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Success Stories

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Children's Books
10 Cool Things About Being a Ring Bearer by Penelope C. Paine. 817 Vincente Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.
"Helps a young Ring Bearer understand his role in wedding celebrations."

10 Neat Things About Being a Flower Girl by Penelope C. Paine. 817 Vincente Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.
"Helps a young Flower Girl understand her role in wedding celebrations."

10,000 White Horses by Betsy B. Lee.
"The book is available in English only or in English and Spanish on each page. Pretend to catch a wave and ride the white horses of the sea as 10,000 white horses go racing to shore, 10,000 white horses and more."

77 Creative Ways Kids Can serve by Sondra Clark. Wesleyan Publ 13300 Olio Rd. Fishers, IN 46037.
"18 year old Sondra Clark's seventh book, "77 Creative Ways Kids Can Serve" gives step-by-step directions for fun and meaningful volunteer projects.Children can select a volunteer project based on their interest and skills ranging from collecting used cell phones to walking dogs at an animal shelter."

A Boy Called Short Rock/ The Early Years by C. L. Threatt. 65 Twisted Oak Circle Odenville, AL 35120.

A Bucket full of Love by H. C. Wingert.
"1st edition of a book about how children perceive divorce and how they can cope with things they cannot control. "

A Day at the Beach. A seaside counting book from one to ten. by Sandy Seeley Walling. PO Box 1109, Yarmouth ME 04096.
"This remarkable book features brillantly colored images and a messages connecting numerals, the spelling of the numerals and the objects the numerals represent. A wonderful book for children aged 6m to 8y. A must have for children experiencing difficulty reading and sequencing."

A Day in the Life of Amanda by Judy Seaberry.

A Day To Remember by D.M. Renshaw.
"A Day To Remember is a book for children that is delightful to read. The stories are filled with good habits and little virtues that are seldom found in children's books. Learning how to care for a new pet, how to bake a cake, dealing with the death of a loved one, having a friend who is different, moving to the country, appreciation of family members, etc. Order this book for your favorite child 6-12 years of age."

A Gangsta's Life by Loretta L. Harris. Children's Heart Publishing Company; P.O. Box 679005 Orlando, FL 32867. Loretta L. Harris .
"Book Summary: While at school, Tyrone receives the news that his mother was found strangled to death on the living room floor of their apartment home. Tyrone goes through a series of life threatening events in an attempt to find his mother’s killer. "

A Girl Named Sam by Jennifer Hartinger. 550 Forest Park Blvd #309B Oxnard, Ca 93036.
"2 editions. 1 Hardcover and 1 Paperback. POD book so as many are order is any many are in print. "

a journey through the states by C. L. Threatt. 65 Twisted Oak Circle Odenville, AL 35120.

A Manatee Christmas by Tim Thomas. 390 S Tyndall PRKWY #336, Panama City, FL 32404.
"A Manatee Christmas Children’s Book Written, Illustrated & Self-Published by Tim Thomas A MANATEE CHRISTMAS is written and illustrated by Tim Thomas of Panama City, Florida. It is an environmentally correct children's book, of a young manatee that asks Santa Claus for a very special Christmas present. Written to the cadence of 'Twas the night before Christmas, the story depicts the everyday plight and dangers the Florida Manatee must endure to survive. Written for young readers and environmentally conscious adults. 8.5 x 11 in, 32-page, Full Color, Hardback. Magic Mirror Books, LLC 390 S Tyndall PRKWY #336 Panama City, FL 32404 toll Free 1(866) 512-6342"

A Mother's Promise by Lisa Humphrey. PO Box 1865, Bellevue, WA 98009.
"A MOTHERS PROMISE By Lisa Humphrey Illustrated by David Danioth 32pp, 9x9 HC, $15.95, ISBN 0-9701907-9-4 Few things are as precious as a mothers love for her child. In this thought-provoking/tender/endearing book, we share the anticipation of her babys birth as a mother vows, (note 3 as) When you are born& I promise to help you remember all you have forgotten. I promise the ocean& you will hear the beating of its heart against the shores. I promise the forests& you will share the whispers of their pines. Lisa Humphreys lyrical poem celebrates natures most sacred places in welcoming a new life to this world. Every mother desires the best for her child, not just in possessions and material wealth, but in love, honor, and respect -- for our fellow humans and for this beautiful world (Earth) that nurtures and protects us. Featuring David Danioths stunning artwork, A Mothers Promise is the perfect treasure for any person who delights in sharing the miracle of motherhood. "

A New Home for Honey by Tom C. Greer. P. O. Box 210577 Dallas, TX 75211.
"First in a series of five books about a special pet. Currently being submitted for numerous writing and illustration awards. "

A Perfect Nest for Mrs Mallard by Angela Cater. 52 Doncaster Avenue, Withington, Manchester, M20 1DJ, England.
"Last year, Mrs Mallard had great problems finding the perfect nest and learnt a lot not only from her experience but also that of the other birds on Platt Fields lake. This year, she is determined to find the perfect nest, safe and warm, for her ducklings to hatch in and a neighbouring school offers the ideal solution. Once the ducklings have hatched, she faces another problem. How will she get her young out of the secure courtyard and back to their home on the lake? Regular visitors to Platt Fields park will recognise many of the bird characters in this story and the book also contains many useful facts to help children identify the birds they see on the lake. "

A Rock Grows Up: The Pacific Northwest Up Close and Personal by Randi and Michael Goodrich. GeoQuest Publications, P. O. Box 1665, Lake Oswego, OR 97035.
"Description: Introduces earth science concepts in an appealing and easily comprehensible way for children at the elementary-middle school level. "

A Star From Grandma by Janet Mueller . P.O. Box 4707, Edwards, CO 81632.
""Review: ‘A Star From Grandma’ "With a secret message inside every apple, children of all ages will love and cherish their grandmothers forever. This book is as endearing as Robert Munsch’s Love You Forever." -Robert Aikens Verbatim Booksellers Please note: Children enjoy seeing the star found inside an apple after hearing this story and often ask to eat the apple. About the Author: Janet Mueller has an Elementary Education degree and is a mother of two young sons. Janet Mueller has a very special message she wants to share with children everywhere. She wants children to know that they are all important and special. In 'A Star From Grandma,' Janet Mueller highlights the importance of the unique relationship children can share with their grandparents. The idea of turning the hidden star into a gift from a grandmother was born out of Janet Mueller’s loving relationship with her own grandmothers. 'A Star From Grandma' is available from most bookstores,,, or directly from Stella Books, Inc. Stella Books, Inc., P.O. Box 4707, Edwards, CO 81632 (970) 926-7827 "

A Star Named Symphony by Kelly Meehan.
"A Star Named Symphony is about a young girl named Symphony, who meets a very far star that takes her on a journey of great exploration into the heart of the universe. Her journey starts with one simple question "can I be a star?" A voice echoes from the universe granting Symphony an answer that takes her on a spirited adventure of true imagination, and colorful discovery of the eternal star within. ("

A Time to Celebrate: A Celebration of a Girl's First Menstrual Period by Joan Morais. P.O. Box 3250 Fairfield, CA 94533.
"A Time to Celebrate is a book a mother, father sister, aunt, grandmother, friend or mentor can give to a girl to honor and acknowledge her first menstrual period. Portraying a positive picture of menstruation helps empower girls and teaches them to love, care for and respect their body helping them to make the right choices. Included in the book: an explanation of how the menstrual cycle works, wonderful ideas,charts and a journal. It is the perfect gift for a girl aged 8-16. "A Time to Celebrate is just splendid! Bless you for putting it all together in such a practical, uplifting, and straight forward way." -Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom"

A Very Special Athlete by Dale Bachman Flynn. 3104 O Street, #175, Sacramento, CA 95816.
"This colorful children's picture book tells the story of Adam, a young boy running in Special Olympics."

A Voice Came To Me - a children's book - for adults too! by Kathleen A. Johnson. P.O. Box 1437 Fair Oaks, CA 95628.
""This is a book with a poem about life. Both young and old will receive a positive way to face the world. This voice that spoke to Kathleen also speaks to all of us. Just be still and listen. Thanks Kathy - Love, Willie Nelson", --- Willie Nelson, Songwriter, Singer, Humanitarian “This is a book that is simple and profound for children. The beauty is Kathleen’s message has a huge impact on adults too. What more can we ask from a book? It has beauty, charm and is spiritually relevant." — Reverend Jim Lee, Minister, Board of Directors, Association of Unity Churches Summary: In the middle of the night, a comforting voice speaks to a sleeper. The voice advises the sleeper to be silent, be still and listen to herself. Then she will hear her spirit, who lives in and around her, and is the voice who can guide her the best. Magnificently illustrated - full color 40 pages, 11” X 8 1/2” landscape casebound with jacket ISBN: 978-09785623-0-4 Juvenile fiction – Spiritual life – Self esteem 'A Voice Came To Me'- available through or directly from Voice of Light Publications, P.O. Box 1437, Fair Oaks, CA 95628 - (916) 965-3046 "

Aaron Goes To The Shelter by Phyllis Nasta. PO 64863 Tucson Az 85728.
"Bi-lingual, Spanish/English, this is a story about a child and two siblings who deal with abuse, removal from home, placement in shelter , meeting a therapist and protective services social worker. The book, with its illustrations, promotes children in disclosing feelings about their abuse and neglect. Their is a workbook guide at the end that can be used by therapists to help children create a "life book" of their own, i.e., reveal their own story. Endorsed by Dr.James Garbarino and others. This book has been used in individual and group sessions with kids up to age 12. Feel free to contact author for specific examples of how the book helps kids. "

Abbie's Rival by Tracey Morait. 28 Dryleaze Road, Stapleton, Bristol, BS16 1HL, United Kingdom.
"Abbie is delighted when her glamorous French pen pal Colette pays a visit - until Colette meets Richard, the man Abbie loves! This book is set in the United Kingdom, and is for sale on all Amazon sites, Barnes and Noble, Blackwell, and other online sites around the world, starting at GBP £2.00. It is suitable for readers age 9-12."

Abbie's Rival by tracey morait.
"Abbie Palmer is ecstatic when she receives an e-mail from her beautiful French 'e-mate' Colette telling her she wants to visit in the summer holidays. Then Abbie realises Colette will find out she lied about her background, so she tries to put her off with a message saying she is going away for the summer. Unfortunately Colette doesn't get Abbie's message. She turns up unexpectedly and that's when Abbie's problems start. First of all Colette turns out to be an absolute stunner. She looks more like eighteen than sixteen and Abbie feels young and fat in comparison. Secondly Abbie has fallen in love with the gorgeous Richard Farnham, a young teaching student who is going to do his placement at Abbie's school, but Richard falls for Colette instead, even though Colette claims to be in love with someone else. Abbie is heartbroken, but tries not to let them know how she feels. Can she ever make Richard notice her, or will he be always out of reach?"

Adventures of Middle School...The Handbook by Al Jackson Jr.. PO Box 359 Harvest, AL 35749.
"This book and anti-bullying initiative is Al’s way of fighting back against those feelings of oppression. He continues to live life in-spite of the challenges he has faced and is determined to help other youth see that they too can overcome any obstacles they face and that they are all more alike than not."

Afindica: The Story of the Ethical Elephants by Catherine Warrington & David Middleton. Conch Press PO BOX 682 Pinner HA5 9NF.
"A stunning new book range that helps children identify with their personalities, and encourages them to find their 'herd' of elephants which consists of other children with different talents and abilities. For the 8 elephants of Afindica Catherine brought in her knowledge of personality archetypes drawn from Social Sciences and Homeopathy to highlight the positive potential of 8 key ways of ‘being’ in the world. "

African Folk Tales:Obiageli and Other Stories by Felicia Okeke-Ibezim. P.O. Box 470, New York, NY 10034. Ikebez!
"This is the first edition and it was published in 2006. I000 copies are currently in print."

AIR BABIES tm Characters Color Book by Pamela A. Bowers. P.O. Box 1572 Eagle, ID. 83616-9998.
"1st Edition self published"

Airplanes in the Garden : Monarch Butterflies Take Flight by Joan Calder. 302 Santa Anita Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.
"A young girl adopts two monarch caterpillars and follows them through metamorphosis. A fun to read story with science facts. The book includes an informative section, with maps of the monarch migration, helpful tips to grow your own butterfly-friendly garden and a butterfly song."

Albert Magpie and Timothy Rabbit in Clarry's Lost Pony Tail by Shirley Todd. PO. Box 79463, Royal Heights, Auckland 1008, New Zealand.
"This delightful children's book has been edited and endorsed by a well known New Zealand author,editor, and manuscript assessor. It has also been professionally proofread. No problems with supply as stock is always available. For further information, I invite you to visit my web site."

Alex and the Amazing Dr. Frankenslime by Margot Desannoy. 17939 Chatsworth St., # 241, Granada Hills, CA 91344.;
"Using her wealth of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist working with troubled children and teens, Margot Desannoy gives us an entertaining, enlightening look at the world of a twelve-year-old tomboy dealing with her father's alcoholism, her parents’ separation and what the process of healing through psychotherapy is really like. The well-researched appendices and lists of resources both for kids and parents offer extensive information about mental health issues. "Desannoy gently enlightens readers about psychiatric therapy as Alex finds healing through therapy and discovers what the process is like for children… The pain of a dysfunctional home life and the hope of a better family experience ring loudly to young readers, as the author tackles real-life hurt head on… She demonstrates a unique ability to understand the inner workings of troubled youth and works hard to create an authentic voice for her protagonist. Children will instantly relate to the main character’s viewpoint… Desannoy offers a clear picture of therapy, removing the fear or mystery that causes kids who need it to shy away… This book offers parents, teachers, and family counselors a useful resource and a fairly compelling read to offer children…" ForeWord Reviews "

Alex and The Amazing Lemonade Stand by Liz Scott Jay Scott Alex Scott. 267 Henley Road Wynnewood, PA 19096.
"Alex and The Amazing Lemonade Stand is the award winning book that tells the true story of a girl named Alex who opens a lemonade stand in her front yard to help sick kids. Her seemingly small idea turns into a grassroots movement that spread across the country and then around the world. Alex and The Amazing Lemonade Stand is the recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Award for the Best First Children's Book and a Mom's Choice Award from the Just For Mom Foundation. This book is sure to inspire the reader and is loved by people of all ages. "

Alex and Tony Help Stop Bullying by Antonee Boykin.

Alex and Tony Learn to be Gentlemen by Antonee Boykin.
"Alex and Tony are observant seven year old fraternal twin brothers who admire their parents and are constantly learning from each of them. One morning during breakfast when Tony finally decides to ask dad why he always pulls out a chair from under the table for mom to sit down, Alex and Tony both learn a valuable lesson about what it means to be a gentleman. "

Alexis McDougal starring in... by Darla J. Foxx. P.O. Box 9039 Wilmington, DE 19809.
"1st book of the Alexis McDougal Character Building and Life Skills Book Series teaching love, self-esteem, friendship, safety and awareness. In this book, Alexis finally becomes a 3rd grader at the Learning Academy. And, this is a REALLY BIG DEAL! "Because in 3rd grade you know just as much as your parents, I think!" She's also the most popular girl in the school. "That's because everybody loves my ideas for having lots of fun!" But just when Alexis thinks she has eveerything under control, she discovers that there is a lot more to learn. Does popularity really mean friendship? Along her journey of spiritual discovery, Alexis meets a new special friend that teaches her the true meaning of love and friendship, along with other character building life lessons."

Alice & Herman (the bedbug) by jerry L. Showman. 1700 N 10th st BAOkla 74012. n/a
"Great book for ages 3 to 10-11,bedtime stories I made up and told my children and now Grand kids"

Alice & Herman the bedbug by Jerry L. Showman. 1700 N 10th st. Alice & Herman
"This is the 1st book in this series & I am getting ready to start 2nd book, and it should be out sometime in 2013."

All the Birds I See by S. J. Brown. 472 East Burke Street, Martinsburg WV 25404.
"This children's picture book features actual photographs for 2 to 5 year olds to enjoy as they learn about birds. Written by wildlife photographer S. J. Brown to help amuse a four year old in a body cast,it is now available directly from the author to the general public. This colorful book has been well recieved by both parents and children. "

All the Birds I See by S. J. Brown. 472 East Burke Street, Martinsburg WV 25404.
"Originally written to help occupy a 4 year old in a body cast. All the Birds I See is now available to the general public directly from the author. Recommended for 2-5 year old. Retail is 4.75+ 1.00 shipping and handling. "

Alligators Overhead by C. Lee McKenzie.
"Kirkus Reviews McKenzie pens a swampy middle-grade story full of humor, hauntings, quirky characters and a mystery that continues to develop to the very end. A short, fun story that will excite both young and old imaginations. Full Review Here "

Alma and the Lost shoes by Lily Sparkletoon. .
"Can you help her find them? Join Alma Grace and her playful puppy Jenny on their adventure to piece together the mystery. Will they find her shoes, or will Alma Grace discover something even more important?"

Amazing Adventures on the Cowboy Trail by Monica B. Hay Cook. P.O. Box 64353.
"Amazing Adventures on the Cowboy Trail, a puzzle, game, activity, fun book for all those wannabe cowboys and cowgirls. Children learn about the cowboy life and the cattle too! Activities are great to do alone or with a partner, in a bunkhouse, on the trail, or around the campfire. Wannabe a cowboy? Pay attention, partner, to all the activities in the book, 'cause there's a quiz at the end. ($4.95)"

Ame the Elephant, Terrorized by Evil Mice by J. A. Louthain. Alexie Books, P. O. Box 3843, Carmel, IN 46082.
"Available just in time for the two-year anniversary of 9/11, this illustrated children's book helps young readers better understand the complexities of terrorism. Ame the elephant (represents America) was bitten on all four of his feet (the four planes) by "about 20" evil mice (the 19 terrorists, and now he must decide what he must do so he and his friends can sleep safely again. Read it aloud to those 7-8 years old or discuss it with the older kids in the 9-10 year old age group after they read it for themselves."

Amoeba Hop by Christine Lavin. Puddle Jump Press 763 Route 9W, Nyack, NY 10960.
"Amoeba Hop, written by award-winning folksinger/songwriter, Christine Lavin, has been described as a beautifully-illustrated, highly-entertaining exploration of the natural wonders (Al Duba, Earth and Planetary Sciences, American Museum of Natural History). The book has garnered high praise since its Fall 2003 release. The American Association for the Advancement of Science has given Amoeba Hop its highest rating in their publication SB&F (Science Books and Films, Jan/Feb 2004) and it is now the recipient of AAASs One of the Best Childrens Science Books of 2004 Award. The book has also been featured in the New York Times. "

An Angel's First Job by Carol Davis Gustke.
"Autumn Joy had just graduated from "Angel School" and was looking forward to receiving her first assignment. Maybe a newborn baby to watch over, or a sick little boy she could cheer up. Imagine her surprise when she was assigned to Forrest, a strong-will and often disobedient ten year old. From almost drowning in the swimming pool, to getting lost in the woods, Autumn Joy finally gets Forrests' attention and sets him on a new path."

An Angel's First Job by Carol Davis Gustke.
"An Angel's First Job, written by Carol Davis Gustke, will be available in August/September 2008. The twenty-three page book is published by Dragonfly Publishers and beautifully illustrated by Kim Sponaugle. Children and adults alike will enjoy the story line of a special angel, Autumn Joy, who just graduated from angel school and is assigned to watch over a mischievous ten year old boy named Forrest. What would the other angels in heaven think if she couldn't protect one little boy? This was her first job and she wanted to do it well. Delightfully entertaining with a surprise ending."

Angels of Faith by Claire Candy Hough.
"What really happens when we die? Where do we go? This insightful story, lovingly told and delightfully illustrated, takes us on a journey with the angels and guides us home again. More than a story just for children, 'Angels of Faith' will touch the hearts of all ages and teach us all ' not be so afraid of the dark.' Claire Candy Hough is a Reiki Master, Angel intuitive counselor and motivational and inspirational speaker based in Santa Barbara, California, USA. Having had two near-death experiences as a child, 'Angels of Faith' is more fact than fiction as Candy recounts images and memories of her own journey. "Prepare to be enlightened, inspired and uplifted!" "

Animal Stories of the Desert by Debbie Dehm.
" You can order one from my website using paypal or from or Barnes and My book includes three stories about lessons in friendship for ages 3-12."

Annabelle & the Domino by Elly Molina . PO Box 1520 Yelm, Wa. 98597 .
"Annabelle & the Domino, a beautifully written and illustrated children's book, inspires both young and old to explore the potential of their mind. Annabelle demonstrates what it takes to develop telekinetic abilities. Her commitment inspires us with possibility and we lean how much is available when we put our heart and soul into what truly matters to us. The story is inspired by the author's experiences while teaching in the Pacific Northwest."

AnnaMae and the Golden Treasure by ES Cauldwell. 685 South Zeeb Road.
"Received an excellent review from a former English school teacher who taught 8 to 18 year olds students and compared my paranormal mystery for middle schoolers as competition to Harry Potter and Shadow Dancer. He's a well-known thriller author, Geoff Nelder."

Anthony, the Ant by Andrea Hassell.
"Anthony, the Ant is the first character book of The Butterfly Series™ by Andrea Hassell. It is her goal to encourage students and parents through her books."

AnUnusualExperience by Kim Robinson. http:/
"Hi this is my first book. I am working on another, until i promote this one i cant work on the other. The theme in my book is Leader of the stairwell to stay Forever. It is a childrens book. It is in the range of age 9 to young adult, or would make a great movie. I wanted to shine a light for children to be leaders and not followers. Also it matters what is in your heart not the person itself. God bless Kimmie. "

Are We There Yet? by Alison Lester. Kane/Miller Book Publishers P.O. Box 8515 La Jolla, CA 92038 1-800-968-1930.
"Join Grace and her family on six months of adventure as they hit the road, camping, experiencing, and meeting all the people and places that make up Australia. Feed the quokkas in the west, camp under the boab trees in the Outback and go bushwalking in the Blue Mountains. Are We There Yet? is not simply a travelogue; it's a vivid, humorous, and warm account of a family on the road. Readers will love the true-to-life scenes of family interactions, and will enjoy traveling alongside Grace, her brothers, and her parents. 1-929132-73-5 $15.95 Hardcover with dust jacket Full color illustrations 32 pages"

Arlington's Dream by Diane McCarthy.
"Merit Award from Colorado Independent Publishing 2008."

As Good As New by Margaret Ratcliffe author/ teddie ciavola carboni art illustrator. not at this time.
"As Good As New by Margaret Ratcliffe author/ teddie ciavola carboni Bucks County Artist/Art Illustrator. A childrens storybook about steam engines shown and for sale at New Hope - Ivyland Railroad Gift Shop New Hope Pa also at the American Library in Paris France and the James A Michener Art Museum archives in Doylestown Pa"

Ava and The Magic Tutu by Sandi Bloomberg.
"A delightful story aboput a little girl with two left feet. When she discovers her famous grandmother's tutu in the bottom of an old trunk, the tattered piece of chiffon suddenly turns Ava into a prima ballerina. A true lesson in what finding a little self- confindence can do."

Avram's Gift by Margie Blumberg. 7831 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 312, Bethesda, Maryland 20814.
""A 2003 Notable Book for Younger Readers." -- Associaiton of Jewish Libraries Cleveland Jewish October 2003: The shofar's blasts will be even more meaningful after reading Avram's Gift by Margie Blumberg (Illus. by Laurie McGaw. MB Publishing, 2003, 48 pp., $17.95) and Arthur L. Finkel's The Easy Guide to Shofar Sounding (Torah Aura, 2002, 32 pp., $2.95 Paperback). The first is a handsomely illustrated storybook that combines a contemporary family's High Holiday observances with family history and an 8-year-old boy's decision to learn to sound the shofar that has been passed down to him from his great-great-grandfather. The Guide is amply illustrated with photographs and filled with "sound" advice. Both are for readers 8 years and older. Booklist October 2003: K-Gr. 1. Avram likes everything about his new house except the picture of his stern-looking namesake, his great-great-grandfather. He can't understand why his parents want to take the portrait out of the closet where it has been stored for years. The answer comes at Rosh Hashanah, when Avram hears his own beloved grandfather tell about Great-great-grandfather Avram in the Russian shtetl. It was he who taught Grandpa to "make music with his mouth" as if he were blowing the ram's horn shofar used during the holiday. The tale-within-a-tale comes full circle two years later when young Avram, inspired by his grandfather's story, blows the shofar at the holiday service. The story, which introduces some interesting holiday-specific terminology, is pretty light, but the painterly artwork is quite nice, adding a real sense of history. Connections across generations also come clear in a story that's as sweet as honey used for dipping apples. -Stephanie Zvirin [Note to readers: The reviewer mistakenly refers to Mark as Avram. While Mark's Yiddish name is indeed Avram, having been named for his great-great-grandfather, his given English name is Mark.] The Canadian Jewish News September 25, 2003: "A delightful, moving Rosh Hashanah story that teaches how each individual can deeply affect future generations. Exquisite watercolor illustrations by award-winning artist Laurie McGaw. Ages 8 and up." Jewish Book World Reviewed by Linda R. Silver December 2003: Mark is an eight-year-old whose affirmative attitude toward Judaism propels the plot of this well-illustrated chapter book. Just about the only thing that he doesn't like is a photo of an old, bearded, stern-looking man which his family reveres but that scares him. As the family prepares for and then observes Rosh Hashanah in the synagogue and at home, with food and friends and services woven joyfully into the story, Mark learns more about the old man, his great-great-grandfather, Avram. The tales that Mark's Grandpa Morris tells at the holiday dinner table flow backwards to his childhood when he was a boy of about Mark's age, then called Menashkeleh. They are familiar ones of shtetl life and immigration, revealing the stern-looking old man in the photograph to be the soul of kindness, whose gifts of love and a shofar traveled across time and space with Menashkeleh/Morris, who settled with his parents and sister in Baltimore. The full-color illustrations, which occur every few pages, are photographic in their realism and they capture the personalities and surroundings of both the modern family and the shtetl-dwellers to perfection. There is more, however. Once introduced to Grandpa Morris's zeyde, Mark is inspired to learn how to blow the shofar, Avram's gift that now belongs to him. Details about synagogues, about blowing the shofar and about its centrality to High Holiday synagogue services introduce an instructive element into the story. Time moves fluidly once again, this time forward to when Mark has just celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. He is asked to substitute for the shul's regular shofar blower on Yom Kippur and when he sounds the one great blast, " ge...dol...aaaa...ah" clear and strong, he imagines it sailing "to the very spot where his shofar came from, where his great-great-grandpa Avram sat..." An Afterword addresses readers directly, introducing them to Gary Stein, the real-life shofar-blower at B'nai Israel Congregation in Rockville, Maryland, encouraging them to learn to blow a shofar, and briefly suggesting ways for them to discover more about their own family histories. The story of Avram's Gift is imbued with a great deal of Yiddishkeit, told in a warm, earnest style that idealizes its subjects without distorting them. Mark is an unusually introspective eight-year-old but the illustrations allow readers of the same age to identify with him by showing him to be a typical American kid, with Senators, Orioles, and Colts pennants in his room, a contemporary looking house, family, and friends, and familiar toys. Librarians will do children, parents, teachers, and clergy a favor by connecting them with this affirmative book. For ages 8 - 10. Children's Literature Reviewed by Judy Chernak: How many of us have seen a portrait or photograph of some historical figure or ancestor with a stern look and a long beard and taken an immediate dislike to the scowling face? Mark has had a similar feeling towards his great-great-grandfather Avram, for whom he is named, since his earliest childhood. And, worse luck, that scary picture is slated to hang in the hallway right outside his bedroom in the new home thats almost built now. By contrast, Mark really loves his grandfather Morris, who will soon be coming for Rosh Hashanah. Mark learns about his grandfathers love for his own grandfather, the Avram in the picture, and about the gift he received from him as a young man leaving Europe for the New World, in this touching and intriguing story. The holiday traditions are nicely woven into the story of two Avrams, and they tie together with Marks dream of becoming a really good shofar blower in the synagogue, like Aaron Stein, who can blow a tekiah gedolah for 46 seconds. Artist Laurie McGaws pictures are flawlessone could step right into them and feel at home. Set in the authors hometown of Bethesda in suburban Washington, DC, with references to her original home in Baltimore, MD, the book is filled with details that keep the story authentic and nostalgic at the same time. A wonderful choice for those long holiday afternoons, its sure to spark questions about family history and legacies left to future generations. Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter Reviewed by Rachel Erlich Kamin, Temple Israel, West Bloomfield, Michigan February/March 2004: Avram's Gift is a Rosh Hashanah story, an immigrant story, and a story about contemporary Jewish life all in one beautifully illustrated chapter book bursting with Yiddishkeit. Eight-year-old Mark loves everything about his new house--everything except the portrait of his great-great-grandfather Avram. Why do his parents insist on hanging the old picture in their new house? Was Avram really as mean and stern as he looks in the picture? Mark learns to appreciate the picture of his great-great-grandfather after he learns more about him and about his great-grandfather's journey to America. Mark also realizes his dream of becoming the synagogue's shofar blower. Independent readers may find the two columns of text distracting and difficult; therefore, Avram's Gift will probably best be appreciated by parents and children who read the story together. They will learn about synagogues and shofar blowing with its centrality to the High Holy Day services. The glossary of Hebrew and Yiddish terms used throughout the story, including a pronunciation guide, is very complete and will be useful to readers unfamiliar with the language. For Grades 3 to 5. The Association of Jewish Libraries The New Jewish Values Finder Linda R. Silver, Editor Primary, Elementary: A well-illustrated short chapter book about an eight-year-old boy whose affirmative attitude towards Judaism and his family motivates him to learn to blow the shofar. The story interweaves the Rosh Hashanah observance of a modern Jewish family with shtetl ancestors, immigration, and High Holiday rituals in a Rockville, Maryland synagogue. McGaw's illustrations are photographically realistic and provide details that will enable middle grade readers to identify with the story. Subjects: * Family * Grandparents * High Holy days * Holidays * Immigration and emigration * Intergenerational relations * Jews in the United States - East * Rosh Hashanah * Shofar * Shtetl * Synagogues * Yom Kippur Values: In Englishfollowed by the Hebrew equivalent: * Acts of loving-kindnessGemilut hasadim * Beautifying the mitzvahHiddur mitzvah * Family relationshipsShalom bayit * Hearing the shofarLishmoa kol shofar * Honoring the agedKibud zekaynim * Hospitality, Welcoming guestsHachnasat orchim * Loving one's fellow JewsAhavat Yisrael * Peace in the homeShalom bayit * Pride of ancestryYachson ý ý ý ý "

Baby Dog Beans Comes Home: A Paul and Beans Adventure by Jennie Hale Book.,
"Paul has been an only dog his whole life, and he isn't sure he wants to share his parents or his toys with his new baby brother, Beans. Will Paul and Beans get along and learn to like each other? Join us for the beginning chapter in the wonderful new Paul and Beans Adventure series."

Baby Lauren and Theodore by Deborah Sherrell. P.O. Box 3398, Laguna Hills, CA 92654.
"This is an environmentally-friendly book printed on 50% and 100% recycled papers that were processed chlorine-free. It teaches on three levels and does not talk down to children."

Backyard Wonders by Nancy MacCoon. 419 N. Larchmont Blvd #265 LA, CA 90004.
"A great gift for every child! A fantastic book which introduces children to the magical creatures in their own backyard with enchanting illustrations and whimsical observations, mixed with educational facts."

Bailey's Day by Robert Haggerty. Amazon.
"What does your dog do when you go to work? This book tells the story of Bailey, and what she does after her owner goes to work. Many colorful illustrations and actual photos of Bailey. Available on Amazon and for Kindle."

Baker's Dozen by Josh Moorhead. 13386 Judy Ave NW, Uniontown OH 44685.
"For young adults: Discover the impact of 9/11 on a generation. Bakers Dozen is the story of a character and a generation, and of the character of a generation. It is the story of Justin Baker, a thoughtful yet whimsical high school senior whos living the best times of his life in the summer of 2001, and nervously anticipates the real world. Caught somewhere between who he wants to be, who others want him to be, and who he really is, he looks for purpose."

Barack Obama: A Hip Hop Tale of King's Dream come True by Caroline Brewer.
"Barack Obama: A Hip Hop Tale of King’s Dream Come True is a humorous and fictionalized rendering of the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. Its swift-moving rhymes, rhythm, and drama entertain, while educating young readers and listeners about one of the most important events in American and world history. It ultimately reveals President Obama’s powerful connection to the enduring legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Meant to be read aloud, with lines that can be sung to a beat. Reading fun for all ages. Teachers! This book meets 28 state language arts standards for grades K-8. Email to get the list. "

Barnyard Fables by Gloria Barber. PO Box 485, Gales Ferry, CT 06335.
"With the self-publication of this 54 page book, Gloria Barber, 77 years old, has fulfilled a life long dream. A delight to read, 3 stories in 1 book."

Battle of the Grandmas by Anthonette Klinkerman.
"2013 Reader's Favorite Bronze medal winner, Children's-General category"

Battles for Gold and Glory: Civil War Skirmishes in New Mexico Territory by Roberta Baxter.
""Battles for Gold and Glory: Civil War Skirmishes in New Mexico Territory" tells the story of Texan Confederates battling against Union troops and Volunteers from New Mexico and Colorado."

