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A. New independent contractor reporting. As of January 1, 2001, the State of California requires businesses to report the names and addresses of any independent contractor whose contract (verbal or written) exceeds or is likely to exceed $600 per year.

The stated purpose of the law is to allow the state to locate parents who are delinquent in their child-support obligations. The fact that you may not have children is irrelevant. The fact that you may not live in California is irrelevant.

This new requirement is not like 1099 reporting to the IRS because businesses must report names of independent contractors with whom they do business within 20 days of entering into a contract or making payments.

Peter Goodman has drafted an explanatory letter that may be sent to independent contractors. For a free copy, contact him:

B. The Maui Writers Conference is scheduled for August 31-September 3. See and/or print out the entire program

C. The circulation of this newsletter has just passed 5,000. The list is growing virally at the rate of 100/week as recipients forward it to colleagues in their address books and they, in turn, subscribe. All these readers are "opt-in" recipients; they requested to be on the circulation list. We do not send out the newsletter unsolicited. Back issues are archived at This newsletter began as a two-page, mailed quarterly in 1986. In May, 2000, it was converted to an ezine and the circulation was rebuilt from zero. Except for the long-established glossy magazines such as Publishers Weekly, Publishing Poynters probably has the largest circulation of any periodical in the publishing industry.

D. Happy New Year (01/01/01). The revolution in book publishing continues as we roll into the new millennium. Look for more opportunities as we all take part in the information explosion.

E. AMEX and Discover have been added to our web site. Actually, we have accepted these cards for years but have just added them to our site.

F. Deadline for Benjamin Franklin awards: January 31, 2001. These prestigious book awards are available in 52 categories. See  



A. Telephone area code lists, maps and proposed changes. Print out the latest list and see what changes are coming. See

B. To apply for a Library of Congress Catalog Card Number, go online. See

C. How I got on the Barbara Walters Show. An inspiring story from (Fire) Captain Bob. See the "Media ps" section at

D. Don't mail a brochure; take them to your web site. As authors and publishers, we are often in the middle of a project when the telephone rings. Our reaction is to respond to the call as an interruption when it should be treated as an opportunity. Usually, we greet the caller, ask for a name and address and promise to send a brochure. This is peculiar because here we have a potential customer who needs information to solve a current challenge and we put him or her off for several days-waiting for a mailed brochure. Your brochure is on your web site; your web site IS your brochure. Ask them to log on while you have them on the telephone and lead them to the information that will help them. A bird in the hand . . .  



A. Business plan and marketing plan outlines. See

B. Author Radio Interview Opportunity. Larry James, Speaker/Author and Associate Producer of the "Mars/Venus" radio show (Phoenix - 6th largest metro area) is looking for authors for interviews who write about "relationships" (family, personal, children or related issues). Personally signed books are often given away on the show and get an extra plug. To be considered, send two (2) books, a media kit and a brief note suggesting a 1/2 to one hour segment for the show. One book is for the host, Michael Najarian and the other is for review for posting in "Larry's Book Store" (
Send to: Larry James,, P.O. Box 12695, Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2695.

C. Relationships newsletter. Tips and resources for improving your relationships. Authors and personal consultants Phillip and Jane Mountrose share easy-to-read insights in their free monthly newsletter - "Getting Thru to Those You Love." Phillip and Jane will offer a variety of techniques and insights on how to relate better to family, friends, and business relationships. Included are readers comments and questions. To subscribe, send an e-mail message with the word "subscribe" to:

D. For a collection of Dan Poynter's wisdom on book writing, publishing and promoting, See Successful Nonfiction. /getpage.cfm?file=resource/writing.html#successful_nonfiction

E. Writing news releases, sales letters and ads with "Hypnotic Writing". Sign up for Joe Vitale's next e-class, to begin January 16th. You'll get three in-depth lessons and several bonus articles by top copywriters, NLP persuasion masters, and even one by a famous direct marketing guru. On top of all that, you'll get three assignments which Joe will personally review. All this for only $1,500. "Seating" is limited to 25 people. Contact Joe (Mr Fire) right now for more information and/or to reserve your spot in this e-class:

F. Print your own color shipping labels with your inkjet printer on Avery 8163 labels. See

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please forward this newsletter to writers and publishers in your address book. They will thank you for thinking of them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

G. Jay Abraham teleconference. If your book is launched and you are ready to take the book, your publishing company and yourself to the next level, my friend Jay Abraham has a 12-month teleconference program for you. Jay is showing authors how to capitalize on their book to develop speaking, consulting and spin-off product income. Each session is interactive and evolving, using current information and case studies. For details, call Peter Adler toll-free at 888-880-2694.

