an amateur detective-freelance writer."

Lose Weight-While We Scam by John A Haskett.
"This volume in #3 in the ongoing "Mike Shant Mystery Series". Plot is about a fixed horserace scam run out of Las Vegas. First two volumes are also in print, and #4 will be out in early 2007."

Lost People by Paul Perry. Pocol Press 6023 Pocol Drive Clifton, VA 20124 703-830-5862.
"As a follow-up to his acclaimed Street People, Paul Perry returns with another short story collection about life's downtrodden. Perry's portrayals of sympathetic characters is dead on, and he creates a stellar cast of characters caught up in everyday struggles for survival. The stories work by themselves, but are more powerful as a whole. In this book, Mexicans try to cross the Border, people live in buses, in parks, prisons, half-way houses, under bridges, and remarkably, cardboard boxes. A profound sense permeates throughout that the author is greatful for his gift of life and these tales are a metaphor for good works. ISBN 1-929763-15-8, $14.95, 180 pages."

Love Byte by Larry Kilham.

Love 'em to Death by Norman Clark. 9914 E. Sunburst Dr..

Love Everlasting by Justin L. Petaccio.
"Love Everlasting is a bittersweet love story, wrapped around a kidnapping, locked inside a tragedy. If you enjoy reading a truly good love story, then you're going to relish reading Love Everlasting: an urban love story. Laina Byzell is a twenty-two year old street-smart, wise-cracking, drug-addicted barmaid. Gaetan Nardowsky is a twenty-four year old computer geek born and bred in Philly who has problems meeting and speaking with women. So he takes it upon himself to kidnap Laina to force her to get to know the real Gaetan. What results is a torrid love affair. But Sally "Sal" Longo, a detective with the Philadelphia Police Department, bound and determined to find the kidnapper, threatens to crush a love affair destined to bring Gaetan and Laina everlasting happiness.WARNING: gets steaming hot in certain sections. "

Love Is Not Enough by Sonny Maton. 915 W Imogene St.
"A young man who is constantly struggling with life trying to find out who he really is or what he wants to do in life, falls in love with a beautiful, rich, headstrong ancestor of the famous King Ranch in Texas. Because of their differences in status and lifestyle many obstacles must be overcome by both of them, and at times it seems they never will overcome any of them. This book shows the problems they both struggle with until they can finally have a meeting of minds and find happiness with each other. "

LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH by Sonny Maton.
"A young man who is constantly struggling with life trying to find out who he really is or what he wants to do in life, falls in love with a beautiful, rich, headstrong ancestor of the famous King Ranch in Texas. Because of their differences in status and lifestyle many obstacles must be overcome by both of them, and at times it seems they never will overcome any of them. This book shows the problems they both struggle with until they can finally have a meeting of minds and find happiness with each other. "

Love Is Not Enough by Sonny Maton.
"A young man who is constantly struggling with life trying to find out who he really is or what he wants to do in life, falls in love with a beautiful, rich, headstrong ancestor of the famous King Ranch in Texas. Because of their differences in status and lifestyle many obstacles must be overcome by both of them, and at times it seems they never will overcome any of them. This book shows the problems they both struggle with until they can finally have a meeting of minds and find happiness with each other. "

Love Lessons by Terren Grimble. Madada Publishing, PO Box 7186 Largo, MD.
"Love Lessons Terren Grimble Paperback: 296 pages Publisher: Madada Publishing (December 4, 2006) Language: English ISBN-10: 0974242306 ISBN-13: 978-0974242309 Type: Fiction - Romance Price: $15.00 Love Lessons is Ms. Grimble’s first novel which was published by Madada Publishing in 2006. Love Lessons available at - - - - "

Love Monkey: A Tale of Desire, Romance & Intrigue by Campbell Forcht.
"Love Monkey is a little novella and the characters are monkeys who drive cars, hold jobs, and conduct their lives as humans do (sometimes better!). A unique blend of story and art, Love Monkey has 16 full-color graphics of real monkeys and apes photoshopped as characters. You've never seen anything like it! There is a dedicated Web site for Love Monkey where you can read book club tips, get Author's Notes, see a few characters, download a "sell sheet" and buy a copy of the book securely using PayPal. Over $780 dollars of pre-orders—and now the book has arrived. Author interviews welcomed (see media page). "

Love of the Damned by Ernest Roberson Sr..
"Love of the Damned can be purchased as an EBook or paperback."

Love Returns Through The Portal of Time by K S Michaels.
"Love Returns Through the Portal of Time is a dazzling novel of the power of love and the endurance of the human spirit. Love Returns Through The Portal of Time: A “true love” story. "

LOVE SONGS The Exquisite Agony of Blues by AnnieMae Robertson. Via my web site; independent and chain booksellers.
"This engrossing collection of stories, and a novella, explore the relationship between love and the blues. They are sometimes amusing, sometimes haunting, cautionary tales intended to provoke awareness leading to more mindful loving--so needed in our world. "

Love, Pleasure and Pain by Corlis.
"Synopsis Love, Pleasure and Pain is a unique collection of erotic stories that are sure to titillate the most discriminating of sexual palates. Blending the three elements as a main theme for each story, gives a range of every aspect of love and pleasure, from shocking to downright freaky. Once you experience the world of Corlis you'll truly understand that unfortunately, sometimes along with love there is pain."

Loving in the Dark by Victoria Warren.
"This is the first edition. Find out more. It's a trend! It's probably unethical in most people eye, but it's a thing of the day. Many married men are sleeping with other men."

Loving in the Dark by Victoria Warren.
"It's no secret.More and more women are discovering that their husband or boyfriend is bisexual. Get this book, and find out how the character Samantha deals after she finds out about her husbands bisexual affair."

Low Light: The Plot To Blackmail J. Edgar Hoover by Stanley J Cutler. 230 W. Highland Ave..
"Why did J. Edgar Hoover deny that there was a national crime syndicate operating in America? He claimed that criminals were too dumb to be organized. LOW LIGHT is a novel that suggests that the FBI Director might have been the victim of blackmail. The story is narrated by Al Rubin, a man seduced into taking the blackmail pictures by promises too tempting for him to refuse. Hoover pays a visit to Atlantic City during the summer of 1929, unaware that Al waits on the other side of his hotel room wall with a pair of 1929-style, high tech cameras. When the photo shoot goes awry, Al escapes into the world of bootleggers, IRA gunmen, big time gamblers, anti-Semitic sea captains, African American race jockeys, flappers, gun molls, G Men, and powerful politicians. Readers who like the HBO miniseries “Boardwalk Empire” will find much to enjoy."

LUPO-Conversations with an E.T. by Louise Rose Aveni. 8357 38th St., Circle E, #102, Sarasota, Fl 34243.
"This is a first edition ficticious biography by POD (Publish on Demand) that sells for $14.95 plus S&H. "

Macedonia Passage: Dangerous Cargo by Wright Gres. 1100 Deen Landing Road, Baxley, GA 31513.

Madeline City and other tales by Steven Maus. 2453 E. Hermosa Dr. Tempe, AZ 85282.

Maggie's Way by Jessie Fallon.
"Maggie McGuire loves her new job as a casino marketing executive at a Lake Tahoe resort. But the fiery redhead quickly finds herself targeted by a sadistic stalker. Well, good luck to him! Maggie's Way is a highly recommended page-turner suspense thriller and the stuff of which block-buster movies are made. Jessie Fallon is a gifted storyteller who will leave her readers looking eagerly toward her next book." -- The Midwest Book Review FROM THE NOVEL: A buzzing sound roused me from sleep. I sat up in bed and fumbled in the dark for my cellphone. "Hello?" I said. Silence. "Hello?" I repeated. After a moment, a man's amused voice said softly, "Are you sure?" I sat there, confused. "Am I sure of what?" "Are you sure you're alone in the house?""

Magical adventures: Rescued from Evil by Lily Sparkletoon. .
" A child stolen from her home raised by her family's enemy. Will she learn the truth in time? Will she loose that what she had so long worked to achieve. ebook edition availiable Book Number 4 LOC registration"


Malicious Intent A Sam Parker Mystery by Maria Pease.
"About the Book Samantha Parker is not a cop or a private investigator. She's a nosy paralegal with a talent for snooping, so when a handsome stranger walks into her office and gives her twenty-five thousand dollars to have her find out who is following him, she can't resist taking his case, even if she doesn't believe him. The background check on Ronald Gregory proves that he has been in trouble with the law before. Upon discovering this, Sam seriously considers telling him to take his money and get lost, but she has two problems. The first is that she's broke and on the verge of eviction by her cranky old landlord, Mrs. Bennett. The second reason, which is equally important, is that she is extremely attracted to this hunk. On the other hand, she also finds it all very suspicious that he came to her when he could have easily gone to a professional investigator. That thought alone won't release itself from her brain, but she wants answers and is determined to get them. "

Malicious Intent: A Sam Parker Mystery by Maria Pease.
"Hello, Please visit my website to read the first chapter! In this fast-paced murder mystery, Samantha Parker breaks all her own rules when she takes on a new client that her gut tells her is lying. His request is simple; just find out who's following him. The pay - $25,000! It seems easy enough, maybe too easy, but when he suddenly disappears, Sam is determined to find out what happened to him. She just never imagined it would lead her to the mob, murder and into the arms of the crime boss himself. "

MAMA ROSE by Bernadene High Coleman. P O Box 4372 Culver City, CA 90230.
"MAMA ROSE is based on the extraordinary lives of the author's great grandparents. It is a story of forbidden love against the odds. He was a white Ex-Union soldier. She was the daughter of slaves. This book has been used by a number of colleges, high schools, churches and book clubs."

Mandalay's Child by Prem Sharma. Bookwrights of Charlottesville, VA.
"The first of a trilogy, it follows the Lal family through the turbulent events of 1941-1947 in Burma and India. "Prem Sharma is a skilled storyteller, combining suspense, coming-of-age themes,and spirituality...the narrative is compelling."--ForeWord Magazine"

MANSEND by John C. Maxfield., Barnes& Noble.
"A scourge from the stars tells mankind that his end is near--an alien takes over the White House--people begin to regress to their animal nature world-wide--all seems lost. An American psychologist is summoned to discover the cause, but his wife is part of the problem!It is a battle to rescue all he holds most dear--"

Mara Haviland by Sue Hull.
"Historical romance during the English Civil War and colonial Connecticut, with love, betrayal, ocean crossings, Indians, and witch hunts. The author, an expert on Early Modern English Women, founded the Women's Studies group at the Huntington Library; her books are found in colleges, the British Library, etc. Available in print and Kindle at Amazon, in multiple ebook formats at, at iBookstore, Google Books, etc."

Mariposa by Candis C. Coffee. Texas. thrive@candiscoffee.
"*Barnes&Noble Author of the Month* *New Age Historical Fiction* *Literary Fiction* *May be purchased from and other online booksellers*"

MARTY'S MOM by Jim Fuller. 698 Hwy. 360, White Sul. Spgs. MT 59645.
"Marty's Mom is a stand alone novel but has connections to one I wrote previoulsy that is titled 'SOCKS'. People who have read Socks were so enthusiastic about it that I followed it with Marty's Mom and I am now in the process of publishing the third one which is titled MISTER MARTY. This one should be available sometime in December of 2009. These books probably appeal to baby-boomers and older but one of my most enthusiastic fans is a teenager."

Mary Magdalene, Her Legacy by Bettye Johnson. Living Free Press, P.O. Box 97, Rainier WA 98576.
"First edition. Sequel to Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls, Independent Publishers Book Award Winner 2006. Released January 2008. "

Mary Read: Sailor, Soldier, Pirate by Cherie Pugh. PO Box 73, Bellingen, NSW 2454 Australia.
"2nd Edition July 2008 Available as an ebook for instant download or paperback. ISBN: 9780646492506 (Paperback) ISBN: 9780646492513 (ebook) Publisher: Russell Pugh "

Mary's Little Lamb A Mick Hart Mystery by Lawrence Christopher.
"Independently publishing my third Mick Hart Mystery has been a joy. With each title publication/release I learn something new and gain in the industry. I owe a great deal of my success to Dan Poynter and his material. Thank you."

Masks of the Lost Kings by Tom Bane.
"Free on Kindle on 24th & 25th August 2012"

Masks of the Lost Kings by Tom Bane.
"Amazon #1 Bestseller in Action & Sdventure, First Edition of Masks of the Lost Kings"

MASTER OF THE CORN by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 48,375 WORDS SYNOPSIS: The story of an aboriginal American, who travels to the Aztec Empire and back up into North America. TIME FRAME: During the time of Cortez’ conquest of Mexico. "

Media Justice by G.B.Pool. P.O. Box 12141 La Crescenta, CA 91224-0841.
"First in the Ginger Caulfield Mystery Series"

Meesha Guardian of Grand Mountain by Deborah Sioux Juckes.

Melody Madson - May It Please the Court? by Jodie Toohey.
"Melody Madson’s first few weeks at the law firm of Lazlo, Marshdon and Brown are spent in her office at her computer. Weeks pass before she finally gets her big break when senior partner, Dan Marshdon, assigns her first real case. Melody’s relationship with her best friend, Jewel, becomes strained as Melody’s friendship with another associate at the firm, Maggie, advances and she develops romantic feelings for Dan’s son, Eric, but doesn’t discuss them with Jewel. Her feelings for Eric deepen, her relationship with Jewel goes on hiatus, the key medical record in her case is lost, and Melody feels her life is crumbling. After working the entire weekend before trial, Melody finds the record but, before she can celebrate, the record thief catches her. Jewel attempts to free Melody but she is caught and the friends are tied to an office chair, driven out to the middle of nowhere, and left alone. Will they be able to save the case - or themselves?"

Memoir of the Masses by Leon Mintz. 223 W Cornell Ave.; Pontiac, MI 48340.
"The year is 1987 or One Reed by an ancient way of counting days. For the Aztecs, the arrival of this reoccurring year brought the end of their world. What do the days of this year have in store for the Masses, now? Watch how the three elements of time play out. Search for what has been forgotten and sealed away for centuries. Fear why it has been this way. Learn how this crystal skull holds the last blood of the first vampire, Smoking Mirrors. An aging artifact dealer, Victor Koupka, unearths it and brings it to present-day Manhattan. Sean Hamilton serves as a beacon for a brilliant future. He draws much attention with his astonishing research. Like turning cogs, they set in motion a chain of events that will change the lives of all involved. Witness this through the eyes of many in Memoir of the Masses."

MEMORIES: Book One in the Firehouse Family Series by Laurie Loveman. 17095 Abbey Road, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023. .
"Former NYC fire captain, Jake McCann, becomes the fire chief in a small Ohio town during the Depression. MEMORIES is the story of his coming to terms with his past as he battles a gangster to save the woman he loves."

Men Of Principle by John Packes.,.

Mesphisto's Seed2: The Apocalypse of Silence by William p. Haynes. wph/PO box 1565/Rolla, MO. 65402.
"Apocalypse continues the story begun in The Curse of Mesphisto's Seed which reviewers called " a fantastic apocalyptic thriller." Book two brings the devil's Inferno even closer to our world as the winds of quietus howl. Can one man and the goddess of death prevent the ending of all things? Find out the answer in the exciting second book in the Mesphisto's Seed epic."

Messenger Twelve by James Lynn Bartz. The Westbound Stage, Box 1145, Lake Forest, CA 92630-1145.
"This novel is about Gold Dust, Slaves, And A Sing-song Girl. . ISBN: 0-9678756-0-9 Messenger's Edition: Hard exterior with gold-dust jacket US$ 24.00 . Add US $4.00 for postage. CA residents add US $1.84 Sales Tax."

Messengers by Julie Gillentine. P.O. Box 11218.
"· "A fascinating story…through well-written fiction this book captures the essence of the ongoing reality." Robert Bauval, co author The Orion Mystery and Message of The Sphinx."

Mexican Gold by Arnold R. Beckhardt.
"This is the fourth Roy Neely novel. Reviews have been quite good. Exerpt on my web site."

Michael by Ivy Seijo.

"Strong reader reviews. Coming of age in New England in the late forties."

Miles Of Experience by Boris Zubry. Rivercross Publishing, Inc., 6214 Wynfield Court, Orlando, FL 32819.
"From his chilhood days in the Soviet Union, through his working life around the world, Boris Zubry has been an acute observer of the people around him. In these stories he picks at the fabric of our civilization, at the morals and mores of present-day life in Silicon Valley, California, to Saudi Arabia. His directness is sometimes astonishing; his opinions and prejudices not at all guarded. Here is a writer to be reconed with, one who speak out with the power of the printed word on the injustices of our time. Most of these stories do not end happily. But they do awaken us to how we choose to live our lives. The lessons to be learned are worthwhile. "

Miracle, the novel by M.L. Bushman. Jigsaw Press, PO Box 136, Sun River, MT, 59483. or
"Just who is Micah Divine? Godsend? World-class liar with a bag of tricks up his sleeve? The unexpected glitch in a scheme two men have been murdered to protect? Or a divine being whose mission to benefit all Mankind will bring him face-to-face with his greatest fear--a fear buried at the heart of controversy simmering on an Arizona ranch over a suspected murder. The only thing Carol Flannigan, Dawson Riley, and Kerry Penfield each know for sure-- The cowboy's name is Micah Divine."

MisGuided Gift by Harry M. Fries. Barnes and Noble.
"This story is a seaker, it holds you in suspence, totally and you arn't sure why. It begins in a Hurry driven by Love and Passion, you will be held in doubt even when is grows peaceful, wondering when it will happen,what who knows. This Author would like to know what you felt when reading, some say it's like being told a story. Find Out, Read it.MisGuided Gift Harry"

Mismatched Shoes by Jackie Harris Gullette.
"Mismatched Shoes is the story of Mary, born in Chicago in 1948 with the gift of prophecy amid jitterbugging,singing of the blues and preachers preaching 'God is Love'. She never learns to dance or sing instead predicting fires and storms, deaths and births, leavings and the policy numbers. Expecting love to be consistent and constant, Mary is confused when she finds that men love her when the numbers hit and hate her when they miss. The flour goes in the sugar dish and the butter in the pantry until Mary leaves home, finally, with one black shoe on and one blue one to make her own peace with gods and men. "

Misplaced Image by Dloyd Hedrick with Wendy Garman.
"Misplaced Image A novel that could be reality soon, when world leaders create a One-World Union that would be ruled by one that would have superior power over all. Those that do not go alone with the ideal that all opinions and decisions about what they believe would be decided by the world leader would be persecuted as enemies. An unimaginable event changes the life of a strong man of faith making it necessary for him to sit in judgment of his family and friends. As they watch and listen world leaders and unbelievers cannot believe what they are witnessing. "

MIss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare by Deon C. Sanders.
"Chicago's Rising African-American Male Horror Novelist FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 13, 2005 HER BEAUTY WILL SCARE YOU Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare Deon C. Sanders (Deno Sandz) Horror/Suspense Trade paperback $19.95 list ISBN: 158851837X 168 pages January 2001 AmErica House Book Publishers (PublishAmerica) 230 E. Patrick St. Fredericks, Maryland 21701 240-529-1031 @Major book stores Available at Barnes &,, and other online bookstores around the world. Distributed by Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Nobles, and Ingrams As a freshman horror author in the publishing world. Deon C. Sanders, a father of six, is on his way to writing numerous bestselling horror novels, inspiring poems, and feature film screenplays. However, his passion is horror writing. His first horror novel Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare has been a success in the minds of horror readers and has been well received in Chicago and in other major city bookstores. Synopsis: MISS MARY WEATHER: A SOUTHERN NIGHTMARE takes place in a rural black community in the deep South, where there is a myth of a woman who is the most terrifying female creature ever unleashed in this world. The evil's origination to this world starts when Miss Mary Weather goes insane after giving birth to her deformed child. She commits suicide on her front porch by slashing her wrists under the moonlight. As she journeys to hell, an evil spirit inhabits her soul. Thinking these stories are merely folk tales, the protagonist, Will first encounters the evil woman at the age of nine. A battle between good and evil ensues as he utilizes all of his wits and intelligence through his childhood, young adulthood, college, and finally adulthood. When he battles the immortal Miss Mary Weather in reality and wins, he continues his life. The feeling of her evil spirit being around descends and disappears as the years roll on, until Wills son has a dream that predicts that Miss Mary Weather has not been destroyed. E-mail: Author at NEXT RELEASE 2005: "I,AM" ... in the mist of GOOD there's the midst EVIL there's I,AM "

Miss McGhee by Bett Norris. Bywater Books, PO Box 3671, Ann Arbor, MI 48106.
"Miss McGhee is a runner-up in the annual Bywater Prize for Fiction."

Missing Emily: Croatian Life Letters by Jodie Toohey. 4616 N. Sturdevant St., Davenport, IA, 52806.
"In this story of hope, two teenage girls on opposite sides of the world, one in the United States and the other in Croatia, deal with their own turmoil, one of deep depression and one of civil war, by writing letters to each other in the early 1990s."

Mission of the Artist by Barbara Joy Cordova. 4845 Fountain Ave #13, LA, CA 90029. (writers section - Barbara Joy Cordova)
"Misson of the artist is a fiction, fantasy and drama, and has gained popularity due to the fact that it is a story that needed to be told, and also contains elements of truth. It can also be ordered through Barnes and Noble, where it is recommended to people who like Harry Potter. Story line: A planet of artists was once threatened by forces of evil. Many left their homeland, lifetimes later to find themselves on Earth. Here they are plagued by a world filled with drugs, crime and ignorance. Some of these artists seed to expose the truth about those that would dare to destroy creativity and society in general. Find out what "the mission" is and why it is so important to the world. Review: "Anyone can benefit from the truth given throughout the book in a palatable, enjoyable and uplifting manner. I must admit I cried several times from being untrue to my own goals. The book washed away the veil and reopened my eyes." BL "

"$15.95 (includes tax and shipping) First edition. 150 in print (361 pages) A story about how a group of artists unite to expose the truth about one of societies biggest enemies! Book Review: "I liked the adventure, romance and truth all piled into a story." Gary Reed "

Mission: The Birth of California, The Death of a Nation by Margaret Wyman. P.O. Box 355.
"A young Kumeyaay Indian bride sees her life and dreams shattered when the Spanish invade Southern California and employ rape, torture, and enslavement of the indigenous people to build a series of mission fortifications that bolster the Spanish crown’s claims to California. A contrarian view of contemporary history, “Mission” sets the stage for the violent collision of two cultures. 2,400 copies initial print run. $21.95"

Moem The Beginniing by Linda Whiddon. 18835 north 45 Avenue, Glendale, AZ85308.
"This is my first edition, with 500 books in print since March 2002. I have decided lower the price of my book and to mail out the books myself, due to the sluggish delivery time frame by the publishers. Since I am self published, I maintain the control over what happens to my book, including pricing, content, delivery, and much more. I am presently working on the sequel and am available for comments by email."

MOMMA at the CRAZY HOUSE by Ernest Moss. MRC Publishing P.O. Box 76371 Atlanta, Ga. 30358.
"THis is a first edition, printed in 2002. You can decide what is real-life and what is fiction. It is a wonderful adventure story, about never giving up, no matter what inhumanity you are up against. The characters are truly life-size and unforgettable. Forget about sleep, if you start reading it at night. "

Monero by James Bailey.
"Eppie's awards, finalist"

monkey wenches & yellow bikinis by mike cargile. 2575 buckhurst drive , beachwood, ohio, 44122.
"author's first novel... bold, exciting ,sexy, a fun read, with lots of laughs."

MONOLOGIE: A Woman's Life in Letters by Suzanne Rubinstein.

Monsoons by Laraine Herring. Duality Press: 5025 N. Central Ave., #444 Phoenix, AZ 85012.
"A lyrical mix of prose and poetry, Monsoons challenges cultural and religious myths while reflecting the soulful grieving process of a woman for her father. This haunting collection marks a strong debut for a powerful new Arizona author. 1st edition, May 1999, Duality Press"

Monsters 101, Book One: by M. Rasheed.
"Willy Pugg is the notorious bully of Tanglewood Middle School who, along with his favorite nerdy victim Mort, find themselves on a whirlwind of adventure when three terrifying, child-devouring monsters make him an offer the Pugg just can't refuse. Graphic Novel, 152 pages, 6.63" x 10.25", perfect binding, b&w interior ink"

Monterey Shorts by Walter E. Gourlay, Mark C. Angel, Lele Dahle, Byron Merritt, Ken Jones, Chris Kemp, Frances J. Rossi. 22597 Black Mountain Rd., Salinas, Ca. 93908.
"First edition. 2,500 in print. Rave reviews: Advance Praise for Monterey Shorts "There's a distinct flavor of life on the Monterey Peninsula in this eclectic collection of stories. The mindset is there, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes adventurous, and sometimes just weird, but you come away having been entertained and with the smell of the bay in your hair." ---Christopher Moore NY Times Best selling author of Lamb and The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove "These stories are like time capsules filled with memories waiting to be discovered." ---Robert Irvine Author of the Moroni Traveler series "These short stories bespeak a serious hardworking writers group. From ten new literary voices comes stories about the Monterey Peninsula. The quality is such that one could foresee that they could easily be invited and be exposed to a larger reading audience through traditional publishing channels. Publishers --- take note." ---May Waldroup Owner of the Thunderbird Bookshop "Monterey Shorts charms, chills, intrigues, and entertains. These ten authors have created a collection of stories that is a pleasure to read and one that is full of revelations about the Monterey Peninsula area they call home. Enjoy! ---Steve Sharon Screenwriter of the Clint Eastwood film, The Dead Pool "Makes you want to read on...." ---The Monterey County Herald "The stories in Monterey Shorts capture the mythical flavor and real details of the Monterey Peninsula -- through ten sets of eyes. Some stories use the landscape as just a jumping-off point, others for the heart of the story. It's the next best thing to being there." ---Kevin J. Anderson NY Times Best selling author of Dune: The Butlerian Jihad "Like any collection of works [Monterey Shorts] varies from mediocre to impressive - but one has to admire [these] FWOMPers..." ---John Snider Editor of "Widely diverse in subject matter and style of writing --- spellbinding, funny, fantastic, mysterious, nostalgic, suspenseful --- the stories are all well written..." ---The Carmel Pine Cone "[Monterey Shorts] makes fun reading, especially to those who recognize the shops, streets, and coffee-houses where the stories are set." ---The Coast Weekly "

Moonlight by Keith Knapp.
"Top 10 Bestseller, Outskirts Press, October, 2009. It began with a power outage. A power outage that went beyond lights and televisions. Clocks stopped telling time. Cell phones no longer received signals. Cars became dead relics that wouldn't start. As the world around them becomes darker, so do the inhabitants of the small town of Westmont, Illinois. A mysterious and evil presence has taken a hold over the village, making the once peaceful town a place of violence and despair. A small group of individuals, untouched by this presence, must uncover the mystery of why they remain normal and discover what (or who) is taking control of their town, one soul at a time. Because the Man in the Dark Coat is out there. Hunting them. And not everyone can remain untouched forever."

Moonshine for Sale by Norman Pinetree.

Moral Executioners by Andy Schoepp.
"Here's justice! Book number three in a trilogy. Paperback: $15.95 Hardcover: $26.95. "

More Than Dust in the Wind by Donald James Parker.

Morning Light by Nancy King.
"First few pages can be read on my website. All novels can be ordered from my website."

Morning Pages: The Almost True Story of My Life by Joseph Sutton.
"What is the writer’s method? How does a writer get strings of inspired words from his mind onto the page? Not very damn well if you’re Ben Halaby, who’s filled with dedication but suffering the throes of writer’s block. Halaby then stumbles across a book on creativity: Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. The basic principle of Cameron’s book is to write three pages nonstop first thing in the morning for 84 days. Halaby heeds Cameron’s advice. And what we see, as the words come gushing out of his pen and soul, is not only the creative process in action, but we behold a man turning into his old storytelling self again."

Mose by Anita Mott. outskirts.comAnita Mott

Mosquito County by Lucinda Waldron.
"Readers' Favorite 5 Stars Florida Authors & Publishers Association 2015 President's Award Finalist"

Mostly Murder by Gioya McRae. Mocha Mind Communications, 76 McKay Ave, Suite 101, East Orange, NJ 07018.
"SemiFinalist in the 2007 Reader Views Reviewer Choice Awards! Gioya McRae’s debut story collection presents a superlative range of short mystery stories every suspense fan will cherish. From first to last, these short stories will challenge your mind with a mixture of suspense, romance, humor, and…a touch of gore."

MOUNTAIN by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 28,908 WORDS SYNOPSIS: A bounty hunter goes after a bail jumper, and meets up with an estranged father, trying to convince his runaway daughter to return home. TIME FRAME: Present day. "

Movie Girl by Christina Hamlett.
""Movie Girl" is the launch book of a new fiction series targeted to teen and tween girls and has already become a favorite of mother/daughter book clubs around the country."

Moving to Massachusetts by Alice Johnson-Scott.
"Limited edition. See website."

Mrs. Lieutenant: A Sharon Gold Novel by Phyllis Zimbler Miller.
"Link to book's Amazon page on website. Novel was a semi-finalist in Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award."

Murder At Any Age by Tony DeMarco. see
"A BOY IN AN ORPHANAGE DISAPPEARS; ALL BUT ONE THINK HE RAN AWAY. More than a few have said once they began reading they couldn't put it down."

Murder at Sunset / A Maggis Goss Mystery by J. McGrath. P.O. Box 2141, Davis, CA, 95617.
"Maggie Goss discovers that her friend of many years has been murdered. She is drawn in to solving this crime which quickly turns into a thriller. Murder at Sunset has received some very favorable reviews from the likes of Midwest Book Review, and very positive feedback from readers."

MURDER AT THE LAKE by Bren Gaudet.
"“Murder at the Lake” is a classic whodunit featuring an amateur detective. A group of young adults get together for a weekend retreat and one-by-one they start to disappear."

Murder by Accident by Barbara J. Olexer. 9752 SE 43rd Ave., Unit D, Milwaukie, OR 97222.
"Large Print. Second in Marge O'Connor mystery series set in a logging camp in the fifties."

Murder By The Numbers‚The Righteous ONE by Richard Hicks.
"Set in San Diego, this is the first in a series of Enneagram Mysteries, where the co-protagonists, a retired police chief and psychologist, use the Enneagram—a popular personality typing system—to solve the mystery. "

Murder By The Numbers—The Righteous ONE by Richard Hicks. www.xllbris/MurderByTheNumbers.html.
"First in a series of Enneagram Mysteries set in San Diego. By the author of Whistleblower (Finalist, Best Mystery, 20007 San Diego Book Awards). "

Murder in March Commons by Arlington Nuetzel.
"First Edition Autographed copies available ISBN # 1-60672-959-4 A professor's beautiful wife is dying a slow and miserable death. An auto executive's sailboat disappears mysteriously on Lake Huron. A brazen cat burglar is terrorizing a small university town. A chemistry student will stop at absolutely nothing to secure her passing grade. When supermodel Lila Docker becomes an unwitting victim, the affable Steven Burr rallies his unlikely cadre of acquaintances to connect the dots and to bring the criminals to justice with potentially disastrous results."

Murder In The Inn by Barbara Fox. 2655 Collins Ave. #2301 Miami Beach, Fl. 33140. or Barbara for mysteries .com
""Murder In the Inn" is a mystery set in Washington DC, Barbara does a unique book signing which is available to libraries, organizations, clubs etc. She tells the srory of an unsolved mystery based on characters in the book and several people in the audience are given parts to read. They also have an opportunity to solve the crime before the formal summation. She is working on a sequel tittled "Another Murder In the Inn". Barbara is the founder of Mystery on the Menu Inc, an interactive murder mystery company she founded in Wasahington DC in l986. She now lives in Miami Beach, Florida. "

Murder Inc by Ri.

Murder is for the Birds by Pat McGrath Avery.,
"A mystery, featuring Luke the Detective Dog, set in the South Padre Island area. Enter the world of nature, birding, beaches and books. Help Luke solve the crime. Print, Kindle and Nook editions available. E-book edition nominated for Global eBook Awards."

Murder on False River by Martha Gabour Manuel. / Kindle / Nook / iPad.
"Released in October 2012, Murder on False River was listed in the New York Times Book Review in December 2012. This novel "delivers suspense, romance, and danger in a griping page turner." - Christee Atwood, Author "You'll be on the edge of your seat until the very last page!" - Erica M. Kennedy, Author Although a work of fiction, the novel includes actual places and events listed in and around New Roads, LA, where the author lives. Also included are names of friends who have been incorporated into fictitious characters (wonderfully good sports!). A second book is in the works!"

Murder was a Stranger by Peggy Swager. authors:
"For single mother, Kate Summers, the decision to work as small-town cop was made with her children in mind. However, Kate finds that Columbine, Colorado contains more than physical dangers. When Kate’s babysitter, Janie, discovers her foster mother dead, Kate’s first instinct is to help protect Janie. Unfortunately, the investigation demands that Kate drag Janie through the unpleasant events surrounding the murder. Adding to the problems is that the list of suspects includes her kid’s beloved school teacher, the victim’s brother, and the chief-of-police’s poker buddy. When more than murder clues turn up, Kate finds that the past appears to be driving current events, and those events will threaten the life of someone Kate cares for. In the end, Kate will find that solving this murder will cost her and her children a personal price she never expected to pay. Author Bio: Peggy Swager is an established author in non-fiction, and is now working to establish herself in fiction. She is a long time member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and a member of the Pikes Peak Writers and the SouthWest Writers. For years she attended a critique group which included noted mystery author Diane Mott Davidson. "

My Father's Daughter by Teresa Marotta.
"“My Father's Daughter” contains all of the best elements of a great novel. The author Teresa Marotta immediately swept me into the intriguing adventure. Not only does it have an incredibly compelling, well-developed plot, with interesting characters, it also has scenes that will make you laugh out loud. This is a must read for all fans of historical fiction.” —Reader Views By California Bookwatch review newly listed on Midwest Book Review: “My Father’s Daughter is a riveting novel that combines romance with mystery with frontier adventure. The result is solid entertainment from first page to last. “My Father’s Daughter is especially recommended for personal reading lists and community library fiction collections.” "

My Friend, Maggie by Rosemary Hovey Everson. 753 North Eau Claire Street; Mondovi, Wisconsin 54755.
"I have my own personal web-site which is ; also,I'm on Promo ; Little Grey or ; I'm a member of Cambridge Who's Who, National Womens Leadership Association and International Women's Leadership Association and other organizations. "

My Grandmothers Secret by Iris VanDeventer-Whitney. 6433 Armstrong Dr..
"This is my first novel, my baby! I have another book ready for print,the title is Don't Do It! I'm in the process of writing a third book, Tales from the Front Porch Swing. I am a retired RN and now have the time to pursue my dream. Writing! I am 78 yrs old. Until next month that is! I have 250 books in print of MGS, and I'm in the process of getting it marketed. Thank you, Iris whitney"

Mysterious Valley / A Maggie Goss Mystery by J. McGrath. Aaroncroft Publishing, P.O. Box 2141, Davis, CA 95617.
"Maggie Goss encounters a blinding green beam of light just a hundred feet above the end of a secluded private runway in the rugged mountains north of lake Berryessa, California with the intriguing name of Mysterious Valley. Her curiosity will not allow her to leave this mystery alone, and in her quest to find the reason she stumbles upon a foreign subversive group working under cover in the Napa Valley. Her quest is discovered, and the story changes to one of international intrigue and suspense. Mysterious Valley has accepted favorably by both readers and reviewers."

Mystical Speed by Hubert Guscott. 144 Coolidge Avenue, Baldwin NY 11510.
"What's behind Jamaican sprinters' almost supernatural speed? Five American athletes trek through the island to unearth the secrets only the locals may know. Their story is told in Mystical Speed. "

Naive In The Bush by Gerald W. Crisman. Publish America.
"This book, my fourth, is a story about flying Bush, digging gold, and being a cop in Alaska. The story developes from being thrust back into a needless war after serving in the Naval Air Corps in WW11. Then after discharge from the Korean fiasco, I stayed in Alaska and the story tells of some wild and funny times as well as some of the harrowing times.It is a book that keeps you turning the pages, the hell with dinner."

NASHVILLE BLOOZ by W D Humpfree. Larchwood Press, P O Box 140424, Nashville, TN 37214. Larchwood
"Satire, uproariously funny. Readers compare the writing to J D Salinger and Nick Hornby. Free chapter available from First edition, paperback and E-book."

NASHVILLE GOLD by Dekker Malone.
"Imagine his surprise. Payne McCarty hears country music sensation, Rusti King, singing a song he wrote on an Austin, Texas, radio station. But now, Sure-Star Publishing denies any knowledge of ever receiving his song. Follow the lively trail from the crooked racetracks of the Texas Hill Country back to Music City in Dekker Malone's debut novel NASHVILLE GOLD. Dekker Malone,a graduate of Texas Tech University, lives outside a sleepy West Texas town with his wife, children, horses, cats and golden retrievers. He is currently polishing the sequel to NASHVILLE GOLD. KENTUCKY ROSES is due for release in early 2002. Visit the author's web site to hear the free original music contained in the novel. "

Nephilim Awakening: Enkindu by Henry R. Yarghn Jr..
"Award Winning, Enkindu will take you on an adventure through time and enlighten you to the secrets of Nephilim, half-angels, half-humans. Action packed Enkindu has powerful characters, actual locations, and is rooted in science and religious texts. You decide what to believe! "

Neptune's Chariot by Irv Sternberg. 12837 W. 78th Circle.
"Earned an "A" rating in a book review in the Rocky Mountain News, Denver, CO. Listed #4 in The Denver Post bestseller list. "

Netblue by James L. Hayhurst. 222 Oak Grove Rd., Suite 201, Bradfordwoods, PA 15015.
"Parascension Press first edition, 15 April 2003. ISBN 0-9729380-0-1. With intelligence and page-turning suspense, James Hayhurst tells the story of two lives that intersect on the Internet: Paul Allison, ex-fighter pilot, airline pilot and single-parent of a spirited teenage daughter, and Patricia O'Neal, a talented and beautiful artist. A unique and erotic romance, and unforgettable love story."

Never Dream by Scott Charles Adams. Order through
"I initially printed 500 books, which sold out in a year almost exclusively through Amazon. I went with Print On Demand for the second printing. The reviews on Amazon have been extremely positive. Now, if I could just get a cover for the sequel ... "

New Beginnings: A Hogan's Heroes Story by LaVerne Cash.
"TITLE: New Beginnings AUTHOR: LaVerne Cash BookSurge Code: IMPRO2705-00003 Sentence Description: Take the characters from the 1960s hit sitcom, Hogans Heroes, and find out what happens when friends are the enemy, and those we fear may be our friends. This is a story about the vicissitudes of war and how doing the right thing could be fatal. Author Biography: LaVerne Cash is a physicist who earned her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Employed by the Department of the Army, Cash's expertise ranges from the evaluation of weapons systems to chemical and biological defense. A member of the church choir, her churchs annual "Living Christmas Tree" gave Dr. Cash the idea for this novels subplot. New Beginnings is LaVerne Cashs first novel. "

New Frontier: an alternate history novel by Cliff Ball. http://www.cliffball.met
"In this speculative fiction novel, what-if Ronald Reagan became President in 1976 instead and the Space Race turned out differently? He continues with the moon landings, and declares that a moon base would be established by 1979, followed by a Mars Base by 1989. The Soviets decide to up the ante by building an interstellar starship, and send it on its way as the US establishes a permanent presence on the Moon. The US builds a space station, followed by a base on Mars, that will eventually be turned into a colony. The rest of Earth follows the original timeline, so terrorism rears its ugly head, which will forever change American politics. Iran and its attempt at taking hostages is taken care of in 1979, but a new threat emerges because of it. The new POTUS has to pursue these enemies of the US to secure America's future. We follow America's progress from Moon to Mars, along with the Teacher in Space Program, to an eventual starship mission out of the solar system, which will continue in book two. "

new world by egbuniwe arthur. flosslendstrasse 25a 8020 Graz Austria.
"New world is a collection of three plays that refect aspects of our everyday lives.In this dramatic format the characters are set out to portray ficitional account of events that have or may have taken place around us. ..Its all about new days and new ways Edition 2002 Number in print,on demand printing service"

New York Roommates by Howard Boger.
"After Hank's male roommate put the moves on him, he vowed to never share an apartment with a male again. He placed an add for a female roommate and got much more than he bargained for. New York Roommates is an entertaining romp through midtown New York City and the characters who live there."