BeagleMania by Belinda Eaton.
"Title: BeagleMania Category: Books > Children > Animals Copyright Year: © 2003 ISBN: 1-4116-0490-3 Description: Take a Queen Beagle and two unruly beagle subjects... add a trio of frisky felines and ALOT of love and laughs, and what do you get?? An adventureous romp through the amazing Land of BEAGLEMANIA!! This story is about the ongoing fued between three beagles and several cats living in the same house. It gives a sneak preview into the animals minds and lets the reader imagine what their pets could be thinking and saying when no humans are watching! More information, including pictures, sneak previews, and ordering information, can be found at and Payment of $12.95 plus $3.85 priority s&h can be paid through one of these sites or by PayPal, or by Money Order. Please email me for Paypal Email address or physical address to send money orders to. "

Becoming George's Brother by Maria McCool. Rose Cottage Press, P.O. Box 483, North Versailles, PA 15137.
"Reviewers all agree that " 'Becoming George's Brother' is a heartwarming tale that offers a strong, inspirational message of family togetherness and working to overcome difficulties." (Midwest Book Review)WEEONES magazine says "If you like to read books that get your brain thinking, then this book is for you!" Thirty-two page, full color picture book, available in hardcover or paperback. Auhor received "Resounding Influences" award from Dickinson College for this book and her work preserving family legacies. "

Before the Saltwater Came by Wendy Wilson Billiot. 2715 Bayou DuLarge Road, Theriot, LA 70397.
"This book will be available to ship in January 2005. This is a first edition, hard cover, 32-page full color illustrations. First printing, 1000 copies Topic is America's Vanishing Wetlands"

Before You Were Born...Our Wish For A Baby by Janice Grimes. 21409 138th Street Webster IA 52355.
"Specialty children's books. These books help parents tell their child in a loving way, the special story that occurred before they were born. They are written for children conceived by various forms of assisted reproduction, including donor egg, sperm, embryo, gestational carrier and surrogacy. Versions are also available for children conceived by single mothers and fathers by choice, as well as female and male partners."

Beth's Fella by Frances D. Strong. Http:// Http://
"Visually impaired author, Frances Strong, tells about growing up on a farm in the 1950's. Her third book, Beth's Fella, is about the horse which she raised from a foal and her experiences during the 33 years of his life as she coped with tunnel vision. She had moments of despair, but she had a wonderful life. This inspirational story speaks to all ages although the 112 page book is marketed for ages 9-12. Excerpts and lesson plans are on the author’s website. She writes using voice technology only. "

Better Out Than In by Adam Wallace. PO Box 276 Blackburn South VIC 3130 AUSTRALIA.
"Better Out Than In covers all the great dinner party conversations at the kids' table. Yes, while the adults bore themselves silly with their talk of politics and religion, the kids crack themselves up telling gross stories, making fart noises, and showing each other the food that they're chewing. Better Out Than In is written by Adam Wallace, a qualified teacher and award winning children's story author."

Beyond the Gloesmur by Kathleen E. Deisher. 1741 Tallman Hollow Road.
" A stable boy and a flying horse pursue a mysterious quest with a beautiful by pampered princess from a faraway land. Read along as Princess Jondalyn journeys beyond the Gloesmur for an enchanting “once upon a time” tale of adventure. Beautifully illustrated with pen and ink drawings by the author, this juvenile fantasy adventure makes a wonderful read aloud book for the whole family. The reading level is upper elementary to adult. It is a high interest level book that is well received by reluctant readers. "

Big Brother by Tracey Morait.
"When his dad leaves for a job in New York Ash is left to cope with his drug-addicted, alcoholic mother Rhonda, who decides to move away from the life she hates in Bristol to her home town of Liverpool, taking Ash away from his school, his mates and his gran. Not only does Ash have problems at home with a harassing, demanding mother, he becomes the easy target of a gang of bullies at his new school, the Jessop crew, because he talks with a different accent and wears a hearing aid. Then one day Ash meets the mysterious Big Brother, who wants to help Ash seek revenge on the Jessops, but it seems Big Brother has an agenda of his own. Just why is he so keen to help Ash destroy his enemies, and where did he come from? The pair strike up a partnership Ash is very soon desperate to break; the problem is Big Brother refuses to let him go. This book is suitable for young teens aged 12+. Contains strong language and some violence."

BIG RIG RUSTLERS by Max Elliot Anderson. .
"Action-adventures and mysteries especially for boys 8 - 13. Now, from an author who hated to read...comes books kids hate to put down."

Bill of Rights for Children of Divorce by Phyllis Nasta. PO 64863 Tucson Az. 85728.
"This book lists rights and responsibilities of children whose parents have been divorced, and teaches parents how to maintain healthy communication during the stress of divorce and dealing with custody and visitation issues. Written from many group and individual sessions with kids, it is best for ages 7 and up."

Birds Against Doom and Danger and Destruction and Diabolical Idiots vs. Skippy and His Maniacal Paint Peeling Mechanism by Bill Knuth & Bryan A. Phelps.
"This is America's most unique and original children's book to come out in years. International crime fighting sea gulls battle diabolical villains in the first edition of a new series created by Bill Knuth and Bryan Phelps with intricate and humorous illustrations by Ron Grossi. They use their brains, brawn, savvy and their ultimate weapon - bird poop - to capture their villains. It is a must read for elementary school age children... and the adults will love it as well."

Blackjack by Ellen F. Feld. Willow Bend Publishing, 22A Mill Village Rd., S. Deerfield, MA 01373.
"Blackjack is an exciting young adult novel about a Morgan Horse and his young rider/owner. "

Blue Eagle Meets Double Trouble by Steven E. Jones & Steven E. Jones, Jr.. 5773 Woodway, PMB 190, Houston, TX 77057.
"Peaceful Valley is "a place way out beyond here and there where critters can roam with no people to care." But peace in the valley is interrupted when twin coyotes, Clem and Clod, charge into the valley to make trouble, expecting little resistance from the "helpless" small animals living there. With their protector away on a mission, the animals must deal with these two on their own. The award winning first book of this series, "The Ballad of Blue Eagle," introduced Blue and his friends in Peaceful Valley. In this book, the adventure goes back in time to show how one of the animals undergoes a life changing experience; and how all of the animals learn valuable life lessons. Written in a fun-to-read-aloud rhythm, this story entertains with suspense, surprise, excitement, and humor; delivering a positive, uplifting message to children of all ages. Presented in beautiful watercolor paintings, children will learn about teamwork, determination,and discover their own uniqueness. These stories are a collaboration of a father (author) and son (illustrator), and based on stories told by the author's father."

Bre'r Anancy and the Magic Pot by V.S. Russell. 914 S. Wilton Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90019.
""Bre'r Anancy and the Magic Pot" is a cautionary tale that shows us that our human weakness and deceit can destroy us, because of our greed and stupidity, or by putting our trust and confidence in the wrong people and things. This scenario is ever so argued and according to Ms. Lou, "Anancy shows in his stories the survival tactics employed by the weak in society in order to combat the strong." While for many more, "Anancy is just a lazy, lying, deceitful and envious, down-right wicked, good-for-nothing creature; nevertheless everyone agrees he is a loveable rascal.""

Brush Barry Brush by Linda Valderrama and illustrated by Sudi Memarzadeh . .
"The rate of tooth decay in the baby teeth of children ages 2-11 is on the rise. Tooth decay is the most prevalent yet mostly preventable childhood disease. This picture book is simple and bright. It carries the important message:Brush your teeth after you eat. Through vibrant and playful illustrations,stickers and brushing chart, this book will make teaching your young child this basic yet essential routine a fun and enjoyable experience. Together with your child, you will love reading Barry's story again and again. 32 pages, perfect binding,copyright 1/2011"

Bubs the Bumble and her most unfortunate, fortunate adventure by Joyce Graham Fogwill. www//
"Bubs the Bumblebee books by Joyce Graham Fogwill Bubs the Bumblebee Adventures use photography and imaginative stories to introduce children to nature, through the activities of bumblebees, other insects and spiders in the garden. These books, with their amazing color photographs and imaginative stories, are educational, informational and entertaining, encouraging children to read, observe and ask questions about the natural world. “I love to watch small, often overlooked insect interactions in nature. The stories developed as I observed and photographed the bumblebees and other insects in the garden.” Books recommended for children ages 6-10 "

Bubs the Bumblebee and the Spider's Web by Joyce Graham Fogwill.
"Bubs the Bumblebee books by Joyce Graham Fogwill Bubs the Bumblebee Adventures use photography and imaginative stories to introduce children to nature, through the activities of bumblebees, other insects and spiders in the garden. These books, with their amazing color photographs and imaginative stories, are educational, informational and entertaining, encouraging children to read, observe and ask questions about the natural world. “I love to watch small, often overlooked insect interactions in nature. The stories developed as I observed and photographed the bumblebees and other insects in the garden.” Books recommended for children ages 6-10 "

Bubs the Bumblebee and the Spider's Web by Joyce Graham Fogwill.

Buddy, the Blue-Tail Bunny by Laura Szabo.
" "Buddy" has been well-received in the Lehigh Valley among young readers as well as their parents and teachers."

Buddy, the Blue-Tail Bunny by Laura Szabo.

Buddy, the Blue-Tail Bunny by Laura Szabo.
" Buddy is a story for all ages - one that parents and children can enjoy together; with an important message for everyone! "

Building Character by Betty Ward Cain.
"Give your child a fun way to build character. This is a book of devotions, scripture studies, recipes, songs and craft activities for children ages 8-12. Children who make Bible study and prayer a part of their daily life will build character. There are 118 pages in soft cover for only $14.95. There are many craft activities children can do without assistance. A great gift for any child any age. Teachers, home schoolers, boys and girls club leaders, children's ministers and more would love this book. "

Bumba Lumba by Mango. Mango Inc.75-5719 Alii Dr.#311,Kailua Kona,HI 96740.
"The charming story about a young dragon with beautiful illustrations Hardcover Picture Book includes Softcover Coloring Book"

Buz Words: Discovering Words in Pairs (TM) by Maria Felicia Kelley. P.O. Box 64, Morgan Hill, CA 95038.
"Award-Winning Finalist,, Best Books Awards, Category: Education--PreK-12"

Buzzy Ghent Mysteries The Attic's Hidden Secret by Ed J. Horton. Pleasant Word Publishing, PO Box 428, Enumclaw, WA 98022.
"Paperback, ISBN 1-4141-0516-9. First book in the Buzzy Ghent Mysteries series for middle-grade readers. Are you ready to join three twelve-year-old friends in solving an exciting whodunit? This roller coaster-paced story is filled with mysterious clues, heart-thumping escapes, and a money-hungry villain. With a passion for solving mysteries, feisty twelve-year-old Buzzy Ghent, with the help of her friends Blister and Suhas, has found a journal in the attic of an ancient building. The dusty old journal tells of stolen money and Buzzy is determined to find it! What’s the significance of Amos Fromley’s clue pointing to a secret basement room? Who is trying to stop the kids—at any cost—from finding the hidden money? Join the adventures as Buzzy and friends unravel these mysteries while learning the importance of trust!"

Buzzy Ghent Mysteries: Missing At Camp Winni by Ed J. Horton. Pleasant Word Publishing, PO Box 428, Enumclaw, WA 98022..
""Paperback, ISBN 1-4141-0776-5. Buzzy Ghent loves solving mysteries, and she and her friends, Blister and Suhas, love camping. They get their fill of both in this tale which involves racing, running, rain, and ridiculously bad camp food. In the midst of their unofficial investigation, Blister disappears, Buzzy’s chased by a wild animal, and Suhas accidentally stumbles upon a hidden cave entrance. They all learn a lot about truth while they try to solve the mystery of the missing items from the camp.""

Cackleberries - Eggbee's Dream by Joh Nichols. Cackleberry Press, 1510 Main St., PMB 232, PO Box 5000, Oroville, WA 98844.
"Cackleberries is a colorful series of children's stories geared for readers age 6 - 10. Cackleberries are creatures with avian origins who live in the natural world. The "Welcome to Oville" mat has been laid out by Eggbee and his cackleberry pals, who offer fun and adventure in every book. Eggbee's Dream 0-9686876-0-1, the first book in the series, introduces a young cackleberry named Eggbee and his favorite superhero, Pouleteer. Together they work to rescue the rare turquoise tortoise from the Chicken Queen’s clutches. What follows is an exciting adventure in the unique world of Eggbee’s dream. Available from most online booksellers or through the website. Full color artwork, 32 pp, pb, $5.95 "

Cackleberries - Rockhopper Rangers Map The Town by Joh Nichols, Ken Rolston, illustrator. Cackleberry Press, 1510 Main St., PMB 232, PO Box 5000, Oroville, WA 98844.
"Cackleberries is a colorful series of children's stories geared for readers age 6 - 10. Cackleberries are creatures with avian origins who live in the natural world. The "Welcome to Oville" mat has been laid out by Eggbee and his cackleberry pals, who offer fun and adventure in every book. Rockhopper Rangers Map The Town 0-9686876-2-8 - Eggbee and his fellow Rockhopper Rangers, Speckles, Albu and Aubie, explore Oville. Their team project is to make a map of the town. From the hills surrounding the Happytime Meadow to the tower of treasure at Kluttermonk’s Corner, will they find their way or will their map become a maze? Available from most online booksellers or from the website. Full color artwork, 32 pp, pb, $5.95"

Cackleberries - Search For Cackasaurus by Joh Nichols, Ken Rolston, illustrator. Cackleberry Press, 1510 Main St., PMB 232, PO Box 5000, Oroville, WA 98844.
"Cackleberries is a colorful series of children's stories geared for readers age 6 - 10. Cackleberries are creatures with avian origins who live in the natural world. The "Welcome to Oville" mat has been laid out by Eggbee and his cackleberry pals, who offer fun and adventure in every book. Search For Cackasaurus 0-9686876-3-6 - Eggbee and his friends set out in search of a mythical prehistoric creature. Action abounds in their journey of discovery. Will the young cackleberries find the elusive Cackasaurus and rewrite the Theory of Ovalution? Available from most online booksellers or from the website. Full color artwork, 32 pp, pb, $5.95"

Caeden Goes To Daycare by L.S. Coffman. 1523 Morris Ave., Suite 330.
"Two-year-old Caeden is embarking on his first day in daycare. What he imagines it to be and what it turns out to be are very different. Illustrations also by L.S. Coffman $5.95 plus $2.50 ship./handling. Michigan residents also add 6% sales tax. Order from author website: or email author at"

Caleb's Birthday Wish by David Villanueva.
"Caleb's Birthday Wish (published in 2006 by A Better Be Write), is a delightful story about a little boy in a wheelchair who wishes that he could fly. Caleb's Birthday Wish was nominated for a Cybils award in 2006."

Calendar Friends by Jackie Randel and Diane Allen.
"Calendar Friends was published July 2005. It is a unique book designed to help children learn the days and months of the year in a colorful, interactive presentation. The book is educational, yet has endearing giraffes and rhymes designed to captivate young readers, and encourage them to learn and have fun at the same time. "

Can I have some money? [children's book series] by Candi Sparks . http:///
"CAN I HAVE SOME MONEY? book series and workshops are for those born with a plastic spoon in their mouths who want more for their kids! It is teaching kids and families about money with the brain & the emotions in mind. 3 Volumes are available. Reviews on author's site and at Local workshops for schools, pta and parent / community organizations. Author also has content on kids and money at the various ages and stages @ "

Can You See Her? by Pauline Cormier. Box 220 Levack,ON P0M 2C0.
"This is a story about a brother and sister trying to get along. There is a little doggie, Daisy, that must be found in every picture. The font is big for the kids, making it easy for them to read. The pictures are uniquely drawn with young children in mind. The author, Pauline, is available for work shops and storytimes. Feel free to check out her web site where contact can be made. Thank you! "

"Based on a childrens musical and made into a critical thinking reader with vocabulary/spelling words and critical thinking questions."

Caribbean Capers by Joan and Marco Santomenna. 220 Compass Ave, Beachwood, NJ 08722.
"Published May 2002. 0964340720 "Written after the style of the Hardy Boys books, Caribbean Capers is a high-speed adventure for boys 8-14. Modern pirates and personal challenges result maturity and friendship. The hills and seas the US Virgin Islands serve as an backdrop for the adventure and add history and enviroment to the mystery and excitement. "

Caribbean Capers by Joan & Marco Santomenna. WindSpirit Publishing.
"First edition, 2500 in print, lots of nice reviews, never attempted any awards. We're just a family who love and lived in the Caribbean. We couldn't resist writing a tale of adventure for kids (8-13). Caribbean Capers (0964340720)is a fast moving adventure about boys who outwit modern pirates attempting steal a US nuclear submarine. Starting off as strangers from different backgrounds, they grow together toward manhood. A fun book about real places and real possibilities, Caribbean Capers can be followed on foot by those visiting St John, USVI. We wrote Caribbean Capers in a format that encourages the reluctant reader while entertaining both young and old"

Casey Cougar by Ronald J. & Diana J. meyer. P.O. Box 107, Oxford, MI 48371-0107.
"Author Ronald Meyer has created his most engaging story yet with the adventures of a precocious cougar named Casey. Vibrant photographs entice the reader to continue turning the pages as Casey develops from an energetic young cub into an independent adult living in America's national parks. Whether you are sitting in a cabin in the northwoods or in an urban classrom, Casey Cougar has something to offer readers of all ages. While young children will enjoy Casey's colorful images and dialogue, parents may choose to explore how family relationships develop, even in the wild! For educators, Casey Cougar is the perfect springboard to engage students in discussions about range, habitat, food chains and life cycles. Casey's story, with sound scientific information, lends itself to creating word walls, graphic organizers and inquiry-based lessons."

Cash, Credit, and Your Finances: The Teen Years by Jill Russo Foster. P O Box 814, Norwalk, CT 06852-0814.
"Jill Russo Foster introduces teenagers to the basic concepts of managing mony, budgeting, managing credit and debt, paying for college education, and making major purchases."

Cecil Learns To Smile by Charlotte Bucher. 2253 South Alton Way, Denver,CO 80231.
"Read about a small green tree frog who is being teased and bullied by the other frogs in his polywog school. Discover how he learns how to smile, and in doing so overcomes his lonesome existance and gains friends. A modern fairy tale, charmingly illustrated in watercolor. Both soft cover and casebound are offered. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. A new discount price will soon be available. "

Chicken Balloons - Eggman #1
"For Ages 7-11 1st edition fiction/fantasy Children & Animals help each other "

Chicken Wing by Christine Young-Robinson.
"Read what happens whenever Mykala's grandma calls her chicken Wing. Its a cute story of a little girl's love for her grandmother's chicken wings and the value of sharing-Tee C. Royal, THE RAWSISTAZ Reviewers Christine Young-Robinson is the recipent of the Carrie McCray Award (Honorable Mention) for her first book, Isra the Butterfly Gets Caught For Show And Tell (teaches the value of being a good listener). "

Christmas Dream by Karen Barron Smith.
"Ist edition Christmas book set in the 1940's with realistic illustrations and a heartwarming storyline that is sure to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home. Look also for it by doing a search on Amazon: Karen Barron Smith "

Christmas Traditions for Children by Betty Cain.
"Start family Christmas traditions. This is a book of devotions, poems, crafts and activities for children to experience Christmas in a meaningful way. There are patterns to make a Chrismon tree, advent wreath and decorations for Christmas. There are 100 pages of softcover for only $14.95. A great Christmas gift for Christian families, parents, grandparents, teachers, home schoolers, boys and girls club leaders, children's ministers or anyone who interacts with children. "

CIRCUS FEVER by Alva Sachs. Three Wishes Publishing Company 26500 West Agoura Road/Suite 102-754 Calabasas, CA 91302.
"2009 NATIONAL INDIE AWARD FINALIST CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOK IRWIN AWARD(INDUSTRY RECOGNITION OF WRITERS IN THE NEWS)BOOK PUBLICISTS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 2008 HOLLYWOOD BOOK FESTIVAL CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOK FINALIST Jessica has a BIG imagination and an even BIGGER love for clowns! The circus is coming to her town, and she can't wait to go. There are lots of surprises waiting for her and YOU! What happens to Jessica under the BIG TOP is an adventure she will never forget! "

Clayton's Path by Brett Bishop. 2110 Slaughter Ln. Ste 115, PMB 184, Austin, TX 78748.
"A heartwarming children’s story, manifests the spirit of children struggling to overcome the sense of being different. Clayton, a kind, but exuberant pack mule, sometimes annoys his friends as they wind there way down the canyon trials. His impulsiveness and social awkwardness leave him feeling rejected by his friends. When his antics separate him from the pack, Clayton follows a new path and with the help of an old man, discovers new talents along the way. The story encourages children to explore their own path and parents to recognize their child’s potential. "

Colleen's Doll House by Lee Ann Butler-Owens.
" First edition-Audio CD:ISBN 0975852906 Book Reviews: I highly recommend this learning sensitive audio tale. This creative program is wonderful for children and adults. Colleens Dollhouse fills a niche that has not yet been filled & Myrlie Evers- Williams- NAACP Chairman 1996-1998 "Four Star Production..." Spectrum Productions Keep them coming! This lady writes with a true emotion for life and lifes lessons. She has much to offer all children, all families, and all students of life. Best regards in your writing pursuits& Give us more& Brent Albert -Brentwood Elementary Sarasota, Florida A delightful audio tale for imaginative children& John Tolbert, Childrens review Magazine A marvelous method of teaching children to share& Cathy Melchish, ABC Toddler House Makes starting school less intimidating& Lindsay Croft, Teachers Monthly "

"Take a magical journey around the world this Christmas with your children and family. Forget about the woes of the world with this delightful Christmas story about a young girl overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle during Christmas time. Collista loses faith in Christmas and writes a plea to Santa Claus for help. Santa replies by sending her a Guardian Angel named Brianna to help her re-discover the true meaning of Christmas. Collista and Brianna embark on an adventure that takes them around the world for a magical journey that you won't forget."

Come Along With Me, (A Gracie Book, Vol 1) by Linda Lee Schell.
"Enter a world you won't want to leave."

Counting 1-10 in American Sign Language(ASL) by Joan and Allen Silvey. PO Box 5171 Goodyear, AZ 85338-5171. .
"Edition: 1st March 2005 Number in print: 3,000 ISBN: 0-9762446-0-8 First book in the Help Me Learn Series Retail Price: $5.95 High Quality/Sturdy/Center Sewn/Hard Cover Numbers/Vocabulary/Color illustrations An interactive book designed to help families with hearing loss learn to communicate better with each other.Easy to follow sign demonstrations, large,bold text for those with vision impairment."

Court of Foxes by BrianLux.
"Was the Wales region winner in 2007 of a national novel competition, with a cash prize and publication. Published 2008, and Longlisted for Wales childrens book 2009. A fantasy story,fast moving, plenty of action, set in Wales,aimed at reluctant boy readers, target age 9-12years, though adults are buying. Would love to have a USA review. This is first edition. "

Cowboys and Kinfolk by Connie Brown. Jon Lord 2784 Signal Hill Drive S.W. Calgary Alberta Canada T3H 2L9.
" WONDERFUL compilation of humourous stories, cowboy poetry, homespun verse, photo's and illustrations from "Grandma Brown" - a real farmwife/school marm who raised 7 children of her own and taught many more, while carving out a living from an original homestead deep in the bush of rural Alberta, Canada. In this book you will find down-home true-life stories, poems and tales that range from hilarious side-splitters to heart-wrenching dramas, recanting the celebrations, the tears, and the witty observations of a most unusual and astonishingly authentic pioneer. This is the book that launched Grandma Brown on her new career, winning instant accolades and a wide following in rural Alberta where she is now regarded as one of our most beloved cowboy poets "from the old school". "Grandma Brown" has presented at such places as the world famous Calgary Stampede and the Lakedell Summerfestival (where she was honored as Queen of the event), and is now working on yet another book for her series. $15.00 U.S. includes shipping and handling for North America - add $5.00 more for elsewhere. Credit cards w/expiry date, cheques or money order welcome - for more info. email"

Creepy Chicago: A Ghosthunter's Tales of the City's Scariest Sites by Ursula Bielski. Lake Claremont Press: 4650 N. Rockwell St., Chicago, IL 60625.
"A tour through the world's biggest ghost town for readers ages 8-12. Chicago's history is full of scary stories, terrible fires, hard times, and the toughest gangsters ever known. What's more, Chicagoans have always loved to tell of terrifying events that happenedand still happento ordinary people. Hitchhiking phantoms, mysterious handprints, perfectly preserved corpses: tales of these and other oddities are told every day in each of the city's neighborhoods, making Chicago's supernatural folklore some of the strangest in the world. But this folklore tells more than mere ghost stories; it tells a lot about the many kinds of people that have livedand diedin this endlessly intriguing city. "

Critter Crew with Melody Lou: Alphabet Songs by Christine Burnett; illusrator Kathy Voerg. 129 Bremmer St., Richland, WA 99352.
"Kids learn the alphabet sounds quickly and easily with these 26 memorable, interactive songs. It's never been so easy--or so fun-- to learn the letter sounds and begin to read!"

Cross-Stripe: A Christmas Miracle on Route 66 by Cheryl M. Gower. 2312 Osprey Cove, Fort Mohave AZ 86426.
"This is a story that weaves in the legend of how the burro got its spots and takes place in Oatman, AZ. A little burro, javalina and roadrunner team up to do something special for Christmas, and in turn something special is done to them--the miracles. The author is a former elementary teacher who is continuing to teach the importance and fun of reading with her books. Included is a vocabulary list and reading comprehension activities for parents and children."

Cross-Stripe: Bolt And The Bed Races by Cheryl M. Gower. 2312 Osprey Cove, Fort Mohave AZ 86426.
"This is the second book in the Cross-Stripe series. A burro, javelina and roadrunner have many desert adventures which culminate in the Oatman Bed Races."

Crumbs on the Stairs; Migas en las escaleras - A Mystery by Karl Beckstrand. 648 W. Wasatch St., Midvale, UT 84047, USA.
"Beckstrand's Mini Mysteries for Minors series continues with more laughs, learning and family fun! WHERE did all the crumbs come from? ¿De dónde vienen estas migajas? A activity picture book with full text and pronunciation guide in both English and Spanish, Crumbs on the Stairs has counting and finding activities, simple words for early readers, and vivid illustrations to aid language learning at any age (2 years & up). Get this book in Spanish-only or English-only (with pronunciation guide—plus ONLINE FUN!): 24-page, perfect bound 8”x10” soft cover picture book with Hispanic character, 95 words, Premio Publishing & Gozo Books, LLC (second printing! worldwide rights 2011), available via (SEE INSIDE! contact for hard cover), Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Follett Library Resources/BWI Title Wave, Brodart,, Kindle/, and select retailers Un misterio divertido para cualquier edad (2 años y arriba); Aprenda a contar y aprenda sobre el valor de compartir. Incluye actividades de búsqueda, una guía de pronunciación en ingles y español, y dibujos vividos para ayudar con el vocabulario. Pida este libro únicamente en español o ingles (más online FUN!): Libro con dibujos y protagonista Hispano, 24 paginas, 8”x10” tapa blanda, 95 palabras, ISBN: 978-0977606597, JNF020010 "

Crushed by Frances Lynn.
"Crushed is published by Eiworth Publishing. "

Cyrus and The Magic Ring by Terry McAnally.
"This is the first of three books written and the only children's book, my main skill in writing is in mystery. The second book is called Shadow Walkers which should be completed in 2005, I have not completed book three Murder by Order that should be completed late 2005 or early 2006."

Dance Jam Productions by Celise Downs. 2343 W. Claremont St. Phx, AZ 85015.
"For Young Adults, ages 13-18, grades 8-12"

Daniel the Spaniel by Jim Nagy.
"This is the first book in the Daniel the Spaniel series. In this book the main characters are introduced. Daniel the Spaniel is a stuffed, toy cocker spaniel living in a toy store when tomboy Becky buys and takes him home. Together they have adventures that are fueled by Becky’s great imagination. The books are narrated from Daniel’s point of view. Becky asks Daniel questions that she doesn’t hear the answers to– but as readers, we do. She definitely feels the love from her new friend. In future books they find themselves taking cross country bike rides and enjoying adventures such as space walks. Jim Nagy is an national/international award-winning Art Director from Nisswa, Minnesota. “...Sure to become a child’s favorite “Read to Me!” book or first reader.” –Lake Country Journal Magazine November/December 2010"

Danny's Dragon: A Story of Wartime Loss by Janet Muirhead Hill. Raven Publishing,Inc, PO Box 2866, Norris, MT 59745.
"Danny's Dragon, A Story of Wartime Loss (0977252507, Raven Publishing, Inc, June 2006): 10-year-old Danny Branahan, son of a Montana rancher, is bereft when his father is sent to Iraq—and killed. In denial, Danny imagines the horse his father gave him is a dragon who can bring his father home. Financial strain forces Danny, his mother, and 16-year-old sister to move to Denver, where he meets an Iraqi classmate whose losses are far greater and, in time, healing. A Best Books 2006 Children's Fiction Finalist"

Dear Master Dragon by By Alva Sachs/Illustrated by Patricia Krebs.
"Dear Master Dragon receives 2013 Book of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine! Synopsis: Danny Dragon decides to write a letter to The Master Dragon for help. Why would Danny need help? Will The Master Dragon write him back, or will he have to solve his problems by himself? Join Danny on his adventure as he discovers what it is like to be a REAL dragon."

Deuce Diggity, That's My Dog! by K. Kalyaan Davis.
"Hi all, i purchased this book for my son who is 9 years old and LOVES DOGS . When he read this book omg it was like telling the story of his own dog . I love how there is a page in the middle of book where you can draw or write down any type of notes etc and be sure to use a eraseable ink or a pencil so you that you can keep using that page.. I would love if the author made a series of books using Duece Diggity on new adventures ...I would definitely recommend this book to others for their little one.. Brian C. "

Diamonds by Lana Frank.
"THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW: "DIAMONDS" is an explanation of diamonds and their origins aimed at yponger readers from Lana Frank,filled with full color photographs and plenty of diamond facts all troughout. A fine pick for kids-science collectios, "DIAMONDS" is a gem all its own,highly recommended."

Diamonds by Lana Frank. 1287 E.Newport Center Drive #202 Deerfield Beach FL 33442.
"Category: Children book, ages 6-9 Type: Non-fiction, informative Edition: A new book ISBN: 978-0-9665854-8-3"

Diary of a Dinsoaur by Mike Esola.
"Stan is your everyday sixth grader. He goes to school, plays sports, dislikes math, is terrified of girls, and has one pretty cool iPhone. However, there are two challenges he faces that make his life difficult, to say the least. First, he's a little Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to make a name for himself in a world populated by humans. Second, his life is being ruined by a fellow sixth grader named Benny who seems to have it out for him. Will Stan make it through sixth grade or will Benny continue to ruin his life? Read about his adventures in Diary of a Dinosaur: The Attack of Benny. "This is a great book that both kids and parents will enjoy." -PREHISTORIC CHANNEL To purchase DIARY OF A DINOSAUR: "

different, but the same by C. L. Threatt. 65 Twisted Oak Circle Odenville, AL 35120.

DILLO - A Baby Armadillo's Adventure on Sanibel Island by Kyle L. MIller. 736 Cardium St., Sanibel, FL 33957.
"Nominated 2007 "Angels of the Arts" award for Literary Artist of the Year. ISBN-10: 0-9769332-0-9 - 16.95 8x11, hardcover, 64 watercolor illustrated pages, 14 chapters First edition, first printing, 3000 Ages 5-10. features 12 species of wildlife in an enthralling story. A teachers and students favorite."

DILLO - A Baby Armadillo's Adventure on Sanibel Island by Kyle L. Miller. 736 Cardium St..
"Author nominated for the 2007 Angels of the Arts Award for Literary Artist of the year in Lee County, Florida. Top 10 best selling books on Sanibel Island, Florida. November, 2005, first edition. Hardcover,64 fully illustrated pages (Randon T. Eddy, illustrator) 14 chapters, 6-10 yrs., grades 2-5. Retail - 16.95 ISBN - 0-9769332-0-9 Not just a story of survival, but one of friendship, trust, bravery, and wisdom. DILLO teaches kids a lot about life."

Do You Know a Hero? by Dr. Jean A. Lukesh. Field Mouse Productions.
"Children's picture book about a primary level class studying everyday heroes in their home and community."

Don't Eat the Bluebonnets by Ellen Leventhal and Ellen Rothberg illustrator Bill Megenhardt.
"A delightful story about a cow named Sue Ellen who just can't resist the temptation of the bluebonnets so she eats them all. When they don't come back the next year and everyone is mad had her, she goes through a trial and error process to get the bluebonnets to come back to her favorite pasture."

Dr. Duncan Dog on Duty! by Lisa Dunn-Dern.
""Dr. Duncan Dog on Duty" features a family's therapy dog that visits children in the hospital every week and helps them get through their hospital stay. Although we found a publisher (Visikid Books), we found Dan Poynter's book invaluable in helping us make decisions every step of the way. We recommend it to everyone. "

Dr. Little, Trois abécédaires et plus, English • Español • Français by Sylvia Hawkins Little. Epic Press; P. O. Box 41624; Austin, Texas 78714-1624.
"Une introduction à l'alphabet français. Les jeunes lecteurs apprennent à identifier les nourritures, les animaux et les objets qui leur sont familiers en trois langues. Savoir parler plus d'une langue enrichit le vocabulaire, améliore les résultats académiques et ouvre de nombreuses portes. "

Dr. Little’s Tri-Alphabets and More English · Español · Français by Sylvia Hawkins Little.
"An “a, b, c” introduction to English, Spanish, and French. Readers will learn to identify familiar foods, animals and objects in all three languages. Knowing more than one language enriches vocabulary, improves academic performance, and enhances future work options. A TRI-LINGUAL BOOK ISBN-13: 978-0980106107"

Dra. Little, Tres abecedarios y más, English • Español • Français by Dr. Sylvia Hawkins Little. Epic Press; P. O. Box 41624; Austin, Texas 78714-1624.
"ISBN: 978-0-9801061-2-1; English Language Edition was 2009 Moonbeam Children's Book Medalist; Una introducción de los abecedarios inglés, español y francés. Los lectores aprenderán a identificar los alimentos, los animales y los objetos de su vida diaria en los tres idiomas. Saber más de un idioma enriquece el vocabulario, mejora el funcionamiento académico y realza futuras oportunidades profesionales."

