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"This book is so reduced, so concise, so easy to grasp—so if you’re really serious about writing grab it." —Barnaby Conrad, Founder and Director, Santa Barbara Writers Conference.

Bet You Can’t Read Just One

Writers love writing and they love reading—especially when it is about writing. This is a book about writing for writers and it is in sound bites. Dan Poynter has taken the whole business of writing nonfiction books and distilled it down to the most important tips or rules. Successful Nonfiction: Tips & Inspiration for Getting Published could well be described as Life’s Little Instruction Book meets Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul.

Each page contains a writing tip, a pertinent illustration, an explanation, a relevant story and a quotation on the point from someone in history. This book could be much longer but Poynter has distilled the 109 inspirational tips into memorable and thought-provoking bite-sized pieces.

Sound bite books seem to be all the rage now. Maybe it is because people are so short of time. Some books are just groupings of quotations. This book goes much farther.

This 144-page gift book is beautifully designed with French flaps, gold stamping, embossed letters, contrasting end sheets and matte lamination. It is a treasure both inside and out.

Dan Poynter is the author of 77 previous books, many of them on writing and publishing. He is best known for The Self-Publishing Manual, How to Write, Print & Sell Your Own Book, now in its 12th revised edition in 21 years.

Successful Nonfiction is available for $14.95 in most bookstores or by calling Para Publishing at 800-PARAPUB.

Successful Nonfiction; Tips & Inspiration for Getting Published by Dan Poynter. Original edition. 5½ x 8½, 144 pages, 110 illustrations. ISBN 978-1-56860-061-1. $14.95. Publication: Winter 1999-2000.

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