H. Boot Camp for Publishers. If you've got the right stuff, Dan Poynter wants you for two days of training so rigorous you'll think you've joined the Marines! Unite with publishers from all over North America for this number-one, high-intensity, combat marketing drill. When the going gets tough and you are disappearing into the publishing battle, you need the very best training, tools and support. So knuckle down and do what needs to be done. Your book, your company and your family are counting on you. Don't let them down.

This world-famous, 20-hour program concentrates on book marketing, promoting and distributing. If you want a challenge, come to Santa Barbara on January 20-21, April 21-22, July 21-22 or October 14-15; don't miss roll call. This $695 course is one you will never forget.

If you think you've got what it takes, enlist now by calling Para Publishing at 800-PARAPUB. Class space is limited to the first eighteen recruits. Only the serious publisher need apply. For enlistment details, see /getpage.cfm?file=resource/edutrain.html

I. Book submission guidelines. To approach a publisher or agent, you must draft a book proposal. For an example of a proposal, see

J. Bar code suppliers

Bar Code Graphics, Inc., Andy Verb, 875 No. Michigan Avenue, #2640, Chicago, IL 60611. Tel: 800-662-0701; Fax: 312-664-4939;; igh-quality bar code artwork and labels.

Fotel, Dena Jewell, 41 W. Home Avenue, Villa Park, IL 60181. Tel: 800-834-4920. Fax: 630-834-5250. Film masters, EPS files & bar code labels and any other labels.

General Graphics, T. Craig Thickey, 1608 Leishman
Avenue, Arnold, PA 15068. Tel: 800-887-5894;
Fax: 724-337-6589;; Affordable, electronic files, Mac/PC, film masters, bar code labels.

Need an editor, typesetter, fulfillment service, or other supplier? See the list at /supplier.cfm

K. Dottie is doing it again. This year, the extraordinary, annual Dottie Walters Magnificent Marketing Symposium will be on the Queen Mary in Long Beach Harbor. I speak at a lot of symposia; this is one of the few I stick around to attend. The ship has been converted to a hotel and conference center. Stay and board and join us on this cruise to nowhere. April 26-29. For details, contact Walters International at

L. Dan Poynter is available to answer your book questions. Call 800-PARAPUB to make an appointment. For details on consulting, see /accessreport.cfm?report=137&refpage=edutrain.html&user=%%user%%

M. Book Promotion Resources. For pages of vitally-important promotion ideas, tips, leads and resources, see  



Authors: Never Pay a Publisher

If it sounds too good to be true: check the real cost.

Vanity or subsidy presses almost always accept a manuscript for publication and usually do so with a glowing review letter. They don't make any promises regarding sales and usually the book sells fewer than 100 copies. The vanity publisher doesn't have to sell any books because the author has already paid him for his work.

Vanity publishers produce around 6,000 titles each year. Under a typical arrangement, the author pays much more than the printing bill, receives 40 percent of the retail price of the books sold and 80 percent of the subsidiary rights, if sold. Many vanity publishers will charge you $10,000 to $30,000 to publish your book depending upon its number of pages and binding. It is hard to understand why an author would pay $20,000 when he or she can pay a printer a quarter of the price.

Soma Vira, Ph.D. paid $44,000 to have three of her books produced by a well-known subsidy publisher. She received 250 books but could not verify how many were printed and suspects they made very few for stock. The books were not properly edited, typeset, proofed or manufactured. Distributors, bookstores and reviewers refused to consider books from this and other vanity presses. Her books cost her $176 each and she had to start over.