Dragonta Legacy #1 - Diamond Island by Linh Giang with Paul Sanchez.

Dreams to Dance in Moonlight, Ways of Seeing, Feeling & Imagining by Peter C. Stone.
"“Playful, artful, and at times, profound…” —Linda Booth Sweeney, EdD, author of Connected Wisdom, Living Stories About Living Systems Celebrating the natural world and its symbols, Dreams to Dance in Moonlight is a playful way to nurture the creative spirit in all of us. It asks, “How does your imagination bloom?” and the story will fire up a dialogue between children, parents, and teachers. With visual-thinking strategies for drawing and writing, this book offers lyrical prose and painterly riddles to engage young readers, while its magical creatures and environments call for inventive attention and stewardship. Beautifully illustrated with the author’s “dreamy…evocative” (School Library Journal) paintings, every page contains a story. Wolves, tigers, cows, and condors stare back from gorgeous landscapes, challenging readers: When is what you see much more than what you think you see? When you awake! “This simple yet profound book of poetry, imagery, and challenge will serve as a portal through which a child may become reacquainted with his or her imagination that may one day develop into a mature and confident enthusiasm.” —Peter S. Dean, Professor of Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies, Rhode Island School of Design"

Earl the Earthworm Digs for His Life by Tim Magner. 2200 E. Devon Ave, #340, Des Plaines, IL 60018.
"Earl the Earthworm Digs for His Life The story about the coming-of-age of a simple earthworm captures the attention of the youngest reader and won't let go. From his first wiggle, Earl takes us deep into his world, and together we explore his surroundings and learn about his connections to nature. 32 pages, hardcover, ages 4-8 The book, Earl the Earthworm Digs for His Life, is a beautiful resource for teachers and parents who want to share the natural world with children. The delightful stories and captivating illustrations appeal to children of all ages while the sub-text provides meaningful information about the natural world for the adult who wants to broaden their knowledge, including how to compost with worms. —VIcki L Stoecklin, M.S. Ed, Education & Child Development Director, White Hutchinson Learning Group An entertaining book for the child being read to and for the adult doing the reading, each learning at their level as they read together, each feeling Earl's struggle and delighting as he struggles his place in the world. Earl the Earthworm is a delightful read that brings young and old alike a little closer to the interconnection and fecundity of life. A must-read! —The Green Mama"

Eat & Drink Your ABCs by Crystal L. Grose.

Education Through Creation Series by James Lynn Marks. Seventh Sun productions 17737 County Highway 45 Walnut Grove, MN 56180 1-507-859-2080.
"See website for remarks and letters concerning eight book series. Books are currently in over 28 states and four countries in less then 6 months. Series promotes a positive self-image and teach morals and values in a thought provoking way for both child and adult. Principals in books are universal to all children and are multi-cultural. Website includes author information."

EEK! I Hear a Squeak and the Scurrying of Little Feet by Lavelle Carlson. 201 Woodland Park, Georgetown, TX 78628.
"How many parents have put a child back to bed several times in one night? How many children have played upon their parents' inability to stand firm and keep the child in bed? This humorous story will be enjoyed by both the parents and children as they go back and forth to find the mice and in the end, hopefully, get the child to remain in bed. EEK! comes with an interactive CD-ROM with highlighted words read by a professional. The book was written by a speech-language pathologist and illustrated by an award-winning illustrator."

EEK! I Hear a Squeak and the Scurrying of Little Feet by Lavelle Carlson. 201 Woodland Park, Georgetown, TX 78628.
"Hardcover storybook and interactive CD-ROM with words highlighted and read. How many parents have put a child back to bed several times in one night? How many children have played upon their parents' inability to stand firm and keep the child in bed? This colorful and humorous story will be enjoyed by both the parents and children as they go back and forth to find the mice and in the end, hopefully, get the child to remain in bed. "

Emily's Best Birthday Party Ever! by Mary Nestor-Harper. P.O. Box 1794, Savannah, GA 31402.
"New children's book about Emily's birthday party disaster and how her mom helped her through the disappointment, showed her how to use her imagination and a few found objects to make it the best birthday party ever! Fifty full-color pages, including all the birthday party games, birthday cake and instructions for making the "Inspiration-Imagination" hats. Available on, B&,, and Paperback and Kindle/Nook versions available. "

Emma Lea's First Tea Ceremony by Written by Babette Donaldson & Illustrated by Jerianne Van Dikj. P.O. Box 2137, Nevada City, CA 95959.
"Emma Lea's friend Sam invites her to his home for a Japanese way of tea. "

Emma Lea's First Tea Party by Written by Babette Donaldson - Illustrated by Jerianne Van Dijk. P.O. Box 2137, Nevada City, CA 95959.
"Emma Lea is invited to her grandmother's annual tea party. She is excited to be included in the grown-up tradition. But hurt feelings must be resolved when Grammy places her at a small table with art projects. "Tea is for everyone!" And she becomes instrumental in broadening the annual event to include the entire family. Hardcover, jacketed $16.95"

Emma Lea's Magic Teapot by Written by Babette Donaldson & Illustrated by Jerianne Van Dijk. P.O. Box 2137, Nevada City, CA 95959.
"Emma Lea dreams that the teapot her grandmother gave her is as magic as Aladdin's Lamp. "

ENNY NIGHT LIGHT'S ADVENTURE by John Harrington Burns. 891 W. Yosemite Dr. Meridian, ID 83646 USA.
"In FIRST BITE, Burns stretches his limits yet again to create an eminently satisfying read. Moving stories of human tragedy and triumph. A fine sense of humor and a subtle wit. Ventures into the supernatural, science fiction and mythology. His story-telling hand grows surer with each book, and he's told me more are on the way. I'm not at all surprised, and I'm thrilled to hear it. He's a rising star in short story writing, and he only gets better with each book. And, to carry on with what I said in my previous review, you'll find more ideas in these two short story collections than you'll find in the careers of many novelists. Burns can give you an entire world in a few broad strokes and then move on before the paint is dry. -"

Epiworld by Tracey Morait.
"Britain 2099. All human diseases have been eradicated by genetic cleansing, but there are still people who are 'unclean' and locked away in institutions. Travis is one of them, until one day Dr Alexander helps him to escape to a world where nothing makes sense. Travis has powerful seizures which take him and his new friend Demi on a quest through time to seek and destroy Chase, the man he hates. Along the way he has to deal with shocks, surprises, traumas, and death, until at last he ends up on a beach, where his fate will finally be decided. This book is suitable for young teens age 12+"

Eugie's Rainbow by Debbie Powell Smith. 4757 E. Greenway Rd., Ste. 103, Box 46, Phoenix, AZ 85032.
"Childhood Friends, Inc. is a new publishing company that creates literature for ages 3 through 9, designed to encourage reading while enlightening young minds. We currently have four titles that evoke a child's inner feelings and emotions, as well as helping them to expand their own thoughts and imagination. Our books are in the process of being listed in a variety of on-line bookstores,publishing and author directories,and we will soon have our books sold in local Zany Brainy stores. We are also in the midst of working to distrubute our books through a variety of bookstores. We do presentations and author visits for schools and other child affiliated organizations, as well as work with a number of children's charities. A description of our books can be found on our website. Eugie's Rainbow however is a wonderful story that entertains the imagination. It is about an adorable caterpiller named Eugie who loves to watch the beautiful butterflies dance about in his meadow. When he is one day picked up by the wind, he finds himself landing in a wonderful rainbow filled with magnificent colors. Travel with Eugie as he experiences unique and colorful worlds that take him on a journey which leads to a dream come true."

Everyday Heroes by Monica A. Moore. 106 Calms Way, Rougemont, NC 27572.
"First time author living her lifetime dream creates a warm and touching story spoken in a teen voice during graduation services. He reflects back to the 4th grade, a time in his life he learned the most valuable lessons in school and his life. It was a learning experience on how to help others that are being bullied, how everyone goes through bad times and how friends can help. He learned about giving back to the community and when you educate children regarding charity, you teach them important life lessons. The kind that will stay with them forever."

Face and Body Painting by Michelle Gonzalez. 268 Village Run West Encinitas Ca. 92024.

Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane. 10 Toon Lane ,Lee, NH 03824.
"What would happen if you built a house for fairies to live in? Would they come to visit? Fascinated by the array of fairy shelters made of bark, seashells and other natural material, Kristen sets out to build a fairy house in the woods. Little does she realize that Nature wants to get in on the act with her own set of characters! Each time, as Kristen checks on her fairy house, there is an unexpected visitor! The illustrations are irresistable, enhancing the readers anticipation of what will happen next, right up to the surprize ending. The book concludes with a section on how to create your own fairy house. The book Fairy Houses was the inspiration for the multi award-winning children's video, Kristen's Fairy House, which is also available. Our products are availble thru Phone 1-800-397-7641 or on our website Fairy Houses is a 40 page,hardcover picture book. Ages 3 and up. Price is $15.95. size is 11x8.5" Isbn:0-9708104-5-8 LCCN: 2001116687. This is first edition."

Faith's Cat Coloring Book by Ronald G. Smythe. P.O.Box 2205 MPLS,MN. 55402-2205.
"Attention! Faith's Cat Coloring Book #1 is now being sent out World-Wide to all hospitals for children everywhere. To date over 7000 books have been printed, and it has been sent out to Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, England, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Bahamas, Japan and many others. Any suggestions or email contacts would be greatly appreciated. This is a free hospital edition to be sent electronically directly to hospitals. Those who cannot receive the book electronically will be mailed a free disc to print books for patients use while there. go to (or) { This book is dedicated to my Dad, David W. (Sr.) who taught me how to draw when I was little. He was a WWII vet, carpenter, inventor, artist, & my best friend in the whole world.} Faith's Cat Coloring Book is now being sent free to help with spreading smiles. (Testimonials from hospitals and people who have received our 1st book) “Looks like a great project and I applaud your efforts to help children.” Dan Poynter, Parapublishing “Your story is really special and what you are doing to help children in the hospital. The books will be well used and smiles will be spread.” Sarah Wagner, CLLS/URS Child-life dept. University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital “It is always nice to be able to offer our patients fun activities during their stay.” Aimee Olsen, Child life Department, Shriners Hospital for Children “Great coloring books! We really like them and have liked handing them out to kids!” Nursing staff, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare “Thank you very much for the Beautiful coloring books!” (Unknown) Thank-you card from Children’s Hospital’s "Your gift makes a difference. Thank you for your generous support." Kent E. Eklund, President, Fairview Foundation "Because of donations like yours we are able to offer services, activities and programs that can make a real difference in the lives of kids coping with illness." Dana Stroth, Secretary, Child-Family Life Services, University of Minnesota Medical Center Children's Hospital, Fairview (Riverside & University Campus) "Through the generosity of friends like you, Children's is able to provide exceptional family-centered care and unique programs and services to patients." Kimberly Snyder, Vice President, Children's Foundation, Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota "On behalf of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Thank you for your kindness and generosity." Rebecca Farrell, Director of Donor Services, St. Jude Place "Thank You! Your drawings are GREAT!" Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Clinic, P.A. Shoreview Medical Center “I will transfer the book to my contacts (nurses, social workers, psychologies) in the paediatric hospitals, here, in Brussels where we have several hospitals with specific units specialized for very sick children.” Emmanuelle Vanbesien, Coordinatrice Hospichild Coordinatrice, Brussels, Belgium “I have passed it to our Play department who will keep a copy of your book there." Sam Phillips, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, UK “Thank you very much for the coloring book, I’m sure it will bring hours of enjoyment for the children. I will pass it onto the departments for their use.” Milica Milic / Fundraising for Children’s Hospital, Westmead, NSW, Australia “Thank you so much for thinking of our families here at the Ronald McDonald House Charities.” Anna Williams, Ronald McDonald House Charities “They are beautiful drawings that I am sure will nourish the imagination of many a young one whilst they color in." Debbie Shiell, The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, (Melbourne), Parkville, Victoria, Australia “Thank you so much for your free copy.” Emma Orpin, Evalina Children’s Heart Organization Ltd, Chatham, UK “Thank you for your donation. I have passed it over to the Head Nurse in our Children’s Hospital.” Mrs. Dickson PALS Officer, UK “We provide care to children with orthopedic conditions which will require many of our patients to stay for a long time. With your generous gift we are able to provide our patients with more opportunities to grow.” Alison Fox, Shriners Hospital for Children -Twin Cities "I know they will enjoy these pages and as a cat person myself, I particularly enjoy it. Thank you for thinking of the children here at Shriners." Mary McCauley, Donations Coordinator/Shriners Hospital for Children®-Chicago "We are so fortunate to have friends like you. Your thoughtfulness will help provide comfort and support in the treatment of our children. It is wonderful to know that our future is made brighter, because you care!" Kevin Miller, KJM/mp Shriners Hospitals for Children, St. Louis, MO. "We are grateful for the support of enthusiastic individuals, such as you, who are especially attentive to the needs of our children." Androniki Tsoybariotis, Nurse Manager, Hopitaux Shriners, Shriners Hospitals, Montreal, ( Quebec ), Canada "Thank you for the role you play in helping Shriners Hospitals for Children carry out our mission of changing the world through caring for kids." Vanessa R. Mosley, CFRE, Director of Development, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Cincinnati, Ohio "Thank you for your support and kindness to our hospital." Christopher Cole, Director of Development, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Los Angeles, CA "I have received the disk containing the free copy of Faith’s Cat Coloring Book for Shriners Hospitals for Children Galveston. I have printed multiple copies to circulate to the patients throughout our facility and I wanted to personally thank you for thinking of us here in Galveston, TX. I’m sure your work will be enjoyed by many of our patients and families." Heather Domenick, CCLS, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Galveston, Texas, Child Life Department "Thank you for this very generous donation! This is an awesome thing that you do, and is actually right in line with what our foundation is hoping to achieve." Christine Serene, President, Michael's Dream Foundation Inc. "I received your CD and letter today and handed this off to our Director of Nursing.Thank you so much for thinking of us!" Emmanuelle Rondeau, Chef, communications et marketing, Communications & Marketing Manager, Hôpitaux Shriners pour enfants®- Canada "Thank you very much for the colouring book and disc that arrived safely at our hospital yesterday. It is very kind and thoughtful of you to send it to us as lots of our children enjoy colouring. " Christine Turner, Senior Play Specialist Office (Kamran's Ward), John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford, UK "

Families are Forever by Shemin/Capone.
"Families are Forever is the first in a series of children's books confronting issues of adoption and multi-cultural family life. This exciting book chronicles on girl's heartwarming and fascinating journey from China to America and into the arms of her loving mom and extended family. Narrated by Rain a six-year old adopted Chinese girl, this color-bursting tale is a story about family love and formation that will touch adults and tickle children."

Father Junipero Serra's Journey by Jerry Jones. 32 Landing, Laguna Niguel, Ca92677.
"Father Junipero Serra, the founder of the California missions, and his small party are stranded by darkness on a desolate mountain road. Threatened by cold and the possibility of wild animals and even bandits, the good Padre receives help from a kindly yet mysterious family. Who were they and how did they happen to be in such a remote area? This is left to the perception of the reader. A dramatization of what is purportedly a true story, the book is aimed at children 8-10 years old and is fully illustrated in color. 24 pages with soft cover."

Finders Keepers? A True Story in India by Robert Arnett. AtmanPress, 2104 Cherokee Avenue, Columbus, GA 31906.
"Finders Keepers? has won: •The Independent Publisher Outstanding Books of the Year Award •Mom’s Choice Award for Best Children’s Educational Picture Book •The Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal for Multicultural Book •The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Finders Keepers? was inspired by the honesty of a young boy in India who found the author’s lost wallet and could not understand why he should be rewarded for returning to Arnett what was his. The concept of accepting a reward for doing the right thing made no sense to him! The book includes engaging character-building questions, facts on India, glossary, pronunciations of Indian words, and craft activity. For ages 7-12 ISBN: 978-0965290081 "

FluffN'Tumble in the Yard by Tom Boisvert.. Apricot Lily Publishing 15 Cherry St. Hyannis Ma 02601.
"A 52 page,25 four color illustrated rhyming children's book delightful to look at delightful to read.Published by Apricot Lily Publishing.Dedicated to make believe."

For the Love of Vincent by Brenda V Northeast. 36 Maltarra RD, Munno Para, South Australia, Australia 5115.
""For the love of Vincent" my first children's picture book, is on bringing the joy of art appreciation to children and the young at heart. Discover the joy and enthusiasm that comes from following the recreated art of the old master impressionists with Vincent Van Bear, and his associate artists in the series. "For the love of Auguste"(Renoir) For the love of Claude" (Monet)and soon "Bearsgallery Alphabet Book". These special series leaves one with the endearment of beauty and the imagination. A true collectors item. Published in Hardcover and soft cover. Auguste available from the author on her website or email address. Also released in Spanish and French."

for the love of vincent by BRENDA V NORTHEAST.

Forced Journey by John Duncklee. 1990 East Lohman, Ste.225, Las Cruces, NM 88001.

Fox and the Mountain -A Parable by Scott and Camber Simson.
"Fox and the Mountain is a beautiful children’s book, that has a very special message to inspire children to have faith, work hard, and believe that they can achieve anything that they are willing to set their minds to, regardless of the fear and negativity that surrounds each of us today. "Fox found himself thinking about the fruit again....He wanted some so badly for his family... ...Fox knew he couldn't give up. He had to find a way." "

Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog by Barbara Gail Techel.
"A true, inspirational story about a dog whose life started out just like any other dog walking on all four paws until a spinal injury leaves her paralyzed. Frankie is custom fit for a wheelchair and learns to keep on rolling. Her zest for life will have you cheering and she will give you hope that all things are possible. Frankie will leave an everlasting and loving paw print on your heart. A book for all ages to teach overcoming challenges and also compassion for the physically challenged. "

Freddie Q. Freckle by Midge Messinger. Century Book Distribution, Inc. 814 Boon, Traverse City, MI 49686.
"Freddie Q. Freckle is the unique story of a little girl named Susie who finds a scared, tired and cold freckle with nowhere to go and offers him a place to live "right here on my hand.""

Freddy Fox by Ronald J. Meyer. P.O. Box 107, Oxford, MI 48371-0107.
"Freddy Fox is a 9" x 12", 32 page full color childrens book. It is written by wildlife photographer Ron Meyer and illustrated with his photography. The children learn about the Red Fox, its family structure (mother, father, Freddy and his sister Frannie), where they live, what they eat, etc. Then the story transitions over to teach Freddy his lessons through the other animals; the bear eats a balanced diet, the raccoon washes his hands before he eats, the owl asks questions, etc. This is a book for the whole family. Young children will be facinated by the large color pictures, then it becomes an early reader and lastly the adults are also captivated by the color photography. This wonderful book was first published in March 2005 and is now in its second printing."

Free Puppies by Phyllis Meckley. Outskirts
"This short book is for children and young adults, ages 10+. The story revolves around a young boy who is "adopted" by a pregnant stray dog and what he and his family go through to find homes for the puppies. Realistic fiction."

Friends ...til Cows Wear Lipstick by Emalou King. 100 N. Rodeo Gulch Rd. #185.
"Just released. For ages 12-100. Sequel to "Sleeping Upside-Down" ages 8 & up. Both autographed books can be ordered on web site with Pay pal."

From Growlies to Bleats / (How to be All the Ewe Can Be) by Sally Pierson Dillon and Sharon Dalton Williams. P.O. Box 1196, Laurel, MD 20725-1196.
"Does this sound like you? Are you trying and trying to be a good Christian and yet you keep failing? Do you sit in church each week wondering why everyone else around you is so excited about the Bible? Have you ever felt like a wolf in sheep's clothing? Mary the Wolf understands exactly how you feel! Join her as she makes the journey to becoming a real sheep. Walk with her as she struggles with her fear of the Shepherd and her acceptance that the Shepherd really can make her into a real sheep. Be there as she realizes that only the Shepherd can keep her a real sheep. Readers of all ages, from the littlest children to oldest adults, enjoy this story. Read "From Growlies to Bleats" and learn how our Shepherd, Jesus, feels about you! "

Frosty: The Adventures of a Morgan Horse by Ellen F. Feld. Willow Bend Publishing, 22A Mill Village Road, S. Deerfield, MA 01373.
"Frosty is the exciting sequel to Blackjack. The story reunites the characters from the first book and also introduces a rare gray Morgan named Frosty. "

Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures - The Mysterious Intruder by Dawn Marie Carlson. website.
"Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures - The Mysterious Intruder is a fun dog story for children of all ages. Help Fuzzy and Romeo and the members of 'The Pooch Club' solve the mystery! This ebook is available on my website and while the paperback version is in production. This is the first book in this series of fun adventures."

GALS! (TM) Girls As Leaders! (TM) by Christine .

Goalden Girl by Tracey Morait. 28 Dryleaze Road, Stapleton, Bristol, BS16 1HL, United Kingdom.
"Gemma does all she can to start a soccer team for the girls at her new school, but has to overcome the opposition of the boys, led by Tyrone Collins. This book is set in the United Kingdom, and is for sale on all Amazon sites, Barnes and Noble, Blackwell and other online sites around the world, starting at GBP £3.00. It is suitable for children age 9-12."

God is Color by Susan Schanerman.
"God is Color portrays important basic truths about life, spirit, color and the world in which we live ... in a way that any one at any age can easily understand. "A delightful must read for all ages..." "Every parent should read this book with their children..." "

GOD'S JEWEL by Audrey Lee Otenbaker. 33758 King Richard Dr., Sterling Heights, MI. 48310.
""GOD'S JEWEL" is about a bird that goes up to heaven each day to talk with God. This adventure grows through the four season changes of Michigan's climate. The bird has questions and God has all the answers. It is a story for children 3-12 but also has been read by Seniors, shut-ins, Christians, Jews and is intended for the enjoyment of all who hold God in the center of their world. This book is constructed of heavy stock with a wipe clean cover. It has 15 appealing colored pictures and large print in an 8 1/2x11 size, with 48 pages of entertainment in stories that are also a suttle teaching aid for youngsters."

Goin' To The Zoo/Vamos Al Zoologico by William J Adams. 124 Meridian Avenue.
"Reviews on our website"

Goofus Feathers: Feeling the Power Within by J. L. McBride, Author; M. David Williams, Illustrator.
"If your elementary school-age child, grandchild or student is being bullied, tickle their resilience with some goofus feathers. Elementary school counselor, Amy, posted this review of "Goofus Feathers" on Amazon. "......Teaching kids coping skills and resiliency are two of the most powerful tools against bullying. This book, in a fun, creative, and fanciful way helps impart these tools. Kids learn about why other kids bully which helps them to manage and understand better their own responses and emotions. At the end of the story, the main character, Kenny, has found a way to overcome negativity. As a school counselor, I could see this being really helpful in a small group setting or read aloud to a classroom. "

Grandma Goes to Antarctica; A Journey of Discovery by Jeanne Roppolo. PO Box 34567, Chicago, IL 60634.
"This is the true story of a 57-year-old grandmother who was stationed in Antarctica for five months as a contract worker for the National Science Foundation (NSF). Grandma goes outside her comfort zone, learns much about Antarctica and herself, has exciting one-in-a-lifetime adventures, and meets the most amazing people. Written for children, education for all ages, and inspirational read for the whole family."

Grandma, Does My Moon Shine Over Your House? by Mary Hansen Freund and Jane Freund. PO Box 9171; Boise, ID 83707.
""Grandma, Does My Moon Shine Over Your House?" is a children's book written by the mother/daughter team of Mary Hansen Freund and Jane Freund and illustrated by Kristin Berkis Cottier. The book is the story of a little girl who wants to know more about the moon and calls her grandma. The girl imagines what the moon looks like traveling and doing other activities. This book has special meaning because Mary Hansen Freund died in August 2009. Although she did not see the final printed copy of the book, Mary knew it was going to be completed and that her lifelong dream of being an author would be fulfilled. Her memory is carried on through the Grandma Freund Library Drive. For more information on this project and to order Grandma, Does My Moon Shine Over Your House?, visit "

Grandma's First Computer by Linda Hayes.
"Children of all ages will love, and learn from, this beautifully illustrated book. It tells an endearing story of a grandma who purchases a computer only to find herself in a perplexing situation; she knows nothing about computers. Will her young grandson Timmy be able to help her?"

Grandma's Scrapbook by Josephine Nobisso. 602 Montauk Highway; Westhampton Beach, NY 11978.
"Finally back in print, the beloved modern classic cros-over book has been garnering rave reviews. A favorite with children and adults alike, this title follows the relationship between a granddaughter and her grandma from the time the girl is a baby until the time her grandmother dies. Visit our site to see this book that one reveiwer called her "favorite. The most moving children's book I've ever read!""

Grandpa Loved by Josephine Nobisso. Gingerbread House; 602 Montauk Highway; Westhampton Beach, NY 11978.
"Named "One of the best kids books of the year" by Parents Magazine, and one of the all-time picture books with "the most unforgettable language" by Ralph Fletcher, Grandpa Loved a gradson and grandfather as they savor life in the various landscrapes of their world. When the grandpa dies, the boy feels him still with him and is filled with hope. Just revised and re-issued, this companion volume to Grandma's Scrapbook has every reviewer raving. "

Grandpa y los Conejitos by Gary Gonzales.
"About The Author Gary Gonzales was raised in a small town called El Rito located in the far north of New Mexico. Gary's upbringing was steeped in folklore, tradition and love common in Hispanic communities. He attended school at McCurdy in Espanola, New Mexico and later attended The University of New Mexico Where he obtained his Paramedic education. Gary currently resides in the Village of Los Lunas, New Mexico with his wife Trish and two children Michael and Stephanie. 1 voter found this interesting"

Grannies' Critters by Peg Connelly. 4009 Rio Del Norte, Bakersfield, CA 93308.
"This is the second book in my Grannie Series. The first being Grannies' Shorts. It is a collection of 34 short stories for children from 4 to 12 and they are all animal stories. From crickets to toads, to dogs and pot bellied pigs, Granny introduces children to their animal friends."

Granny Says by Marcella Norton Wms-Ashe. P.O.Box 6003 Dayton,Ohio 45405.
""Granny Says" is a Bible reference book for children ages 0-7. This pick and choose Bible story book can be shared with parent and child in selecting a story from Granny Says using Bible references to complete each story. After each story Granny gives a piece of inspirational advice. This book is a great starter Bible now in Spanish and English as a combination book."

Great Lights of Michigan by Dianne Glupker/Dawna Delsi. PO Box 353, Macatawa MI 49434.
"first Edition, Sept 2005 2500 in print $9.95 *32 page, soft-cover book of thirteen Michigan lighthouses, full-color illlustrations with shapes of upper and lower MI peninsulas hidden in each picture *appropriate for elementary grades and collectable for lovers of lighthouses of all ages *a portion of the proceeds from Great Lights of Michigan will be donated to organizations that retsore and preserve lighthouses for future generations"

GreeHee The Journey of Five - Tales of Tamoor Book One by Michele Avanti.
"Winner of NCPA Best Juvenile Fiction COVR Visionary Fiction Finalist Ten 5 STAR Reviews on Amazon January 2008: 6x9 Perfect Bound Paperback, 3300 in print, 304 pages, 13 illustrations, August 2006: Collector's Signed Numbered Hardbound, 1000 printeed, 300 held for libraries, only 100 left for retail sales. "

Guaranteed Success for Grade School, 50 Easy Things You Can Do Today! by Marrae Kimball.

Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend by Cheryl Carpinello.
"2010 Colorado Authors' League Finalist in Children's Literature Ebooks in various formats available at"

Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend by Cheryl Carpinello. Email the author for direct shipping of books with no shipping charge..
"At the dawn of Camelot, one young girl is about to take her place beside the greatest king in England's history. The only problem: She doesn't want to grow up yet. 4th grade reading level. Special Educator Pricing through author."

Gym Rats: Basic Training by Mary Reiss. 7659 E. Chase Park Loop, Tucson, AZ 85710.
"This is the first book in a fictional children's series offering great gymnastics stories, coaching tips, and useful drills for the young gymnast."

Hades and Persephone by Mary Maria Papaoulakis. PO Box 2133, Tuggeranong ACT 2901/Canberra Australia .
"Beautiful illustrations, and very educational for young readers. A must for teachers who teach Greek mythology. This book should be part of every elementary school's curriculum for early reading and world history."

Hades and Persephone by Mary Maria Papaoulakis. 39 Ivo Whitton Cct Kambah ACT 2902, Australia.

Hannah and the Talking Tree by Elke Weiss.
"2000 books in print, 1st Edition, 36 pages, Hardcover. Winner of the 2010 Moonbeam Children's book award."

Happy Peace Day/The Intercultral Joy of Peace by Dr. H. Singh.,
"It is a play for intercultural joy for the people of East and West to enjoy the ancient knowledge in modern context. It is for all age groups, though listed as for children. It is based on the real interaction as the author has lived both in the East and in West. It is the first edition and the readers may get it with 25% discount as a gift from the author by ordering through the given email address. I sincerely thank the Para Publishing Home for such an extraordinary opportunity. Thanks! Enjoy the joy of global civilization! "

Hard Life by Loretta L. Harris. Children's Heart Publishing Company; P.O. Box 679005 Orlando, FL 32867.
"Book Summary: It is a hard life in the streets of Miami, Florida for Travon Iverson. Shaken by the death of his mother Travon is on a quest to find her killer. During his mission, Travon is convicted of murder and is sentenced to ten years in jail. The future looks better for him once released, but then his past catches up with him and he is forced to face the truth."

Hate That Thunder by William J. Adams/Tom Stiglich. 124 Meridian Avenue, Poinciana, FL 34759.
"First of a series of books about newly created fictional twin characters Mandy and Andy. Books for children 4 - 8. Also buy at"

Hate That Thunder by William J. Adams/Tom Stiglich. 124 Meridian Aenue, Poinciana FL 34759.
"For children ages 3-8. HATE THAT THUNDER, first of planned series about newly created fictional twin characters Mandy and Andy. This book features Mandy as she faces and conquers her fear of thunderthrough humorous verse and color illustrations. Also available at, barnesand and through our natonal distributor Itasca Books. Book is carried by Ingram."

Hate That Thunder/Odio Ese Trueno by William J. Adams / Tom Stiglich.,,,
"Newly released bilingual book (English/Spanish) for kids 4 to 8. First in a seried by Publisher: Mandy and Andy Books, Inc. "Books Kids Can Flip Over" (tm) Read in one language, then "flip" book over to read in the other language. Newly created twins Mandy and Andy This book features Mandy as she faces her fear of thunder."

Have You Filled A Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud.
"Carol McCloud began teaching the concept of bucket filling in 2005. She is a popular speaker at schools, organizations, and corporations in the Midwest and around the country. Carol lives in Brighton, Michigan. Nominated for the 2007 Mom's Choice Awards. Sold almost 30,000 copies already and heading into a third printing! Available on, in most Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores, and from our distributor, Partners Publishing. ISBN # 0-9785075-1-7. Price $9.95"

Hayden's Garden by Brenda M. spalding. brendaspalding@abcbooks4children.
"books can be ordered directly from the web site. Join Hayden and his family on the family farm as he learns that sometimes things don't go quite as planned."

Henry Fickle and the Secret Laboratory by Michele Mack. P.O. Box 710, Trexlertown, PA 18087.
"Our debut, middle-grade, fantasy novel has been garnering rave reviews on the East Coast! It has captured the hearts of readers of all ages. The awesome hardcover book was even nominated a finalist in ForeWord Magazines juvenile Book-of-the-Year awards. Visit our website today to learn more about this debut author and the Henry Fickle Series!"

Hildegarde and the Great Green Shirt Factory by Ravay Snow. Snowbound Press, P.O.Box 698, Littleton, CO 80160.
"This hardcover picture book tells the story of Hildegarde, a creative sheep who's much more than just one of the flock. The brilliant illustrations and powerful theme enchants readers ages 3 and up. Check out the website to see samples and read reviews."

Hoppy the Happy Frog by Mike Huntley.
"An endearing tale about a happy frog. Your children and/or grandchildren will love Hoppy! Available also at and"

How Deep Is A Donutt Hole? Crissi Saves Donuttland by Christine Henderson. AiKan Graphics and Books, LLC, P.O. Box 18475, Washington, DC 20036.
"This is my first book and it will be ready for sale on 01 DEC 11 from me and on my website"

How High Can You Fly? by Christina Giles.
"Recently won a Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Achievement in Children's Choice Literature."