Nigger's Heaven by Terence E. Jackson. Copper Son Production 690 Durant PL. Ne. #2 Atlanta Ga. 30308.
"Short Book Description: Nigger's Heaven is the haunting tale of a disillusioned young black man who suddenly finds himself, faced with the realization that sometimes, the road to salvation is not always as clear as it may seem. The story's protagonist sets out on a journey, that leads him back to himself as well as into a kaleidoscope world of denial, self-discovery, and revenge. The novel clearly opens the door for dialogue on the present state of today's African-American young males. ISBN: 0-595-66359-1 Hardcover 0-595-31666-2 Softcover 0-595-76473-8 ebook PRESS: Mr.Jackson has just released one of this years most controversial and exciting novels. An amazing artist, who has lived and spent the past twenty years all over the world, Mr. Jackson's work have been compared to James Baldwin's, due to his sensitivity and invaluable insight into the human heart. Artist First Radio Network calls him, "A complex and passionate artist, who's works immediately discuss the dark and the light of the soul." Southern Voice Magazine says of his performances, "What I love most about Terence E. Jackson's work is his desire to approach the truth. To play around her, to almost catch her, to envision her, so to speak." One of the most original African-American voices, Mr. Jackson is currently turning the literary world on its head with the release of his novel "Nigger's Heaven." "

NIGHT SOUNDS by Beth Anderson. or
"You can see the reviews of Night Sounds on my website, as well as writing tips, great graphics, and music. Also info on upcoming books, the first of which, Murder Online, to be published by Clocktower Fiction, is a nominee for the Frankfurt Awards. "

Night Visions by Ariana Dupre.
"Night Visions - Book 1 of The Visions Trilogy - Winner of the Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Single Title Paranormal Romance 2004. Ariana Dupre - Winner of's September 2004 Reader's Poll for Best Author. Two hundred years ago, Mary Slayton witnessed the murder of her husband Theodore. Pregnant and overcome with grief, Mary revenged Theodore's murder with a curse cast by the local gypsy witch. With her emotions in turmoil, Mary extends the curse to include everyone who ever hurt Theodore in life. Now the souls of several families are bound to the Earth for the next 200 years and their descendants are denied true love. There are three in the future, gifted by the gypsy witch with special paranormal abilities, who can break the curse. But if the three fail to find true love and unite as one family, the doomed souls will walk the earth for eternity. In Night Visions, dreams do come true - that's the problem. Angelina Benton's observer dreams always come true but she's never watched herself in a dream until now. The day Jared Maxwell walks into The Variety Vine, her nightly attacker becomes reality. Thrown together in the renovation of the Slayton Homestead she tries to protect her heart but still falls in love with the rugged real estate developer despite her fear of him. When she discovers she may be one of three destined to break a curse, she must overcome her suspicions and trust the man of her dreams to fulfill her destiny. Jared Maxwell never believed in love at first sight until he met Angelina Benton. But why did she stare at him in utter terror? Determined to uncover the reasons behind her fears, Jared sets out to gain her trust and win her love. When strange things start happening to Angie during the renovation, he realizes her life is in danger. Can he protect her and still keep his secret? "

Nikki Shana Jaime Lynn FBI Agents Terror & Deception from Sea to Shining Sea by DT Cocco.
"The 2 main female characters are investigating a drug trafficking mob in Poughkeepsie, New York. They accidentally stumble on a terrorist plot that will cause heavy damage and loss of life in 5 major cities across the United States. Their lives are put in danger at every turn by a mole in their own FBI organization. You'll meet their friends and relatives whose lives are also put in danger, but meet the challenge to become unwitting heroes in helping the 2 agents. So get ready for an action packed journey starting in Poughkeepsie, ending in Boston for the surprise conclusion. "

Nine Lives Too Many by John F. Rooney. Senneff House Publishers Box 11601 Ft Lauderdale FL 33339.
"A terrorist thriller. New York City is the setting. A bomber nicknamed Felix the Cat stages nine horrific assaults on the city. His nemesis is a conflicted detective, Denny Delaney, battling his own alcoholic demons."

Ninth Lord of the Night by Diana L. Driver.
"Think the Maya gods are dead and buried? Think again. What if they're only sleeping? In less than eight hours seventeen year old Zack goes from California, the land of fun in the sun, to the third world nation of Guatemala where his life is changed forever. He expects to be bored, not tangle with murderers and artifact smugglers. He wants to go home, instead he's swept into the world of Mayan myths and legends - a world that is his to claim if he only has the courage. Screen rights for Ninth Lord of the Night have been optioned for film by MSG Productions."

Niobrara Crossing by G. Gray McVicker. Paint Horse Books P.O Box 25113, West Des Moines, IA 50265.
"Niobrara Crossing is in its first printing (5,000). A soft cover book, it sells for $13.95. You can read an excerpt from To purchase with free shipping or in wholesale lots, go to Picked by staff and participants of the Nebraska Summer Writers Workshop as the book everyone will be reading this year. "

No Lady and Her Tramp by Kristie Leigh Maguire and Mark Haeuser.
"Are you tired of reading the same old story lines in your romance novels? 'No Lady and Her Tramp' will have you rolling in the aisles as you follow the exploits of the residents of President Park, the trailer park to top all trailer parks. To receive your autographed copy, please email Kristie Leigh Maguire at Please put 'No Lady'in your subject line. To find out more about 'No Lady', please go to"

NO MORE AN ISLAND by Henry Jordan.
"Special appeal to Southerners and senior citizens everywhere."

No One Heard His Cry by Inez Laurie-Douglas.

No Pockets in a Shroud by Maxine E. Thompson. P.O. Box 5655, Inglewood, CA 90310.
"This book is in its second printing. It has a 5 star review on I have been featured in Black Issues Book Review in July, August edition, as a self-published writer, Dialogue Magazine for October to December Issue, 2000, The Final Call, and Mosaic Books Magazine in the Summer 2000 issue."

No Pockets in a Shroud by Maxine Thompson. P.O. Box 5655, Inglewood, CA 90310-5655.
"After reading Dan Poynter's Manual, How to Self-Publish your Book in 1993, I have written 9 titles. I have won awards for my different short stories through Ebony and the International Black Writers Association. No Pockets in a Shroud is my second novel. It has been printed 4 different times since 1997 and is also in print on demand through Lightning Source. You can order it from my website or from my P.O. Box. "

No River Wide Enough: Escape by Richard E. Decker. ISBN10: 143276599X
"Vol 1 of 4 Historical fiction from Opium Wars establishing Hong Kong as British colony to 2008 Beijing Olympics. Vol 1 - Wang family betrayed, flees communist revolution to HK, befriended by American Businessman Father separated from family by Red Victory 1949. Conclusion: Family again betrayed, son escapes to HK from village across the border as father returns to China for 5 year search for his family. "

No Time For Tears, World War II 1941 - 1945, The story of an American guerrilla opposing tyranny, fighting behind enemy lines, in the Philippines by James Murphy.
""No Time For Tears" - ISBN 978-1-4146-5185-2 - A World War II fiction Novel about Guerrilla Force 47 and their guerrilla war behind enemy lines with the Kalinga headhunters of Northern Luzon's remote mountain jungles from 1941 to 1945. Told in the voice of an American guerrilla as he remembers those years of World War II. Lots of action in this book for anyone's personal entertainment.The story comes from and is based on my uncle's World War II war stories about his escape from the Bataan Death March and his combat as a guerrilla in the Philipines when I was a child living in East Texas. Author James Murphy - 304 pages. paperback and download e-book-$15.99 for paperback-$5.37 for download e-book. "

No Time For Tears, World War II 1941 - 1945, The story of an American guerrilla opposing tyranny, fighting behind enemy lines, in the Philippines by James Murphy. place orders via the internet from publisher as an e-book or paperback trade .
"Publisher LuLu Press, ISBN 978-1-4116-5185-2, first edition, Trade & E-Book, Author James Murphy, publish date June 1, 2006 A spellbinding tale of war that explodes with a cold, hard, deadly reality of defiance as American and Philippine forces, with the aid of the Kalinga Headhunters, fight over-whelming odds in the rugged northern mountain jungles of Luzon Philippines, against an invading army of Japan. The story is told by Tex Bradley, an American PFC in the United States Army as he remembers and witnessed fighting behind enemy lines for three and a half years. The book tells the story of the men and women, heroes all, who shed their blood, giving their life for freedom and those who dared to stand against Japan's war machine of world domination. "

Nobody by Chen Yu-Te. Outskirts Press, Inc. 10940 S. Parker Rd, - 515, Parker, Colorado 80134 . info@outskirtspress. com.
"First edition"

Nobody's Child by Carolyn Ann Aish.
"Order eBook from Print copy from What does it feel like, not to know who you are or where you came from? Journey with ‘Boy’ to discover who he is, to find himself of use, to learn about faith. An adventure set back in the dark ages. Escape fiction, mystery, royalty, abduction, sacrifice, drama, romance, Christian, family reading, salvation. "

Nobody's Girl by Rachel Vasquez-Price. 1703 Charlinda Street, West Covina, CA 91791. Amazon, Barnes and Noble
"This is a novel based on a true story of a girl named Aurora whose mother was pregnant with her when the family migrated from Mexico to the United States and who were completely unprepared for the hardships and tragic events that they would have to endure. With limited skills and no knowledge of English they would embark in a life-changing adventure to a foreign country that would prove disastrous in many ways for Aurora until a complete stranger helped to change it. "

Nobody's Investment by John S. Meade.
"Order from or"

Nora by Robert Seitz.
"An unusual love story from a place where past and present meet. Available on Kindle, Nook, and in paperback and hardcover. Visit the website for details."

Nora's Soul by Margay Leah Justice.

NORTH OF 60-o by Jacques L. Condor-Maka Tai Meh. Dynamic Writers of Arizona
" A collection of short stories about the early pioneers, miners, trappers and whores who hurried to the Great Land of Alaska during the many "boom" periods of gold, lumber and oil, and the resulting clash between the newcomers and the local Native populations"

Not Invented Here by David I. Shapiro.
"Review by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Nov 2001 "Shapiro's roman a'clef novel is a work of fact-based fiction. It untangles why many aerospace industry programs from Apollo through many military aircraft and missile systems as well as commercial air transport programs happened. NIH features stories of the little known engineers, managers, and marketing people and their real life situations that didn't make the headlines - but made things happen!"

Not Just Us by Victoria Warren Jackson. P.O. Box 693128, Miami, Florida, 33269.

Not Just Us by Victoria Warren Jackson.
"I am the self-published author of two other books. The titles are: Can You Feel Me? Intimate Poetry, Untraditional Love In The Dark"

Not One Shred of Decency by Bob Brown. 322 Davis Drive, Kingston, TN 37763.
"Historical novel based on actual events. In 1842 the summary hanging of the son of the secretary of war sparked a national controversy. A sea story of intrigue and suspense on a U. S. Navy sail ship."

Nothing Can Come Between Us: Well, Maybe a Hater by Cherlina Works. or Barnes and Nobles.

Nude on a Fence by Eliza Hemingway. PO Box 544, Chemainus, BC, Canada, V0R 1K0.
"Sixteen sizzling short stories make up this book. One of the stories, Jungle Tea, was also published by Tonto Press, England, from a world-wide search and short list of 350 people. Other stories in the book have also been published in English and Canadian magazines. "Eliza had me hooked until the end" Janet Loxton, literary consultant, England."

O, Wow by Howard Jones.

Obsession by Donny Stephens.

OCEAN by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 29,807 WORDS SYNOPSIS: A Homicide detective and a computer expert team up to foil a multi-billion dollar Credit Card fraud. TIME FRAME: The near future. "

Odd Lot: Stories to Chill the Heart by Steve Burt, Storyteller of the Heart. 29 Arnold Place, Norwich, CT 06360, tollfree order line 866 693-6936.
"Silver medalist Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Mystery/Suspense Book 2001. Honorable Mention ForeWord Award for Best Horror Book 2001. Six of nine stories received Honorable Mentions in Year's Best Fantasy. "Garden Plot" 2nd prize Horror, Beyond the Moon, and "Editor's Choice Award," My Legacy. Single-author collection of nine New England ghost stories and supernatural mysteries for ages ten to adult. Paperback 0964928329 $14.95, 3,000 in print from Oct 2001 to May 2002."

Odd Lot: Stories to Chill the Heart by Steve Burt. 29 Arnold Place, Norwich, CT 06360.
"Benjamin Franklin Award (silver for Best Mystery/Suspense Book 2001; 6 Honorable Mention stories Year's Best Fantasy & Horror; Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards Honorable Mention Best Genre Fiction; ForeWord Magazine Awards finalist Best Horror Over 6,000 in print. First in the Stories to Chill the Heart series by The Sinister Minister"

Odyssey Dreams by Dennis R. Archambault. 25762 Dark Creek Road; Calabasas, CA 91302.
"Reviews Odyssey Dreams is a tale on the grand scale of the mythic stories celebrated by Joseph Campbell. The gripping journey along the Oregon Trail takes us deep into the mythologies of North America. Dennis Archambault has given us a sweeping adventure that lingers vividly in the imagination. Jonathan Young, Ph.D., Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives In Odyssey Dreams, Dennis Archambault transports us to a time of authentic heroes, engaged in a grueling struggle for survival along the Oregon Trail. In a story of vivid sensory detail, we can smell the coffee bubbling over a prairie fire. Odyssey Dreams is a mythic drama that challenges us to find its resonance in our own lives&and to cast our lot with those who dare to dream the big dreams. Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreaming, and, The Firekeeper. Hauntingly evocative of time and place, Odyssey Dreams is a testimony to those whose determination and endurance we can only imagine. Karen Draisey, Artistic Director, CIAO! Childrens International Arts Organization, UK Odyssey Dreams is the story of six brave women and men: the runaway slave-girl and prophetic dreamer who escaped the chains and ignorance of the plantation; the socialite who wanted to raise a family without pretense and superficiality; the retired schoolteacher of mythology who wanted to live her own great adventure; the fur trapper turned guide after all the fur-bearing animals were decimated; the retired sea captain who could not thrive in the confinement of crowded, dirty cities; and, the native American shaman who was making his final trail. They began as strangers but they ended as heroes to one another. The Oregon Trail tested the spirit of every pioneer. It was the road to freedom, yet it was the also the path of death and despair. Many would perish from disease, some by river crossings and other accidents and a few by acts of violence. Still, they entered the vast untamed prairie until their numbers became a flood. These settlers risked everything to manifest their dreams. They wanted the freedom to be themselves, to clear free land and to build farms on fertile soil and to end their days with the sense that they had a purpose. "

Of Dreams and Nightmares by Shirley A. Roe. Books by Shirley Roe.
"to order copies contact the author through the email or website. Receiving rave reviews, rated five stars on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble."

Offerings in the Snow: A Christmas Story by Joan Shaddox Isom. 17718 W. Murrel Rd., Tahlequah OK 74464.
"This attractive gift book is a 152- page story of a family during the 1930s in the South. Its themes embrace love, laughter, grief, humor, and trying to "fit in." Families read this together at Christmas. The chapter on the infamous school pageant brings belly laughs, which is good during a season when nostalgia can often be overwhelming. And oh, yes, there's a miracle. "

Office Hours by C. Frederick Vick. 954 Longview Dr. St. Cloud,MN 56304. Vick
"Writer's Digest commented "This book is a page turner. Relationships and plot are built on dialogue. The book contains romance and tragedy, love and violence, adultry and loyalty."

Old Sins, New Sinners by Gene J. Parola.
"This police procedural introduces Land Parrish, an overworked New Orleans cop. He and his partner (and mistress) April Flowers chase a murder through Chicago, Ann Arbor, MI, Istanbul and Izmir Turkey. Along the way Land mixes with a female agent of the Turkish MiT, and one definitely not. You will soon learn the accuracy of the maxim that 'The most beautiful women in the world come from Izmir.' "

Old Sins, New Sinners by Gene J. Parola.
"This is an e-book and 20 % of it may be browsed prior to purchase. It is a romantic mystery--a police procedural. Lance Parrish, a New Orleans cop and his partner (and mistress) April Flowers, chase a murderer through Chicago, Ann Arbor MI., Istanbul and Izmer, Turkey. There are two other intriguing women along the way. One a member of Turkey's elite federal police and one definitely not. It confirms the adage that the most beautiful women in the world come from Izmer."

OMAR: A Novel by Craig O. Thompson. StrataGem Press, P.O. Box 503, Greenwood, IN 46142-0503.
"First-Edition; 5000 simultaneous hardbound and softbound; 624 pgs; August, 2001. ISBN: Hardbound 0-9675207-0-3 $24.95; Softbound 0-9675207-1-1 $14.95 Premise: Two men--an antiquarian book dealer and an acclaimed bookbinder and illumniator to His Majesty the King--London, turn of the Nineteenth Century--create "the most magnificent binding in the world." On the way to its new owner, via courier aboard an ocean liner, the ship sinks. Eighty-three years later, the U.S. government, terrorists, and mercenary divers race to the site to recover the worth over $30 million. An underwater race that could change the face of world politics begins...and strikes fear in the heart of every democratic nation that faces the possibility of nuclear, biological, or chemical warfare. "

On Love And Animals by Maxwell MacPherson, Jr.. P.O. Box 141, Bristol, NH 03222.

On The Brink of Death by Sanjay Sonawaniq. Century Book Distribution, Inc. 814 Boon, Traverse City, MI 49686.
"FIRST TIME OFFERED IN THE UNITED STATES! "A Stunning Reading Experience" Daily Sakal "A Story unraveling shocking mysteries, conpsiracies and plots" Citizen"

On The Edge Of Heat by Nick Haskins.

On The Horizon by Chris Macone.
"The world is at peace, but not for long. An event of disastrous proportion happens to the passengers and crew of the "Horizon". They find themselves in a new galaxy and on a new planet, where death is an everyday occurrence. This book is the first of a series of three. Book 2 is currently being written with a possible release date of Spring 2011. REVIEWS: Statement from a local librarian: characters were well described and the plot was interesting, can't wait for the next book. Statement from a Science-Fiction enthusiast: story is good, easy to follow, looking forward to the second book. Chris Macone has loved creative writing since high school. He wrote award-winning, published poetry starting in 2002. After a long beginning in the "working" world, Chris has decided to chase his dream, a dream of being in the entertainment industry that he started in high school. Acting is part of his pursuit and writing is his other passion. "

On Walking With Angels by Sheila Watson.

Once a Knight: A Novel of Aerial Combat & Romance in World War I by Walt Shiel. Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC, 28151 Quarry Lake Rd, Lake Linden, MI 49945.
""A superbly crafted historical novel." -Midwest Book Review"

Once Is Never Enough by Margie Gosa Shivers.
"New Release, December 2006 Sequel to Anonymity: A Tale of Suspense, Seduction and Revenge"

Once Upon A Horse by Sheila M. Watson.

Once Upon a Time When Tobacco Was Good by Kent Mills. see website.
"Tobacco has not always been a negative word. In the not so distant past a famous movie star who would later become president of the United States was on billboards all over America encouraging us to light up and enjoy life. All that changed in 1964 when United States Surgeon General, Luther Terry made the astounding statement that tobacco was harmful to your health. "Once Upon a Time When Tobacco Was Good" tells this heartwarming story in a way that lets you feel just like you were there. "

One Wizard Place by D.M. Paul.
"The first book in the One Wizard Place series. Young Justin Kasey Hobskin (known as Kase) and his faithful partner Murdox (who just happens to be a talking wolf-dog) are agents for the Incantation Enforcement Agency, Counter-Curse Division. In a world where magic and technology are intertwined; they have the unpleasant job of righting magic that has gone wrong. Following the completion of the difficult task of rousting some pesky nixies (wily little blue vermin), they learn that their next assignment involves saving an elf king who is slowly turning to stone after drinking a mystical afternoon tea. What begins as a typically quirky assignment turns out to be a quest that takes them to forbidden lands where they encounter magical beasts and unique challenges destined to test all their skills and intelligence. "

Only Daughters by Robert McDavid.

only in my dreams by Rhond Empson.
"Rhonda White Empson lives in Coudersport Pa. with her husband, Brian and two sons, Brian and Brandon. She has won many awards for Only In My Dreams including Second and third place in the chapter’s contest of Space-coasT Authors of Romance. (STAR) Honorable mention in the Enchanted Quill contest. Second place in the Colorado Romance Writer’s “Heart of the Rockies 2000” Contest. And Second place in the Authorlink New Author’s Awards Competition. Along with Only In My Dreams she has written a sequel entitled Knight Of My Dreams and a third novel, Burden Of Guilt, a historical romance. Rhonda started writing after the death of her younger brother, Ted. The writing, she found worked as a type of therapy to help deal with her grief. Copies available through,, or directly through A pod company. You can visit Rhonda’s website at:, for more information and free preview of her book, Only In My Dreams. "

Orphan Records by John D. Wolf.
"Set in the near future, post Global Warming and religious wars aftermath, in a world where economic survival is controlled by computer networks dominated by those that would own the future. Savvy gamers, who are now taking sides, find clever ways to survive a great cyber war. This is an exciting thriller of a tale, that spans the globe with a focus on American interests verses an powerful Austrian embedded structure."

Others in Space by Selwyn D.Goodwin. BookMasters Inc. P O Box 388 Ashland OH 44805.
"Others in Space is an absorbing, entertaining and unique novel. It deals with an intriguing scenario - what would happen if there were a planet in outer space, almost identical to our Earth, where we humans are duplicated, also almost identically? And what would happen if these aliens or “others”, took one of us to their planet for a specific purpose? Doctor Norman Henderson, a top-notch neurosurgeon, is kidnapped and taken to Traceea, a planet located light years away from Earth, to operate in an emergency situation on a critically ill, major political leader. The aliens’ chief neurosurgeon is disabled, but because of Henderson’s identical physical appearance to the chief assistant surgeon, he is secretly substituted for him, and the secrecy must be maintained. The substitution and the surgery are successful, and Henderson then finds himself in a familiar and at the same time a strangely unfamiliar, environment. He becomes involved in a passionate love affair, and also is drawn unwittingly yet irresistibly into an arena of dangerous political intrigue. His life, and return to Earth, are threatened by the power struggle that is taking place, and he has to answer questions about his frailty and strength, his morality and beliefs, and even about his mental stability. Did it, could it, really happen? The story is told in a realistic and totally believable way, and as Henderson asks these questions, so in turn, do we. "

Out of the Rain: A collection of short stories written through the grieving process and into the victories of life by Yadira V. Payne. 341 Lamplighter Ln, Martinez GA 30907.
"1st edition; perfect-bound softback; will soon be available in Spanish This collection of short stories takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of varied emotions. Loss, joy, anger, bewilderment, and peace are expressed in a simple, yet heartfelt manner. It is, above all, food for thought and reflection."

Out of Time by Cliff Ball.
"Out of Time, a sci-fi novel, can be found on or Barnes and, the links can be found on my website. "

Outlaw Badge III by Michael J. Bryant.
"Outlaw Badge III is the third book of an ongoing western series full of action, real historical events, romance, and lots of drama. "

OUTLAW LAND by Kristen R. Porter. 3089 nw welch rd lawton, ok 73507.

Overcome: The Story of a Girl by M.E. Reach.

Overcome: The Story of a Girl by M.E. Reach.
"Overcome: The Story of a Girl has spread to more than five countries and is accessible in eBook, Kindle, and paperback formats. More information can also be found at "

Pacific Crest by C. Hill. 5380 N W 55th Blvd Suite 305 Coconut Creek, FL 33073.

Painting The Invisible Man by Rita Schiano.
" Fans of The Soprano's and this genre of book will find Painting The Invisible Man intriguing. Schiano offers an inside look at what it's like to grow up in a different kind of family. “Most of us aren't like Meadow Soprano or grow up like the Gotti's. Unless your father is the boss, it is a very” Schiano searched for the word, “strained way of life.” Schiano's first novel, Sweet Bitter Love, was published in 1997."

Paradigm by Diane J. Newton. 44 The Common, Lockport, NY 14094.
"Little Danny Manning is an adorable angel whose startling abilities are veiled in secrecy. When the boy disappears, detective Tony Favata catches the case. With no clues, a distracted partner and a frenzied media feasting on wild tales, sorting the guilty from the innocent isn't easy. Danny's frantic mother claims to be a clueless victim, but is she complicit? A deadbeat dad, a deranged granny, a prickly pediatrician, a scheming research scientist and a sinister cabal with deep pockets and scary proclivities all come under suspicion. Tony decides the truth is obvious, but can he prove it? Author's note: Signed copies with free shipping in the continental US!"

Parallel Lines and the Hockey Universe by Grant Tracey. Pocol Press 6023 Pocol Drive Clifton, VA 20124 703-830-5862.
"The 21 stories in Parallel Lines are set against a backdrop of parallel universes--sports and families--linked by the life of Matt Traicheff. His parents, second-generation immigrants, are splitting apart because of marital discord, but through sports--hockey, football, and public speaking--each member of the family seeks some type of transcendence. Matt's work as a sports reporter sets up stories focusing on the Waterloo Black Hawks, a losing Junior A hockey team struggling for wins in the highly competitive United States Hockey League, while the Traicheffs try to remain a family. ISBN 1-929763-13-1, $12.95, 190 pages. "PL is a hoot to read--a hoot and several loud choruses of 'All Right Now' after a last second goal slapped in from the blue line. Score!" - G.W. Clift "

parallel lives by martin gwent lewis. outskirts press denver col.
"a fantasy novel about a man who meets himself in several different parallel existences. first edition print on demand. presented at numerous meetings and lectures and book signings including Barnes and Nobles.available on Amazon in addition to Barnes and Nobles. "

Paraskavedekatriaphobia: A Collection of Short Stories by James Driscoll. Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Kindle.
""Paraskavedekatriaphobia: A Collection of Short Stories" takes you to surprising places - unexpected places. In this collection of short tales, author James Driscoll spins riveting short stories that revolve around shocking, inciting incidents, each one wending its way to unanticipated conclusions: an innocent man trapped in a murder investigation by a cunning criminal; a domineering wife and a husband who turns up dead; an elderly woman bent on revenge; two career outlaws in a deadly clash; a heartbroken man driven to suicide. Like literary optical illusions, Driscoll's tales trick the mind's eye with clever plot twists and focus shifts, ones the reader will savor in new ways with each reading. Go along for the ride, but brace yourself. Your destination may shock you."

Paris Bound by David James. Trafford Publishing.
"'One can't read even the first page without getting the feel that this is a writer one to meet and talk to.' - Bill Stanton, Writers Tutorial 'A novel of real quality and substance, one that's intriguing, funny and, finally, very moving.' - Robert Lambolle, Reading and Writing (whose help in the launching of her best-seller Chocolat is acknowledged by Joanne Harris) "

Patience and the Porsche by Valentina Sgro.
"Patience Oaktree, the self-proclaimed most successful professional organizer in the State, takes on a new client whose self-righteous sister has promised her $100,000 if she can get and stay organized. The client in turn has promised Patience $25,000 if she can help her meet the challenge. The mysterious and wealthy drop-dead handsome visitor next door adds intrigue. ISBN: 978-0-9793552-0-2; hardcover, 192 pages."

Peaceful Endings; The NOPOSAM Project by Michael K Tucker.
"G.A.Bixler Professional Book Reviewer - A powerful "what if" novel that will leave you, if not frightened, then a much more cautious person! An exciting thriller that will keep you on edge from the first page 'till the last! Nominated 2008 Evvy Award."

PEARL AND ANGELA by Bernadette Y. Connor. P.O. BOX 27708, Phila., PA 19118.
"ISBN 09715838-5-4, First edition, hardcover, fiction, 2,000 copies in print. "Pearl and Angela" is a wonderful tale of friendship and love in a 1940s Midwestern town filled with secrets. This is thre fourth self-published novel by Bernadette Y. Connor. Her first novel, "Damaged!", was optioned for film by producer/director, Kevin Hooks. Her second novel, "The Parcel Express Murders" was endorsed by actor/producer, Robert Hooks. "

Pebbles in a Pond by Donna Vail Jones/Randy Jones.

Pepin's Bastard: The Story of Charles Martel by Diana M. Johnson. PO Box 8312, Van Nuys CA 91409.
"Charlemagne's pivotal reign is still some distance in the future when Charles is born, the bastard son of Pepin de Gros. Pepin's jealous wife will stop at nothing to see Charles dead, thus saving the power behind the throne for her own legitimate sons. "

Perilous Times of a young black woman by Kelly D. Adolph.
"Perilous times of a young black woman is an inspirational/fiction. The author Kelly D. Adolph, has won countless awards and honors for her short stories and poetry. The first of many novels is sure to be an exceptional read. Published through: PublishAmerica LLLP 163 pages Available through, borders, barnes and nobles, and "

Persimmon Capital Murders by Nellotie Porter Chastain. 610 N. 14th Street, Mitchell, In. 47446.
"2006 Best Books USA award finalist. Price: $16.00/shipping $2.00"

Petty Offenses and Crimes of the Heart by Mitchell Waldman.
"Short story collection just published by Wind Publications, August, 2011). "

Phoenix by Kimberly Packard. 25 Highland Park Village, 100-810, Dallas, TX 75205.
"PHOENIX is the story of Amanda, Alex and Shiloh, three individuals tied together by two crimes committed thousands of miles and ten years apart, each looking for redemption and forgiveness. Amanda Martin boards a bus in the middle of a cold Chicago night with no luggage and only two thoughts: get the hell away from the crazed gunman who obliterated her office and locate the man responsible for her indictment – and make him pay. A small Texas town of Phoenix becomes her refuge as she assumes a new identity to rediscover who she was before all the power and money changed her. She intends it to be a temporary stop before searching for her ex-boyfriend who ensnared her in his securities fraud scandal, but the flirtatious advances of a handsome cop fuels her struggles between building a life there with him and her desire for vengeance. Uncovering a forgotten murder ignites Amanda’s need for redemption, but also drives a wedge in her new relationship, and puts her in the line of fire of two people who will stop at nothing to keep the case cold. "

Phoenix Star - An Adventure of the Spirit by Kiernan Antares.
"In Phoenix Star, an ancient prophecy awaits The Chosen One - a woman who is destined to activate the sacred Emerald Stone and give birth to the Phoenix Star, lifting humanity to higher levels of enlightenment. Phoenix Star was selected as a Semi-Finalist in the 2006 WriteMovies International Contest."

Phoenix Star - An Adventure of the Spirit by Kiernan Antares. iUniverse, Inc., 2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512.
"Phoenix Star has been hailed "An inspirational fantasy celebrating the magical potential inside us all. I could not put it down" by Grace Cirocco, author of the best selling "Take the Step: The Bridge Will be There". Phoenix Star has also advanced to the Semi-Finalist stage in the 2006 International WriteMovies Contest."

Piccolo, the Gray Robe by Robin M. Ambrozic. .
"A fast pace, YA fantasy, that follows the exploites of a young girl as she tries to be excepted by the Dragons' of Cor`inthor. "

Pike Place by Marilyn Howard Tschudi. or or
"Released Summer 2007 -- the 100th anniversary of Seattle's Pike Place Market. "

PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale by Steven Rage.
" Not soon forgotten, March 16, 2008 By Mary Menzel "Reviewer -" (North Carolina) - See all my reviews This brilliant alteration of biblical accounts into a modernized tale of drugs, death and deception is not for the easily offended or faint of heart. With graphic scenes of violence, sex and torture Steven Rage has given us a view of Christ's final days had he lived in our modern world. His unique cadence and elaborate descriptions vividly animates every aspect of his writing. Whether offended or captivated, whoever reads this book will not soon forget it. "

Pilot Mountain by Robert R. Wall. Outskirts Press 10940 S. Parker Rd. -515 Parker Co. 80134.
""This is a fine tale of drama; "Pilot Mountain" is thoughtful and intriguing reading. Highly recommended" (Midwest book review) " Avery good story that has wound fiction around dates and actions. The writing is good and the characters were realy that --Charactors! A very enjoyable and believable book." ("

Plague by Jeremiah L. Donaldson. PO Box 2614 Inverness, Fl 34451.
"Plague (ISBN:1-4116-7604-1) is one man's account of a world gone mad as a mutant strain of Ebola washes over the planet in a pandemic of death and destruction while those in charge deny the real danger until it is much too late. "I knew that my first novel had to be something I found interesting, and I find nothing more so then disaster stories. Thing is, many such stories give the story from the point of view of those on top of the food chain, the politicians, scientists, and other such people who normally have a wealth of resources to fall back on. The little man is normally ignored as nothing more then canon fodder. I knew that had to be my angle to explore.""

"From a Review by James Bickers Sea of Tranquility (Vol.2, No.2, March 1997): One of the most wonderful things about these stories is the wide-eyed wonder which Vira approaches science fiction with. There is an innocence, a newness to these books that are reminiscent of days when the genre was more than cautionary tales of weird, self-indulgent works too intent upon showing you just how clever they are. There is also a very ambitious scope to these works. Countless elements are brought into play from hugely different areas, and for the most part the alchemy works. There is a great deal of originality in the ideas presented here, and they are presented well. Vira obviously has a huge imagination, and her work is every bit as entertaining as it attempts to be. "

PLATONIC HEAVEN becuase you are here. by Mary Kelly, M.A.. THE TOWN BOOK STORE 255 East Broad Street, Westfield, NJ 07090.
"3,500 books in print SUMMARY In this engrossing novel, an extraordinary high school senior devotes much time and effort to developing an interdisciplinary curriculum while trying to help two troubled friends and realizes that a long-time friendship with a fellow student my be turning into something more. Published April 24, 2002. Price $8.00 OUTSIDE NJ Call (888) 714-2665"

PLATONIC HEAVEN becuase you are here. by Mary Kelly, M.A.. THE TOWN BOOK STORE 255 East Broad Street, Westfield, NJ 07090.
"3,500 books in print SUMMARY ORDERS) In this engrossing novel, an extraordinary high school senior devotes much time and effort to developing an interdisciplinary curriculum while trying to help two troubled friends and realizes that a long-time friendship with a fellow student my be turning into something more. Published April 24, 2002. Price $8.00 OUTSIDE NJ Call (888) 714-2665"

Point of Connection by Earle E. (Doc) Van Gilder.,,
"What commences as a routine profile background investigation evolves into a sinister plot to alter the course of the free world. The premiere book, SAID THE SPIDER, was the beginning of the true to life adventures and experiences of Dan Jamieson and his team of novel, colorful and experienced investigators. Again the Jamieson Investigative Agency becomes immersed in a clandestine and decade’s old scheme of complete and total dominance by ruthless, clever and relentless enemies eager to satisfy what has become their eventual POINT OF CONNECTION to a one-world supreme authority. The adversaries’ cult-like dedication and years of trial and error are now on the verge of reaping the rewards they so desire. Undercover operations during the turmoil of the 1960s suddenly collides with the deadly consequences of today making this a must read for anyone who enjoys an authentic mystery novel. More than 40 years Earle (Doc) Van Gilder was involved in white-collar crime. The last 20 years he ran his own Investigative Corporation partnering with major firms, local and state government agencies and law enforcement to solve a wide range of criminal activities from internal theft and white collar crime to insurance fraud, criminal investigations and undercover operations. "

Policy Terminated by John A. Haskett. Suite 204 - 69 Nanaimo Ave. East, Penticton, BC, Canada V2A 1M1.
"First in mystery series featuring Mike Shant, an amateur detective-freelance writer."

Preacher's Son & Henry Brown by Lois Fowler Barrett.
"first edition, 600 in print, 1812 setting in southeastern Illinois territory"

Presidential Powers by Michael Gerhardt.
"Solutions to some of the problems currently facing America are debated in this actino packed thriller."

Prince Michael and the Dragon by Michael's Dad, John C. Orndorff. 6000 Gunn Road, Springfield, TN 37172.

Prison Earth - Not Guilty as Charged by Clifford M. Scovell.
"The greatest treachery is a false freedom. PRISON EARTH – NOT GUILTY AS CHARGED presents Earth as a penal colony where the souls of an alien species’ worst criminals are implanted in humanoid bodies to live among us while believing they are human. Sophisticated computers and alien minds manipulate the daily lives of everyone on Earth with the goal of rehabilitating the criminals. But this carefully managed system breaks down when different alien species fight for the key to the ultimate power of the universe and the very existence of all known life. Though initially stunned by this new reality, our heroes must risk everything in their struggle to prevent a cataclysmic explosion as destructive as the Big Bang. "

Prison Stories by Seth M. Ferranti. P.O. Box 492 St. Peters, MO 63376.

Process of Elimination by Robert Stricklin. Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Rd. 515, Parker, CA 80134. .
"On a bright Saturday morning in May, the nation is jolted by the news that the Vice President of the United States has perished in a plane crash. After a respectable period of mourning, President James J. Hartman begins the arduous task of vetting and choosing a successor. But as White House correspondent Gideon Burnett soon learns, forces intent on undermining the administration are plotting to influence the President’s decision - by any means necessary. What is their ultimate agenda? And can Burnett expose the plot in time before he becomes a target for elimination? Outskirts Press, Inc. 10940 S. Parker Rd. - 515 Parker, Colorado 80134 (888) OP-BOOKS Copyright © 2000 - 2010 Outskirts Press, Inc. and Robert Stricklin. All Rights Reserved. No portion of this website may be reproduced, or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by any information storage retrieval system without the express written permission of the publisher and author unless for the specific use of writing a review or article pertaining to Process of Elimination "

Project Anastrophe by George Karnikis. 108 Pinneo Rd Eastsound WA 98245.
"Nick (21st century) and Norina (25th century) travel in time, destined to save Earth from destruction. Dr. Dylos knows his team is unable to stop radiation from destroying the planet. The Du Bois brothers, and their cartel have a sinister plan for retaining their status on Earth and Mars. Nephos, an outlaw and ingenious man who manipulates robots, joins the cartel's team with Darna, a beautiful reporter; his love for Darna puts their team in danger. Tampering with the Prime Directive will cost them dearly and their past changes will alter the future of mankind and they will find their home an unwelcoming place in which to live. Probes reveal 30th century Earth is fighting a losing war with an alien species from the planet Voursa. The community of spaceship Anastrophe deciding to save Earth again goes to the aliens' planet, back in time before the aliens attack Earth. The Anastrophe community builds a larger spaceship, travels on a two hundred year odyssey and encounters unfriendly planets on the way, which puts their mission in peril. "

Promisers Big by Sandra Mann. 82417 461st Ave, Burwell, NE 68823.
"Pioneer times through the lens of family life captures Promisers Big. Memorable characters navigate through rattle snake bite, parental death, feuding brothers, and family life that includes sadness and sorrow, love and loss. America was settled by immigrants who overcame obstacles and succeeded, especially true in the Midwest. Thus story brings to life those struggles within a highly entertaining book. "

Prophecies of the Ancients by Weslynn McCallister. Keith Gilpatrick and Brian Furlong.
"Swept away in a disaster by a devastating emerald-eyed Prince, Jennifer Harper awakens, star-bound to cities beyond her wildest imagination. Falling desperately in love with Prince Karo, their romance is interrupted by Drona the Sorcerer who vows to make her his or destroy her. While Jenna is stricken by a deadly virus, Karo undertakes a mission to the Isle of Beasts to search for the antidote. Meanwhile, Drona is inadvertently cast into the future where he joins Queen Michelle, a white magician, in an effort to defend the Red Moon from Vincent 11, the most evil sorcerer the galaxy has ever known."

Prose Dreams by Emily M. Hanson.

PROT U by Eva Augustin Rumpf.
"PROT U is a satiric novel set on a contemporary university campus in Texas. With its colorful palette of characters and bizarre incidents, the story unfolds over the course of one outrageous year at fictional Protestant University of the South, from the start of classes and Rush week in August to graduation in May. This is a year when the serenity of the campus is shattered, as administrative control stifles student freedom of expression, mediocrity buries academic excellence and self interest battles justice. About the Author Eva Augustin Rumpf is a former reporter, university journalism instructor and student media adviser. Her articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the country, and she is co-author of a self-help book on divorce. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her husband. PROT U is her first novel. "

Providence by Sonya Watson. 20 Carluke Crescent Apt 301, Toronto, Ontario, M2L2J1.
"First edition and 200 in print. The cost of the novel is $15 CDN shipping included. Each copy will be signed and dated. "

Psychiatryst by B. Michael Fett. 1704 East Kane Place Unit E Milwaukee, WI 53202.
"Murders are mounting bringing five lives together; two of them killers, two of them cops and one a psychiatrist. The killers are out to kill again and the cops are bound by oath to stop them. The psychiatrist, Laura Hartwig, is caught in the middle. She’s heard the confessions; she knows details she shouldn’t, but her involvement could expose her darkest secret. She’s torn between right and wrong, but when push comes to shove, Dr. Hartwig must protect what is closest to her heart even if it’s a killer."

Psycho Save Us by Chad Huskins.
""Psycho Save Us" is an edgy, supernatural horror-thriller from Chad Huskins. When two young girls with a slight gift for telepathy are snatched off the streets of Atlanta by a gang of vicious human traffickers, their only hope lies in Spencer Pelletier, a psychoapth who has recently escaped from Leavenworth Penitentiary...and who can hear their thoughts from afar."

Puppet Child by Talia Carner. PO Box 1405, Bridgehampton, NY 11932-1405.
"PUPPET CHILD is listed at The Tope 10 Favorite First Novel 2002 (, and has recieved over 40 rave reviews. Due to the complex social issues the novel is dealing with, it is often the choice of reading groups. Author Carner is often invited as a speaker at Book & Author events."

Quality Concealed by Betty Briggs. P.O. Box 51602, Provo, Utah 84605-1602.
"This is the first book in the "Heather" series--keepsake books for the whole family. Image of Deception is the second book in the series, Challenge of Choice the third. All three books are mystery/romance with a touch of "horse" for flavor. Quality Concealed and Image of Deception are in bookstores now. Challenge of Choice will be out in September, 2002. Both Quality Concealed and Image of Deception have won numerous local and state awards. Readers keep asking for more."

Quantum Earth by Julie Achterhoff.
"This book is about a team of metaphysical scientists along with a trance channeler desperately trying to figure out how to save the earth from the coming cataclysm coming in the year 2012.They get some help from some very nontraditional sources, including the Starborn Ones. "

Queen's Hostess by Betsey Shapiro.
"ISBN - 978-0-9724705-3-7 AUTHOR BETSEY SHAPIRO has the inside scoop about cruise ships. She’s taken her industry knowledge, garnered from 25 years of working at cruise lines and as a travel agent, and written a fictional account of a historic cruise line and its colorful crew. Shapiro’s debut novel is a sweeping saga that follows the life, travels and loves of Annie Moore, the longest continuous employee of a cruise company, the fictional Queen’s Line. The story follows Moore from her first assignment, in 1962 as a Lady Assistant Purser on an ocean liner, to her rise as Social Hostess on a 21st Century mega-cruise ship. The author’s industry knowledge provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the operations of a cruise ship. “I’ve always found the stories of the crew on the cruise ships to be as fascinating as the guests onboard. Ocean liners have such a rich tradition and history. I wanted to share those stories about how the ships and the companies have changed over the years,” said Betsey. Betsey Shapiro is a travel agent who also works at the Port of San Francisco assisting cruise guests. "

Quest for the Crown/The Story of Pepin the Short by Diana M. Johnson.
"Pepin the Short yearns to become King of All Franks, a title the Merovingians have claimed for hundreds of years. In addition to fighting his enemies at home, Pepin must scale the Alps to protect his mentor, Pope Stephen II from the Lombards, threatening the pope and Rome. In donating the cities he wins to the papal chair, Pepin begins what will become the Vatican, geographic territory belonging to the pope."

Rabbits by Deacon Sadler. 2024 Highland St. Fernandina Beach, FL, 32034.
"The most important portal to the traveler on the path is the lurking shadow of the infinite joke. The only thing more rapid and prolific than our own spindling vortex of fears is the unchecked reproduction of an ever-growing swarm of Rabbits."

