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April-June 1998

When sending bulk mail from your mail house, supply your list on disk, not labels. The mail house will be able to 9-digit ZIP and bar code the envelopes so that once delivered to the Postal Service, they will go with the First Class mail. The computerized list also automates the 3- and 5-digit groupings saving on expensive hand work. So the list on disk provides both faster and less expensive delivery.

Get your book catalog listed free at Catalog City. For details, Log on to

Put your shipping bag heat sealer on a light timer. Then if you forget to turn off the machine, at least it will not be on after office hours.

1001 is back. OP (Out of Print) nearly a year, the famous and valuable John Kremer book is out in an all new revised edition. Every publisher needs this book promotion reference. $27.95. Call (800) PARAPUB now.

Selling Books to Catalogs. Catalogs buy books in large quantities and they are committed to you for the life of the catalog, often more than a year. This report shows you how to find the right catalogs out of more than 7,000, how to submit to them and how to deal with them. Be prepared to order another print run. Document 625, 5 pages, $5.95 from our web site

Nine-cents/minute. Any AOL member can sign up for 9-cent/minute/24 hours/all 50 states (or so it appears). Go to KEYWORD LD. Billing is to a credit card so you do not have to write monthly cheques. Log on and check it out. It looks interesting.

Canadian library list. 102 count. Hardcopy $10/ hardcopy & disk (dBASE) $20. Barbara Florio. Graham, 200 Charles St, Gatineau, PQ J8P 3X4, Canada. Tel: 819-663-3206.

BookWorld is now the fourth largest distributor with 153 publishers and more than 1,000 titles. And they are breaking out of the "three-seasons-per-year" convention by selling to the chains monthly. Sales have risen dramatically and the stores are getting fresher books.

Want to find resources such as the sites for Fed Ex, the Copyright Office, the Postal Service, a bookstore directory, and more? Log on to

Discounted trucking; save up to 58%. California Western Freight (916) 432-5521 does a great job from east of the Mississippi to the west coast. Rob Fogel handles the rest, even Canada to the US. Contact him for prices: (800) 749-2726. Email:

The majority-53% of all the books sold-are through discount stores, price clubs, drug stores and other non-bookstores.

National Academy Press put 1,700 of their current titles on the web where they could be read free. Sales shot up 17%. The theory is that surfers browse, as they do in bookstores, and then they buy. Thanks to Ron Smith of BookWorld for this clipping from the Washington Post.

Want to confirm who your long-distance carrier is for each line? Dial 1-700-555-4141 and listen to the recording.

Selling Books to the Military Market by Michael Sedge gives you the inside track for reaching those 12 million people who spend over $10 billion annually. Full of details, addresses and resources. Document 637, 11 pages, $9.95 from our web site.

New Zealand distributor seeks books on childcare, parenting, health, craft/hobby, self-help, recovery, sports and children's books for sale to bookstores, libraries and schools. Send brochures to Jay Books, Jack Parker, PO Box 30-566, Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Fax: 011-64-4-586-8228.

Shipping rate chart compares Book Rate and Bound Printed Matter. Free from Upper Access. Send a SASE to Amy Craw-ford, PO Box 457, Hinesburg, VT 05461.

29 BookSigning Tips, free from Larry James. Email to and put "BookSigning Tips" in the subject line. Or send a SASE to PO Box 12695, Scottsdale, AZ 85267-2695.

Writing a guest or regular column in any publication will help you sell your books and professional services. Learn how to be a published columnist. Send for free tips with a SASE to Charlotte Digregorio, PO Box 1043, Portland, OR 97207-1043. Tel: 503-228-6649.

Financial Feasibility in Book Publishing by Robert Follett presents a step-by-step method for evaluating the financial future of new book projects. Worksheets, guidelines, projection methods, rules of thumb and es-timating methods with explanations help you decide whether your book will make money. All new, second revised edition. Highly recommended. ISBN 978-1-56860-026-0, 39 pages $14.95

Short-run book printing and electronic fulfillment is being offered by Ken Hoffmann of Delta Direct Access. For details



Ask for email addresses on all your order forms. Then you will communicate with your customers faster and cheaper. We use email for both customer service and promoting new products. Times change - so do we. Is this any way to run a publishing company? We think it is and we have been doing it for over 25 years.

Please help us update our files. Send your postal address, telephone & fax numbers and email address, etc. to our on-line order address:

Put your email address on your letterhead to get a faster response. Put it on your business card to get more people to contact you. List it in directories to encourage more business. You have many addresses: postal, telephone, fax, etc. Email is one of them.

The Direct Mail Delivers Kit is available free from the Postal Service. Call 800-843-8777, Ext 2085. Many thanks to Robert Brenner of Brenner Information Group for this lead.

Mailing to addresses from telephone directories on CD can be expensive. The addresses rarely include suite numbers and often the carriers will not bother to tote the mail to apartment and office buildings without the exact address.

Postal Service continues to grow. In the Sept-Dec 97 quarter, revenues increased 3.3% to $14.2 billion and 47.4 billion pieces of mail. Priority Mail showed the largest increase. International mail declined six percent.

Publishing Industry Survey results. Contact Brenner Information Group. 619-538-0093 or

Cartoons drawn to order. Illustrate your book with humorous art by Joseph Bore, Tel: 732-583-3435.

PMA will take part in the Maui Writers Conference over Labor Day. Jan Nathan will host a Mini-Publishing University and establish a Hawaii chapter for PMA on September 3. Fmi: Maui Writers Conference: Publishers Marketing Association:

IRWIN Awards for book promotion, call for entries. Fmi: 818-842-4278. Book Publicists of Southern California.

More phone scams. People call saying they are with your telephone co. They ask you to press 9-0-# to help them test your line. It really allows them to bill calls to your phone. Often the caller is in prison.

New Age Market Report. Ninety pages of polls, statistics and profiles. Tel: 520-282-9674; email:

When sending change-of-address notices, include your old address to facilitate finding the old record. By the way, we are still getting mail at Box 4232. We moved to Box 8206 three years ago. Please check your mailing records.

Dan Poynter will be speaking: In addition to the Santa Barbara workshops, Dan is taking his book-marketing message on the road. Come and meet Dan or send someone from your staff. Call telephone numbers and/or our Fax-On-Demand machine now for details. Dan will be speaking on:

Want Dan to address your group? Request Document 136 for details.

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