Hydro's Adventure Through the Water Cycle by Randi and Michael Goodrich. GeoQuest Publications, P. O. Box 1665, Lake Oswego, OR 97035-1212.
"An unforgettable adventure around the never-ending water cycle. Join with Hydro, the wise, whimsical and well-known water molecule, as he crisscrosses the skies, slides down our mountains and then evaporates into a cloudy mist. Discover: How the earth's water cycle works Who is affected by the earth's water cycle The challenges that confront the earth's water cycle 4 color 56 pgs. Ages: 7-12 $17.95 softcover"

I am a Loving Person: The Ultimate Kid's Guide to Making the World a Better Place by Vera Taylor. 7169 Woodridge Lane, Union City, GA 30291.
"The first Edition was published in December 2007 and 2160 copies are in print. This book is one of the winners of the iParenting Media Award for the 2008 best products call for entry. Discover the transforming power of virtues such as courtesy and responsibility in the award-winning, multicultural book, I am a Loving Person: The Ultimate Kids Guide to Making the World a Better Place. By repeating simple affirmations children begin to: (1)recognize and practice the virtues from A-Z, (2) change a “me view” into a “world view,” and (3)make choices that lead to success at home, at school, and in the ommunity. The activities starting on page 34 give additional practice opportunities to make virtues a habit. "

I Am My Body, NOT! by Adam Abraham w/ illustrations by Marie Litster. P.O. Box 13523, Torrance, CA 90503.
"Introduces the concept the non-physical nature of being human to children 4-12. Features an innovative "Vocabulary Power Builder" that should be very popular to literacy advocates. An evergreen title. First Edition, print run 10,000, endorsements from president of Los Angeles Unified School District, Chicago Public Schools. W/D Baker & Taylor and Ingram."

I Can Say That by Dr. Suzy Lederer. 201 Woodland Park, Georgetown, TX 78628.
"I Can Say That, written by an associate professor of speech-language pathology, is the proud winner of iParenting Media Award. Each of the two stories in the book and interactive CD-ROM targets vocabulary words/animal sounds carefully selected from research on thousands of children learning language. For even more first words fun, I Can Say That comes with an interactive CD-ROM version of the stories and downloadable pictures and suggested activities. I Can Say That was illustrated by award-winning Jenny Loehr."

I Can Say That - Two Stories to Encourage Early Vocabulary and Literacy Development by Dr. Suzy Lederer. 201 Woodland Park, Georgetown, TX 78628.
"The day a child says his first word, whether "on time" or "late," is a day for celebration! I Can Say That book and interactive CD-ROM is designed to help children reach this milestone and add new words to their early vocabularies. Each of the two I Can Say That stories targets vocabulary words/animal sounds carefully selected from research on thousands of children learning language. To encourage production of these target words, this book uses proven language-learning techniques. For even more first words fun, I Can Say That comes with an interactive CD-ROM version of the stories and downloadable pictures."

I Don't Want to Be Lunch! by Michael Ambrosio / Bob Langan (illustrator). LionX Publishing 705-2 E. Bidwell St. #235, Folsom, CA 95630.
"ISBN: 0-9716085-0-4 April 2002 Children's Picture Book "... vividly illustrated, ...enthusiastic and remarkable story. "I Don't Want to Be Lunch!" is a welcome addition to any picture book collection for young readers." -Midwest Book Review Available at your local bookstore or on or Barnes& or by phone (800)642-4620. " grandchildren will love it!" - Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House"

I Love... by Minne & Natalie Fortier. Kane/Miller Book Publishers P.O. Box 8515 La Jolla, CA 92038 1-800-968-1930.
"A catalog of life's simpler pleasures, beautifully illustrated I Love... captures the essence of childhood. Every single image on these pages tells a story of one of life's different stages, chance moments or day to day joys. It's a book for giving, receiving and remembering. 1-929132-75-1 $11.95 Paperback Full color illustrations 128 pages"

Idea-A-Day Calendar: 366 Activities for Young Children by Monica B. Hay Cook. Monjeu Press, P.O. Box 64353, Tucson, AZ 85728.
"This book has an activity for each day of the year, including leap year. It's perpetual, so you can use the ideas over and over. Games, crafts, and recipes are great fun for children three to seven years of age. Teachers, parents, babysitters, child care staff, camp leaders and others will benefit by having these activities at their fingertips. Family fun, as children and parents alike, can learn and create together. Many of the craft items even use recycable materials. ($12.95) "

I'm 5 by Alva Sachs. 26500 West Agoura Rd. Suite 102-754. Calabasas, CA 91302.
"I'm 5 is the third children's picture book by award-winning children's author, Alva Sachs. Julie is turning "5" and celebrating with delicious cake, colorful ballons, best friends, and fun games. The party is over and Julie is ready for school, but school is NOT ready for her! How could this happen? How could this be? Join Julie on her adventure as she waits for the BIG day to arrive. Hurry, You don' want to miss the big yellow bus! I'm 5 has been honored as a FINALIST by the National Indie for Excellence Book Awards and the PREFERRED CHOICE Award by Creative Child Magazine. Alva's previous award-winning books are CIRCUS FEVER and ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!"

I'm Going to be a Big Brother! by Brenda Bercun. P.O Box 5066, Larkspur, CA 94977.
"A perfect book for every family expecting their next baby. Winner of the iParenting Media Awards for 2007. This is the first edition. There are 4,000 books in print. Ability to reprint as needed."

I'm Going to be a Big Sister! by Brenda Bercun. P.O. Box 5066, Larkspur, CA 94977.
"A perfect book for every family expecting their next baby. Winner of the iParenting Media Awards for 2007. This is the first edition. There are 4,000 books in print. Ability to reprint as needed."

I'm Having Twins by Paris Morris.
"1st Edition"

I'm Not Feeling Like Myself Today: Funny Poems for Kids and Adults by William Schoff. see website.
"This is my first published collection of poems. The poems appeal to both children and adults due to the rich vocabulary, humorous situations, and clever use of word play. The accompanying illustrations have a sense of realism but just enough fantasy to transport the reader into the innocent and fanciful world of each poem's character."

Imagine Connor by Gordon N. Brennan.
" * A talking, eating, burping clothes hamper? * A rubber bathmat that turns into a small city complete with houses and people living in them? * A kitchen walk-in pantry that is used as a time machine? These are just a few of the many true stories that come from a real life 5 year old boy's imagination. "Imagine Connor" explores the adventures of Connor as he tells us about his non-video, non-toy journeys in and around his home and outside his house. Find out how an ordinary Kleenex box becomes a fully functional computer, or how during an afternoon snowfall, the snowflakes change into Popsicles. Connor's Dad, Gordon, has been listening for years about how his son's imagination has helped him play in a world that is beyond reality. "I've never told him what to think about when he is playing. It all comes to him naturally," says Gordon. Connor will ask the reader to participate in his quest for new stories also. Children will be able to see the transition from real life to Connor's imagination worlds through the illustrations in the book blended with actual live action photos. "

Imagine the Possibilities by Susan Davis.

Imagine...Amazing Me! by Libbi Chilia. Halo Publishing International, 6415 Granger Road, Independence, OH 44131Tel. 216-255-6756.
"Imagine…Amazing Me! will disband any misconceptions about people with disabilities. Within these pages are photos of beautiful children from across the United States and Canada enjoying childhood activities despite their limb and extremity differences. First Edition, 2,000 $12.95 "

Imani's Heart-the dancing angel by Abigail Jefferson. P.O. Box 90728.
"A story of compassion and grace, this children’s book called “Imani’s Heart, The Dancing Angel” is about an angel who loves to dance and her short visit to planet, Earth. While visiting Earth, she promised to fill hearts with love but found a lot of hearts that needed mending. "

In The Beginning After The Beginning by Sue Adkins. P.O.Box 940572, Plano, Texas 75094.
""No one knows what happened in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were sent away forever. What did the animals do? How did they take care of themselves? It must have been an adventurous time. This children's book explores one of those adventures in a teaching and learning way. Sue Adkins is a Professional Writer and Playwright. She has written and directed several plays for children and young adults. "

Introducing Princess REB by Mary Lou Bernardo.

It's a Brand New Day by Donald L. Slater & Kenny D. Shaw.
"Christian children's book teaches kids that they are surrounded by living gifts of love from our generous God. There is also a Family Values section that honors mothers, fathers, American soldiers and their families. Optional CD allows parent(s) or grandparent(s) so sing the title song while turning pages of gorgeous photography by author."

I've Got Mail! by Robert Messinger. Century Book Distribution, Inc. 814 Boon, Traverse City, MI 49686.
"I've Got Mail! is a playfully imaginative look at how one small child relates to the prevailing digital environment, and Laura is a character with whom children of the electronic age will most certainly identify."

Jacob's Magic Box Discovery Series by Jacob's Grandma (Doris Wilkinson). 20420 - 190th Ave. E, Orting, WA 98360.
"A fun adventure series to read to infants to 4yrs. old and then they become easy readers for 5 to 7 yrs. Jacob's Grandma shows and tells him about everyday life and the fun and magic in everything. The series was awarded The 2000 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the Category of Children's Interest by the North American Bookdealers Exchange."

Jean's Magical Moments by Ms. Shirley J. Askew. shirleyaskew.
"additional copies of book/s are available from the following address- "

Jewel's Magical Christmas by Cherlina Works. Xlibris, 1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403.

Jonathan's Journey to Mount Miapu by Ellen Wolfson Valladares / Illustrated by Maureen Burdock. Argami Productions, P.O. Box 267702, Weston, FL 33326.
"Mom's Choice Award Gold Recipient COVR Visionary Awards Book of the Year and Winner in Children's Books Finalist, ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards for YA Fiction Note: Book is an adventure/fantasy for ages 8-12."

Joseph's Fears by shirley gerald ware. 318 fellsway west medford ma 02155.
"Joseph's Fears is a young adult novel published by Publish America June 2011. It is a very moving noteworthy book that tells many compelling stories surrounding the life of young Joseph. This is a strong read."

Journal Buddies: A Girl's Journal for Sharing and Celebrating Magnificence by Jill Schoenberg Girma.
"Journal Buddies is a whole new idea of a journal. It’s part diary and part interactive journal. It’s also a journal that's shared!  By completing this journal, a girl learns to cultivate a personal belief system that affirms her positive aspects.  Additionally, she builds an encouraging support-system of buddies.  And, Journal Buddies becomes a cherished keepsake that can be reflected upon time and time again. Recommended for Girls of all ages!"

Juan Diego & Our Lady of Guadalupe by Elizar Torres and Joel T Ramirez. 5142 La Subida NW, Alb. NM, 87105. acoming soon
"The time-less story of Juan Diego and his encounter with the Virgin Mary in the early 1500's retold for children ages 5-14. Available to Church organizations interested in using it as a youth fund raiser. Write to me for details. Elizar Torres 505 831 0387"

Juana Meets Gabriel, the Small Business Angel - What If You Don't Want To Wait Around For A Prince Charming? by Daphne A. Nowell. 174 W. Foothill Blvd. #327, Monrovia, CA 91016.
""This is a must-have book for all young girls" - Tammy Freeman, President and Founder, Juana,is a young girl who is confused because her books tell her she should go to sleep and a prince will come and take care of her. Juana doesn’t believe this and besides, she wants to accomplish great things on her own. She asks the Universe for guidance and Gabriel, the Small Business Angel rushes to her side to help her. With Gabriel’s advice and assistance, Juana is able to open her own business doing something she loves to do. Written by real estate investor and developer, Daphne Nowell and illustrated by her mother, Esther Nowell, this is a humorous and informative book that will inspire young girls to take an active role in their future. There are specific resources at the end of the book that will help the young entrepreneur in the family accomplish their dreams. "

Jud's Journey by Fay Waldemar McCracken. Family Books P O Box 1027 Florence, MT 59833.
"We often give strong men and women the credit for being the pioneers who crossed the Great Plains in the mid 1800s, when in fact the majority were actually children who were expected to shoulder many of the responsibilities of the trek. Stories are commonly told from the viewpoint of the adults. Jud's Journey is Historical Fiction, told from the viewpoint of a 12-year- old boy as he travels west with his family. One reviewer states, "It is excellent reading for adventurous hearts of all ages.""

Just You And Me by P. Taylor Copeland. P.O. Box 639, San Luis Obispo.
"One-on-one moments in time for Grandparent and child captured through simple, heartfelt verse and colorfully vibrant illustrations. Each shared moment is filled with amusement, giggles and love; each page an opportunity to interact and discover. Just released... (5/02)"

Kara Finds Sunshine on a Rainy Day by Caroline Brewer.
"This unique and amazing 40-page picture book of hope and healing features rhyming vignettes about inspirational people, such as Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, A. Phillip Randolph, Mahatma Gandhi, Anne Frank, and Kim Phuc. A New York psychologist says, “This book is like a voyage to resiliency.” This 5th edition is illustrated by children ages 5 – 17 from New Jersey and the Harlem School of the Arts. The gorgeous artwork has compelled top artists to proclaim it a “collector’s item.” Its sensitive and powerful writing have helped heal and bring hope to children all over the nation, including, most recently, survivors of Hurricane Katrina. It also has motivated reluctant readers, from grades K-8, to get excited about books and reading. It is loved by teachers, parents, and children everywhere. It comes with a teaching guide and a glossary. "

Kayla the Koala Bear by Wendy Marie.

Kelly Karate Meets the Mayan Queen by Susan Barnes.

Kendra Kandlestar and the Door to Unger by Lee Edward Fodi.
"Gold-Medal Winner of the Mom's Choice Award LOST IN A MAZE of Monsters . . . Everyone knows that the creatures of the outside world are forbidden by magic to enter the land of Een. That’s why Kendra Kandlestar is so surprised when a giant Unger arrives in the middle of the night to deliver a cryptic message: If she can find the Door to Unger, she will be able to unlock the truth about her long-lost family. But when Kendra finds herself trekking through the wilderness with a magic-peddling faun and a rebellious Unger, she begins to wonder if it’s all just a clever trap to lead her into the heart of danger. There’s only one way to find out: peek through the Door to Unger and enter a world of magic, monsters, and mystery!"

Khadiyah Goes to Washington, D.C. by Sandy A. (Carter) Perry-Bey. P.O. Box 1772, Hampton, VA 23669.
"first editions, 100 in pront, About the Story Witnessing Voting Suppression in Virginia’s 2009 Presidential Election through the eyes of a nine year old. Senator Barack Hussein Obama won the Presidential Election, by a landslide. Khadiyah desperately wanted to congratulate the president and tell him about the people she saw at the voting poll that needed help. Her mother suggested she write him a letter and tell him all about it. "

Kickin' Up Some Cowboy Fun: 130 Activities for Cowboys + Cowgirls by Monica Hay Cook. P.O. Box 64353, Tucson, AZ 85728.
"A great book for all those boys and girls hankerin' to become cowboys and cowgirls. This book is packed with facts about the cowboys of the Old West. Children experience cowboying through the 130 hands-on activities, games recipes and crafts. A super resource for children, parents, teachers, camp directors, babysitters, and others. "

Koko the Service Dog; A Seizure Response Dog Shares His Story by Lisa Mink, MS.
"This book is based on a true story about a young women with epilepsy and her beloved service dog. It is very educational and teaches the reader about service and therapy dogs. It has recieved wonderful reviews: "This book is a must have." -Betty White, Actress and Author "This story should be shared with every child with epilepsy and their siblings." -Eric R. Hargis, Epilepsy Foundation of America"

Last Minute Wilma and Her Toad Soup by Jeanne Hayden. BN Nook.
"Halloween Story about a very amusing and friendly witch"

Laura and the Leprechauns by Amber T. Kingston. P.O.Box 13129, Newport Beach, CA 92658.
"First Edition"

League of Extraordinary Robots by Yolanda A Jackson.

LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF by Max Elliot Anderson. .
"Action-adventures and mysteries especially for boys 8 - 13. Now, from an author who hated to read...comes books kids hate to put down."

Let's Find Lucy by Ashara Morris.
"Follow the adventure of Lucy, a fun-loving feline who loves to hide in unusual places! Lucy is a real barn/house cat, and this is her story, told in rhyme by first-time author Ashara Morris. An excellent picture book for children of all ages. Improves reading comprehension in the young, and for those who just like to laugh, Lucy's antics are sure to brighten your day."

Let's Get Ready For Kindergarten! by Linda Desimowich & Stacey Kannenberg. N6854 Cedar Valley Road Fredonia, WI 53021.
"Thank you Dan, for inspiring us and helping us create Cedar Valley Publishing!!! We have sold over 3,000 copies since October and our book has been sent home with the Kindergarten enrollments in over 30 school districts in Wisconsin. Written by parents, with approval from teachers and kids we feel we have the solution to "no child left behind". One book for parents, teachers, and kids that has the required curriculum for that grade. Watch for "Let's Get Ready For First Grade", due out in Summer of 2005."

Let's Move Overseas/The International Edition of Let's Make A Move! by Beverly D. Roman. 2044 Montrose Lane, Wilmington, NC 28405.
"Over 100,000 books in print Let's Move Overseas is sold all over the world. A highly regarded creative visualization activity book for children who are moving. The book takes children through the entire moving experience, and has been described as "a book that takes the fear out of moving." Contains safety tips for children, activities, puzzles, safe web sites and more. A custom edition of Let's Move Overseas, "New Address...New Friends," was personalized for Girl Scouts USA Overseas and won the Employee Relocation Councils Award for Special Purpose Programs. Let's Move Overseas was customized 9 times in English, German and anglicized for several UK customers. Its domestic counterpart, Let's Make A Move! is in its fourth edition. This books was printed in English and Spanish. Both books retail for $7.95, contact the publisher at "

Let's Sail Away by September McGee.
"Let’s Sail Away is a charming story of two children embarking on a beach adventure who discover tide pool secrets that prove to be far more fun than sailing their boat. Informative and fun, this book also contains a very special message for all concerned about preserving our environment. For readers seeking a superbly illustrated, high quality hardcover edition, this book is for you. Let’s Sail Away is a must for anyone who loves the beach! Perfect bound hardcover $19.99"

Letters from Korea: A Story of the Korean War by Pat McGrath Avery. River Road Press, P.O. Box 1214, Kimberling City, MO 65686.
" A story about the Korean War for middle-grade children. The story is told through the eyes of a child's grandmother. She reads him the letters she received from her dad and uncles during the war. The facts in the letters were taken from interviews with Korean War veterans."

Lexa and the Gordian Maze of Terra by Andrew Robinson.
"This is the first printing of my sci-fi novel aimed at the "tween" market. It tells the story of a young girl going on a grand adventure across space. Suffering from amnesia and pursued by two rival armies, she struggles to discover who she is, where she comes from, and what the strange blue web-like tattoo in her left hand means. Little does she know that she holds the fate of the galaxy - literally - in the palm of her hand."

Lilies on the Moon by Robert W. Kurkela. Kidzpoetz Publishing P.O. Box 621 New City, NY 10956.
"first edition 3000 copies Distributors: B&T, Quality Major bookstore: Barnes & Noble April 2005 publication date"

Little Lenny Nightlight by John Harrington Burns. 891 W. Yosemite Drive Meridian, ID 83646.
"Story of Lenny Nightlight who leaves home to travel to Big City to see the Neons. Story in book form contains pictres to color. Dots to connect. ON DVD story read by soft spoken Mary Kay Davis. Illustrations by Martin Gruelle of the Gruelle family creators of Ragedy Ann. For childrend of pk age. Book and DVD $15. Pages from DVD can b reproduced to create additional copies to color or connect dots."

Little Monster & Little Boy Ugly by Jin Wan and Phil Dron.
"“Yukk! What an UGLY little boy!” remarked Little Monster. “Yes, Little Boy Ugly is a scary-looking creature with 1 smelly bottom, 2 stinky armpits and 1 pongy mouth!” If you thought monsters were ugly and smelly, wait till you think what THEY think of us humans! The illustrations cleverly distinguish between the darker but more colourful world of Little Monster and the brighter but blander world of Little Boy Ugly. A funny book that sits wonderfully beside kids and parents alike. Check it out the book and testimonials here:"

Little Sammy Sunshine and the Frightful Forest by Joseph De Sena, MD.
"Little Sammy Sunshine loves to explore, and playing barnyard hide-and-seek with her friends lets her do just that! But when Sammy wanders away from the safety of the barnyard to explore the dark, shadowy forest, she winds up lost-and in great danger! Will she find her way back home? Is her new friend as friendly as he seems? Read her story and find out! "

Loppylugs and the Dam by Brian Lux/Helen Lake (illustrator). toothlight press,PO Box 143, LLandudno LL30 9BN UK.
"Only 100 left from first print. Endorsement from two children's authors, and in several libraries."

Lots & Lots of Fire Trucks and Firefighters by Tom DeMichael and Tom Edinger. 123 S. Hough St. Barrington, IL 60010.
"If you love fire trucks you’ll also want to get a copy of our newly released "Lots and Lots of of Fire Trucks & Firefighters" book for the special web price of just $19.95 (regulary $24.95). This giant, 128 page full color book is loaded with lots of exciting color photos of fire trucks and firefighters in action, interesting facts, fire science, safety tips, history, recipes, trivia, and just about everything you’d ever want to know about the world of fire fighting. Not readily available in stores so order yours today! "

M&M Twins- Lost in Browser Cave by Jessica Tornese.
"Adventure book for children. Ages 7+"

Macy's Apple Tree Friend by Winona Rasheed.
"Purchase this book either as a hard copy, or as an ebook. Purchasing is easy and simple, just go to the website."

Magic Letters: The Keys to the World of Words by Julie Rebboah. 16969 SW 65th Ave., #271, Lake Oswego, OR 97035.
"Discover the amazing alphabet with "Magic Letters". With this learn-to-read book, children can take their first steps toward becoming a successful reader. Ideal for use by parents, teachers and tutors to use with children from preschool to first grade."

Magic Words: Discovering the Adventure of Reading by Julie Rebboah. 16969 SW 65th Ave., #271, Lake Oswego, OR 97035.
""Magic Words" is a learn-to-read book for K-1 children. Filled with colorful, playful illustrations and rhyming,easy word-recognition text, "Magic Words" will enable teachers and parents to encourage children to become avid readers. The imaginative short tales will keep them turning the pages and telling the story to themselves even before they can read it. -The Midwest Book Review, Children's Bookwatch: Reviewer's Choice"

Making Me: The Pregnancy Activity Book for My Big Brother or Sister by Julie B. Carr. PO Box 11, Marylhurst, OR 97036.
"This daily pregnancy activity book actively involves the big brother or sister in your pregnancy and helps create an early bonding experience with the baby-to-be. Each day of the pregnancy, the baby describes how he is developing and gives the older sibling a related activity to do. Debuted at the 2007 ABC Kids Expo, this book has received very favorable responses from the industry. Pediatrician approved, child clinical psychologist recommended. This hardcover, 286 page book includes 4 colored pencils and a 24" measuring tape to track the baby's growth. "

MAMA by Kelly Jones. Stunt Publishing, 22287 Mulholland Hwy #281, Calabasas, CA 91302.
"Just Released - beautiful children's picture book, being carried at museums and art galleries as well as traditional bookstores. Recommended by: Informed Parent, San Luis Obispo Tribune, Midwest Book Review, Preschool Rainbow, Kaboose Network and more."

Margo The Weird Cat by Joe C. Pickett.
"A very bright, well illustrated book, with light message for kids. Author invloved in literacy programs and works with non-profit grooups to encourage reading programs"

Marshall Visits the Hospital by Linda Hayward. 3027 E. Ellery Ave., Fresno, Ca, 93710.
"This is the first edition of my series with character, Marshall Mutts. He shows children around a sometimes scary world, showing them there’s nothing to be afraid of in instances of visiting a doctor’s office or even the possibility of staying in a hospital. 2000 in print. "

Martha Ann's Quilt for Queen Victoria by Kyra E. Hicks.
"True story! Martha Ann is 12 years old when Papa finally purchases her freedom from slavery and moves the family from Tennessee to Liberia. On Market Days, Martha Ann watches the British navy patrolling the Liberian coast to stop slave catchers from kidnapping family and neighbors and forcing them back into slavery. Martha Ann decides to thank Queen Victoria in person for sending the navy. But first, seh must save the money for the 3,500-mile voyage, find a suitable gift for the queen, and withstand the ridicule of those who learn of her impossible dream to meet the Queen of England! Illustrated by Lee Edward Fodi. ISBN: 978-1-933285-59-7. 40 pages, $16.95."

Mary Rode to Bethlehem on Me by Ivan E Jensen.
"The cleverly illustrated Christ is set to music in an available CD at a cost of $4.00. To order please send an email to "

Matthew and the Money Tree by Matthew Lynch. 2324 Princess Pine Drive, Jackson, MS 39212.

Max Mooth -- Cyber Sleuth and the Case of the Zombie Virus by Stephen Kogon.

Max Power and the Bagpipes | A Power Families Adventure by Suse Moore and Andy Elkerton.
"'A brilliant, eco-powered, bedtime story.' Pascale Gravell, ‘A captivating story for children set in a world where renewable energy is the norm.’ Tim Smit, The Eden Project Published in the UK in December 2006 'Max Power and the Bagpipes' is a new children’s picture book. The book has a great storyline that is brought to life with vivid and exciting illustrations. The difference is that it has a strong environmental message without being ‘right on’. The book appeals to boys and girls [2 to 7] Available in Hardback - ISBN: 0-9554296-0-9 and Softback – ISBN: 0-9554296-1-7 "

Maya's Journey Home by Susan E. Lindsley and Tina L. Christiansen.
"This is a first edition, paperback book. There are 1500 in print. It's a great book for adopted children with beautiful pictures. "

Meggie the Pup's Summer Adventure by Susan Jacobs. 824 Iowa Ave.. McDonald, Oh 44437.
"No doubt, every dog owner has engaged in a one-way conversation with his or her pet. Author and illustrator Susan Jacobs, has managed to capture not only the dog’s response in conversation, but also a unique and naïve dog’s view of the world, in her book “Meggie the Pup’s Summer Adventure”. This is a beautiful, light-hearted children’s book that would also make a great gift for any dog enthusiast. Based on true observations, Meggie the sheltie pup reveals her thoughts and misinterpretations during a stay at Aunt Sue’s house. She is joined in the adventure by Aunt Sue’s two cocker spaniels. Tootie is totally opposite of Meggie. She’s bold and bossy in contrast to Meggie’s demure demeanor. Weezie is older and just likes to be left alone. The story unfolds in true 21st century style, with Meggie emailing her mommy at her vacation site. Hand cut construction paper illustrations in vibrant color depict the various personalities of the canine trio, and expressively interpret the text. The paper art medium is a familiar one for children, yet the style is several steps up in sophistication. Every humorous moment you’ve experienced through dog watching, is now caught on the pages of this book. It’s a smile from start to finish. "

Mermaid Dreams by Judith Wade. Riley Press, P. O. Box 202, Eagle, MI 48822.
"Mermaid Dreams is the third book in the Mermaid Island series by Judith Wade. In Mermaid Dreams, Bonnie Campbell and her friends are working to help save an historical building on Mermaid Island, but a big storm is approaching. What will will the storm mean for Bonnie's friends, both old and new, and for the people of the water?"

Midnight at The August Treehouse -- Second in The Longjohners' Series by M. L. McCann. 10911 E Skinner Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85262.
"While the O'Brien grandchildren initiate their new tree house, they have no reason to suspect that something is going on at midnight in their grandmothr's woods. Everyone knows that the river is too shallow for boats, but it's not a problem for canoes and the thieves who use them. What the children see through their grandmother's binoculars drives them to find out what the men are doing in the woods, and to take a dangerous, life-threatening chance. ISBN: 0-9754823-1-9 Price: $12.95, plus $3 for shipping. "

Mighty Warriors/King Davids Mighty Men by D. L. Jackson. 10940 S. Parker Rd-515 Parker, CO 80134. www.outskirts Outskirts press Inc
"This is my first book, I believe we know about David the king, but very few of us have read of the men that helped him become king so I tried to do that"

MILES SMILES by JILL DIVINE. Three Rivers, Minions, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 5LE,United Kingdom.
"First published 2006 by Exposure Publishing, an imprint of Diggory Press ISBN: 1846855136 978-1-84685-513-9 Price £4.99 Available to order from leading websites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble,,,, WH Smith, or from bricks and mortar bookstores in the UK or USA, also on Amazon Japan. A percentage of all book sales will be going to The Pied Piper Appeal, a registered children's charity in England "

Miller the Green Caterpillar by Darrell House. River Road Press, P.O. Box 1214, Kimberling City, MO 65686.
"$16.95. Children's hardcover book with dust jacket. Beautifully illustrated by Patti Argoff. A story of determination, vision and the belief that sometimes wishes do come true. Told in rhyme."

Milo and the Green Wagon by Lisa Umina. 6415 Granger Rd. Independence, Ohio 44131.
"Milo and his friends find an old, discarded green wagon and decide to fix it up and use it to collect food and clothing for those who need them. This story is about generosity, selflessness and, most importantly, about love and respect. $15.95 First Edition, 2,000 in print"

Milo Moments by Lisa Umina. 6415 Granger Rd. Independence, Ohio 44131.
"Milo Moment's theme is that God is with us always and is truly our very best friend. $9.99, 2,000 in print, 1st Edition"

Milo with a Halo by Lisa Umina. 6415 Granger Rd. Independence, Ohio 44131.
"Highly recommended story for young readers about a little angel named Milo who informs God that he is going try and find out who he can consider to be his best friend. 6,000 in print, 2nd Edition, $9.99"

MILTON'S DILEMMA by Patricia Gatto & John De Angelis. 834 Tangelwood Dr., Greentown, PA 18426.
"MILTON'S DILEMMA is the tale of a lonely boys magical journey to friendship and self-acceptance. Milton struggles to fit in, but is teased by the school bullies. With the help of a mischievous gnome, Milton learns the difference between right and wrong and the consequences of his actions when he vows to get even. "The authors have not only weaved an exciting and entertaining story, but have created a vehicle for educators and parents alike." "

Miracle Angel Stories by Darlene Cozart. Outskirts Press, Inc. 10940 S. Parker Rd - 515 Parker, CO 80134.
"All of my Angel stories are from my dreams. There are 6 Published Books in total. "Miracle Angel Stories" "Yo You Capeesh it's a Cookbook" "In the Realm of Angels" "Angel Treasure Stories 1st and 2nd Edition" "Holiday Treasure Stories" "An Angel's Love" My Bio: I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and raised in Tieton, Washington until I was ten years old. Then my Mother moved my brother Dave and I back to B.C. where I grew up to say eh very well. In B.C. of 1991 I was up for the BCMA Music Awards for best entertainer of the year. "

Miranda & Starlight by Janet Muirhead Hill. Raven Publishing, PO Box 2885, Norris, MT 59745.
"1st Edition.Publishing Date: Spring 2002. Initial number in print: 5000. Praised by critics in The Book Reader, LA Times, and we pray for many more to follow! At last, a long overdue horse adventure to grip the attention of the young and young at heart! "Miranda and Starlight" is the first in a series of books that draws us into the intriguing world of horse lore, compelling to the last page, and sure to become a treasure passed down through generations. Not only will this book appeal to the casual reader, but also lends itself well to use in the classroom."

Mitsie the Meekest Mouse by Irene Sheehan.

Molly and Wally Molecule by Dean Badillo and Christine Adler. 570 cypress drive apt d.
"What's smaller than a Koala on her mother's back and smaller than a caterpillar eating a snack? What do propellers on airplane wings have to do with shoelace strings? They're all made of molecules! Molly and Wally Molecule is a delightful adventure of two young water molecules living in the clouds. Join the fun as they meet new friends and visit exciting places while gently introducing a little science! "

Mom ,Can I Have A Dragon? by T.E. Watson. 2384 Tokay Ct.
"Mom Can I Have A Dragon is the whimsical tale of every youngsters everyday life when they bring home an unexpected pet and try their best to convince parents they wil keep good care of it.! The best story about a boy and his new pet in a hundred years! 2000 in print. First edition. Full Color Hard Case, 32 pages. $16.95 plus 3.00 shipping."

Mom and Me: A Mother's Read-along Guide to Child Safety by Shirley L. Edwards.
"Mom and Me is designed to provide mothers a means to teach their young children about safety in and away from home. This is a multicultural book for pre school thru second grade. For speaking engagements or ordering a book, please visit my website at"

Mommy, I Am Special and So Are You! by Dana R. Jones.
" Advanced praise for Mommy, I Am Special and So Are You! ?Heartwarming…inspirational…A testament to the power of a mother‘s love! It is an easy read for children and the scriptures to support each verse of the poem are awesome and also a good teaching tool.? –Anita Brown, Victory Christian Ministries International Church ?…inspiring for parents to read, especially when they are having a frustrating time…it‘s important for the individuals who work with children with autism to read. It gives a little window into the struggles facing the parents of our students.? –Michelle Castellani, Special Education Teacher ?This book depicts a very touching message… It is beneficial for parents, family and friends struggling with attachment and/or behavior issues. The book is an exceptional resource for parents, family and friends of individuals who have a special need. In addition, it is a great book for children. It provides a sense of encouragement and hope.? –Dr. Tina P. Brown, Assistant Professor, Salisbury University "

Moonlight Fairy Tales by Flavia Cosma.
"In Our Words Inc. Press 2009 ISBN 978-0-9809932-8-8 Reviews: In a time when pragmatism and cynicism rule, these tales for children are a fresh encounter with innocence. A feast for the imagination at a time when we most need it, when the state of grace that is childhood, such a crucial time in the development of life, is becoming increasingly short-lived. —Luis Raúl Calvo, poet and essayist, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This collection, superbly illustrated by Ioan Balcosi, plunges readers back in a time when mythical heroes populated the world and braved countless perils for making Goodness triumphant. Page after page, the reader is rocked by melodious phrase and by the charm of words that could be traced back to the language of old Romanian fairy tales. One could say that Flavia Cosma, despite her exile, kept the contact with the core of her maternal language unadulterated and purified, which she uses to narrate about miraculous combats, adventures with a happy ending and tales of love. Neli Ileana Eiben, University of West Timisoara, Romania "

MOUNTAIN CABIN MYSTERY by Max Elliot Anderson. .
"Action-adventures and mysteries especially for boys 8 - 13. Now, from an author who hated to read...comes books kids hate to put down."