Rainy Day People by Susan C. Haley. /
"A compelling story for the mature of heart. 2nd edition Infinity Publishing"

Raising Spirits by J. Lee Quinn.
"Cat lovers rejoice! Zoom the Wonder Cat almost steals the show in this delightful romp across America by light aircraft. A great read, not to be missed! "

Rap Star by Debra Clayton. GenNext Publishing, PO Box 670, Anderson, SC 29622.
"ISBN 9780979049118 Rap star Anthony Talbert was the hottest rapper in the country and with his fame came an endless array of beautiful women ready and willing to satisfy his every sexual fantasy. That was until he met the beautiful Randi Jacobs. Unlike the other women in his past; she rejected his offer of one night of unforgettable passion with a rap star. Now he can’t get the one woman he couldn’t get into his bed, out of his head and turns her whole world upside down to make her his."

Rattlesnake Lawyer by Jonathan Miller.
"A darkly comic and quirky tale of a young lawyers coming of age in the outback of America. There is no escape for the new district attorney where everyone knows what is going on in this small town, except him. 5.5 x 8.5, soft cover, 280 pages, ISBN: 0967392039"

RAVEN'S CHILDREN by Jacques L. Condor-Maka Tai Meh. Dynamic Writers of Arizona
"a collection of word portraits of the Yup'ik, Inupiat, Chukchi,Dene and other northern tibes of the polar rim. items cover culture, legends,myths hunting and whaleing."

Read My Lipstick by Joyce Oroz. Amazon and Smashwords.
"Read My Lipstick is the second book in the Josephine Stuart Mystery Series by Joyce Oroz Read My Lipstick is now available from Kindle and all e-books through Smashwords. You don’t need to read Secure the Ranch to understand this new story involving murder and a plot to turn farmland into a strip mall. Josephine discovers an old man at the bottom of the stairs. He lets her know that he was struck on the back of the head before he fell. When the man dies, Josephine automatically begins her search for the killer. Her innate curiosity has her stepping on toes to put the clues together. At the same time, Josephine is trying to save her friend’s farmland from an eminent domain maneuver by the county. She realizes someone is tampering with a critical vote by the county supervisors. One supervisor is missing and the eminent domain vote is tied. The person behind the land-grab and murder lures Josephine to a cabin in Tahoe and is prepared to shut her up for good. "

Real Magic by Brian A. Fowler.
"Welcome to my review of my first novel "Real Magic". I started writing "Real Magic" in the spring of 2006 for a group of my blogging friends and they threatened me with bodily harm if I did not turn it into a novel. So I spent the next year and half writing and editing and created a story I am very proud to have published. I call "Real Magic" a romance-fantasy because there are explicit sex scenes between the main characters and magic is the central focus of the story. Set over a period of ten days, the individual chapters are set during a time of day beginning with Friday morning. The action starts from the first page and steadily builds and builds tension until the end. You're never quite sure who exactly is on the side of good and the battle against the forces of evil is a costly one as no one escapes without personal harm. If you like strong female characters and the lead male to be conflicted but loving, then you'll enjoy this story. "

REASON OF BEING by Abel Azrali.

Red Earth by Harvey Mendez. 28 Winnebago Dr. Cherokee Village, AR 72529-4012.
"Action, adventure, escape story in e-book and paperback. Good read"

Red=Dead, Nick Dallas-Private Investigator by P.S. Elsner.
"The new Nick Dallas case, set in 1959, has him searching for a biological weapon stolen from the United States Army."

Redemption of Honor, The Story of Ben Logan by C. J. Grabowski. Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Road - 515, Parker, CO. 80134 .
"Hello. I am the Author, C.J. Grabowski, you can order & buy my book at the listed website that I submitted, which I will provide again in this comment: This book manuscript took me 2 years to write and finally get published and I put my heart & soul into this book. Legally & Technically, It's a Fictional Novel, but the core foundation of the story are true events from my own life....So I guess you could say it's "Creative Non-Fiction." The book is 6 x 9 inch paperback, and approx. 386 pages. I promise you that you will not be disappointed. Sincerely & Honestly, C.J. Grabowski. "

Reforming the Potter's Clay by Donald James Parker.

Refuge In Emptiness by Nellotie Porter Chastain.

Reluctant Dick The Case of the Not-so-fair Trader by Jim Stevens.
"1st edition, ISBN 978-1-935605-88-1, 81,000 words. Ex-Chicago PD detective Richard Sherlock hates his job, Problem is: he's better at it than anyone else."

Retaliation: A Novel by Yasmin Shiraz. 43053 Pemberton Square, Ste 120-101 Chantilly, VA 20152.
"**Named A 2009 Top Ten Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers by YALSA - A division of the American Library Association **Received a write-up in the School Library Journal **The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington sponsored a violence prevention initiative with Retaliation as the centerpiece **A middle school in Syracuse, NY used Retaliation as part of their conflict resolution discussions with 8th grade girls "

Revelations - Book I by J.M. Sato.
"Half vampire, Rain spent her entire existence in the darkness of the night. When the young vampire's master is kidnapped, Rain sets out on a mission to save him and discovers that things are not what they seem. Faced with enemies of the night that want nothing more than to see her dead, Rain unknowingly becomes the center of a great war between the Fallen and the Divine as she fights to save the one she loves. Revelations Book I envelopes young readers in a dark fantasy world of creatures of the night and their dark origins, serving up delicious suspense with invaluable moral lessons about determination and perseverance in the face of adversity."

Revelations - Book II by J.M. Sato.
"Peace for Rain and her friends is short lived as Hell seeks revenge for the death of its First Prince. Dreams of betrayal foretell of the nightmare that is to come. The Solais has been shattered and new evils are emerging from the darkness but without her sword, Rain is powerless to stop them. Forced on the run, she sets off alone in search of the sword maker who forged the Solais. Following the words written in a journal kept during her sixty year slumber, Rain's quest becomes a race against time as Hell's hunger for vengeance pursues her."

Rhiannan's Quest by Tracy Brissette.
"Rhiannan's Quest is still in its first edition, and is printed to order. "

ROADWORKS by Gerard Readett. .
"Print version will be available at beginning of 2003."

Roadworks by Gerard Readett. .
"Electronic and CD versions available. Print version available early 2003."

Rojo by Susan G. Cline.
"Sometimes it takes an outlaw to bring down an outlaw... written by the author of Path to Sierra, Dance of the Rising Sun, and The Legend of Night Wolf."

Romance Author Marsh Brooks Releases a New Novel, Among the Ducklings by Marsh Brooks.
"In Among the Ducklings, romance author Marsh Brooks tells a story of old-fashioned love set in a contemporary setting. The story features Isabel Romero who is engaged to Richard Seyfert, but falls in love with Philippe Pierce. Richard is hiding a terrible secret, and he is rushing to marry Isabel before she finds out. Then there is Stacy Marshall, the model, actress, movie producer and also Philippe’s ex-fiancée, who will stop at nothing to get Isabel out of Philippe’s life and to have Philippe back. Stephanie’s plan for Isabel is both devious and ingenious, and she is following it perfectly, with great success. However, Stacy has one secret that can unravel her plan. Will that secret ever come out? Will Isabel survive these machinations? "

Romance Novels with Big Beautiful Heroines by Pat Ballard.
"Novels with plus-size heroines, but motivational for all sizes, to love and accept ourselves and stop trying to be someone we were never born to be. "

Rosemount by Mary E. Trimble.
" ROSEMOUNT ( is a e-published contemporary western set in Eastern Washington and Oregon. Sixteen-year-old Leslie Cahill learns the hard way about how tough life can be when you’re on your own. There are plenty of modern ranch scenes, wilderness adventure and family dynamics. "

Rowan of the Wood by Christine & Ethan Rose.
"Rowan of the Wood. 272 pp. ISBN: 978-1-60461-233-2. $20.00 Hardcover. After a millennium of imprisonment in his magic wand, an ancient wizard possesses the young boy who released him. When danger is nigh, he emerges from the frightened child to set things right. Both he and the boy try to grasp what has happened to them only to discover a deeper problem. Somehow the wizard’s bride from the ancient past has survived and become something evil."

Rubal by Richard Neal Huffman.
"Rubal is an 'all American' hero. Do your self a favor and read of hs thrilling exploits. Based on true factual history, Rubal will not disappoint. "

Rumors of War by Peggy Tibbetts. PO Box 129, Silt CO 81652.
"“This is a very well-written and thoroughly engrossing novel, which I read front to back in one sitting, only setting it down to applaud at the end. Enthusiastically recommended for anyone who's still reading, especially anyone who gives a damn about what America's become.” -- Unknown News “[T]his book is about relationships and people not being what they seem, with curly little plot twists throughout. It left me guessing (and gasping) and asking for more.” -- Book Sense"

Run For Your Life by P. B. LaSalle., For Your Life
"Titillating story of how residents of a mobile home park in FL pull together to solve the mystery of a roaming nomad alligator. Intrigue, romance, adventure with a dash of humor and surprise ending. Sequel should be finished shortly. Available in both paperback and kindle. Author is member of prestigious Cambridge Who's Who."

Run For Your Life by P. B. LaSalle.
"Run For Your Life is a delightful read. The cover cleverly hints at what's inside. The ending was rather surprising. The characters were charming and drew me into the story.(Partialreview/Reader'sFavorite) Author is member of prestigious Cambridge Who's Who. If you live in Florida or would like to you will really enjoy this book. Look for exciting sequel due in the Fall. "

Running From My Shadow by Dan Hardy. 1820 NE 49th Ave.
"1st edition"

Rustler's Vengeance by Douglas E. Sipple & Charles T. Wolstenholme. 109340 S. Parker Road - 515, Parker, Colorado 80134.
"Available in e-book formats through, Barnes &,, (Canada). Paperback available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Outskirts Press,Inc, Ingram, Baker & Taylor"

Said The Spider by Earle E. (Doc) Van Gilder.,,
"More than 40 years Earle (Doc) Van Gilder was involved in the investigation of white-collar crime. The last 20 years he ran his own Investigative Corporation partnering with major firms, local and state government agencies and law enforcement to solve a wide range of criminal activities from internal theft and white collar crime to insurance fraud, criminal investigations and undercover operations. In Said The Spider, sophisticated crime syndicate parasites invade the normally solid foundation of Midwestern banking and generations of established manufacturing. Executives and management usually in control suddenly find they are masterfully manipulated into a web of irreconcilable personal and financial seduction. From the traumatic discovery at the river’s edge to the eventual confrontational conclusion Said The Spider seduces greedy, gullible and unsuspecting prey into a deadly and graphic whirlwind of corporate disaster leading to murder, suicide and revenge. "

Salt Lick by Brian Ames. Pocol Press, 6023 Pocol Drive, Clifton, VA 20124.
"Consider a common item of husbandry: the salt lick. Name a rural town after it. Put in authority a megalomaniacal mayor. Populate it with foothills people bent to do his bidding. Set in the Cascades, Salt Lick shakes and burns as their lives carom from the orderly to the boundaries of control and beyond. Whether Salt Lick’s citizens survive the resulting mayhem brews a black comedy part David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, part Russell Banks’ Trailer Park."

Salty Dog by Capt. Bob Grant USN/MM ret..
"1st edition. Action & Adventure. 1st book of three "Salty Dog Adventures. Look for "Island Short Cut" Out early 2014"

Salvations Last Call The Search for Noahs Ark by Pastor Paul Miles.
"Get the hottest Christian fiction novel since The Shack. This 1800s fiction adventure will lead you through an amazing sea voyage, atrip across Anatolia (modern day Turkey) and a mountain climb that almost ends in disaster. You will see a miracle working God that can be part of your life today and know that He is real. God love you more than you know and He can use your talents no matter what. "

Sand Dollar: a tale of old Key West by Jane Louise Newhagen.
"“This gripping and affecting historic novel, Sand Dollar, overflows with the sights, sounds and smells of the mid-19th Century Florida Tropics, making an auspicious debut for novelist, Jane Newhagen.” Brewster Milton Robertson - A Posturing of Fools (River City Publishing, 2004)"

Sappho Sings by Peggy Ullman Bell.
"An accomplished poet in her own right, Ms. Bell became interested in Sappho, The Poetess of Lesbos in the flamboyant Hollywood of the 1960s when everyone around her seemed to know The Lesbian's name, but no one could answer any of Ms. Bell's questions about her. Long hours in the library, and an endless supply of books obtained through Interlibrary Loan showed Sappho to have been a woman of genius, so well respected that men quoted from her work three hundred years after her death. To Peggy Ullman Bell, the challenge was inescapable. Psappha, as Sappho called herself, was an enigma calling to her across the centuries, begging for resolution. Published in truncated form (Psappha, Upstart Press, 2000) and subsequently sold out, Ms. Bell's beloved manuscript has been revised yet again with significant augmentation by the auther for re-released as SAPPHO SINGS. "

Sarah: The Circle of Friends, Book II by L. Diane Wolfe.
"Sarah is the second in a series of five and the story focuses on a college student searching for trust & belief. Aimed at adults/young adults, Wolfe’s fiction series focuses on overcoming and is meant to inspire as well as entertain. Please see website for full details and ordering information."

Saving Toby by Suzanne McKenna Link. 131 Lincoln Avenue, Sayville NY 11782.
"Paperback: 350 pages Language: English Amazon ASIN: B00EV6K2AC Awards: Night Owl Reviews "TOP PICK" 5 Star Review Fic Central 5 Star Review"

SAY HELLO TO JUPITER , by Boris Bouquerel. FIFTH MILLENNIUM, 23 rue Van Loo, PARIS 75016, France or via our Web site..
"THE LONG-AWAITED TALE OF HOPE IN THE FUTURE- AND THE PRESENT... Ever wondered what our great-great-grandchildren will think of us as they survey the wreckage? Will they realize that their broken inheritance was no accident, but a scheduled apocalypse we had seen coming a long way off, in great scientific detail and full Dolby® Technicolor® Sensurround®? As if our generation had taken some perverse pleasure wallowing in scary-scary, frowning with concern at the litany of extinct species and vanishing forests, wringing our hands in helpless sympathy as faraway, starving children stared out of our TV sets accusingly… Gasping at last in horrified excitement when the second plane hit the second tower as soon as the focus was adjusted. Like fingering a decaying tooth, enjoying the painful tingle, knowing all too well that the longer we wait and do nothing, other than devise complex methods of denial, the closer we get to that apocalyptic bogeyman all you prime-time warriors have been expecting. Sound familiar? Then this book is for you. Says the author, 41st-century starship singer BB Boris: “Where I come from, telecommunications are telepathy, people do not build their houses but grow them, and the pursuit of power is no more than a distasteful game fit only for unruly children. Alas, a doomed mission to your infernal era has trapped me here among you primitive hypocrites.” Although BB pulls no punches when describing our suicidal century, what he has to say is surprisingly optimistic, and after reading his unique memoirs you will find yourself strangely uplifted, rediscovering a sense of faith and hope you thought was lost forever. (Published in the USA)"

Scrambled Eggs by Boris Riskin.
"Take a cache of diamond studded eggs, add a dollop of Russian Mafia, KGB, FBI--blend with panache--and you have the ingredients of a gem of a mystery. SCRAMBLED EGGS, the debut from author Boris Riskin, is the story of a retired English professor with an affinity for Shakespeare, who runs into trouble trying to get rid of sic Faberge eggs. "...with thrills, spills and double crosses beyond number." KIRKUS REVIEW "A witty and clever read." VINCENT LARDO, NY TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR "Riskin has all the ingredients for a very entertaining series." BARBARA BIBEL, BOOKLIST"

Search for the Flaming Chalice by Robert Shaw Kesler. P.O. Box 3358, Durham, NC 27702.
"Action-packed children's fantasy novel in the tradition of the Harry Potter series. Includes annotations for literary allusion."

Searchable Whereabouts by Tinisha Nicole Johnson. Xpress Yourself Publishing, PO Box 1615, Upper Marlboro, MD 20773.
"Author, Tinisha Nicole Johnson from Denver, Colorado has her upcoming book entitled, "Searchable Whereabouts" being released February 1, 2008. It's a mystery/suspense novel about a woman trying to unravel the mysterious death of her beloved Uncle. Visit her website to learn more. "

Searching for Love by Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis. 819 Isar Ave NW Palm Bay, FL 32907.
"An e-book about a woman who flees her home in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida to try to find solace from a disastrous love affair. She travels to Downeast Maine and while walking the beach trying to find the engagement ring she had so hastily thrown into the ocean in a fit of pique, she encounters a handsome man with a metal detector. Will he find her ring or will she find a new love? It's a sweet romantic story."

Second Chances by Arianna Paige.
"Richard Forrest is your average working stiff just going through the motions. Childhood baggage keeps him "in line" but away from some of the things he truly wants. Adrian, or Rain as Richard calls him, was one of those things. After nearly two years of separation, Richard bumps into Rain and their incidental meeting results in old emotions flaring to life for both of them despite everything in the way. Rain’s free-spirited nature led him down a road of bad decisions that included drug use. This was ultimately the thing that separated the two of them in the past. Now a recovering addict Rain is trying his best to put his life back together. When Richard finds out that Rain is drug free he welcomes him back into his life and embraces who he truly is in the process. Everything moves forward in a fairy-tale manner until all too familiar behaviors start to resurface. Can Richard and Rain work their way through this latest set of trials and tribulations? Will suspicion and fear tear apart what their love has finally stitched together?"

Secret Revelation by Carmen Gomez-Quintana. 5824 Penn St Phila,PA 19149.
"Secret Revelation is a multi-cultural novel about a young woman raised as a Latino who discovers later in life she's of Irish descent. Secret Revelation won Honorable Mention in the 2002 Writer's Digest Self-published Awards."

Secret Ties by S.J. Graves.
"...EPPIE 2002 Finalist... About the Book - Beautiful, dangerously brilliant, and utterly disarming, Geneva Douglas, an indestructible agent and businesswoman, must meet the ultimate challenge--stopping a diabolic adversary who wants to blow up her hotel during the annual Academy Awards party, and keeping a child that means more to her than anything else in the world. "

Secrets by F.A. Overton. P.O. Box 1345 Fort Stockton, Texas 79735.
"Sarah Elizabeth Horton has been told all her life she had a gift. She would always know things were going to happen because the angels would circle and the cold winds would chill her to the bone. She wasn't born psycic, she never believed in voodoo or the paranormal, and she never saw a ghost or spirit; she just believes that a power higher than herself allows her to have knowledge of impending doom in order to protect her and the ones she loves. The author, F.A. Overton is a 5th generation Texan who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Ms. Overton has spent the majority of her adult life teaching piano and dance. Dealing with the loss of her Mother and a failed relationship, Secrets was born. If you enjoy Secrets, be sure to check out Lies and Deception a continuation of the lives of Sarah and John. "

Secrets in a Time of Peace by Robert A. Shaines. 282 Corporate Drive Suite #2 Portsmouth NH 03801.
"An exciting story of lost plutonium bombs and the efforts of four countries to find and secure them, while keeping the matter secret so as not to panic the world."

Secrets of Selparis by Sam Winters.
"An intriguing science fiction novel about young travelers in space encountering varies creatures from other planets involved in political war fare and mysteries."

Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls by Bettye Johnson. P.O. Box 97, Rainier, WA 98576.
"This is the 2nd Revised Edition. There are 4000 in print. Bettye Johnson received the Independent Publishers Book Award 2006 in the best religious fiction category. This is a move-over The DaVinci Code as it is in the same genre and compliments Dan Brown's book. "

Secrets of the Magdalene Scrolls by Bettye Johnson. P.O. Box 97, Rainier WA 98576.
"2nd edition 4500 in print Independent Publisher Book Award 2006 Italian edition available German edition available"

Secure the Ranch by Joyce Oroz. Amazon.
"First book in the Josephine Stuart Mystery Series--enjoy the ride Josephine Stuart, a fifty-year-old widow, is blessed and cursed with an overactive curiosity, a strong sense of right and wrong and a willingness to put herself on the line for her friends. Josephine has been hired to paint murals in the secluded Munger mansion, located at the top of a wooded mountain. Certain local reprobates have their reasons for wanting the Mungers to leave. Accidents, fires and the death of a forest ranger have everyone on edge. Josephine's curiosity drves her down the mountain, into the world of illegal activities and nefarious characters. Her situation becomes dire--no way to escape. One captor has a knife, the other has a rifle. Can she save herself and her friends? "

Seducing the Rabbi: a novel by Jala Pfaff. 3068 10th ST, Boulder CO 80304.

SELLOUT by James W. Lewis. The Pantheon Collective website.
"SELLOUT follows three individuals, and the consequences they face dating outside their race. In the quest to find what they think is missing in their lives, they encounter guilt, fear and mess they never anticipated…including murder (2nd Edition). SELLOUT was nominated for Written Magazine's Best Book of 2010. The trailer is also up for AALBC's Best Trailer of 2010. "

Sensational American Wrestling by Clint Mills. n/a.
"A satire on the sport of televised professional wrestling. Tex Rich, an oil rich Texan, creates his own wrestling federation where his sons can be champions but just like the real show, nothing goes as expected. Full of plot twists, off the wall commercial breaks and colorful characters, S.A.W. is a non-stop laughter filled roller coaster ride. Check out the web site and hear samples of the wrestlers introduction music CD (which is available here too), also see samples of the card game which is coming soon."

Sentenced To Redemption by L.S. Coffman.

September on Echo Creek by D.L. Havlin. Palmland Publishing,PO Box 478.
"Find a perfect combination of reading enjoyment & listening pleasure when you buy September on Echo Creek. Enjoy D.L. Havlin’s novel about a young woman struggling for her independence, in this suspenseful tale of betrayal and cultural clash. Meet characters you’ll remember who are as different as New York City and the western North Carolina mountains where they live. You’ll see them help Gaylynn Nelson reshape her life—right to September on Echo Creek’s O’Henry ending. Discover a new listening pleasure as you savor the musical artistry of The Wild Blue Yonder, a band that combines the rhythm and skills of acoustic instruments with the mellow tones of folk music. All recordings are original compositions by Melissa Wade and Phil Cowart. The beautiful ballad “It’s only love,” inspired a chapter in September on Echo Creek. Get both when you purchase September on Echo Creek. An album of original compositions by Melissa Wade and Phil Coward “Sweetgrass” music at its best! The music contained in this album is a marvelous blend of traditional bluegrass’s acoustic artistry, one of America’s music art forms, and the melodic contributions of Melissa and Phil. Sit back and listen to song writing excellence as The Wild Blue Yonder perform these bluegrass/folk classics to be. Author DL Havlin was so enthralled by one of their songs he incorporated it in his novel September on Echo Creek. He christened the style, “Sweetgrass,” because of its melodic beauty. This compact disk contains the following compositions: 1. It’s Only Love 2. We Can Build It Bright 3. Misery’s Road 4. Bolt Out Of The Blue 5. Sweet Summer Day 6. The Light Of My Love 7. Late October 8. Last Run Of The Wind Horse 9. A Lover’s Fate 10. Dreams Coming True 11. Love So True The mountain roots of this English-Celtic heritage music are reflected in “A Lover’s Fate,” the lyrics being an adaptation of Sir Walter Scott’s poem, “Song.” Once you’ve enjoyed this CD you’ll want more. The Wild Blue Wonder have two additional albums, “Bolt Out Of The Blue,” and “Above and Beyond,” available through select music stores and direct by contacting the band at or phoning 865-688-4506. Now enjoy reading September on Echo Creek and listening to The Wild Blue Yonder. "

Serial Street by Kevin E Lake. 4 water street, richwood, wv 26261.
"****If you are willing to give me a review on the major book retail sites like Amazon, Powell's, Barnes and Noble, etc. I would be more than happy to send you a free, autographed copy of my most recent novel "Serial Street." If you like thrillers, this one is for you. Also, it is very cleanly written. I do not believe you have to use vulgarity, talk about sex, or be disgusting to create art.**** You can check out the book's synopsis at the following link. (It was more than the 200 characters allowed to post here)"

SETTLING THE SCORE: An Adult Erotic Mystery by Robert W. Birch. 429 Grand Ridge Dr., Howard, OH 43028.
"Settling the Score is a 400 page erotic novel with a host of characters having a variety of kinky preferences and lifestyles. Mixed in with a lot of explicit action there are two murders that get the characters involved, adding a number of suspects and clouding the motive. This self-published novel was selected by the Venus Erotic Book Club as an one of their selections and is also selling well on PEC Publishing is the name under which the author, a retired Sex Therapist, self-publishes his sexually oriented books (now numbering 17)."

"CATALINA Magazine Book Club Selection “Couldn’t put it down — fun, sassy, sexy, and honest . . . ” Jennifer Green, USA Today Bestseller! “Chocolate with a cayenne pepper kick!” Eloisa James, NYT Bestseller “Ms. Piñeiro’s SEX AND THE SOUTH BEACH CHICAS is a marvelous view into the woven threads of female friendship. Es muy bueno. It’s very good.” "

Sex on the 2nd Floor by Jazz Catrell.
"Jazz Catrell lives in St. Louis, MO with her family. This is her first book."

Sex, Lies & Real Estate, a novel of the real estate industry by Carrol Wolverton.
"A novel of the real estate industry set in Orlando and a must read for new agents and persons industry."

Shades of Gray: A Novel of the Civil War in Virginia by Jessica James. 1505 Knoxlyn Road, Gettysburg, Pa. 17325.
""You cannot leave this book unchanged in your understanding of the souls of the Civil War." Heather Froeschl, Book Review Journal Shades of Gray is a highly praised epic love story that gives a balanced view of the Civil War while transporting readers to a time when honor was more precious than the blood spilled to earn it. This debut novel by Jessica James has received critical acclaim from Civil War authors and historians, as well as lovers of romance and historical fiction."

Shades of Retribution by Chandra Adams. PO Box 2332, Vallejo, CA 94592.
"1st Edition, 2000 in print"

Shadow by Clint Mills. n/a.
" Shadow is the second story in a 14 story series. A genetically engineered assassin resurfaces after a 7 year disappearance and is killing off her former employees one by one. This is shortly after her return from the tomb (the first book in the series). Check out the web site for information on the other books in the series and much more from Savage World Entertainment "

Shadow of the Serpent: A Coyote Moon Story by James Joseph .

Shadow Play by Jeffrey B. Burton. Pocol Press, 6023 Pocol Drive, Clifton, VA 20124.
"Don't turn around and walk fast, faster, because something or someone may just be after you. This short story collection offers enough mystery, murder, and mayhem to fill a whole season worth of the old Alfred Hitchcock Presents or Twilight Zone television series."

Shadowlands Theatre Season 1: The Deadly Sins Scripts by Jack J. Ward. Multi-Media Publications Inc., Box 58043, Rosslynn RPO, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 8L6. Fax: (905) 986-5777, Phone: (905) 986-5848.
"There is a land that's somewhere beyond the horizon. You may catch a glimpse of it, when the sun sets, or in the moments before dawn. It's the twilight flickers at the edge of imagination. Somewhere between reality and fantasy. "Its the place where monsters roam, and portals to other worlds wait in the back of a closet and in the crevices of your Mind" Welcome, to the Shadowlands..."

Shadows at Garner Lake by Hank Kellner. or 1/877/288/4737. www.iUniverse
"In this gripping, intimately detailed psychological thriller, two fishermen stand on the shore of a remote lake in New Hampshire and look on while a young girl drowns herself. Plagued by their consciences--and by events that had occurred before the girl drowned--the men return to the lake with their wives four months later. At an isolated cabin, the two couples come to grips with secrets they've been harboring for many years. But when a deranged killer who makes Hannibal Lecter look like an altar boy takes them prisoner and plans to kill them after he abuses the women, their hopes for reconciliation disappear, and their lives become a living nightmare. $12.95 Softcover ISBN 0-595-33676 $22.95 Hardcover ISBN 0-595-66988-3 $6.00 Ebook ISBN 0-595-78477-1 Publication date: January, 2005 Publisher: iUniverse Original edition 6 X 9 167 pages"

Shadows on Chaco Canyon by Stephen Allten Brown. 112 South Walters Ave, Suite 102.

Shadows On the Snow by Mary Thomas Acton. 1230 Brook Street - Mitchell, In 47446.
"Second edition. Never submitted for awards. Demand for this book depleted stock; only four copies left! More on order."

Shadows On the Snow by Mary Thomas Acton. 1230 Brook Street - Mitchell, In 47446.
"This is the first in a series of 3 Civil War-era novels. They can be ordered from Barnes & Noble or"

Shakuru by Dreamworldbookpublishing. On sale on Amazon..
"This is a new book called Shakuru available now on Amazon. Please link and look under the book title Shakuru for a synapsis. "

She Said What?! a Dr. Mary Paul in Florida Mystery by Mary F. Kohnke. P.O. Box 1213 Ponte Vedra Beach Fla. 32004.

She Sais a Landfill Where? by Mary F. Kohnke. P.O. Box 1213 Ponnte Vedra Beach, Fla. 32004.
"Second in the Dr. Paul in Florida Mystery series"

SHE'S MY DAD by Iolanthe Woulff.
""Hate destroys everything. Don't let it destroy you..." A cautionary tale about the consequences of blind prejudice, SHE’S MY DAD tells the story of a transsexual woman named Nickie Farrell, who, returning to her Northern Virginia alma mater to teach English to a new generation of scholars, is unaware that in the nearby town lives a son from an illicit love affair she had during her male undergraduate days. As Nickie’s hopes to keep a low profile are dashed by an overly-ambitious lesbian journalism student, a dying reactionary billionaire hatches a scheme to obliterate the despised liberal school with a suicide dirty bomb attack. Local and college people alike become ensnared in a web of bigotry and mistrust, while one long-buried family secret may offer the only hope for everyone’s ultimate deliverance. Filled with richly-drawn characters and building to a stunning climax, SHE’S MY DAD is a story about the destructiveness of hate, the power of love, and the redemptive triumph of good over evil. SHE'S MY DAD has been honored as a Finalist in the GLBT category of the 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. "

She's the Girl: Part Roadtrip. Part Headtrip. A Gender-Bending Journey on the Road to Ruune. by Susan M. Brooks. PO Box 4127, Seal Beach CA 90740.
"We are pleased to report that Susan M. Brooks was one of ten authors featured in ForeWord Magazine's May/June '04 Foresight article, "In With the New: Ten Debut Novels Introduce Independent Publishing's Best New Voices.""

Shifting Shadows by Ralph Aldrich. none

Shining Mountains, Western Sea by Margaret Wyman. P.O. Box 355.
"Idyllwild Publishing Co., $21.95, 3,000 copies. ISBN 1931857016. Two members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition are thrust together against their wills. John Colter an experienced trapper and woodsman, is assigned by Captain Meriwether Lewis to mentor George Shannon, the youngest, least-seasoned member of the crew. Eventually enmity turns to friendship as they discover a new country, new loves and themselves. Go with the Corps of Discovery on this audacious adventure, a feat more dramatic than landing a man on the moon."

Shoalwater Voices: Shoalwater Book Two by Perry P. Perkins.
"Four years have passed and Cassie Belanger finds herself plagued with nightmares, ghostly voices from the past, and a compulsion to return to the sleepy fishing town of Oysterville, Washington. There, she meets two strangers who have followed the same mysterious obsession to visit the Long Beach peninsula. Cassie and her new friends must race against time to solve the mysteries of cryptic letters, bizarre and terrifying dreams, and a shadowy figure bent on finding a long forgotten treasure before they do, and more than willing to murder those who get in his way. Danger, mystery, love, and fortune all await Cassie as she finds her way back to Oysterville once more. "

Shoalwater Voices: Shoalwater Book Two by Perry P. Perkins.
"Book two in the Shoalwater Series by award-winning Christian novelist Perry P. Perkins."

Short Stories for Tall People by M J Stoppi. #9 40 Shortwood Road Kingston 8 Jamaica. n/a
"Interesting and amusing collection of Jamaican eclectic short stories."

Short Stories for Tall People/Tall Stories for Short People by Maurice Stoppi. Outskirts Press.
"Only one edition - printing at outskirts was on demand - no awards except from my children - comments received on this book of fictional short stories have all been highly complimentary (except those from my children!) all agree that its a great read. my email is:"

Short Stories In The Life Of Little Girl Blue by Tangina Ann.
"This first edition faction is based on the life of Little Girl Blue as she shares her adventures in Japan, California and up to her neck in other places. So let's break a leg with Wind in His Hair who doesn't like to play with toy guns and go visit a good teacher, a loving neighbor, play with horses in the house and let me tell you about the life changing events that will bring Blue in contact with an unlikely hero. "

Showdown at Forte Sebastain - Third group of assignments by Ike Morah.

Shuttle Rising; A Rendezvous with a Rumor by Charles Boyle. 1837 Cove Pt. Rd. Annapolis, MD 21401.
"Astronaut Adam MacGregor captures a mysterious derelict rumored to hold a dead cosmonaut. His mission is to refute Moscow’s claim that no cosmonaut ever died in orbit, thus emphasizing that Communists lie. Moscow detects Adam's rendezvous and warns him to retreat. As the Russians attack, Adam fights for his life and for a chance at undying love with an aroused enemy. Gravity will kill this revenant if she returns to Earth. Both nations, wanting her survival secret, prepare forces to capture the couple who, defying orders to land, desperately seek options for a future together."

Sicilian Enigma by Judy Woods.

Silent Battlefields: A Novel by Hugh Rosen.
"An "Editor's Chice" book, signifying a high quality of literary qualtity. First edition."

Silent Desperation: An Eclectic Mix of Short Fiction and Poetry by Jeffrey M. Bryan.
"Silent Desperation is a collection of 9 short fiction stories and 18 poetry pieces. I am a teller of tales, and each story and poem is intended to capture the human condition in convincing detail, from the greatest love to unalloyed hurt. Some are sci-fi, some are straight fiction, some even have an aspect of thriller to them, yet I believe each is entertaining. Haunting like a silent cry from the depths of my personal experience, the stories and poetry in Silent Desperation capture glimpses of life."

Silver Creek by A. H. Holt.
"Silver Creek, ISBN# 0-8034-9600-1, will be published by Avalon Books in June 2003. htto:// (1-800-223-5251), It will be in hardcover with a jacket and cost $19.95. Silver Creek is an old fashioned western, with a little mystery, a little romance, lots of fast-paced action and a handsome cowboy."

Simon Snootle and OTHER small stories by Lorin Morgan-Richards. 530 North Genesee Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90036.
"Simon Snootle and OTHER small stories describe seven misguided tales of humorous woe by several downtrodden characters that are simply looking to be themselves. The book begins with Simon Snootle, a meager young man who lived most of his life at the bottom of a cistern with neighborhood cats. He is not aware of any tragedy of the situation, but rather makes the best of it, knowing that eventually more things will fall in as he did. 19 illustrations, 68 pages., 100% handmade by the author; hand sewn and hand bound using faux leather and acid free linen paper. Hardbound. This is the author's first book. Signed and numbered. Perfectly pocket sized!"

Sincerely Hers by Shenetta Marie.
"You Gotta Love Sincere!!!!!, January 13, 2013 By DanielleGAmazon Verified Purchase This review is from: Sincerely Hers (Kindle Edition) You know a book is good when you just can't put it down until you finish. Well Sincerely Hers did just that for me, I swear from the first page til the end you will not want to put this book down. I loved me some Sincere, even though he can be tripping at times you knew without a doubt he loved his baby Kee! I was a little disappointed with the way that Promise and Divine acted. I guess you really don't know who someone is even if you're around them everyday. In other words never sleep on the person you claim to know the most about because in the end you might not have a clue. I would definitely recommend this book for people to read, if you're looking for a story about real tough love and life struggles then this would be the book. Great job Shenetta Marie I can't wait to read more of your work!!! "

Sing Me No Sad Songs by Erika Dallas.
"A first novel by a 69-year old woman. Author of poetry, a songwriter, and a scriptwriter."

Sins of the Father by Valerie Allen. POB 120053, West Melbourne FL 32912-0053.
"Arrested for shoplifting, a woman with amnesia fears both her past and her future, and claims no knowledge of the mysterious young girl found with her. "

Skeletons: Tron's Saga of Secrets by Ericka Banks Kelly.
"Tron is a street thug facing many childhood demons. Seeing his mother, Emma, murdered as a young boy has left seemingly irreparable scars on his heart. Nearly everyone is terrified of Tron, but not his girlfriend, Ebony. With a simple touch, she has the ability to tame the beast. Tron is on probation and has no desire to go back to jail. After he beats a man nearly to death, Tron begins to question events from his past and the reasons that he has become such a violent man. Knowing there is only one person who can help him, Tron leaves Ebony behind and returns home to seek out his grandmother, Muhdeah. As Tron deals with skeletons from his past and attempts to tear down his emotional walls, Ebony faces her own dilemma as her best friend confesses an attraction to her. Skeletons tells a fast-paced, urban tale of two vulnerable souls searching for identity, love, and happiness in the midst of a violent and drug-filled world."

Slaughter on Maple Street by Bob McElwain.
""Bob McElwain plots a read-on tale speckled with cool dialogue. The story is neat, fast-paced and utterly brutal. Break-ins, hot wiring, traffic shootouts, phosphorous grenades: action plenty." -- Eugen M. Bacon, TCM Reviews"

Sleeper Cell by Ralph L. McNeal, Sr.., barnes&,, books a
"1st ed., Rel 10/19/2009. A Novel of Adventure, Conspiracy, Foreign Intrigue, Deal Making, Financial Strategies, and The Issue Du Jour...Terrorism. The Novel crosses the boundary between fiction and reality, merging our post 9/11 world with that of a terrifying, apocalyptic future. The story involves a "Sleeper Cell," an agent placed into the country, not to undertake an immediate mission, but to activate at a later point in time. In addition, the Novel encompasses the venture capital financing of the Katrina aftermath and turning New Orleans into a Solar-Powered City. The story begins in the year 2000 and ends in 2004. "

SLENDER FANTASIES by Richard Hicks. 2058 Cambridge Ave., Cardiff, CA 92007.
"A legal satire, about a down-and-out-lawyer who sues the manufacturer of a children's doll for inducing young women into anorexia. (Awarded Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest 2001 National Self-Pubished Book Awards in the category of Mainstream/Literary fiction.)."

Sleuth Slayer by Bruce W. Burton and Jeffrey B. Burton. Pocol Press, 6023 Pocol Drive, Clifton, VA 20124.
"Sleuth Slayer is by the father and son writing team of Bruce W. Burton and Jeffrey B. Burton. America's leading mystery writers are being brutally murdered. Third-tier author Guy Davitt—a would-be Dashiell Hammett—stumbles upon the killer’s bizarre M.O. (the deaths are lifted from mystery novels). But Davitt cannot convince deeply skeptical police a “Sleuth Slayer” actually exists. Through a dark labyrinth of film studio power brokers, publishing industry politics, a decadent family's wealthy influence, police immorality—as well as the dawning realization that he himself is on the killer's list—Davitt pursues the truth. Jeffrey B. Burton is also the author of the short fiction horror collection Shadow Play (Pocol Press, 2005). "

Small Town Secrets by Billie A Williams. Wings ePress, Inc.
"Small Town Secrets is a Mystery/Suspense "Fires rage across the tiny Wisconsin town of Nettlesville. Someone is burning it to the ground one building at a time. Can Chaneeta and Olga bury their rivalry long enough to stop the arsonist before the town is nothing but ashes, or will Chaneeta's past destroy her first? Wings ePress, Inc sells books in e-book (electronic) formats as well as print. (see above link) My personal website is feel free to order an autographed copy directly from me at my email address. Thank You."

Smoke by Jeremy Chester.
"As of July 2009 in limited (galley) release but also from the website. Early reviews are excellent."

Smuggler's Moon-Underneath the Radar by Doug Haddaway. Stratosphere Publishing Company,P.O. Box470554,Celebration,FL.34747.
"1st edition,500 in print.Smuggler's Moon is an exciting story of a returning Vietnam vet in the late seventies.He happens to be a pilot of a DC-3 in a smuggling operation made up of other Vietnam vets."

Snapping the String by Robert Paul Blumenstein.
"A failed mental health care system is the backdrop for one man’s story of accusation and redemption in Robert Paul Blumenstein’s new novel Snapping the String, the second book in The Ascension Trilogy. Peyton Costello discovers his parents brutally murdered. The police arrive to find a blood-soaked Peyton out of his mind; he’s fingered as the prime suspect. He lands inside a secure forensic unit of a mental hospital. He languishes away for more than two decades receiving treatment—an endless cocktail of tranquilizers and bizarre medical “therapies”—that’s supposed to make him sane. He experiences the entire realm of human consciousness while attempting to maintain a hold on the reality of his innocence. Set in Richmond, VA, Snapping the String is a disturbing tale that takes readers inside the rarely seen mental health world with its internal intrigue and dysfunctional cast of characters. Also in the mix is courtroom drama and international adventure, which makes Snapping the String a thriller with something to entice readers of all appetites. ISBN: 978-1-4327-1520-5 Format: 5.5x8.5 Pages: 260 SRP: $15.95 paperback/$29.95 hardback Genre: Fiction "

SnitchCraft by Edrea Davis. author
"Hip-hop meets civil rights in this riveting saga exposing the corrupt environment created by the government’s use of snitches. SnitchCraft juxtaposes the themes of family, spirituality, and social justice, against a backdrop of a popular Southern California nightclub and escalating gang violence. An “After the Book Section” includes a reader’s guide of discussion questions and a resource guide. Fiction ISBN: 0978697405 "

SO LONG, YOU'RE DEAD by Gerald W. Crisman. 1724Grove St.#3 Marysville, Wa. 98270. Gerald Crisman
"This book was written with strong experience by the author. He was 36 years involved with police work. He has lived through almost all of what was depicted in the 300 page book. It has taken 22 years to get the book polished and published. It is up-to-date and has a lot of the new vehicle called the Hovercraft, in the story. I hope you enjoy the mystery, the sexy parts, and the good gumshoe work we did with this story."

SO LONG, YOU'RE DEAD by Gerald W. Crisman. 1724 Grove St, #3 Marysville Wa. 98270. Gerald Crisman
"This book is a story that took three years to write, and is very up to date."