The review copies sent to columnists by a subsidy publisher usually go straight into the circular file. Reviewers are wary of vanity presses because they know that little attention was paid to the editing of the book. Further, they realize there will be little promotional effort and that the book will not be available to readers in the stores. Therefore, the name of the vanity publisher on the spine of the book is a kiss of death.

Pay to have your book printed. Do not pay to have it published.

"Legitimate publishers don't have to look for business." -Linda Hasselstrom, author of The Book Book: A Publishing Handbook for Beginners and Others.

(Excerpted from Successful Nonfiction by Dan Poynter. For 108 more inspirational tips, See /getpage.cfm?file=resource/writing.html#successful_nonfiction)  



A. When do copyrights expire? For a free and extremely valuable chart, see

B. Publisher contact list. Free from the Publishing Trends web site. Packed with industry phone and email addresses, now downloadable in PDF. See

C. Convert files to Adobe Acrobat free.

D. For lengthy lists of resources, see the three new InfoKits on our web site. They have several pages of tips and leads on writing, production and promotion. Just request one or more "Free InfoKit"; see buttons on the left at

E. Make your book stand out from the crowd: Get a free copy of "THAT'S ORIGINAL" by Sam Horn. Louis Nizer said, "No speech is good without an original thought." In this increasingly competitive, "been there, read that" industry, no book is salable without original ideas and titles. This article suggests tangible ways you can develop creative content, clever titles, and proprietary techniques. These ideas are culled from years of observing what works with dozens of top agents and editors at the Maui Writers Conference, from Sam's own experience as a published author and speaker on the topics of Tongue Fu! and ConZentrate, and from her consulting work helping clients brainstorm their books to make them more compelling. Email to receive the "THAT'S ORIGINAL" article free.

F. TradeshowTips. Free ezine on book fairs and other trade shows. Edited by Marlys K. Arnold, a trade show marketing & image consultant, the tips cover a variety of exhibiting issues, from pre-show marketing to booth staff behavior to following up on leads. Having also worked in author promotions for a local bookstore, Arnold has counseled numerous authors and publishers on how to make their books stand out from the hundreds of others on the shelf. To sign up, go to

H. Free clipping service. Make sure you get examples of the publicity (reviews) you receive for your book. Subscribe to this (free) clipping service. See

I. Free downloads of great software. You will want to bookmark this site. See

J. Create Your Own Luck newsletter. A free weekly online newsletter dedicated to helping you attract more good fortune into your life, love, and work by Azriela Jaffe. Request an example recent edition.  



A. Dan Poynter is criss-crossing North America to spread the word on eBooks, pBooks and The New Book Publishing Model.

Authors and publishers are discovering an innovative way to write, produce and promote their books and the new way is faster, easier and cheaper. New software accelerates typesetting, new machines automate printing and the Internet streamlines promotion. These technological improvements have spawned a fresh way to look at book publishing. The New Book Model covers all the bases and is a refreshingly innovative route for anyone with a manuscript.

Today, books are written in page-layout format instead of double-spaced courier typeface. Then the pages are converted into Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format for printing and conversion.

Just 500 books are printed using computer-driven high-speed laser printers. The softcover and hardcover books are indistinguishable from traditional ink-printed books. Prices are just slightly higher, per unit, but the quantity (and invoice) is much lower.

PDF and LIT files are generated for reading on eBook readers such as the Pocket PC.

Then finished books are sent to two or three selected agents, a few more are sent to publishers with a track records for that type of book, 3-400 are sent for review to genre-specific magazines, four or five are sent to specialized book clubs, about ten are sent to foreign publishers suggesting translation and a handful are sent to opinion molders in the author's field.

If an agent or publisher comes in with a good offer, the author sells out. If not, all the bases are covered: the book is out for review and the orders are starting to come in.

Most of the book promotion is done via email; the author's web site replaces brochures. The media kit is replaced by a Press Room on the web site. For an example, see /getpage.cfm?file=pressroom/pressroom.html. Avoiding printing and postage reduces promotion costs tremendously.

So, the New Book Model is a way to conserve time, inventory space and money while testing the market. More books are not printed until after they are sold. It is no longer necessary to tie up a lot of money and inventory in printed books.