Mrs. Mouse and The Golden Flower by Joseph De Sena, MD.
"Mrs. Mouse has a big problem. A terrible rainstorm has flooded her cozy hollow, and now she and her eight cold, wet little children have nowhere to sleep! Can Amanda rescue them from the freezing night air? Read her story and find out! Mrs. Mouse and The Golden Flower is a previous EVVY Award nominee, recognized by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association for its literary quality!"

Mud Witch Boy of Ghost Canyon by Valerie Temple. Outskirts Press 10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Parker CO 80134 Phone: 888-672-6657.
"Mud Witch Boy of Ghost Canyon is available in paperback, casebound, and in Ebook edition with over 25 illustrations. Mud Boy speaks only in grunt, growls, and whistles. He draws pictures in the dirt and shapes figures from the mud to communicate his plight for the welfare of his animal friends and the environment. "

My ABCs (An ABC Book For Any Age) by Michelle Spray. Book Shelf PO Box 946 Stratford, CT 06615.
"My ABCs (An ABC Book For Any Age) For beginning readers who will: enjoy pointing to the large, colorful letters and adorable characters illustrated by Donna Martines associate letters with objects "A" is for apple. sound out sentences, Adam always eats green apples. read lists of all things that begin with "A" Can you think of any other words that begin with "A"? ISBN#: 0-9714160-4-4, 64 pages, ages 1 and up, $8.95"

My Body Belongs to Me by Jill Starishevsky. Safety Star Media, P.O. Box 427, New York, NY 10156.

My Brother Needs an Operation by Anna Jaworski. 3910 Sierra Blanca Temple, TX 76502.
"This book was written when Anna Jaworski was unable to find any books to help her three year old son when his little brother required open-heart surgery. This book will help any child who has a sibling in the hospital. Anna Jaworski used her teaching and parenting experience to create a book which not only helps the nonhospitalized child, but the parents as well. Learn how to make the entire family part of the healing process."

My Bug Book by Stacy Nason.
"Description: My Bug Book is full of colorful and vibrant up close photographs of many different bugs! Children (and children at heart) love to see different types of bugs and with this book they can do that time and time again! Product Details: Printed: 20 pages, 9" x 7", saddle-stitch binding, 80# white interior paper, full-color interior ink , 100# white exterior paper, full-color exterior ink Publisher: Stacy Nason Copyright: © 2007 Standard Copyright License Language: English Country: United States"

My First Millennium by Lathika Sadasivan. PMB# 234, 1669-2, Hollenbeck Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94087.
"Hi, I'm Lathika Sadasivan, the author and illustrator of 'My First Millennium'. It was published by Peek-A-Books, which I founded in Jan 2000. In this brilliantly colorful children's picture book, Katie asks what a millennium is. She gets to visually and physically experience a hundred...a thousand years go by, while being exposed to the rich history of our calendar. The book is filled with stunningly cheerful pages of a warm and loving family, endearing values, Katie's special relationship with her centenarian grandfather and informative post notes. It comes in both the hardcover and soft cover editions. You can order through Peek-A-Books. Also available through Quality Books, Unique Books, Baker & Taylor and Ingram. Dan Poynter's 'Self- Publishing Manual' was the first book I read about self-publishing and it was instumental in getting me started. Thank you, Dan, also for your very informative web-site."

My First Yoga: Animal Poses by Abbie Davies. PO Box 1919, Sausalito, CA 94966.
"This award winning book uses child friendly vocabulary and vibrant illustrations to lead readers through a series of easy to follow yoga poses. Learn to become a strong dog, quiet turtle and proud lion- stretching mind and body to improve focus, balance and concentration. Awards: Creative Child Magazine *2010 Preferred Choice Award *2010 Seal of Excellence Award Parent Tested Parent Approved *2010 Latest & Greatest Award About My First Yoga and Abbie Davies My First Yoga offers an engaging, exciting and innovative approach to youth’s yoga education. A series of yoga poses stretch both mind and body, providing young children with the mental and physical tools necessary to lead healthy, balanced lives. My First Yoga has gained nationwide attention in publications such as The New York Times, The Boston Globe, iVillage, Parents Magazine, and Yoga Journal. Abbie Davies, owner and founder of My First Yoga, graduated from Harvard University where she studied how movement and exercise contribute to self-confidence and esteem. Abbie’s love for yoga combined with her passion for athletics and children, translated into her development of My First Yoga’s innovative curriculum."

My Goldfish Ate My Cat! by Alexandre Beaulieu Lynch. Omega Business Transformation Inc., 460-21 10405 Jasper Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5J 3S2.
"Book written by an 11 year old autistic boy. Released in April 2008. 1000 in print."

MY LITTLE BLUE CAR by Carolyn R Scheidies. Lulu.
"In MY LITTLE BLUE CAR, a lonely child wishes the little blue car far, far, far away. The story is about discovery, of soaring to new heights and of freedom while discovering that love and family and sharing make life worthwhile. Includes activities."

My Little Book of Zoroastrian Prayers by Rebecca Cann. 15466 Los Gatos Blvd. Suite 109-315, Los Gatos CA 95032.
"This 74 page book is designed for children 9 to 12 years old. It consists of two parts. The first part consists of more than 40 different prayers selected from various parts of the Avesta, the Zoroastrian holy book. The other part of the book consist of more than 30 questions followed by simple answers about different aspects of Zoroastrian thought explained with activities and fun for children's better understanding. "

My Mommy Wears Army Boot's A Children's Book by Verna R Harps-Morrow.
"Oftentimes, women just as men are called to war leaving behind children, families,etc. Children as young as infants have been subjected to life without a maternal presence. While away, Mothers, and Single Parents miss out on opportunites afforded to civilian Mothers, ie the first steps, the first spoken word, prom etc. Having to leave without notice,there are some Mothers that are not able to explain to their children where it is that they are headed off to or what it is that their Mommy does for a living."

"A book about starting school for the first time printed with any of 8 different main characters (boys and girls of European, Latin, Asian and Afro-American descent. 9X9 inch hardcover"

My Potty Reward Stickers for Boys: 126 Stickers and Chart to Motivate Toilet Training by Tracy Foote. 205 Lane Tree Drive, Goldsboro, NC 27530.
"Book Description: ISBN:0-9708226-2-6,Aug 2001, Retail $6.95. Stimulating interest in children is key to potty training success. Motivate and reward children using 126 full color stickers. Positive reinforcement gives children pride and a sense of self-accomplishment. The 126 stickers (each a one inch diameter circle) have images of different potty related subjects - no repetition. Many stickers have toddler boys for children to imitate. After successful potty attempts, place a sticker on the child's shirt or use the chart (which you can hang like a calendar) provided. Potty training works when it's fun! About the Author: Tracy Foote is a mother of three young children. She graduated from the NY Bronx High School of Science, attended the United States Air Force Academy and served overseas in Germany. As a parent, after roughly 11,000 diaper changes, she wanted to create something to expedite and ease the pressures of potty training (on both parent and child) while adding a little fun and humor. Look for her My Potty Activity Book +45 Toilet Training Tips, My Potty Calendar and My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls. "

My Twins are Coming Home by Paris Morris.
"1st Edition"

My Twins First Birthday by Paris Morris.
"1st Edition"

My Twins First Christmas by Paris Morris.
"1st Edition"

My Twins First Halloween by Paris Morris.
"1st Edition"

MYSTERY OF THE CRYING GHOST by Rita Hsu Syers. 4 Colchester Place, Suite 4A.

Nana's Nursery Rhymes by Joyce Balentine.

Narwhal by Margaret Gill. iUniverse .
"Narwhal is shortlisted for The Cinnamon Press. For UKA press and for UP press."

Near Mama's Heart A children's book about breastfeeding by Colleen Newman. P.O. Box 1024 Westminster, MD 21158.
"Near Mama's Heart perfectly demonstrates the beauty and importance of the most natural and precious gift a child can ever receive. Near Mama's Heart, with real pictures of nursing babies and their families, describes the power of breastfeeding from a child's perspective. Near Mama's Heart A children's book about breastfeeding ISBN 1-4120-7919-5 $14.99 plus shipping and handling Near Mama's Heart A children's book about breastfeeding By Colleen Newman “What a delightful book. The photos of mothers breastfeeding their children are refreshing to see and joy-filled. I’d recommend this lovely book to all nursing mamas.” -Elizabeth Pantley, Author of Gentle Baby Care and The No-Cry Sleep Solution "As the saying goes 'breast is best!' That is why babies Near Mama’s Heart are the happiest!" -Harvey Karp, M.D., author of the book/DVD The Happiest Baby on the Block "

New Testament Stories for Children by Daniel Pouesi & Aliitasi Pouesi. 558 E. Double St. Carson, CA 90745. Under construction
"Hard cover book, written in English and Samoa and beautifully illustrated by various Goodsalt artists. Limited Edition. KIN Publications is a husband-wife small press based in Carson, California. Our focus presently is multi-cultural, bi-lingual books for children based on Bible principles. "

NEWSPAPER CAPER by Max Elliot Anderson.
"Action-adventures and mysteries especially for boys 8 - 13. Now, from an author who hated to read...comes books kids hate to put down."

Nicky Jones and the Roaring Rhinos by Lois G. Grambling. Illustrated by William J. Geer. POB 726, Windsor CA 95492.
"HAPPY SURPRISE ENDING! With the help of four big brothers, Nicky Jones learns to play football, becomes a spectacular player, and shocks teammates with a surprise relevation. Can you guess what it is? Recommended for ages 6 - 8."

Nifty Thrifty Bible Crafts: Animals of the Old Testament by Donna Gentile.,,
"Are Your Kids CRAZY over Animals? Who would think animals could teach God's word in an ooohh, ooohh, aaahh, aaahh way! But these attention-grabbing animal-narrated Bible stories convey just that in a valuable character builder lesson! Within each Bible story, children are asked to listen for clues as to which Old Testament animal is narrating the story. Christ-centered character qualities such as showing kindness, being respectful or helpful are absorbed like osmosis through this fun and creative way of learning God's word. Hours and hours of fun will follow with Bible crafts like Give God Your Best Photo Frame or Rooaarr! What a Cool Gift Bag! So whether for Sunday school, Vacation Bible school, Homeschool or parent-child bonding time, Nifty Thrifty Bible Crafts: Animals of the Old Testament is your solution for having a great time! A great resource for Parents and Teachers alike! ***Special Features*** * 16 Animal-Narrated Bible Stories * Helpful Character Builder Index with Memory Verses * 32 Time-Saving Reproducible Craft Patterns * Common Household Supplies * E-Z Step-by-Step Craft Instructions * Age-Adaptable * Teachables that Challenge Children to Practice Godly Character Qualities ISBN 10: 0-9888356-0-6 ISBN 13: 978-0-9888356-0-3 Watch for more books in this exciting series!"

Night Sounds: For every child...the perfect bedtime story by Lois G Grambling. Illustrated by Randall F. Ray. POB 726, Windsor CA 95492.
""Short, sweet, quality bedtime story. Black & white watercolors are fabulous" -- Today's Librarian Available in English or Spanish; in hardcover or softcover."

No Perfect People, Please! by Diane Asitimbay. P.O. Box 3538, San Diego, CA 92163.
"No Perfect People, Please! is an illustrated collection of humorous poems about 26 children and their not-so-perfect personalities. Each kid has a funny tongue-twisting name that begins with a letter of the alphabet and reflects a personality trait. From Brad Bradhurst the Braggart to Yolanda the Yacker, children will see themselves in the characters in this book and they’ll laugh at how friends and family hilariously cope with their behavior. An Audio CD comes with the book containing eleven poems performed by the author. Asitimbay’s funny accents and sound effects will have both younger and older kids splitting their sides."

NORTH WOODS POACHERS by Max Elliot Anderson. .
"Action-adventures and mysteries especially for boys 8 - 13. Now, from an author who hated to read...comes books kids hate to put down."

Nosy by Karen Pettingell. P.O. Box 3875, Federal Way, WA 98063.
"Nosy is a charming story about the first Passover in Egypt. It's a wonderful book for young readers or for parents to read to their children."

Not A Friend by Carol Massey. 4314 sw 142nd street Road, ocala, Fl 34473. http:/

Nursing Baby by Janine Rachel Berry.
"Nursing Baby is a children's educational picture book about breastfeeding. Geared toward a younger sibling, Nursing Baby explains breastfeeding in a fun and original way!"

Obara and the Merchants by Michelle Bodden. PO Box 930031 Rockaway Beach NY 11693.

On Grandpop's Lap by Cathy Helowicz. P.O. Box 654, Gibson Island, MD 21056.
""On Grandpop's Lap" is a story about a young boy named Zachary who visits his grandparents only to get under Grandmom's feet. Grandpop tries to occupy Zachary with games, videos and toys until Zachary finally tells his Grandpop he really just wants to sit on his lap and hear his stories. A story written from the heart for the heart. Quote from the author: "My Dad's favorite saying was - You need to occupy your mind - My Dad felt a busy mind made a happy person. Dad, I hope heaven is keeping you busy." A 32 page picture book for ages 2-6. Retail $18.95; Internet special - $16.95 plus S&H. Visit ISBN: 0-9752684-0-6, Bodkin Pointe Press, P.O. 654 Gibson Island, MD 21056, (410) 360-0838"

On the Road by Susan Steggall. Kane/Miller Book Publishers P.O. Box 8515 La Jolla, CA 92038 1-800-968-1930.
"Join a family on their journey to the sea as they drive past the garage, under the bridge, and through the tunnel. Changing landscapes, traffic signs, and all types of transportation crowd the pages of this simple, easy tale. The family passes over, under, and next to almost every type of truck, car, motorbike, and even includes a digger and a road sweeper. An uncomplicated story with plenty of curb appeal, On the Road is perfect for the very youngest back seat drivers. 1-929132-70-0 $14.95 Hardcover Full color illustrations 32 pages"

ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO! by Alva Sachs. .
"Alva Sachs, award-winning children's author and illustrator, Patrica Krebs are back with another slice of adventure for kids. ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO! has Justin, Mario, and Marcus as three best friends. They hang out every Saturday together. Somehow THIS Saturday is different. Come join them and see what they are up to today! "

Once Upon a Blue Moon by S. E. Blakeslee.
"Blaumond Press is pleased to announce "Once Upon a Blue Moon," the first book in "The Chronicles of the Blue Moon," by S.E. Blakeslee. See us in New York, June 1-3, at Book Expo America 2007! If you can't attend, visit us at to read the reviews and order a book -- or 20! "

One Frosty Christmas by Laura Hesse. PO Box 896, Parksville, BC V9P 2G9.
""One Frosty Christmas" was released Christmas 2003 and is Laura Hesse's first novel. It is now a BC Best Seller. The story is a heartwarming tale about an eleven year-old amputee and her journey to find acceptance in a rural community and to win the trust of a neglected old pony that the locals call "Frostbite". The book was so successful that Hesse continued to write about the characters in her next two books: "The Great Pumpkin Ride" and "A Filly Called Easter". Both these books now have best selling sales figures. Recently Hesse released her first adult novel, "The Thin Line of Reason", a suspense thriller set in Nanaimo and Vancouver. Previews of all her books are available at"

One Stuffed Christmas by Mark Cusco Ailes.
"Can be ordered at and barnes& This is a young adult Christmas fantasy book. I also have two young adult fantasy books out in a series. The Tree of No Boundaries and The Snow Dargles. Visit my website for details on all my novels. My next novel is due out this year. It's called Rhysnor's Revenge. It's the final book in the fantasy series."

Ono Mato Poeia by Barbara D. Lewin. 2935 Kerner Blvd., Suite A, San Rafael, CA 94901.
"The fictional story of "Ono Mato Poeia" is about a little seven-year-old Chinese girl, who has very special ears. She helps a little boy, named Ping, find his lost puppy. While walking through the park, she hears many beautiful sounds of nature. The book has onomatopoeic (sound) words and an interesting study of the natural sciences. Children between the ages of 5 and 9 will find this to be a very exciting and suspenseful tale. "

Ono Mato Poeia by Barbara D. Lewin. mpresspublishing@net
"The fictional story of "Ono Mato Poeia" has an emphasis on natural sciences. This tale has a creative and unique approach toward familiarizing a child with sound (onomatopoeic) words and building an awareness of the many sounds of nature's wonders. "Ono Mato Poeia" was, recently, introduced to a classroom of first graders in San Jose, California. The teacher says that she is most impressed with the book and its results of introducing sound words to her children and improving their listening skills!"

Operation: Reuse It! by Sabbithry Persad. P.O. Box 65001, RPO Chester, Toronto, ON M4K 3Z2.
"Peter and his friends are on a mission … a mission to Reuse! Discover how forgotten treasures like old toys, electronics, art supplies and even a broken-down car can be reused! Join Peter, Tiana, Shamina, Shakil and Adam as they figure out which items should be put to the same use, a different function or a creative project–and have lots of fun along the way. In Operation: Reuse It!, after a soccer game at the playground, Peter and his friends help Mr. Ogilvy rediscover forgotten stuff in his shed. They help him organize and distribute the unwanted stuff to reuse centers in the community. In the end, they all learn of many ways to reuse, and its benefits."

Outside Your Back Door by Deanna Moreau-Cohen. 241 East Mountain Drive.
"When sending a email please write the reason for the request in the subject box. ie: regarding Outside Your Back Door"

Paddle Tail by Hank LeGrand. Port Town Publishing 5/1/06 (Growing years title) . Port Town Publishing
"Written by: H.J. LeGrandlll Illustrated by: Patricia Anne Fair Published by: Port Town Publishing 5/1/06 (Growing years title) 5909 Tower Avenue Superior,WI 54880 For ages 6/11 63pg. ISBN:1-59466-082-4 Paper back Paddle Tail's books titled, "PADDLE TAIL" & "PADDLE TAILS FIRST WINTER ADVENTURE" Can be purchased through publisher or ordered through your favorite retailer. They can also be purchased in ebook form at The next book in the series is titled, PADDLE TAIL'S FIRST DAY aT SCHOOL" To be released next year. Please check my website for updates. and Thank you, Hank LeGrand "

Pancho and the Power by Frank Parrish. 1990 East Lohman, Ste.225, Las Cruces, NM 88001.

Pasta Pazoo. More Better Spaghetti. by Lp Camozzi/Marielle Camozzi. Box 425 Stn B Montreal QC Canada.
"This father/daughter collaboration is a colourful, fun and educational journey through a series of Pasta worlds for kids 3+. The key character is a young girl named Pasta Pazoo. She is ably assisted by her friend Al Fredo. Together, they discover that’s there is more to pasta than plain old spaghetti. Pasta Pazoo has been described by one early childhood reading instructor as “ …. a perfect book for teaching reading to pre-schoolers …” "

Patricke Peartree: A Modern-Day Johnny Appleseed by George Michael . 537 Myrtle Hill Dr., Baton Rouge, La. 70810-4216.
"Patricke Peartree: A Modern-Day Johnny Appleseed is the recent recipient of a Southern Public Relations Federation (SPRF)Lantern Award. The book was published in 2005 with an initial printing of 1,000. The book was written to introduce pre-teens and others to the arena of food banking. Told from the perspective of the author's imaginery 12 year old grandson, Patricke Peartree, it encourages individuals, groups and organizations to plant donation orchards and gardens and donate all or part of their annuual harvests to one of the more than 208 food banks in the U.S. Inspirational in nature, the book can be integrated into any corporate citizenship program. The pear tree described in the story still produces pears, even though it was planted as a cutting by Patricke's great-great-great grandfather Antonino Ventrella, a native Sicilian, 75 to 85 years ago on the farm property in the Atchafalaya River Basin area of South Louisiana that Antonino's descendants still own. The book lists related web sites throughout to encourage further reading.The author's own family needed food assistance when he was a boy. "

Penelope The Adventures of a Penny and Hank the Hanger by Kathryn Lynn Seifert. 9506 East Shore Drive, Portage, MI 49002.
"Penelope The Adventures of a Penny takes young readers on a penny's journey! Children will experience all that Penelope does! (Blank pages at end of story for readers to continue Penelope on her "journey" - parental permission required.) Hank the Hanger is bullied by other hangers in the closet because of his "thin, wiry shoulders". Will he be able to hold a heavy, itchy coat? Hank proves that he "can do anything he believes he can"."

Petros Xavier Bartholomew Penguin by Glieca Sostaric. 1343 Juniper Lane, Lewisville, Texas 75067.

Pinksta & The Polka Dotted Pinstriped Pants Wearing Princess by Sy Alexander. Proud 2-B Me Publishing, 3653 Flakes Mill Rd. PMB 188, Decatur, Ga. 30034.
"See five star reviews on & Barnes & Noble websites. Bulk order pricing available for schools, Girl Scout troops, libraries"

Playing Sports Right: Your Way by Bill Patton.

Polycarp by Paulette E Anderson DMin.

Pond Punkies Book 1 The Arrival by Lisa Riebe. 100 W. Commercial Street Suite 1C #158 Morris, Il 60450.
"2010 Next Generation Indie Book Award Finalist Available e-book or hardcover Science Fiction/Fantasy Ages 7 to 10 Eleven moon orbit old Blaze stumbles upon a secret to destroy Earth. It doesn’t help that he is on Neptune. He can’t seem to get an Elder at Neptune Training Academy to listen to him. But can he really be expected to stand by and watch while the Tritonan Pond Punkies blast to Earth in a geyser? Without warning, Blaze and his friends are thrust to a planet they only read about at the academy. And worse, a prophecy is revealed and Blaze is possibly the chosen one. Now Blaze has to stop the Tritonans, save Earth, and find his missing father. On a courageous quest from graduation day at Neptune Training Academy to Earth, Blaze and his friends, one a Naiadan and the other a Larissan who can’t control his special powers, will face a mounting battle of grave consequences. To triumph in his mission, Blaze will have to do more than stop the Tritonans. He must acknowledge that he is the chosen one. "

Portia's Incredible Journey by Emma L. Price. P. O. Box 1506 Gardena, CA 90249.
"Portia's Incredible Journey, destined to be the most talked about children's book in years to come. A page-turner for eight-to twelve-year olds will have boys and girls cheering and rooting for eleven-year-old Portia as she confronts the toughest year of her life. Diabetes and bullying are only the beginning. One reviewer writes: " I finished Portia's Incredible Journey this morning. I REALY enjoyed it. I had tears in my eyes a few times. It's an amazing first book!" Janik Sundher Hundal, Literacy Coach, Los Angeles Academy, Los Angeles, California Mrs.Price has created a teacher's guide which will be available in late September 2010. Portia's Incredible Journey is only $9.95. "

Queen Vernita Visits the Blue Ice Mountains by Dawn Menge. Barnes and noble and amazon.
" Author Dawn Menge with the able assistance of illustrator Bobbi Switzer have created a zinger of a follower to Menge's first book in this series. Once again the story is rich in many character types in her monthly visitors to her new palace in nature - the Blue Ice Mountains in the Land of Quails. She wisely uses the same format as in her original book - every month of the year is celebrated for the seasonal changes and every month the new visitor is taken on sightseeing trips that introduce myriad concepts of friendship, natural phenomena, animal behavior - all the while emphasizing the learning of the names of the months, of the days of the week, and of the various seasons and holidays. The drawings are perky and eye catching for children, and the story of the friendship of an elderly Queen with a terrific variety of visitors makes the book personal and education and very entertaining - and more than a bit of a nod to respecting elders!. This is an engaging second installment to QUEEN VERNITA'S VISITORS. Welcome to wholesome and entertaining children's literature!"

Queen Vernitas Visitors by Dawn Menge. Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
" Vernita is the Queen of the mythical kingdom of Oceaneer’s, and while she is a happy person she misses the contact of friends in the land of Quails. Her solution to her loneliness? Invite a different friend to stay with her in her castle for one month, during which time she and her friend enjoy events pertinent to that month's climate and holidays. Each page (accompanied with a superbly painted illustration) introduces a new friend in a new month and the routine Queen Vernita and her visitor of the month is mapped out as repeated frolics for each day of the week until the friend departs at the end of that month. We visit winter, spring, summer and autumn and discover novel and alliterative ways to bond with friends, such as 'popping pumpernickel popcorn', 'picking shiny Shell Flowers' and numerous other very clever ideas for children to explore in their own neighborhood of friends. "

Raccoons Don't Use Spoons by Sharon Hanzik.'tusespoons
"These clever, camouflaged bandits are able to adapt to almost any environment. This book, filled with brightly colored, full-paged illustrations, is written in verse and teaches children about the natural history of raccoons as well as how humans and raccoons can peacefully co-exist."

Raccoons Don't Use Spoons by Sharon Hanzik.\raccoonsdon'tusespoons
"This clever, camouflaged bandit is able to adapt to almost any environment. About the Author Sharon Hanzik has spent a long career with Texas Parks and wildlife at Brazos Bend State Park where she interprets natural wonders to people of all ages, particularly children. This title is the first in a series of recent pursuits to teach young children about their native neighbors. "

Rainbow Valley home tto the fairies by Martha L. Spegal.

Raisha's Adventure by Josephine Durand. Chicago IL 60621.,,, www.barnes&
"1st edition, print on demand.Rasiha's Adventure is a fun, adventurous book for children of all ages.It is also a spirtual book that teaches children about God at a early age.Be blessed as you join Raisha in her adventure. "


Raylaina, the story of a teen with an abusive boyfriend by C A Wolverton.
"Just out YA novel intended for dating teens coming of age. Raylaina is a good story with a powerful message. Ebook is only 99 cents as a download via Kindle on"

Read With Me by Winona Rasheed.
"A new children's book published by L&R Hartley. IF you like reading to your child, this little collection of stories will be a big hit because they are fairytales. What child do you know who doesn't like make believe and fantasy? This story book is on CD and you get a bonus story too. You will actually recieve five stories for the price of one, and printout pages to color too."

Remembering When I Was Young by Carole Carson. Hound Press, PO Box 2328, Nevada City, CA 95959. 530 478-1108.
"Our keepsake/memory children's book fills a special niche. At the beginning, the reader and child enter an upside-down, inside-out world where kids' pants are held up by giant balloons and clouds are stored square in a box. At the conclusion, grandparents' written answers to questions about real life create a keepsake. A companion coloring book further memorializes the moments together. Sturdy construction; high gloss interior pages. Hard cover with dust jacket $19.95; set $24.95; coloring book only $6.95"

Resumes for Children - 17 Years Old and Under by Donna Kristine Manley (Kris).

Robin: The Lovable Morgan Horse by Ellen F. Feld. PO Box 304, Goshen, MA 01032.
"Robin, the fourth book in the award-winning "Morgan Horse Series," introduces the character of Karen Greene and her Morgan, the lovable Robin. An avid horse-lover, Karen is traumatized by a traumatic riding accident. Can Heather, Nicholas, and the horses of Gallant Morgans help Karen overcome her fear so that she can once again enjoy her horse? This story also introduces Robin's sidekick, the adorable gray and white pinto Miniature Horse Rerun, and Champ, the small Dachshund puppy with a big attitude. "

Robinson and the Baby by Mary Gregory. P.O. Box 408, Elmore, OH, 43416.
"Oh no, Sibling Rivalry! Robinson was concerned about the new baby that came into his and his family's life. Fortunately, someone thoughtfully sent him a Big Brother Kit, reminding him how important big brothers (and big sisters) are to their younger siblings. Go to our website to view or purchase a book or kit, and be sure to tell your friends and family about us. "

Rocky's ABC Book with His Friends / photographic/bilingual by M. U. Salas-Tristan.
"WINNER: Beverly Hills Book Award, March 2013 PHOTOGRAPHIC/BILINGUAL: (English / Spanish) YOUTUBE VIDEO: Rocky's ABC Book With His Friends"

Ruby Lee The Bumble Bee ~ A Bee of Possibility by Dawn Matheson. 5721 M Street, Lincoln NE 68510.
"Our adorable "can do" bee is back in another delightful tale. Follow the winsome charmer as she zips and zooms about her garden paradise, contrary to the notion that bees aren’t made to fly. Told through lilting verse, the story is a gentle introduction to the life lesson that there is always a way, if we believe there is and look for it. The award-winning team of Dawn Matheson and Pamela Barcita again paint a tale that warms the heart and lifts the spirit For Ages 3 – 8 $17.95 US 978-0-9754342-6-0 "

Ruby Lee The Bumble Bee ~ A Bee's Bit of Wisdom by Dawn Matheson. 5721 M Street, Lincoln NE 68510.
"Since released Ruby Lee has not only captured the hearts of children everywhere, but this critically acclaimed, best-seller has received several honors including two Benjamin Franklin Awards, the prestigious International Gallery Gold Medallion and was named "Most Outstanding Children's Book" at the Mom's Choice Awards. For ages 4 and up and available in two editions: 978-0-9754342-0-8 978-0-9754342-1-5 Special Tribute Edition benefiting the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation "

Ruby, the Little Girl Who Loved Trains by Roselie Miller Day. 1915 W. Wakeham Place Santa Ana, CA 92704.
" In 1904, six-year old Ruby moves to a Midwest railroad town with her father and step-mother. Papa is indifferent to her needs and Minnie seems to resent her. Left to find her own happiness in unfamiliar surroundings, Ruby discovers a wonderful and exciting place: the railroad station, and also a surprising and special meaning to Christmas. "

Sabrina, The Girl With A Hole In Her Heart by Wendy Lewis.
"2010 San Francisco Writier's Finalist Children's Books. Good family read for the holiday season! Sabrina, a 10-year-old girl from a rural village in Zanzibar must decide whether to fly to a faraway place for a surgery that could save her life. But who are these doctors? They are not from my country, she thinks, as she tosses and turns in her sleep. This contemporary story is based on the work of Save a Child's Heart, a volunteer organization of doctors, nurses, and others who have saved the lives of over 2,600 children of all faiths from all four corners of the world. "

Salute the Kids! Art Activity Book -Color, Draw, Write for Military Kids by Beth Allen.
"Available in 22 page hard copy & 32 page download e-version with Beth Allen's charming drawings relevant to a child's deployment experience with games to play, sentence starters to complete, emotion pages to help identify & express feelings. Children can add their own creative touches & parents can discuss the daily realities of their deployment experience as the pages turn to a big "Welcome Home" conclusion. "

Santa is in Our Chimney by Helen Ross. P O Box 1701 SPRINGWOOD, QUEENSLAND 4127 AUSTRALIA.
"Suitable 3-8 years 1st edition, Published September 2006 3000 printed (2700 remaining as of 11 oct 2006)"

Santa's Stormy Christmas Eve by Written by David MacLennan Illustrated by Cheryl Parkinson. 101-79 Gorge Road West, Victoria, BC Canada V9A 1L9.
"When a fierce snow storm strands Santa Claus at the North Pole, it is an unexpected vistitor who show us all that with faith and determination, miracles can happen. ISBN 0-9731960-0-9 32 pages soft cover $7.95 USA $10.95 Canada"

Say I Can't without the by Frederic Talton. Scroll and Clipboard Publications, Inc..

Scotty's Postcards from Rome by Jennifer Drake and Sarah Feltham.
"Introduces children to Italy’s capital city through the entertaining eyes of a tiny stuffed bear named Scotty. Scotty sends postcards detailing fun adventures and teaching us about the geography, food, language, and popular sights of the Eternal City. Part full-color picture book and part travel guide, but all around fun. "

Season Reflections by Allise Hurd. Authorhouse 1663 Liberty Dr., Suite 200, Bloomington, Indiana 47403. Also, & N/A
"This is a book of poetry for kids and adults looking to relive there childhood. Check it out and send me your comments!"

Seasons of the Year by T. Johnson.
""Seasons of the Year" is the perfect book for toddlers, beginning readers and parents who love reading to their children. It is a fun and educational trip through the four seasons, highlighting the clothes we wear and the activities children enjoy during each season. The colorful illustrations and rhyming text make "Seasons of the Year" a visibly and audibly stimulating book. Children and parents will love spending quality time reading "Seasons of the Year" time and time again. "

Secret Messages by Ardith Carratt. PO Box 603, Grandview, WA 98930-0603.
"Secret Messages is a humorous fiction chapter book that will appeal to elementary school children. Secret Messages features fourth grader, Roberto, who is alarmed when he can't find the key to his secret journal. When Roberto can't find his hidden journal, he becomes frantic. Roberto and his friends find a way to get back at the classroom bully who thought up the prank."

SECRET OF ABBOTT'S CAVE by Max Elliot Anderson. .
"Action-adventures and mysteries especially for boys 8 - 13. Now, from an author who hated to read...comes books kids hate to put down."

Secrets and Kisses by Celise Downs. 2343 W. Claremont St. Phx, AZ 85015.
"For Young Adults, ages 13-18, grades 8-12"

SEDNA--GODDESS OF THE SEA by Joel Rudinger. 208 Ohio St., Huron, OH 44839.
"Sedna-Goddess of the Sea is an Inuit explanatory tale of how sea animals came to be. Contains 30 symbolic & realistic b&w illustrations with visual elements of the Inuit culture. Ages 8 to adult. With explanatory notes, resource bibio, and short vocabulary list for young readers. A creative synthesis of two different variations. isbn 091832309"

Seeing Color: It's My Rainbow, Too by Arlene Evans. 1254 Grizzly Flat Ct., Auburn, CA 95603.
"The only book available for children on the subject of color vision deficiency, or colorblindness, a genetic condition that affects in varying degrees 1:12 males and 1:200 females."