Sojourner's Dream by Angeline Bandon-Bibum. BandonPress,Inc.P.O. Box 10310 Silver Spring, MD 20914-0310.
"Sojourner’s Dream is a romantic story of Sojourner Brown, a shy grad student, and Joseph Kalisa, a debonair DC lawyer. Sojourner's Dream was published by Bandon Press in 2006. Cover design was created by Deborah Hopping and cover illustration by Lashaun Beal and Interior design by Lisa Jeter. Sojourner’s Dream is available at - - - - Howard University Bookstore "

Somebody Prayed For Me by Tinisha Nicole Johnson, Allyson M. Deese, Linda R. Herman. PO Box 371696, Denver, CO 80237.
"About the Author: Tinisha Nicole Johnson is an author, writer and poet. She resides in Denver, Colorado."

Someone To Love by Karoline Bethea Jones. 156 Greenwood Ave, East Orange, NJ 07017.
"2nd Printing"

"Mystery/Thriller involving Dressage and Show Horses"


SON OF MASS PRODUCTION and OTHER HIGH-TECH TALES by Ken Greenley. Improbable Productions, 33 Clarkson St., #3, Denver, CO 80218.
"This is a collection of two dozen short stories about working, first-time childhood experiences and political satire, along with some futuristic sci-fi. These are honest and direct stories that expose the underbelly of our mass-production, mass consumption culture from a worker's point of view. Although the book explores a lot of social and political themes, it isn't afraid to wander back into childhood to capture a few poignant first-time experiences. The book presents a realistic, truthful and sometimes even painful look at life in modern America, but gives the reader a few good laughs along the way. From Harvey Pekar, creator of American Splendor comics: “Greenley does a good job of hitting the right tone, striking a nice balance between being saucy and irreverent and being seriously outraged.....all the stories indicate is a hip compassionate guy with a good sense of humor. And that’s an impressive literary accomplishment.” "

Song of the Storm Winds by Ivan Erickson. 12756 SE 191st Place, Renton,WA 98058.
""Song of the Storm Winds" is a three - volume religious/fiction work that addresses people of all faiths and ethnicities, and which takes place in current times. The setting is the University of Notre Dame. The plot and themes are interwoven around a tale of Notre Dame football, The Irish athletes and students, and their stuggle to understand and cope with the storm winds - or Acts of God - and other major forces that are assailing the people of the world in these current, tumultuous times. The main charactor is Gianni Corelli, a transfer student from a university in Rome. He arrives on the ND campus and quickly becomes an inspirational, motivational force - both on and off the football field. Become enthralled in his Romeo-Juliet remeniniscent romance with Michelle Marie Marcell - a rising young opera star from France. Become enticed by the oratory of ND President, Rev. Madigan; by the inspirational and spiritual leadership of Irish Coach, Charles Cichy, and with the trials of he and his wife, Cynthia and their four children; with Devon Dillon - star tailback - and his unintentional involvement in a terrorist plot... Ivan Erickson"

Sordid U. (Diary of a Meltdown) by Ruby Wilcox. Amazon.
"First edition, paperback, compelling e-mail format."

Soul Seeker, The Story of Jess & Anna by T. Brady. http//
"First publishing. Sequel currently being written. Self-published with Outskirts Press. 26 years to complete. During year 25, synchronistic work-related meeting with great grandson of the Edgar Cayce whom I dedicated my book to, and who is now a Face Book friend. "

Sounds of Murder by Patricia Rockwell.
"When Psychology Professor Pamela Barnes discovers her department's star researcher strangled to death in the computer lab, she's determined to find out who did it. Will an accidental recording of the murder allow Pamela to use her expertise in acoustics to identify the killer? A unique cozy mystery--set in the world of academia and high-stakes research--full of excitement, humor, and romance. "

Sparrow by Richard B. Beal, Jr.. Amazon.
"An adventure story based on a true OSS operation in Hungary in World War II."

Sparrow Mission by Richard B. Beal, Jr.. 4450 South Park Ave, #1208, Chevy Chase, MD 20815.
"This is the story of one World War II OSS clandestine operation behind the German lines. Three American officers parachute into an obscure corner of Hungary. They are to persuade certain prominent Hungarian officials to renege on their allegience to Germany and surrender unconditionally to the Allies, that is, to the three OSS officers. However, the mission becomes ensnarled in treachery within OSS itself, the duplicity of a power-seeking Hungarian general, the wiley and ever-efficient Gestapo, as well as the wiles and whims of some beautiful Hungarian women. "

Sparrow/ Sparrow Mission by Richard B. Beal, Jr..
"This is a World War II story of three American OSS (Office of Strategic Services) officers sent a secret mission to find and convnce certain key figures in the Hungarian government to abandon their German allies and surrender unconditionally to the Allies. The mission is complicated by the bewildering deportment of the Hungarian villagers who find them firs, the duplicity of a Hungarian general, and the effeciency of the Gestapo, and the wiles of some beautiful Hungarian women."

Sparrow/Sparrow Mission by Richard B. Beal, Jr.. 4450 S. Park Ave, #1208, Chevy Chase, MD 20815.
"This is a World War II story of three American (OSS) officers sent on a secret and sensitive mission behind German lines. They parachute in the dead of night from a British bomber into an obscure corner of Hungary. They are to find and convince certain key figures in the Hungarian government to sever their their alliance with Germany and surrender unconditionally to the Allies. Their mission is complicated by the bewildering deportment of the Hungarian villagers who find them first, the duplicity of a Hungarian general, the efficiency and cruelty of the Gestapo, and the wiles and whims of some beautiful Hungarian women."

Speed Slugs: Chronicles of the Gastropod 6 by Jim Bahm., P.O. Box 876 Clayton, NC 27520. twinbahms at
"Speed Slugs a book about good and evil, where 6 virtuous slugs flying at supersonic speeds, combat seven deadly enemies. The chronicles detail the search for truth and justice in a world overcome by greed and a lack of principle. The Speed Slugs are true superheroes!"

Spellbound by Jocelyn Shaw. ;
"JOCELYN SHAW, THE KINDLE COLLECTION; "Forecast" End’s prelude to waiting. The awakened weathered thoughts sound because starting is the first blow across pastures. A never ending story desired, dreams unbroken blade.Unselfish return to me of love, when no one heard,Emptier not filling while Abridged doors of fantasy boastfully open to know.Forecast the beginning rather than the end, so we can always begin Whatever the Romance, a will does not want to end what makes it human Only live an end to esitating whatever we will be. Time is always writing , building a fence of suspense. Why write a horror tale, when beautiful can begin?"

Spirit of The King: The Legend of King Arthur by George Leone.
""Spirit of the King". The logline is: The illegitimate son of a British Chieftain and a Roman captive grows to become the reluctant High King of Briton. Every legend has its truth. Every truth has its legend. The novel is a version of the Arthurian legend that strives to set the events described in "The Death of Arthur" into a historical context as they would have transpired in the 5th Century AD. Gone is the shining armor and "Hollywood" vision of larger than life. Instead all of the characters are trapped in between heaven and hell and must work out their lives in a brutal immediate post Roman world on the Isle of Briton. The mystical elements remain with a more grounded expression than in other versions of the legend. Characters are realigned. Merlin is a former warrior and animist turned Christian cleric. Lancelot is the last gladiator. Hengist is a Saxon Chieftain. Cei is a Roman veteran who adopts Guinevere and Arthur. There are also new characters. Furthermore Arthur dies fighting on the European mainland in the Loire River Valley-as postulated by historians. But his spirit lives on-The Spirit of the King. "

Spirit Wolf/The Raven by Mark Holdren -Fairport, NY.
"Spirit Wolf is the story of a nine-year-old blind boy and a mystical white wolf. The Raven is an Adirondack time-travel adventure."

Splendid Isolation by Yehuda Macbeth. 2022 Cliff Drive unit 334, Santa Barbara, CA, 93109.
""...a moving, sincere work, wonderfully written and observed yet with the fervour and immediacy of a modern, erudite vernacular...""

Spring House: Book 1 in the Westward Sagas by David Bowles. Plum Creek Press, Inc., 2810 Thousand Oaks #171, San Antonio, TX 78232.
"The Westward Sagas tell the stories of the lives of Scots-Irish families struggling to find happiness on the new frontier. Spring House, the first book of the series, begins in North Carolina in 1762 and paints a vivid picture of colonial life in the backwoods of the North State. Adam Mitchell fought to protect his family and save his farm, but his home was destroyed by British troops in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, and his corn fields were turned into fields of death. "

STAR BRIGADE: First Renaissance by C. C. Ekeke. 6E - 2333 Government Street, Victoria, BC, Canada V8T 4P4.
"Critical Reviews "Star Brigade is a wild science fiction space opera...It is so rare to find classic science fiction today because it is so difficult to develop new beings, settings, and cultures. This author has done an excellent job of these." - Heartland Reviews "

Star Sons - Dawn of the Two by Lynda Sappington. Whimsy Hill Publishing, 15401 Eaton Pike, West Alexandria OH 45381-9610.

STARVING HEARTS by Lynn Ruth Miller. 441 Brighton Road Pacifica, CA 94044.
"STARVING HEARTS is an autobiographical novel about family life in the fifties and one woman's struggle with anorexia and bulimia. The book paints a vivid picture of the immense price children pay for verbal abuse. It strikes a resonsive chord with anone dealing with phobias or addictions and casts a revealing light on the causes of these personality disorders. It is in its second edition and has been featuresd at bookstores throughout the country with great success. "

Stay At Home by Sarah Phelan. 117 Lakeview Ave, Lynn, MA 01904.
" Stay At Home is a unique twist on a romance novel premise – the Plain Janie meets Handsome Hollywood – but with the addition of children, jealous friends and nosy in-laws, daycare problems, paparazzi and finally, a husband to the mix, the love story of Janie Hadley and Billy Smitts becomes quite complicated, sweetly humorous and achingly bittersweet. The Midwest Book Review called Stay At Home “…vibrant… dar(ing) to redefine the concept of happily ever after.” "

Stemmare/Tomorrow's History by Eugene Balakirov. On-line: Amazon, Barnes and Noble.
"Books That Drive The Imagination!"

Stenoshe/The Allegheny West by Tom Glass. Book stores, Amazon, e-books, kindle.
"Stenoshe is the first of a series set during the French and Indian War. Although it is a work of fiction, the historical charectors and events were carefully researched and presented honestly. The work is fairly new to the market, but reader comments can be found at Amazon. com. Tom Glass "

Stick Man: The long-awaited coming-of-age novel by Richard Rossi.
""The best coming-of-age novel since Catcher In the Rye..." (Literary Review Journal) NPR and Goodreads list for Recommended Reads. The story of Jeremiah Young, a boy growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1970's who makes a journey from religious legalism to universal love. Order Stick Man by Richard Rossi today at "

Still Waters Run Deep by Suzanne Knoebel, M.D. . Epoch Press, 8356 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63132.
""Sandra Stone, Eric Needham, and Grace Dunway are just a few of the unforgettable characters that throng the pages of STILL WATERS RUN DEEP, a novel about love lost and love found, families lost and families regained and the choices and sacrifices we make to pursue a meaningful life. The story centers around the efforts of Eric and Sandra to create Royal Heights, a "gap" healthcare facility for people discharged from the hospital but too sick to go home. Combined with this timely story of healthcare issues, are the lives and loves of Sandra, Eric and their circle of friends, facing problems that range from drug addiction to romantic entanglements to organized crime and financial intrigues. The tropical paradise of Hawaii provides an exotic setting and the author's deft prose evokes the warm, laid-back island lifestyle in this novel of romance, mystery and commitment to an ideal." "

STONE BEAR by Charles H. Bertram. 2 Brown Bear Path, Ormond Beach, Fl 32174.
" An epic bookthat starts with an Irish poacher that fines life better with the cilivized Cherokee. His family down to great grans-son Stone bear, a Marine that fighst the Japanese as a guerrilla soldiers. 260 pages larger print. Infinity Publishing ISBN # 0-7Please visit my web site.414-1991-2"

Stonebird by Val Goldenbrook. box 1006 Faraway trail Aibquiu NM 87510.
"Historical Fiction told through the eyes of a Genizaro Indian boy. How the push to create Texas affected New Mexico."

Stop Looking at Me! by J.Gail.
"A fictional book that explores the mental illness called "Paranoid Personality Disorder." This book is being released in May 2007. Also will be available on, and most major retailers."

Stories of Vietnam/14 stories from Vietnam
"This book narrates 14 fairy tales and legends of Vietnam. Although it is a lavishly illustrated book, it is not intended for children. It rather addresses the parents and grand parents who nostalgically yearn to reacquaint themselves with things heard or read long ago. But if the children are advised to not read this book yet, they are however encouraged to look at the illustrations and start fantasizing their own tales and legends! "

Stormrider by Peggy Bechko.
"SciFi/Fantasy Published by the FictionWorks at Smashwords By frequently published novelist Peggy Bechko Stormrider, young woman Janissary, quests for justice and peace on her rebellion-torn world, several continents away from what she considers home, and for the missing Amulet that can choose the leader of the worlds in concert. Stormrider is cast adrift in a sea of intrigue, mysticism and magic. "

Story Time-R, A Collection of Short Stories Times to Fit Your Day by D.L. Havlin. Palmland Publishing, 7881 Barrancas Avenue, Bokeelia, FL 33922.
"I learned of your book at the public library, then purchased it."

Stranger Feast by Melissa Kesead.
"Enter a world where vampires look just like you and me. Imagine them preying on the sick, the homeless, the unwanted. They attract the attention of the Old World Vampyres; those born in graves, sleeping in crypts and stinking of death. The Vampyres don’t want the modern vampires competing with them for blood. They don’t want vampires that can pass for human existing in the same world as they. Staging a battle that could wipe them both out, they attack and humans and nosferatu alike fight for their survival. Which one will win?"

"Best sports book I have ever read. Would make a great movie. Ron Polk, former baseball coach, Mississippi State. I liked Mr. Caldwell's book better than The Natural. More plot twists and a better overall story. Sid Salter-Nationally recognized Political columnists Jackson, Mississippi Clarion Ledger. Why would the best baseball player in America be playing on an Independent League team in Pierre, South Dakota? This and many more intriquing questions are answered in Stranger in the Outfield. Great book and very accurate in all areas of baseball. Don Kessinger, six time National League All Star Shortstop-Chicago Cubs"

Streams of Mercy: The Jenna's Creek Series by Teresa D. Slack. Orders only: 1-800-431-1579.
"On the day of her father's funeral, seventeen-year old Jamie Steele discovers that her father was once the prime suspect in the disappearance of a local girl. Jamie has to find out if he was capable of the crime, and if so, can she find the mercy in her heart to forgive and mourn the father she lost? Endorsed by: Margaret Johnson, Author of "18, No Time To Waste" and Blaine Beekman, Author of "Call of Conscience, Call of Duty""

Street Crime Unit by Donald Burns.
"Brand New Release: This book, though fiction, reflects a cross section of Law Enforcement's crazy capers, crimes and characters. It spot- lights such characters as the infamous Joey D. a crazy copper, the amazingly impetuous, Field Training Officer Rizzo and the sly, self-serving female Officer Giambrone. Follow Street Crime Unit's main character through his civilian ife, the military, law enforcement training and finally becoming one of the elite, a Street Crime Unit Officer, and beyond..."

Street Gentleman by Beverly Kelly. 11748 Monrovia.
"Street Gentleman by Beverly Kelly: First edition, Outskirts Express. 5-star reviews on A gripping novel of undying love and the power of music. Adam's survival through music and an intriguing journey brings his life full-circle. Having lost everything except his extraordinary talent for playing jazz, this brilliant pianist's reputation drags him off the streets of Chicago against his will. Follow the dots connecting two seemingly unconnected lives to a stunning finish. Old family secrets unearthed reveal murder and lies and will change lives two generations later. The missing link is found - fleetingly."

Street Justice by Ben Griffin.

Street People by Paul Perry. Pocol Press. 6023 Pocol Drive. Clifton, VA 20124.
"Multiple award-winning San Antonio author Paul Perry's poignant tales describe the "fringe" members of American society: the downtrodden, homeless, prostitutes, winos, hobos, ex-cons, drug addicts, drifters, and bums. Set in the highways, byways, and harsh concrete of today's Texas cities, these two dozen stories explore the issues and life struggles of denizens of the street. An aching, unflinching, stark, and deeply moving tour through the "invisible" underbelly of the United States. 176 pgs. Also on"

Street Promise by Kartaivia Agnew. P.O. Box 371, Guntown, MS 38849.
"Keyshawn aka Gotti, a habitual offender has just been released from the concrete jungle for the third time. The supreme hustler has been captivated time and time again by the street life. During Gotti’s last bid he carefully orchestrated a master plan on how he would never return to the depths of hell. But Gotti’s bulletproof plan goes up in smoke when he miscalculates the power of his first love! Gotti Has no idea of the suicide mission that Skai his First love will take him on when the tables turn on her. The once loving girl becomes a straight beast when she becomes acquainted with money. It’s said that the root of all evil is money but, truth be told it’s the lust of money. When Skai’s cunning and deceitful way catch up with her will it cost Skai her life or an enemy more treacherous then Satan!"

Streetwalkers Book One: DEATHWISH by LJ BLack.
"Also available on and Read reviews! Order your copy! "

Stripped by Rhonda Stapleton.
"The book is available electronically through Freya's Bower at the following website:"

Suffer the Little Children by Valerie Allen. POB 120053, West Melbourne FL 32904. ValerieAllenWriter@com
"While evaluating a child accused of murder, the pyschologist unravels a cycle of domestic abuse forcing her to confront her own haunting emotional issues."

Suffer the Little Children by Valerie Allen. P O Box 120053 W. Melbourne FL 32912 0053.
"While evaluating a child accused of murder, Dr. Allyson Freemont unravels a cycle of domestic abuse, forcing her to confront her own haunting emotional issues. Suffer the Little Children is the story of a child's innocence lost is the destructive cycle of family aggression. Confounded by love and hate those involved with this child fall victim to the power and control of domestic violence. Published 2005 by $12.95 A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book is donated to domestic shelters."

Sullivan's Secret by Robin Murphy.
"Product Description Dr. Marie Bartek’s life has been perfect as the local veterinarian on Sullivan’s Island, SC, until her ability to see spirits returns after eighteen years. After confiding in her best friend and realizing their interests in the paranormal, they organize a paranormal investigation team called Sullivan’s Island Paranormal Society, SIPS. Marie learns to channel her ability through the help of one of the team members, who is a medium, but not before learning the spirits are trying to warn her about the murders taking place on Sullivan’s Island. Sullivan’s Secret captivates the reader with murder, suspense, and the world of the paranormal. About the Author Robin Murphy is a paranormal mystery and romance writer residing in the historical town of Sharpsburg, Maryland with her husband Bob, and son Nathan. She has a deep interest in the paranormal and is fixated with ghost investigations. For the last nine years, Robin and her husband have been restoring their fourteen-room, circa 1783, log home. Robin enjoys writing, swimming, and traveling. "

Summer Lightning Distant Thunder by Tony Kinton. P.O. Box 88, Carthage, MS 39051.
"After 30-plus years in the outdoor writing arena, Tony Kinton has released his first Christian historical fiction romance. Set in 1770s America, Summer Lightning Distant Thunder traces the life of Jackson Bain, the son of a wealthy Boston businessman. Jackson travels to the then-frontier of Kentucky. Along the way he discovers both the best and worst in humanity. His encounter with Anna Walker shapes his life from that point forward. "Kinton's characters, whether aristocrats or frontiersmen, are fully formed with convincing dialogue and depictions. Amma is a treasure, a young woman coming of age in the seclusion of an 18th Century mountain cabin. Her story is irrestible." Debbie Stringer, Editor - Today in Mississippi. Cedar Arrow Publishing, 228 pages, paperback; ISBN 978-0-9836829-0-5."

Summertime Blues by B. R. Fleming. 52 Apache Rd, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679.
"Release date, First edition: June 20, 2012 ISBN 978-0-9838201-5-4 Coming of age novel set in the '60's; music - the British invasion, psychedelia; teen angst; sexual awakening"

Sunaru by Lawrence Lueder.
"· Paperback: 328 pages · Publisher: Outskirts Press (September 18, 2007) · Language: English · ISBN-10: 1432713558 · ISBN-13: 978-1432713553 · Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 0.7 inches "

Sunday's Child by Tom Lewis. VP Publishing P.O. Box 4623 Rocky Mount, NC 27803.
"Sunday Everette has a childhood unlike any other in the “Jim Crow” era of the South, growing up at the Pea Island Life-Saving Station among the barren dunes of North Carolina’s stormy Outer Banks. In sheltered isolation, guided solely by the influence of the Station’s heroic all-black crewmen, she blossoms into a strong and beautiful young woman with a spirit to match. But Sunday’s secluded paradise cannot last. Her calm, simple days by the sea must inevitably give way to the fast-approaching storms of life. "

Sunset in Santa Barbara by Patricia Benson. 73412 Mariposa Drive, Palm Desert, Ca. 92260.
"A romance novel you won't want to miss!"

Surrender, An Inspirational Romance by Lori LeBlanc. P.O. Box 69, Friendswood, TX 77549-0069.,
"Book one in The Cedar Point Series Book two, Forgive, release date Fall 2003"

Surrendering At The End Of The Circle-Cycle 1 & Cycle 2 by Qiutey Storm (pronounced Q.T.). P.O. Box 180055 Casselberry, Fl 32718-0055.
"Cycles of failed relationships with men whose version of love is tested and either adopted or rejected becomes the roadmap to a young woman's godless journey from adolescence to womanhood. This two-book novel is recommended for mature readers only. Price-$19.99 each Cycle."

Survival at Starvation Lake by Gary P. Hansen. Survival at Starvation Lake
"Survival at Starvation Lake has 35 five star Amazon reviews and is the top selling book for the WestBow division of Thomas Nelson."

Surviving Emily by Laurie Bellesheim. NBellesheim1033@charter,net.
"Full of heartbreak and loss but ultimately hope, Surviving Emily is a compelling story that explores the meaning of everlasting friendship and the healing power of love. First edition, available on Amazon in both print and eBook:"

Swallow by Tonya Plank.

Sweet Betsy from Pike by Sam Sackett. P.O. Box 744, Canton, OK 73724.

sweet emotions by jan bornstein.
"Book Two of The Song Trilogy. Rejoin Jenna and Scott as their frenzied lives careen off in new and equally unexpected directions, as they continue their struggle to attain a life and happiness together each so richly deserves, one where bitter, difficult truths can be eclipsed by Sweet Emotions."

Sworn to Secrecy-For Life--A Young American Spy's Odyssey Through War-torn Germanhy and Russia by Charles Joseph Fickey. Amazon or Outskirts Press.
"This is a WWII spy novel, 283pages, available in hard-cover, paperback and kindle, from Amazon and Outskirts Press. It is not just a slam-bang spy book, but delves into the life of the protagonist (spy), his recruiter, and the German and Russian people he comes into contact with. It has been compared by one reviewer to LeCarre and Furst. Winner of the the 2010 Literary Review Award as Best Veteran Book."

Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening by DCS.
"Editor Kathleen Marusak, calls Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening, “Brilliant, intriguing, beguiling, profound.” Shocking yet hopeful, Synarchy slowly unravels the tightly laced reality we have created for ourselves. Blending the metaphysical with conspiracy, fact with fiction, debut author DCS has opened up a world that will force you to rethink everything you believe about your own. The knowledge within provokes the question; do you really want to know?"

Taj: The Woman and the Wonder by Sandra Wilson. P.O. Box 339, Deer Harbor, WA 98243.
"The researched background of the Taj Mahal wrapped in a human and personal blanket."

TALAES OF NUNAVUT, STORIES OF NUNAVUNGA by Jacques L. Condor-Maka Tai Meh. Dynamic Writers of Arizona

Tale of the Tape: Two Unlikely Heroes Take Down the Dixie Mafia by Alan Ables.
"Now in a second edition, Tale of the Tape appears in Amazon's Top 100 Espionage list. Corruption in the State Department couldn't be more topical at this point in U.S. history."

Tales for Tiny Tots by Nadine Powell. 2849 Alameda, Medford, OR 97504.
"Multimedia children's stories on CD. Volume One contains 2 original, fun, entertaining and educational stories. Colorful pictures, music and narration."

Tales From The Dark Tower by Joseph Vargo, Christine Filipak (editors). Monolith Graphics - 4377 West 60th Street - Cleveland, OH. 44144.
"Vampires who dwell deep within forbidden crypts, lost souls who wander mist-shrouded cemeteries, and gargoyles of living stone... A collection of 13 original stories by various writers, lavishly illustrated by Joseph Vargo. Each story in this unique anthology is based upon characters depicted in Vargo's classic gothic paintings, and are woven together to create the first volume in a new saga of vampire lore. (ISBN# 0-9675756-1-3) Hard cover, First edition, 296p. $24.95"

Tales of Tara: Gabrielian Chronicles I by Lily Sparkletoon. for direct orders.
"Second book by Lily Sparkletoon. Tips were used for marketing purposes. email address I have is used for paypal funding."

Tales of Tara: gabrielian chronicles I by Lily Sparkletoon.
"ebook paperback"

Tales of Terror by Rune macey. Infinity Publishing.
"Recently published and released in May of 2004 this colleciton of short fantasy horror fiction is the third in this series by this author under this pen name. He is a retired clinical psychologist, PhD, with 4 other titles in the non-ficiton genre of a self-help nature. "

Tales of Travis Hawkins McCleod/a Texan in the War Between the States by Dale Roberts. 1028 Meadowview Crockett, Texas 75835.
"This is a historical fiction set in the War for Southern Independence. First edition. "

Taming the Twisted by Jodie Toohey.
"Abigail Sinkey’s peaceful life crumbles June 3rd, 1860, when a tornado rips through town. Her parents are dead and her beau, Joseph, is missing. At the mass funeral for those who perished, she learns Joseph’s enemy, Marty Cranson, died, but at the hands of a person rather than the tornado. Abigail becomes obsessed with finding out who killed Marty, hoping that and not that he no longer loved her, was the reason Joseph left."

Tangled Web by Pamela Williams-Guinn. 1532 Mt. Moriah, Mphs. TN 38117.
"Tangled Web is Pamela Williams-Guinn's debut novel released September 2000. Over 1000 books have been sold to date. It can be bought directly from author, through AMAZON.COM, or at local Barnes and Noble."

Tangled Wishes by Debbie Clardy.
"First novel published by I Universe. The book received the Editor's Choice award. Available at, and other online book sellers."

TARGETED:AIR FORCE ONE by Noel F. Keane. and
"An aviation mystery/thriller written by an ex air traffic controller "

Tarnish: Bridge over Clouds by Paul Escu. see site.
"The highly controversial first part: In this first part of Bridge over Clouds, titled Tarnish, we are presented with a location, Nimaroa, about to be invaded by dark elves intent on vengeance. There lies a deep apathy amongst the Dukes of Nimaroa, knowing that doom is upon them. One man wants to rule all, Duke Ineal of Obrav. Enter four young survivors: Ogatu, Maneuric, Betrus and Pavel whose lives are about to be changed by a mysterious man they call Dragon-eye. In the midst of adolescence, they struggle to apprehend what happens, not knowing why the whole world has suddenly turned against them. But their minds slip away into torment as the situation turns from bad to worse. "

Taxi by Bridgette Cooper-Conley. 11666 Laing Detroit MI 48224.
"The book in summary is about an over- seas out-of-work basketball player who falls on hard times and can't let go of the past. He is now driving a taxi and runs into his old coach. He blames his coach for his failure in life so he decides to hold his coach hostage in an effort to make him pay for his problems. Can be found on"

Tea Leaves by Sonny Maton. 915 W Imogene St.
"The meeting of two completely different cultures. A young vivacious female Filipino doctor meets a much older man from America and to both of their great surprise they fall deeply in love with each other. Both of them actually for the first time in their lives. But prior committments and unknown circumstance constantly keep them apart. Finally when the time is right and the opportunities do come for them to be together, problems always seems to arise as though some unknown force was keeping them apart. The ending of the book is quite a surprise. "

TEA LEAVES by Sonny Maton.
"The meeting of two completely different cultures. A young vivacious female Filipino doctor meets a much older man from America and to both of their great surprise they fall deeply in love with each other. Both of them actually for the first time in their lives. But prior committments and unknown circumstance constantly keep them apart. Finally when the time is right and the opportunities do come for them to be together, problems always seems to arise as though some unknown force was keeping them apart. The ending of the book is quite a surprise. "

TEA LEAVES by Sonny Maton.
"The meeting of two completely different cultures. A young vivacious female Filipino doctor meets a much older man from America and to both of their great surprise they fall deeply in love with each other. Both of them actually for the first time in their lives. But prior committments and unknown circumstance constantly keep them apart. Finally when the time is right and the opportunities do come for them to be together, problems always seems to arise as though some unknown force was keeping them apart. The ending of the book is quite a surprise. "

Teen Mums R' Us by Carol Azams.
"Teen Mums R' us is a novel for Young Adults. Its a story about teenage pregnancy and school yard bullying. First Edition, published by New Age Publishers Ltd. Ireland."

Tell A Thousand Lies by Rasana Atreya.
"Shortlisted for the 2012 Tibor Jones South Asia prize. "We also particularly enjoyed the work of Rasana Atreya, [one of] our [two] runners up." --- The Writing Room Bursary Competition 2011. "

Tell Me No Lies by Shay Nolon.

Ten Dragon Tails by Candy Taylor Tutt. 1296 E. Gibson Rd. #279, Woodland CA 95776.
"What do Atlantis, the Great Wall of China, and the Aztec temples of Quetzalcoatl have in common? The answer awaits in 'Ten Dragon Tails.' Candy Taylor Tutt's historical-fantasy collection of short stories explores legends both old and new in ten vivid tales alive with adventure, romance and humor. Readers are transported from the balmy Mediterranean to cold British isles, from dark old-world forests to piracy on the high seas. Dragon devotees, lifetime fantasy readers and the post-Harry-Potter teen crowd are in luck: 'Tails' has tales for everyone. Voted Best Fantasy Book of 2004 by the Sacramento Publishers and Authors Guild. First printing: 2000 copies in Sept. 2003"

Ten Dragon Tails by Candy Taylor Tutt. Libris Draconis Press, 1296 E. Gibson Rd. #279, Woodland CA 95776.
"Guided by Dan's book, I published my short story collection of dragon myths and legends in 2003. In 2004 'Ten Dragon Tails' was awarded 'Best Fantasy Book' by Northern California Publishers & Authors. First printing, hardcover, 2000 copies "

Tenderfoot by Amy Tupper.
"Jules is running. With the death of her mother behind her, she arrives at college in Chapel Hill ready to focus on friends, classes, and Andrew, the sweetest guy a girl could crush on. But Nick, the campus rock star, is always around, pressing every last one of her buttons. Things get strange when Nick plays his guitar, and even stranger when Jules discovers he wears a pendant identical to her dead mother’s. She wants answers. When her family’s secret is revealed, Jules must choose between running away from the one person she has opened up to or running with him toward an unknown future. "

Terminal Policy by Liam McCurry.
"My thriller novel was released by Ashleigh Publishing in December, 2009 and it was selling fast and well — Amazon, etc. In July 2010, however, Ashleigh suspended operations and shipped the remaining 1000 hardcovers of the book to me – so I quickly had to get a business license, fictitious name statement (Thriller Publications), California state tax number, re-design the web page for sales, and learn how to sell a book! I also loaded it onto Kindle, finished narrating the audio book, etc. Success story so far--but am thinking of making it available to a new publisher. Ideas?"

Terror at Black Canyon by Gene Zimmerman.
" Randy Thomas, production manager for Montgomery Oil & Gas, learns from a Homeland Security Warning that an unidentified employee of the company is working with a terrorist cell to blow up Montgomery’s huge Black Canyon gas plant, in western Colorado. Thomas’ boss sends him to Grand Junction to identify and stop the terrorist. He races against time, trying to stop the planned explosion that could cause a major disruption in the western U.S. power grid by halting all natural gas flowing from the Western Slope. Thomas soon confronts the murder of a key plant employee that may be tied to his investigation. He must work with a local western-style sheriff, who likes to run his own show, and a tough-minded but beautiful FBI agent. Little does Thomas know, however, that his own life is in the sights of the terrorist. But who will step up and diffuse the situation when a massive truck bomb is found on the Black Canyon plant property?"

Th Twelfth Group of Assignments - The terrorist caper by Ike Morah.

Thanks for Killing Kenny! by K Couturier.
"Amelia St. John has always appeared somewhat odd to her hometown of Buttesville, Florida. She is a Paranormal Investigator with a PhD in Paranormal Physics. When Sheriff Kenny Quinn turns up dead in Miller’s Mansion during one of her investigations, Amelia is the first one “Thanked” for killing him. Amelia isn’t too concerned about Kenny’s death; no one really liked Kenny anyhow, but when dead bodies start to show up all over Miller’s Mansion she must act or be axed! Amelia is the only one in town with a lick of sense, so it falls on her small shoulders to solve these murders before they strike again. Amelia returns after 20 years to Buttesville to claim her ancestral home, Southern Vines. She has to renovate the historic house before it falls in on her head. Her ex-husband stealing all her money and her Grandmother’s ghost living at Southern Vines further complicates her life. A hometown that is still planning the next Civil War scrimmage add color to a cast of kooky Southern characters you are sure to fall in love with. This is the first book in the Amelia St. John series. "

The 97 Percent by Carlton Morris. Amazon.
"In honor of our troops..."

The Admirer's Secret by Pamela Crane.
"Foreword Reviews Book of the Year and LA Book Festival nominated thriller The Admirer's Secret "unleashes a mind-bending conclusion even the most keen reader will not anticipate." "


The Adventures of Robin from the Hood by Dapo Akers.
"first edition"

The Alien Sonata by Mike Morell. 2535 S. 8th Dr. Yuma, AZ 85364.
"A satire on illegal immigration."

THE ALPHA WOLF CONSPIRACY by RICHARD HICKS. 2058 Cambridge Ave., Cardiff, CA 92007.
"A courtroom drama that pits a young lawyer against his former boss in the trial of a giant antitrust case."

The Anna Mae Mysteries-The Golden Treasure by L S Cauldwell.
"Three tween sneaker-toed sleuths find Jefferson Davis' lost gold treasure with help from a disembodied Black fist and divining rods."

THE APPLEWOOD TABLE by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 50,258 WORDS SYNOPSIS: The story of a California winemaking hacienda, and the family that owns it. TIME FRAME: From 1820 until the present day. "

The Aputamkon Review, Vol. I by Various. Post Office Box 190, Jonesboro, Maine 04648.
"Views from Downeast Maine and Coastal New Brunswick Canada"

The Aputamkon Review, Vols. I, II & III by Various. P.O. Box 190, Jonesboro, Maine 04648.
"Views from Downeast Maine and the Canadian Maritimes."

THE ARCHWAY by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 11,494 WORDS SYNOPSIS: Chronicles a young orphan through college, the law profession and to teaching. TIME FRAME: From the 1960’s through the middle of the 1980’s. "

The Art of Getting Bent by M. Sahm.
"Peppered with inventive themes and witty dialogue, THE ART OF GETTING BENT meshes the lines between literary and sci-fi with thrilling results. Taking place in the year 2020 where humanity as we know it no longer exists, the story follows a half-chameleon Splice named Serico. Working as a DJ at one of the hottest dance clubs in the city, Serico discovers that when he's intoxicated, he is able to exist on another level of reality where he can manipulate his love of turntablism to spectacular effect. However, beings from that plane are coming after him--- some to entice Serico further into the otherworld, others to eradicate him from it. "

The Assassin's Creed by Adam Brunetti. 24 Arland Ct. Woonsocket, RI 02895.

The Attila Family Saga:Forgotten Mexican Gunslingers by Rafael M. Ayala. 7012 Sunnyslope Dr., Sacramento, Ca 95828.
"The Attila Family Saga is a four part series. Volumes one through 3 have been printed and are available now. Volume four will be released for sale in October, 2009. 2000 copies of each volume have been printed. This is the author's first novel."

The Banana Leaf Men by Aneeta Sundararaj.
"ISBN No: 9834141505 Format: Paperback Number of Pages:327 Published by : Sensations Pro Sdn Bhd Publication Date: September 2003 Price: US$12.99 (excluding postage and packaging) Summary of the novel: Are women mere commodities? Do Indians suffer from an identity crisis? Do children sent overseas for their education really return home 'educated'? These are the questions that Avantika Narayanasamy Sivadas (Tika) contemplates over and over again as she experiences the process leading to an arranged marriage. Set in the quaint town of Alor Star, Malaysia at the beginning of the new millennium, it is a hilarious account of Tika's adventures with her two suitors and all the criticisms, both constructive and destructive, of the members of the Institution of the Aunties, family and friends. "

The Barrister's Gavel by Nkorni Tankwa. 2223 Windsor Ave SW Roanoke VA 24015.
"The book is self published by author and it's the first edition. As of right now it's print on demand only."

The Beads of Lapis Lazuli, A Greek Mystery by Doris Kenney Marcotte. or Barnes and Noble.

The Bear And The Bull by Harvey Mendez. 28 Winnebago Dr. Cherokee Village, AR 72529-4012. http:'
"1st place in national short story contest in 1986. Now a novel in e-book and paperback. Adventure, action story. Good read."

The Bears by Jill Divine. 18 Pear Orchard, Tewkesbury, Glos.GL20 8RG United Kingdom.
"1st Edition, Print on Demand, can also be ordered from Reviews: I really enjoyed reading “The Bears,” It is a good mix, light hearted, with romance, and then almost the reverse with the introduction of the Bears. A bit like human nature – the best and the worst. A very good read that makes you think. Carol Green, Clairvoyant, Medium, as seen and heard on television and radio. Humorous, romantic, action paced are just a few words to describe “The Bears.” Jill combines her knowledge of the Auric field and the Chakra system with science fiction. Definitely a gripping read. Tracey-Jane Rees A.I.H.A.F., I.I.H.H.T, C.H.S.V.H, V.F.S.C.H Tutor "

The Bell/Calling Off Chaos by Eugene Balakirov. On-line: Amazon, Barnes and Noble.
"Books That Drive The Imagination!"

The Birth of a Vigilante by Russell Stephen West.

"A fictional novel base on the true story of the secret society that evolved at Eastern Illinois University at Charleston, Illinois in the middle 1950’s. And what that society was all about and why it actually came about. "

The Black Knights Of The Embarrass by Sonny Maton. 915 W Imogene St.
"A fictional novel base on the true story of the secret society that evolved at Eastern Illinois University at Charleston, Illinois in the middle 1950’s. And what that society was all about and why it actually came about"

The Black Knights Of The Embarrass by Sonny Maton.
"A fictional novel base on the true story of the secret society that evolved at Eastern Illinois University at Charleston, Illinois in the middle 1950’s. And what that society was all about and why it actually came about. "

The Blackpox Threat by Rene Natan.
"A deadly virus is on its way to Canada--from Ukraine via Italy. Would Tamara Smith, thirty-two, be able to help in the covert operation that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service has carefully orchestrated? Ship Me Safely, the European and Canadian-based company Tamara works for, is the suspected carrier of a newly engineered virus. The daughter of two political refugees, Tamara doesn’t know anything about viruses or spying as she is still mourning the loss of her parents, found dead in the family house, their throats slashed. But when the only friend she has on earth--a Ukrainian Embassy diplomat--is murdered, she hesitates no more. She confronts Nekton, the mysterious man in possession of a virus that combines the deadly properties of smallpox with those of ebola. Betrayed by a fellow agent, she is kidnapped at gun point. Warned not to trust anybody, especially Justin Devry, the twenty-three-year-old son of a suspect who professes his love to her, Tamara risks her life for the cause and, against her beliefs, shoots to kill. "

The Body in thr Parln- by Stanley Yokell. 970 Aurora Ave. Boulder,CO 80302... stan.ypkell@baddyflcks.

The Bodyguard and the Snitch by Christy Tillery French. Christy Tillery French, PO Box 297, Heiskell, TN 37754.
"First edition, personally autographed by author."

The Breastplate by Shirley McCracken. 227 Babbs Rd Lenoir City, T N.
"A historical Civil War novel 5 star reviews."

The Breastplate A Civil War Adventure by Shirley McCracken. 227 Babbs Rd Lenoir City, TN 37771.
"The Breastplate is receiving 5 star reviews and many say would make a good movie. It is a Civil War story of romance, adventure, and intrigue and is historically correct. It follows the lives of two generations and the affect of the war has in them. Some readers compare it to Gone With the Wind."

The Breastplate A Civil War Adventure by Shirley McCracken. 227 Babbs Rd. Lenoir City, Tn 37771.
"The Breastplate is a first addition, print by demand, exciting historical novel. It has recieved 5 star reviews, and has been compared to Gone with the Wind. Many readers, including the publishing company, say it would make a good movie. It is availabe in paperback and on Nook and Kindle. The story is based on a Civil War breastplate we found on our farm many years ago, and follows the lives of two generations of a family, and the problems they face during that terrible war and why the breastplate was buried here on our farm. "

The Bridge by Silvio Cadenasso.
"Adam Knight risks his life and that of his wife and infant son as he goes up against a neo-Nazi terrorist group."

The Building of the Ship by Winston Rice. Bob Conger. www.Trafford. com
" How many people today recall the tragic sinking of the Titanic. It orobably runs into many millions. But 'The Building of the Ship' isn't about the Titanic, it's about a ship just as large, just as fast in the same time frame. the 'Leviathan' and all it took its designer to get it on it's maiden voyage. Setting is 1911-1912.President Taft is in the White House.I think you'll enjoy it. WR"

The Bullldog Compact by Donald James Parker.

The Butcher's Dog by Eliza Hemingway. 2951 Oak Street. unit 301C Chemainus, BC. Canada. V0R1K1.
"The Butcher's Dog is Eliza's fifth book. Based on a true story. Michael survives the Russian Revolution to arrive in Canada. He has a successful life as a rum-runner and pirate in the dirty thirties. When he dies, it's up to his brother Andy to tell his granddaughter Tanya the truth about his earlier life and his love for Anna, whom he deserted when he ran in search of a new life in Canada. Eliza was made an Honorary Citizen of Victoria for her work in the arts. She has won four awards. She is a regular contributer to literary magazines, in Canada and England. She regularly mounts literary festivals, gives workshops and teaches writing. For more information see her web site."