More specifically:

1. The New Book Model: Writing. How to set up and build your book rather than just write it. Discover how to qualify the project, research on the Net, organize the project, draft the content and convert it into a PDF file for printing.

2. The New Book Model: Producing print and electronic editions. Typesetting, layout, book design, PDF files and POD/PQN (pBooks) printing. eBooks: Downloads, CDs and handheld readers.

3. The New Book Model: Promoting. Getting your books into bookstores, book clubs and making nontraditional sales (catalogs, premiums, fundraisers, specialty stores). Using broadcast email. Radio/TV interviews, autographings, review copies and other promotion.

See /getpage.cfm?file=newbook.html Come to meet Dan and hear his vital book writing-publishing-promoting message. See the props and get the handout.

January 9: Writing & Publishing Nonfiction, a seminar by Dan Poynter at the Learning Annex, Los Angeles. 6:30 to 9:30 PM. fmi (310) 478-6677.

January 13: Book Writing, Publishing and Promoting for Professional Speakers. Greater LA Chapter of NSA. Morning session on book writing and production. Afternoon session on advanced production and promotion. $69 or $35 for first-timers (type "Len Lipton" in the sponsor field.). Plus $15 for the afternoon "SuperSession". See

January 20-21: Book marketing/promotion/distribution seminar in Santa Barbara with Dan Poynter. For details, contact Para Publishing, PO Box 8206-896, Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206. Tel: (805) 968-7277, Fax: (805) 968-1379.

January 25: Writing & Publishing Nonfiction, a seminar by Dan Poynter at the Learning Annex, San Diego. 6:30 to 9:30 PM. Fmi: 619-544-9700.

February 15: Writing & Publishing Nonfiction, a seminar by Dan Poynter at the Learning Annex, Los Angeles. 6:30 to 9:30 PM. fmi (310) 478-6677.

February 27: TeleClass on The New Book Model. Call in, listen and take part in this update since the last TeleClass. Moderated by Susan Levin. 5 Pacific, 8 Eastern. Fmi, register and/or get the tape from the last one, see:

March 14: Writing & Publishing Nonfiction, a seminar by Dan Poynter at the Learning Annex, Los Angeles. 6:30 to 9:30 PM. fmi (310) 478-6677.

March 17: eBooks and the New Book Model. Writers' Forum. Pasadena (CA) City College. Fmi: Meredith Brucker,

April 4: Building Your Writing & Speaking Career. A special presentation with Dottie Walters. Book Publicists of Southern California, Sportsman's Lodge, Studio City. Book Publicists of Southern California. Fmi: Ernie Weckbaugh

April 10: Writing & Publishing Nonfiction, a seminar by Dan Poynter at the Learning Annex, Los Angeles. 6:30 to 9:30 PM. fmi (310) 478-6677.

April 21-22: Book marketing/promotion/distribution seminar in Santa Barbara with Dan Poynter. For details, contact Para Publishing, PO Box 8206-896, Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206. Tel: (805) 968-7277, Fax: (805) 968-1379.

April 27: Magnificent Marketing Symposium, Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA. The extraordinary annual Dottie Walters Soirée. Fmi:

May 9: Writing & Publishing Nonfiction, a seminar by Dan Poynter at the Learning Annex, Los Angeles. 6:30 to 9:30 PM. fmi (310) 478-6677.

May 12: Turning Speeches into Books. Oklahoma Speakers Association. Fmi: John Irvin, 918-583-4308. May 30-31: Publishing University. Publishers Marketing Association. Chicago. Fmi: 310-372-2732. Dan Poynter on: Non-traditional Sales Selling to Catalogs Selling Books Directly to the Customer Spin-offs Selling from your website

June 12: Writing & Publishing Nonfiction, a seminar by Dan Poynter at the Learning Annex, Los Angeles. 6:30 to 9:30 PM. fmi (310) 478-6677. http://www.LearningAnnex.coms  



A. A customer returning a book to a bookshop:

"I would like to exchange this Thesaurus please, it's an undesired, uninvited, unnecessary, unrequired, unsolicited, unwanted, unwelcome gift".

B. By the way, what is another word for "thesaurus"?





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