Seeing Color: It's My Rainbow, Too; An Introduction to Color Vision Deficiency (colorblindness) by Arlene Evans, R.N.. P.O. Box 6024, Auburn, CA 95604.
"Color vision deficiency (CVD), or colorblindness, affects 1:12 males and 1:200 females worldwide. Aimed at the 9-12 year old, Seeing Color: It's My Rainbow, Too has valuable information for older readers and can be read to and discussed with younger children. The book explores all aspects of this genetic condition, from pre-school experiences to job exploration to everyday activities. I became interested in this disorder when, as a school nurse, I realized how common it is and the many ways it affects people's lives. I wrote this book because I could find no literature for children on this subject. At my Web site, visitors may read the first chapter free of charge. "

Sewing a Friendship by Natalie Tinti. 32315 Corte Zamora,Temecula,CA,92592.
"Children-Chapter-Fiction Book written & illustrated by 10-years-old, First edition, printed in three different sizes and trims: 9780984262519(5,5x8,5 soft extended cover)5000 books 9780984262526(8x10 soft cover)POD 9780984262502(8,5x11 hard cover & jacket)3000 books"

Seymour's Wish by Debbie Powell Smith. 4757 E. Greenway Rd., ste. 103, Box 46, Phoenix, AZ 85032.
"Childhood Friends, Inc. is a new publishing company that creates literature for ages 3 through 9, designed to encourage reading while enlightening young minds. We currently have four titles that evoke a child's inner feelings and emotions, as well as helping them to expand their own thoughts and imagination. Our books are in the process of being listed on a variety of on-line bookstores, publishing and author directories, and will soon have our books sold in local Zany Brainy stores. We are also in the midst of working to distribute our books through many other bookstores such as Border... We do presentations and author visits for school and other child affiliated organizations, as well as work with a number of children's charities. A description of all our books can be found on our website. However, Seymour's Wish is about a star named Seymour who lives up above, who brings to us wishes he grants with his love. Seymour isn't just an ordinary star, he's the first star you see as you look from afar. This is a wonderful tale of a special wish come true for a young star named Seymour, and how the love and gratitude in his heart brought to us a place where wishes set sail. "

She Doesn't Want the Worms! Ella no quiere los gusanos - A Mystery by Karl Beckstrand. 648 W. Wasatch St., Midvale, UT 84047, USA.
"Another in the Mini Mystery for Minors series--laughs, learning and family fun! An activity book about a girl who responds to some unusual gifts—that happen to be alive—She Doesn’t Want the Worms has text and a pronunciation guide in both English and Spanish. It includes finding and counting activities and striking illustrations of animals and insects. Available in Spanish-only or English-only (with pronunciation guide +ONLINE SECRETS for ages 2 & up) 24-page, perfect-bound, 8"x10" soft cover picture book with bi-racial character, 180 words, Premio Publishing & Gozo Books, LLC (worldwide rights, June 2011), illustrated by David Hollenbach, available via (SEE INSIDE! contact for hard cover), Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Follett Library Resources/BWI Title Wave,, Kindle/, and Brodart ¿Quién regala gusanos — y POR QUÉ? Mientras que piensas y repiensas, cuenta los bichos. Un misterio divertido para cualquier edad (2 años y arriba), incluye actividades de búsqueda y una guía de pronunciación en ingles y español — diversión y aprendizaje para toda la familia. Pida este libro únicamente en español o ingles (más SECRETOS online): Libro con dibujos y una protagonista Latina, 24 paginas, 8"x10", tapa blanda, 180 palabras. ISBN: 978-0977606528 (Spanish ISBN: 978-0977606573) JNF020010 "

Shh! The Whale Is Smiling by Josephine Nobisso; illustrated by Maureen Hyde. Gingerbread House; 602 Montauk Hwy; Westhampton Beach, NY 11978.
"Just reprinted, and available in both hard and soft covers, this favorite bedtime lullaby takes the reader on an undersea odyssey with a boy who had been frightened by a storm, and his sister who has come to comfort him. See it at our site to see why the reviewers say it's "a joy to see it back!""

Sillwee Wobbert The Happy Heart Kid by G. Robert. 2306 Dexter Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20902.
"Sillwee Wobbert has become a childrens book series on health issues. It has received national acclaim from healthcare professionals and teachers. Parents and kids see it as an educational resource to talk more about these conditions. These currently include heart, asthma, and diabetes. A multicultural component makes it a must for diversity programs."

Silver and Gold, the color of friendship by Winona Rasheed.
"This is a new children's book published by L&R Hartley. Silver and Gold comes to you as a CD with a bonus story, all for the price of one. IF you want to teach your children about friendship, this is the book for you."

Silver The Sea Gooch by Adeline Tudyk. Suite 6E,2333 Government St. Victoria, B.C. V8T 4P4, Canada.
" This is my very first book published through Trafford Publishing POD. You may search inside the book by clicking on and entering Silver The Sea Gooch in the Amazon Search. Thank you, Adeline Tudyk"

Silver The Sea Gooch by Adeline (Addie) Tudyk.
"Two five star reviews on by Robert Gibbs and Sydney Molare. God has been expelled from public schools, however He's lovingly welcomed into this children's book "Silver The Sea Gooch." "

Silver The Sea Gooch by Adeline Tudyk.
" Two five star reviews on for "Silver The Sea Gooch," a story about eighty sea-and-land gooches trapped within the ocean by huge schools of hungry blue sharks. (God has been expelled from public schools, however He's lovingly welcomed, starring in "Silver The Sea Gooch.") "

Silver The Sea Gooch by Adeline Tudyk.
" Read about the incredible power of God's Holy Spirit within the ocean's depths as He helps Silver save himself and eighty other sea-and-land-gooches that are trapped by huge schools of hungry, blue sharks with gnashing, sharp teeth only inches away. Two 5 star reviews on"

Sleeping Upside-Down by Emalou King.
"The best and biggest award (of course, a parents approval) was my mother saying how absolutely proud she was of my accomplishment! Thanks to Dan Poynter. 1st edition...1000 in print..delightful and insightful for girls ages 8-12. Book #2 in the oven. "

Slinkie The Courageous Snail by Marlene Adams. QJAY EnterprisesPo Box 220128 Rosedale NY11422.
"Colorful book 48 pgs Paperback with wonderful characters. Featured in two Community news papers and conducted book readings at Michaels Crafts Stores, Sold all copies on hand at a Small Press Book Fair in NYC. Read some reviews at www. Kids loves it. Children said they would like this book to be a movie. Book available."

Something Lurking in the Bell Tower by Eric Patterson.

Something Strange: More Humorous Poems for Kids and Adults by William Schoff. see website.
"This is a second collection of poems for kids and adults. It is a follow-up to my first book, "I'm Not Feeling Like Myself Today." Like the first book, it is a compilation of humorous poems. The poems are again accompanied by rich and colorful illustrations which have a touch of realism combined with fantasy. This lures the reader into the world of innocence and magic of each poem's character. Great as a read-aloud for teachers and parents."

Something to Crow About by Suzanne Knoebel, M. D.. P.O. Box 3843, Carmel, IN 46082.
"An entertaining and educational, illustrated book about a young girl who rescues a crow with a broken wing and works with a veterinarian at the Indianapolis Zoo to rehabilitate it. The author expertly shows the reader how the crow (leader of the flock) deals with his disability. Recommended age group: 6-10."

Something Wicked in the Land of Picatrix by Patricia Roland-James, Robert James. Box 160 Rio Nido, CA 95471.

Sounds in the House! Sonidos en la casa - A Fun Mystery by Karl Beckstrand. 648 W. Wasatch St., Midvale, UT 84047, USA.
"Beckstrand's Mini Mysteries for Minors series grows--with more laughs, learning and family fun! Ever been scared by strange noises—sounds that seem to happen all by themselves? What could be causing those squeaks and bumps? Sounds in the House is a funny bedtime story on fear, courage and friendship. It has full text and a pronunciation guide in both English and Spanish, plus vivid illustrations to aid language comprehension (ages 2 & up) Get this book in Spanish-only or English-only (with pronunciation guide—plus ONLINE FUN!), 24 pages, perfect-bound 8.5”x8.5” soft cover picture book, 150 words, Premio Publishing & Gozo Books, LLC (worldwide rights, 2011), illustrated by Channing Jones, available via (SEE INSIDE!), Follett Library Resources/BWI Title Wave, Ingram (Spanish),, Brodart, Kindle/ ¿Alguna vez, has oído en tu casa ruidos que te asustan? Sonidos en la casa es un libro chistoso que explica las causas de esos sonidos espantosos. Aprenda sobre el temor, el valor y la amistad (2 años y arriba). Incluye una guía de pronunciación en ingles y español. Pida este libro únicamente en ingles o español (más online FUN!): Libro con dibujos, 24 paginas, tapa blanda: 8.5”x8.5”, 150 palabras, ISBN: 978-0615442303, JNF020010 "

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog by Firefighter Dayna Hilton.
"The new children’s book and audio book, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, by Author Firefighter Dayna Hilton, were released April 2008. These books are not only fun, but educational, and are based on the latest fire safety research for children. As children learn of the adventures of Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, they learn valuable fire safety tips enabling them and their families to keep fire safe. These tips include recognizing the firefighter as a helper and a friend, knowing the sound and purpose of a smoke alarm, learning how to crawl low under smoke, and understanding the importance of practicing a home fire drill using an escape map. “Two paws up and a tail wag for Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog!” Jenni Glenn, PBS KIDS Sprout. “Children love reading the same books over and over. A fire safety book is one way to provide the repetition needed for young children to master home fire safety messages. Firefighter Dayna, Firefighter Michael, and Sparkles give us a book to enjoy while we learn!” Nancy Trench, Oklahoma State University, Fire Protection Publications/IFSTA Up-to-date information may be found on the author’s blog at Book $4.99 Audio Book $5.99 "

SPARKS Ignite Imagination by Nancy Illing. Creative Genius Publications, 7000 Newport #204, Woodridge, IL 60517.
"Nurture your creative genius. Learn creative thinking skills. Practice your skills on the SPARKS pages. High quality paper, pages tear out for ease of use. 8 x 10 paperback, 64 pages, full color, retail price $14.00 "

Spatz: The Best Parade Day by Sherry W. Fair.
"Experience a traditional July fourth day that is based on actual events. Spatz, the lively Shetland sheepdog discovers what words like patriotic, freedom and fireworks mean. At the end of the day, the tri-color Sheltie and his readers reflect on the importance of commemorating America's Independence Day and the way of life that makes ir worth celebrating. The Best Parade Day features a foreword by retired General Carl E. Mundy, Jr., former commandant of the US marine Corps and past member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Best Parade Day (ISBN: 978-1-57736-375-2) retails for $18.95 U.S. with 3,000 in print. The story reads like the classic, The Night Before Christmas. "

Spatz: The Scratching Sound by Sherry W. Fair.
"First Edition, Limited. 2,500 copies. (ISBN 157736) Review:Nancy Wise, Managing Editor Providence House Publishers Of the 400 books we have published over the last 15 years, this is one of the best. The way Sherry developed the story makes me feel like I really know Spatz, and the illustrations are charming. The cover is so appealing that you can't help but pick up and look at it. This is a book that will appeal to kids and adults alike. Books bought from the web site will be embossed and signed and can have a special message written. "

Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker Detective y pacificador Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet Caso primero: El brazalete de la amistad desaparecido by Dr. Elana Ashley. Dream Image Press, LLC PO Box 454 Northbrook, IL 60065-0454.
"Dr. Elana Ashley, The Workplace Doctor and Children's Book Author, presents programs in "Resolving Conflicts" for young and adult audiences. Using Case One in her bilingual [English/Spanish], mystery adventure series - Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker Detective y pacificador - Ashley introduces students [kindergarten - fifth grade] to conflict resolution through dramatic readings, discussion and role play. Interactive workshops for middle school and high school students focus on building blocks which prepare them for understanding a step-by-step conflict resolution process that volunteers practice in the classroom. Adult workshops in "Managing Conflict in the Home and Workplace" are offered for school administrators, teachers, parents, and employers and employees in business. Using her talents as a puppeteer, Ashley works with her five-foot storybook character Peacemaker Splunkey in presenting motivational assemblies for elementary school students, as well as bringing Dramatic Story Reading and Story Telling of Original Works with storybook character Ellie Elephant for young audiences and families in schools and other community organizations. Ashley presently works on the second book in her mystery series, which targets bullying. Visit: Contact Dr. Ashley at 847.480.8998. "

Splunkunio Splunkey Detective and Peacemaker, Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet by Elana Ashley. Dream Image Press, LLC, P.O. Box 454, Northbrook, IL 60065-0454 USA.
"This delightful book is the first in a mystery, adventure series for children of all ages. A valuable resource for families and educators, the book targets important, everyday issues including problem-solving, teamwork, friendship, responsibility for what we say and do, and much more! A new version of the book will be coming out in Spanish. Selected reviews follow: 'While in the midst of a friendship threatening dilemma, Ellie and Eli find an unlikely source of help in the form of an alien, Splunkunio Splunkey. This story will be read over and over again by parents and their children, students and their teachers as they explore situations close to their hearts, minds and souls.' - Nora Soyring Rucker, Lead Teacher, Lutheran General Children's Day Care Center, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, Des Plaines, IL &The photography is super, and the creatures are really adorable& This book would definitely make a nice addition to any children's library, and I am sure will be getting giggles for years to come. Very imaginative! -Judge's Critique,Writer's Digest 11th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards The story, most effectively narrated to a group by storyteller, Elana Ashley, offers conflict, peacemaking and humor. As an educational vehicle, it could launch discussions on friendship, trust and helpfulness. A lively, satisfying story.  Nancy Ferrell, Juneau Juvenile Book Review Committee, Juneau Public Libraries, Juneau, Alaska, Author, Former Librarian, Former Teacher ...Trust, acceptance of others who might appear different, not giving up when things appear difficult, and being willing to work hard to solve scary problems are the lessons that children will learn from this book. I highly recommend it for parents, teachers and youngsters. - Dr. Leonard B. Miller, Professor of Psychology, American Behavioral Studies Institute, Santa Anna, California; Contributing Co-Editor, Integrative Psychotherapies This book is made with so much love and hope for deep world friendship and brotherhood& The photography is lovely. The characters are lovable. You do such gratifying work. - Ada Moriel, Singer-Musician-Composer, Israel The author visits schools, libraries, book stores and other community organizations for readings, programs, lectures and workshops. For further information about the author, visit For information about the storybook character and puppet Splunkunio Splunkey, visit Book Details: For ages 4 and up; glossy, 4-color hardback; 8 1/2 X 11/32 pages; ISBN 0-9744812-0-3; LCCN 2003096048; $17.95. W/D Baker & Taylor. "

St. Juan Diego & Our Lady of Guadalupe by Elizar Torres & Joel T. Ramirez. EP Publications, 5142 La Subida NW Alb, NM 87105. elizar34@yahoo,.com. Guadalupe
"The book sells for $6.50. It's a 39 page story of Saint Juan Diego's encounter with the BVM on a cold December morning as he walked to Mass. It is geared for children ages 4 to 12. There is a line drawing for each page that can be colored as an additional activity. S & H is $2.00. Send Check or MO for $8.50 to EP Publications, 5142 La Subida NW, Alb, NM 87105 I have several in stock and can print more if needed. "

Stalking Bailey by Nita Wilkes.

Standing Up by Marie-Anne Gillet and Isabelle Gilboux. Kane/Miller Book Publishers P.O. Box 8515 La Jolla, CA 92038 1-800-968-1930.
"Inspired by the historic Manneke Pis statue in his hometown of Brussels, a little boy practices and perfects the art of standing up. Like everything else in life, standing up takes practice. No one is perfect (or perfectly dry) the first time. But after a lot of practice (and a lot of patience) comes success! Standing up is easy. It's fun too. Especially when you get to stand up next to Dad, just like a big boy! 1-929132-71-9 $14.95 Hardcover Full color illustrations 32 pages"

Starlight Shines for Miranda by Janet Muirhead Hill.
""Starlight Shines for Miranda," the fifth book of a highly acclaimed new series of children's fiction, will entertain and encourage; thrill and edify its readers. The bond of love between the black stallion, Starlight, and the twelve-year-old Miranda Stevens becomes very apparent in this fast-paced volume for middle-grade readers. A forced separation between Miranda and Starlight cause both the girl and the horse to go "off their feed," taking a toll on their health. The well-laid plans for Mr. Taylor, the crotchety owner of Shady Hills Horse Ranch, are in jeopardy until Starlight and Miranda are reunited and pitted against the clock in an effort to save Mr. Taylor from financial ruin. Many surprising adventures are interwoven into this wholesome story. Children identify with Miranda, Laurie, and Christopher; characters who face many comtemporary challenges that have no easy answers. This award-winning series by Montana author Janet Muirhead Hill is being adapted into a major motion picture. See the Raven Publishing website for details on the movie development, and order your autographed copies now!"

Starlight's Shooting Star by Janet Muirhead Hill.
"Starlight's Shooting Star is fourth in a series about the mishaps and adventures of young Miranda Stevens and Starlight, the black stallion she loves and wants to own. Now at age twelve Miranda and her friends learn new lessons from life's twists and turns. **This new series is PERFECT for both boys and girls, especially if they are fond of horses! The author shows that if you act without thinking the consequences can be dire indeed! The story is very well written, flows smoothly, and is easy to understand. The adventures of Miranda will keep young readers glued to the book as they watch the trio of friends learn lessons of honesty and loyalty. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SERIES!***Huntress Reviews Award-winning Montana author Janet Muirhead Hill now adds screenwriter to her credits as she has adapted the first two titles in the Starlight Series to script for the forthcoming movie development! Won award, movie forthcoming, wow! Watch the Raven Publishing site for more details as this develops, and request your personalized copies now!"

Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf by Nicole Weller.
"First edition for ages 4-8+ to be used together with adult mentors (coaches, family) to learn and practice golf! Never-before-seen reward stickers and point systems, along with syllabus for mentors needing guidance. Written by LPGA / PGA Head Teaching Professional Nicole Weller (2010 U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Instructor, 2010 Golf Digest Top 40 under 40 'Best Young Teacher', 2007 & 2009 GA PGA Teacher of the Year). First run 5,000 in print, for now!"

Sticky Situations - Stories of Childhood Adventures Abroad by Leigh Platt Rogers. 2136 East 5th Street, Benicia, CA 94510.
"A unique collection of autobiographical stories of life overseas as the daughter of a CIA agent. Surviving eleven years of living in Europe and Southeast Asia, Leigh Rogers captures the readers attention with entertaining, witty and insightful accounts of the adventures and sticky situations she and her family experienced. I was a teenager when I found out what my father really did for a living& I finally discovered the truth when I overheard my mother asking my father whether our phones were being tapped. I could not believe my ears! Did she just ask if our phones were tapped? My father answered, Yes, Im afraid so. Unbeknownst to Rogers until she turned 14, her father was a covert CIA agent. Her family spent five years in Austria during the Cold War, three years in Laos (Thailand) while the Vietnam conflict raged on and three years in France while the Cold War slowly ended. The family led a nomadic lifestyle but one filled with excitement, ups & downs, drama and comedy. Our world grows smaller every day with the incredible advances in technology. What better way to remember the past and learn about different cultures than with a book dedicated to sharing history. This 184-page gift book - some 50 short stories - is beautifully designed with some scattered photos of places and friends. It is a fast read and a pleasure of many more smiles than tears. BOOK ORDERS: The cost is $12 per book (of which 5 cents is donated to the Humane Society) and $3 shipping each. Thus, $15 a copy. You can also get an autographed copy! Please contact the author directly with your address at her website: or directly through e-mail: Please also indicate whether you want the book inscribed with something special! The book is also available online at and Barnes and ### Sticky Situations: Stories of Childhood Adventures Abroad by Leigh Platt Rogers. Infinity Publishing. Original Edition: 5 ½ x 8 ½, 184 pages. ISBN: 0-7414-1754-5, $11.95. Publication: November 2003. "

Stinky the Bulldog by Jackie Valent. 1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403.
""Stinky the Bulldog" communicates the values of respect and acceptance for others who are different. Packed with vibrant illustrations, “Stinky the Bulldog” is a touching story that teaches the value of all people and beings, and the wonders of true friendship. The book is written so that children ages three-to-six may have to have an adult read it to them and hopefully, absorb and live by Stinky’s life lessons. The goal is to communicate that the differences in people are what makes them special. "

SUGAR by Joe Spradlin.
"Sugar is a real cat that tells his story in a manner that will make you laugh and hold your attention regardless of age. Young children who have heard his story love SUGAR. The book is currently being used by a tribe in Africa to teach children to speak and read English. A local Veterinarian also purchased several books for a Chilrens Hospital."

Summer School for Smarties by Valerie Allen. P O B 120053 West Melbourne FL 32912-0053.
"Easy-reader book for grades 2 to 6. High interest for emergent readers chapter book. Focus is on learning in a positive and unique environment. Humorous and entertaining for the less-than-eager reader."

Summer School for Smarties by Valerie Allen. POB 120053, West Melbourne FL 32912-0053.
"Jennifer Leigh Shaw knows there has been a BIG mistake. Summer school isn't for her! She plans to be miserable, but wild and funny things begin to happen in summer school. Did she really mean it when she asked to come back next summer? "

Sungka and Smiling Irish Eyes by Natalie Gonzales-Sullaway.
"The story of a boy who is half-Filipino (Asian) and half-Irish. A full color illustrated book by well known artist Don Berry, this is a great resource for children of kids of mixed ethnicity (biracial or interracial). Tommy learns more about his heritage over dinner with both sets of grandparents who talk about being part of both cultures and their respective traditions."

Swimming to the Moon / A Collection of Rhymes Without Reason by Jeff McMahon. PO Box 331.
"Words of wisdom, whimsy and wonder fill this collection of tall tales and silly stories. As you wander through the pages you just may come across a rare Giraffapotamus, or meet The Remarkable Hector McTwee, and maybe even take a ride on a Unicornicycle. There are Cannonballs and Cartwheelers, Tree Climbers and Trampolinists, Moon Swimmers and Moose Riders, and an amazing assortment of funny, strange, and unforgettable rhymes that will have you wondering just what's coming next. A timeless collection of poems and art keeping the tradition of hardcover books and bedtime reading alive. This is the first in a projected trilogy which will include the sequel Running To The Sun, to be followed by Sailing To The Stars. In the spirit of the wonderful books by Shel Silverstein, these beautifully illustrated verses and story-poems come to life with memorable characters and messages that will appeal to youngsters, parents, grandparents, adults, teens, and basically children of all ages. This poetry collection will become a favorite that you will turn to again and again, for bedtime reading, family time, or if you just need a smile to brighten your day. First edition "

T is for T.Rex: Some of God's Most Amazing Creatures from A to Z by Terry P. Beh. Clouds of Light Publications, PO Box 1835, Castle Rock, CO 80104.
"T is for T.Rex is a beautifully illustrated alphabet book about dinosaurs and other fantastic creatures from the fossil record, such as flying and marine reptiles, giant mammals and more. It contains funny rhymes, humorous illustrations by artist Dan "the dragon man" Sorensen, and factual information about each animal. Written from a young-earth creation science perspective, it stresses the importance of God’s Word in interpreting the behavior of dinosaurs and other “extinct”(?) beasts known only from fossil evidence. It also points to Noah’s flood as the key to understanding Earth’s geology and the fossils it contains. T is for T.Rex is available in both a hardcover print edition and as an e-book on Amazon/Kindle, Apple/iTunes and My Tablet Books. Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual was very helpful in its production."

Tagger, Alone Along the Mystic River by J. A. Louthain. P.O. Box 3843, Carmel, IN 46082.
"Tagger, Alone Along the Mystic River is a touching and entertaining story about a young girl who escapes servitude at an inn in Groton, Connecticut and flees to the Mystic River disguised as a boy. The book takes place in the early 1800s and accurately reflects the history and culture of those days. Tagger is no ordinary girl. She's a dynamic, determined, admirable child who learns to survive on her own by catching and selling fish. She sets goals for herself and achieves them, a true American heroine. Tagger was selected for the Fall 2002 Children's Booksense 76 List by the American Booksellers Association and has been recently recommended for nomination for the Young Hoosier Book Award. The book comes with a free song CD, Along the Mystic River by P. Alex Shaurette, and reflects authentic music of the era. A FREE Teachers Guide is also available upon request. "

Talk To The Hands;Anthony's Days Shopping With Mom and Dad by Lee Brooks.

Talking To My Angel by Martha Jette/ Illustrator: Katie Gonzales. 47 Deleware Ave., Apt. 3, Hamilton, Ontario, L8M 1T5.
"First Edition just released. A beautiful book for children of all ages, with wonderful illustrations throughout."

Tanglewood Series The Gift by Robin Garland. P.O Box 504203 San Diego CA 92150.
"This wonderful children's book is filled with humor, adventure, and compassion for others who are different. The Gift is a charming story of two ten-year old girls and how they overcome their initial communication differences to become best friends and heroes. This 5x7 full color cover is 131 pages with black and white illustrations. It is a great read for girls and boys ages 8 to 12 years old. ISBN 0741423391. The Gift is now in its second edition and is available on the author's website, can also be ordered at Barnes&Noble,, and Borders."

Ten Finger Prints in the Butter by Margaret Konieczny. 5549 Camus Rd Carson City, NV 89701.
"A suspenseful intriguing counting book for ages 2 and up. Reading level 5 year olds who love the mystery of Who is putting the finger prints in the butter? Older sibling can read to younger brothers and sisters. A fun book!"

Ten Yellow Bananas by Helen Ross. P O Box 1701 SPRINGWOOD, QUEENSLAND 4127 AUSTRALIA.
"Suitable 3-6 years 1st edition, Published March 2006 3000 printed (approx. 1800 left in print) Expect to reprint 2007 "

TERROR AT WOLF LAKE by Max Elliot Anderson. .
"Action-adventures and mysteries especially for boys 8 - 13. Now, from an author who hated to read...comes books kids hate to put down."

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Anne Power. teresa@abcyogaforkids.
"1st Edition, 3,000 books in print,Living Now Book Awards Recipient for the yoga/pilates category"

The Addiction Monster and the Square Cat by Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis. 819 Isar Ave NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907.
"This is a book aimed at children 10 years old and up, teaching them about the dangers of drugs and how they can lead to addiction. The story is told by Pumpkin, the family cat, in a very informative way with doses of humor and gets the message across about addiction. "

The Adventure of My Heart by E. Pearl Clayton.

The Adventures od Pinchie the clothespin by Bertha Schnoebelen. Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
".Pinchie's adventures are cute and fun and the illustrations are lovely. Even children who had never seen a clothespin like it."

The Adventures of Baby Jaimie by Jaimie Hope.
"Come follow Baby Jaimie on her very first adventure. In this story, Baby Jaimie gets her first wheelchair and discovers things she can now do with her chair that she couldn't do before like playing baseball and racing her family and friends. By learning she can now do the things that other children can do she also learns that in her chair she is unstoppable and learns to believe in herself."

The Adventures of Captain Sox / Book 1: Mysterious Stranger by Orion Alexander. 37 St. George Road Winnipeg Manitoba Canada R2M 3J1.
"This is the first edition of book 1. 500 books printed, just over 400 sold. First book in a series of 9. If you like cats, you'll enjoy The Adventures of Captain Sox!"

The Adventures of Captain Sox / Book 2: Blackjack's Rescue by Orion Alexander. 37 St. George Road Winnipeg Manitoba Canada R2M 3J1.
"First edition of book 2. 500 printed, over 300 sold. Book 2 in a series of 9. If you love cats and dogs, you'll enjoy The Adventures of Captain Sox!"

The Adventures of Keeno and Ernest ~ The Banana Tree by Written by Maggie van Galen; Illustrated by Joanna Lundeen.
"This is a first edition book about a mischievous little monkey and his best friend Ernest, a clever and responsible young elephant. In the end, Keeno learns about friendship and following family rules. Here's a few of the reviews: "What a great book for children and adults. A traditional morality tale brought into the 21st century with delightful illustrations and non-preachy story telling. A book that will be read over and over and passed down to next generations. I am getting more for friends!" ~Amazon review by Mary B Smith "Keeno and Ernest are relatable characters to children of all ages as they demonstrate kindness and true friendship. The story is entertaining with vivid illustrations. Van Galen chooses wonderful vocabulary to depict the characters experiences and give readers exposure to authentic words. This book is a must in every children's library!" Kate Donlin, Literacy Coach Perley Elementary School, Georgetown, MA "

The Adventures of Pinchie the Clothespin by Bertha Schnoebelen. 2010 Panther Ln.,Apt 302, Liberty, TX 77575.

The Adventures of Sailor Sam by Angela Cater. Tabby Cat Press, 52 Doncaster Avenue, Manchester, M20 1DJ, England.
""The Adventures of Sailor Sam" tells the story of farm-cat, Tigger, who is forced to leave his home after a misunderstanding. He is taken on board ship to keep down the mice and rats and creates a new identity as “Sailor Sam”. However, the sailors don’t understand that cats are nocturnal and soon start grumbling about their laziness. To prove them wrong, Sam decides to steer the ship at night to speed them to their destination. Just one problem - cats are not known for their map reading skills! Where will the ship end up and will Sailor Sam be forgiven? The book is aimed at 6 – 9 years old but could be read to a younger audience. The bright, cheerful illustrations will appeal to all, especially cat and animal lovers. A percentage of the proceeds from this book are being donated to the Riverhaven Elderly Cat Welfare shelter in Devon which ares for abandoned elderly and disabled cats for the rest of the natural lifes. "

The Adventures of Tommy Teddy Bear and Alex Little Bunny by Flavia Cosma. 12 Homedale Drive, Scarborough,ON Canada, M1V 1M2.
"This book is published by KCLF-21 Press, Toronto, first edition, 500 copies in print; Flavia Cosma is an Award winner Canadian poet, author and translator. The illustator of this book (Nicholas Varias) is an Award winner architect."

"First Edition. Available as paperback £4.98 and ebook download £1.50 on and 88 pages with black and white illustrations for children 6-8 yrs."

The Amazing Earth by Lena Barker. 301 Lakewood Cr. .
"Teach your child to Appreciate The Amazing Earth. "

"This is the 1st edition of a children's story, about team work, building friendships & confronting adversity."

The Balloon Boy of San Francisco by Dorothy Kupcha Leland. PO Box 73992, Davis, CA 95617. www,

The Bedazzling Bowl by Wendy Lynn Decker.
"The Bedazzling Bowl, is a fun little story that's culturally relative, and has innocent charm that will appeal to most elementary readers. Aly's travails are very reminiscent of another elementary student that hated change and had a hard time getting things right - good ole' Ramona the Brat - and this author's first foray in youth fiction pays a nice homage to Beverly Cleary's star-crossed heroine. This edifying tale addresses a lot of contemporary issues that Christian students didn't used to face: special education and inclusion, home-schooling versus public education, and it imparts some great lessons. "

The Birbal Tales of India by James Moseley. PO Box 60013, Pasadena CA 91116-6013.
"From the rich traditions of India’s Golden Age, this children’s classic, The Birbal Tales, is a precious gem, polished through 400 years of retelling. The books sold 500 copies while being printed! First Prize, National Writers Club for Fiction, and First Prize, University of Southern Louisiana for Juvenile Fiction. 160 pages, 33 color illustrations. “I was utterly enchanted. Moseley has captured the fantasy court world in the finest tradition of the Mughal storyteller.” Wheeler M. Thackston, Harvard Professor of Near Eastern Studies “They sparkle like Kipling's Just So Stories and the Arabian Nights. Perfect bedtime stories, full of humor and surprise endings!” Randall Brooks, The Family Channel “Rarely can a book charm children, please adults, and inform any reader of a different culture. This book does it all.” Ted Maas, Alliance House "

The Blue Goblin by Donna Pisella.

The Blue King by Arthur W. Hoffmann, Ed.D.. 1091 Centre Road, Suite 260 Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326.
"A fascinating holiday season adventure story that has a humanitarian, rather than material, message. A girl, named Kim, her brother, Steve and Teddy Blue Bear, their shaggy dog chase after a runaway soccer ball and wind up discovering a mystical place, The Blue Kingdom, located at the South Pole. It turns out that the Blue King is the cousin of Saint Nicholas. The Blue King and Santa Claus communicate via C-mail (sea mail) with secret messages. One C-mail is encoded with a riddle that must be solved in order to open the message. The heroine, Kim, answers the mysterious riddle that results in the Blue King establishing a humanitarian mission, the FUN Program, to better mankind by promoting Friendship, Understanding and Niceness throughout the world. Ambassadors of FUN will be dispatched throughout the world to promote FUN and to identify the children who have contributed to the betterment of mankind. The Blue King will recognize these children by giving them a special gift, wrapped in blue, which will be delivered by The Blue King’s cousin, Santa Claus, during the holiday season. CD with song and story narration included. Hardcover with full color illustrations. $21.95"

The Blue Ribbon Alpaca by Susan Rosche. PRA Publishing, 15775 Mt. Calvert Rd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.
"1st Edition. 3,000 in print. Delightful heartwarming story. Hardcover. Beautiful, brightly colored, detailed illustrations with hidden critters on each page. First and only hardcover children's alpaca book. Josephine is an alpaca, and in her herd, winning is everything. But all that matters to Josephine is the love of the children who own her. A love she believes must be earned by winning a blue ribbon. Yet Josephine is never given the opportunity to compete in an alpaca show. Unaware of her spectacular fleece, she is puzzled when the other alpacas begin to tease her. Josephine is convinced she is no longer wanted. In a desperate attempt to prove her worth, Josephine finds the true meaning of love. Includes an "About Alpacas" section for the parent. Can be ordered through Pax River Alpacas, a working alpaca farm. Learn about these gorgeous, magnificent animals and the beautiful fiber (yarns) they produce."