The Captive Generation by Gary A. Miron.
"Gary A. Miron is a summa cum laude graduate of Oakland University and an avid musician. He has written for a handful of Michigan newspapers, and his prizewinning poetry has appeared in a number of national journals. Designated a Featured Poet by BlackWidows Web of Poetry, and a prizewinner in Oakland University’s 2011 Ekphrasis Poetry contest, he is also a two-time semi-finalist in his alma mater’s annual Flash Fiction contest. The Captive Generation is his first novel."

The Cat Will Mew and Dog Will Have His Day by Richard B. Beal, Jr..
"For their own ends, modern day British Empire builders of the 21st Century seek to control the outcome of a 21st Century American Presidential election by altering and suborning American Revolutionary documents that alter American history and become decisive in the election."

The Cavalry Is Coming by John Broyles.
"Available from Outskirts Press and amazon. "

The Celestial Railroad by Greg Farnum. 540 Brookview Ct., #204, Auburn Hills, MI 48326.
"All aboard for digital madness. . .and the train is leaving the station!"

The Cherokee Murders by Harvey Mendez.
"Harvey Mendez's 4th published novel. A sexy thriller murder mystery set in rural Arkansas with a blockbuster ending!"

The China Oil Plot: Operation Ace in the Hole by Chuck Van Soye. See website.
"ISBN 9781432791308"

the Chocolatier and the Maitre Patissier by Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis. 819 Isar Ave NW Palm Bay, FL 32907.
"This is an e-book about an American studying in France to be a maitre patissier (pastry chef). It's a sweet romance that takes the reader from Paris to New Orleans. Can a brief romantic encounter lead to a lasting love affair? The story is as sweet as the sweetest chocolate."

The Chrysalis by Cynthia Davis. Greenroom Books, PO Box 7917, Hampton, VA 23666-0917.
"The Chrysalis (ISBN 0-9712163-0-4). Teen fiction. Trade paper. 208 pages. "Witty, incisive, a joy to read ... happily succeeds on all levels ... Davis is both a gifted story teller and a remarkably eloquent writer on those emerging miracles called adolescents." - The Book Reader, Spring/Summer 2002 "... to be applauded ... hits the nail on the head ... takes you inside the thoughts and emotions of a teenage girl and brings you to the reality of how a decision made in a split second could have long lasting impact on a person’s life." - Dallas Fort Worth Heritage, July 2002 $9.95/$2 S&H. Also available at"

The Cielo: A Novel of Wartime Tuscany by Paul Salsini.
"Winner: First Place: Book-length Fiction. 2006. Council for Wisconsin Writers Finalist: Midwest Independent Publishers Association. (Winners to be announced May 9, 2007)"

The City of Larken (Young Adult Fantasy) by Lizzy Greene.
"Freddy, just an ordinary guy always seemed to have something missing in his life: the supernatural. He often fantasied of becoming a super being but things never worked out as he planned. When the opportunity of a lifetime arose, Freddy jumped to it. Now he could have it all, a supernatural world fully loaded with amazing powers. Freddy didn't realize being a super being would prove to be more than he imagined. Soon, exploring Larken City, would become his greatest challenge. "

The Civilization Loop: The End is The Beginning... by Jason R. Thrift.

The Cliffhanger by Penny C. Sansevieri.
"The Cliffhanger has met every obstacle in its path and succeeded. It is an event five years and four hundred submissions in the making! Currently, it's listed at #3 best selling books in the San Diego area on! Set in the seaside town of Newport, Oregon on the beautiful Pacific Coast, The Cliffhanger is an irresistible and spellbinding journey of love and betrayal in a small town. With all the outward markings of a mainstream romance novel, The Cliffhanger is a surprisingly infectious tale with characters so colorful they are at the same time sympathetic, wicked and often, unforgiving. Blend in a hot romance with enough delicious plot twists and you've got the perfect novel guaranteed to keep you going until the last page is turned!"

"A story of two women, one on the way down, the other on the way up and how these two cross paths, engage and then abruptly terminate their friendship. Both victims, but one finds a release from this stance to a more rewarding life, while the other ends all chances of continuing her upward climb. A victory for one, a dismal failure for the other. "

The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott by Michael Oborn.
"How would you feel if you were fired because you were too good at your job? How bad would you feel if your father said you were his greatest disappointment? What would you do if you were offered $2,000,000 for your unpublished manuscript? What insanity would provoke you to refuse the offer? These were not Matthew’s biggest problem. To save his Cate Lynn he finds himself in a desperate race through three states.The book The Complete Mystery of Matthew Alcott has become a subject of heated debate and interest among angry Mormons, ex-Mormons, and religious scholars. Oborn’s book has been critiqued and reviewed on three continents.A growing audience of interest is spreading though borderline church members in the 14,000,000 membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Oborn has piqued the indignation of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in Salt Lake City for writing a suspense fiction using the cultural environment of Mormonism as the backdrop of his story just as Dan Brown did among the Cardinals of Rome with The Da Vinci Code. "

The Conversion by John A. Haskett. Suite 204 - 69 Nanaimo Ave. East, Penticton, BC, Canada V2A 1M1.
"Second in mystery series featuring Mike Shant, an amateur detective-freelance writer."

The Corpse by Israel M.
"Published may 28 2007."

The Countess and her Daughter by Judith Petres Balogh.
"It is the tale of two women, mother and daughter, about the experiences at the end of WWII, the flight from their home, living in refugee camps and emigrating to the USA, where they rebuild their life, like millions of others before them. Afer a quarter of a century the daughter returns for a visit to the old home and finds contradictions, disappointments, but also love, hope and new understanding."

The Crimson Key by Wes Dodd.
" David Paige, a young detective from Charleston, S.C., is about to embark on an investigation of a lifetime—his own. After an unexpected tragedy shatters his perfect world, he discovers that his mother had been keeping a life-long secret from him, revealing that he is not who he believed he was. With no family member to turn to, David has to rely on his detective skills and a mysterious item left to him from his mother—a crimson-colored key. The search for the truth takes David to New York City, where he runs head on into lies, deception and murder, all in an attempt to cover up a string of dreadful crimes. Then if this is not enough to deal with, he falls for the daughter of a prominent man, both sharing an undeniable attraction—which complicates his life even further. It isn’t until a near-death experience, and help from his mother through several frightening nightmares, that the pieces of the puzzle finally begin to come together. The Crimson Key ultimately unveils many secrets, surprising many people including David—opening his eyes and heart as well. "

The Crossroads Trilogy by Bill Yeagy. Books OnQ, Post Office Box 2410, Lakeside, Arizona 85929-2410.
"OnQ Spring/Summer 1998 Editor's Pick Full review on web site, which offers link to secure shopping cart. On the shopping cart page, you can immediately sign up for ClubQ and received 10% off of the cover price, plus the 11th book of your choice free."

The Crystal Angel by Oliva Claire High. 1004 San Felipe Lane, Lady Lake, FL 32159.
"The Crystal Angel is a romantic Suspense novel set in exotic Barbados. Designer Kemble Morgan locks horns with arrogant multi-millionaire Archer Griffith. Passion, intrigue, murder. Mbr Romance Writers, 1000 in print, 2nd book, another coming soon."

The Crystal Key by T. L. Howard.
"First book in the World of Chiram series. Received Readers Favorite International Book Award 2014. Book 2, Corryn's Stone now available via"

The Curse of Mesphisto's Seed by William P Haynes. P.A./ p.o box151/Frederick,MD21705.
""The Curse of Mesphisto's Seed is a divine blend of evil and the pursuit of it. Tightly woven in a complex and tempting story is a tale that lures you in and threatens to get you tangled in deep, unless you can climb your way to the end. It is taut with a poetic and vivid style. William P. Haynes is an author to keep your eye on, and has a vast imagination." Review by author Nancy Jackson"

The Curse of Mesphisto's Seed by William P Haynes. Publish America/P.O. Box151, Frederick, Maryland 21705-0151.
"Three excellent reviews including Brether in Canada all state this is not a book to be missed. Cover art is The Temptation by Bosch. "

The Curse of Nefertiti by Charline Ratcliff. Charline Ratcliff, 1630 N. Main Street, 307, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.
"First Edition"

The Daemon in Our Dreams by John F. Rooney. 2433 NE 26 Terrace, Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33305.
"Three strangers in different parts of the world have three nightmares in which a young Indian man stares menacingly at them. The dreams invoke funeral pyres, flaring skulls, and feral beasts. On a land and sea tour from Singapore to the Taj Mahal, the three separately begin to see their threatening daemon in real time. They give him a name-Ramesh-but cannot find a reason for his pursuit of them. The suspense builds as their interloper becomes more intimidating with each successive sighting. "

The Day B.C. Quit Canada by John A. Haskett & Michael J. Haskett. Box 164, Kaleden, BC, Canada V0H 1K0.
"This explosive new novel shows what happens when a key province, fed up with Ottawa's eastern-bias and money-wasting language fraud, says No More! Secession-- is it possible? Manitoba considers it. Saskatchewan talks about it. Alberta plans for it. But can B.C. do it? How would Ottawa react? What about the world's most powerful country to the south? Would the United States view it as a problem, or as a long term benefit? What action would the U.S. take? This novel shows what happens to the Canadian Confederation on "THE DAY B.C. QUIT CANADA". "

The Day She Left-A Domestic Abuse Survivors Story by Catja Breeda (Tamara Coleman). 1725 Stilesgate; Grand Rapids, MI 49508. Under Construction
"This book took some time to write, but it is well worth the wait. Be captivated by the stories of women who found the courage to take back what was stolen - their voice. Read how they found the courage to leave an abusive relationship and how their lives are so changed by finding and understanding their value and worth; while being self-empowered to not be intimidated or controlled. You can purchase the book directly from the author, in harb-back, soft-back or on kindle. "

The Days of Peleg by Jon Saboe.
"The mysteries of ancient history and pre-history come alive as readers are taken on an exciting adventure that begins in the newly established city of Ur in Mesopotamia. REVIEWS: “I could not stop reading! Wow! What a story! Saboe is a master storyteller with a forward-moving storyline, descriptive language, smooth segues, detailed kinetics during fights, vivid action scenes and landscapes that will be as clear in your mind as if they were in front of your eyes. He…resolves every conflict with a logical solution. I cannot praise this book strongly enough!” Alicia Karen Elkins— ”Take a spoonful of history, mix it gently with some science fiction, add three tablespoons of ideology, a believable hypothesis, a dash of religion and a very large imagination and you have … The Days of Peleg. It is an adventure, a voyage into self and a mind-opening experience.… Well written with excellent research and vivid descriptions making this a highly recommended read.” Shirley Roe—Allbooks Review "Blends ancient history…and fiction in a way that is enjoyable to follow. Well-researched historical events and legends. Will be appreciated by anyone seeking a different perspective on man's early history." Suzanne J. Sprague—Historical Novel Society"

The Daytraders by mmediajohn. OptiView Publishing Co..
"First edition. 2000 in print. High tech financial intrigue and murder mystery. A real "page turner.""

The Delphinus Chronicles by RG Roane. 24344 Del Amo Road, Ramona CA 92065.
""The Delphinus Chronicles is a sterling example of imagination and techno-knowledge wedded to create a great story, wonderfully executed. Roane is certainly a new and promising voice in the genre. Fast moving and easy to read, Roane entices the reader to turn the next page before the reader has finished the one before it. His technique is wonderful and his writing crisp and fast paced. I can’t wait for Roane’s next novel, and I hope I don’t have to wait too long." Bobbi Duffy -- Yet Another Book Review"

The Demise of the Horse Fairy: Book Four in the Firehouse Family Series by Laurie Loveman., Barnes & Noble.
"Over the space of several weeks in the summer of 1935, 13 starving horses and ponies, along with one very fat pony and a goat, are left in Woodhill, Ohio. The people of Woodhill rally behind horse owner Laura Darvey and newly arrived Ramona Hernandez, to help restore the abused horses to health. The unknown person behind the arrival of the horses earns the nickname, The Horse Fairy, but The Horse Fairy is not out to save lives; he is racketeer Bobby Darvey, who is determined to harm Laura and Fire Chief Jake McCann to avenge his cousin, Dan Darvey’s death. Among the victims in Bobby’s scheme are Alex Carpenter and Nelson Dobos, who learn too late that Alex’s son, Bill, is working for Bobby and could be a danger to them both. With advice from his father, New York City homicide detective J. P. McCann, and the help of Woodhill Police Chief, Matt Gardner, Jake teams up with Bobby’s top man, Benjy Talbot, to stop Bobby from carrying out his plans for vengeance. "

The Destiny Family by Vicki Long.
"Books 1 and 2 of this new series"

The Devil to Pay by Gene J. Parola. 1949 Naniu Pl., Honolulu, HI 96822.
""Billed as a 'sailing adventure mystery,' this novel delivers on all counts. The diehard sailor will love the nautical language and technical details supplied throughout the text. Lovers of action-adventure mysteries will find The Devil to Pay a satisfying read. Characters are well-developed and readers care about the good guys winning over the bad guys. I was immediately captivated by the rich language used in setting descriptions in the book.... [and] dialogue is natural and adds an extra dimension to the story. The pacing is quick, making this book a page turner. Mr. Parola uses an interesting device of placing narrative, quotes, and subtitles at the beginning of each chapter, offering the reader a glimpse ahead and providing a deeper understanding of the story. Mr. Parola is extremely skilled with dialog…. Writers Digest "

The Devil to Pay by Gene J. Parola. 1949 Naniu Pl..
"A sailing adventure mystery. A yacht delivery crew is to deliver a boat from a small isle in the Bahamas to Maimi. They are immediately set upon by shadowy figures who want to hijack and dismantle the boat in search for a hidden cargo. Outsmarting the initial aggressors, there follows a cat and mouse chase which the crew wins only because of their superior seamanship. However, getting the boat to Maimi safely guarantees no safety for the crew, for now they know too much..."

The Devil to Pay by Gene J. Parola. Diamond Hawaii Press, 1949 Naniu Pl. Honolulu, HI 96822.
"Of 12.7 million boats in the US in 1999, 205,000 in California alone were sailboats, up 44.5 % from 1998. (Nat’l Ass’n of Boat Manufacturers.) Sales to ten percent of that market, 20,500, would be a success, perhaps $100,000. California is one of five U.S. boating regions. Buy ‘The Devil to Pay” wholesale, sell retail. "Billed as a 'sailing adventure mystery,' this novel delivers on all counts. The diehard sailor will love the nautical language and technical details supplied throughout the text. The pacing is quick, making this book a page-turner. Mr. Parola is extremely skilled with dialog….” Writers Digest "

The Devil to Pay by Gene J. Parola.
"Also available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Go to Diamond Hawaii Press site for reviews and other books."

The Devil to Pay by Gene J. Parola.
"Three very positive reviews--two from Writer's Digest competition judges. Several--all positive reviews--from individuals on Amazon. Available on Amazon and but buy from me directly and get a signed copy to use as a gift. This is a sailing adventure mystery so makes a good gift for man or woman with any of these interests. Thanks for your interest."

The Devil to Pay by Gene J. Parola.
"A sailing adventure mystery. Only available in e-edition. Portion down loadable to browse before buying. See website for reviews. "

The Diet by Edita Kaye.
"I bought your book last Saturday and couldn't put it down. I finished it Sunday night. This book is wonderful. I can totally relate to Cate. It has given me inspiration to do something to lose this excess weight. All 60 pounds of it. Anyone with a weight problem will want to read this book. You will be as inspired as I was. Debi I picked up your novel THE DIET at the airport. I was just looking to kill some time. I did not expect it to change my life. But it did. Thank you Edita, and thank Cate for showing me the way. Carol "

The Difference Between Life and Death: Outliving the Flu Pandemic by Dennis Miner. 99 South Main St., Willits, CA 95490.
""The Difference Between Life and Death: Outliving the Flu Pandemic of 2009" was awarded second place in the Young Adult Fiction category of the 2009 Premier Book Awards, and was a Finalist in the Fictional Short Story category for the Indie Book Awards 2009."

The Difference Between Life and Death: Outliving the Flu Pandemic of 2009 by Dennis Miner. Trafford Publishing.
"The Difference Between Life and Death: Outliving the Flu Pandemic of 2009 was awarded second place in the Young Adult Fiction category of the 2009 Premier Book Awards, and was a Finalist in the Fictional Short Story category for the Indie Book Awards 2009."

The Dime Novel Man by Kent Kamron. Pocol Press, 6023 Pocol Drive, Clifton, VA 20124.
"Western author Kent Kamron delivers another powerful set of moralistic tales of the Old West. Strong on women and Native American characters and without perpetuating myths, The Dime Novel Man offers penetrating, thought-provoking stories."

The Disoriented Dutchman's Gold Mine by Rick Allen.

The Divided States by Tavaress Woodfaulk. 2416 Waverly DR PO Box 4634.

The Dragon Eggs by Carlos Blume Teague. Via Evitamiento 2390 Cajamarca, Peru. and/or
"A hotel chain owner was being followed by kidnapers, while these two elements of the story get near a third element breaks in where the President tired of being reelected, sneeks out of palace to have a date with some youngster he had met before, and coincidently is kidnaped instead of the hotel owner, placed in a 2 by 2 meter hole...A long chain of events arose from this..Lots of drama, action, humor, politics...very entertaining. Will provide a few chapters to comprehend.. Im Carlos Blume from Peru, this story is fiction based on a few true events of the political era of Fujimory and Montesinos... "

The Dream Catcher Tour by Paula Buermele.
"Readily available via Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other online resources. Author signed copies available by contacting the author. An excellent book club choice. Book club orders from the author receive a 15% discount."

The Dream Garden by Anna Marie Fritz. Crystal Dreams Publishers, Box 698, Dover TN 37058 .
"A romance story which takes place in the 1960's and poignantly shows the difference between the 'true love' of days gone by, and the concepts of modern 'coupling.' Sure to be a best seller! Read the reviews! Buy the book! And "remember when." alternate web pages:"

The DreamKillers -- Where Corruption Thrives Dreams die by Gerald Bishop. The
"Three men and a woman -- A young idealist with mayoral ambitions; a corrupt mayor who reaps millions from bribes and kickbacks; a morally-conflicted bagman who is overly protective of his troubled son; and a voluptuous, manipulative assistant prosecutor with a zeal for good living. In page after nail-biting page, the DreamKillers weaves a classic tale of murder, greed, power, betrayal, naked ambition, lust, insanity, growth and redemption as it reavals how the tawdry layers of corruption limit the dream of the city of Liberty's innocent victims."

The Dropas: Breaking Through the Walls by Scott R. Etters. P.O. Box 5367 Naperville, IL 60567-5367.
"The story touches on society's fascination with the acquisition of material wealth to the detriment of life's all-important intangibles. A soft sci-fi adventure, the futuristic tale deals more with remembering our humanity than with hard-to-imagine techno wizardry. Set some six years following history's most devastating war (nearly 2 billion lost their lives), characters Scott and Timm, through the latter's mural art, become an integral part of the Survival Treaty, which was created to restore global harmony. Lord Ozone and his evil army of ForLords, however, have other plans: namely, using an arsenal of unusual weapons to eliminate the human race. Teamed with the affable Pockets, Global Government Liaison Willie, a group of energetic students and twelve whimsical Dropas - using secret weapons of their own - Scott and Timm undertake a mission to stop Lord Ozone and preserve the goal of global harmony."

The Drums of Doom, Part 2 of The Duaredheim Staff Saga by Erik D.J. O'Brien. 134 High Street, Norwell, MA 02061.
"First Edition, Print on Demand, Epic Fantasy Action Adventure, Dark Fantasy, also available at and"

The Dying Times: Nadene's Story by Brian Kittrell.,,
"The Dying Times: Nadene's Story is the first book in a planned series of survival horror set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with flesh-eating undead zombies. It tells the story from the perspective of a 13-year-old girl who has been thrown from an uncertain world of divorce and dealing with the stresses of a single parent family to a world overtaken by a viral disaster which turns normal people into depraved creatures hellbent on destruction. When the disaster strikes, Nadene and her mother Pamela are forced to make decisions for their own survival, and they pick up companions along the way who may be able to help, but, in many cases, simply have nowhere else to go and are looking for a way out of the nightmare. The book focuses on character development, fast-paced action, and descriptions that put you on the edge of your comfort zone. I hope that zombie fans will enjoy this brand new edition to the genre, and the first book in a series of survival horror: The Dying Times: Nadene's Story."

The Ebony Tree by Maxine E. Thompson. P.O. Box 5655, Inglewood, CA 90310.
"The Ebony Tree is in its eighth printing and has been compared to I know Why The Caged Bird Sings, and Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes were watching God on Barnes and It also has a five star rating on"

The Eight Ball Club: Ocean of Fire by M.C. Pugin-Rodas.
"A teen-interest, easy reading multicultural novel for secondary school students and beyond. A great book for ESL students and developing readers, authored by a former ESL teacher! Includes vocabulary words in bold print that are listed in the "What's that Word?" glossary at the back, 40 photograph illustrations, repetition of academic science words, and all at an intermediate language level for ESL students. Coming soon... the Teacher Reproducible Activity Book that goes with the novel. "

The Eight Group of Assignments - The evil empire by Ike Morah.

The Eleventh Group of Assignments - His final assignment by Ike Morah.

The El-eventh Hour by Lily G. Stephen. Blooming Rose Press, PO Box 1211, Mount Shasta, CA 96067-1211.
"Evolutionary wisdom-focused modern mythology, Volume II of The Third Verse Trilogy. Recipient of global praise even before first printing. Publication Summer Solstice 2004. Spellbinding story of one woman's evolutionary spiral toward enlightenment. Volume III, The Twelfth Age, forthcoming from Blooming Rose Press."

The Emerald Tablet: A Thriller by Pamela Hegarty.
"Jurassic Park meets Inception in this new high stakes thriller from the author of the international best seller, The Seventh Stone, winner of the 2012 Global Ebook Award, Thriller category. "

The End of Fiction: Or, how to get published without even trying by Victor Thorn. 1326 Shoferd Lane, State College, Pa. 16801.
"If you've ever felt that the publishing industry isn't giving you an even break, this book is for you. It follows the exploits of Ukiah Rhymes, an unpublished writer who'll do anything to see his name in print. Gadfly magazine describes this novel as, "an off-beat, fast-moving, often-humorous critique of the dismal state of the publishing industry." I see it conveying something inherant to all of us - a desire to make our dreams come true. "The End of Fiction" ultimately exposes the frustrations and comedic mishaps common to every person who has every tried to make their dreams come true."

The Enemy of Mankind by Suryadevara Ram Mohan Rao.
"Suryadevara was honored with the designation "Man of Records" by the International World Records Achievers Society in 2014 for authoring the largest number of novels in various Indian languages, as well as his two English-language novels "The Enemy of Mankind" and soon to release "Dictator of the Dark". He has also garnered 27 literary awards from various societies, organizations, and NGOs for his exceptional contribution to Indian literature. Suryadevara currently resides in Hyderabad, India and continues to strive for excellence in literature. "

The Epic of Cougran - Adventures in Raoolia by Eric Tilden.
"Adventures in Raoolia is the first of 12 novels chronicling the destruction of an entire society and the redemption of a lost son. It also records the birth of evil, society's failure against that evil, the consequences of not acting on that evil, and ultimately, the power of choice. "

The Estonia System by Jack W. Boone. Grafco Productions, Inc 291 Pat Mell Road Marietta, GA 30060. http:''
"This is my fifteenth book and by far the best I have ever written It has been submitted for four awards. "

The Expedition by Kerry Fusaro.
"A ripping airplane read / adventure yarn in the tradition of Michael Crichton."

THE EXPLOSION by Joe Key. Interventions P.O. Box 1166 Columbia, LA 71418.
"LENGTH: 44,146 WORDS SYNOPSIS: An explosion at a restaurant sends a mild-mannered college professor on a quest to find the terrorists responsible, and the reasons why. TIME FRAME: Present day. "

The Facade by Michael S. Heiser.
"The Façade is a fast-paced thriller that will blow your mind and leave you looking over your shoulder… Whether you know next to nothing about UFOs, aliens, Area 51, metaphysics, or ancient texts and prophecies - or you’ve been studying those subjects for years - you’ll never look at any of them the same way again. The Façade breaks new ground and covers the "big picture" while tying it all together for the first time. You'll be blown away at how much sense it all makes when you uncover the connections."

The Fallen Nightingale by John W. Milton.
"Award-winning historical novel based on the life of Spanish composer Enrique Granados (1867-1916). Many reviews praising the work, and exceptional readers' response [see website]. Already translated into two European languages. This book takes the reader to Barcelona in the period leading to World War I, then Madrid, Paris, New York, Washington, London. Characters include US President Wilson, Enrico Caruso, Isadora Duncan, Pablo Picasso, Pable Casals. Included is a CD of the best piano music of Granados."

The Fallujah Scrolls / Eloi, Eloi by Robert D. Godfrey.
"Check it out on Amazon if you have issues with organized religion, and the extreme right wing."

The Familiar by H.J.Courtright. Literary Art Publishers, 144 N. Beverwyck Rd.#175, Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034.
"The Familiar, a variation of the beauty and the beast theme, is also an experiment in role reversal, for in this story, beauty is the beast. Frederick paid little attention to the hunter's stories of slaughtered animals and livestock until on a hot summer night, while sleeping outside on the front stoop, he awakens to find himself face to face with the beast of his painting. He soon discovers the tie that binds him to the half-human lioness is far stronger than mere paint and canvas. Available at and Autographed copies available through the publishers website. "

The Famous Fakes by J.D. Guinness . Outskirts Press, Inc. 10940 S. Parker Rd. - 515 Parker, Colorado, USA 80134 .
"Celebrity impersonators. Do they really love to do it, or do they really do it for love? Meet the Famous Fakes - known publicly as Stan, Oliver, and Charlie (and privately as Paul, Jean, and Steve). They’re three self-proclaimed "studs" (and world-proclaimed "losers") in a three-man theatrical company. Desperate for a break, they’re ready to do just about anything to take their particular "boys’ club" on the road. But to let a woman join them? On stage, yet?! That’s only asking for trouble…isn’t it? The Famous Fakes is a wild, sexy comic novel for adults. "

The Farm Fires: Book Three in the Firehouse Family Series by Laurie Loveman., Barnes & Noble.
"Glynis Hampton, a newly-divorced friend of Laura Darvey’s, has returned to her family’s dairy farm in Dalebridge, a village north of Woodhill. As Woodhill Fire Department Captain Freddy Pratter is called upon to help in investigating several suspicious fires in Dalebridge, a chance meeting and a shared enthusiasm for photography spark an interest between Glynis and Freddy. The spark isn’t ignited without complications – a former boyfriend, a fire in an abandoned house where a body is discovered, and personal secrets stand in the way of Freddy and Glynis revealing their true feelings for each other. As Freddy falls in love, he has an added burden when his investigation leads Woodhill Police Chief Matt Gardner to suspect that a member of Glynis’ family could be the serial arsonist who has killed a man and caused the death of a child, and who could kill again in his thirst for revenge. "

The Fastest Ship by Larita Arnold.
"Thanks a million for everything!"

The Fictitian: Street Tales by Linda Griffith. The Fictitian
"This is an intense book of 8 short stories told from the victim's point of view. Each story is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat, looking forward to the next word, the next page, and the next story. You will be pulled into each story and you will share the pain, pleasure, triumphs, and challenges of the characters. Linda Griffith is The Fictitian bringing you fascinating tales. Enjoy!"

The Fifteenth Group of Assignments - The case of field marshall Omar Baltazzaar by Ikechukwu Morah.

The Fifth Group of Assignments - Dons Padre, Adolphus and Adolphus by Ike Morah.

The Final Audit by Ronald Alexander. Hollyridge Press PO Box 2872 Venice, CA 90294.
"A novel in stories from literary author Ronald Alexander. Set in the business world, the book recounts the double-life of Dexter Giles who must balance a straight-jacketed career in the homophobic towers of corporate culture with his secret life as a gay man."

The Final Phase by William Neven.
"A new novel that starts with the destruction of Earth and ends with the creation of a black hole. THE FINAL PHASE was written by a degreed journalist who, himself, had once been guaranteed death by a team of doctors. Perhaps the most important aspect of this science fiction trilogy is that - at long last - it brings both religion and evolution finally together. "

The Finity Case by Melissa Swaim.
"available in hardcover,ebook, and audio in July 2005 What do you do when you are scorned by the lawyer you love, fall for an FBI agent who is after you, and find yourself engaged to a mobster at the same time?"

The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box by Valerie J. Lewis Coleman and Christopher Reid. 893 South Main Street - PMB 175 Englewood, OH 45322. www,
"What your father didn't tell you and your mother didn't know. Successful. Beautiful. Intelligent. Yet a satisfying relationship eludes Debra Hampton. At thirty-five years old, she can’t figure out why her philosophy on men—and what they want from women—isn’t working. She’s trapped in a cycle of shattered relationships, until a friend refers her to a relationship guru. After some resistance, Debra finds refuge in the counsel of Doc Reid as he helps her navigate through the storms of rejection and failed love. Once he reveals the error of her ways, will Debra master the forbidden secrets to attract her soul mate or continue to keep love at bay? "

The Fourtheenth Group of Assignments - The legally illegal don by Ike Morah.

THE GAME by Jerry Webber. 318 Grise Street, Shelby N.C. 28150.

The Ghost of Governors Bridge by Skip Stover. By the way, you can reach me on my email at Also you can view the trailer for my novel on You Tube by pasting the link in you browser. .
"The Ghost of Governors Bridge has a video trailer on You Tube and has also been selected to be filmed for the silver screen"

The Ghost Visits Boot Hill by Vivian Cooper. 14022 N. Palm Ridge Dr. Sun City,Az 85351.
"I have 9 books published and going on 10 Have been entered into the "Marquis Book of Whos who in America" for my many achievements Yes"

THE GLASS COCOON by Serena F. Holder & Christopher J. Jarmick. P.O. Box .
"The explosive popularity of the Internet has been fueled in no small part by its promise of offering people virtually everything, all while allowing them to remain safely within their own cocoons of anonymity. Perhaps nothing epitomizes this more than the Internet chatrooms where strangers meet, become friends and even cyber lovers. Phillip Craven, a freelance photographer and writer from Seattle, and Patricia Ridgeway, a Taos bookstore owner, were two such strangers. He's single. She's married. They met in an adult chatroom, fell in love, and were planning to actually meet someday. But that day came sooner than either of them expected. Someone knew who they were and where they lived. And then the murders started. The conection between the killings and the chatroom created a confusing assortment of suspects, most of them just names on a computer monitor. Forced to make their relationship public, Phillip and Patricia found themselves plunging headfirst into the Internet's netherworld. Authors Serena Holder and Chris Jarmick have joined forces to create THE GLASS COCOON, a suspense-filled thriller that will make you think twice about how you use the Internet."

The Goblin Hive by Richard J. O'Brien.
"Eric Maclean and his family enter into a strange world where they face a goblin-breeding madman and his monstrous creations. Can strangers in a strange world ever go home again?"

The Goodbye Lie by Jane Marie Malcolm. Amazon, Barnes & Noble.
"Aspiring writer Breelan Dunnigan is literally swept away, first by a tornado and then a handsome stranger. Escape to New York City brings new love, but when she returns to Amelia Island, Breelan's life has turned upside down. Strong family bonds are pitted against passion, jealousy and murder. Website contains 50 fun links."

The Goodbye Lie by Jane Marie Malcolm. or B&N. http://www.
"When was the last time you read to escape? Don't miss "The Goodbye Lie" by Jane M.arie Aspiring writer Breelan Dunnigan is swept away, first by a tornado and then a handsome stranger. Strong family bonds are pitted against passion, jealousy and murder. Excerpt + 50 fun links at "

The Guide by S Scott Johnson.
"One man's journey to reaffirm his faith in God."

The Gym Is A Zoo/Survival of the Fittest by William Howard.
"This is a 1st edition and is a humorous look at typical members of gyms and fitness centers. The animals discussed are based upon actual people. Once you read this book going to the gym will take on a whole new meaning."

The Harem Games by Jorge L. Carreras Jr..
"This is the first edition, the book has yet to earn any awards, but readers comment that it reads "like a movie theater in [the] mind." The book is available in paperback at $9.95, hardback at $16.95, and e-book version at $5. (Discounts may apply.) The story is a mix of the survival/death game genre and the harem genre filled with action, adventure, and romance in a highly idealized, yet quite realistic manner. A recommended read for late teen to adult audiences. Warning: Does contain scenes of violence, adult content, and adult language."

The Haunting by Ayn Hunt. www,
"A traditional Gothic, two women get stranded in an abandoned haunted house along with a psychotic killer and several territorial ghosts."

The Head of All Creation by Chris Hanley. 3588 Hwy 138 SE PMB 310, Stockbridge GA 30281. PHARRISONASP@YAHOO.COM. HTTP:WWW//ATLANTASUBURBANPUBLISHERS.NET
"Crime Mystery centered around the lives of 5 sisters; dealing with the affects on the lives of the family when one of its members has a crime committed against her."

The Heart of a Cult by Lena Phoenix. PO Box 7018; Boulder, CO 80306.

The Heart of the Guardian by E. Paige Burks.
"“I can’t just give up. I’m the only one left…” A princess and a warrior, Abigail is up against the fight of her life. Or rather, the fight for her life. Bound by a curse that is slowly killing her, Abigail must journey to the land of the Phoenixes, to kill the wizard who cursed her and to take back the magical item he has stolen, the Precious Arrow of Shalamar. An outcast and a loner, Joseph is on the run, fleeing the cruel reign of Bozal, the new king of Phoenix. He only wishes to live his life in peace, and to escape all of the responsibilities that he must shoulder. Their paths cross, seemingly a chance of fate. Abigail is the leader that Joseph has been looking for, and Joseph has the eyes and the knowledge she needs to penetrate Bozal’s castle and destroy him. Secrets and lies soon find them in a battle for their lives, and each other."

The Hedonists by James Cumes. Multi-Media Publications Inc., Box 58043, Rosslynn RPO, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 8L6. Fax: (905) 986-5777, Phone: (905) 986-5848.
"The Hedonists is a rollicking story of sex and diplomacy in the lives of two dedicated pleasure-seekers: Randall Pascoe Maitland, a young diplomatist who sprinkles his erotic escapades with occasional prickings of conscience and even fewer acts of heroism; and Howard Winston Jocelyn The Third, an up-and-coming executive and ex-Don Juan, now obsessed with a she-devil. Traversing a largely joyous and self-indulgent world, they journey together from Africa via New York and Mexico, to a rambunctious finale in Mugga Way, in far-off Australia. On the way, a beautiful playmate, Angela, recants and shows them another road. Do they take it? Every dedicated, wannabe and closet hedonist will enjoy this fascinating romp towards an answer, supplied by a former Ambassador whose story gives some credence to Angela's claim that "diplomats are the crap end of humanity.""

The Hiding Place by Barbara Kreger Washburn.
""A fast-paced page-turner" Becky King "I wasn't any good for 2 days, I had to finish the book." Keith Lowry "It's so nice to read a mystery without the bad language and explicit sex scenes." Willeen Asulam "Suspenful." Arkansas Democrat Gazette FREE BONUS: Learn to dance! Swing, Waltz, and Merengue lessons woven into the mystery."

The House of the Baskervilles by Rodger Garrick-Steele. Author House USA or Amazon/Barnes and Noble.
"This book is available from practically every book store world wide in English, Australian, American and offers a Japanese Edition, over 10.000 sold. Please contact this Author in UK for updates via the address. Thank you, and remember the next book, An Adventure on Dartmoor reveals the original Hound of the Baskervilles story, the one Conan Doyle stole from Bertram Fletcher Robinson, word for word, if it looks very similar to you then you will understand why Doyle became a Murderer."

The House on Slocum Road by D. H. Clair.
"Will a young socialite repress her psychic gift to appease the man she loves, or will she succumb to the mysterious pull of the past and risk losing all she holds dear? A paranormal romantic suspense. First edition. "

The Hunt by Gregory Moir.
" "

The Hunt for a Killer by Guy Majors.

The Hunt for Bigfoot: A Novel by Lisa A. Shiel. Slipdown Mountain Publications, 1408 Russell Bend Rd, Weatherford, TX 76088.

The i Tetralogy by Mathias B.Freese. barnesandnoble,amazon,hatsoffbooks. may be reached at
"The i Tetralogy is a gut-wrenching depiction of the Holocaust through the eyes of three characters -- victim, Nazi guard, and murderer's son. Assaying the impact of this species-shattering event, it reveals a disturbing truth: the Holocaust has forever defined humanity as indelibly damaged. --A book of undying artistic integrity"--Arizona daily Sun --"Overshadows the classical work of Viktor Frankl...intellectually, descriptively, and symbolically."--Robert B. Simmonds, Phd, Psychologist and Editor of Emotional Wellness Matters"

The Illustrated Book of Wrath by Robin Coe.
"What happens when an immortal begins to question his role in the balance of light and darkness? From the time of creation, Famine has followed his immortal path, spreading hunger, starvation and misery on humanity. We see through the eyes of Famine as he begins to challenge himself, his siblings and their collective jobs. Is he a puppet of his unknown creator, or does he have a choice in his role? Do the others have the answers he is looking for? Follow Famine as he interacts with fellow immortals in his quest for self-determination."

The Immortal Mouth and Other Stories by Joseph Sutton.
"The Immortal Mouth and Other Stories is a collection of 30 short stories dealing with classic American themes—fathers and sons, hitting the road, roller-coaster relationships, sports, growing up, and aging. Sutton's stories deal with humanity’s goodness and wickedness, loyalty and betrayal, rage and exultation, triumph and defeat."

The Interstate Generation by Joshua Bligh.

The Island Never Will I Leave You by Roberta Kennedy. Outskirts Press
"Paper back and E-book edition, Amazon book of the week June 2014"

The Janus Project by Brad Anderson.,,
"The grip on Dade’s hand relaxed slightly. He fought the urge to pull back his hand and wipe the perspiration off his forehead and barely prevented himself from clearing his throat before speaking. He could not remember any other point in his eleven-year career being so rattled within such a short period of time. But he did manage to keep his eyes locked on Callan’s. “Not this time, Mr. Callan. You won’t remember any promises you make in this life.” “When my chopper went down behind enemy lines in Bolivia, I promised my front-seat that I would get him home safely. He’s now running his own investment firm in Charleston, and from what I saw when my family and I visited last summer, he’s doing better than just okay. Past, present, or future, Dade, Morgan’s ass is mine.” "

The Janus Project by Brad Anderson.
"The Janus Project, a science-fiction story involving time travel and the Witness Security Program, comes in hardback, paperback, Kindle, and regular ebook editions. Amazon and Barnes & Noble provide passages to preview."

The Jesus Gene by James Mays.
"Man was created in God’s image. But evolution has changed us. Our genetic code has been ripped, torn and reshaped through the generations. Now, a small town is plagued with grizzly corpses, the result of forces beyond any sane persons understanding. Behind these deaths lie mysteries as old as man himself ... secrets that must be kept at any cost. String theory proved the existence of other dimensions and universes. Reaching them may be our only hope for survival and genetic code carried by descendents of Jesus and Mary Magdalene may be our only hope of reaching them in time."

The Jesus Gene by Gayle Widell.

The Jesus Gene by Gayle Widell.,,
"Available in paperback and hardback w/cover. Reviewer comments: J. F. Matagrano, author of Forever Brothers, states, “The Jesus Gene is a real page turner. An exciting story leaving the reader wanting more” and “exciting twists and ending that will satisfy all readers.” Amazon Top Reviewer states, “A great start for this first time author! Once you get into this one, you can’t put it down. A technical adventure thriller, reminiscent of Tom Clancy novels. Many ups and downs and surprises to keep you interested. A great read!” Another Amazon Reviewer says Gayle Widell “…is certain to become the next great writer of suspense thrillers. Hard to believe it is her first book.” This was “a real page turner that leaves you searching for a sequel.” A judge from Writer’s Digest 16th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards writes, “The author clearly has a passion for writing mysteries… The story starts at a good point and has a strong sense of movement from beginning to the end. With the provocative opening scene and fast pacing throughout The Jesus Gene, author Gayle Widell has created a masterpiece that will be enjoyed by anyone who reads it.” "

The Judge's Daughter/A young woman's story of jumping from the frying pan into the fire and back again by Lois Glass Webb. 105 Kaibab Drive, Ruidoso, NM 88345.
"Historical Fiction along the Mississippi River Five Star Review from ForeWord Reviews Kirkus Discovery Reviews: a similarity to Gone With the Wind characters Hardback/Softback; Listed: "Look in the book""

The Jungle by Sanjay Sonawani. Century Book Distribution, Inc. 814 Boon, Traverse City, MI 49686.
"He laboured under the burden of his own indecisiveness and moral blunder, misconstruing it to be his magnanimity. But the ghost of his past pursued him even in exile on a solitary island. Yashovarman was an ordinary soldier who, by sheer hard work and perseverance, became the commander of the Kausal Army. He fell in love with princess Mahadevi and to fulfill her condition, reestablished a dead empire. But circumstances forced him to renounce his throne and order the execution of his own son and daughter-in-law. In the backdrop of serene nature unfolds a scene rocking the very basis of human perception and all philosophical and moral hypothesis raising fundamental questions.An ancient perspective of a contemporary question!"

The Kingdom by Joseph A. Vassallo. Amazon, iTunes, Google, Barnes and Noble, Outskirts Press.
"First book I have written, this is the only edition, and it is in paperback, e-book and EPUB formats."

The Kiss by Linda C.

The Knight in Shining Armor by Annette and Thomas Lehman. 1135 Benton Street Ormond Beach, Florida 32174.
"An adult mystery novel that let you figure out the puzzle surrounding a collage pasted upon a bedroom door. This intriguing tale is both humorous, and tragic, a mix that always makes for a good story. This story is in eBook format with Adobe eBook Reader installed for immediate reading off a CD Rom disk. "

The Knights of Soil by Justin Kruse.

The Labbitt Halsey Protocol by Andrew M. Ryan.
"What choice did she really have? With the perfection of Labbitt Halsey Genomics’ groundbreaking XEN protocol, no conscientious parent could deny the tantalizing possibilities. At least that’s what Ann Franklin’s husband convinced her of at the time they chose to conceive. Her son was to be one of the children of the future, whose unprecedented genius would propel mankind into a bright, shining tomorrow. But sixteen years later, sobered by the pitiless law of unintended consequences, Ann finds herself drawn into Jeremy’s horrifying world, one of nihilism and suicide, while struggling against the loss of her high-powered consulting career, her son, and possibly her own life. From the pressure-packed government-corporate culture of Washington, D.C. to the XEN underworld in the back streets of New Orleans, The Labbitt Halsey Protocol explores the depths of a mother’s love in the face of genetic manipulation gone tragically awry."

The Lair of the Devil by Emile C. Vos. P.O. Box 31785, Aurora, CO 80041-1785.
"An exciting tale of good versus evil. Adventurous, with a touch of the macabre, the novel tells the story of Randy, an adolecent boy that becomes the target of an ancient evil. The true nature of this evil, and how it is ultimately dealt with, is an unexpected twist that leaves readers feeling spiritually unplifted."

The Lake Dwellers by Mathilde Apelt Schmidt. Amazon, B/N, iUniverse,
"A group of interesting people owning or renting mountain homes around a lovely lake in the Sierra foothills of California gets together regularly to tell stories. Different characters tell different kinds of stories. Not knowing each other in the beginning in 1982, they get acquainted, their lives get intertwined and some go even farther than that. A good, easy read."

The Land of the Three Elves Vol 1 by Grandpa Gray.
"The Land of The Three Elves, Volume One - Beginnings tells the geography and early history of the land inside the river’s curve. First there was Walker Updike, the human mountain man. Then the Great Troll Wars. Later Homer, the first elf, arrives and founds the community of miners in the mountains. Then Otto and his boats full of elves and musical instruments land on the banks of the river’s curve and found Sugar City. Finally Joseph, in search of his lost sister, settles in the Salt Forest. Soon the inside of the river’s curve is known as The Land of The Three Elves and the stories go on and on."

The Land of the Three Elves Vol 2 by Grandpa Gray.
"Read more stories about the fabulous Salty, Alphonse, Sopping Wet and Popcorn and their wonderful friends who all live in the land inside the curve of the river"

The Last Gate by Elizabeth A Merz. 1-800-839-8640.
"Fantasy Fiction. The first signs of an ancient prophecy promising new hope to a dying race of magical beings is fulfilled by a desert dweller named Cobo and his sister, Gella."

the last good story. by Matthew R. Kelley.
"To read an article written by the Citizen Newspaper of Auburn, New York about the process that went into creating Disasterpiece Press and its first published novel, "the last good story." by Matthew R. Kelley :"

The Last Innocent Hour by Barbara Taylor Sissel. or website.
"From Panther Creek Press, Copyright 2001, trade paper, 186 pages ISBN: 0-9678343-2-5 The Last Innocent Hour is "a passionate story of deception," says Chris Rogers, author of Rage Factor, Bitch Factor and Chill Factor. An act of murder is caught in an explosion of lightning. She pulls herself along the balcony railing hand-over-hand, peers down into the inky blackness. Too late, whispers a voice in her brain. Bang, bang you're next, says a voice before her. And she runs until she is falling. Runs until all is lost. Available now, visit the author's website or to order, or to read the first chapter, more reviews, and an author biography. "

The Last Time I Shall Teach Macbeth by Billie Dee Combs Stone.
""The Last Time I Shall Teach Macbeth" is a line by line interpretation with commentaries. This book delves into the psychology and motivations of the characters and provides a cohesive interpretation of the play. It is a must for teachers and students. Sprinkled with humor, this interpretation is an enjoyable experience that provides indelible lessons. These lessons often become personal experience. "The Last Time I Shall Teach Macbeth" is a great reading adventure based upon fifty years of the author's collective experience in performing the play, script analysis, and teaching. "

The Last Victm by Elaine Bossik. 7722 Majestic Palm Dr, Boynton Beach, FL 33437.;
"The Last Victim by Elaine Bossik. May 2011, Portable Shopper, LLC. paperback and Ebook. The Last Victim is the story of an American family dominated by one woman, a mother who is obsessed with money—making it, keeping it, never spending it. One by one, members of her family are victimized by her relentless obsession. Only one will emerge triumphant from the tragedy her actions set in motion. "

The Lazarus File by Donn Taylor. or
"Panther Creek Press, A.D. 2002. $18.95. ISBN 0-9678343-9-2. Fiction/Thriller: A CIA agent working under cover as a drug pilot in Colombia.... A Colombian woman of good family, threatened by industrial intrigue and kidnapping.... Unwillingly thrown together, they discover plans for an international terrorist strike against both of their countries. Held captive and marked for death in a remote Andean valley, they must find a way to prevent the terrorist attack.... Endorsements: "The Lazarus File features a man of his word and a woman of convictions, compelling characters that readers will follow eagerly through a world of shifting loyalties and deadly intrigues." --Gwyneth Atlee, author of Canyon Song. "Donn Taylor skillfully interweaves a compelling story of intrigue, action, and love. Set against Colombia's forbidding landscape and populated by memorable characters, the novel images a classic confrontation of good and evil." --Carlos Ledson Miller, author of novels entitled Panama and Belize."

The Legend of God and Pegasus by Elisabeth Haug.
""The legend of God and Pegasus" is a fun, relaxing, revitalizing read with meaning."

The Legend of Night Wolf by Susan G. Cline.
"Author Susan G. Cline earned honorary adoption into The Ottawa American Indian Nation in 1993. Co-founder of a Woman's Lodge and member of an American Indian Council, Susan "Horse Woman" has lived and worked among Native People, and now attends pow wows each year as guest author. All her writings bear the mark of Native American Indian approval from Traditonal Elders before they are ever published. It is not a mark that can be seen, but felt in the authenticity of the story telling from a fifth generation story teller. The Legend of Night Wolf is the fourth novel in the series. -also author of rojo, Path to Sierra, DANCE of the RISING SUN"

The Legend of Ron Anejo by Ed Teja.
"The story of the world's best Caribbean boat bum. A humorous adventure of life in the margins in paradise, written by an author who has lived the life."

The Lincoln Affair by Michael Gerhardt.
"Second book from Michael Gerhardt, in which the last six weeks of Abraham Lincoln's life are covered."

The Little American Blonde by Gene J. Parola.
"An anthology of short and long short stories set in Turkey and Cyprus with Middle Eastern political overtones. All stories are based on the author's life and work experience in the Muslim world."

The Little American Blonde by Gene J. Parola.
"This collection of short stories are all set in Turkey or Cyprus and reflect what the author saw during his years of working abroad. Some are based on true incidents, some on speculation of what happened after he left and some on what may yet happen in this turbulent area in these turbulent times. Twenty percent of the book may be browsed prior to purchase."

The Little Big Hill by Robb Lucas. 1990 East Lohman, Ste.225, Las Cruces, NM 88001.

The Locket by Elise Koepke.
"A fantasy adventure for young adults... Back of cover:"Orphaned, alone, and more cynical than ever, Savannah moves in with her parents' closest friends miles from her home. It is there that she opens the locket and discovers a portal to an enchanted world where a kingdom lies in peril. A war is about to erupt and the general is unreachable on the other side of the Mysterious Forest, which no solider will cross. There has only ever been one other time in the kingdom's history when such an event has occurred...eighteen years ago when the only person brave enough to save it was her mother. Savannah's black and white beliefs are soon challenged as she agrees to help the kingdom, unknowingly getting herself into more than she bargained for, including a rediscovery of her imagination and passion for life." "

The Lonesome Pine by Jane West. 1146 N.Central Ave #310 Glendale, CA 91202.
"The Lonesome Pine is an inspirational story about a pine tree's draem of becoming what he was planted to be... a Christmas tree. In his eyes he is perfect, in the eyes of others he is not. The Lonesome Pine is not only special in what he becomes, he is also unique in what he is... a 64 page, triangular-shaped, fully illustrated, hard-cover book. This is a book that will be treasured by your child, and the child within you for years to come."


"THE LOST EPISTLE OF JESUS is a love story, set in first century Jerusalem, about the inner healing that turns heartbreak to hope. Nothing terrifies Judith Silva more than the prospect of a passionless marriage. When she becomes entangled in a torturous web of lies and betrayal, she must choose between Dismas Latronum and his brother Gabriel. All three seem doomed to jealousy, rage, and despair--until they read an epistle written by an insightful Galilean Rabbi."

The Love Songs Murders by Kelly Marshall.
"Seattle homicide detectives Nick Winston and Pat Strom dig working together. Their lively banter gets them through the daily dark side of their business. After all, dead bodies dominate their workload. He’s straight, she’s gay. In politically liberal Seattle, that’s not a problem until…they both find the same woman irresistible. Suddenly their wonderful working relationship is intolerable. At the center of their attention is radio announcer, Jasmine James. Beautiful and sultry, James has a sexual appetite big enough to satisfy both detectives. The two officers are not the only ones obsessed with the Love Songs host. A crazed fan kidnaps Jasmine James while four of her male listeners are discovered dead with a single bullet to their ear as her Love Songs program plays softly in the background. The pressure is on the Seattle cops to find the murderer and locate James before her air runs out. "

The Lyon's Throne by M. L. Stainer, James Melvin (Illustrator) . Chicken Soup Press, Inc. PO Box 164 Circleville, NY 10919.
"The fourth book in the historical series, The Lyon Saga. This is a series of five books, with #5 coming out early 2000, about the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island, 1587. For middle school readers, ages ten up. The series has received numerous excellent reviews, including School Library Journal, Kliatt Reviews and the North Carolina Libraries Association. "

"A new political thriller that tells the story of an enraged man’s frightening response to powerful corporate executives who, driven by an unbridled greed for money and power, were unjustly inflicting deprivation and suffering on millions of a poorly protected public. They are still doing so today to an even greater degree.This is a novel about a DIFFERENT KIND OF WAR between proponents of social justice and promoters of corporate greed. "Are you telling me, Lieutenant, that the full power of the United States is being challenged and we can't do anything about it?" Reviewer:"It's a strong story, good characters, unique plot. I wanted to see how it all turned out as quickly as possible.""

The Magic Rainbow by Anne Rogers. C/O Post Office, Robertstown, SA 5381, Australia.
"Suitable for young adults, teens and older children. Science fiction/fantasy."

The Man Who Loved Funerals by Maryanne Raphael. 3363 Tyler St. #215 Carlsbad Ca 92008.
"The Man Who Loved Funerals won a certificate from the International Pulp Writers Three Day Contest for being finished in three days. I am still working on my nonfiction book "How to Write a Novel in Three Days." Many readers tell me The Man Who Loved Funerals is my best writing. The faster I write, the more power it has. "

The Man Who Rode the Tiger by Charles Sailor.
"New York Times Best Selling Author, screenwriter, and actor. Novels: The New York Times Best Seller “The Second Son”, which had an unrpessidented 1.2 million copy first printing, and his newest novel “The Man Who Rode the Tiger.” Charles Sailor is the author of more than forty scripts for television programs, including “Charlie’s Angels,” “Kojak,” “Rockford Files,” “Switch,” “Chips,” “Bronk,” “Get Christi Love,” and television pilots including “The Bureau”, and “Nu Deli”; and scripts for television films, including “The Devils of Hell Week,” “Shock Team”, “Death With Total Security”, and “The Hostage Heart.” He has also been credited under the pseudonym Alexander Stewart. Worked as actor in motion pictures, stage productions and television programs, including “Return To Peyton Place”, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About But Were Afraid to Ask,” “Medical Center,” “General Hospital,” Blue Knight,” and “Katherine” Member: Writers Guild of American West, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Screen Actors Guild."

The Mandible Redemption by David Jardine.,,
"Suffocating in a marriage gone sour, Paul Mandible escapes into the arms of a beautiful French woman, Collette Doublet--only to discover that the romance holds unimagined dangers. Paul's fundamental honesty, openness and inherited wealth combine to frame a new lifestyle riddled with danger and intrigue, driving him to acts which no amount of rationalization can overcome. From Mexico to France, to Africa and Italy, Paul's struggle with guilt and the demands of finding justice for his first wife, as well as Collette, produce dilemmas of heart-pounding magnitude. For him, redemption and the serenity it brings prove elusive."

The Marriage of True Minds by L. L. Field. Linda Florence, 7505 Vale St. Chevy Chase, MD 20815.
"Silver Winner in 27th Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Awards"

The Martial Arts Murders by Andy Schoepp.
"A serial killer or something much worse? Book number one in a trilogy. Paperback: $15.95. Hardcover: $26.95. "

The Master of Plans by Carol A. Miller.
"Award winning author of The Master of Plans a love story. 2004 Royal Palm Literary Book Awards published fiction romance category."

The Master of Plans Part II by Carol A. Miller.
"The love story continues for Carrie Moretti that began with the first novel The Master of Plans."

THE MEN OF THE LOST MOUNTAINS by Roger Geaniton. Trafford Publishing - Suite 6E - 2333 Government Street, Victoria BC V8T 4P4 Canada.
"In the lost mountains of Haiti, strange beings with powerful magic powers, periodically go down to the town to capture the most bright people in order to transmit them secrets of ancient African mages for the concretization of a sublime mission."

The Metaphor: A Collage Novel by Steve Granger. 3448 South Winding Path, Inverness, FL 34450.
"Written by Milo, Maine author/artist/teacher Steve Granger, The Metaphor is both a personal history and philosophical commentary, melding art, literature, music, and religion to examine the meaning of life. Published by The Word Doctor Online Publishing as a DigitalWebBook, using the extraordinary, cutting-edge technology of DeskTopAuthor, this 3-D e-book allows readers to experience the benefits of electronic portability with the pleasure of turning pages like the “good old days.” DWB’s download as zipped (compressed) files (complete with a plug-in viewer) and can be read on any computer. Stavros, the main character, is a middle-aged college English professor who begins to wonder if his efforts to make the world a better place may have been a waste of time and talent. As he recalls the terror-filled days as a “grunt” in Vietnam, reminisces about his love affair with life, and seeks some solace in the pleasure of everyday existence, Stavros begins to recognize the connections between then and now, us and them, hope and despair… Based on actual experiences, Steve Granger’s book examines the commonality between the furor of jungle battles—with no real purpose or success— and the absurd administrative battles created and perpetuated by bureaucracy. He questions his Middle-Eastern students’ misguided loyalty to a suicidal, homicidal culture far more vicious than the death squads of ‘Nam. Yet, story aside, only by seeing the art prints integral to the text and by reading the drama, poetry, and impact of music of one man’s impression of life and its potential for meaning and discovery can you appreciate Steve’s unique contribution to literature. With the passion of Michael Ondaatje and the angst of Ernest Hemingway, Steve Granger’s writing is compelling and irresistible. KEY WORDS: teaching, art, fiction, poetry, drama, literature, music, religion, philosophy, Vietnam, American culture, Baby Boomers, the Middle East, Arab culture, Persian carpet, travel, history, novel, avant-garde, symbolism, small press, e-books, violence, peace, love, beauty, truth, meaning, purpose of life, nature, middle age, existentialism, metaphor, Maine, children, art prints, 3-D books, digital web books, desktop author, Steve Granger. The Word Doctor Online & The Word Doctor Online Publishing solely owned by Linda L. Labin,PhD. "

The Midas Bomb/A Novel by Steven M. Moore. Amazon.
"In both pBook and eBook editions. Other novels and short stories are available."

The Mighty McCords by Kenneth E. Morris. 6194 Hwy K, Troy Mo 63379.
"Very exciting book. You won't want to be it down. Readers said it should be made into a movie. A very interesting epic novel."

The Mighty McCords by Kenneth E. Morris.

The Mind Keepers by Kenneth MacLean. www.newworldpressbooks. com. maclean
"Second edition, award winning mystery/suspense novel. Honorable Mention awards: Hollywood Book Festival,2007; DIY Convention,2007. Finalist award,USA Book News Mystery/suspense,2007. 500 copies current. Synopsis: "Dancing with terror." Words used to describe Ken MacLean's "The Mind Keepers." When ex-FBI man Mike Neilly's best friend, Jack Sutton is killed in an apparent robbery attempt, Neilly can't help but consider himself connected in the way a tornado'stail, risen from simple air, threatens an entire town, leaving terrorized men and women to wonder whose home, whose home, whose life might be taken. Neilly's presence has attracted vengeful forces hidden in human motives more mysterious than a tornado. Risking his own death, Neilly solves the murder and defeats a plot to control an entire community by electromagnetic force. "

The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude by Davis Aujourd'hui.
"Once you've relished this five-star satire, you will want to read the sequel, Babes in Bucksnort. Once again, the unconventional bourbon-swilling, chain-smoking nun will spin outrageously funny tales about the residents of Bucksnort, Wisconsin while she tests the will of her Reverend Mother who just happens to be a reformed prostitute."

The MoonQuest by Mark David Gerson. 223 N. Guadalupe St. #171; Santa Fe, NM 87501.
"Even before it was published, The MoonQuest had won an award: Third place in the 2006 New Mexico Discovery Awards for unpublished fiction, sponsored by the Southwest Literary Center."

The MoonQuest: A True Fantasy by Mark David Gerson. LightLines Media, 223 N. Guadalupe St. #171, Santa Fe, NM 87501.
"~~ In a land where fear rules and storytelling spells death, only one bard’s imagination can end the tyranny. ~~ Third-place winner, unpublished fiction, 2006 New Mexico Discovery Awards ~~ First in a projected trilogy ~~ Available online through "

The Murdered Family: Mystery of the Wolf family murders by Vernon Keel. Itasca Books, 5120 Cedar Lake Road Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416.
"This 350-page novel uses historical fiction to tell the true story of the 1920 murder of a North Dakota farm family. Working from the legal and historical record, the author tells the story that raises questions about the guilt of the man sentenced to life in prison for the crime. More than 90 years later, people in the area still recall his claim: "My eyes have seen, but my hands are clean.""

"Who killed Sheba Richards? The madam of the Lolita Escort Agency is found in the bathtub of a hot pillow hotel. Inspector David Biton is assailed by a myriad of seemingly unrelated clues in this tongue-in-cheek whodunit. As the plot unravels and the bodies pile up, the murderer is revealed as a wily and dangerous foe who will stop at nothing. Using a combination of brains and chutzpah, the inspector traps his nemesis in a suspenseful climax. ISBN 965-7290-00-7 336 pages. Paperback. Published August 2004. CLUED-IN PUBLICATIONS."

The Mystery of Things by Debra Murphy. Idylls Press, P.O. Box 3566, Salem, OR 97302.
"Four months from his PhD, a young Shakespeare scholar with a haunted past discovers that if he does not become St. George, he will certainly become the dragon. " is a great achievement. I literally could hardly put it down. A true metaphysical thriller, covering every aspect of the culture of death... Well done." (Leonie Caldecott, editor of the British journal SECOND SPRING.) ISBN: 1-59597-000-2, hardcover, 400 pages, $29.95. December 2004."

The Naked Earth by Jonathan Adam DeCoteau. Multi-Media Publications Inc., Box 58043, Rosslynn RPO, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 8L6. Fax: (905) 986-5777, Phone: (905) 986-5848.
"Evan "Sindbad" Al-Mohummad specializes in photographing dead bodies for the military in the current Iraq war. Investigating a bizarre double homicide in Basra, he discovers, piece by piece, that the murder is the beginning of a genocide Western governments did nothing to stop. Underworld warlords place the death mark upon him, impeding his investigation at every turn. Despite their efforts, Sindbad discovers that Basra's gangsters had complicity in the annihilation of his family's ancestral home, Jannah-Ri. Vowing revenge, Sindbad commits a crime against his fellow man so brutal that it costs him his humanity. Back in America, he must live with his conscience until God leads him on a quest of self-discovery and redemption that will forever change the naked earth of Iraq."

The Naturopath by Walter O. Scott. 1001 Round Bay Rd. Ayers Cliff, QC, J0B1C0.
"Share suffering, hope, tragedy and triumph of true-to-life experiences: Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Arthritis, Cancer, Childbearing, Heart, Measles, Sexual dysfunction, and much more. An entertaining introduction to natural health as prevention for disease and natural healing as an alternative to drugs – set in Canada from early twentieth century against a back drop of social prejudice, legal obstruction, and clash with traditional medicine – fictional characters reflecting real people exemplify bona fide applications of ancient practices – high moral tone – mildly devotional – provocative – explicit. A historical novel. "

The Necromancer by Kevin Dunn. Multi-Media Publications Inc., Box 58043, Rosslynn RPO, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 8L6. Fax: (905) 986-5777, Phone: (905) 986-5848.
"Salem, Massachusetts, 1692: The witch-hunts begin. Neighbors are turning on one another. A smallpox epidemic has broken out. People are dying. One man is responsible, a warlock of great power-The Necromancer-and he has just seduced one of Salem's purest women into a perdition that will haunt her the rest of her life. Using actual historical events as the backdrop for the fictional story of Reverend Ambrose Blayne and Susanna Harrington, it is a novel of passion, horror, love, and the cruelty which man is capable of. It is a deeply disturbing, often graphic depiction of those brutal and uncertain times. The novel, while primarily set in Salem, sprawls across Europe from witches being burned at the stake in Scotland to spiritual awakenings in the Roman Amphitheater and depraved Witches' Sabbats in the Harz Mountains of Germany. The series of events culminates in the warlock's summoning of a Lovecraftian demon which threatens to unknit the fabric of the world and an ending that will chill the reader's blood."

The New Day Dawns by Grace Anne Schaefer. P.O. Box 1025 Leander, TX 78646.
"First edition, More to come (6 in all)4000+ in print. THE SAGA OF THE PEOPLE OF THE FROZEN EARTH begins twenty centuries ago on the Western Great Plains in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The young warrior Mach and the chief's daughter Horda are preparing to experience the Mating Rituals. Their joyous plans are interrupted and almost destroyed by a combination of their own actions, tribal mores, ecil enemies, and forces of nature. They must use all their skills; strenths; and beliefs in themselves, each other, and the values of the People toot only surive, but triumph. In the end, they they learn that what they have become is more important than what they were. "

The Next Revolution by Chris Dahl.

The Ninth Group of Assignments - Please save the last fight for me by Ike Morah.

The Nursing Home by James J. Murphy III.
"My husband and I published his first book, The Nursing Home, in September 17, 2010. This original horror story is about murders that occur in a nursing home, leaving many suspects. Here is a summary: When eighty-four year old Morris Grover is sent by his family to stay at a nursing home, he never expected it to be like this. Patients are neglected or mistreated to the point of abuse. Morris and his new friends have their suspicions when patients begin to die unexpectedly. The real mystery doesn’t begin when the patients start dying, but when the staff begin dying, as well. Also determined to find out who or what is behind this killing spree are four newly hired teenagers and two of Florida’s finest. Who or what could it be? If interested, please visit our website: We hope to reach out to horror fans and readers everywhere!"

The Oakhampton Comfort Society by Roberta Hoy.

The Obscure Writer  Fiery Poems & Short Stories by By James Mims. 28 E. Jackson Bldg. ! 10th Floor /# M953 ! Chicago, IL. 60604 .
"Throughout the centuries writers have expressed their works by the stream of consciousness. It has always impelled them to write many literary works. The sentence structure beckons as a voice to be heard, but not the conventional plot structure, and description. Readers will enjoy reading the poems and stories that lie within this book. Thus, it is our desire that you will crave wantonly for them too. The poem The Homeless Has No Color exemplifies understanding and regard for humanity. In reading the short-stories you will be exposed to the dynamics of writing. They have a common thread of purpose to reach your mind and soul as a moving force in the stream of consciousness. In some ways it leaves one with lasting events and plots and directness within dialogue. Thus, a format of ideas permeating a legacy of thoughts that become enshrined in memory. What a fabulous book of poems and short stories. What is the talk of the town? Of course its erotic art represented in all forms, but reading that beckons your vision of erotic sculptures is highlighted in the poem Life is a Masterpiece, Voila!. What is dynamic, and emotional in reading the poem Homeless has no Color affords one an awareness and view of this solemn plight of humanity. The poem title: SoulMate, offer a new twisted to whom really is your soulmate. One of the short stories weaves a journey of seduction of love and passion in Lovers and Friends. Throughout the short stories, the book highlights many erotic adventures of love and desires in romance. Availability: Obscure Writer Enterprises ISBN: 0- 9747283  0  6 Mass Market Paperback Retail Price:$6.99 paperback 380 Pages Genre: Fiction/Romance/Poetry/General Language: English "

The Oligarch: A Thriller by G W Eccles. e-book.
"Following his controversial election for a third term amid widespread protests and allegations of vote rigging, the Russian President is determined to destroy the oligarchs before they destroy him. When the global economic meltdown decimates their wealth, the President seizes this chance to demolish their power base. His greatest opponent - Anton Blok, owner of the mighty Tyndersk Kombinat - has a secret agenda and faces far more than just financial ruin as his empire threatens to fall apart, and the President knows that his old enemy will stop at nothing to avoid catastrophe. With battlelines drawn, he turns to Alex Leksin, an ex MI6 investigator of Russian descent, to thwart Blok's plans. Against the challenge of hostile Arctic conditions, Leksin must tread a dangerous path through a labyrinth of corruption, terrorism and obfuscation until the exciting and unexpected denouement takes place in Russia’s northernmost seaport. Set in Moscow, Ingushetia (Chechnya’s neighbour), and Tyndersk, a Siberian mining town inside the Arctic Circle and geographically cut off from the rest of Russia, this thriller's plot twists and turns within an authentic and disturbing background. Available from all major online bookstores or from the 'where to buy' link on the novel's website:"

"Advance praise for The Originators: “fascinating…gripping…a first rate read…” A SWEEPING TALE OF HISTORIC SCOPE THAT EXPLORES MAN’S PAST TO SAVE HIS FUTURE… Paris, 1884 Three darkly clad figures stood around an empty field next to the river on the Champ de Mars. The cold was bracing, although the wind had died down since dawn. They paced the field, looking for something that would tell them that this was the right spot. The tall one looked up at the sky, noting the cumulus clouds that floated past and bumped into each other. He bent down and picked up a handful of dirt, then poured it into a small glass case. He lifted the case full of dirt up over his head into the air. Ten seconds later, a fork of lightning streaked down through the sky and struck the box. The impact made the tall one stumble backward. The glass case glowed a metallic blue, the dirt having been blasted out by the electricity. The other two figures, who had been watching this scene, briefly nodded to each other as the third regained his footing. A little to the east, German and Austrian engineers tinkered with their gasoline-powered carriages. A little to the west, Americans and recent American immigrants tinkered with their understanding of electricity. As an intriguing political thriller, this is the story of how greed and violence collide with intricate twists as one man tries to give free and abundant HYDROGEN energy to the world. "

The Originators - a novel by charles schwartz. 1001 North Ave., Highland Park, IL60035. ALIAS9@SBCGLOBAL.NET.
"Charles Schwartz, Poet/Novelist, showcases his three books of poetry, and his political thriller, a novel, The Originators, ISBN# 0974479322. His website, also includes oxymoron lists, language quips, anomalies, science research, his back story, hydrogen as an energy solution, and his personal words,and random snippets related to writing."

the oyster man by caire, ronnie. 3320 old columbiana rd apt 117 .
"Written 1969--1978"

The Paladin of Callendro by Tom Nelson.
"The Paladin of Callendro is a richly detailed fantasy that provides plenty of drama and adventure. The characters are vivid and lively. The conflicts are both colossal and personal. Excellent reading that will keep you up late into the night and tense with anticipation of the next page. The personal and religious conflicts add a gritty realism and the fantasy world is as credible and tangible as history of the ages. Nelson has a keen eye for detail and talent for submersing the reader into the realm of Callendro. Marcia Freespirit, CEO JimSam Inc. Publishing "

The Parcel Express Murders by Bernadette Y. Connor. P.O. Box 27708, Philadelphia, PA 19118.
"The Parcel Express Murders by Bernadette Y. Connor is scheduled for an April, 2002 release from BEE-CON BOOKS and has already been embraced by Hollywood. "The Parcel Express Murders is an exciting murder mystery that is worthy of the author of the most impressive psychological thriller Damaged!" says Robert Hooks, actor, producer and CEO of Rock Creek Entertainment. Ms. Connor is a ground-breaking author for many reasons, foremost for being the first African Amercian to write and publish a psychological thriller in the fiction genre. She is being compared to James Ellroy and Raymond Chandler."

The Past And Future King by Warren M. Mueller.
"Title: The Past and Future King Author: Warren M. Mueller ISBN: 978-1-58982-520-8 Release: January 1, 2010 Binding: Soft Cover Page Count: 186 Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches Retail Cost: $18.00 Publisher: American Book Pubishing Enter a world where people do not believe in fantasy but where each night their spirits travel to a parallel earth shifted in time and inhabited by elves, trolls, fairies and other mythical creatures. Just like dreams, these people have little or fuzzy memories of their nightly travels in the realm of fantasy. However, one summer night something strange happened that changed all this and signaled the merger of the world of fantasy and reality. "

The Past And Future King by Warren M. Mueller.
"If You Liked The Lord Of The Rings, You’ll Love This Journey Into A World of Elves, Orcs, Wizards, Trolls & Fairies Title: The Past and Future King Author: Warren M. Mueller ISBN: 978-1-58982-520-8 Release: January 1, 2010 Binding: Soft Cover Page Count: 186 Dimensions: 5 x 8 inches Retail Cost: $18.00 Publisher: American Book Pubishing The Past And Future King is the first book of an epic trilogy by Warren M. Mueller. It will be released by The American Book Publishing Company in January 2010. Enter a world where people do not believe in fantasy but where each night their spirits travel to a parallel earth shifted in time and inhabited by elves, trolls, fairies and other mythical creatures. Just like dreams, these people have little or fuzzy memories of their nightly travels in the realm of fantasy. However, one summer night something strange happened that changed all this and signaled the merger of the world of fantasy and reality. "

The Past And Future King by Warren M. Mueller.
"If You Liked The Lord Of The Rings, You’ll Love This Journey Into A World of Elves, Orcs, Wizards, Trolls & Fairies The Past And Future King is the first book of an epic trilogy by Warren M. Mueller. It will be released by The American Book Publishing Company in January 2010. Enter a world where people do not believe in fantasy but where each night their spirits travel to a parallel earth shifted in time and inhabited by elves, trolls, fairies and other mythical creatures. Just like dreams, these people have little or fuzzy memories of their nightly travels in the realm of fantasy. However, one summer night something strange happened that changed all this and signaled the merger of the world of fantasy and reality. Warren is a Christian author of fiction and non-fictional articles and books. Warren’s first published book, Truth Seeker: Straight Talk From The Bible, is a concise summary of what the Bible says about over thirty practical living and theological subjects with lots of Bible quotes. His articles are featured on the New York Times About Christianity and Christian Pulse web sites. "

THE PATENT by Robert Bruce Kennedy.
"A legal/medical thriller set in Silicon Valley"

The Patron Saint of Desperate Situations by John Harrigan. Bridge Books Press;1769 N. Lexington Ave. #181; St. Paul, MN 55113.
"Publiction date Jan 15, 2007 304 pages paperback $15.95 ISBN 0 964 2568 1 9 Order at 651 386 2008"

The Payload: First in a Series of Dutch Bennett Novels by Aaron S. Thiel. Orders only: 1-800-431-1579.
"Written by Attorney Aaron Thiel, The Payload is the first book of seven in a legal thriller series. This fast-paced mystery is about the interesting subject of space law. 1st Place "Best New Mystery/Adventure" 2004 BAIPA Awards, 3rd Place "Best Cover Design" 2004 BAIPA Awards."

The Pearl Harbor That Didn't Happen by Gene J. Parola.
"This anthology of short stories chronicles the development of Hawaiian society from the near slavery of the Plantation Era right through the contemporary Spirit of Aloha. "

The Pearl Harbor That Didn't Happen by Gene J. Parola.
"This is a collection of short stories set in Hawai'i at various times during the 20th Century, stretching from the seizure of the Islands by the United States, through the near slavery and end of the plantation era-- and into contemporary Honolulu. Twenty percent of the book may be browsed prior to purchase."

The Perfect Steel Trap Harpers Ferry 1859 by Bob O'Connor.
"This historical novel is a complete account of the John Brown raid, trial and execution, with information regarding the men with John BRown who got away. "

The Phantom's Redemption by Anne B. Caluwaert. and BArnes &
"This book tells the unfinished story of the Phantom of the Opera after Christine leaves him. He finds a woman who loves him, faith, and happiness."

The Phoenix Affair by Mike Basford & Lois Truffa. 85 85 23 W. Rosemonte Dr. Peoria, AZ. 85382.
"third book by author mike basford. 1st book,America First, won 2nd place pub. fiction 2002. 2nd book, SS America Affair, is a sequel. all books thriller/adventure genre. "

The Plot to Cancel Christmas by Rocco Leonard Martino . .
"The Plot to Cancel Christmas is an engrossing story of how America’s most cherished holiday could be used as a pawn in a game for wealth and power. Avarice, ambition, and the misuse of taxpayer money are nothing new. Oliphant Timber Bleakheart’s greed and political connections are ready to turn the country on its end. The Plot to Cancel Christmas depicts the classic struggle between might and right, between raw power and thoughtful evaluation. The Plot to Cancel Christmas is about decency, integrity, and the conflicting emotions and forces that permeate human life – greed, fear, love, tradition, responsibility, and a simple sense of right and wrong. Reviewed as a modern day “A Christmas Carol,” The Plot to Cancel Christmas is sure to touch the hearts and conscience of a new generation and become a much-loved classic in its own right. "

The Poet: A Scrapbook In 4/4 Time by M. Logan Ham.
"First printing...publish on demand."

THE POND by Tamera Lawrence . .

THE POND by Tamera Lawrence. . . http:/

The Prison Planet by Craig Swartz. 5501 Brookview Lane, Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351.

The ProChrist by Vensin Gray.
"Vensin Gray was 18 when he wrote 'The ProChrist' The African American from East Cleveland, Ohio took him four years to find an editor, a publisher, and the money to self publish. It's the first of a series, only available in soft back but will be Hardback soon. If you want to read a great novel, look no further. Search Vensin Gray."

The Professional by Gene J. Parola.
"This group of humorous short stories takes modern medicine, senior care, senior sex and other contemporary social conditions to the cleaners. You'll recognize a lot of people you know."


The purrfect Romance by Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis.
"A lighthearted look at a relationship between a handsome Australian man, a southern beauty and one incredibly talented and spoiled tuxedo cat. The story is a true romance but it is the cat who will steal your heart."

The Quarry: Book Two of the Firehouse Familly Novels by Laurie Loveman., Barnes & Noble.
"Woodhill Fire Department First Aid Officer Eli Sheffler and Emergency Room Dr. Jessica Malloy help each other deal with their uncertain futures when a 1934 labor riot brings Eli face-to-face with his past and Jess’s medical training can’t help save her badly-injured fiancé."

The Race: A Novel of Grit, Tactics, and the Tour de France by Dave Shields. 1748 Oak Springs Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84108.
"Four print runs to date. The book has reached bestseller status on the Independent Publishers Group Small Press Distribution list, achieved #1 ranking on the Amazon Sports Fiction list for over a month, and won the 2005 Ben Franklin Award for Best New Voice in Fiction."

The Rands Conspiracy by Jon Batson. 3220 Shore View Road, #22, Raleigh NC 27613.
"In its first edition, this POD book has already been the focus of several panel discussions and some popular signings in North Carolina, where the author lives. When the creator of a sophisticated software for data gathering gets out of hand, members of Josh Borland's team start dying. He has to find out why. Your very information online and off is at stake in this Bourne-style chase novella."

The Rattler of Zacatecas by Jay Raymond White.

The Reincarnation of Bennett McKinney by Steve From. Nonetheless Press, 20332 W. 98th St., Lenexa, KS 66220.
"Don't let the title fool you. "The Reincarnation of Bennett McKinney" is a cowboy book. Don't let that fool you either. This is a powerful novel of life lived to the fullest in twentieth-century America. The novel follows the adventures of five young cowboys on the rodeo circuit, starting in a Rapid City motel room and ending in a dingy, high plateau bunkhouse. Steve From started riding bulls at age 15 in Ogallala, Nebraska. The author sums up his experience: "Second bull stomped on my chest and broke my collarbone and three ribs. Rode for 22 years (never did much good). Started fighting bulls at 27 in Queensland, Australia. I was over there, dead broke, when a bullfighter from there I'd become friends with needed a partner so I jumped in with him. Been fighting ever since." First Edition 3,000 copies 1-877-250-BOOK (2665)Toll-free ordering"

The Reservationist by Barbra Porter Coleman. PO Box 394 Cedar Hill, TX 75104.

The Reservationist by Barbra Porter Coleman. PO Box 394 Cedar Hill, TX 75104.

The Reservationist by Barbra Porter Coleman. po box 394 Cedar HIll, TX 75104.
"The Reservationist had been on Black Images Bestseller. Please check out this mystery thriller it will keep you intrigue to the last page. "

The Reservationist by Barbra Porter Coleman. po box 394 Cedar Hill, TX 75104.
"Best Seller List on Black Images Book club in Dallas, TX."

The Retaliation by Del Hoppe. 3754 White Bear Ave. White Bear Lake, MN 55110.
" The Retaliation is a modern Robin Hood story of the hostile take-over of a research company by a greedy corporate raider and the subsequent court ordered turn over of a valuable fuel additive formula which results in retaliatory actions by the protagonists. They kidnap the raider’s son off a school bus, parley the ransom money into a sufficient amount to overthrow the raider’s corporate empire and then give away his fortune. Numerous twists and turns include a tender love story, a car chase with a plunge into the Mississippi, a vicious cat fight, computer hacking, and court room drama. "

The Revenge of Sadie Jackson by Ray Ham. buy at author's website below.
"The Revenge of Sadie Jackson, a western adventure novel is listed on as a paperback and in ebook form. You can only read the first chapter FREE and get a signed copy from the author's website."

The Rice Queen Spy by John F. Rooney. Senneff House Publishers, 2433 NE 26 Terrace Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305.

The Rise and Fall of a Hustler by Winter Giovanni. norfolk, va 23509.
"The Rise and Fall of a Hustler I *The Rise and Fall of a Hustler II...They Call It A Come Back! *Release date Labor Day 2009 Available at and"

The Rise and Fall of a Hustler by Winter Giovanni.
"1st of 2nd edition. Over 1000 sold in in 60 days and counting!"

The River Runs South: A Saga of the Mississippi by Captain Bill Wensel. 5659 SE. Ault Ave, Stuart, Fl 34997.
"An action Adventure story. Coming down the Mississippi River in a 28 foot sailboat."

The Rodina Plot by Michael Gerhardt.
"THis is the third book from Pulitzer Prize nominee Michael Gerhardt."

The Rowboat Robbers by winston Philpott.
" About two Boys who when finished high School went wrong.ending up in Jail. based on a true story"

The Sand Angel by Lesley Ann Marcovich. 447 Traviss Drive, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 7K1. url 1-55212-633-1. http//
"Because of its mature contents, i.e. racism, infidelity and death, The Sand Angel is a fiction novel that appeals to both teenagers and adults alike. "

The Sand Bar by Rebecca Bryan.

The Sara Chronicles Book One- The Beginning by L. Hughes. sara chronicles l. hughes
"young adult reading- Magical story of a group of young people that have special powers and travel to several different dimmensions to fight evil forces. Reviews are very good; this book is the first in a series of five books."

The Scent of Gardenia by m.e.b.smith.

The Scent of Gardenia: A Killing in Princeville by m.e.b.smith.
"Mystery /Suspense based on a true event."

The Schonover Collection: Queen's Cross by Lawrence Schoonover. FC Pub, PO Box 18477, Knoxville, TN 37928.
" Queen’s Cross “The tale of the beautiful and able young Isabella of Castile… illuminating, swift-moving, and filled with color” - The New York Times Accident, or Divine Plan? A girl’s unlikely inheritance of Spain’s crown and her arranged marriage to a handsome, rash ally opens the door to her greatest dream: a united, powerful, and enduring kingdom. This is Lawrence Schoonover’s gripping and elegant story of intrigue, hard combat, and the love of a woman for her country, her religion, and her dynamic and flawed partner and husband. Publication: September 2008 “The tale of the beautiful and able young Isabella of Castile... illuminating, swift-moving, and filled with color” - The New York Times “...unfurled in swatches of bright color and sound sentiments, you will like ‘The Queen’s Cross.’ ” - Saturday Review “...the narrative puts the meat of living flesh on the dry bones of skeletonized history...Schoonover’s best effort to date.” - Chicago Sunday Tribune “Picaresque, romantic recreation of history...” - Kirkus Book Reviews “A real contribution to the history of Spain and the Spanish people... recommended for pubic school and university libraries” - Libra "

The Schoonover Collection: Gentle Infidel by Lawrence Schoonover. FCPub, PO Bos 18477, Knoxville, TN 37928.
"Gentle Infidel “Ignorant of his noble Venetian birth...he met and loved a beautiful Italian girl… midst the flames of fallen Constantinople and the crash of history’s first cannonade” - The New York Times In a turbulent and changing world where old orders are threatened by a new strength rising from the desert, a young warrior discovers a history he had long forgotten and must choose between two worlds. Publication: February 2009"

The Search for Sunfire by Bonnie S Anderson.
"A fantasy novel about a heroic journey to recover a stolen horse that leads to encounters far more dangerous then the rescuers had bargained for. Available on"

The Second Milagro by Linda Rainwater.
"First novel. Suspense tale of kidnapping, corporate espionage and forgotten love that takes the reader from the red dirt roads of Alabama to the silver mines of Mexico."

The Second Milagro by Linda Rainwater.,
"The Second Milagro is available in hardback, paperback, CD, cassette, and MP3 audiobook from and"

The Second People by Edward F Wagner.
"ISBN 0-9679422-0-9 Long ago, perhaps as far back as 125,000 years, modern people began the long trek toward civilization. This exciting historical fiction tells in vivid detail the hardships these people endured and also depicts the triumphs and emotions, including father-daughter relationships and conflicts."