The Bonsai Coloring Book by Robert J. Baran and Paul Steele. Pyramid Dancer Publications 7473 Fortman Ave. Fountain, CO 80817.
"The first time anywhere in any language, for kids of ALL ages, playfully educating the mind's eye. First edition, First printing, available the first week of November 2005."

The Bubble Truck goes to the Moon by Sonny Fenwick. 4220 kamer-miller road , New Albany, Indiana.
""The Bubble truck goes to the Moon" is a children's picture book based on my real life art car/truck. Sonny creates an art truck and meets a magic bubble named "Bubbie" together they take children on journeys and learning experiences. A free Dvd and bubble wand are included. 32 pages Hard Cover Reinforced library Binding., "

The Buggy That Boogied Away by Betsy B. Lee.
"Cumulative tales fascinate children. The Buggy That Boogied Away by Betsy B. Lee is a cumulative tale which entertains children in K-3 with bright pictures and easy to follow text. A song is printed on the last two pages. Children enjoy the antics of a happy horse. They learn something funny about “horse and buggy days” and they discover a little about learning to laugh at our own mistakes. The author’s site has excerpts and lesson plans for using the book."

The Bully - Carmen & Artela by Cheron Holland.
""The Bully - Carmen & Artela" is the first book in a series of three that discusses the social issue bullying. After reading, this book will inspire its reader and spark genuine dialogue about bullying. Students, parents and teachers can communicate the identifying factors of bullies and survival skills and tactics used to overcome bullying. "Snow Day" will be the second book in this bullying series. It will be published by Summer 2014. "

The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story by Rita Y. Toews.
"The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story is in use in schools throughout Canada and the U.S. A major Canadian city purchased the book for their elementary students, and several police departments in both Canada and the U.S. use the book in their anti-bully outreach program. The Bully addresses the issue of bullies in school and gives helpful suggestions to both children and parents on how to deal with the stressful situation in a positive manner. Illustrations can be coloured as bullying is discussed. The Bully is now in it's second printing. "

The Butterfly and The Bunny's Tail by Joseph De Sena, MD.
"Mr. Bunny's tail has become stuck in a fence, and he needs help! Follow Alexandra, the Angel Princess butterfly, as she searches high and low for friends to help free Mr. Bunny from his tight squeeze. Can the tiny Alexandra really be the solution to her friend's problem? Read her story and find out! "

The Call to Shakabaz by Amy Wachspress. PO Box 635, Talmage, CA, 95481.
"Four children and their parrot travel to the distant fantasy land of Faracadar on a quest to retrieve the powerful Staff of Shakabaz from the evil enchanter Sissrath. Featuring all Black characters, which is quite unusual for the children's and young adult fantasy adventure genre, this book demonstrates the fundamental principles of nonviolence as practiced by Dr. King. First printing of 3300, with 1500 sold in the first 2 months. Winner of an iParenting Media Award 2007. "

The Child In Our Hearts: A Story of Adoption by Paul Jnason.,, Barnesand
"A children's picture book about adoption and how all children begin in the hearts of their parents regardless of how they come to be in a family. There are version for male and female parents, gay and lebian couples and single male and femlae parents as well as translations in Spanish and Italian."

The Chumash Circle by Daniel Phalen. 7007 Almond Dr., Templeton, CA 93465.
"In a new twist on girl power, Rose Doolittle takes on a gang of ex-convicts after discovering their skimming operation at the county fair. Armed only with her faith in a Chumash Indian animal tale and a fetish she crafted by hand, plucky rose defies the bad guys, a raft of doubting adults, and an evil force she knows only as "Dark Hunter." Her summer vacation turns into a nightmare of knife threats, glimpses of a mystical world, a Chumash ghost from 1840, and an adobe ruin full of stolen cash. Rose becomes the focus of powerful forces combating for her will, when everyone she knows, even her doting grandfather, turns against her. Alone with a terrible secret, Rose must lose her doubt or lose her life."

The Collie of Castle Hill by Christine Reilly Carter. Polt Mountain Press, P.O. Box 241, Califon, NJ 07830.
"2002-2003 Winter Children's BookSense 76 List Pick. Carl's future is forever changed when his life is threatened by the waters of the Neshanic River. Based on the 1954-55 adventures of nine year old Carl Maier and his collie, Lucky. The story recounts their first cycle of seasons together. The illustrations, beautifully rendered in pencil, carry the reader back to the time of black and white television, one-color storybooks and the life of a young, farm boy in the mid-fifties. A tale of friendship for all ages. The book includes photographs of Carl's many certified therapy dogs including Rusty, the National Red Cross Comfort Dog. Written & Illustrated by C. R. Carter First Edition ISBN: 0-9717964-0-8 Hardcover w/dust jacket Print Run 5,000 copies ISBN: 0-9717964-1-6 Softcover Print Run 3,000 copies Personalized, autographed copies may be ordered directly from Polt Mountain Press. Also available from Baker & Taylor. Gifts sets (Hardcover copy and calendar) and The Collie of Castle Hill note cards are also available from Polt Mountain Press. Order online or contact by mail or phone (908)537-2020. "

The Competitive Parent: The Ethic's of Youth football by Christopher Tateo. PO Box 553, Armonk NY 10504.
" The Competitive Parent: The Ethics of Coaching Youth Football Editors Choice Award"

The Crows of Hidden Creek by JoAnn Huston Niemela. PO Box 8984, Reston VA 20195.
"This is kid's book for adults. It didn't start out that way, but by the reviews I find that adults love the book and find that they have a new appreciation for crows. They do read it to their children who "think it is good." The Crows of Hidden Creek is an adventure story about crows that live on a golf course. One fledgling is particularly rambunctious and he gets in a lot of trouble. The worst of which comes when he convinces his best pal they should go on a trip and they join a murder of crows flying south. They get involved in a crow shoot and the trip becomes a survival adventure. Since the story is based on actual crow behaviour, the adults that read this book, say things like: "I now look at the crows that come to my backyard bird feeder and bath in an entirely different light." or "I am now on a quest to learn more about crows." or "In the summers I have a couple of noisy ones (crows) outside my window, and in the future I'll listen more carefully to their cawing." The Washington (DC) Independent Writers chose it as their book of the month for March. If you love crows, you will enjoy this book. J."

The Dancing Bears by Pamela Barcita, Author/Illustrator . 5721 M Street, Lincoln NE 68510.
"On the barren, remote landscape of the frozen Arctic, a wondrous event is taking place. Polar bears materialize from their icy environs and gather together for a night of joyous dancing. Bears of all ages take part, making merry through the night, while rainbow-hued neon skies reflect in the vast whiteness. Barcita tells this mystical tale in chant-like verse reminiscent of Inuit legend passed down in oral tradition. The story was inspired by the Aurora Borealis, by the ancient beliefs of the Arctic peoples, and by true behavior of polar bears. ISBN 978-1-933982-00-7 / $19.95 Order date: August 1, 2007 "

The Dog With The Automatic Tail by Richard-Merlin Atwater, Illustrated by Carmen Cassette. 3412 Snowy Egret Ct, Palm Harbor, FL 34683.
"First edition, initial print 1,000. Size: 8 and a half x 11, Multi-color glossy cover. 80 pages with 3,500 words of text and 38 fullpage and 38 half page illustrations (B/W). A marvelous story about a boy and his dog with emphasis on family values and the animal kingdom. Opportunity to win a FREE dog available inside every book. A great illustrated children's book for children ages 4 to 12. Order yours today from Or by mail at Three Swans Publishing co., 3412 Snowy Egret Ct., Palm Harbor, FL 34683. Special publishers price at $10 per book, plus $3 S/H. "

"'A wonderful book about magic and the powers of the imagination. Max Milford is a lonely orphan, longing for a family to love him, and friends to like him. He gets a suprise call to go and live with his grandad in a rambling old house. The school bully quickly latches onto Max, because he has a phobia of reading and writing. Max finds surprising solace when he discovers a library of talking books in an abandoned room. The book characters are warm and brilliant and funny, and befriend Max, leading him to solve an intruiging mystery, and to believe in himself again. Its aimed at 8-12's, but I think parents will love it too.' - Mumsnetter review "

The Enchanted Rope by David Bernstein.
"In this magical and touching tale for children ages 6 to 8 and for anyone who has lost a family member. David Bernstein explores the loss of a loved one by a young boy and offers an imaganative and conforting view of the possibility of reconnecting with someone who may have gone from earth, but who is not, in truth gone. "

The Endless String by Tom and Tess Hannah. Amazon.
"A book inspired by the writings and drawings of Shel Silverstein. This book was created by a husband and wife after raising their 4 children. Filled with humorous poems and expressive drawings a delight for children and adults. You may read the reviews at Amazon to see others reactions to this book. The Endless String a book for children and the people who read to them."

The Endless String (Poems for children and the people who read to them) by Tom and Tess Hannah. Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
"A book of humorous poems inspired by the works of Shel Silverstein. This book is written and illustrated by a husband and wife. The book deals with lifes everyday problems such as finding 2 socks that match or making a very large helping of peas vanish. A book of fun for children and adults.Everyone of these poems tells a story that will either amuse or cause you to think a little differently. "

The Endless String-Poems For Children And The People Who Read To Them by Tom and Tess Hannah.
"The Endless String is a humorous collection of childrens' poetry written and ilustrated by Tom and Tess Hannah. It is a book that deals with some of life's biggest problems, such as findng two socks that match or how to make a large helping of peas vanish without Mom noticing. A number of "what if" poems add to the fun -what if you pulled on the "endless string", or what if a kangaroo leaped into you stew. Tess Hannah has been a language arts teacher for many years and has used The Endless String in her classrom. This book can be personalized to a child or adult if you wish. The price is $12.50, which includes delivery. Visit our website to see more about this book that is a new voice in childrens' literature. To order contact us at"

The Eye of the Mandala by Margaret Gill. Saxonmead, Bridle Road, Old, Northants. NN6 9QY United Kingdom.
"Margaret Gill won prizes for poetry and children's fiction,first prize at the Isle of Wight’s Literary Competition 2001, first prize, Winchester Writers’ Conference for teenage novels in 2003/2005. She has written seven children's novels and a trilogy. “BrainChangers” won an award at Winchester,2002. The second in the trilogy 'Secret of the Scrolls,' first prize at Swanwick Writers' conference and Writers’News trophy 2005. 'Eye of the Mandala' inspired by the dicovery of an 7th century Tibetan manuscript was in the top ten books in the Arts Council’s “YouWriteOn.” and won an award at Winchester,2006."

The Family Tree by Sandra Lee Churchill.
"ISBN: 9780615204642, $12.99, (to read reviews, about the author and first chapter. Also available discounted at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. "Pre-teen life is never simple, and it's not just the hormones. 'The Family Tree' follows Cassidy Phillips and all of the hassles of her twelve year old life. Insane amounts of homework, her blooming interest in boys, friendship issues were enough, but her parents have news that isn't simply going to make her life any easier. 'The Family Tree' is a vivid picture of pre-teen life, recommended." Midwest Book Review. "

The Feelings Storybook by Alexandra Delis-Abrams, PhD. PO Box 7280, Ketchum, Idaho 83340.
"This full color book contains 26 feelings related stories, one for each letter in the alphabet. Interactive in that each story has provocative questions at the bottom of each page to engage the child in further discussion.There is also a companion audio tape available. Book has won numerous awards such as Dr Toy 100 Best Children's Products and PMA Benjamin Franklin Award"

The Finger Prince by Peter Begley.
"The Finger Prince is a children's picture book for 4-8 year old children. This is a story about a little finger print who is looking for his identity. In Fingerprint land there are no two fingerprints exactly alike. Adorably messy fingerprints like the Cotton Candy Cowboy and the Pizza Pirate have their own very distinctive identities. But one little finger print, named Petey Peanut Butter, is still searching for his uniqueness. Feeling lost and unloved Petey Peanut Butter is thrust into a fight to save Fingerprint Land from The Monster Sponge. Here Petey discovers his true identity. His very own yucky guckiness. Petey Peanut Butter saves Fingerprint Land and is crowned the Finger Prince."

The Food Magicians Spell Book by Catherine Warrington . Conch Press PO BOX 682 Pinner HA5 9NF.
"The book, aimed at five to nine-year olds is filled with delicious vegetarian recipes. With the help of the whimsical and wise Food Magician characters and their spells, children learn how to create yummy, healthy and wholesome dishes with minimal adult supervision. "

The Foxfire Chronicles: Shadows of Past Memories by Alexandra Lanc.
"The first book in the Foxfire Chronicles, a Young Adult fiction series that combines Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, and old-fashioned Horror. "

THE FROG IN THE WELL by Irene Y. Tsai. P.O. Box 31848, Philadelphia, PA 19104.
"CE Bilingual Books publishes children's Chinese-English bilingual books. The books have both Chinese and English appearing along with each other. The stories have universal values, quality content and vivid illustrations. Benefits of reading bilingual books Learning two languages simultaneously Increase cognitive flexibility Academic, professional and cultural advantages "

The Frog Who Could Not Croak by Lavelle Carlson. 201 Woodland Park, Georgetown, TX 78628.
"As each animal comes to the bog and says "Good morning" to the frog on the log, the frog says nothing. All he can do is hold up a sign that says, "I am a green and gray striped frog who cannot croak." The children love the surprise ending as to why the frog could not croak and how he finally learned to croak. The rhyming and predictability in this book make it excellent for teaching early literacy skills and counting. The author, a speech-language pathologist, provides notes for parents on the important preschool-1st grade skills in the back."

The Further Adventures of The Princess, The Toad & The Whale by Charline Ratcliff. Charline Ratcliff, 1630 N. Main Street, 307, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.
"First Edition"

The Giant Strawberry by Meiko S. Patton.

The Giant Strawberry by Meiko S. Patton. p.o. box 66077 LA,CA 90066.
"I was recently interviewed in newspaper. Go to the Business Profile section and click under Creative Control. The is a beautifully illustrated children's book teaching kids the importance of obeying their parents."

The Gift by Linda A. Richardson. 4221 Twilight Trail, Kissimmee, FL 34746.
"ISNB: 1-59094-021-0; 32 page paperback; 1st place 2003 Royal Palm Award: Forest friends search for the true Christmas gift. After looking everywhere, they finally find it where they least expect it. Original artwork and poetry."

The Giraffe Who Was Afraid Of Heights by David A. Ufer.
"SIBA 2007 Finalist"

The Greenapolis Seven, Neutralizing The Bully by M W Johnson.
"Gabriela, Ju-long, Ajay, Cody, Sharon, Aaminah, and Dena, live in the world's first and all green city. The students are from seven different cultural backgrounds, yet the seven distinctively different students put their cultural and physical differences aside to take on the problem bully at the Greenapolis Middle School."

The Guardian of Kelmar by Laura Sepesi.
"Young Adult Fantasy Novel - Book 1 of the Kelmar Trilogy Carmen Fox’s life is lonely and insignificant—that is, until the day she stumbles upon an ancient book and a key engraved with five mysterious letters. Suddenly, Carmen is thrust into Kelmar—an amazing new world of magic, where she finds herself at the center of a centuries old war between good and evil. Carmen must undertake sorcerer training if she is to survive the challenges that await her. Can Carmen master her powers and defeat the villainous Magicon alliance? With the help of a fascinating creature named Blaze and unforgettable friends, Carmen begins an incredible journey to discover her destiny."

The Hard Pillow by J. Ulyesses. Outskirts Press Inc.,10940 S. Parker Rd. #515, Parker CO. 80134.
"It is a childrens adventure story time dated around the civil war. Three young boys, are trying to find their fathers after they were split-up during a pitched battle. there are about 30 in print and and a second edition. There have been no awards."

The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden by Robert J. Avrech. c/o Jonathan David Publishers 68-22 Eliot Avenue, Middle Village NY 11379.
"This unforgettable debut novel is an utterly authentic story brimming with reverence, adventure, suspense, humor, memorable characters, and perhaps the unlikeliest quorom ever to witness a Bar Mitzvah. The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden is not just a tale about people who inhabit different worlds, but of our world and the myriad faiths that make it whole. ISBN #0-9754382-1-2 $14.95 USA / $21.95 CAN"

The Hummingbird Garden by Evelyn Schwarz.

The Inside Out and Upside Town by Blaise Tracy.
"This can be ordered on or Barnes and Noble's web site. You can order direct from the author and get it signed and sent to your address. To check out the book go to Blaise Tracy's Face Book page. Or type Blaise Tracy on Google."

The Inside Struggle by Loretta L. Harris. Children's Heart Publishing Company; P.O. Box 679005 Orlando, FL 32867.
"Book Summary: Jamal struggles with the fatal news that his mom has two years to live. Jamal watches as his mom’s illness gets the best of her. Jamal is left to take care of his baby sister and makes the necessary arrangements in an attempt to save his mother’s life. "

The Journey Home by Carol Raikes. 601 West Atua Place, Tucson, AZ 85737.
"The illustrations were created by J.W. Raikes, a talented artist and son of Carol Raikes. Created digitally, the illustrations are detailed and completely original. Each page contains a full color illustration. A heart warming story of lost bears, Misha and Ilia, in a magical forest. It is a fantasized version of the true story of Misha and Ilia's adoption from Siberia, Russia. Children of all ages and adults will enjoy this story and the pictures, too."

The Journey of the Little Red Boat by George Smith. George Smith Publishing, 11 Amberwinds Court, Lakewood, NJ 08701.
"Heartwarming story from the coast of Maine. A little boat is cast adrift from its happy home by a storm. It encounters a rock, sailboats, seal and cormorants before being rescued by a little girl and her grandfather. For children 4 years old through third grade. $15.50 includes shipping. Author will sign and write any message you request. Hard cover, full color picture book, 49 pages. "

The Journey to Mei by Freddie Remza.,
"Published August 2007; written up in Come Unity web site, Chao Ban! newsletter, as well as the local newspaper. An excerpt from the story read aloud by the author can be heard on the http:// web site."

The Kaleidoscope Kids by Terry P. O'Grady.
" The book, The Kaleidoscope Kids, introduces a group of children who are struggling to learn, to ten fairies who are each characterized by a shape, number, and color. These vivacious and appealing characters teach the children about their particular concepts with a lyrical rhyme. This book is designed for children to learn from the bright, fanciful characters. The book is targeted for children 18 months – 5 years old, as the shape, number, and color concepts presented in the book are most suited to this age. Although older children would most likely know the concepts presented in the book – they will still love the appealing rhymes and colorful characters of the story. "

The Last Golden Egg by Odette B. Lezama. Outskirts Outskirts

The Little Candy Breathing Dragons by Gloria Clark. 159 Berkshire Avenue P.O. Box 1424, Buffalo, NY 14215.
"The Little Candy Breathing Dragons is a magical fairy tale about two little sister dragons who instead of breathing fire as most dragons do, they breathe out delightful candy scents which can be savored for miles and miles. One day they take off on an adventure and meet many interesting characters along the way. Each strange character they meet is helped in one way or another by the little dragons. Follow them on their magical journey. This book has earned a four star review on "

The Little Candy Breathing Dragons by Gloria Clark. P.O. Box 1424, Buffalo, NY 14215.
"The Little Candy Breathing Dragons are not your ordinary dragons for instead of breathing fire as most dragons do, they breathe out delightful candy scents which can be savored for miles and miles. The little dragons teach children a valuable lesson about the importance of being kind and obedient and to accept people as they are. Follow them on their magical journey."

The Little Dog Who Taught the Lessons of Life by Jeri L Long-Vermillion. 28 Zickafoose Lane Chillicothe OH 45601.
"Penelope Elizabeth Whitney Elise Victoria Vermillion also known as Penny teaches: Love, Wake up in a good mood,Don't be places you do not belong,Never complain about your food,Treat everyone the same, Never be rude, Enjoy family and friends. There were 3000 books in print but since May 16, 2001 over 500 are sold. We go to schools, childrens hospitals, etc. For every book sold $1.00 goes to feed a hungry child here in the United States. The second book is written and should be released in November. "The Little Dog Who Had a Bad Fur Day.""

The Little Scrub Lady by Lori Origer Durgan. Amazon.
"So excited to bring this story to life. The Little Scrub Lady is a delightful story of being unique and daring to be different. A girl having the best Halloween ever. Just released this November. Wonderful initial response and pre-orders. A fun and sweet story to share with young children and a wonderful bedtime story that brings that special moment between children and their parents that will always be treasured and never forgotten."

The Littlest Christmas Kitten by Leona Novy Jackson. P.O. Box 305 Maryville, MO 64468.
"Received First Place in the 2006 Midwest Book Awards, Children's Picture Books, MIPA (Midwest Independent Publishers Association) in Minneapolis, May, 2007. "

The Littlest Christmas Kitten by Leona Novy Jackson. P.O. Box 305 Maryville, MO 64468.
"This is the story of the Nativity as told by the cat families down through the ages. On this most Holy Night, mother cat searches frantically for her lost kitten who has fallen asleep in the manger that will become Jesus' bed. Children 2 to 10 will feel the restless anticipation of the animals and worried concerns of the mother cat for her little lost kitten. Enhanced with a list of Christmas symbols and their meaning. Full color wood-cut illustrations by talented artist Kelly Dupre add warmth, reality, and a sense of wonderment to this important story. "

The Lonely Nail by Paul Caruso.
"Come along with The Lonely Nail on the adventure of a lifetime. Meet the many characters he encounters along the way from his family at the nail factory, to his friends at the hardware store. Experience the ups and downs of his travels, from his train ride from the nail factory to his long journey on the ocean to the beach. Who would ever think a nail could be an inspiration for children to never give up? Paul Caruso is an office equipment dealer and service technician. He also is an avid automotive enthusiast and restorer. Publishing a children’s story, that was originally conceived and told to him by his father, has always been a life long dream. He could not think of a better gift to give the man who gave so much for all his children, than for his father to see this story in print. This story has been an inspirational part of his life since he was a child. He hopes that you can enjoy this book with your family and make it a small part of your child’s life like it was for his childhood. "

The Lonely Prince by Marlene Dillon.
"The Lonely Prince is a cute "once upon a time" bedtime story for children ages 3-8. The illustrations are fun with vibrant colors and the story will really make you life and smile. I give it 5 stars!"

The Love Bug and The Light Of Love by Joseph De Sena, MD.
"Joey the Love Bug is one lucky little firefly; he has many wonderfully different friends with whom he loves spending his time. Their parents, however, don't see things quite the same way, and they refuse to allow their children to play together any longer. Can Joey shed some light on the subject and convince them otherwise? Read his story and find out! "

The Luckiest Frog by Richard Paul Penecale. AmazonBooks .com / Barns and Nobel books .com.
"30 color illustrated pages for pre-school Designed as a learning tool for youngsters Teaches children to be aware of thier surroundings . Part of all proceeds benefit YelloDyno. YelloDyno is a organization the teaches children about preditor's (tricky People)Bullies..etc. Founded by Jan Wagner"

The Luckiest Penny by Deborah Weed. 1500 Ocean Drive #407.
"The Luckiest Penny is the story of two rare 1943 pennies. One penny remains out of circulation, full of himself and selfish. The other penny decides to experience living and along the way discovers what really matters in life. "

The Magic Palace Toy Shoppe by DeAnn Hasquet. 4757 E. Greenway Rd., Ste. 103, Box 46, Phoenix, AZ 85032.
"Childhood Friends, Inc. is a new publishing company that creates literature for ages 3 through 9, designed to encourage reading while enlightening young minds. We currently have four titles that evoke a child's inner feelings and emotions, as well as helping them to expand their own thoughts and imagination. Our books are in the process of being listed on a variety of on-line bookstores, publishing and author directories, and we will soon have our books sold in local Zany Brainy stores. We are also in the midst of working to distribute our books through many bookstores such as Borders... We do presentations and author visits for schools and other child affiliated organizatins, as well as work with a number of children's charities. All our book descriptions can be found on our website. However, the Magic Palace Toy Shoppe is truly a magical and magnificent place. When a lonely football finds a friend in a boy named Fisher, the two discover how special they really are. Share the emotional encounter of Fisher and the football that leads them to a venture of self-discovery."

The Man Called Christmas by Deborah J. Stahl. P.O. Box 201 Ashley, IN 46705.
"The Man Called Christmas starts with a small pine tree in the forest that finds itself in a familys home at Christmastime. Through its short-lived experience, the tree brings home one of the most important messages of the holiday."

The Mermaid's Gift by Judith Wade.
"Bonnie Campbell is back on Mermaid Island. She can hardly wait to visit her favorite places and see her friends, Bobbie and Moonie. But all is not well on the island. Search boats seeking a long-lost shipwreck are anchoring in the quiet waters off Yeoman's Beach. Will they discover the secret Bonnie has tried to hard to protect?"

The Mystery of October Island -- First in The Longjohners' Series by M. L. McCann. 10911 - E Skinner Dr., Scottsdale, AZ. 85262.
"The Mystery of October Island cronicles one week in the lives of three children. While camping with their grandmother, they are confronted with a perplexing mystery, proving once again that life isn't always what it seems. The reader lives each moment with the children as the puzzle unfolds and they learn that we must all be responsible for our actions. ISBN: 0-9754823-0-0 Price: $10.95, plus $2 for shipping. "

The Peepe's of Rock Garden Hill by Gina Beth Clark. Virginia Clark, 1606 Heern Dr. Apt 325, Jonesboro, Ar 72401.
""The Peepe's Of Rock Garden Hill" is a quaint story for children that they love to read over and over. For only $9.95 & $2.05 handling fee, it can bring joy to any child who loves the mystery of little people living in the forest wonderland of today's world."

The Perfect Orange: A tale from Ethiopa by Frank Araujo. Illustrator: Xiao Jun Li (internationally acclaimed artist). POB 726, Windsor CA 95492.
"+ PBS STORYTIME Selection + Smithsonian Institute LET'S READ Selection "Araujo's straightforward style is well suited to the simplicity of the story. Li's delicate watercolors mesh well with the text ... illustrations sweep across the pages. The hyena ... sparkles with mischief." -- School Library Journal"

The Perfect Orange: A Tale From Ethiopia by Frank P. Araujo, PhD; illustrator Xiao Jun Li. POB 726, Windsor CA 95492.
"The Perfect Orange is recommended by School Library Journal, Faces, MultiCurtural Review, Small Press Magazine, The Five Owls, and is also a PBS-TV Storytime Selection (episode #305) and a Smithsonian Institute Let's Read Selection. The Perfect Orange: A Tale From Ethiopia by Frank Araujo, PhD; illustrated by internationally-acclaimed artist Xiao Jun Li is a favorite of children from coast to coast. This beautiful hardcover book with breathtaking watercolors and an inspiring gentle folktale that combines humor with a positive message reinforcing the values of generosity and selflessness over greed and self-centeredness. ISBN 978-1-877910-94-7, 32 pages, 10¼ x 9, hardcover, includes glossary of Ethiopian terms and pronunciations, $17.95. Available from Baker & Taylor, Follett Library Resources, Brodart, Barnes & Noble,, and the publisher Rayve Productions at; 800.852.4890; POB 726, Windsor CA 95492; fax 707.838.2220. Here is a link to The Perfect Orange listing at Rayve Productions: School Library Journal said: "Araujo's straightforward style is well suited to the simplicity of the story. Li's delicate watercolors mesh well with the text ... illustrations sweep across the pages. The hyena ... sparkles with mischief." "

The Powder Box Secrets: Seven Tips to Help Teen Girls Achieve Success by Carrie Silver-Stock. 3023 Hwy K Suite 515 O'Fallon MO 63368.
""A must read book for teens, their parents, and their teachers. This book is as insightful as it is inspiring and sends the message every teen girl should know: love yourself for who you are and the world will love you back." Leah Messina, Owner/Editor of, In a world where every decision teens make is linked to their future success, Carrie has discovered seven secrets teen girls can use to ensure their success. She reveals these secrets along with 17 quizzes and hundreds of stories and tips about beauty, boys, friends, family, school, tough stuff, and more. Paperback, 272 pages, $12.95, ISBN 978-0-9797789-0-2"

The Princess and the Swan by Ryke Leigh Douglas. Use Website Please.

The Princess, The Toad & The Whale by Charline Ratcliff. Charline Ratcliff, 1630 N. Main Street, 307, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.
"First Edition"

The Purple Soldier by Johnny Hall.
"The Purple Soldier is different from all the other soldiers. He is purple and they are Green. He must stand and do what is right. The Purple Soldier is a great story about being different. "

The Quetzal Skull by Margaret Gill. /
"Awards NOVELS Narwhal finalist, Indie Excellence Awards 2008 Narwhal shortlisted, UKA Press Competition 2008 The Eye of the Mandala second prize, Winchester Writers’ Conference 2006 Secret of the Scrolls first prize At Swanwick Writers’ Conference 2005 Secret of the Scrolls winner of the Writers’ News Trophy 2005 Secret of the Scrolls longlisted for Cinnamon Novel Award 2005 Secret of the Scrolls first prize Winchester Writers’ Conference 2005 The Brain Changers highly commended Winchester Writers’ Conference 2005 Earth Call highly commended Winchester Writers’ Conference 2003 Return of the Quetzal first prize Winchester Writers’ Conference 2003 Decree of the Amulet first prize Isle of Wight Writers’ Conference 2001 Narwhal runner up in 2007 contest for Apprenticeships in Fiction Narwhal winner of the Eric Hoffer Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing The Quetzal Skull quarterfinals for Amazon break through novel.2011 POETRY Prize winner in Top 100 Poets 2001 Forward Press Prize winner in Moods of Water Ver Poets 2001 Scarlet Epiphany highly commended Winchester Writers’ Conference 2001 Poems published in first twelve anthologies of Forward Press 2000-2001 "

The Real Meaning of Friendship by Tonigeneva. 4131 Lakefield Drive, #B Richmond, VA 23231.

The Red Squeaky Nose by Barbara J. Seeley.
"My name is Dianna Williams. My twin sister and I run Twynz Publishing from our home in St. Louis, Missouri. We specialize in children's books and materials. With the help of Dan Poynter's Self-Publishing Manual, along with many documents available on his website, we have been able to publish our first book! It is titled, The Red Squeaky Nose, written by Barbara J. Seely(North Andover,MA). The publication date is scheduled for December 18, 2000. You may order books from our website beginning December 11th. Thanks Dan for all of your help including your personal response to my emails! "

The Rise of Death Valley by Loretta L. Harris. Children's Heart Publishing Company. P.O. Box 679005 Orlando, FL 32867.
"Book Summary: Watch out! Two possible suspects the sneaky Trickster and the evil Smoker is on the loose. Lieutenant Rock is on the case trying to calm down the entire state of California. See if you can help him crack the case with fun and laughs as you zero in on the suspects at hand. "

The Rock of Realm by Lea Schizas. The Rock of Realm
"The Rock of Realm is a children's fantasy/adventure novel. It won the Top Ten Award in the Preditors & Editors Voting Polls for 2006 in cover art."

The Schoolboy Sherlock Holmes by Cenarth Fox. PO Box 2078, Richmond South 3121 Victoria AUSTRALIA.
"10 year old Nicholas Twit is nuts about Sherlock Holmes. Nick changes his bedroom to an exact copy of the Sherlockian sitting-room in Baker Street, London. Nick's elderly neighbours, Mr and Mrs Basket, set up the detective agency Basket Case Investigations. Nick is their detective. 13 year old Felicity Heywood-Jones literally crashes into Nick and an unlikely Holmes and Watson partnership begins. There are 4 books to date with Book 5 due in August 2005. Apart from the mysteries, each book has new words, Sherlockian snippets plus puzzles and codes. Highly recommended by Sherlockians, teachers, parents and young readers. An excellent way to introduce children to classic mystery fiction."

The Secret of Mermaid Island by Judith Wade.
"Bonnie Campbell vows to make the best of a summer spent away from her school friends on remote Mermaid Island. Things get interesting when Bonnie discovers the island is the private home of a famous celebrity, but as time passes she begins to suspect Mermaid Island may hold a bigger secret. Is it possible the island has a real mermaid?"

The Secret of the Sacred Scarab by Fiona Ingram. #1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 300, Bloomington, Indiana, 47403, USA .
"Synopsis: A 5000-year-old mystery comes to life when a scruffy peddler gives Adam and Justin Sinclair an old Egyptian scarab on their very first day in Egypt. Only when the evil Dr. Faisal Khalid shows a particular interest in the cousins and their scarab, do the boys realise they are in terrible danger. Dr. Khalid wants the relic at all costs. Justin and Adam embark upon the adventure of a lifetime, taking them down the Nile and across the harsh desert in their search for the legendary tomb of the Scarab King, an ancient Egyptian ruler. Review: Wayne Walker: Stories For Children magazine."This is one of the most thrilling children's books that I have read in a long time. Author Fiona Ingram, who was born and educated in South Africa, has combined an exciting story that is filled with adventure and suspenseful mystery to keep the reader turning the pages with a lot of interesting factual information about the history and geography of Egypt." Nomination: This book was nominated a Finalist in the 2009 New Generation Indie Book Awards. Available in hard and soft cover from Amazon and other bookstores. "

The Silent Sphinx by Michael Khort.
"This is a great adventure story for the upper elementary or middle school aged student. It is a refreshing break from the numerous fantasy and science fiction books proliferating the bookstores and the internet!"