The Second Son by Charles Sailor.
"New York Times Best Selling Author, screenwriter, and actor. Novels: The New York Times Best Seller “The Second Son”, which had an unrpessidented 1.2 million copy first printing, and his newest novel “The Man Who Rode the Tiger.” Charles Sailor is the author of more than forty scripts for television programs, including “Charlie’s Angels,” “Kojak,” “Rockford Files,” “Switch,” “Chips,” “Bronk,” “Get Christi Love,” and television pilots including “The Bureau”, and “Nu Deli”; and scripts for television films, including “The Devils of Hell Week,” “Shock Team”, “Death With Total Security”, and “The Hostage Heart.” He has also been credited under the pseudonym Alexander Stewart. Worked as actor in motion pictures, stage productions and television programs, including “Return To Peyton Place”, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About But Were Afraid to Ask,” “Medical Center,” “General Hospital,” Blue Knight,” and “Katherine” Member: Writers Guild of American West, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Screen Actors Guild."

The Second Virgin Birth by Tommy Taylor.
"From the Publisher Rarely does a book come along that requires the reader to truly reach down into the depths of their very soul to think and answer questions about their own personal beliefs and thoughts. The Second Virgin Birth is such a book. It explores new ideas and concepts that could affect us all, and would affect us all, if events in the book ever come to pass. This book is a must read, a must discuss, and a must argue over. Prepare yourself to lose old friends and gain new ones. "

The Secret Guardian by Wes Dodd.
" A Sacred Society exists amongst us all. Believed only as a myth—its origin thrives in secret. Once transformed, each generation of its members become the elite of our society—some for good and some for evil as well. Troy Anthony, unknowingly and somewhat unwillingly, is about to join the elite, like his father before him. It takes a close family friend to ultimately expose the Secret to Troy, revealing his true destiny, and then she becomes a valuable ally. They inadvertently share a unique bond—one of which many doubt its very existence. Troy is taken to two magical places where he learns many secrets of the world, many of which we all have been curious about. "

The Secret of Lies by Barbara Forte Abate.
"Trade paperback, or eBook. *Finalist in the Global eBook Awards *2011 National Indie Excellence Book Awards, Finalist New Fiction *2011 Eric Hoffer Book Awards Honorable Mention - General Fiction *2011 ROYAL DRAGONFLY BOOK AWARD CONTEST 2nd Place Winner in the category of Newbie Fiction "

The Secret of Lies by Barbara Forte Abate.
"Trade paperback released June,2010 ebook released December 2010 August 2010: Named Book of the Month on and featured on The New Book Review"

The Secrets of Mercy by Brook Blander.
"Publication Date: October 25, 2013 Pages: 246 Available Online:, NOOK, KINDLE ISBN: 978-0-9832988-0-9 "

The Secrets of Pepin View Manor by Jo Williams.
"The Secrets of Pepin View Manor is the first book in a series of three mysteries. Each can be read separately, but you'll want to start with this one to get to know the town of Mill Valley - located in the coulée area of western Wisconsin on the shores of picturesque Lake Pepin. Tyler inherited the stately Manor on the bluffs above Lake Pepin. Hoping for a safe place to bring up his teenage daughter he soon discovers that this town has secrets and someone doesn't want him at the Manor. How far will they go to get him to leave? He finds that some secrets can get you killed... or worse."

The Secrets of Westbridge by Loure Bussey.
"Based On The Prize-Winning Screenplay Successful, handsome, well-liked, and having a hot affair with his secretary, Roxanne, Louisiana attorney, Myles Pane, seems to have it all. If a tragedy hadn’t stolen some of his memories, he wouldn’t have a problem in the world. Problems, however, do arise. After Myles and Roxanne have a stormy breakup, a beautiful, mysterious newcomer in town, Angelique, eases his pain. Before long, Myles is lost in her sizzling seduction while Roxanne fights to win him back. But not all is what it appears to be. Read more at "

The Seven by Benjamin Schenk. 1095 Amber Ct, China Grove, NC 28023 . Outskirts Press
"If you like the television show HEROES or movies about super-heroes and science fiction, this is the book for you!"

The Seventh Group of Assignments - The triple play assignment by Ike Morah.

The Sexology Research Project -A Relationship, Romance, and Love Educational Novel by Michael F. Sage, Ph.D..
"The novel–is sexual literature, describing just some of the many and varied sexual practices that people employ throughout the world in their lovemaking depending on their perspective in an atmosphere of love, intimacy, understanding, respect, flexibility, and constant communications between partners. Readers find for themselves, according to their own sexuality standards and judgments, sexualities virtues, and its deviations. This love story is not only about soft love, but also about the raw kind. The book investigates and analyzes the different kinds of love that make us grow, change, expand, and move forward with our physical, emotional, and intellectual lives. It is for young adults who have started their long and difficult journey to sexual maturity through education, listening, learning, studying, and constant practice. It is also for other adults who are still enjoying and learning how to improve their lovemaking to keep their relationship fresh along with those who have relationship difficulties and are exploring for solutions to their challenges. There are six characters that appear as the story unfolds that are on an intertwined journey with different personal opinions, all interacting as individuals, or in combinations with one another, in small groups, or as an entire family unit. "

The Shifter's Trail by Adam Alexander.
"Middle Grade Sci-Fi IndieReader Approved (4 Stars) Readers Favorite Recommended (5 Stars) Amazon Rating (4.4 Stars)"

The Silent Warrior Trilogy book one, The Elf and the Princess by Anna del C. Dye.
"This book was nominated for the EVVY Awards in 2007 A fantasy trilogy with a Tolkienesque flavor, that will enchant the readers. Young adutls 316 pages Drawings in each chapter page by Carlos Cruz Water color cover by Lois Moore."

The Silent Warrior Trilogy book two by Anna del C. Dye.
"In the serene and beautiful city of the elfs, life has changed but little since Menarm was destroyed and the war ended. Three springs have passed and Adren, the last princess of Menarm, has settled into her new life. Her champion, the Silent Warrior, has not been seen since the battle at Wilapond. Suddenly the peaceful life in her new kingdom is challenged by enemies the elfs are unable to fight. Disaster seems imminent for their whole race. Will she have to witness the destruction of this kingdom and once again find herself alone in the world? Or can the Silent Warrior come to her rescue and save them all? "

The Sixteenth Group of Assignments - Don I Agnitelli M by Ikechukwu Morah.

The Sixth Group of Assignments - Ana-The last of the family by Ike Morah.

THE SONG MY SOUL REMEMBERS by Jo Williams. HJW Inc. 38 Sparwheel Lane Hilton Head Island, SC 29926.
"First Print Run: 2000 Genre: Mainstream Fiction Publisher: Coastal Villages Press Publication Date: February, 2002 Contact: Marcellene Trask, Marketing Director 843-524-0075 THE SONG MY SOUL REMEMBERS A novel by Jo Williams “A first-rate debut from a fresh, new Southern voice, The Song is a book you’ll want to read slowly, to savor it. There are delights to be found on almost every page.” John Maxim, NY Times Bestselling Author of Haven and The Shadow Box “Jo Williams writes with a passion that will reel you in on the first page and keep you spellbound.” Judy Goldman, Author of A Slow Way Back “I couldn’t put The Song down. No one who reads it will ever view his life in quite the same way.” Kathryn Wall, Author of the Penny novels Described by Joel Fotinos, Publisher of the Tarcher Division of Penguin Putnam, as The Prince of Tides meets Celestine Prophecy, The Song My Soul Remembers (Coastal Villages Press, February, 2003, $1995, trade paperback) is a story to make you smile and weep, remember and reappraise. A provocative epic of self-discovery, The Song spins a tightly layered tale of a soul’s journey, its evolution, and it’s awakening to life’s great mystery. Mayeve Taylor embarks on womanhood during the turbulent fifties in a three-stoplight Southern town where the women submit to their roles with a stiff upper lip and divine discontent. The men intimidate and demoralize her. In the dead letter that is her life, Mayeve discovers one who shakes her to her very foundation: Champ, a black youth with otherworldly eyes and knowledge of things beyond his years. In spite of the times and a life-altering betrayal, Mayeve and Champ forge a star-crossed relationship that spans a lifetime, his tantalizing resistance to her timid advances etching a place in her heart no other can possess . . . until she meets Jack Webster, a squeaky clean young attorney who seems to offer everything her life is lacking. Burying her dark past, Mayeve recreates herself as Eve and doesn’t look back—until Jack reveals a devastating secret of his own. Driven to find love and redemption in a world seemingly devoid of either, she makes an astonishing discovery that can alter not only her own life, but that of every woman who shares her journey. About the author: An award-winning counselor, educator and inspirational speaker, Jo Williams brings a wellspring of unforgettable characters and soul-stirring intrigue to her first novel. She lives with her husband, Harry, on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where she is presently working on a sequel to The Song. Since moving to the island, Jo has founded and chairs both The Island Writers’ Network and the Windmill Harbour Artists and Artisans Guild. Her paintings are on display in local galleries and via internet at She has also recently completed training as a Unity Chaplain and begun work on a Doctor of Divinity Degree. Although Jo has written all her life, The Song is her first foray into fiction. The Song My Soul Remembers By Jo Williams A Coastal Villages Press trade paperback February, 2003 ISBN: 1-882943-14-7 Visit Coastal Villages Press online at (CVP Letterhead) Press Release Coastal Villages Press announced today its upcoming publication of The Song My Soul Remembers, a first novel by Jo Williams. To be released in February 2003,The Song My Soul Remembers will be available nationwide through major retail booksellers including Barnes and Noble, Borders, BooksAMillion, and We are thrilled over Jo Williams’ new novel, said George Trask, President of Coastal Villages Press. “We look forward to its becoming as much a smashing success as Kathryn’ Wall’s first novels have been. We’ve shown that a small-press publisher in a small, coastal town can recognize talent and become a force in the publishing business. Coastal Villages Press recently garnered national bookseller attention as the publisher of Kathryn Wall’s first two novels, In for a Penny and Not a Penny More. Their sales success since release nine months ago resulted in Wall, also a resident of Hilton Head Island, being selected by St. Martin’s Press, New York City, for publication of two upcoming novels. Coastal Villages Press continues as publisher of Wall’s first two novels and offers Jo Williams as validation of its publishing model. "

THE SORCERER'S CONFESSION by Susannah Morgan. 1-800-218-4056.
""The Sorcerer's Confession is a unique, exceptionally well written, tour-de-force saga..." Midwest Bookreview Charles Sutton, ghost, has been and can be anything he wants. Think of a crime; he's done it. Imagine sexual liaisons beyond your wildest dreams; he's had them. In a globe hopping odyssey from the French Revolution to the present, he is plagued by madness, murdered, hated, love, lost and finally redeemed. He is the villain we love to forgive. "

The Soul Cages by Nicole Givens Kurtz. Keith Gilpatrick and Brian Furlong.
"As a slave in Valek's soul cages, Sarah can neither taste, feel or love. But her life is renewed once she escapes the cages and is reincarnated into flesh..."

The Soul Reader/A Novel of Suspense by Gerard D. Webster. Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Nook.
"USA Book News 2011 - Finalist - Christian Fiction Reader Views 2011 - Honorable Mention - Suspense/Thriller Readers Favorite - Finalist - 2012 - Christian Fiction Available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook "

"The first few pages of my novels can be read on my website. All my novels can be ordered from my website. "

The Story of Peace by Miriam Ezeh.
"As conflict looms between two rural villages in Africa, a young woman fights to keep her adolescent brother from getting involved in the violence. In a desperate attempt to save him she turns to some friends for help but encounters a lot more than she expected.... Don't miss this story about Love and Faith. Great book for teens and Adults!"

The Suffering of Being Kafka by Sam Vaknin.
"A second volume of Hebrew short stories. "

The Summoner by Gail Z. Martin. available through bookstores and
"In The Summoner, Tris Drayke discovers his rare magical talent as he flees for his life after the murder of his family. He is a Summoner, a mage who can mediate among the living, the dead and undead. In a world where ghosts are real, the undead respect an uneasy truce with the living and an ancient evil is about to reawaken, Tris is the Winter Kingdoms' last best hope—if he can keep his new-found magic from destroying him. "

The Symbiotic Section by Tina Louise Brotz.

The Tale of Chadizah by Shanna Mawavise.
"Part One of The Mothersource Cycle The Tale of Chadizah begins in the distant future with a young woman who is on the verge of her destiny named Adula Zabadu. As in all things to see the future one must know the past, and her past, the roots of her destiny are begun with a seed some thirteen hundred cycles (years) before her birth. She visits the High Librarian of Agrippa and is told the story of the birth of her great ancestor Lodiva Graze, who is also called Chadizah. The Tale of Chadizah is the first part of an account of the history of the world of Lyantho. Lyantho is by no means a perfect world, it is, like any a world fraught with hardships and traumas and people coping with real prophesies and their inabilities to drastically alter destiny. "I do not hate men; they simply do not exist in this particular universe." "Lyantho is not our world, it is my world." -Shanna Not recommended for children Nominated for a Tiptree Award"

The Tale of The Old Maypop Tree: A Southern Folktale by Sy Alexander. On Website.
"This awesome folktale has been revised! It has a space for students to write family/personal goals inside the book."

The Tenth Group of Assignments - Life in retirement by Ike Morah.

The Tenth Muse by Lily G. Stephen. PO Box 1211, Mount Shasta, CA 96067-1211.
"Evolutionary wisdom-focused modern mythology, Volume I of The Third Verse Trilogy. Recipient of 5 stars from Top 100 reviewer. Finalist in PMA's Benjamin Franklin 2002 Book Award cover category. Volume II, The El-eventh Hour, in print and Volume III, The Twelfth Age, forthcoming - all from Blooming Rose Press."

The Teracor Chronicles by Emily M. Hanson.

The Thief (RC Investigations) by V.R. Marks.
""The best new romantic suspense voice of 2012" -Bestselling author Debra Webb Allie Williams is on the run with incriminating evidence proving her company's new wonder-drug is lethal. In a last ditch effort to save lives, she races to the safety of her hometown, hiding in plain sight among the close knit community where she'll definitely be innocent until proven guilty. Ross Carpenter has a reputation for resolving situations people prefer to keep off the police record. When a new client accuses his former high school sweetheart of theft and worse, he's compelled to take the case. Even if it means returning to the hometown he left behind and the woman who stole his heart. Also available: The Witness, the next exciting romantic suspense novel from V.R Marks."

The Thinnest Girl Alive: diary of a young dancer by Alissa Hall.
"Celia Dave is determined to become a professional ballerina. Once selected to attend an elite summer camp for the state's most talented dancers, the opportunity of a lifetime soon takes a dangerous new turn as her dorm mate, Erin Murphy, introduces her to a lifestyle of eating disorders and meth addiction. As Celia's life begins to spin out of her control, she must decide if she can conquer the demon inside, or if she will succumb to its demands until it kills her. A professional dancer for over a dozen years, Alissa Hall lives in the mountains of New Mexico with her husband and son; this is her first novel."

The Thirteenth Group of Assignments - Don emeritus by Ike Morah.

The Thirteenth Time Zone by David Jebb. 4535 Mount Gaywas Drive San Diego, CA 92117.
"As the first wave of Baby Boomers turn 60 this year, many people are likely taking stock of their lives. Have goals been met? Is there more out there? Is it too late to try something new? Lots of people dream about making a change, but very few actually do it. The Thirteenth Time Zone, an action-adventure novel, chronicles the life of a burned out police officer who made that leap, and the life-changing events that followed."

The Thirteenth Time Zone by David Jebb. 4535 Mt. Gaywas Dr. San Diego, CA 92117.
"The Thirteenth Time Zone tells the story of one man’s search for peace and enlightenment after serving as a rogue cop in San Diego’s worst gang-infested neighborhoods. Exhausted, conflicted and increasingly paranoid, Owen “Blue” Drew impulsively takes a leave of absence, signing up as a crewman on a private boat sailing the Pacific. His decision sends him on a pilgrimage around the world, transforming his heart and changing him forever. "

The Thirteenth Time Zone by David Jebb.
"Former San Diego Police Officer writes of his journey from the dark side of crime flighting to the world of spiritual enlightenment. An epic adventure spanning 33 countries and thirteen time zones."

The Three Degrees Of Christmas by Richard-Merlin Atwater. Three Swans Publishibg Co., 3412 Snowy Egret Ct., Palm harbor, FL 34683 .
"First Edition. The Three Degrees of Christmas is an Inspirational Christmas Classic in fictional literature, yet based on a true story. The story begins in old Siberian Russia where Christmas is seen during aetheistic cold war times in a Russian Cossack family. The grandmother precedes the Bolshevik Revolution and remembers Christianity under the Czar. The younger members of the family have been assimilated into the secular, non-religious aspects of Christmas. As time progresses the daughter comes in contact with an American military intelligence officer of Soviet Affairs. They eventually marry and she comes to America. A review of the American's childhood in New England at Christmas gives us a glimpse into the view of Christmas from a child's perspective. A detailed account of Christmas for a young married family with a new baby born at Christmas time in the mid-west reveals another perspective of the yuletide season. Then on the the nations capital in Washington, D.C. the maturing family is seen as Christian service missionaries in the inner city. From Christmas with no Christ, to childhood Santa Claus, to celebration of the birth of the Christ child, to selfless Christ-like service to our fellowmen, this book reveals a new perspective on Christmas at various levels or degrees in different times and different places. The equivalent of a Hallmark Hall of fame TV mini-movie, this book is destined to be "the Christmas story" for the new Millenium in the vogue of Dicken's "A Christmas Carol", and Richard Evan's "A Christmas Box". Order yours today, and give the gift of a classic book, a readers most treasured gift. 256 pages. Destined to become a standard among the worlds great literature.Readable at any time of year. Order at: By mail from: Three Swans Publishing Co., 3412 Snowy Egret Ct., Palm Harbor, FL 34683. Special publishers price $12 per book plus $3 S/H."

The Tiger Chase by Andrew McDermott.
"An action packed fast moving story and the only novel ever to revolve around the serious plight of the South China tiger!"

The Trouble with Gold...(a promising treasure from Cripple Creek) by Jim Davis. 11540 W. 27th Pl., Lakewood, CO 80215.
"An adventure/western about a room-sized cave encrusted with gold and how it, together with a beautiful women, changed the lives of two former Butch Cassidy gang members. The Roundup Magazine review says,"This is a fun read with lots of plot twists qand a real sense of place. A good book for a cold night and a hot buttered rum.""

The Trouble With Tom; in which five gallant old men flout the law. by Eunice Banks. coming soon
"This novella tells the story of elderly conspirators pitted against a rogue turkey that is making life miserable in their Sierra foothill retirement community. The law is slow to act and the five men plot redress on their own. With droll humor the book captures the quirks and strengths of the characters without demeaning them. The law is broken as justice prevails."

The Unsanctioned by Mike Lamke.
"Portrays the clash between National Security and freedom of speech on the Internet, similar to the current Wikileaks scandal. Lane Evans is the Aide to the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand. Lane is experienced in using a secret U.S. intelligence database to uncover the identity of anonymous Internet users. He captures the attention of Colonel (Ret.) Tom Lewis who is running a covert operation for the Director of National Intelligence to stop the world’s most influential anti-American Bloggers. Leaving his Thai girlfriend, Ana Maksawan, in Bangkok, Lane travels to Washington to join Lewis and is instantly tasked with uncovering anonymous Internet users all over the world. To complete his secret mission, Lane solicits assistance from a former colleague and CIA analyst, Eve Maier, rekindling a passionate desire that has simmered for several years. Lane’s tenacity leads to a shocking discovery. Anonymous Bloggers are being killed. His intrusions haven’t gone unnoticed and now he and Ana are targets. His quest to uncover the truth, save Ana, and end Lewis’ sinister program will test his courage, challenge his faith in longtime confidants, and force him to finally choose between the only two women he’s ever loved. "

The Usurper by Cliff Ball.
"The Soviet Union and the KGB refuse to let the purging of communists in the United States government by Senator Joe McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee deter them. Soviet Premier Khrushchev authorizes the KGB to embark on an ambitious, decades long plan to destroy the United States from within through the corruption of American politicians and the American education system. Gary Jackson is the fulfillment of the KGB plan to destroy the United States from within. They raise him from birth to hate everything about the United States, indoctrinate him, and introduce him to terrorists across the world, where the KGB dictates all terrorist attacks. When Gary is a teenager, he is sent to the United States to assimilate and begin his mission. Nothing will deter his goals of completely and utterly destroying the United States. When the Soviet Union dissolves, he is given a choice, and he decides to continue with the mission. Find out what happens next, as a select few try to stop Gary Jackson. "

The Vampire and The Vegan, Book I: Food by Merlene Alicia Vassall. TASC Books, P.O. Box 69, Mount Rainier, MD 20712.
"Pearl, a temptress vampire living in Washington, DC, discovers that the blood of her next would-be victim, Salaam, lacks that certain something she craves – necromantic energy that comes from eating meat. Yet he may offer her something that she needs even more... Through fast-paced prose peppered with surprises, The Vampire and The Vegan explores the complex relationship between a carnivore and her food."

The Vampire in Free Fall by Jim Hull.
"A sci-fi thriller told by a vampire, available in print & Kindle at Amazon, in multiple ebook versions at, at iBookstore, Google Books, etc."

The Verbal Squatter by Trevor Underwood.
"A new collection of short stories from South African author Trevor Underwood. Some poignant, some funny, some downright annoying - none boring. "

The Virginian Who Might Have Saved Lincoln by Bob O'Connor. Bob O'Connor Books, 119 N. Church St., Charles Town WV 25414.
"This historical novel is about Ward Hill Lamon, Abraham Lincoln's friend, law partner and body guard. Lamon was one of three persons from Illinois taken to Washington by Lincoln when he was elected President. Lamon snuck Lincoln into Washington when Detective Pinkerton discovered a plot to assasinate Lincoln when the train passed through Baltimore. But Lamon wasn't at Ford's Theater."

The Visconti Devils by Ria Dimitra. P.O. Box 1741, Tallahassee, FL 32302.
"New novel by the award-nominated author of "Fiend Angelical""

The Wall Of Broken Dreams by Duke Barrett.
"So often we think about war in abstract terms but Vietnam vet, Duke Barrett, has made the traumatic and long-lasting implications of battle spring to life in this poignant story about the courage, loyalty, patriotism and conflict of a young soldier. We root for him to realize his dreams, knowing fully well that the deck is stacked against him. Sigrid Macdonald, editor and author of D'Amour Road Duke Barrett takes the sacred elements of the “Nam Experience” and weaves them into a synthesis that is the true, fundamental foundation of any authentic story about the war in Vietnam be it a memoir or a work of fiction and makes it a meaningful background to his novel. This story is an adventure but be prepared for an emotional and inspirational journey as well. But then, when you wake up maybe all that you just read was just a dream! From the foreword by W.H. McDonald W. H. “Bill” McDonald Jr. Past President and founder of The Military Writer’s Society of America (MWSA) "

The Wall Of Broken Dreams by Duke Barrett. 2507 Machado Dr. Henderson, Nv. 89074.
"Vietnam War novel. Won "Honorable Mention" at the Hollywood Book Festival."

The Warriors: The Beginning by Melissa Gromley.
"The Warriors: The Beginning A new evil has come to America. It has one thing in mind, to claim the mortal world as its own, starting with the United States. Eight teenagers will find themselves as America's only hope of survival. But will they have the power to defeat this evil and save mankind? Buy at Outskirts Press or at! $15.95!"

The Weather's Wrath-O3 by Ade Paul. Whaka Publishing, C/O Whaka Books, MYUSB #305, 445 Park Ave, 9th Fl, New York, NY 10022. Or Bookmasters, C/O Atlas Books, 30 Amberwood Parkway, P.O.Box 388, Ashland, Ohio 44805.,
"We want to increase global warming and climate change awareness and environmental issues. This is a political eco-terrorism corporate green adventure thriller. Enter our competition to have your book review for this novel published in a state newspaper and the overall winner in a national newspaper, go to website to enter. Also enter our webvote and decide which is most important, The Great Global Green Debate: Economics Vs Ecology. Finally watch this space/website/ buy book to see the green celebrities we get on board, plus top CEO's and politicians to make a change as it will take time for the damage to repair. FREE PH FOR BOOK ORDERS USA/CAN +1-866-878-5204, we have sales distribution in UK ph +44-8082342376, postal Whaka Publishing Ltd, Eastgate House, 11 Cheyne Walk, Northampton NN1 5PT, UK in Australia/ New Zealand ph +64-3-4427999, postal: Whaka Publishing Ltd, P.O.Box 1742, Queenstown 9348, New Zealand."

The Wedding Song / a novel by Ira Eisenstadt. 9125 Medley Circle, Golden Valley, MN 55427.
"Mr. Eisenstadt earned a HOPWOOD AWARD for his short fiction. "

The Wedding Song/a novel by Ira Eisenstadt. Melody Hill Press, 9125 Medley Circle, Golden Valley, MN 55427.
"Sol Bable chases his desire in a romance that leads to mysticism and revelation before settling down with his wife. But money and glamour combine with a baseball strike to go to the head of the New York Heroes catcher, spinning him dizzy enough to cheat on his wife and to be caught by his entire family. What evolves is a tale meant to confound the human spirit until Sol Bable finds his universal human bond in a robust outbust of passion that illuminates right from wrong. Find out how. Ira Eisenstadt received his BA from the University of Michigan and both his MA and MBA from the University of St. Thomas. Mr. Eisenstadt is a businessman and teacher having once been a software analyst. While a longtime student of Jamaican religion Mr. Eisenstadt does not practice voodoo. He enjoys reading, especially the classics and contemporary fiction. He received a HOPWOOD AWARD for a collection of his stories. Mr. Eisenstadt is a native and current resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota. "

The Whisper of Pialigos by J Douglas Bottorff.

The Whisper of Serpents by A. Lawrence Haskins.
"FBI Special Agent Michael di Rossi has one purpose: to bring international crime lord William Chiang to justice. In his pursuit, he finds himself in charge of investigating wealthy tycoon Conrad Arthur Dupree and his corporation’s alleged ties to the Chiang Organization. Enter Lieutenant Kathryn O’Rourke, the hardened homicide detective whose own bloody past with Chiang has left her but a shell of her former self. Who now, via her involvement in the multi-jurisdictional investigation of Conrad Dupree, is loathe to discover that the wily and sadistic Mr. Chiang is back to wreak havoc in her life after nearly a decade of haunting silence. At the eye of the storm is shy and intellectually gifted Bobby Dupree. The misfit son of larger-than-life Conrad Dupree finds himself alone as he searches for refuge in the wake of the grisly murder that takes place in his home. A murder that draws the attention of the masses and rocks a nation to its core."

The Whispering Hollows Of The Heart by Dakota Stevens. 29 South Street, Ridgway, PA. 15853.
"The Whispering Hollows Of The Heart is about beautiful Amanda Barnes and her true love Tom Richards. Amanda faces many dilemmas that turn her world upside down and she must overcome the obstacles in order for her and Tom to achieve happiness. The plot is filled with a good mix of romance, mystery and a touch of humor. If you like to read, this is a book to have. Published by Monterey Pacific Publishing, $11.95, & S&H, plus 6% pa sales tax. Check out my website. Books are also available through"

The Winds of Wharhalen by Tom Nelson. Multi-Media Publications Inc., Box 58043, Rosslynn RPO, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 8L6. Fax: (905) 986-5777, Phone: (905) 986-5848.
"Locke Thomason leaves his homeland in the mountains after a series of personal tragedies and travels south into Killarassee. He meets a pretty young peasant girl who is in the service of a cruel nobleman and seeks to buy her freedom. The treacherous noble takes Locke's gold and has him sold into slavery. Fueled by anger and sustained by his hatred of this man, Locke survives a virtual death sentence in the stone quarries. He then begins an odyssey that will take him through two campaigns with the Queen's army, and sees him rise through the ranks to become a knight. Against a backdrop of medieval warfare, The Winds of Wharhalen is a tale of adventure, romance, treachery, and revenge."

The Winds of Wharhalen by Tom Nelson.
"A medieval tale of adventure, romance, treachery, and revenge-- 1st edition. "With its exciting battles and layered characters author Nelson brings forth a solid medieval fantasy novel." -Shannon Frost for TCM "Nelson has created a plot that includes all the elements of good storytelling." -Richard Blake for Reader Views "Beautifully written not only in style and character, but in overall form." -Lian Scholz A medieval fantasy/romance that is just hard to pigeonhole into any one of these categories as it does an excellent job at all three." -Kevin Aguanno"

The Wishing Year, A legend for most ages by Crystal.
"This is the story of 11:11 as it was told to me by my grandpa Sam. As a child I had always believed it to be true. The magic of the story has never left me (even as an adult),so I had to share my grandpa's vision of the watchmaker. Will you believe? Color your way through the pages of this old fashion tale! ------- My second book is now published, a short fantasy about the legend of 11:11 for $9.48. You can visit my website @"

The Witness: A Novel by Naomi Kryske.
"A crime/suspense novel with a twist--told from the victim's point of view--set in London in 1998. Travel from trauma to recovery. "

The Wolf Experiments by Carey Borgens.
"2nd edition young adult (age 13 and older) science fiction"

The Wooden Tongue Speaks by Bogdan Tiganov.
"In "The Wooden Tongue Speaks" exiled Romanian author Bogdan Tiganov takes us on a journey to the interior of his home town of Braila in a collection of short stories and poetry. In this post cold-war collection, we discover the social, religious and political issues facing a people just now emerging into a world of contradictions and realities. 'These moving memories, stories and poems explore the mind-warping paranoia created by Romania's notorious dictatorship, and are a brutally honest insight into the bleakness of its post-communist disillusion.' Helena Drysdale"

The Zen Cookbook And Other Bizarre Screenplays by Nathan Zen-Sapien.
"To order through the mail or make comments send to: Outskirts Press, Inc. 10940 S. Parker Rd - 515 Parker, CO 80134 "

THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW by Lois Fowler Barrett. 1413 S Webster St Harrisburg, IL 62946.
"First edition, Murder mystery, Self-Published, May, 2007 750 in print. Amazon connection on web site. Available in Hastings Book Store, Victoria, TX. Serial killings in Cuero, Texas 2003-2007. Follows Barrett's first two novels of historical fiction set in Southeastern Illinois 1800-1812."

They Lived Ever After by Barbara J. Olexer. Joyous Publishing, 5662 Stevens Forest Road, Suite 136, Columbia, MD 21045.
"Pat and Starla Mayhew, successful young professionals, find that love is not enough to heal the stresses in their marriage. After Starla leaves him, Pat seeks counseling and is introduced to the idea of using past-life regression to uncover the roots of the problems between him and his wife. The psychiatrist hypnotically regresses him to five previous lifetimes. Through Pat’s eyes we see the lives in which he and Starla and another soul have been closely associated. Their relationships change as they are sometimes married, sometimes parent and child, sometimes enemies, with many permutations in their roles. An exciting and satisfying read as the three souls adventure across many millennia and four continents, changing sex and race to meet their karmic needs. "

Things Time Can Change by William Norris. 1990 East Lohman, Ste.225, Las Cruces, NM 88001.

This is the Place by Carolyn Howard-Johnson.
" If an idea is conceived in the 50s and gestates for some forty years before becoming a reality maybe it was just waiting for the right time to be born. Carolyn Howard-Johnson has been dreaming of the time when she could write about life in her native Utah so, at a time when most are considering retirement, she sold her businesses to write "This Is The Place." Since then it has been honored eight times including Sime-Gen's Reviewers' Choice Award. It was also voted Ten Best Novels in the Preditor and Editors Readers' Poll. The author thinks the time was right. The eyes of the world were on Utah during the 2002 Winter Olympics, Time Magazine recently featured the resurging interest in genealogy on their cover and women are at a cross-roads; they are in danger of losing the progress they have made because the memory of the way things used to be is fading. “And,” Howard-Johnson says, “At the age of 60 I didn’t know how much more time I would have left to write it.” "This Is The Place" about a budding journalist set in Utah in 1959. Skylar Eccles must find a path for herself in a place and time when her choices are few. She must overcome stultifying expectations for women, her own heritage and a religious environment of which she is—and isn’t—a part. While she is hell bent on discovering what she wants and in getting it, her secure world begins to crumble. This novel is like a tapestry. The warp is based on Howard-Johnson’s real experiences but the woof is the stuff of imagination—real fiction. Howard Johnson was once a reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune and worked for Good Housekeeping Magazine and Eleanor Lambert (fashion) in New York. Her fiction placed in the finals of three literary contests including the Masters Literary Award. She says she likes being proof that a new life can start late or that “it is never too late to revive a dream.” "

This Precious Love by Dr. Jeanne Hounshell. PO Box 25226, Yuma, AZ 85367.
"Get ready for a "can't put down book you'll want to read again and again and share with friends. In THIS PRECIOUS LOVE, Ken and Jeanne are not larger than life but so very human you will laugh and cry with them, and fall in love with them. In this story based on fact, it is their weaknesses that tragically separate them and lead them to wander apart and these same weaknesses, after years of growth, that become the strengths that lead them to follow their dreams and back to each other and THIS PRECIOUS LOVE. "

This Too Shall Pass by Kenya Goodman. 1430-A Villa Ct. Middletown, OH. 45044.
"Synopsis: Shay Wilson and best friend Cari Brown are complete opposites with similar life altering experiences that causes them to grow closer and lean on each other for strength. From a selfish boyfriend to a philandering husband these two women go through events that they never in a million years thought would happen to them. Watch the video trailer for This Too Shall Pass at: Paperback: 196 pages Publisher: G Love Publications, LLC (March 21, 2008) Language: English ISBN-10: 0981611508 ISBN-13: 978-0981611501 Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.4 inches "

This Twisted Life by Tracye D. Bryant.

Three No Trumps by Sanjay Sonawani. Century Book Distribution, Inc. 814 Boon, Traverse City, MI 49686.
"Three enigmatic characters are playing a game of faith when Brian D'Souza, a victim of unrequitted love, bumps into them. What follows is a monstrous trial of his heart and soul. He slowly awakens to the bold and bizarre art of 'No Trumping.' And gains a faith which is more spiritual than moral. A breakthrough in the narrative tense, this novel reads like a dramatic dialogue. Four biographical testimonies drive its story line like a moving reminiscences: It has metaphors at play, speaking the secularity of Indian Spirit and an immense appeal for seekers around the world."

Thunder and Storm: The Haverfield Incident by Rick Ainsworth. 5836 S Pecos Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120.
"First edition, named Finalist in the Historical Fiction category of the Best Books 2006 National Book Awards. “An epic and well-written historical novel. Highly recommended reading!”"

Thunderland: A Novel of Suspense by Brandon Massey. P.O. Box 674193, Marietta GA 30006.
"Thunderland is a gripping story of a family caught in a complex web of love, betrayal, and supernatural terror. It has sold over 2,000 copies as a POD title, won the 2000 Gold Pen Award for Best Thriller (beating out books published by mainstream houses), and has earned nearly universal acclaim from readers. Brandon Massey will be featured in the Dec '00 issue of Time Digital Magazine, in a cover story about the new wave of e-publishing. Visit the author's website to read a book excerpt. "

TICK TOCK, a witty courtroom drama by Gail Ramsey. Sug Books Post Office Box 4398 Philadelhia, PA 19118.
"First Sug Book Edition"

Ticket to Intrigue by Alan T Cowood. 1012 Gillespie Place Victoria B.C. Canada V8S 3K7.
"Great reviews from a number of readers. Ladies over forty love this book. Anyone who enjoys word puzzles will find this book a pleasure. Everyone with the courage to try something new in their lives will find this an exciting read. "

Time Ninja by Andy Schoepp.
"The definitive, sci-fi, action/adventure, ninja epic! 36 chapters! Over 533 pages! Paperback: $21.95. Hardcover: $32.95. Kindle Edition on $7.99 "

Time Warriors Part One by Tom Tancin and Chris Wolf.

Tin Man Meets Dorothy by Bruce Bushong.
"Guys: Ever wonder what it'd be like to be a Navy TOPGUN pilot? Gals: Ever wonder what it'd be like to be a Navy TOPGUN pilot? Much less meet one? Here's your chance. A new novel Tin Man Meets Dorothy catapults into the book world as a high-speed adventure of a Navy pilot, nicknamed "Tin Man", who meets and falls in love with a sassy sales rep. The world down the yellow brick road could be their oyster. However, too many interruptions from the CIA, submarine and aerial dramas, personal vendettas, and corporate greed are in their way. Think Tom Cruise meeting Danielle Steele in this modern remake of classic Wizard of Oz themes. Will she find his heart? Will they find her life over the rainbow? Buckle your lap harness and prepare to fly at Zone 5 speeds! The author, Bruce Bushong, is a former Navy flier and TOPGUN grad. A debatable romanticist, he has used his varied experiences to weave an intriguing story of drama, redemption, and romance. Visit "

To Hell And Back by P. A. Bechko.
"Published by The Fiction Works via Smashwords. Available in a variety of E Formats for your reader. A Western by frequently published fiction writer P.A. Bechko. Amanda Clery arrives in Phoenix to work as a bank teller. Ramrod Jake Hollander enters the bank to make a deposit just as a robbery is taking place. In the ensuing chaos, Amanda and Jake end up accused and convicted of masterminding the event. They escape and team up to expose the banker who set them up. "

To Journey in the Year of the Tiger by H. Leighton Dickson.
"Amazon Bestseller #3 Adventure/Epic Fantasy July 2012 Amazon Bestseller # 9 Science Fiction July 2012"

To Live among Wolves by Alan Simon. 5904 Mt. Eagle Drive Apt. 1518.

To Live among Wolves by Alan Simon.
"This book is also available from and"

To Love Mercy by Frank S. Joseph.
"A Mid Atlantic Highlands Paperback Original. $14.95; 290 pages; ISBN: 0-9744785-3-9 “A pulsating tour of mid-20th-century Chicago and of racial and ethnic divisions. Innovative and enjoyable.” - James Squires, former Editor-in-Chief, The Chicago Tribune, and author, A Horse of a Different Color “What makes it so remarkable is the careful — loving — care to get the words and cadences right from Chicago of the era of our childhood. A wonderful, very special book.” - Gary T. Johnson, President, Chicago Historical Society “A compelling fable of hope and reconciliation told in a new and unique narrative voice. If you like Chicago you'll love TO LOVE MERCY.” —Peter M. Rutkoff, author of Shadow Ball: A Novel of Baseball and Chicago Worlds unexpectedly collide in 1948 Chicago. Sass Trimble, a boy from the impoverished black ghetto, and Steve Feinberg, a Jewish boy from prosperous Hyde Park, meet under the worst of circumstances but develop a wary friendship. But racial tension reaches the boiling point when their families meet in a storefront church in the ghetto, and personal choices are weighed with a shattering clarity against the pressures of the city."

To Snare A Book by robert Nowak. books.
"This book is a first edition and has won the Gold Medal 2009 Readers Favorite award contest for best historical fiction. The author will be honored in a ceremony at the Vegas Vally Festival in November 2010."

To Stop the Terror, the first sightings by Jesse Arvel Perkins.,
"To STOP The TERROR… An epic allegory of an unstoppable evil that casts a great shadow over every soul on earth vs Major Crusader and his amazing Cavalry Squad who were given gifts they did not ask for, to stop the greatest shape shifter the world has ever known. In the world of Major Crusader there were no super heroes or super villains, until now. Studied Drama at Butte Jr college Calif. and Journalism at Fresno State College before moving on to Louisiana where I now live in the little town of Benton "

To Walk Among the Stones by Arlene Graham. Whimrose Press- PO BOX 387, Simi Valley CA 93062-0387.
"News photographer Sydney Green is content with her new life until a lover from her past returns, bringing back memories of betrayal and a long-buried secret. John Harper, ruthless and unforgiving is a man who lives in two separate worlds, hiding his life of crime from those he loves. Yet there is one woman he can never forget. Smart, spoiled and beautiful Jennifer Harper is a woman whose passion for power and money propels her willingly into her brother's corrupt world, regardless of the cost. Welcome to North Park, a place where past and present collide. A place of secrets, betrayal and redemption. ***Outstanding review in forthcoming edition of "The Circle Magazine". 255 pgs. $13.95. Discount Wholesale orders welcome. "This action-filled story has all the elements of a good novel: suspense, intrigue and romance. It's a fascinating, fast moving read." Patricia Fry, writer and auhthor of 12 books. Available through books stores and on"

To Watch the People Go By by Chuck Nicholson. Suite 6E, 2333 Government St. Victoria, BC, Canada V8T4P4.
"Set in the 1950s, the story deals with a nine-year-old boy's attempt to deal with a mentally unbalanced ex G.I., an evil teacher, and a relentless bully. While addressing serious issues, it is also filled with memories for baby boomers and their parents."

Tom Brown Saves the World by Eddie Beverage.
"All Tom Brown ever wanted to be was a rock star. He'll get his wish, but not exactly the way he planned it. Following a freak snowboarding accident, Tom finds himself in a strange alternate reality where he's recruited by Penis Envy, a group of queer punks on a nationwide tour. Faster than he can say "boy band," Tom's sharing a cramped van, shooting a low budget video and rocking every drag bar in sight. Tom's fame soars, but not everyone is a fan. Pursued by mysterious men in black and paisley, and accompanied by the most dysfunctional road crew ever assembled, Tom must discover his true destiny on the road to the band's final gig at National Free Thought Day in New York City. Saving the world is deadly business, but someone had to do it. "

Tomb by Clint Mills. n/a.
" Tomb is the first story in a 14 story series. A group of explorers with unique talents and abilities are sent to explore a tomb that was sealed in time. Expected the unexpected as the tomb protects itself from intruders. Check out the web site for information on the other books in the series and much more from Savage World Entertainment "

T'ongil : the thirst for love by J. Winter.
"T'ongil, the Korean word for unity, is an intense love story with an unexpected ending. It is a mystical journey into the ache of separation, the depth of loneliness, and that sacrifice only possible within love's embrace. T'ongil poses a single question ... if love came could you give it your life? Excerpt from T'ongil: The moon gazes, the sun sleeps. The sun rises, the moon weeps. Came two hearts, from the night. Stillness torn apart, separate light. "

Too Young To Be A Grandma, Too Old To Be An Exotic Dancer by Donna Dakotah.
"ISBN # 0-9732550-0-5 AVERAGE CUSTOMER RATING at Amazon and Barnes and Noble: 5-stars. " by David K..
" Adventure comes to life in the American Southwest with the Arrival of Elwood and Billshot to the mountainous country surrounding Los Alamos New Mexico. Recruiting as their guide the young French/Cherokee Dream-Walker: Claude BlackBear to aide in the search for people with Mad-Skills in a World gone nuts. Our Hero's may be introduced to a whole new Reality. Picking up new friends and bad habits at every turn the social network threatens to swallow them alive. With lives at stake and an uncertain future, Betrayal lies in wait. "

Towers by Matthew Bryant.

Tracks: A Novel in Stories by Eric D. Goodman. Atticus Books, 3766 Howard Ave., Suite 202, Kensington MD 20895.
""Tracks is a most cunningly crafted tale—a perfect read for trains, planes and automobiles... or even for your armchair." ~Madison Smartt Bell, Author of All Souls’ Rising, a National Book Award nominee “… a terrific collection of stories. Short stories are often an under-appreciated art form. In Tracks, Eric D. Goodman takes the craft to the level of art. An exciting talent." ~Thomas Steinbeck, Author of Down to a Soundless Sea and In the Shadow of the Cypress "... an absolute delight." ~Jessica Anya Blau, Author of The Summer of Naked Swim Parties "Tracks is a voyeuristic fantasy fulfilled." ~Baltimore's NPR station, WYPR"

Trail of Broken Chains by David Burton Flint. 1283 Lower White Oak Rd..
"Join author David Burton Flint on another great adventure in the Flint series. Trail of Broken Chains takes us on the journey of Robert Flint and Joshua Wells, two bold young men. Their eyes newly opened to the injustice of slavery in the aftermath of the American Revolution, Robert and Joshua devise a plan of liberation. But their brave hearts had not realized the importance of slavery in the South-or the danger their plan woukd put them in. How much will Robert, Joshua, and their friends risk to change the course of history?"

Trajan - Lion of Rome by C.R.H. Wildfeuer. 4363 Woodland Drive, La Mesa, CA 91941.
"Publication date was May 1, 2009. Of the 1000 books printed 140 have already been sold, another 60 were shipped and distributed for promotional and review purposes. The novel received an endorsement from the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, which rated the book as recommended. The book was also reviewed by NS Gill, a leading blogger on the ancient world, who favorably compared it to Colleen McCullough's Masters of Rome series. The novel is for sale on the publisher's web site and on Amazon. Retail stores are being added throughout the summer of 09, with the goal to be carried by a national distributor by the end of 09."

Transcending Waters by Mark Putscher.
"This a new work that went live on April 7th 2003. It is a work of fiction that is very enjoyable to read. It is the first work from this author, but not the last. A great opportunity to get the first of many enjoyable books to come."

Trapped Doors by Ken Janjigian. Pocol Press, 6023 Pocol Drive, Clifton, VA 20124.
"Four offbeat artists seek their own personal truth in the swirling cauldron that is San Francisco. Along the way, some find romance and some find adventure, but all eventually find themselves, for better or worse. In four novellas."

TRAPS TRILOGY by SOMA VIRA Ph.D.. Alliance Book Company, Toll Free 1 877 767 0057.
"Rings Around the World was a nominee for the Golden Duck Award for excellence in children's science fiction! Foreign Rights have been sold in China and South Korea. Earth Trap: Rings Around the World: Three spaceships, American, Russian, and Japanese, are launched within hours of each other to colonize Mars. Their mysterious disappearances piles up nightmarish problems for everyone on earth -- especially for the wife, son, and twin daughters of the American captain. Did he defect to the Japanese faction that is determined to acquire Mars for themselves? Does a painting cut into four pieces, and a scientist who has lost his memory, hold the key? Or the Captain's mysterious third daughter, Neelam, who cannot be found? How about his son's new 'invention' that the Captain secretly took aboard violating NASA rules? "

Trashed/A Murder and the Mayor Mystery by Diana Morgan.
"A cozy mystery set in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire."

Travels With My Lovers by Erica Miner. 1764 Blackbird Circle, Carlsbad, CA 92011.
"This 'Romantic Adventure,' available in both paper and hardcover, won the Fiction Prize in the Direct from the Author Book Awards. Well-reviewed on all of the top sites, including,,, Midwest Book Review, etc."

Traversity: Demons and Demigods; The Journeys of an Enchanter by Kurt Paul Hotelling. Any bookseller.
"Released June 2010 -- sequel to "A Bridge of Doom" -- part of a continuing epic fantasy tetralogy. "

Trilogy: A Collection by Prudence MacGregor.

Trio of Fantasy by D. A. Lucci.
"Escape reality and dive into the world of fantasy. Join Zeebo Zane as he and his fellow colonists escape their archaic home planet with a secret technology, only to be pursued into the deepest regions of space by the vicious and determined Crim army of General Kard. Next, plunge into the ocean's deepest abyss as Tong's mining habitat is attacked by the hostile fleet of Colonel Borikov. His escape brings him face to face with the sea's most valuable and elusive living mystery. Finally, trudge into the arctic winter with Dr. Zachery on his quest to save the human race by outrunning, outsmarting, and outliving the tenacious horde of clever insects that were unwittingly mutated by mankind himself"

Triple Platinum by Debra Clayton. GenNext Publishing, PO Box 670, Anderson, SC 29622.
"ISBN 9780979049125 She helped him go from being an unknown to being the number one rapper in the country; but will she stand by him when he's accused of rape? Toni Wallace was always down for her man, supporting him when he had nothing; sacrificing her dreams so he could accomplish his and even staying with him through his infidelities, but when he’s accused of the horrific rape of one of his fans; she is faced with the biggest decision of her life. Should she stand by her man or should she leave him twisting in the wind? "

Trivia From a Galaxy Far, Far Away Star Wars: Original Trilogy Edition by Chris Hothiceplanet.
"Star Wars has millions and millions of fans all over the world...and it all started with one movie. This groundbreaking film was followed by five sequels, and since then the public’s Star Wars obsession has been fueled by books, merchandise, video games, fan fiction, and comic books. Based on the original movie trilogy, Trivia From a Galaxy Far, Far Away contains 1,138 trivia questions and is designed for fans of all ages. This book was created to help the first and second generations of Star Wars fans to pass along the love of the movies to the third generation and beyond—the younglings who have only known the Clone Wars animated TV series. "

Trout Kill by Paul Dage. 8138 SW 35th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97219.

True Globalizatin by Larry Porter.
"A VENTURE INTO HELL Henry Negley, Freedom Fighter, is locked in a battle for the very existence of the United States and the world. He heads an underground movement, created because all corporations in the world have now merged into one, The Corporation. The Corporation controls all governments through coercion. Many Board members have created their own armies and their own centers of power. But the people of the world are content, as long as they have things to buy and the money to buy them. The Corporation satisfies their weak needs. True Globalization tells the story of how the world got to this point and how a small group of individualists, backed by a surprising group of people, don’t think owning stuff and making money are enough. Henry and his group fight to regain their freedom and destroy the Corporation. You read this book at your own peril. "

TRUE LOVE TOO LATE: Finding Love At The Wrong Time by Vanessa M. Harley.
"Follow the lives of Diamond Devereaux-Crawford and her sisters in this fast paced debut novel as they learn that "Love Ain't Easy" and it can show up when you're least expecting it or at the wrong time. Filled with page after page of love, lies, lust and betrayal this book will leave you wanting more. Chapter 1 available online @ or"

Truly Inseparable by Wanda Y. Thomas.
"Truly Inseparable, deals with the problem of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and how the loss of a child affects the parents and their love for one another. Paperback: 300 pages Publisher: Genesis Press Publish Date: (November 1, 2007) ISBN-10: 1585712620 "

Truth or Lies, Life or Death by Leonard Almond. Amazon.
"Truth Or Lies, Life or Death is a fast paced adventure story about writer Paul Rogers whose life is in shambles due to a gambling problem. While at a writers conference he is offered by two strangers an answer to all his problems by going on a treasure hunting trip for an ancient manuscript that holds the secrets to unlimited power. His hunt for the manuscript takes him all over the world facing life endangering hidden dangers and the forces that fight to keep it hidden. At the end of his journey he not only finds out what the manuscript is, but also the true identities of the two strangers who asked him to go hunting for the manuscript. The story may be fiction, but the manuscript and the forces that fight to keep it hidden are real. "

Truth or Lies, Life or Death by Leonard Almond.
" What would you do if offered the chance to to possess unlimited power. Adventure story writer,Paul Rogers, must decide this when he is offered the chance to possess unlimited power by going on a treasure hunt for a hidden ancient manuscript that holds the secret to unlimited power. It is a quick read that will keep you wondering what will happen next.Truth or Lies, Life or Death my be a fictional story, but the manuscript and the forces that fight to keep it hidden are real. "

Tuesday At Ten by Marilyn More.
"Tuesday At Ten is a fun/inspirational account of how three good friends enbark upon life-altering events that change the lives of millions of others. Fresh from the printers, ParaPublishing will be among the first to receive a copy."

Turbulent Waters by Peter Duysings.
"I am proud and exhilarated that my 2nd new novel based on true events, TURBULANT WATERS, has been published and is available as either hardcopy or EBook versions at: Please visit the ordering website for a synopsis of the book. Please write a book review on the website afterwards. Please also visit my Author website for more information at: "

Turning Point by Lara Zielinsky.
"This debut lesbian romance novel earned author Lara Zielinsky Finalist honors from the Golden Crown Literary Society. It has been utilized in a senior high school English class as an example of the literature in this genre, as well as a primary discussion source for conversations on GLBT issues: acceptance and acknowledgment of alternative sexuality and discovery in a family setting."

Twelve 'The Stars Align' by Roxanne L. Sartori/Francis C.Bennett.
"Travel The Path Alongside Zima, As She Is Tested And Taught Of The Greatness Within. Meet With The Signs Of The Zodiac As They Share Their Wisdom.©"

Twenty Centavos by John Scherber. .
"The first of a series of eight mysteries set in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico."

Twillingmarche by Vera Mont.
"Above stairs and below, everyone in this stately home has a secret. A gently subversive story of identity and family, romance and deception in Edwardian England."

"Twists - Faces of Earth: Tales of an English Boy Raised in an Underdeveloped Country Tom is born in Liverpool, England. He is raised in an unknown region. Tom writes about how the world stares casually at ill-favoured countries. It becomes illusion that never ceases to numb his brains. Affluent and wealthy people watch. Some help others are unaware, but the problems are, very large in scope and scale that any aid they give is like a drop in the ocean. By Prof. Jeff Akvama PhD.,M.D. - April 19, 2008 - Geoffrey Kofi Akuamoa "

Two Brothers Two Wars One Valley by David Burton Flint. 1283 Lower White Oak Rd. Marshall, NV 28753.
""David Burton Flint has a good feel for the early times of our nation...This historical novel shines with excitement and adventure. A good read." -AJ Berry "A joy to read...." Dr. J'Nell L. Pate, author of Livestock Legacy: The Fort Worth Stockyards"

Two Brothers: One North, One South by David H. Jones.
"Winner of the 2008 Benjamin Franklin Award For Cover Design - Small Format."

two past midnight by john c. maxfield.
"I may be on the wrong track.For the above novel I want to find a publisher (?). Please advise. JCM"

Typhoon Season by David Baird.
"Fast-moving thriller published by Maroma Press. In the fading days of empire sinister and murderous forces are at work in Hong Kong. Events hurtle towards an explosive climax in this colony living on borrowed time... "

Una Famiglia (One Family) by C. M. Bertone. P.O. Box 845, Eufaula, OK 74432.
"1st Edition. Can be Signed by author. ISBn 0-615-12712-6. This is a fictional novel of murder, drugs, and the Mafia. It is the story of Tommy, a teen-age drug addict, who is being groomed to take over the family business. To protect Tommy from rival NMafia families he is sent to Italy where eventually he is found and an attempt is made on his life, which forces him to return to America."

Una Famiglia (One Family) by C. M. Bertone. P. O. Box 845, Eufaula, Oklahoma 74432.
"1st edition, signed by author"

"1st Edition, signed copies are available- CALL TOLL FREE (866)339-2028"

Under False Pretense - A Sam Parker Mystery by Maria Pease., &
"Samantha Parker is not a cop or a private investigator. She is a nosy young paralegal with a talent for snooping, so when a handsome stranger walks into her office and gives her twenty-five thousand dollars to have her find out who is following him, she cant resist taking his case, even if she doesnt believe him. A background check proves that Ronald Gregory has been in trouble with the cops before and this fact has Sam thinking seriously about re-evaluating her decision to help, but when he suddenly disappears, Sam is determined to find out what happened to him. She just never imagined it would lead her to the mob, murder, and into the arms of the crime boss himself. December 2003 Articles Book Review: Under False Pretenses by Sandy Dodson If you were to wrap up Kinsey Millhone and Stephanie Plumb and put them into Temecula you might end up with Samantha (Sam) Parker, the protagonist in Under False Pretense. Well maybe not exactly, Sam eats less and drinks more than both. Nonetheless, Maria Pease's character does bear resemblances to Sue Grafton's Kinsey and Janet Evanovich's Stephanie. Maria Pease, like her character is a paralegal from New York who lives in Temecula. You might be surprised how many published authors we have in the area. I was as I got to meet them in the bookstore. While Erle Stanley Gardner may have been the first he is not the last and Pease may be the newest. Of the writers I have read, none has placed their stories so pointedly in Temecula. Rosa's Cantina, The Temecula Creek Inn, and Rocky Cola's Café are all specifically mentioned. Events are actually situated on Old Town Temecula Main Street, wine country and Los Ranchitos. Sam Parker is an independent paralegal who somehow gets herself wrapped up in investigations similar to private investigator work. In this story she is hired by a mysterious man who hands her $25,000 cash requesting that she find out who is following him. He tells her he wants to hire her because she is known to have great determination. The plot takes Sam to Coronado onto a 50-foot sail boat (that would fulfill my dream) and back. It also gets her involved with the mafia, a murder, and some pretty crazy people. The story moves along very well. Pease has the ability to end each chapter with the reader wanting to find out what is going to happen next. This makes it a quick, easy, and entertaining read. This is also a good wholesome read. If there was any swearing I don't remember it. Sam has a relationship end, a love blossom, and sexual tension with another character. There is no sex involved in the story. As close as they come is a short kiss on the lips. While there is a murder, a shooting, and a beating, the violence is actually minimal. There is no gratuitous blood and gore. The events happen and the story goes on. With Christmas (Chanukah, and Kwanza) on the way, Under False Pretense would make a great present. Buy it for a friend or family member and buy another copy for yourself. Under False Pretense: A Sam Parker Mystery by Maria Pease. Order by phone at 1-888-795-4274 x 279, by Fax at 1-215-559-0114 or on the Internet at If you must order it from one of those huge predatory marketers, it is also available at and [Home] [Articles] [Calendar] [About TVBJ] [Advertise] [Log.On] Web Site Design by Walt's WebWorx "

Under the Umbrella Tree by Bai Zhong Yan.
"Publisher: Sorgram Press Unlimited Synopses: “Under the Umbrella Tree” is a book that brings you deeply into the widely unknown lands of the East. Join Lin Lang Kun as she ventures through the ancient forests and valleys, discovering nature’s secrets and learning about herself at the same time. "

Undercover brother by Coby Derek James.
"Undercover brother: In the new potboiler, Mugged in Marseilles (Action Tales, $12.97), by pseudonymous Oaklander Coby Derek James, an African-American CIA courier suffers identity theft, then wrangles with Algerian terrorists plotting to blow up a Kenyan hotel. James is a longtime employee of high-security government agencies, so he knows how it goes. Anneli Rufus, East Bay Express, Emeryville, CA "

Unexpected Interruptions by Trice Hickman. 1220 L Street, NW, Suite 100-104, Washington, DC 20005.
"What happens when a young woman finds herself falling for two men--one black, one white, both determined in their pursuit for her affections?.... Open the pages and take an unforgettable journey with Victoria Small, a smart, savvy sister who's fresh off a year-long, self-imposed hiatus--from men! Now that she's ready to start dating again, she get more than she bargained for when Ted Thornton, a powerful blue-eyed CEO, and Parker brightwood, a handsome, ambitious young surgeon, enter her life. As Victoria's relationship heats up with both men, she resurrects a painful secret she thought she'd buried long ago, and finds herself doing things she never thought she'd do! Along the way she's guided by a colorful cast of friends and foes as she tests the boundaries of love, race, class and where she fits in."

Unexpected Interruptions by Trice Hickman. 1220 L Street, NW, Sutie 100-104 Washington, DC 20005.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS by Elizabeth Lucas-Taylor.
"Free book bag with purchase while they last."

Unfinished Business by Elizabeth Lucas-Taylor. Dandelion Enterprises, Inc. 5250 South Hardy Drive #3067; Tempe, AZ 85283.
"Join Griffin and Lindsay on this race to save political figures from a mass killing while they complete some UNFINISHED BUSINESS. This is a delightful, detailed intrigue which is much more than the typical romance. Although love does play a part, the real mystery lies waiting to emerge from the shadows. Unfinished Business = 4 stars Brenda Ramsbacher, editor UNFINISHED BUSINESS: If ever any male and female belonged together in the biblical sense, it's Griffin and Lindsay. Amidst that inevitable sexual explosion, somehow they must stay on their toes and thwart the plans of Embassy moles and ruthless terrorists. Oh what a fun trip it was helping these two resolve their Unfinished Business! I recommend it to those who enjoy action and intrigue. Laurel Johnson UNFINISHED BUSINESS is a high-octane spy story with a unique relationship twist to it. Perfect for those whose reading tastes run to both drama and intrigue, Lucas-Taylor's novel delves into the technical side of the spy business enough to interest those who enjoy that sort of thing, and at the same time throws enough of a spotlight on the relationship between Lindsay/Honor and Griffin that any romance reader will be satisfied. The Best Reviews/Sensual Reviews UNFINISHED BUSINESS is well written and the action in the book, as well as the hot romantic scenes, keeps you on your toes throughout the whole story. If you are one who likes reading a good Romantic Suspense/Intrigue story, I highly recommend you read this wonderful tale. Lisa Lambrecht, Reviewer for In The Library Reviews "

Unforgettable: A Pine County Mystery by Dean Hovey.
"In this third book in the Pine County Mystery series, sergeant Floyd Swenson is thrown back into the 1974 investigation of a missing camper when her remains are discovered in the trunk of an abandoned car. He's haunted by the fear that a rookie mistake may have left the crime unsolved, and he's now trying to find the killer and find peace for the victim, her parents, and himself."

Unglorious War by Maxine Flam. 12748 Bosworth Street, North Hollywood, CA 91606.
"1st Edition, 1049 in print. Major Thomas Smith is critically wounded while escaping from a POW camp deep inside Laos during the Vietnam War. Stabilized by medical personnel in Vietnam and Japan, he is flown to Oahu, Hawaii for surgery and rehabilitation. Emaciated, dehydrated and nearly dead from constant torture, he meets Lt. Marla Bristol, a nurse-therapist, assigned to his case. During Major Smith's recovery, he and Lt. Bristol fall in love and marry but the military wants Major Smith to do another tour of duty. If Major Smith does return to Vietnam, will he see his beloved Marla again? Who is Lt. Anthony Lambello and what part does he play in whether Major Smith returns from NAM? Thomas and Marla are scared but each pray to God that they should be reunited soon. They find their faith tested and God answers their prayers but is it the way they hoped for? "

Unprotected Love by John F. Rooney. Book Clearing House.
"A serial killer is murdering young gay male hustlers and depositing their bodies along New York City's riverfront locations. Denny Delaney is back to head a team of investigators. We get a surprising glimpse at Denny's libido."

Unscarred by R.M. Hamilton.
"Book Synopsis: The army of the Eternal Flame has conquered the continent of Eir. There are whispers that their King, Marauder, is searching for someone or something. Kyle is a farmhand whose destiny ties together with the feared Marauder, but a much darker secret exists between the two men. When Kyle is freakishly scarred by a mystical blue fire at the hands of Marauder he is blackmailed into finding a sacred object, or has to suffer through life from the transformation. With help from a mysterious stranger and two siblings, Adam and Melinda, they will put forth their best efforts to stop the carnage that has ravaged their homeland. Will their emotional and physical journey be enough to free their land from the Eternal Flame's grasp, and heal Kyle to his former self? An Emotional and Physical Struggle Against Evil"

Until Brazil: a novel by Bethe Lee Moulton. The Glide Press, 2234 N. Federal Hwy, No. 438, Boca Raton, FL, 33431-7710,
"Those who join protagonist Beth Bartlett as she yoyos between Boston and Brazil will share her inner conflict that challenges hidden assumptions and causes her to question the meaning of “the good life.” A fast-paced plot carries readers from roadside slums to smoke-filled boardrooms, from Boston Ballet to bossa nova, from Rolex-clad haves to barefoot have-nots. Along the way, Ivy League consultants, demanding shareholders, baffling Brazilians, and a street-smart Argentine reveal an insider’s view of international business and strategy formulation. Then, amidst this journey of self-discovery, a surprising love story unfolds. As her two worlds collide, Beth’s strategic choices reshape her client and her career, her love and her life. Beth’s transformation and its costs echo the personal drama faced when one ventures far from home in search of opportunity or growth, making this story as timely and relevant as it is entertaining. From ForeWord Reviews: “It's a journey between rigid expectations and risky freedom that asks whether a balance between the two can, or even should, be struck.” "

Until the Sun Comes Up: Cheryl's Song by Kenneth Bossard.
"Book 1 of 5 volume set. Romance, African-American, contemporary, target audience: college-level Christian fiction readers."

Unusual Circumstances: Short Fiction From Around the Globe by Various. 6023 Pocol Drive Clifton, VA 20124-1333.
"Exploring the many vagaries of the human condition, twenty-five authors meet in one fabulous volume to exhibit their unique creative talents. Nearly all genres are explored-- from fantasy to science fiction to drama to horror to romance-- and many of the tales end with a surprise twist. Like the potato chip ad, you won't be able to read just one!"

Up In The Trees by S.L. Ogrodowski.
"First edition."

Uprising by Randy Boyd. PO Box 68406, Indianapolis IN 46268.
"Debut novel lands on bestsellers lists and garners award nominations. Three famous but closeted celebrities plot to assassinate a homophobic US Senator. Little did they know they'd end up on the bestsellers list at over a dozen gay and gay-friendly bookstores and be finalists for two Lambda Literary Awards. That's what's happened to the suspense thriller Uprising. The book is the debut novel for both author Randy Boyd and West Beach Books, a new publishing inspired by Dan Poynter's publishing books and resources. Find out more about Randy, Uprising and West Beach Books here at West Beach Books Online. And stay tuned for future titles from us!"

USA Anytime Anyplace by Ercell H. Hoffman. Outskirts Anytime.
"A dark cloud follows Kithira Manoff. She lives in a neighborhood tht is rough and dangerous. She works at jobs where she is discrinimated aganst. No matter how hard she tries, she knows that others are jealous of her and want nothing more than to keep her down. The men who lust for, she is reviled by. The ones she cannot have, she fatasizes about. Hers is a tormented life--trapped beteen love and hate for the people who surround her, s well as for the community in which she lives."

Veil of Darkness, Book One of The Earthsoul Prophecies by Greg Park. 1499 North 950 West, Orem, UT 84057.
"Editions: 1 # in Print: 2000 Reviews: The Library Journal .. "richly detailed, belongs in most fantasy collections" Writer's Digest .. "fantastic drama" Leading Edge .. "beautifully crafted, well-crafted and engrossing""

Veils and Shadows - Can faith, determination, love overcome the power of the past, the treats of the present? by B. Jay Cannon. Barnes and Noble; Amazon.
"When ruggedly handsome Brad Carnahan saw stunningly beautiful Kerri Baldwin come into the gym, his intuition signaled a warning. She was either solidly married or though single, could mean trouble. Drawn into a relationship that he resisted, he sensed a veil protecting her past, only to finally realize there was a shroud over his past also. But neither of them could have known they would be fighting for life itself, struggling with stalking, assault, murder, an assassination attempt, and their own internal battle for faith itself. Threatening shadows of the present, dwarfing those of the past, descend on the promise of a beautiful romance. These heart-rending challenges demand the ultimate resources of two strong people caught in the vortex of evil. Bound in the web of love and hope, awed by coincidences that earmark their journey, tension takes them to the breaking point. Which will triumph, the human obsessions of that aggressive evil, or the mysterious coincidences of God's providence? "

Vendeka's Creed by Anthony Aquan-Assee.
"This fiction, fantasy novel takes a very unique look at the computer security problems we all face in today's highly technical world. It's about a world where Vendeka, the evil computer hacker, rules everyone, everywhere. And so begins the celebration of Jesse's uniqueness as he refuses to follow the Creed. To order please visit: or order from"

"Another spin on the Honored Society (Mafia). Although purely fictional, it was inspired by personal contacts with Mafia figures when the author was assigned to the Organized Crime Division of the NYPD. His focus was on those few Mafia bosses who truly believed in the positive aspects of the time-honored criminal organization. For them, supplying illicit liquor and gambling was considered a service to the demands of the general public. For them, drugs and murder for hire was a path that would lead to intense police scrutiny and the eventual downfall of their criminal enterprise. "

Vendetta--Sicilian Justice by Mike LaPaglia. or -----
"Most authors write flowering overviews of their works to intice you the reader. I'm not going to do that. Rather, I will say that I'm a retired NYPD Detective, and Sheriff who loves to write fiction--tapping into my real life experiences. Vendetta is a suspense filled saga about a boy from the mountains of Sicily who rises through the Mafia ranks in the U.S. after he learns that he has unknowingly living his life with a price on his head. If you like this spin on the Honored Society, you wont be disappointed. Mike LaPaglia"

Vengeance Is Mine by Helen Sanders. Little Red House Press 5965 Coahoma-Rich Road Rich, MS 38617.
"This is our debut novel, a psychological thriller. We hope to have the sequel out next summer. "

Vice Versa by Mary Christian.
"A fast-paced thriller, rife with exciting events. A St. Louis detective and his psychologist friend solve a series of murders, committed by a woman with dual personalities. Rated #1."

Vice Versa by Mary Christian.

Victim Selection Error by M. Todd Bayliss.,
"First in a series. A good old fashioned action story with a touch of romance. It's "Mack Bolan" taken to a higher literary level."

VIGIL/You Never Know Who's Watching You by Gina C.. P.O. Box 846, New York, NY 10025Cathedral Station.
"The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture describes VIGIL as: "Well written, fast paced... An action-packed thriller... An arresting and entertaining narrative.""

Virginia Primitive by Sallie Reynolds.
"The story of two women, black/white, past/present. "

virgins of death by T.W. Frederick.
"Espionage/terrorism novel free on line"

Vision by N. D. Hansen-Hill.
"In November, I joined a "book-in-a-month" challenge, and to my surprise, actually completed a novel in a month. I am now giving this book away, as a New Year's gift to my readers. I'm a 12-times published author, though Vision is actually my 14th book. I'm offering it as a free download in a variety of formats. There are no cookies, no tracking, and no forms to fill out. A few comments about the book have already come in: "I have spent HOURS reading VISION and it is FANTASTIC !! What a wonderful writer you are...It is exciting, filled with tension, horror, romance, humour, feeling, and science fiction that is so topical with gene tinkering etc. I could go on but I'm too tired! Need a break from this machine.
I am humble that I dare to call myself a writer when I muck about so much with my talent and you can do this in a month!!
Good luck, and please continue the great work. Thank you once again for letting me read it. What a story." by Glenda Leader, journalist, book reviewer, and playwright
"I love the story. It's positively riveting! I don't usually gush over other people's work, as it seems unprofessional, but this story I love!"
by Theresa King, featured in Out of the Shadows
"N D, Thank you so much for the copy, and the cover is stunning. I'm on the first chapter and I'm so impressed!!! (Notice the three exclaimation points??) You have a gorgeous, visual style that is wonderfully easy to read and the story and characterization pulls the reader perfectly into POV...Wow!!!"
by Jocelyn Guerette, romance novelist


Vision - a plain ole love story by Oluyemisi Olotu. P.O. Box 231040 Boston MA 02123.
"Synopsis: Vision is the tale of two African-American college students. Sarafina Jones is a junior in college with a passion for music. She is a DJ at her college radio station and also DJs parties on the weekends. Sarafina's main goal in life is to move to New York City and re-incarnate herself as DJ Funky S. Jones. However, her parents, who never completed high school, have insisted that she obtains a college degree. When she isn't counting the days left before graduation, she is deeply immersed in the Boston hip hop scene. Along the way, she hooks up with Benjamin Taylor Freeman, Ben-Taylor to his friends and family, a senior who is considered a catch among the campus women. Ben-Taylor does it all, he is writing an honors thesis, is very spiritual, and is a vocal community activist. Ben-Taylor is an avid history buff who strongly believes that in order to understand the future one must study the past. He brings this philosophy to the community organizations that he is a part of. His dream is to teach and use the knowledge of those who went before to break the cycle of oppression that his people are going through.First edition. 2,000 copies"

Visions and Lullabies by Gerald L. Johnson. P.O. Box 5263 Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003.
"A novel of personal liberation and transition. Four people find themselves fugitives in the wilds where the spirit of Mother Earth helps them get in touch with their true nature. It is then their part in the coming new age is revealed. First edition. Reader comments on Available at, select bookstores and libraries."

Voice of Conscience by Behcet Kaya.
"Voice of Conscience is a strong first novel, timely and challenging. Behcet Kaya is destined to become recognized for his classic approach to communicating a message with a solid plot and story line. As reviewed by Richard R. Blake in Midwest Book Review "

Voices of Brooklyn: Writings from The Women of Color Writers' Workshop by ed. Sheryl Levart, Margo Galpin, Anna Vasquez. 16 West 32nd Street, Suite 10A, New York, NY 10001.
"2nd Edition"

Void & Sky by Kyle Hemmings.

Voyage of the Blue Carbuncle by Carl L. Heifetz.
"Follow the brave crew of the space ship Clipper as they discover the entrance to a new universe. The clues ripped from an obscure gem lead them on an adventure that takes them through space and time. Join the members of the secretive Trade Guild of the Space Merchant Fleet as they combat adversaries who are intent on preventing the announcement of their discoveries to Planet Earth. Explore the daily lives of the Computer and its ship-mates as they go about their humdrum and humorous daily activities. Will they ever reach the Hedendome in one piece?"

WABLENICA (TALE OF A LAKOTAH ORPHAN) by Mary Kay Thill. Balance Books / PO Box 86/ Des Plaines, Il 60016.
"Wablenica offers the reader a sense of the contemporary lifestyle of an orphan caught up in the foster care system in Chicago. It presents some of the rich spiritual history of the Lakotah Indians along with a present day view of their struggles living on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. Wablenica recognizes the middle grade readers appetite for imagination and spirituality through the developing relationship Rose has with her Lakotah guardian angel, Ruli (Running Under Lightening). "

Wagons To The Past by Jean Hackensmith. same as above
""Wagons To The Past" is a time-travel romance, which takes a modern-day tourist wagon train back in time to the days when the REAL wagon trains headed west across the Great Divide. Heroine Rachel O'Conner is immediately attracted to the rugged and fearless wagon pilot, Luke Skinner, but can she leave him behind if the day comes when she must return to her own time? Filled with lots of action, adventure and romance!"

Waiting . . . & Other Stories by Ryan R. Ennis.
"A Midwesterner by birth, Ryan R. Ennis has traveled throughout the United States and uses these experiences in crafting his stories. In ten tautly written tales, the author examines the waiting game people often play in their lives. At the heart of each tale is the main character's dilemma of whether to act on their frustrations or fears, or let the others' characters' action decided the course of events. Included in this collection is "The Unnerving Armchair," which won Honorable Mention of the 2006 Tompkins Fiction Competition at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. "

Wake of the Raven by Graham Worthington.
"Wake of the Raven is a story of the world’s corruption, of forbidden desire and its awful consequences. In 1951 Stuart seeks to repair his broken marriage, and heads back to England in pursuit of his faithless wife. He must first cross the South China Sea to Singapore, a minor step in the voyage. But when an accident burdens him with the care of a precocious girl, the journey becomes a nightmarish odyssey through storm, desire and death. The mere hundred miles or so of sea is now an impassable barrier, confining him and his bitter thoughts to a narrow strip of sand and jungle, and he is reduced to an animal struggle for survival, with nothing but the girl and thoughts of the dead to help him. As Stuart strikes back at ill-fortune, evil wars in him with good, fear with ambition, desire with conscience. But when the girl’s greater problems arouse his sympathy, it seems that good will triumph, for he unselfishly promises his help. The result is a disaster that strides towards him fully armed, with disgrace, murder and suicide clenched in its fists. "

WAKING THE ANCIENTS: A NOVEL OF THE MOGOLLON RIM by Gail Wanman Holstein. Thundercloud Books, P.O. Box 97, Aspen, CO 81612.
"Mystery/thriller of Arizona. Rich guy turned idealist, disgusted with the materialism and spiritual drought of Phoenix, transplants his family into a spirit-haunted cave dwelling. He's backed up by a shrewd renegade archaeologist. The little tribe's only rebel is his wife, who's not so sure she wants the kids to grow up Anasazi. "

Walk Back The Cat by Pamela Binnings Ewen. Most book stores/Amazon/B&N.
"Walk Back The Cat is in the third printing. It's fast-paced suspense fiction--set primarily in 2006 in New York City. This is the story of a powerful Archbishop bent on revenge, and a young girl in the year 33AD determined to stop him. The Shroud of Turin is the link bending time and space to bind the two together. "

Walking Away by David Paul Michael. 110 S 3rd St St. Marys KS 66536.
"Excellent story - an easy read to change the way one looks at life"

Walking Fish: a Novel by Joanne Bodin.
"Walking Fish is a winner of the International Book Awards in Gay/Lesbian Fiction and a Finalist in the Best New Book category. It is also a finalist in the USA BEST BOOKS AWARDS 2011, and has received FINALIST status in four categories for the New Mexico Book Awards."

Waters of the Dancing Sky by Janet Kay.
""There is a land of the living and a land of the dead, and the bridge is love..." Thornton Wilder Sometimes you must tiptoe across that bridge linking this world with the next. Sometimes, it is the only way to put the twisted pieces of one's life back together again... Waters of the Dancing Sky is an inspirational love story/wilderness adventure set on the islands of Rainy Lake, along the Minnesota/Ontario international border. Reviews have been excellent, generating a 5-star rating on According to Dan Bacue, International Features Syndicate, "An elegantly told story filled with twists and turns, pain and tenderness, conflict and resolution. Touched by spirits of Native Americans long since passed from this world, emboldened by the majesty and magic of the North Woods, this is a story about the universality of life - a book about the magic of the human spirit and the often wisp-like will of the human mind. Highly recommended reading for lovers of life everywhere." Available in soft cover and Kindle formats. ISBN # 978-1-60594-278-0 For more information, access to my blog, and to win some nice promotional prizes, check out my website at "

Waters of the Dancing Sky by Janet Kay.
"ISBN # 978-1-60594-278-0 Published by Llumina Press, Sept 2009 Five star rating on "There is a land of the living and a land of the dead, and the bridge is love..." Thornton Wilder Sometimes you must tiptoe across that bridge linking this world with the next. Sometimes it's the only way to put the twisted pieces of one's life back together again. This is an inspirational love story, a soul journey, set on the wilderness islands of Rainy Lake, Minnesota."

Waters of the Dancing Sky by Janet Kay.
"Author Janet Kay's debut novel is earning rave reviews - and five star ratings on "Sometimes a novel comes along that weaves fiction, reality, dsire and inspiration together into a beautifully bound escape into another world. Waters of the Dancing Sky is one of those novels. It will keep you intrigued, inspired, and hopeful. The way the author intertwines reality with fiction simply leaves one to wonder if there aren't such beautiful possibilities out there for us all." Beverly Pechin, Reader Views "The hero seeking light in the fog of an unsettled past, in the swirl of a disturbing present, and finding courage to embrace the unknown future...all elements of a true mythic story. Such is the tale of Waters of the Dancing Sky by Janet Kay. Waters is a soul journey...that unfolds like a plot of a Hallmark movie." Frank Zufall, Spooner Advocate "

Wayward Brahmin: Tale of Sexual Lust, Philosophy. Space-Time, and a Man's Search for Meaning, by Harbhajan Singh Sandhu.
" Viewed thru the unique lens of an immigrant, Wayward Brahmin offers a candid, often erotic, thought provoking tale of a young man's struggle to cross a vast cultural bridge in search of a fulfilling life in America, all the while questioning the meaning of human existence. It is must-read for those interested in human sexuality, the nature of our universe, limitation of science, the philosophies of existence and afterlife. This novel is also available thru bookstores: Barnes & Noble, Borders and others;,"

We Us and Others by Ike Morah.

Wet My Mouth With Honey, Sweet, Sweet Fare For These Troubled Times by Eleanor B. Taylor. http:/
"A "sixtie's" novel of love, peace, adventure, and awakening. First edition. Print on demand."

What I do is taboo by YONDER.
"Great book in the erotic arena. Yonder currently has 3 books in the taboo series. Check them out they all are page turnes What I do is Taboo What I do is Taboo 2 Whai I do is Taboo III"

What if....A Black Cat Crosses by Rune Macey. Infinity Publishing. Buy Books on the Web
"Gothic tales of horror, murder and mayhem. Short stories of the supernatural and witchcraft. Uncertain endings, unpredictable and frightening. A must read for the horror buff."

WHAT WOULD SATAN DO? Fireside Chats with the Devil about Religion by Donald R. Copeland, Sr.. Donald R. Copeland, Sr P.O. Box 581 Newbern, TN 38059.
"What Would Satan Do? New Novel Is a Compelling Insight to Satan’s Evil Brilliance Newbem, Tennessee – (Release Date TBD) – Jesus Christ’s return to finally gather his faithful believers is a day well sunk into the mind of Satan. Foreseeing his end, Satan will never sit down and wait, but continues to unleash his sinister plots and dark tactics to lure man into hell. Donald Copeland’s What Would Satan Do? is an intriguing novel that peers into the hideous mind of Satan. Follow the story’s protagonist, Xristian, as he bravely descends into the depths of hell, to the innermost vile dwellings of fiends where Satan spews his wicked strategy to his chief demons. Face to face with the master of hell, Xristian battles Satan in a war of words and wit. Where human weapons are futile, Xristian is locked in a fight where the fundamentals of Christianity are pitted against the demonic doctrines of Satan. What Would Satan Do? is a thrilling novel and unprecedented odyssey into the wicked mind of Satan. With awesome depictions of hell, this book gives the reader a disturbing brush with Satan’s evil brilliance. What Would Satan Do? is a compelling fiction of thirteen awe-binding chapters of brilliant Socratic dialogue between good and pure evil. Author Donald Copeland creates a raw and thrilling fiction about Satan’s attacks on the fundamentals of Christianity. About the Author Donald R. Copeland Sr. moved away from Detroit, Michigan, a city he believed to be overwhelmed with immorality. He found liking to the hills of Tennessee, the place where he wanted to raise his family and get his Bible education. A preacher for fifteen years, he has studied the Bible extensively and has an understanding of Satanic insight from a Biblical perspective. Contact: Copeland studied at the Memphis School of Preaching from 1985 to 1987. His triple major at Freed-Hardeman University, Tennessee, skilled him in what he describes as the three facets of life: knowing what to say (Bible), how to say it (communication), and who to say it to (psychology). About Xlibris Xlibris is a publishing company based in Philadelphia and a strategic partner of Random House Ventures, LLC, and a subsidiary of Random House, Inc. Xlibris books can be purchased in any major bookstore, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders or Xlibris. For more information, contact Xlibris at (888) 795-4274 or on the web at "

WHATEVER IT TAKES by Gwynne Forster.
"Kensington Publishing Corp released WHATEVER IT TAKES in August 2005. As of September 21, 2005, the book is in its first printing."

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? by Charlotte Turnquist.
"Ms. Turnquist's debut novel is witty in the style of 84 Charing Cross Road, and as delightful as Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail are on film. Sure to strike a chord of recognition with thos afficionados of cyber introductions and dating. Single, bored, and not inclined to be creative, Paige Reese, writer and artist, browses the online personals and match making services on the Internet. She claims it's strictly for entertainment purposes. Is romance possible with a stranger met online just by scrolling through profiles and postings, and WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE in conventional dating and exchanging emails with a stranger? What's the Difference can be ordered through or or"

When a Man Hates a Woman by Lafosa Murray.

When Pasts Collide by Rod Summitt. Multi-Media Publications Inc., Box 58043, Rosslynn RPO, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, L1J 8L6. Fax: (905) 986-5777, Phone: (905) 986-5848.
"When successful bookstore owner, Shelly Keel, is returning to her home in Boston from a business trip, she recognizes a fellow passenger on her flight as David Street, the man that broke her heart ten years before. Although tempted, she resists confronting him and quickly goes about living her life which is very full except for love. A few weeks later Shelly comes face to face with David at a North Side restaurant. When David indicates to her that he would like to get together with her, she turns him down cold. David, a private detective, finds out where Shelly works and comes to see her at her store. Reluctantly, Shelly agrees to have lunch with him and hear his explanation of why he walked out of her life ten years before. David wants to reestablish a relationship with Shelly, but she wants no part of it."

When Pigs Fly by Bob Sanchez.
"When Pigs Fly is zany grown-up comedy. Midwest Book Review says, "Bob Sanchez writes like Carl Hiaasen on speed." Kirkus Discoveries calls it "A madcap criminal caper involving a $100-million lottery ticket and the quirkiest characters since Seinfeld." Reader Views "highly recommends this book for readers of any genre." Kaye Trout's Book Reviews says, "Besides the catchy tale of humorous, crazy characters and bizarre situations, a sweet thread of sensitivity weaves its way throughout these pages. Bob Sanchez is a consummate writer." This print-on-demand novel is an iUniverse Editor's Choice. The address just takes you to my Amazon page. Thanks! "

When Pigs Fly; A Journey Home by Susan Fries.
"Would you like to know where pigs go, when they fly? Would you like to know where you go, when you die? Follow Nicole on her journey home. She may be twelve years old, but the way is clear. Meet the friends she makes on this inspirational journey with great imagination. Online