The Sleepy Little Star by by Kymberli W. Brady. Illustrated by Eddie Moreno. 23236 Lyons Avenue, Suite 216, Santa Clarita, CA 91321.
"Recipient of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Children's Literature, The Sleepy Little Star is a unique 2-in-1 story, with a poem cleverly woven throughout in blue for a shorter version of this delightful bedtime tale. Sleepy is a stubborn little star who, like most children, doesn't want to go to sleep at bedtime. Will Papa Moon convince him how important his sleep is to the children down below, before it's too late and he loses his glow? The Sleepy Little Star is available separately or as a boxed gift set with an adorable Sleepy night light, for the glow that lasts long after the story has been read, lighting your child's way to Dreamland. Hardcover. Ages 3-8"

The Sword Of Yesher by Judi Calhoun.
"The book is also available on Barnes and Noble web site. I have only a few copies of a special edition, a mistake actually by the publisher, where the title page was printed in color. Contact me at my website to order. "

The Teeny Tiny Penny by DeAnn Hasquet. 4757 E. Greenway Rd., Ste. 103, Box 46, Phoenix, AZ 85032.
"Childhood Friends, Inc. is a new publishing company that creates literature for ages 3 through 9, designed to encourage reading while enlightening young minds. We currently have four titles that evoke a child's inner feelings and emotions, as well as helping them to expand their own thoughts and imagination. Our books are in the process of being listed on a variety of on-line bookstores, publishing and author directories, and we will soon have our books sold in local Zany Brainy stores. We are also in the midst of working to distribute our books through many bookstores such as Borders... We do presentations and author visits for schools and other child affiliated organizatins, as well as work with a number of children's charities. All our book descriptions can be found on our website. However, the Teeny Tiny Penny is about a girl named Lucy who had a prized possession which was a special coin, a teeny tiny penny, that shined as bright as the sun. One day Lucy misplaced her cherished copper coin and became frightened. Join Lucy as she and her mom walk through the processs and challenge of finding her most beloved treasure."

THE THRIFT STORE BEARS by Olive Evans. P.O. Box 3223, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. USA.
"This book has received excellent reviews and is in it's second printing. The illustrations are very colorful and match the stories/poetry in the book beautifully. The narrated CD is accompanied by lively whimsical music created for each story/poem. The Thrift Store Bears delights children and 'teddy bear' lovers of all ages. One reviewer desribed the book as "-- a must family values book that should be in every home.""

The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly: Costa Rica by Debbie Glade. PO Box 817468, Hollywod, FL 33081.
"Award Wining Finalist in the National Best Book Awards for the "Children's Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction w/ Audio CD" category. Unique 64 page-full color picture book with CD. Travel adventure about a milipede who sneaks aboard a plane and flies to Costa Rica. The 35-minute CD contains complete narration with hilarious voice characterizations, an original musical score and authentic Costa Rican sound effects. Author travels around Florida to visit schools with her book and share her Reading, Writing and Geography Program."

The Trouble with Being a Horse by Emily Edwards. PO Box 25118, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3M 4H4, Canada.
"Olivia is a young girl who loves horses and wants one for her own. But her story quickly takes a turn from the ordinary when she is mysteriously turned into a horse. As a girl in a horse’s body, Olivia must put her knowledge to the test as she navigates this new and bizarre world. Single Stride Publishing / Ages 9 and up / USA $7.95 CAN $8.95 / 175pp / ISBN 978-0-9866715-0-0"

The Trouble With Peer Pressure/A Simple by Darlene R. Wood. 1050 Corkwood Drive, Oviedo, FL 32765.
"This book is a relevant and important story for young teens dealing with peer pressure, ADHD, and the use of drugs (and the consequences related to that). It addresses the social pressures all young people encounter. The story is told through the eyes of a young boy with ADHD, but it is good for all ages and takes him through high school. This book is accompanied with vibrant and detailed illustrations. The overall message is to the point, yet poses many questions, prompting the reader to evaluate their own choices in life. Quick reading, yet informative for all. For ages 8-18. This is Darlene's first children's book based on a true story. It can be also found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites."

The Url King by Beau Beaudoin. 1805 N Roan St STE B2 Box 223 Johnson City, TN 37604.
"Beau Beaudoin is a native Oregonian and a self-taught artist. From a young age, he has been recognized for his unique writing and artistic style. His debut book The Ürl King is a sort of Brothers Grimm story written in poetic style similar to Dr. Seuss. Beau Beaudoin is starting a new generation of bedtime stories with fresh and new ideas that promote imagination."

Theodore Was Here by Dave Gregory and Grace Puls. P. O. 381812, Duncanville, TX 75138.
"This color-illustrated book is about a mischievous Christmas elf who is Santa's right hand man. This book and our newest publication, Theodore Was Here Again!, use humor, word patterns, rhyme, and rhythm. These delightful stories were created by an elementary speech therapist and an educator/songwriter. Both books are popular with elementary teachers, parents, and children. One reviewer wrote that this book is " ideal holiday book...". Also available is a CD with 2 original Christmas songs and 4 positive songs written and recorded for children by Dave Gregory. "

This Guy by Johnny Hall.
"The City of Metaphor is controlled by "The Evil Him". Him's thugs, "They", are created for the use and control of the city. A lone boy unwittingly becomes a superhero and will be a thorn in the side of The Evil Him and They. His name is "THIS GUY". "

Thomas Harding Rescues The Bell of Light by Luiza Alice Abrams. Steven Carl Publications, Flat 3, 5 Sackville Road, Hove, BN3 3WA UK.
"Books have been doing well selling in British schools and libraries. Have been in several newspapers. All these books are about a teenage angel helping children, animals and other beings on the earth and other places. Full of fun and action, you can't put them down. They are fiction and have a moral and spiritual theme. "

Thomas Harding Rescues The Sword of Truth by Luiza Alice Abrams. Steven Carl Publications, Flat 3, 5 Sackville Road, Hove, BN3 3WA UK.
"Books have been doing well selling in British schools and libraries. Have been in several newspapers"

Those are MY Private Parts by Diane Hansen. PO Box 1051 Redondo Beach, CA 90278.
"With the current epidemic of child sexual abuse in this country reaching numbers are higher than 40 million adult survivors, we must make a change. Only 29% of parents ever mention sexual abuse with their children, yet 1 in 3 girls will be sexually abused before the age of 18. That is, 71% of parents NEVER discuss the possibility of sexual abuse, yet 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18. Parents can utilize Those are MY Private Parts to start a conversation about sexual abuse prevention. A common tactic among child molesters is the use of games and silly names. Those are MY private Parts clearly states, "There are no touching or feeling games where private parts have different names. Stranger Danger is creating a frightened society of children who won't even say "Hi" to the lady crossing the street, when 93%-95% of victims know their abusers. Those are MY Private Parts allows parents to mention all family members, "Not with my uncle nephew niece or dad..." Those are MY Private Parts is a great tool for parents who ask, "How do I protect my child?" "

Tickle Land by Maggie Pagratis/Kimberly Sponaugle.
"What if there was a world without war...where tickling was the beginning and the end and the only form of punishment... Story by Maggie Pagratis/Illustrations by Kimberly Sponaugle Athse Publishing - Books for a better today 50% of book profits donated to Amnesty International First Edition Available through POD"

Time Warp Cousins by Belinda Ellenberger. 14066 Jones Road, Ponchatoula, LA 70454.
"It is the sequel of the book Cousins"

Tina and the Giant: The Borrowers' Cave by Angelina Dunbar.
"Hello! I write fiction for children ages eight to fourteen. I love a great mystery! Do you? If you like to read stories of different cultures, mystery, adventure, fantasy, legends, and mythology, you'll love this book. It's available in hardcover and as an e-book on, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, AbeBooks, Kindle, and several other bookstores. If you like it, please write a review. If you don't, let me know why. Enjoy!"

Tinker's Christmas by Sandra J. Cropsey . P.O. Box 1006, Griffin, GA 30224.
"The story of a clumsy little elf who is trying to find his place in the world, Tinker's Christmas is about belief--belief in ourselves, belief in each other, belief in something greater than ourselves. "

Tirissa and the Necklace of Nulidor by Willow.
""Tirissa and the Necklace of Nulidor" is a fantasy novel for children ages 9 and up. It's the novel I would have most liked to read at that age! It won a 2009 EVVY award and was a finalist in the Foreword Magazine Book of the Year competition."

Toad Catchers' Creek / Children's Empowerment Series by Brian Weiner.
"Few bruises hurt more than a bruised ego. A fall from the legendary monkey bars at Toad Catchers’ Creek sends Chris tumbling further than he might have imagined in this insightful allegory delightfully told by Brian Weiner. Martin Cannon’s vibrant illustrations imaginatively reflect the emotions of a young boy who must learn to summon the strength to face his fears and succeed where he had failed in the past. Toad Catchers' Creek, Volume One of The Children’s Empowerment Series, teaches children the four magic words that conquer everything...I CAN DO IT. Ages 3 and up Order Today Volume One: Children’s Empowerment Series By Brian Weiner ISBN: 19329-49-58-5 The Illusion Factory US SRP: $17.99 Binding: Hardcover Pub Date: Sept 2004 Page Count: 40 Trim Size: 14 x 10 oblong "

Tock-A-Tick by Ryke Leigh Douglas. 128 S.Cacoosing Dr. Sinking Spring,PA 19608. www.Ryke Leigh

Toliver in Time:for a Fourth of July Celebration by Connie L. Hein. 1093 Kiva Circle, WIndsor, CO 80550.
"This is the first in a series of historically based full color childrens' books about a little squirrel who has a friend with a time machine. Together they go back in time to events that shaped our country. THis is the first edition with approximately 2000 left in print"

Too Big for Us by Winona Rasheed.
"This children's book can be bought as a hard copy, which will be sent directly to your home address, or it can be purchased as an ebook. Purchase this book directly from the website."

Too Tall Alice by Barbara Worton & Dom Rodi.
"Stand Tall With Too Tall Alice!"

Toto's Tale by K.D. Hays and Meg Weidman.

Travels to the Sixth Dimension: A Journey Through Hyper-Space by Laurie Roper, M.S.. Amazon Kindle.
"First in a trilogy and narrated by a young indigo boy who has multiple strands of activated DNA allowing him to time travel, absent heal and have complete fetal integration (the memories of past lives and the talents he has accrued through the ages). Quantum physics and spirituality are addressed and technique are offered to expand consciousness. Suited for teens and tweens. This is an amazon kindle purchase and can be downloaded. See excellent reviews."

Trooper the Shetland Sheepdog by Phyllis Rugnetta.
"This is the first of a series about a lovable Shetland Sheepdog named Trooper. Part of the proceeds go to some great charities helping dogs and children! Check out which ones at "

Trouble in Grandpa's Golf Bag by Joanne Klassen. (204) 452-1941 Collect Calls Accepted!.
"What kind of trouble is brewing in Grandpa's Golf bag? Curl up beside Grandma and hear about how Grandpa's new birthday present, a shiny new golf club, causes an upset when it brags to the other clubs that it is Grandpa's favorite. Full color, beautifully illustrated. This is brilliant! It is the cutest, cleverest, sweetest children's book I've seen for a long, long time. I can hardly wait to it to my grandkids. Nina Lee Colwill, Ph.D - Author and Editor "

Truman's Loose Tooth by Kristine Wurm/Illustrated by Michael Chesworth. Spirited Publishing, LLC, PO Box 1796, Appleton, WI 54912.
"2006 Benjamin Franklin Award Winner for Best New Voice - Children/Young Adult Category and Autumn 2006 Book Sense Children's Picture Book Pick. This is a first book for Licensed Professional Counselor, Kristine Wurm, who has teamed up with long-time favorite children's book illustrator, Michael Chesworth. This quality, full-color, hardcover book describes the experience of a 6-year-old boy, Truman, who undergoes something quite out of the ordinary for him, a loose tooth. Truman likes predictability not surprises. The story helps children to see that while change includes loss, it also includes new opportunities. The book is one that children really enjoy and adults find helpful in talking to kids about change and loss. "

Tuma, The Tribe's Little Princess by Susan Violante.
"Published by Creative with Words in 1996, the learning of Nature and Geography of faraway lands through the story of Tuma comes alive in its picture book format. Tuma is a little princess from a Tribe on the tropical Caribbean coast of Venezuela. Her father is the tribe's King and guardian of their magical stone. Tuma always listened to her friend's Loro (the parrot) stories about the Magical stone that bared her name. Both of them were intrigued about the purpose of such beautiful gem, so one day Tuma and Loro ventured to faraway lands in search of the meaning of the magical stone..."

'Twas the Fourth Night before Christmas by Jason Jones.
"There are creatures and customs that pass on from generation to generation but have no back-story: Who is the Easter Bunny? Where is he from? Why does he hide eggs in our yards? What about this tooth fairy person? What does he want with all these teeth anyway? These are just some of the questions answered in the "Modern Myth" series. The series begins with "The Fourth Night before Christmas." Gargog, the wickedest dragon of all (but certainly not the smartest) launches a diabolical scheme to destroy the countryside and stop Christmas forever. The only one who has a chance to stop the evil scheme is a timid hare who would rather mind his own business. Nominated for best e-book in the Christian Children's Category-Global E-book awards 2011."

Twas the Night of Christ's Birth by Donna Miles. BookSmiles Press P.O.Box 24140 Lexington,KY 40524.
"A delightful rendition of the Nativity story set to rhyme! This poetic gift book is woven with a touch of humor and filled with charming,golden-colored photographs of children dressed in costume depicting the Nativity. Christian parents and grandparents will joyfully share this story with the children in their family. A perfect holiday "coffee table" book! Each year we receive request from churches for permission to perform this story during their Christmas services. Its beautiful photographs portray God's love for ALL His children. Its message is sincere and true to the spirit of the Christmas season. Hardbound/8x8/40pages Retail $19.95 ISBN# 0-9671903-0-4 Please visit our website to view the book and for retail and wholesale information. "

Twins' Night Before Christmas by Cynthia F. Panks.
"Twins’ Night Before Christmas is a universal and timeless gift to be treasured by both young and old. In the magic of the Christmas season, its’ endearing story evokes an understanding of the importance of individual identity to a child. When Matilda and Monica, identical twin sisters, visit Santa at the mall, they are surprised when he addresses each of them by their given name. “How did Santa do it? Did he just guess? Twin identity crisis can cause so much stress. If friends cannot do it, how did this jolly elf Recognize each twin for her unique self? Was he just lucky to get their names right? Will he really know them on Christmas Eve night?” Matilda and Monica decide to put Santa to the "big test" by playing a twin game with him when he arrives at their home on Christmas Eve night."

Undercover Love by Celise Downs. 2343 W. Claremont St. Phoenix, AZ 85015.
"A humorous story of first kisses,secrets and love undercover: Ever wonder how you would react if that geeky girl in Chemistry was really a spy? Or if that gorgeous guy in Econ turned out be a government trained assasin? No matter how hard your own life may appear to be, there is always someone else whose life is a little bit harder, a little bit more dangerous, and a little bit more intriguing. Skylar Knight is a junior in high school who is making her way through the final week of school. The subject on everyone’s minds is Blair Neuman’s Juniors Only End of the Year Bash…and The Kissing Game. Skylar knows that her crush, Kedren Price, will be there but she has one little problem: nonexistent pucker power. Her best friend decides to help her fix her problem by getting her kissing lessons. In between studying for finals, and learning how to kiss, she starts overhearing mysterious conversations about Blair and Kedren. And Skylar begins to wonder if her classmates are friends...or foes."

Underkingdom: Disco Goblins vs The Machine by Jonathan Culverhouse.
"Underkingdom: Disco Goblins vs The Machine is a fantasy adventure novel for children and young adults. An unexpected school trip leads Angelica into the strange and dangerous Underkingdom, where she meets a timid goblin whose passion for all things human includes 1970’s disco music and Earl Grey tea. Together, they will have to defeat a ruthless king, rescue Angelica’s schoolmates before they become the filling in a giant pie, and stop a monstrous war machine, which rises from the earth taking the heart of central London with it."

Warriors of Change:Sentenced to School by Tina Brescanu.
"Warriors of Change:Sentenced to School might sound like a scary rebellious story, but it's, in fact, a spiritual and magical fantasy story for tweens/teens, where the main characters, 4 young ones(12-13)claim back the right to their own lives, to interest led education, new reasons for living and their own spirituality. "

We Are Here by Erik Steinmetz. 3635 W. Monterey Ct..
"I have written a childrens book about the Earth where we live, and the wonderful things about it. Great for children through 6 years old. It's about 9-10 pages. I would really like to get it published."

Weepy the Dragon by J.J. Hebert. 1931 Woodbury Ave, Suite 182, Portsmouth, NH 03801.
"Description: Weepy is a dragon, sure, but the dragons nearby would agree that he doesn't act like a dragon at all. He's not angry, scary, and mean. He only eats vegetables with his sharp teeth. He uses his fire-breath as a nightlight because he's afraid of the dark. Worst of all, he tends to cry, something the other dragons - especially his powerful father - would never do! Weepy wants to be more "dragony," but he soon finds that being different has its advantages."

We're Three: A Story About Families and the Only Child by Vivian Cameron-Gallo.

What Can I Do Today? by Joan Craven. Suite 127, 171-5005 Dalhousie Dr. NW Calgary, AB, Canada T3A 5R8.
"This activity book is overflowing with over 365 educational activities that are open-ended and can be adopted to a wide age range. "This eye-catching book is jam-packed with fun and interesting literacy activities which will appeal to young children and their parents."Janet Lane, Executive Director, Literacy Alberta"

What Can We Do Next? by Toula Magi. P.O. Box 110466 - Trumbull, CT 06611.
""What Can We Do Next?" has won an 2009 EVVY Merit Award sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association. “What Can We Do Next?”, is a story about, Lexie, a little girl who’s upset that it’s raining outside and she can’t play on her swing set. So, she decides to create an imaginary friend. Together they go on all kinds of adventures, even though they’re stuck indoors. They go on a hot-air balloon ride, a picnic, as astronauts they take a trip to the moon, and as pirates, they look for buried treasure. This book shows kids that they can use their imagination to conjure up their own fun, any time, any place. When you use your imagination, there is no limit to what can be done! "

What Would I Do If I Lived At The Zoo? by L.S. Coffman. 1523 Morris Ave., Suite 330, Lincoln Park, MI 48146.
"A young boy fantasizes about living at the zoo. Children's picture book, illustrations by L.S. Coffman. Order from author's website at or email author at lscoffman@lscoffman. $5.95 plus 2.50 ship./handling. Michigan residents also add 6% sales tax."

What's In A Name by Audrey Richardson. 39 Howard Ave Tinton Falls, NJ 07724.
"First book in Aronda Enterprises LLC's "Esteem Team" series. The illustrations by Burundi Fletcher will have readers mesmerized and story will have you feeling good about yourself and the characters! Excellent birthday and holiday gift for elementary age children.Currently available only through Aronda Ent. Check out the website!"

When Butterflies Sing by Michelle Rodman. 5308 Randolph Amarillo, TX 79106.
"This bedtime story illustrates a young chid's natural wonder of the world around him expressed through repetitious, nonsensical questions addressed to the most important people in his life. He finds the ultimate answer in his mother's response of, "Ill love you forever, 'til butterflies sing." which tells him the only thing that really matters is the uncondidiotnal love of his family."

When I Was a Little Boy, by Jesus by R.J. Spellman. P.O. Box 4515.
"Hard cover, 8 1/2 X 11. Full color, glossy pages. All illustrations by children age 4 -11. Complete book is read by author on interactive CD-Rom, while turning the pages on screen. *More on CD-Rom. 2004 EVVY Award winner. Copies, $12 each or 2 for $20 plus $2 shipping per book."

Where Did Mommy's Superpowers Go? Helping Kids Understand a Parent's Serious Illness by Jenifer Gershman.
""Where Did Mommy's Superpowers Go?" is a heartwarming story for any family struggling to explain a parent's serious health crisis to young children. Unlike other books of this genre, this story is not disease-specific, so it can be a useful resource for any child coping with a critically ill parent or relative, regardless of diagnosis. Told from the child's point of view, "Where Did Mommy’s Superpowers Go?" shows the close and loving relationship between a little boy and his mommy. When Mommy gets sick, she talks openly with her son in language he can easily understand, and does so in a positive, upbeat way that is less frightening for him. Her little boy learns what to expect, and along the way, he and Mommy still have some fun! In August 2011, "Where Did Mommy's Superpowers Go?" earned a Silver Mom's Choice Award, recognized among the best in family-friendly media, products and services."

Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? by Sabbithry Persad. P.O. Box 65001, RPO Chester.
"After their dog Bubbles chases the recycling truck, Tiana and her family go on a search to the Materials Recovery Facility, learning about recycling along the way. Exploring the MRF on their adventure, they see how papers, plastics, metals, and glass are collected, sorted, and baled. Based on facts about recycling in industrial countries, this book helps children understand recycling to save natural resources, as well as how they can take action in their own communities. -----FOREWORD REVIEWS----- “The first in an intended series entitled Garbology Kids™, Where Do Recycled Materials Go? takes the next step in educating children about the importance of recycling by explaining what actually happens after you put an item in the recycling bin. An educational resource for parents and teachers alike, the book will educate and entertain while also encouraging children to participate in all aspects of the recycling cycle.” —ForeWord Reviews -----CM MAGAZINE REVIEWS----- “Where do Recyclable Materials Go? is a very good addition to the group of books designed to increase awareness of the impact of our behaviour on the environment and the steps that can be taken by everyone, including students, to reduce that impact. Highly Recommended.” —CM Magazine"

Where's my Pop-Pop/ Donde esta mi Pa-Pa by Marc Williams.
"This is an exciting bilingual children's book. The story is written in English as well as Spanish (on the same page). It is about a 3 year old boy who is looking for his grandfather. He checks all of the places that they spend time together in an effort to find him. The illustrations are derived from actual pictures of the grandfathers property. It is available in hardback, paperback and Kindle."

Whispers from Children's Hearts by Lisa Haisha Illustrated by Tim Huhn. 8424-A Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 175, West Hollywood, CA 90069.
"Representing 15 countries with over 70 pages, Lisa has written a book that is filled with the heart, humor, and wisdom of children from around the world. Beautiful color illustrations by Tim Huhn add an enchanting element making this book a wonderful GIFT for yourself or someone you love."

White Holly by LadyGray - Self Published/Outskirts Press. 6001 Sundale Way, Apt 14 - Fair Oaks, Ca 95628.
"Travel back in time and experience the magic of a journey that leads to a giving heart and a passing of tradition. An endearing story takes place in the year 1900 of a young papa and his growing family, whom live deep in the woods in a log cabin. A snowstorm has struck making a journey into the white woods a necessity, a campfire with a Jolly Ole Soul, magical berry trees, an extraordinary reindeer flight, a miracle birth in icicle light and the gift of giving. "

White Holly by LadyGray.
"FAMILY-MAGIC-GIVING-BELIEVE . . . Great book for Grandparents and Parents to read to the children. A heartwarming time travel venture. This is the 1st edition of White Holly. An order can also be placed through - under the BOOKS scetion - by Authors name - LadyGray and or by the title - White Holly. "

White Tiger Foundation by Ronald G. Smythe. P.O.Box 2205 MPLS,MN. 55402.
"We print and self publish childrens coloring books for kids in hospitals. To date we have given away over 2500 books to churches and hospitals around the country."

Who Did It and Why? by Loretta L. Harris. Children's Heart Publishing Company. P.O. Box 679005 Orlando, FL 32867.
"Book Summary: This story is about a rivalry between the Eastside and Southside gangs. It all started when members of the notorious Vice Lords stole money from their chief rival Lil’ Jay. Innocent lives are put in danger and we are left trying to figure out, who did it and why?"

Who Is Mr. Buzz? by Elouise Sneed.
"My first book of my Country Time Series that I will be publishing. Each book focus on growing up in the country (a rural area). "

Who's Knocking at My Door?/A Country Pond Tale by Terrie Stadler.
"First edition"

Wild Horse Summer by Neva Andrews. 1012 Plum Ave. Lochbuie, CO 80603.
"Wild Horse Summer is the first of the Jo Barkley books. Jo Barkley lives on a small farm during the Great Depression. WHS tells of her adventures trying to earn a horse to race at the county fair. It is a POD book published through and has been very well received in the local area by boys and girls as well as both school librarians and in public libraries. "

Will You Carry Me? by Heleen van Rossum and Peter van Harmelen. Kane/Miller Book Publishers P.O. Box 8515 La Jolla, CA 92038 1-800-968-1930.
"What do you get when you combine a too-tired toddler and a creative mom? The solution is familiar to parents the world over. Straightforward true-to-life text, together with charmingly intricate illustrations show that being the parent of a toddler can be a demanding job, no matter where you live, or what language you speak. 1-929132-74-3 $15.95 Hardcover with dust jacket Full color illustrations 32 pages"

Willowmeena Worm by Alfreda Henry. Trafford Publishing, 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403 . orders@trafford.

Windy Wildwood:The Secret in the Attic by R. Frie & K. Zahradnik.
"ISBN/UPC: 0-9753641-0-3 TITLE: Windy Wildwood: The Secret in the Attic CONTRIBUTORS: Authors  R. Frie & K. Zahradnik FORMAT: Perfect bound  Soft cover RETAIL PRICE: $9.95 PUBLISHED DATE: May 2004 PUBLISHER NAME: Zahrob Publishing Company, LLC PAGE COUNT: 103 AVAILABILITY: Active EDITION NUMBER: 1 AGE RANGE: 9 yrs to 100 yrs DESCRIPTION: Windy Wildwood: The Secret in the Attic is a young adult fantasy book in which a ten-year-old girl discovers a secret gift passed onto her from her grandmother. With this gift, she finds she can experience endless adventures. AUTHOR/PERFORMER BIO: R. Frie and K. Zahradnik both reside in southern Minnesota. They are co-founders of Zahrob Publishing Company, LLC, which was established in 2004. Together, they have collaborated on an epic adventure for all ages to enjoy. After many years in the creation, Windy is ready to come to life in our hearts and homes and inspire every young woman to make her wishes come true. To know Windy is to dream for real. REVIEW:Reviewer: A reader from Sioux Falls, SD USA I am a high school teacher, and I highly recommend this book for all ages. I was astounded by the descriptive scenes, fantastic character development, and astonishing content. This book is a delight for all ages, and I would consider this book as apart of classroom curriculum in the english department. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series to come out. EXCERPT: Just then, the glistening displays of color turned to streaks of lightning with bangs of thunder. The sky that started out gray and mystical became evil and scary. Clouds blew overhead uncovering the bright moon. The breeze grew into a blustery wind that chilled Windy to the bone. She wanted to wrap the blanket around her, but she could not go back now. It was too hard, and she had made it a little farther now. Beware the gift, Windy, blew through the trees again. Beware the gift. Follow Windy, if you dare, to discover the gift that has been hidden in the trunk. The forbidden trunk in the dark attic just waiting to be unlocked. SUBJECT/GENRE: Fiction SUBJECT/GENRE: Fantasy SUBJECT/GENRE: Young adult SUBJECT/GENRE: Mystical SUBJECT/GENRE: Suspense "

Wishes Granted by Winona Rasheed.
"This children's book can be bought as a hard copy, which will be sent directly to your home address, or it can be purchased as an ebook. This book can be directly purchased from the website."

Wohali, the Cherokee Indian Boy by Winona Rasheed.
"Another great read to add to your book shelf. This book can be purchased as a hard copy, which will be sent to your home address, or it can be purchased as an e-book. Purchase this Native American story directly from the website."

Woodaline the Beaver by Timothy LaJoice.
"Beautiful children's book that will bring your family closer together."

Yesterday We Had A Hurricane by Deirdre McLaughlin Mercier. 5721 M Street, Lincoln NE 68510.
"Yesterday We Had A Hurricane (40 pp, $17.95 US) re-tells the experience of a hurricane as seen through the eyes of a young child. Young readers will learn all about these "big storms that come from the ocean." They'll find out about the effects of wind and rain, as well as some of the more lighthearted and practical alternatives to doing without electricity. For ages 3 – 8 and available in two editions: 978-0-9754342-5-3 English 978-0-9754342-9-1 Bilingual (English & Spanish) "

Yo Ho Ho Merry Christmas by Michael Heierbacher.
"Every child dreams about what they will be when they grow up, a fireman, a pop star, or maybe an airplane pilot. As we get older that usually changes several times, but did you ever wonder what Santa Claus wanted to be when he was a little boy and how that would have changed Christmas for children around the world. Yo Ho Ho Merry Christmas is the fun and oft times crazy story of what would have happened if Santa grew up to be what he wanted to be as a little boy, a Pirate. Parents will have fun reading this with their kids and it is perfect for toddlers and beginning readers. The wonderful watercolor illustrations bring the story to life and transport the reader into a world of “what if”."

Yoga for Youngssters ~ Playful Poses for Little People by Kat Randall. 413 Fairlawn Ave St. Louis, MO 63119.

You and Me Bully Free by Frank Davis. 3 Howell Street Kotara. 2289 NSW. Australia.
"A book to help children understand the various types of bullying. One of the main reasons children don't tell anyone that they are bullied is because they are never taught why they should. Kids only learn about bullying when it happens to them. Schools don't want to admit any problem, then it's easier to keep a lid on it. Don't take my word for it, ask some other parents about it. The book is sold via Paypal outside Australia and it is well worth the $11 U.S. "

Young Voices of Loudoun County by Bobbi Carducci and Michael Carducci, Editors. 5721 M Street, Lincoln NE 68510.
"Adults who wonder what the young people in their lives are thinking will find some surprising answers in this highly imaginative collection The authors, in grades K-12, tackle topics big and little, lighthearted and serious, such as the nature of true friendship, the meaning of family, and the importance of faith. This anthology presents an opportunity for today’s young people to be heard. The authors speak for children everywhere —because they speak from the heart. ISBN13: 971-0-9776613-0-5 / $12.95 "

Zoonauts : The Secret of Animalville by Richard Mueller, edited by Sheldon Gosline. Shangri-La, 3 Coburn Hill Rd, Warren Center, PA 18851-0065 USA.
"Description... _______________________________________________ Only when a group of super-intelligent animals and their human friends cooperate do we have a chance of beating an invasion of aliens who would turn us all into food. First they have to convince the government that there is a threat, and time is running out. Theme... We are not superior to animals but different, and we have much to teach each other. Is Amador really attacking our space shuttles? Are you ready to learn about the Zoonauts? This is how they came to be, and their first adventure against Amador! ISBN 0-9719496-6-2 Hardcover, 210pp Ages 8-14 Price $14.95 US REVIEWS ... a sure-to-be-a-hit book, ZOONAUTS is a splendid mix of adventure and science fiction, teaching children environmental issues and animal rights. Teamwork and goal setting are also featured in this magnificent book. This reviewer and her 12-year-old, Nicholas, thoroughly enjoyed this imaginative, fun, and winning book. - Jennifer LB Leese, Children's Book Review Columnist Gr 5-7--In a saga reminiscent of the Men in Black films, middle school students Jen, Cody, and Sara become involved in a secret war between Earth and the evil alien empire of Amador. They discover that Earth's first line of defense against the space invaders is a group of super-intelligent, super-powered animals based in a converted Wild West Texas theme park and learn that these creatures were originally experimental space subjects that encountered the Amadorian forces while they were in flight. The alien scientists augmented their abilities so they could be used as advance invasion troops. - Elaine E. Knight, Reviewer School Library Journal (5/1/2004) Zoonauts: The Secret Of Animalville by Richard Muller is an exciting children's science fiction story about young people who must ally with super-intelligent animals to protect the Earth from a menacing alien invasion. An adventurous and hearty tale, Zoonauts: The Secret Of Animalville also provides young readers with a positive message of what it means to protect and respect life in all shapes and sizes. - James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief Midwest Book Review Zoonauts starts with action, then an engaging flashback shows how events came to be. I had the feeling I was watching a cartoon, which is the author's forte. Kids, will really love it! - Nancy Glass West Author of Nine Days to Evil and Forever Fatal I loved it! The theme is wonderful. It is one of the best books I have ever read. It would make a great movie! - Davey Anger, reader age 11 What present could be greater than this adventure book! Within the shortest time, I ventured through this fascinating story. Even though Zoonauts: The Secret Of Animalville by Richard Muller is written for children, the humorous language, vivid characters, and catchy plot make it great reading for adults too! I don't want to give away the plot, but have to say that the dragons are artfully interpreted to combine both Chinese and Western culture. - He Zhaomin Reviewer from Changchun, China Zoonauts: The Secret of Animalville is the freshest children's novel I've read in decades! It begins with a gangbuster science fiction school report by Jen, the teen youth of the Stroud Family - the keepers of Animalville. Through an incredible story by a talking parrot we learn the secret of this top-secret research facility for very smart animals. The text, by renowned Hollywood scriptwriter Richard Mueller, is illustrated by Dal Chele - known for Scooby Doo, Spiderman, Robocop, The Real Ghostbusters, Fat Albert and The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, to name just a few! - A Reader from Boston A GREAT Synopses! The animals on Earth develop super abilities and pursue their mission to save the planet from Amadorians, hostile invaders from a distant galaxy. - Peter Anthony Holder, Whats On HOLDER OVERNIGHT ZOONAUTS is among the top rated books in BRODART's Young Reader GEMS! "

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